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SLC — Grenada
Sep 28 — Oct 51
1 adult
0 bags
Tue 9/28
Tue 10/5

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Low season

OctoberBest time to beat the crowds with an average 5% drop in price.

High season

FebruaryMost popular time to fly with an average 16% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$687(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$609or less

Good deal one-way

$469or less

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Grenada

  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Grenada is May.

FAQs - booking Grenada flights

  • The cheapest ticket to Grenada from Salt Lake City found in the last 72 hours was $212 one-way, and $464 round-trip. The most popular route is from Salt Lake City to St. George's, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $212.

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  • Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then fly from Salt Lake City to Grenada with an airline and back with another airline.

  • Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying from Salt Lake City to Grenada up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Top airlines flying Salt Lake City to Grenada

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19758 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: Boarding was disorganized, there was some chaos regarding who was sitting in which seat which delayed the pushback process. Another issue is that compared to other airlines baggage took forever to arrive at destination.

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Cons: Boarding was disorganized, there was some chaos regarding who was sitting in which seat which delayed the pushback process. Another issue is that compared to other airlines baggage took forever to arrive at destination.

Cons: The television visual for my row died about half an hour into the flight.

Cons: Delayed by over 2 hours

Cons: It was a very old plane. Not what I expect from Jet Blue

Cons: We sat on the plane for an hour for a broken seat table. The internet didn’t work the whole flight

Cons: We had a delay of 3 hrs which kept us waiting in the middle of the night

Pros: Seats are comfortable, staff super attentive
Cons: The WiFi didn’t work , tv mad output jack didn’t work properly , charging ports

Pros: I liked that we were offered to check our carry-ons at the gate.
Cons: The plane was too hot. When it is that full you could turn up the air.

Cons: There was an odd repetitive sound that started later in the flight that other passengers and I noticed. I had to ask the flight attendant about it. She said it was something (non-risky) about hydrolics. The pilot could have acknowledged it even at landing, but didn’t. A peace of mind thing...

Pros: Plenty of room and empty seat next to me
Cons: Long walk from parking to terminal at JFK

Pros: Non stop.. wuiet

Cons: 2 Hours late.

Pros: Jet blue reps were amazing and customer service flight memeber Jessica was great!
Cons: N/a

Pros: Chips

Pros: I liked the prices for the airfare
Cons: Boarding didn’t start until probably 10:30 or so. Flight was supposed to leave at 10:20, but there was a broken seat or something that needed to be repaired.

Cons: Bulkhead was very cramped

Pros: Originally my husband n myself were seated in different rows. At the boarding desk we asked if we could sit together. The girl accommodated us with 2 seats in an exit row which resulted in us having some extra leg room. Made the trip so much better. Thank you

Pros: Seats
Cons: We changed our flight from New York to Boston that cost 150 dollars more because it wasn't confirmed.

Pros: Booked my flight quick and easy on Kayak, very inexpensive round trip for under $300 from SLC to Long Beach.
Cons: Can't complain about anything really. The crew wasn't very talkative and didn't have much to say maybe that's about it.

Pros: No turbulence
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Service was excellent, everything on time. Great price and even better value.

Pros: Crew was polite and they offered full size bags of snacks. I thought she was going to spill the basket it was so full.
Cons: Flight delayed. Received notice it was delayed hours before the departure so that was good but then when ready to leave sooner didn’t receive notice until I was on the plane.

Pros: It was hot!!!

Cons: Flight was two hours late. Man was too large for his seat so he lifted up the seat divider and sat in my seat as well. Do you have any policies for overweight people that don’t fit in their seat and want to use others by lifting up the seat divider?

Pros: Easy boarding and polite crew. Smooth flight all around.

Pros: Although it was stormy there was very little turbulence and the flight was smooth overall. The staff was great and made sure to come by fast.

Cons: Screendidnt workd

Pros: The kiosk to check in didn't work and there were no staff present to accommodate the customers. The only option was to join a long line to see a rep at the booth. There should be alternatives to expedite the process. To have at minimum three kiosks out of service on a busy travel day is unacceptable. Also, the flight took off about 20 minutes or more late. Lastly, the gate to board changed and the person making the announcement mispronounced the name of the country 'Grenada' more than one time. (pronouncing it as Grenadia)

Pros: The person (Jorge at Salt Lake City, Utah airport) who checked us in so polite and kind he is a genuine person who cares about customer service he made my day - Thank you
Cons: The 1 hour delay, no reason given. People boarding when they should not have i.e., call for people with disabilities and bunch of people without a disability boarded; call for families with children and those with bigger kids (not one child under 2) boarded. What is the purpose of groups if it is not honored.

Pros: The flight attendants and pilot kept us informed as they received information. All JetBlue employees truly did their best with the unfortunate circumstances.
Cons: I missed my connecting flight and had to spend as much on a rental car to reach my destination as I had spent on the ticket to begin with. Also, I'm fairly sure I'm the only passenger on the plane whose seat-back entertainment system was not functioning. Screen would turn on, say "loading," and then turn off again. Terrible luck!

Pros: What I liked was the flight attendance were awesome, they awlso greeted us as we came on the plane.The plane was clean. The pilot let us know where to pick up our luggage at. Told us to have a great day. The pilot or co pilot also communicate to us.
Cons: There was nothing wrong. I enjoyed my flight.

Cons: We were unable to fly because the initial flight from SLC to Boston was delayed more than two hours and there were no connecting flights to Charlotte. We had to cancel the third leg of our journey and lost $934 plus the expense of staying in a motel in SLC. We will not recommend Jet Blue to anyone.

Pros: The crew was VERY apologetic and accommodating.
Cons: We ended up waiting an hour for the maintenance crew to fix a “broken” flight attendant seat, which they did with TAPE. Took another 20 minutes for the mechanic to bring back log book so that we could leave. The whole experience seemed very disjointed and could have occured much more efficiently.

Pros: Made up significant delay time at arrival
Cons: Delayed by almost an hour, old flight, poor in flight entertainment monitor

Pros: Service, comfort, promptness.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: 2.5 hours late on a red eye....inexcusable

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: Was forced to check a carry-on bag at the gate because there was “no room in the overhead storage space”. After boarding it became clear that here was plenty of room in the overhead storage. As a result, I waited for almost 50 minutes at the baggage claim carrousel to get my bag after a rough red eye flight.

Cons: Late.

Pros: Likes the flight. It was comfortable & staff was great.
Cons: There was no movies at all. The food is ok but seriously not enough for that long a flight. Maybe having fruit & granola bars would be helpful.

Pros: Gate agents, cleanliness of craft, extra fruit juice drink when asked, price of ticket!
Cons: Flight attendants (just seemed grouchy on both flights), HOT air temperature for overnight flight made sleepy very challenging.

Pros: My flight was excellent! We took of on time and were 20 minutes early landing. Very smooth flight. Great service, great leg room. I will fly Jet Blue again!

Pros: It’s great for time trip
Cons: It’s doesn’t Show up of seats on the airplane

Pros: The crew on the flight was fantastic. The flight was delayed and made me worried about my connecting flight from LGB to SFO. They kept me up to date on its status and figured out a contingency plan.
Cons: The flight was delayed 2.5 hours for mechanical issues, and the inflight entertainment was below average. Could watch live TV which was nice but the entertainment pamphlet in the seat back pocket stated that there were 3 movies available but I could not find them.

Pros: Fast boarding
Cons: Seating

Pros: The crew was anazing
Cons: How much snacks can people eat?? At least give a breakfast sandwich with the drink. My parents are diabetics and we always have prepare food at home or buy that very expensive airport food.

Pros: Crew was kind and positive even though it was Christmas and our plane was delayed.
Cons: The TV as teens were outdated and the headphone jack would go in and out and was staticky. Plane was delayed.

Pros: The early boarding and seat selection and recognition of Mosaic status is overwhelming positive. I have unique status at Delta and other airlines, but Jetblue's program is special.

Pros: Space, comfort, treats, tv's Ann's wifi
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Friendly staff. Someone kept farting

Pros: Help with wheelchair from start to baggage claim was extraordinary!

Pros: Great having every set have its own screen and charging port
Cons: Not to be an hour delayed and make half the plane miss their connections!

Pros: I missed flight. Rescheduled this morning 4229 when I went to bed. Today, there is no record of the flight. I have a screen print showing the seat assignment. The 1-800 said it will call back in 4 hours. Crap! Flight scheduled in two hours.

Cons: Gate agent was cold rude and incompetent

Pros: Flight attendant was very fun. It was her birthday and made the day fun for everyone.
Cons: Seats are always too close together - left to right and front to back. A sad reality that only improves for the well-to-do.

Cons: Lack of social distancing with American Airlines

Pros: Only masked picking up trash during pandemic - difficult to rate crew
Cons: Organized exit vs. usual crowded chaos of passengers in a hurry

Cons: American Airlines has to be the worst airlines there is. It never fails that they try I Cath someone and try to pretend that their carry-on bagIs too big. They have this tiny little frame no reasonable carry-on could possibly fit into. Over and over again I see people including myself and my traveling companion’s having to check their carry-on bag because their “too big” this is nonsense. These are standard size bags. It’s more than enough space on board the plane. In a way in which the gate check individuals handle this interaction is a palling you’re insulting demanding and don’t give you a chance to rearrange your luggage so I can go into their absurd dimensions

Cons: I wish there were charging ports so I could charge my device on such a long flight.

Pros: The crew was friendly and the flight was almost on time.
Cons: The power outlet at my seat didn't work. The baggage was delivered to the wrong carousel at DFW. The seats are TOO DAMN SMALL.

Cons: Nothing. Everything was great.

Pros: Fast boarding and efficient, friendly crew. I paid for an upgraded economy seat, which had more legroom and fit my body (more or less).
Cons: AA's seats seem to have gotten thinner in recent years, so I find them less comfortable. There's no in-flight entertainment; you have to download the airline's flight app on your device and stream from there.

Cons: Flight was 90 mins late departing

Cons: The wifi didn't work at all

Pros: last minute upgrade was nice, made sleeping much nicer. food was good, flight uneventful which is always a good thing.
Cons: Some of the flight attendants had an attitude and we not very personable to others. Just doing their job, ticking off the boxes. One was very kind, the others not so much.

Cons: I was forced to check my bag bc the plane was “full” but when I got on there were more than 5 completely empty overhead bins. So now I’m waiting in baggage claim, after an already delayed flight, when there was absolutely plenty of room on board for my bag (which was of acceptable size).

Pros: Wi-Fi and USB ports worked great. Seat was comfortable after 11 upgrade. On time.
Cons: Having to pay extra for a aisle seat

Pros: Seats were nice, flight was efficient, arrived early.
Cons: Gate agent spoke so ridiculously fast and swallowed so many sounds that it was virtually impossible to understand most of what he was saying. Most importantly we all missed that our roll-on bags wouldn’t fight in the overhead bins. As a result many people pulled their bags on and fought and struggled to force their luggage above, only to give up. The on-board agents recognized early the problem and then proceeded to allow many other passengers to stroll by them with their large roll-on bags, only to delay the boarding process and frustrate everyone. When making their safety announcement the flight attendant was clearly competing for fastest speaking human and rushed through at blazing speeds. In all my 30+ years of travel, I’ve never heard anything like it.

Pros: Nothing it totally messed us up
Cons: We missed our 1night in Rome-had to go home and come back the next day-we missed our train tickets and hotel in Rome and it made our trip a lot shorter!

Pros: I liked the fact that, my flight was miraculously on time leaving salt lake city
Cons: I don’t like, however, the fact that 3 of the last 5 times I’ve flown American round trip midland tx to Salt Lake City I have missed my connecting flight on the way back due to no fault of my own. I have flown this trip once a month for the past six months and have to do it two more times before December. American sucks

Cons: Seats are so uncomfortable! Too close together

Pros: Time was good. Ground service was good. In-flight was okay. Because I love Cathay so much I took a 3 hour longer trip through LA (vs. Seattle) and paid more. But I was berating myself for that. But the flight back was Cathay service at its finest.

Cons: We were not told our passports needed to have an expiration past six months of travel even though we got back before the expiration. We entered our passport info including our expiration dates and we’re given no warning. We even had our boarding passes prior to showing up at the airport. We will not use Kayak in the future and will book direct through the airline moving forward.

Cons: charged a surprise of $175 for my third bag although Kayak mentioned i should be charged $75 at the time of booking. AA says it is due to Jordanyan Airlines, why was I surprised by this extra charge?!

Cons: Snacks were okay, nothing to shout about. Streaming movies is still of a mystery to me, not an intuitive experience in any sense of the word. the sites AA provides to answer one's questions don't give any real guidance on 'how', just state what, kept pointing me to the app which doesn't have any menu item to view movies. took me well over ten minutes to find any helpful information.

Pros: Cabin crew was excellent.
Cons: Deplaning at an inconvenient remote terminal with unattractive and minimal facilities, which involved waiting in a long line for a series of buses for transport to the main terminal. Arrival at the main terminal required climbing a flight of stairs. No in-flight food service offered except a choice between one cookie or one cracker.

Cons: I am very frustrated that a single part could not be located in the early afternoon to allow the plane to fly. I will be late again for work and it seems to be American Airlines and not Delta that has all the delays or is late.

Pros: Flight attendants
Cons: The flight got delayed from salt lake and we had to spend a day in Charlotte before another flight came

Pros: Everything was perfect
Cons: Not enough snow in salt lake

Pros: I went to check in for my flight and was told that it changed to American Airlines. By the time I arrived to the gate it the flight was full and they wouldn't let me on. I want a refund.
Cons: See above.

Pros: Good in-flight service, comfortable first class seat.
Cons: Arrival gate was remote from main terminal, requiring a crowded and disorganized wait for a bus to the main terminal and baggage claim. The extremely small overhead storage cabinets of the Canadair required many passengers to check normally acceptably sized carry-on bags after boarding and finding it impossible to fit. Waiting time for retrieving these on the ramp at the destination was excessive.

Pros: Free movies and tv
Cons: Nothing

Cons: The Three days it took to get 10 hours away horrible customer service no one was there to help us.30 people were stranded

Pros: They were so helpful as we checked in and checked our bags! :)

Pros: All good
Cons: No entertainment without paying

Pros: Both American flights (on Airbus 321, I think) I've taken in the past two weeks had comfortable seating with great legroom. My knees were not knocking the seat in front of me! Seat width also comfortable. Not sure how I lucked up on both flights!

Pros: For tall people more room for the legs
Cons: The Seats aré very near

Pros: Grest staff
Cons: Thought the first row seating would provide extra leg room which the reservation page said it would and we paid extra for the seats - not so. it also felt quite claustrophobic with a panel within a short distance of our faces. We had upgraded for better seats but it turns out the seating wasn't better at all. The flight home in seats much further back were MUCH more comfortable. I'm thinking the airline shouldn't book the front seats by the panel as 'better' for the extra price as they were definitely not.

Pros: Courteous and professional crew
Cons: Delay taking off, due to technical issues with aircraft. Seat area is much too small for an adult.

Pros: Snacks and entertainment

Pros: The planes were comfortable.
Cons: I didn't get a boarding pass for my third flight.

Pros: Completely satisfactory for my needs

Pros: Good pilot communications. On time departure and arrival.
Cons: Very cramped quarters. Broken seat. Out of control heating system. Rude staff An hour wait for baggage.

Pros: Convenient and close to home. Don't have to drive many hours either to Omaha or Denver.
Cons: Seats don't recline.

Pros: Delta is better

Pros: Everything went well. Great assistance because I can't walk far. They got me to my gate on time.
Cons: Delayed plane on last leg of flight, over 1 hr.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything!

Cons: I had to sit next to a huge overweight guy who took all of his own seat and at least 1/3 of mine. He had to have a seatbelt extension... not so cozy. My shoulder was damp from his armpit sweat by the time I arrived in Dallas. The flight was full or I would have requested a different seat.

Cons: The boarding process was a mess. The terminal was crowded and there was no clear line to board.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Salt Lake City to Grenada

Airlines flying from Salt Lake City to Grenada have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Salt Lake City to Grenada

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Salt Lake City to Grenada

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Salt Lake City to Grenada

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Salt Lake City to Grenada

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Salt Lake City to Grenada

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