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Top airlines flying Santa Ana J. Wayne/Orange Cnty to Ontario

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Alaska Airlines
Overall score based on 29,197 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Fllight landed early and departed a few minutes early too - YAY!"

Cons: "Delays"

Cons: "Long flight delay with very little information given as to why. The pilot only sporadically gave information about the delay and was not specific about the cause or how long the delay would be."

Cons: "Port of Seattle security is so stupid -3 check points ...really and no directions to follow where to check baggage. Not Alaska fault but Seattle airport “sucks”"

Pros: "First time flying from SNA/OC. Accessibility of terminals was great, close by parking and only 2$/hour. Almost no wait for check in and security, very fast and convenient. Boarding was uncomplicated and there was enough space for carry on items. Loved that they offer wifi throughout the flight and free messaging (in case you don't need full internet access). Will definitely consider flying with Alaska Airlines again!"

Pros: "Their services m"
Cons: "There was no tv and it was a bit chilly in the flight"

Pros: "The flight attendants were awesome!"

Pros: "Good customer service."
Cons: "Late arrival"

Pros: "price"

Pros: "Great level of service."

Pros: "On time, within 5 minutes. Great customer service."

Pros: "Friendly and efficient"
Cons: "Very cold in beginning of flight but warmed up!"

Pros: "Alaska Airlines makes it very easy to board the plane, especially if you use theor app. After checking in, you can pay for bags and get an electronic boarding pass on your phone. Very efficient!"
Cons: "The food on the flight was very limited unless you wanted to purchase something. Can't expect much from a shorter flight like I had, but more options would have been nice."

Cons: "Missed my flight because of their staff"

Pros: "Staff was very friendly & the boarding process was quick."

Pros: "Fairly comfortable seating,friendly staff."
Cons: "Very long walk to concourse,outdoor boarding."

Cons: "Flight was delayed a couple of hours- first couple, weren't able to tell us when it was leave so we couldn't make other transportation decisions. Arrived after rental car counter closed, spent night in airport, received form letter in response to email (that did not request additional reimbursement)"

Pros: "Very friendly saff"

Cons: "I've flown with many airlines and the one thing that I appreciate the most when flying is having the ability to watch programs from the televisions on the back of the headrrst."

Pros: "The power plug to charge phones or tablets"
Cons: "Didn't like the fact that I couldnt choose a seat until 24hrs prior to my trip.."

Pros: "Same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"

Cons: "I am staying in seattle for the night instead of my cousins house"

Pros: "The complimentary beer and wine was a very nice option. The crew was very polit"

Cons: "On Time. Friendly"

Pros: "Attendants were very helpful. There was a blind person. That had a few issues and they were there."
Cons: "Seats are very tight"

Pros: "Plane was clean, Mediterranean snack box tasted great and my Jack on the rocks was almost perfect. Put it in a real glass and I'd feel like king of the world."

Pros: "Staff was very friendly."
Cons: "No usb cords."

Pros: "Very quick boarding, left on time and arrived to our destination early."

Pros: "How calm the flight was."
Cons: "The fact that we had to circle over 6 times near Mount Rainier, due to Obama's delayed flight."

Cons: "The flight back was delayed over 1 hour and I had friends waiting to pick me up."

Pros: "Smooth and great crew!"

Pros: "I liked Santa Ana airport..."
Cons: "Didn't like being charged $25 for check-in luggage. My experience in traveling this the first time I've been charged. I travel 3-4 times annually-"

Pros: "The crew were great, and the plane was nice and new."
Cons: "The food options were slim, the snacks were just pretzels, and it was a brand new plane with no inseat entertainment. It has wifi, but all the good entertainment was for purchase, no decent free options. Lame."

Pros: "Friendly staff! Prompt service."
Cons: "No free drinks"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "n/A"

Cons: "I like Alaska airlines, just not the flight last night. Something was wrong with the engine and we were sitting there forever. They should have checked the engine before boarding everyone. We were sitting there with no A/C and then they had to turn the power off. They tried and tried to fix the problem but it didn't work. Then everyone had to get off the plane and there were not enough seats the next flight and no other flights that night at that airport. We had to change the airport for am flights or fly out the next day. They offered to change the tickets but nothing else. Some passengers had to pay for taxicab and hotel for the night by themselves."

Pros: "got there"
Cons: "the brat in front of me screaming"

Pros: "Great on time schedule"
Cons: "I don't agree with not letting someone book there seat at time of purchase. A numbers of flights I paid 3-4'weeks early but had to wait and check and recheck mulitple times for when seat selection became available. Very nerve racking. Otherwise very good flight."

Pros: "Friendly staff, smooth flight, fee pretzels, all wins for me."
Cons: "Seats were incredibly crammed, I felt claustrophobic between the window and my neighbor."

Pros: "I liked how relatively quick the boarding process was. The flight was short and sweet."
Cons: "Not at the fault of the airline but I was seated in front of a family with two small children. They were loud and kicked my seat on several occasions. Very unpleasant. But no major complaints about the crew."

Pros: "We were able to leave a little early, the flight was fast, and we arrived about 30 mins ahead of schedule."

Pros: "Nothing too much money for a two hour flight with no amenities. Get rid of the awful snack pack."
Cons: "We checked our bags at the request of airport staff to help with overhead storage and by the time we boarded there was no overhead space and we had to place backpacks under seat leaving no leg space because of silver box under the middle seat."

Pros: "I like the airplane."
Cons: "The 3 hour delay."

Pros: "Everyone was so friendly and I was so comfortable. The seats were squishy and I had more space for my back AND my feet under the seat I front of me. I really enjoyed how the captain would point out different mountain ranges or land marks as we flew over them. Even though we started a little late and had some turbulence we still arrived on time!"
Cons: "Everything was wonderful!"

Pros: "On time and comfortable seating. The onboard WiFi is an interesting feature. I like it, but the onboard entertainment selection is rather lacking."

Pros: "Great crew"

Pros: "The flight was smooth- the seats are ok."
Cons: "Don't mess with Donna the flight attendant."

Pros: "Unfortunately our flight that we paid for premium economy seats gave us the opportunity to spend 3 years with a sick family behind us that did not understand what germ control was. Leaving us with coughing and sneezing into the back of us. That teamed up with their inability to not sleep while their 2 small children screamed and kicked the back of our seats was atrocious. We ended up in Iceland sick with a cold and exhausted from the entire experience. Staff was ok and had no issues but passengers really should be handled that need education in common courtesy."

Pros: "I love Alaska. Yup, love. I fly with them often. Their customer service is amazing and they are particularly great at anticipating problems and getting ahead of them. As always, this was a smooth trip."

Cons: "Delay killed my travel plans and resulted in a nine hour layover in Munich Germany!"

Pros: "Arrived a little early!"
Cons: "7/8 size Brazilian airplane."

Pros: "The boarding was quick, the flight was uneventful"
Cons: "The flight attendants could be friendlier and smile more"

Pros: "Service was friendly. Food ok. Entertainment acceptable for long flight."
Cons: "There is More Variety of entertainment on Delta and American Airlines but otherwise comparable."

Pros: "My flight was delayed where I would have missed my connection, customer service rebooked on another flight which got me to my final destination early. The upgrades and consistent service is handled very well."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Seats were comfortable and service was good, which is rare in United!"
Cons: "The dinner was paasable but the breakfast was horrible. Stale croissant. No butter."

Pros: "Nice Airplane and good experience on United Domestic flights. International is another story! It seems many of the senior flight attendants think the passengers are there to serve them vs. the reverse."
Cons: "No complaints about domestic flights. United gets good marks here."

Cons: "Both flights were delayed, and was charged a $200 oversized baggage fee for a bag that actually isn't oversized according to the measurements on the United website"

Cons: "Comfort , service,..terrible!"

Pros: "Economy Plus works well"
Cons: "United new seats are uncomfortable"

Pros: "They still offer drinks. It was a short flight, so all the bad things didn't have to be endured for as long."
Cons: "Every time I fly United, I realize they shrank the seat size, again. Oh, and the flight attendant spilled my drink on me. Only said, "sorry, buddy" and then got me a couple of napkins... Was friendly other than that, though. O.o"

Pros: "On time comfortable seat."
Cons: "Everything was fine"

Pros: "no delays. quick flight & boarding"

Cons: "We had to land in San Antonio due to bad weather (understandable), but the customer service was appalling. They kept passengers on the plane for 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is prohibited by federa law. They failed to provide additional snacks when the passengers were on the plane for over 7.5 hours, and made it seem like it was such a nuisance when we asked for water. They were able to pass out one cookie by hour 6 but the flight attendant made it VERY clear that they had to do "so much paperwork" to get it approved. The flight attendants were rude, inconsiderate, and when asked what the game plan was after our 4 hour delay, their response was, ""not sure, not my department." If they didn't have answers, that's fine, but the manner and careless tone in which they replied was inconsiderate and insincere. When we finally landed at our half way destination in Houston, the flight attendant made a comment about how she can't get home due to all of the delays without considering that half of the passengers had the same dilemma and paid hundreds of dollars for their flights! The flight attendant had no empathy or respect and I would NEVER take this airline again. We spent the night at the airport and are still trying to find a flight to our destinatiom in New York :("

Pros: "The crew was very friendly and caring"
Cons: "I was at the gate 15 minutes like it says on the ticket which never happens because I'm always about half an hour to 45 mins early but when I got there they had given myou seat away that was not cool"

Pros: "The plane was not full for most of the trip=more room. Flight was shirted than expected"
Cons: "Staff seemed stressed. It was hot! The temperature was lowered after many voiced discomfort. Entertainment very limited considering the length of the flight."

Pros: "Take off and landing was 15 mins ahead of schedule."
Cons: "Legroom on the plane was cramped."

Cons: "have no idea if I'll even make it thru the day."

Pros: "Staff seemed lively and created good atmosphere; thank you."

Cons: "Gate crew had no interest in helping with layovers affected by flight delay."

Cons: "The snacks where gross."

Cons: "Waiting in S.F. for flight to board. Crew announces flight will be 1 hour and ten minutes late. A few minutes later, announces the pilot is on his way and may be a half an hour late. The gate number was not announced until about a half an hour before boarding. We finally boarded and was told that co-pilot was not at airport. It was a terrible experience with United."

Pros: "There was not enough room for my legs."

Pros: "Service was good"
Cons: "What happened to the 1960s concept of stewerdess?"

Pros: "The flight crew was nice"
Cons: "The flights landing was a fast decent"

Pros: "The crew was very pleasant and professional in spit of all the grumbly passengers."
Cons: "First boarding was aborted and passengers were sent back up jetway to waiting area. This was due to a mechanical issue with the plane, which I am glad they noticed and took care of. However, getting to the plane's door and then being told to go back to the waiting area was unpleasant."

Pros: "She saw me boarding with two small kids and came right up with snacks and juice! Much appreciated. Also I really like that you do pre-boarding again for families with young ones. Thank you."
Cons: "Food. You said you have wifi but I was never able to connect. Don't understand."

Cons: "Plane was old and dirty ...."

Cons: "Yet another delay.."

Pros: "II like the speed of the overall flight. The group was boarded promptly and we leave right one time. Everything was efficient and done in a quick and timely manner."
Cons: "There's no entertainment in the plane whatsoever, but it's understandle. Flights for United are generally cheaper than most so I don't expect anything fancy or entertaining."

Pros: "Google service on United Airlines not pleasant in the flights were delayed all the time"
Cons: "Bad experience flying with United Airlines sorry"

Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived early. Not just this time but also the last four times I took this flight. That's what it's all about."

Pros: "informative and accurate why we could not take off on time"

Pros: "When I arrived in Ontario my bags were there."
Cons: "The plan to San Fran was packed. I had the window seat in the last row. It was terrible. From SanFran to Ontario the flight was a very small plan and the stewardess was not very helpful. Just doing her job."

Cons: "Late and rude"

Pros: "Early arrival is always good. The crew was pleasant and professional."
Cons: "The seats are too crowded and the $95 charge for an upgraded seat is too high."

Pros: "I want to thank United for taking excellent care with my mobility issues (broken ankle). From changing the seats to provide wheelchairs, made things much easier."
Cons: "I put food poor as there was no N/A...we did not get anything for the redeye flight."

Pros: "I appreciated the updates and prompt boarding with my flight. It was organized."
Cons: "The crew was very unprofessional. I was NOT offered any drinks and they raised their voices at me to straighten my chair. I guess they assumed I didn't speak or understand English. Don't expect much from them. I'm just glad I got from a to b."

Pros: "Never ever again. Delay after delay, maintenance issues and when you get to your destination, your bag for which you had to pay $25 looks like someone played soccer with."
Cons: "With all the fees I payed, my flight was very expensive. Don't fall for kayak or other sites deals. It's not a deal at all. If you live in Chicago area, fly southwest out of Midway. They'll get you to almost all destinations in US... always on time and no bag fees... plus you'll get a snack"

Pros: "price was great for new years day."
Cons: "flight was delayed due to a late flight attendant and then delayed again because they flight attendant didn't know about her destinations and thrn delayed again so she could prepare for her upcoming trips. This was all announced on the PA system. In total, the flight was delayed about an hour and 20 minutes."

Pros: "Boarding by Group. But crew was courteous, and flight was on time without delays. Handling of carry-on luggage went smoothly."
Cons: "Change of gate at last minute."

Pros: "Thank you."

Pros: "The staff were extremely nice"

Cons: "Delays on the Tarmac at both arrival and take off. I would have missed my connecting flight if it hadn't been cancelled anyway."

Pros: "I thought it was it was a good trip considering safety, the amount of passengers, logistics, etc. Amazing!!!"
Cons: "The movie I wanted to watch and was listed in hemispheres magazine was not found when I scrolled through movie listings available."

Pros: "Nothing. Pretty gross plane."
Cons: "Coffee spilled in my seat."

Pros: "Very comfortable."

Pros: "You were on time and efficient"
Cons: "Overheard storage, no leg room"

Pros: "The gate agent Patricia was top class at taking care of her customers. She multi tasked with the customers, the baggage handlers and working the phone to arrange alternate flights to Korea and Japan. After some time and I saw that I would not make my connection to Boise, Particia got me on an Alaskan Airlines flight to Seattle and later to Boise. Patricia saved my day!"

Pros: "Great flight!"

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