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Pros: "everthing"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "Good leg room and free WiFi that actually works. Best domestic flight I have had in years."

Cons: "Checking in was difficult for me. My husband was able to check in through the cruise line. when we got to the airport the counter was not open. i checked in but did not get a seat assignment. When we got to the gate our flight to Boston was delayed until 3am from midnight. I tried getting a seat assignment but was told I had to wait until all the other flights were taken care of. I finally got my seat with my husband after 10p. I am a very nervous flyer so this was very nerve racking for me. But once I got my seat I calmed down. We always fly Jet Blue when we can. The flight itself was wonderful. And the counter folks were very patient with the customers dealing with delays."

Pros: "Crew good, flight good"
Cons: "late due to gate issues"

Cons: "have hearing aids and could not figureout how to turn on CC"

Pros: "As always customer service from flight attendants are awesome nothing but the best"

Pros: "Liked eye mask"
Cons: "Couldn’t recline seat"

Pros: "Free wifi"
Cons: "Flight was late; incoming aircraft was running late all day. Upon landing, there was no gate available. Plane got uncomfortably warm while waiting for one."

Pros: "Quick boarding/unboarding, friendly staff, smooth flight, WiFi, lots of TV channels."

Pros: "I had a very smooth flight from West Palm Beach to Boston. All of the guests got a beverage and a snack and it was a very calm flight."
Cons: "For some reason, my husband and I weren’t seated next to each other. We were, in fact, seated very far away from each other, but I was able to move us to window seats in different rows, but still we were seated apart."

Pros: "Smooth, great service and snacks, loved the gluten free healthy snack options"
Cons: "Too cold in cabin"

Pros: "Cheerful, efficient service. No hidden costs. Free gate to gate WiFi. Comfortable seats. Never flown them before and they are now at the top of my list."
Cons: "Nothing yet."

Pros: "An overall very pleasant flight with great snack and beverage choices!"

Pros: "The seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Flight was very late leaving Chicago. We sat on the plane for quite a while (over 30 min) shut up tight with little air circulation AND no information about why we were not leaving the gate. Flight crew were not very friendly - almost "marched" up and down the aisle and barked at people."

Pros: "The check in employees and comfortable seats."
Cons: "My flight had so many delays that my international final destination became 12 hours longer. I paid more for a shorter flight online when I could've paid less for a longer flight with a different airline since the longer flight would've still probably be less flying time then what I had to go through."

Cons: "Tv was broken"

Pros: "Flight attendants were amazing!!! So friendly and sweet and very customer service savvy! Very impressed with this crew."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "The boarding process was fast and easy. Finding the seats was easy. The inflight snacks were acceptable."
Cons: "The flight announcer at the beginning of the flight was super unprofessional. They kept having to stop their script in order to laugh and giggle. Had I not already know how to do the safety procedures, I wouldn't have learned it from him. The seat belt barely fit me. Now, to be fair, I am fat. But, when I had to suck in to belt in, there was no slack on the end. The seat 31C has a busted aux port. I tried to watch a movie, first off the closed captioning didn't work. So I tried to listen. The aux port wiggled in it's casing and there was so much static that there was no point in listening. The off boarding process was very slow and uncoordinated. I understand that they have to off board in a certain order. However, the flight announcer could have kept the rest of the plane updated on the process. Instead we had to sit in claustrophobic silence and fidget while the line of passengers in the aisle did not move."

Pros: "Leg room was ok. The snacks were better than average, the plane was clean and modern and we arrived on schedule."

Cons: "Food, unserseasoned and grossly cooked. Only had fish option."

Pros: "Pilot came out to talk to us! Flight attendant handled things very well!"
Cons: "Wish there had been more food options."

Pros: "Comfortable seats. For cheap seats."

Pros: "Great overall experience with JetBlue!"

Pros: "I'm a big fan of jet blue :) Nicer than the other international flight..."

Pros: "I love you guys fly fast and good You guys make customers feel comfortable Thanks Jet blue"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "I'm tall so the extra leg room was good for me."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "My tv didnt work. Crew unfriendly. Seats didnt work properly"

Cons: "When the flight is cancelled you need to find a solution for those passengers who travelled that day by bus or car just to catch the flight!!! At least a hostel to sleep over night or give them back the money or let them travel with another company...not to wait 12 hours on the airport!!! Thats not professional at all!"

Pros: "I loved everything about Jet Blue! Crew was very friendly, the cabin was clean, the seats were very roomy and comfortable, the snack choices were was my first time flying an airline other than Alaska and I was genuinely impressed. I'd definitely fly Jet Blue again!"
Cons: "The sound quality on my video screen was horrible and there was lots of flickering of the screen...but, hey, who cares? :)"

Pros: "Updates via email about delays. Good communication helps."
Cons: "TV didn't work. Air travel has become a miserable experience with so many people jammed into a small place. Having a distraction like TV and internet is helpful."

Pros: "Boarding seemed to be pretty efficient, especially compared to my most recent experiences on American. Flight was smooth (of course, airline doesn't have much to do with that). Got to my destination along with my luggage. Did not feel cramped on the plane and I was in a regular seat. Did not feel like I had to spend through the nose to just have a passable experience."
Cons: "Flight was almost 2 hours delayed. Plane felt a little shabby. Sometimes I found it hard to understand the flight attendant who did most of the announcements - she had an accent, which would have been fine, except that she either spoke too fast, or was mumbling. All that together, made it hard to understand her. Pilots never spoke to us. Not once."

Pros: "My first time to fly jet blue. Flight attendant serving our cabin was so warm and hospitable, will try to use Jet Blue more often."

Pros: "Great & friendly service Would travel again if I had a chance Great trip This is a serious airline"

Pros: "The attendants at the check-in desk were great. The helped resolve all issues from passport information to overweight luggage. I wouldn't have made my flight if not for them"
Cons: "There were 3 different flights to my trip. The first flight I was served a small bag of cheeze its and a Coke. I had two flight changes with only one hour to get to the next terminal check-in and start loading. No time to eat. That one small bag of cheeze its had to last me for 20+ hours travel time. It was all I was served. Wish I'd received a little more info on my booking info that would have warned me to pack my own lunch"

Pros: "Flight it self was fine."
Cons: "3 hour delay on flight. Should have sent email or something so we don't waste time sitting around at airport"

Pros: "Entertainment and seats were equipped with outlets. Flight was on time, check in was smooth."
Cons: "Charging for headphones and a pillow was a bit much!"

Pros: "Check-in in Tampa was a breeze. The personnel that assisted us at check-in was helpful and pleasant. She really made a wonderful impression. Lots of smiles."
Cons: "Some of the crew on board seemed very stressed. Not many smiles."

Pros: "没有语言障碍,交流方便。服务也不错。"

Cons: "My checked-in suitcase did not arrive in Tel-Aviv. The flight attendant talking too much on the announcement system, yet the most important thing- announcing correct time at destination (Boston) was erroneous (5 minutes off)."

Pros: "Everything was clean and efficient. The crew was courteous."

Pros: "Flight delayed. It was a worry to know if we would make our connections."
Cons: "seat and leg room adequate"

Cons: "Not announcing or enforcing the boarding groups"

Pros: "JetBlue seats were comfy which was nice for the beginning of a very long travelling dsy. The staff onboard and on the ground were amazingly helpful. Loved that we flew into Boston and then out to Ireland without having to track across the airport."

Pros: "Thankfully, it was a short flight"
Cons: "I couldn't see why it was necessary to bring us to Boston."

Pros: "I cannot rate the food or entertainment since it was nor offered on this short flight but everything else was excellent."

Pros: "Flight was on time and arrived early"
Cons: "Flight attendant was extremely rude and condescending"

Cons: "I am sorry but the crew was rude :( The gentleman next to me and I were forgotten to be served. We waited patiently and told the crew we didn't get our meal and that we were forgotten. The lady was so huffy and said we have to be patient!!! Really when everyone around us were almost done with their meal???!!! That was hurtful and disappointing!"

Pros: "spacy seat,good service,on time fligjt."

Pros: "Our flight was delayed to Boston but he was able to push us ahead so we didn't miss our connection to Iceland. It all worked out because of him being quick thanks"

Cons: "This flight was probably great but I was not on it"

Pros: "The crew was good. Now fast but good."
Cons: "The food was pretty basic."

Pros: "individual TVs"
Cons: "it would be great if you could not use all those one-use plastic cups. waste is a real issue in the US and the solution is using re-usable items like washable cups. Unboarding was a nightmare and it started to get really hot waiting to get off."

Pros: "great flight , on time, great service"

Pros: "Fast boarding one way from Nashville to Boston. Smooth ride and on time."
Cons: "Trash onboard from previous flight and flight attendants texting during beverage service and seemed annoyed they were having to hand out drinks and crackers. I don’t enjoy feeling like a nuisance when I’ve paid $250 for the flight. FREE WiFi didn’t work. I always avoid Delta when possible."

Pros: "No food or entertainment on short flight"

Pros: "Short flight just snacks. Was able to get a seat on standby for an earlier flight cutting my total travel time down by a couple hours. Very helpful gate agents"

Pros: "Efficient hop to Boston"

Pros: "Free entertainment and free food was unexpected and very welcomed, especially given the trend of charging for more and more features."

Cons: "The tsa is worthless"

Pros: "I loved that the plane was equipped with televisions. I have a hard time watching a movie on my hand held device."
Cons: "That an international flight didn't allow free luggage and that liquor purchased at the airport could not be consumed on the plane."

Pros: "aircraft is very clean. faster than imaged. the most impressed thing is it has a variety of entertainment programs."

Pros: "The crew was really friendly and helpful. The plane was really clean"
Cons: "The boarding process was too long, there was a lot of people. It was kinda a mess. The sit assignment for people who didn't have sit assign was slow."

Cons: "The plane was delayed by more than 3 hours due to "weather problems" earlier in the day. Delta did not permit re-booking to flights that left JFK for Boston earlier, even tho there seats available, instead insisting that we had to wait for our assigned flight. Small snacks (regular Coke, no Diet) did not really compensate well."

Pros: "Easy flight. Plane and crew were fine"
Cons: "It was a short flight but no entertainment on this plane."

Pros: "They did eventually put out some small snacks and drinks (water and regular coke)."
Cons: "Small regional plane that was over 3 hours late in departing NY because of weather issues much earlier in the day. Delta did not permit any re-bookings to other delayed flights that were leaving in the intervening period, even though there were empty seats. Very frustrating."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Easy boarding. Due to bad weather they kept us well informed. One hour late but not their fault."
Cons: "A little chilly in the waiting are."

Pros: "Exceptional flight staff -"

Cons: "Smooth and easy"

Pros: "Cabin crew was wonderful. The food was exceptional."
Cons: "The infotainment system was a little spotty."

Cons: "Boarding in LA was. Mess"

Pros: "It was my husband's birthday and the stewardess (red dress, long brown hair) went out of her way to make him feel special by bringing champagne, cookies and even chocolate once we were getting off the plane. I was very touched."
Cons: "The guy next to me was kind of smelly but was very nice."

Pros: "Everything about the flight was great. We boarded and took off on time. I have no complaints."
Cons: "No complaints! I had a perfect diet coke and pretzels while I watched tv."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact that my flight was delayed for the second time in the past week"

Pros: "I'm surprise that Delta airline serves free dinner for domestic flight, which is definitely a compliment. I would travel with Delta airline again"
Cons: "n/a"

Pros: "Pilot got us back safe through some bad turbulence, the flight was shaky from start to finish. They gave extra snacks, were attentive to any needs. Would definitely trust Delta pilots again. Also with this being a connecting flight, it was nice that the group of five I was in was given an entire row to ourselves."

Pros: "Flew delta a few days ago and this wasn't an issue but you've gotta do better on the wifi and tv front. Part of my decision to fly delta is entertainment."
Cons: "Wifi was too slow to stream (audio only) a live sporting event. No satellite tv for the entire flight with no announcement - I had to ask the crew twice what was up."

Pros: "Lots of seat space even in economy, I felt very comfortable and not cramped on my flight. Food was decent and flight attendants were very attentive. My flight was kind of an outlier experience as someone on my flight fell very ill and needed immediate medical attention. The KLM employees on board did a very good job of taking care of the situation and making sure everyone else on board still had a calm flight experience."
Cons: "My connecting flight was scheduled too close to my landing time."

Pros: "Friendly crew, ok seats"
Cons: "Was not possible to even request a coffee"

Pros: "Satellite TV on this flight was perfect! I got to watch a football game live that I really wanted to watch, but conflicted with this flight. It was great! The leg room was good and the seat was comfortable on this short flight. The lighting was appropriate for an 8pm-12am flight. Crew was nice"
Cons: "nothing to note here on this one."

Pros: "Good movies"
Cons: "Im 6'2. My knees still are hurting due to the horrible leg room"

Cons: "Same as above"

Pros: "I like the fact that I was able to get on this"
Cons: "Delta is completely messed up. My luggage was supposed to travel with me to Boston. But it didn't. Delta waisted my time. Horrible customer su"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and apologetic"
Cons: "The AC did not work and we had to get off and hang out in the jetway for probably 45 minutes. Nightmare."

Cons: "Family of 6 with 3 minors. Could not sit any of us together."

Cons: "After a grueling 14 hour flight back to the states from Asia, got notification that my Delta flight was further delayed an additional 3.5 hrs from the layover of 2hrs, so I was at the airport for a good part of the day and did not get home till midnight. Altogether 24+ hrs of no real sleep. To add insult to injury, a Delta representative called and apologized, offering a $100 voucher or gift certificate. Raised expectation that they might actually do the right thing. I then received a Delta email that says "Your day just got better", except there was nothing but ads and enter to bid for things. Overall bad experience when I really needed them to get me home on time."

Cons: "Too cramped for a flight more than 90 mins - even in the "comfort+" section. This plane configuration is fine for much shorter flight routes"

Pros: "Comfort seat upgrade. Access to Virgin Lounge in London. Food was very good."
Cons: "Video system on plane had too many commercials."

Pros: "Great flight"

Pros: "Nothing really."
Cons: "Arrived at airport at 08:00a for 09:10a flight. Delay for weather, then crew rest, then cancelled ~6 hours later. All while sitting in the airport like a dope. Put on a flight with overnight in LGA, but they could not tell us if a voucher would be provided. Usual story since the govt does not mandate the airlines do better. Was not advised to try standby on other later flights, which worked. Finally landing in BOS, we sat for 45+ min waiting for a third person to flag the plan to the gate. Understand why, but really annoying after such a long day full of delays. Felt many areas could have been handled better. Each person individually tried, but in aggregate it was a mess."

Pros: "They switched me to better seats"
Cons: "They lost my duffle bag, and when they found it, my bag was in a whole different state, and once I finally received my duffle bag my items were wet and damaged."

Pros: "Very enjoyable trip."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "no food. no entertainment"

Pros: "Fast boarding the plane! Great snacks! Great flight attendants."
Cons: "We sat in the plan for 45 minutes before taking off and arrived 20 minutes late."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This flight never happened bc they didn't have a captain for the plane. Not a delay - not maintenance issues - just didn't have a captain so sorry your flight is cancelled. Ridiculous"

Pros: "Seat assignment very comfortable!!!"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Great customer service"

Pros: "On time departure, friendly staff, nice free snack. Overall good experience."

Pros: "Generally there was a king of a "good buzz" among the passesgers Appreciated the good budget value. It made the trip to see my daughter possible"
Cons: "I don't have any negative feelings"

Pros: "amazing crew, very clean"

Pros: "It was a regular nothing different flight then what was expected."
Cons: "Need to develop the entertainment system to become at least minimumuly adequate. I have learned to treat these flights as buses in the air."

Cons: "It began going downhill at the United Lounge, where I put two chairs together to get a little sleep since my flight was scheduled to leave at 12:30am. I was summarily woken up and told that it wasn't appropriate to sleep in a lounge. I complained at the front-desk (politely) and was told ... "This is a lounge". Oh and yes, the Wifi wouldn't connect and the food was stale ... so I left, and found a very nice sofa in the concourse. On the flight, service was non-existent, whoever was in the galley was clattering things about, despite the fact that this is a short red-eye flight ... the coffee was awful. The steward forgot to give me my coat and I had to ask twice AFTER we landed and were leaving the plane to get it. By contrast, Lufthansa has daybeds and a special quiet area to snooze, and offer pillows and blankets. Clearly, the Germans are louche compared to Americans."

Pros: "A competent cross country flight."
Cons: "Very cramped. Having 2 aisles did help."

Cons: "All of the restaurants in the airport have changed to this "high-end" bistros. No fast food anywhere except the premade wraps and stuff at the kiosks. If you need food fast don't try to sit down and eat. My sandwich took 30 minutes to come out. Food was ok."

Pros: "The check in was great. The staff was very helpful."
Cons: "The plane was very small and hot. There was no space for even my legs."

Pros: "Movie deal was enjoyable. But a tough week for the friendly skies!"
Cons: "Mechanical caused me to miss my connection. Exterior of 777 had paint peeling off the fuselage, which is a bad sign. Plane needs an overhaul"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, inefficient food service and pricey, and entertainment is a rip off."

Pros: "Appreciate the complementary snack and beverage."
Cons: "Like usual, there was a problem with the flight. The plane was too small that a bunch of people were bumped from the flight. The room in economy is tight."

Pros: "Crew was great. Affable, service-oriented, friendly, accomodating. They made a long flight a pleasurable experience."

Pros: "not a damn thing"
Cons: "Weather delays are a typical part of travel. What's not typical are 5+ hour delays and sitting on the tarmac and watching your connection take off without you. First Class seats morphed into Economy center seats the next day, with nary a hotel room in sight. Thanks for nothing."

Pros: "On-time flights"

Pros: "I liked there was a United employee at the gate to let us know where to go for our connecting flight."
Cons: "I have no complaints."

Pros: "I didn't like anything about it, they will overturn a half hours late, with the excuse "waiting for aircraft"... My first flight was delayed for over four hours, I had to sleep in the airport, terrible company to do business with… Will tell everyone not to use United ever again"
Cons: "Flight worth almost 3 hours late, there was really no reason to be late, they texted at 5:00 in the morning saying the flight was already two hours late on the flight wasn't supposed to be until 5:40 PM. Bad planning, seems very disregarding to people's travel plan, and careless about the whole situation. I would expect at least some courtesy food or the offering of airlines miles points for the late flight. Selfish!"

Cons: "Delays"

Pros: "This was a long flight across country from west to east coast and it was smooth and pleasant. Our flight with United to Vancouver B C was also flawless. We would pick United again."
Cons: "Of course the seats are simply too close, but that's the industry standard. Glad I am not overweight. We must have been "hungry locusts" because food was gone on the cart by the time the back of the plane was served and little wine or beer remained. Maybe that's a stocking matter, but it was "dinner time". Thanks"

Cons: "Great employees!"

Pros: "Super"

Pros: "Dependable, fast, clean"

Cons: "Just got off a SF to Boston flight on a new looking 737. It was the worst, most uncomfortable flight experience of my long life. The seats are narrow to the extreme (BTY, my doctor tells me I'm under weight for my 5/7 frame), and the leg room is practically non existent. You can't stand up if the person in front of you has their seat inclined. Shame on you United for packing us in this tight. There are tv screens on the back of the seats but you have to pay for tv and movies, unlike JetBlue, where tv is free. It would at least have been nice to have the flight path shown at no cost."

Pros: "Good flight arrived early and upgrade available"

Pros: "Someone stole my seat and asked me to sit in theirs, but ended up being a window seat!"

Pros: "This was the final leg of my flight. At this point I just wanted to be home."
Cons: "Their was no food or entertainment in this flight. I would rather of not connected home they Chicago being that the trip was Boston to Cancun it made for a cumbersome travel and would avoid it in the future."

Pros: "We were supposed to fly out Sat Jan 23, 2016, but a blizzard had shut down the East coast air ports. We rebooked for Sunday. Air ports still closed. So we talk to the United people at SXM and they cannot issue us a new ticket but say we have to book on line or call the United number. Both options would not work for us. They were able to tell us that United only flies to SXM on the weekends and their would be no extra flight to makeup for all the cancellations. We ended up booking a new flight with American Air Lines for Wed."
Cons: "Not getting a refund for unused return ticket."

Cons: "It was 4 hours late."

Pros: "The pilot was great. Understanding that all passengers were tired with traveling and the flight delayed he did everything he could to get us to our destination quickly and safely. I could tell he was excellent at his profession. Kudos to all the flight staff!"
Cons: "I was most upset that a bottle of tequila I bought in the duty free store in the cancun airport was confiscated by tsa in Houston. I know this was not united's fault but perhaps my discontent can be forwarded to the proper people. I went through all the correct procedures to transport this via a connecting flight and through no fault of my own had it taken from me. It seems like sort of a scam that travelers are told they can purchase these items and legally transport them home only to have them not make it through security at the connecting airport. I was not the only one this happened to. Bad form!"

Cons: "We paid for the direct tv & only got the movie channels not the 100 channels as promised. Once the kids watched the one kids movie they had nothing to watch and I paid for 3.."

Pros: "the flight was very short"
Cons: "DID NOT like the way the boarding attendant treated me!!!"

Pros: "Thank You. Everything was great!"
Cons: "I feel bad for marking Food and Entertainment as poor; however, they were really both "not applicable". Please add another column. I'm sure the review will look much better :-)"

Pros: "This was a 4 hour flight. A TV would have been nice."

Pros: "United airlines reasonable rates And sevices"
Cons: "The delays was awful I'm disabled wasn't offered no assistant to get from one terminal to the next because your flight delays we waited 3hours to go from Chicago to Boston then get on plane and wasn't offered but a swallow of soda that was poured out of a twelve ounce can split between three customers And I'm diabetic my sugar was low because the unexpected delay So that made a perfectly good trip awful"

Pros: "Space was cramped, crew inattentive, coffee was undrinkable and tv would not turn off or play movies."
Cons: "See above. Will try to avoid United in the future."

Cons: "Our flight to San Francisco was canceled"

Pros: "Free direct TV was a bonus. We appreciated the extra space in the United plus seating (which does cost quite a bit extra)."
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable. Good choices were VERY limited in United Bistro. No good options for people that are sensitive to spicy foods."

Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Baggage was not assigned a carrousel. After asking where it will show up, I received a verbal carrousel assignment. Almost a hour after landing, no baggage showed up. We finally found it at the unclaimed baggage."

Cons: "In front of the exit row so weren't able to recline seats"

Pros: "The cabin and crew were very nice up in 1st class. The food and drinks were served on time and in a timely manner"
Cons: "Plane was delayed numerous times before it was allowed to take off. I ended up being late by 2 hours."

Pros: "Flight was on time, crew was great."
Cons: "The temperature was uncomfortable, air was hot, not cool. Thought the plane had a wifi sticker on the outside of the plane the plane didn't actually have wifi."

Pros: "Flight was on time."

Pros: "Having to print out baggage claim tickets & boarding passes at ORD is a nightmare, the lines and little help you get is ridiculous, and they call it the Friendly Skys"

Pros: "Even though the flight left 3 hrs late it was very nice...I still think you should offer free Wi-Fi. ..and it wss nice that the food and beverages were free because we where late..Thank you"

Pros: "Not overcrowded"
Cons: "Flight was delayed. No power outlets"

Cons: "This flight was cancelled and I was given no notification. I was only told once I got to the airport. Luckily the staff member I spoke with at checkin was helpful and put me on another airline, but only after she tried to tell me they'd sent an email and said there were no flights til the following day. I had to explain that I hadnt been notified, had taken off work, had just taken a cab there, was 2 hrs early, and due to the nature of my trip not able to leave the following day. Though she was very helpful I feel it was luck and the nature of using a small airport, not something I can expect. Either way I shouldn't have to explain and insist when it was clearly the airline's mistake. When I later checked my email I actually had never recieved a cancellation email, just an email saying cancellation was possible. Overall another bad experience with United. Flew American Airlines and was happy with the flight."

Pros: "Crew on board was nice. At pre boarding not so much."
Cons: "Got selected for further or extended screening, don't know why. It is degrading and humiliating. And I had a seat on the last aisle, they don't recline and the curve inward. Quite uncomfortable."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I have handicape son and they didnt give seat together"

Pros: "Reasonable amount of leg room. Much better that the flight out, during which all passengers were squashed in like sardines (and I'm a short, small-boned person). United should stick with this model plane and sell the other one for scrap."
Cons: "Complete and total lack of food on a 5+ hour flight."

Cons: "No food provided at all. Sound was painfully loud over speakers during safety video. No way to turn off TVs permanently - kept coming back on with advertisements. Did not have enough room for all carry-on bags on board. Was delayed and no notification given to passengers."

Pros: "Every thing"

Pros: "This was the first time my 19 month old had flown and it was a pleasant experience over all. I asked if the had a spot with an open seat next to it and they moved me so that he has more to wiggle."

Pros: "It's always great when the plane is not full and you have some extra room."
Cons: "I do wish that the plane companies would start to serve some type of food during a three hour flight."

Cons: "Spirit Airlines has so many hidden fees. You can bring one personal item for free. However, a carry on was an additional $59 per flight. Checking a bag was $62. We also had to pay to reserve a seat. All of the $10 seats were shown as unavailable when we were checking in. This meant only the $18/$28 seats were listed. When we got on the plane the flight was almost empty and we could have sat in any of the $10 seats. You don't even receive complimentary water."

Cons: "Every portion of our trip was changed. The original booking times were changed, the flight to our destination was delayed. The return flight was delayed and overbooked. For us to even consider using a service again they'd have to get at least 50% of the trip right. Spirit got 0%."

Pros: "The pilots flew quickly and the crew was understanding about the delay."
Cons: "It was delayed by about 3 hours. I'm 3/4 on delayed spirit flights and probably will never fly spirit again because of these delays."

Pros: "How fast the flight was"
Cons: "No drinks atleast serve water"

Pros: "The ride was smooth and shorter than expected"
Cons: "all the hidden fees... The luggage was $52 for a carry on which is totally ridiculous. On the flight no snacks or beverages were complimented and the one soda that was had to split between the 3 passengers in the row the staff on the flight were also extremely rude and not pleasant at all. Messages over the loud speaker where not clear and very unprofessional almost as if were were on a ride at a carnival. A family of 3 were seated separated and the flight and were lucky enough to have another passenger trade seats and the staff yelled at them it was very sad. Also i was charge and international charge on my credit card for making and international purchase needless to say i will never purchase another flight from spirit"

Pros: "Very very inexpensive! And the folks were nice!!"
Cons: "The delay but it wasn't their fault!"

Pros: "Notbing"
Cons: "Unfriendly help at customer service. I got charged 65 for my bag at the gate on an hour flight. Beyond rediculous. Next all drinks and snake you have to pay no cash accepted. Let's not start with two hour delay in Baltimore then 20 minutes on tarmak because these people have their heads up their asses. I will never fly spirit again. Complete junk!"

Pros: "Everything was good about the actual flight."
Cons: "The fact that it was delayed an hour and a half."

Pros: "Jet seemed new and clean, flight attendant very nice."
Cons: "The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay! The 5-hour delay!"

Cons: "The flight on the first leg of my trip was cancelled, which was a great inconvenience."

Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "I live 2 hours from the airport. I was alerted that my flight was delayed by 3 hours. I checked in online, printed boarding passes, and made alternate plans to get to the airport based on this information. When I checked updates before I left for airport, I found that the flight had been rescheduled close to the original time. I then did not have enough time to get the airport to make my flight. I missed a funeral because of this. The 19 emails I received (in order): #1 Delayed departure, #2 Delayed departure, #3 Delayed departure, #4 Delayed departure, #5 Gate update, #6 Gate update, #7 Gate update, #8 Gate update, #9 Back on time, #10 Back on time, #11 Delayed departure, #12 Delayed departure, #13 Gate update, #14 Gate update, #15 Delayed departure, #16 Delayed departure, #17 Departure,"

Cons: "3 hr deleted fly and change 2 times the gates without nobody tell you nothing about it ."

Cons: "Spirit airlines canceled my flight but provided no means for alternate arrangements. I had to purchase another ticket on another airline at the last minute. Got nothing for the rountrip ticket I purchased from Soirit, do not buy tickets on this airline. They will take your money and give you nothing in exchange."

Cons: "Departed 90 minutes late!"

Cons: "Why dont the let the back of the plane board before the front so I dont have to bump everyone while I am making my way down the isle. They nickle and dime you for everything."

Cons: "None I like. Will not fly this airline."

Cons: "I was never told it would cost me $55 to have a carry on bag! Ridiculous! $60 if I wanted to check it. There is no beverage or food service. Thank God I always bring snacks on plane rides. MY FLIGHT WAS DELAYED OVER 5 HOURS then we sat on the tarmac as the pilot informed us they were having computer issues (30 more minutes). There is absolutely NO LEGROOM! I am 5'4" and my knees were hitting the seat in front of me. No tv or music either. It's like the Yugo of airlines. I would NOT recommend flying this airline EVER!"

Cons: "There was a weird smell in the row I was seated in. Passengers on later flight where excessively drunk and rowdy and this impeded other people from sleeping. My previous spirit flight made me uncomfortable because everyone was drunk in the exit row (which is supposed to respond in case of emergency)."

Cons: "I was very surprised to learn that I would be charged $45 dollars for my carry on, both ways! This hidden cost would have impacted my decision when choosing a flight. In addition, I didn't purchase a seat another $25. I found it interesting that I was unable to print a boarding pass. I called customer service and was told that they can't print a boarding pass for me, but would report the issue to IT. I can't help but wonder if they were holding back my pass, hoping someone would purchase a ticket. There was no entertainment. Passengers in my area were over served, and were loud and using profane language to the point that departing passenger, several rows ahead, made a point to turn around and see who was responsible for the commotion. I will never fly Spirit again."

Cons: "My flight got delayed 3 times and they kept changing the time at the very last minute. Plane was full of kids and babies crying, yelling and kicking my seat. It was a night mare."

Pros: "The ticket was inexpensive and it was a direct flight."
Cons: "Everything is extra (picking a seat, any bags, all food and drinks). No in flight wifi or tv available, even for a price. Despite paying $40 for a checked bag, it was sent to the wrong city. Seats were very uncomfortable."

Pros: "Price Quick boarding On time Comfy seats Clean"
Cons: "Seats don't recline"

Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable, they charged for carry ons and even peanuts on the flight. We were two hours late on the way to Vegas. We sat on the tarmac for and hour while our plan wouldn't start...3 times!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was flying with Spirit Airways from Boston to Atlanta on the 5th of August 2016. Unfortunately, I missed the flight due to my flight with Delta Airways being delayed in Amsterdam. I had booked a return flight with Spirit Airways for the 25th August 2016. I understood, of course, that this was not the fault of Spiirt Airways that I missed the outbound flight. I went to the check in desk, explained that I had been delayed in Amsterdam and could they possibly get me on the next outbound flight. As it turned out there was not another flight available for two days. So I explained to the staff in Boston, that I would try and get a flight to Atlanta with another Airline. Which I was able to do for the same evening. However, I made sure to tell the Spirit Staff that I would be traveling on the return flight, and the lady confirmed that this was fine. My express words were, I know that I have missed the flight, and thats OK but I am checking in now and want it confirmed the my return flight is still booked and i am checked in for it. The lady said Yes , that will be no problem! She also gave me the contact number for customer service, so that I could phone them and see if there way anything I could do.I was informed this was a free number and when I phoned it, I spoke to somebody in India, whom I could not understand, a few minutes later my twenty credit was gone, so obviously NOT a free number! I found another Airline to take me to Atlanta. So I was happy in the knowledge that my return flight with Spirit was fine and I was checked in for it. However this turned out not to be true! I received an email from Kayak a couple of days later, to say that , as had not checked in, both flights had been cancelled. Of course, I was furious, I telephoned Kayak to see if there was anything I could do but they told me I must get in contact directly with Spirit, which I did. It was, once again, the customer service number, in India! They told me I would have to go to the counter in Boston and ask why my return flight was cancelled. At this time I am in Atlanta and asked them, did they realize how far Atlanta was from Boston!! I also asked to speak to a Superviser, at which point I was cut off! I then telephoned again and asked was it the normal procedure to cancel both the outbound and return flight, if the outbound flight was missed. I did not get an answer to this question except to say they did not know, again I asked to speak to a Superviser to be told no. I had checked in, as far as I knew, the return flight had been paid for, so I do not understand or accept that they had any right to cancel my return flight. I also had no choice but to rebook my flight with Spirit because I had to get my connecting flight from Boston on the same day. This cost me $211 plus $50 for my check in bag. Given that I had already confirmed with Spirit, this is a total disgrace and I have been treated very badly by them. I fly regularly and have never encountered anything like this"

Pros: "price"
Cons: "price didnt include normal sized carry on"

Pros: "Staff was great and flight was on time."
Cons: "A carry on bag should have been free like most other airlines. When you add on a $55.00 charge to carry on a small suitcase it makes the Spirit Tickets expensive especially considering the fact that most other airlines do not charge a carry on fee at all. This unecessary carry on charge for a bag is why I will not fly with Spirit Airline again because you are not really saving any money at all compared to most other airlines which hopefully Spirit will realize one day."

Cons: "I Paid %55 for taking my carry on to the plane which is ridicules. also I had 4 hours delay. which is not ok."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All of the stupid bahg"

Pros: "Initially the price, but after all the fees, could have flown American for almost the same price."
Cons: "The airline is Vague, I guess if you read all the fine print and get to know the system it may work better."

Pros: "We got there, but had to get back on Delta/."
Cons: "Surprised that I had to pay for a seat and much more than expected for carryons and suitcases."

Pros: "The tight quarters were challenging for my near 6 ft son. However, because the seats don't recline, he didn't loose any room to the person in front of him."
Cons: "Very few snack choices to purchase for anyone who is gluten-free ."

Pros: "The plane facility was fine. The staff was well intended and did their best to help."
Cons: "Travel updates were late coming. 4 hours before my flight boarding time, I received an email notice that my flight would be delayed by 9 minutes. While I am sitting in the airport at the gate, at the new boarding time, there was no announcement- and no gate agent, but rather an email saying that the flight was delayed 2 hours. They had no advance notice that the flight would be delayed until the flight was supposed to be boarding. There was no gate agent to handle the difficulties that presented to travelers. I'll pay more or take a bus over taking Spirit."

Cons: "Never flying spirit again"

Pros: "Nothing. This airline is terrible. It may be cheap but they are never on time and it's usually chaos boarding."

Cons: "The flight was cancelled in the last minute - For our plans it was a disaster. It was a big demage"

Pros: "I was lucky in getting a seat at the front of the plance (4A) which was more comfortable that my previous flights where I sat more to the rear where there was less leg room. the departure was on time and the flight was very comfortable. courteous staff"
Cons: "my check on luggage cost $50 where I expected to pay $25. I now know to create an account for myself if making travel plans directly with Spirit."

Cons: "no leg room at all, we got killed with the luggage fees, we thought we were getting a good deal with the airfare until they hit us with over a 150 for luggage, will never use them again"

Pros: "Can't beat the price, even though cost of carry on and checked baggage is expensive. Would use again for a 3 hour flight."
Cons: "would not use Spirit for a cross country trip because the seating would cripple me by the time I arrived."

Pros: "I loved to personality of the crew members. They really made you happy and comforted you."
Cons: "The flight was late. They seats were invomfortale. We boarded the plane 45 min after our original departure time and the plane was already docked."

Pros: "Nothing."

Pros: "Baggage claim officein Boston is not staffed i can't get through or figure out a way to get my luggage back i am beyond upset about this. I understand that baggage doesn't make connections like people but there is no staff to deal with the aftermath. Unless my baggage was returned to me without fault i will never fly spirit again and would never recommend, this is a severe violation of trust to take people's baggage and have no follow through on how to get it to their final destination."

Cons: "I hate Spirit's fees for a checked bag n for use of checking in at airport. The so called cheap fares become more expensive because of these fees. Some of us to not have access to computer for pre-check in, and should NOT be charged extra for it. I do Not plan to fly Spirit again. There is a reason why your flights are more than half empty!!!"

Cons: "No inflight refreshments nor are they military friendly."

Cons: "I was 4 minutes late for teh check in and they said, you can take a later flight for $330 or come back tomorrow. So Im coming back tomorrow. They over book on purpose"

Cons: "Small seating n extra charges. An was not Military friendly"

Cons: "Didn't give me a seat, even though I had checked in. Overbooked the flight but didn't offer any incentives to anyone to be moved to another flight. The staff at the gate left, and I had to track them down to get an answer. Had I not insisted, I would have been left without a seat."

Pros: "Crew polite and efficient."
Cons: "Less leg room than before. Was not given even water."

Cons: "It was their fault that I missed my flight since they wouldnt allow me to go up to the counter, and then when I finally got up there and I told them I missed my flight the woman didn't even care. Rude!"

Pros: "same as above statement."
Cons: "same as above statement"

Pros: "Plane didn't crash"
Cons: "Spirit just sucks in general"

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