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DeltaOverall score based on 31867 reviews
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Crew is always pleasant

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Crew is always pleasant

Flight was almost 2 hours late taking off in Memphis to Atlanta because a crew member was late . I missed my connecting flight and had to layover in Alt. to get another flight to my destination of Nashville. I could have driven there faster .

Plastic cup for champagne?? Seriously? First Class should be better!

There were MULTIPLE sick people on board the flight and I had two seats but the second person didn’t show. When boarding, someone was in my seat so I moved a row back (no biggie)- but his friend was disgustingly sick (which made sense why he moved to my seat instead of sitting next to him.) I decided to move to the row on the immediate other side away from his germs and the attendant was being a little funny about me moving seats saying on her chart no one was supposed to be there- which caused a Karen attendant to come over and make an even bigger deal- asking me where I’m supposed to be sitting. There were at least 8 open seats in the back and being I paid for TWO- I can move close to the seat I originally paid for being there was a detrimentally SICK gentleman in front of me coughing and sneezing and sniffling. So I had to wear 3 masks and I put my blanket over my head. Very comfortable compared to a moved seat.

Delays really ruin days, excitement, the overall experience of traveling. Having inaccurate times and poor communication sucks.

everything was great, delta FA are great

Passengers behaved and wore masks. Pilot communicative. Flight crew nice.

Boarding was on time (if not a little early). The flight was unfortunately not properly catered for snack boxes in main cabin. This is likely a one off instance, but it’s a long flight for no food options other than pretzels and Biscoffs. Service was attentive and friendly. This particular flight offered Delta’s DeltaOne lay flat first class seats. Would highly recommend. Flight left on time and arrived early!

Pros: "The flight crew could have been more attentive. Jackets and coats were not collected during preboarding until last minute, by then I had already put mine away."
Cons: "No food was offered, short flight though, that’s okay, but the crew definitely could have been more attentive to the first class passengers."
Pros: "It suited the time i could travel"
Cons: "I felt although they said the two attendants were great they were at best mediocre especially the man"
Pros: "Fast service and precise timing"
Pros: "I had an awesome seat 10a with plenty of leg room."
Cons: "It was as good as can be expected."
Pros: "Entertainment was awesome. Although airlines are stingy with snacks, Delta had a good overall selection and very generous."
Cons: "Something that cant be changed overnight, however, there should be a little more Aisle space for folks pass through as my shoulder was getting beat up after every passing person and cart."
Pros: "good service"
Cons: "Air conditioning was very loud"
Cons: "The food not so much breadddd"
Cons: "Delta put me on an aisle rather than window I am broad shouldered and got pummeled throughout the flight by passengers and crew passing by Gal next to me fell asleep on my shoulder It was ok. She was attractive. :-)"
Pros: "I got home alive."
Cons: "The crew was surly. The flight was delayed. We received little information about the delays."
Pros: "Comfortable and clean plane, crew professional and nice."
Cons: "I booked a business class ticket through klm, but it was a delta code share flight. Delta was unable to locate me in their system, and I had to contact klm myself to straighten it out."
Pros: "The ctew was awesome, super sweet and very acomodating"
Cons: "Its a flight to WV (my birth place).... it is what it is... smll planes, tight quarters and people who don’t get any of that and are not happy anout any of it"
Cons: "No ear buds were offered, i had to ask and then FA forgot!!?? Snack basket was just awful choices. Captain was great I really appreciated the constant updates as our flight was 1. Hour delay on depart and also delay landing at jfk, very smooth trip"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable"
Cons: "Could have been a little cooler- was stuffy"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Pros: "First Class. Cabin service. Frendiliness of staff. Plane arrived early."
Cons: "Breakfast was not served in First Class"
Pros: "Delta Flights are always enjoyable and the staff is always treats you with courtesy"
Cons: "The only thing I don't understand is how the planes are loaded. and this is only a comment and I know you and others carriers have there way of doing things. I just don't understand why you load the first section of the plane first and the back of the plane last, It looks like you would want to load the back and come forward so everyone is not getting hit and stood over while everyone is loading."
Pros: "Perfectly fine first class trip"
Cons: "Breakfast meal was awful"
Pros: "Food was good, boarding was fast and efficient"
Cons: "Smallest seats I’ve seen in a while. Very uncomfortable. Still haven’t announced baggage carousel but that’s jfk for ya. WiFi didn’t work on flight either."
Pros: "How friendly and easy it was to board. The pilots were very friendly and even gave my daughter wings. The crew made us very welcomed and put our booster in the closet till we landed."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Speedy flight"
Pros: "gate agents were friendly and efficient boarding. FA were fine and quickly served beverages and reurned two more times offering snacks and more drinks. comfort class seats were comfortable. all in all perfectly fine"
Cons: "i was not able to use my RU cert even after applying it over one month before and having diamond status.... makes me think why bother with status"
Cons: "That we did not have a seat assigned"
Pros: "The KLM ground staff were extremely helpful and reassuring when there was confusion with my ticket."
Cons: "I booked KLM flights (Cork - Tampa return) but the planes were in fact Aer Lingus and Delta. So I have no idea what KLM is like. When I checked in at Cork the ground staff could only give me a boarding card for the first flight. For the second one she said I would have to go to the Delta counter in Amsterdam. It was difficult to find a counter there or staff as check-in was all by computer. The computer kept saying 'error' when I put in my code. I eventually was directed to a KLM desk (nicely hidden). I was told that my seat no longer existed. At this point the flight was ready to board. Thankfully the KLM ground staff were extremely helpful and reassuring and upgraded my ticket to economy comfort. On the way back, I could only get a boarding card for my first flight. The second two I had to collect at the boarding gate of the second flight."
Pros: "The very personal pilot"
Pros: "They gave me extra pretzels and 2 cans of soda"
Cons: "The seats were awful.. Miniscule"
Pros: "Every thing went well"
Pros: "Crew was courtesy"
Cons: "1hour delay from departing LAX runway - not good"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived early. Good boarding experience. Seating had access to electrical plugs for charging my phone."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Delayed 4 hours, but due to weather. Not the airline's fault. They got us here sooner than I thought we could arrive. Plane was tiny"
Pros: "Movie selection"
Cons: "They want us there at 4:20 for a 6:20am flight but Clear doesn't open until 5. I was through checkin by 4:23. Why bother if one can't get to the breakfast facilities for another half hour plus? Then Peet's had no pastries."
Pros: "Food was nice and plenty. Great movie selection. Very polite crew."
Cons: "The seat was a bit uncomfortable and not big enough."
Cons: "According to the website and documentation a card holder is supposed to get the first bag free when using this card. I did not, so I will be cancelling the card."
Pros: "Professional and efficient"
Cons: "I am 5'3". My feet never touch the floor, which is quite uncomfortable after about an hour."
Cons: "Took 8 hours to get from Oakland to Los Angeles. Flight delayed then cancelled at Oakland. Driven from there to San Francisco. That flight delayed by 45 minutes. Got on board and then they neede 4 people to get off the plane since it was overweight. That took another hour. Bad day of travel."
Cons: "Delta should change their name to always delayed"
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Cabin air was very warm. Individual A/C fan was very slow. With it being a night flight, I was unable to read since my overhead light was not working."
Cons: "1- 2 hour delay in Atlanta, 2- Missed my RJA international connection from JFK, 3- My luggage was not delivered to me by Delta in New York. 4- Had to spend one night in a NY hotel, and pay $185 for it, and I was told that Delta doesn't pay for the hotel because the delay was caused by New York Air Traffic Control. 5- After Delta re-booked me on Air France the next day, I made it to Amman, Jordan a day late without my luggage; which arrived another day late."
Pros: "I felt the entire flight crew was there to make my trip more pleasant. The plane was new and had free video and usb outlets to charge my devices."
Cons: "Nothing, truly an excellent experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Boarded, day on the runway for nearly 3 hours, and then cancelled. No hotel allowance and all hotels near LGA full."
Pros: "I thought the seats were pretty decent."
Cons: "I was not able to checkin online"

Everything went well no issues.

A REVIEW BASED ON FACTUAL EXPERIENCES ON FORIGN CARRIERS AND THEIR SERVICE COMPARED TO AA and Other US CARRIERS, FIRST CLASS WHAT ? YOUR price for what not much more then a premium class seat AND ALL YOU OFFER IS a can of coke and a pkg of Fig Cookies ? Seriously. All 4 of my flights were first class, Joke of an offering, and each one sucked, I am American and I have flown over 800,000 miles and over 650 flights in 4 years, out of all these flights I've only flown US Carriers 12 times and I know that is a factual number. Jet Blue I will fly again, they act are a good and ran and they know how to take care of their guests AMERICAN AIRLINES JUST SUCKS Cathay pacific, Eva Air, Air Asia, Asiana, Korean Air, ANA, Thai Air ways and many more, I fly business class and every one of these airlines blows away these Sad Poorly ran US CARRIER'S, ,

Pros: "The crew was amazing and we arrived early! It was the perfect flight!"
Pros: "One crew guy seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. Most others seemed happy."
Cons: "We were delayed (not really their fault), there were no USB or charging ports for a 4 hour flight, we sat on the plane after landing for about 45 minutes with no explanation, and we had to walk to the next terminal to retrieve our bags, which didn't come out for over an hour (they claimed airplane maintenance). One of the worst travel experiences I've ever had."
Pros: "Ease of boarding."
Cons: "Flight got in late and I was unable to make my connecting flight."
Cons: "Waiting for luggage"
Pros: "All good."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Comfortable seating"
Pros: "The crew was great. The plane was clean. Both flights were on time and went very well."
Cons: "The one thing I must say could be better is limiting people to one carry on bag. There were a few people that held up the boarding process because they had more than one bag and they were trying to find a open slot in the overhead compartment."
Pros: "Crew was great from checking in to the flight attendant and cockpit."
Pros: "very organized boarding process"
Cons: "The landing was very rough from Nashville to Dallas"
Pros: "Embarrassed to say but there wasn’t one thing I enjoyed about this trip. I felt like I down graded to Spirit or Frontier Airlines. The flight was terribly hot, delayed multiple times coming and going. Given, I paid for priority round trip, I was delayed to Main boarding and seated in 7A."
Cons: "Adjustments to the above statement. In addition to my next travels plans, I’d like to be seated in First class. My next travel dates with AA are 06/27/2019-07/05/2019. Please feel to contact me directly"
Pros: "Great flying great time"
Cons: "Great flying great time"
Cons: "The WiFi to work."
Pros: "Great flight experience!"
Pros: "Not as other as flights"
Pros: "The crew was nice and friendly. I was super tired so I slept almost the whole way through. But they still left a bottled water and snacks for me. Very thoughtful."
Cons: "Everything was good, no complaints."
Cons: "Always too many people."
Cons: "Very small plane, economy seats only."
Pros: "British airways 787-8 Dreamliner. New-ish plane. Nice crew. Food was good"
Cons: "Business class seats were cramped. No place to put a book af glances when going to sleep. Headphones are not noise canceling, thankfully I brought my own"
Pros: "The seats were comfortable and the entertainment console was awesome!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The agents kept us posted"
Cons: "The delay but it happens"
Pros: "It was a great flight"
Pros: "The service from the flight attendants on the flight was absolutely amazing"
Pros: "Flight arrived safely"
Cons: "Everything else"
Pros: "Everything else"
Cons: "Ok"
Cons: "Need to change up the videos accessable by WiFi."
Cons: "This was an MD80 that had absolutely been ridden to death. I thought that AA was modernizing their fleet? This was a 30 year old plane."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "No audio in business. No working electric outlet."
Pros: "."
Cons: "."
Pros: "Nothing out of the ordinary"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The staff did their best to compensate for the 4 1/2 hour departure delay, getting us Panera sandwiches and snacks."
Cons: "The 4 1/2 hour departure delay"
Pros: "Very friendly gate agents & Flight staff"
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "As always, just too many damn people on the plane. Who are all of these people? What are they doing?"
Pros: "On time Attendants friendly Great service"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "That's it."
Pros: "Friendly crew. efficient."
Pros: "Well done again!"
Pros: "Everything lined up perfectly"
Cons: "Late late late"
Pros: "I got an upgrade which was nice. The crew was friendly"
Cons: "Ran out of popcorn but really nothing"
Pros: "Nonstop flight"
Cons: "Bag of pretzels to eat. Just so cheap"
Pros: "All good"
Cons: "Boarded small plane too early Air conditioning did not work...sweated whole flight No beverage service seats too small for an adult, and I am only 5'-5""
Cons: "No onboard entertainment"
Pros: "All of the flight attendants were amazing and went above and beyond."
Cons: "Okay, but flight was delayed."
Pros: "Smooth travels"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "The crew was very attentive and the seats were comfortable, which was my reason for upgrading to first class, I am tall with long legs, therefore leg room is a MUST for me...but the reurn flight from Memphis to Houston was HORRIBLE!!..PACKED FULL, NO leg room, NO A/C-seriously-Hot air and body odor!"
Cons: "The plane had no A/C! just circulated hot air mixed with stale body odor from previous flight! leg room and the flight was 100% full..CanadaAir regional jet..and the seats were all narrow, and we were in 1A, !B...totally disappointed!"
Pros: "Site confortebol"
Pros: "Crew was night"
Cons: "Mechanical delay, then no air conditioning on our side if the plane, missed connection, terrible customer service"
Cons: "It’s United. What couldn’t have been better?"
Pros: "Crew was great. The landing in Memphis was exceptionally smooth."
Cons: "The seat was ridiculously tight, and I am a very small person. There was no room for my carry on above the seat, and under the seat made it so there was no room for my legs. Also, we sat on the runway for an hour on the return flight before taking off."
Pros: "Cabin cleanliness is below average"
Cons: "Cabin service is average"
Pros: "I don’t believe I will be a United customer for much longer"
Cons: "I missed my flight due to not being able to get off the plane after landing Flight attendants did not care to help Gate agent was rude Customer service did not want to provide a hotel room because they said the reason I missed my flight is weather relate"
Cons: "Shrinking the knee room is a mistake"
Pros: "Jet Plane"
Cons: "No entertainment. No charging point for personal device in today's age. Seats that can't get any smaller, yet, still does. Seats that barely recline and yet have to be brought upright during take-off and landing. Maybe common theme between airlines, but, it stands out. Salty pretzels probably the poorest choice for free handout snacks. No choice of course."
Pros: "Airbus 380 was comfortable and new which made for a decent flight."
Cons: "Lufthansa and United computer systems don't talk to one another. We had a leg of our journey from United. We could not purchase seats on the Lufthansa flights and could not even check in; therefore we ended up with seats that were not comfortable for us. Lufthansa messed up on our meals despite it being 'confirmed' (we checked with the service desk in Frankfurt). The in flight movies were ok; the touch screens are not sensitive enough and take lots of processing time."
Pros: "On time & courteous. & On board service was excellent"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Terminal was great, flight was great, crew was fruendly"
Cons: "No free movie on thos flight"
Pros: "Great service!"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "The customer service was good. Smooth flight, no delays!"
Cons: "A couple planes I got on were old and very small. The WiFi was difficult to use."
Pros: "The ar very friendly"
Pros: "Crew turned around plane and boarded earlier than scheduled. This was an attempt to avoid poor weather on trip to Chicago."
Cons: "Seats should not recline. It makes space horrible. The charge for checked baggage is without an improvement in overhead storage is ridiculous."
Pros: "Basic snack for a one hour flight."
Cons: "The WiFi wasn’t working. It kept trying to connect but never did."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing!"
Cons: "Scheduled to arrive in Honolulu @ 7p on 10/7 but won’t arrive until 10/6 @ 11:26a. My only daughter re-enlisted in the military and I was due to attend the ceremony but because of United Airlines that didn’t happen. So disappointed as she is also. Overall such a horrible experience!"
Pros: "Pilots had great skill and provided a very comfortable flight despite bad weather. Exceptionally smooth take off. The newer planes being introduced are very nice, too."
Cons: "I didn't realize how amazing the United Airlines app was. Shows all kinds of cool info on your flight and free media. I am now shocked st how ignorant people are to write complaints regarding delays due to weather. It's for your safety. Appreciate technology and respect Mother Nature fools."
Cons: "Plane hot and crowded"
Cons: "Cabin was freezing and flight attendant told us there was no way to control the heating the cooling to a comfortable temperature. It will continue to be too hot or too cold."
Pros: "Left on time."
Pros: "Flight was on-time."
Cons: "I sat in section 4 in economy coach. The ticketing agents REQUIRED everyone in sections 4 and 5 in the back to check our bags, they gave us no choice! We then boarded the airplane to find over half of all the overhead bins empty! This is completely unacceptable to be separated from my carry-on luggage for no reason! There would have been plenty of room for our baggage! One more reason to never fly United again!"
Pros: "Bad attitude with check in agent at Memphis airport"
Pros: "From check In to arrival everyone was friendly and helpful. Enjoyedvthe flight."
Cons: "The seats are way too cramped"
Pros: "Seats do not decline and make it difficult to nap, generally not much room. Staff was fine."
Cons: "No snacks at all, not even for purchase."
Pros: "Attendants were cordial and efficient."
Cons: "Because I was seated in the rear near the engines, the announcement from crew were incomprehensible."
Cons: "It was delayed a day"
Pros: "The newer express jets (4 seat rows) had more leg room for Economy seating! Free wifi and movies."
Pros: "We did not return on the illness. From San Francisco to Memphis was terrible."
Cons: "This was the smallest amount of space I have ever sat in on a plane. Totally ridiculous. To shink the amount of space for seating & ile space.. There are three seats per row when there should only be two"
Pros: "Courteous perdonality"
Cons: "The noisy children"
Pros: "I have food a low score as there basically was none. I was offered a glass of water. I paid $74 for an emergency exit seat, and while it gave extra legroom, the seat hardly reclined at all."
Cons: "Lack of food choices, but perhaps not atypical for coach."
Pros: "We were diverted to Austin due to weather. We had to refuel and we were stuck on the Tarmac for over an hour. While all of this was miserable, the Crew stayed active answering questions. The Captain gave several updates and walked the aisle. They even let people off the plane who were trying to get to Austin. For a bad situation this crew made it so much better!"
Cons: "Weather, but what can you do about that?"
Pros: "Even though we were delayed, I still made it to the island within the 9pm hour."
Cons: "Flight was slightly delayed, causing me to miss my connection"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Your crew and service atrocious"
Pros: "The overall comfort and entertainment availabity."
Cons: "Apparently my designer shades drop out of my bag and inability to retrieve them. They were not turned into lost and found which means they were kept by their finder."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Seated at the back of the plane directly across from the bathroom. It was horrible the entire time. Never want to experience that again."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Bad comfort no entertainment and no power outlets"
Pros: "Pricing and services were excellent!! Top rated experience for me!"
Cons: "Nothing at all was lacking"
Pros: "That I finally got there a day later. I only had carry on bags, so they weren't lost."
Cons: "At OHare the gate agent sent me to the wrong gate and plane for my flight. I did not arrive Thursday at 8:30 pm as scheduled. Customer service put me on "red eye" to Dulles for the next flight to Charleston, without motel or meal vouchers. I couldnt sleep on the benches there due to asthma and diabetic issues. I arrived Friday 2:30 pm 17 hours late. Dulles overnight cleaning staff helped more than agents at OHare."
Cons: "Cancelled needed to be rerouted no reason ever given"
Pros: "The boarding process was smooth, the crew was courteous."
Cons: "I want able to select my seat and ended up being separated from my sister. We had a 3 hr lay over due to problems with the plane. By the time we got to our destination we almost didn't get a rental car. There was some turbulence on the flight, which is expected. Landing was very rough, came in too fast and hit the breaks so hard I thought I was going to end up in the back of the seat in front of me."
Cons: "Delays"
Pros: "I like that all flights were ontime"
Cons: "The flight attendant was rude to passengers and my luggage was lost so I arrived at my destination with nothing!! I had to wait at the airport for 6hours for my luggage to be returned to me!"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to pilot and crew never showing up. Customer service didn't offer a hotel or any type of compensation for wasting time and money. Instead they put me on a flight another day which I incurred cost on parking, hotel, food and etc."
Cons: "Small plane, it was hot. Delayed, missed connecting flight."
Pros: "The price of the flight was affordable."
Cons: "The plane was dirty. Seats were uncomfortable & worn. Other airlines offer free wi-fo or entertainment. They did not have enough condiments for coffee. There was not good direction to passengers for boarding."

The agent was confrontational rather than accommodating.

They changed my trip time, had to wait more than 6 hours at the airport, for my trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix . Poor food

Announced final boarding 40 minutes before take off

The flight was on time and they were pleasant! There was a tissue in the seat next to me that I do believe was left behind from the previous flight. Maybe make sure it’s cleaned a little better.

Horrible! I want a refund!!!!

Pros: "Love Spirit for their great prices! Staff is always helpful and friendly."
Cons: "This was an over night flight and was so terribly uncomfortable!! Chairs were so hard and didn't recline at all and had nothing in support of comfort. I can I can normally fall asleep anytime, anywhere butt not I this flight! Spirit is excellent for short, essay flights!"
Pros: "The price was great."
Cons: "Chairs didn’t recline!!! No complimentary drinks or snacks (even water cost money). Even choosing a seat cost extra, however I booked all our tickets together and we were automatically placed together."
Cons: "The seats are just uncomfortable for longer flights They are narrow ( thank god I’m thin) and hard May have to reconsider Spirit for another airline on longer flights"
Pros: "Made it one piece"
Cons: "Delayed 45 min after boarding on hard seats and no a/c. It was a red eye flight and they wouldn’t turn off the main cabin lights so I couldn’t sleep. The other usual spirit shitty seats not padded, no full table, can’t recline and charge for everything including even water on a six hour flight."
Cons: "Our flight changed fueling plans and caused a delay which made us miss our connecting flight. The connection stopped boarding at the gate directly next to our exit gate as we were getting off of the plane. We were forced to get a hotel room overnight to get a flight the next day with no compensation from Spirit. I will never fly Spirit again."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Excellent experience as always. The young crew were very nice and energetic and helpful, I am always happy flying with Spirit."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "It was on time, cheap, hassle free. Fly attendent very friendly."
Cons: "1-The website is very strange. It is nit clear at all what to do. 2- The luggage weight and size are different frim all other airlines. 3- there is no warning for paying for luggage agead of flight for cheep"
Pros: "Fast and easy; flight was smooth without delays"
Cons: "Baggage fees are intense, personal space is limited but for an hour flight it’s no big deal"
Pros: "Great flight, good crew, the big front seat is completely worth the price of admission."
Cons: "Food/snacks/beverages are available for purchase only. The flight deck had a software issue that delayed us on the tarmac for 30 minutes."
Cons: "Not enough space. Crew is very rode"
Pros: "I ended up buying a different flight with a different airline because I would have been stuck in Vegas for 12 hrs AGAIN with this airline. It's trash"
Pros: "Price of flight only."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating!"
Pros: "Trip from L.A. to Portland and return flight took only two hours each way. We did not have to wait for luggage to be loaded on airport carousel. Personnel were very polite and professional. Definitely 5 Star service. We will recommend to friends and family."
Cons: "No dislikes. We will not hesitate to fly Spirit airlines for all of our traveling needs. Walter & Lucy Alta Loma, CA."
Cons: "Both of my Spirit flights were cancelled."
Pros: "Staff kept good spirits despite the situations their upper management created for them to deal with. There were so many frustrated customers that had been canceled on MULTIPLE Spirit flights that same week that were furious but could not find an actual manager to speak to."
Cons: "No flight crew was available for multiple outgoing flights at our gate. We were later told from a spirit employee this was expected bc the crew intentionally calls in or no shows to stand up to management. Flight was delayed, then canceled, then waited in a 2 1/2 hour line for no reason to be refunded and stranded in a strange city. Spent 8 hours at the airport to then have to book our own hotel and flight on southwest that next morning. Not worth cheap cost. Airline should not be in business. Will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "Cheap cheap cheap"
Cons: "When considering no check-in luggage, no cart-on luggage, no food, no drink, no entertainment, no adjustable seat, the ticket is just so expensive!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fees, workers attitudes and 40lb bad weight limit. Every other airline is 50lns"
Pros: "Unlike on my prior Spirit attempt at least I got to my destination this time"
Cons: "Most uncomfortable seats for a red-eye flight. How can Southwest get me from FLL to LAS with $8 WiFi and snacks and food and drinks and free luggage for less money then the "UN-BUNDLEr" with none of these amenities and have the chutzpah to offer/charge $5 speedy security fee when their own ticketing agent says "I've never seen this before, I've no idea what this is" and Airport's TSA agents have no idea what that is and there is no separate line for this "service" and it's just a way for Spirit to get extra $5 out a traveler who is concerned of long security lines - SHAMEFULL!"
Cons: "Paying too much for carry on bag. Seats too close in front."
Pros: "It was a comfortable and fast flight."
Pros: "Very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "The attitude of the baggage clerk at the New Orleans Airport. She over charged us for our baggage, and did not correct it."
Pros: "My flight from Chicago to Portland was seamless once it left the airport. I don't know if the delay was a Spirit Airlines or O'hare issue, but the result was a significant delay."
Pros: "uncomplicated"
Cons: "uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "The original flight from Latrobe to Orlando was cancelled leading to a scramble to find a new flight elsewhere, since the next Spirit flight available was in 2 days. Ended up cancelling the return flight with Spirit as well. Possibly someone without time constraints could handle taking a flight 48 hours later without any problems. But we were meeting another person who had flown to Orlando and arrived when we were originally scheduled to arrive. This caused problems for others because we didn't arrive on schedule. We never had a chance to experience Spirit Airlines and will never be buying tickets for flights with them again."
Pros: "Flight said would be delayed an hour when I checked in. Ended up being more like 2.5 hours. Plane was hot and stuffy when we got on, no air conditioning. We sat on the ground like this for at least another 20 minutes. Flight was ok but kindof surprised the crew didn't even offer us a complentary drink. The decend was abrupt. It felt like we were changing elevation too quickly. My ears were In pain for the last 5 minutes of the flight, worse than I have felt on any other flight. My neighbors felt the same way. To make matters worse once we landed they had us sit and wait about 10 min until we could exit the plane so they could do a crew change. Sorry, but to me this seems like something that should be done after we leave the plane. I could not get off that flight fast enough and will not use this airline again if I can help it."
Cons: "Disorganized, unapologetic, rude, overpriced carry-on $55 is ridiculous."
Pros: "Spirit sucks big time"
Cons: "Bad bad bad"
Pros: "Nice crew, easy flight"
Cons: "Over an hour late"
Pros: "The international flight had a slightly more comfortable cabin, but still below the level of comfort I am accustomed to on every other airline Ive flown with."
Cons: "Still upset from the first flight, but this one was a little bit better. The seats still didnt recline, there was no radio or anything. They did have seat back pockets and bigger tray tables. Overall I will never fly spirit airlines again."
Cons: "The airline nickel and dimes everything. The cost of checking a bag is expensive. After you book the flight you still have to pay extra to choose your seat. Bring a snack and pray that the person in the seat behind you is not tall because you will have their knees in your back the whole trip. Don't bring a carry on, it costs just as much as checking a bag, and when you reach your destination keep your eyes open in baggage claim, it took them 4 tries to send us to the correct claim area."
Cons: "Waited in the line for a hour to check in and then I miss my flight. All flights was booked until the next day. Told the lady don't cancell my next flight coming back to Orlando. woke up super early to make it 2 hours in advance to the airport they still cancelled my flight! $200 down the drain! Then they say I can fly out tomorrow. TF I would not! It would have been my first time flying with them. Definitely learned my lesson. American Airlines to the rescue."
Pros: "Quick to board and get off the plane. Very friendly and attentive staff."
Cons: "Having to pay just to have a seat next to the person I was traveling with."
Pros: "Gate person helpful. Boarding smooth. Male passengers extremely helpful!"
Cons: "Refusal to help me with small carry on and overhead. I am tiny and older! Seats hard and do no recline. No help going down outside stairs with carry on."
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice. The service was OK."
Cons: "The seats were cramped. The flight itself was nearly constant turbulence, the captain never turned off the seatbelt sign. The flight was an hour delayed. Not sure I'll ever fly with Spirit Airline's again after this trip."
Cons: "They charge you for every stuff you've with you, and the maximun is 40 lbs per bag."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "First of all, I was never informed of the exorbitant fees for having a bag. I've been flying since I was literally in diapers, and have NEVER heard of paying for a carry -on. Especially something ridiculous like $55. I did not have the money at check in, and the people operating the kiosks were miserable, mopey, unhelpful drones. I ultimately had to call a friend and ask for money to be wired for this unexpected gauge. I was lucky to have gotten there so early- I have never spent so much time in an airport Pre-security. It's disgusting to have a business model based on such deceit- lure customers in with a cheaper flight price, only to stick them with pricey fees for virtually EVERYTHING once they get to the airport. Sleazy business at best. Once on the flight, there was so little legroom I could hardly sit up straight without my knees pushing into the seat in front of me. I felt bad for the attendants reading off scripted bland jokes on the intercom. Needless to say, I will NEVER be flying Spirit again, and will be advising all of my friends similarly."
Pros: "When I finally got off the plane"
Cons: "They are at about a 50% rate for sucking. Flying out of ft Myers Florida, got a notification via email around 11:45am confirming flight was on time (2:27 pm departure). Arrived to the airport around 1230 because I wanted to have a meal before getting on the plane. Checked in, etc. got a notification while I was eating saying the flight would be delayed 2 hours, which then changed to 3, which then changed to canceled by the time we were supposed to depart. I get it, stuff happens, they moved me around to a connecting flight which would go to Minneapolis, then Chicago (home). The attendant doing the changes was very rude when asked about what was going on. Which I can also understand it can get a little frustrating dealing with a plane full of pissed off people but hey, nobody forced her into that job. Flight to Minneapolis was fine. Flight to Chicago was fine, until we landed, where we proceeded to sit on the plane for an 1hr 15 minutes due to "company issues" which I guess meant that the plane sitting at the gate forgot where it was going? Not sure but hey we got complimentary water! Woo! Last time flying with them. Wasn't my first poor experience either"
Cons: "flt was cxld"
Cons: "The flight was canceled with no good alternative flights to get us to Dallas. And Spirit was no help. I will not fly with them again."
Pros: "Agent refunded my flight."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled 5+ hours before scheduled takeoff, I was never notified. Glad I went to the airport super early, noticed the cancellation on the screen and was able to find a different flight home, otherwise I would have been stuck for the night. What's the point of giving the airline my phone number if they won't contact me when my flight is cancelled?"
Cons: "Not being able to bring a na on the flght"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Spirit was the ONLY airline that was running 2 hours late for a flight that is scheduled for 9:15 pm it started as 12:00 AM next day"

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