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Entertainment screen did not work (that was true for half the passengers). Toilets were not cleaned. Seats were broken. Tray tables were broken. DO NOT FLY AIR INDIA

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Entertainment screen did not work (that was true for half the passengers). Toilets were not cleaned. Seats were broken. Tray tables were broken. DO NOT FLY AIR INDIA

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly"
Cons: "Better movie choices"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "everything starting from delayed flight to communications"
Pros: "Crew was courteous and service was good."
Cons: "Flight was 5 hours longer than anticipated due to Pakistan closing their air space. Communication of this from airline was poor. Older plane -- entertainment system not working well."
Cons: "For my return journey I had to contact the airlines for change of date. It was a nightmare experience. Each time I called, I had to spend minimum of 45/60 minutes on hold while I was repeatedly pushed to new agents. This might be the only airline which would require an international passenger to visit the booking office personally to claim exemptions from date change penalty. ( my mother passed away and I wanted exemption because of bereavement)And to top it, no one knew the location of the booking office..."
Cons: "Entertainment system and even the reading lights did not work for the entire 15 hr flight duration."
Pros: "Nothing about service"
Cons: "Bad hygiene Poor taste of food"
Pros: "None."
Cons: "Crew was not helpful to keep the baggage in cabin. She said it is not my duty. The movies are all 10 years old and none of South Indian movies updated. Bathrooms smell awful."
Pros: "Flight was delayed over 12 hours and crew was highly disorganized and unprofessional, including failing to communicate with passengers about when the flight was rescheduled"
Cons: "We took the direct flight from chicago to Delhi and it was horrible. The flight is over 15 hours and the seats are a slight upgrade from cardboard. The trays were all broken and the media systems worked about half of the time. The air vent was full of black mold and I was cut by a broken seat. The staff at the check in desk, gate and on board were all rude. Beverage service was only offered once the entire flight. I would strongly urge anyone needing to get to Delhi to not fly air India or this specific flight."
Pros: "Staff was doing their job dutifully! Arrival at Chicago quite convenient."
Cons: "Unless AirIndia improves it’s carrier it’s question of time! >50% TVs were nonfunctional! Seat covers are torn at places! Food just ok but ordinary! Overall, one is unimpressed!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "1. Entertainment box didn’t work and no response from crew. 2. No pillows and when asked for one, reply was there are no pillows. 3. No one comes with water and No water kept in the intermediate stations. 4. Overall, a horrible experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They gave seat to 6 to 9 year kid separate from parents. No idea how someone can give a seat to child without any adult next to him. I confirmed seat online on air India site. On the boarding they gave seats in separate row to each family member including kids. I saw there are lots of other people facing same issue. Boarding member are not willing to help until I made a big issue."
Pros: "The crew was very helpful and nice..loved them. The timely takeoff and arrival adds to the charm. Will fly again.."
Cons: "As I entered the plane it smells putrid...actually it stinks of urine. The wear and tear worried me..the upholstery was taped together. This is the only direct flight so I am forced to fly on it."
Pros: "Food was really bad, tv wasn't working, after requesting multiple times air hostess reboot it but wasn't working, I requested sit next to my mother due to she required assistance, we didn't got proper sit, we made reservations early so we can appropriate sit and at least sit next to each other. So 15 hr journey become so horrible. Might be not prefer this flight any more."
Cons: "Food was not cleared in a timely matter. The quality of food was not good, in fact one breakfast I got the eggs were so severely overcooked that they were not edible."
Pros: "Overall service was good by some flight crew members."
Cons: "Some passengers who were not cooperative, rude and less place to go use restrooms in flight."
Cons: "This was one of my worst experience flying with Air India. Stating from boarding to end of journey nothing impressed me to chose Air India again in the future."
Pros: "Meals served on time, courtesy of crew appreciated; being escorted to gate before takeoff due to delay of earlier flight"
Cons: "Seat near the toilet, so constant crowding. Shd have better entertainment- more selection of movies, Indian and English. Would have appreciated being taken in the electrical buggy, being a senior citizen, especially where the time factor was important."
Pros: "Being non stop between USA and Delhi was the reason I chose air India. I flew AI 5 years ago and it was much better. Food was good and it was on time both while going to India and coming back to USA. ."
Cons: "Plane decore inside on both flights was broken where I was sitting. While going to India my arm rest was broken that it’s top had come off. No one bothered to repair. Person next to me, his entertainment system was broken. While coming back my entertainment system was broken. 14 hours no movies. Luckily I had my iPod and book to read. Seats cushion could use a replacement and air hostess could use a smile. She was as if someone forced her to work on that flight. She was working hard but never smiled or cared for any compliments. I think it was my last flight with AI till some drastic changes are made in leadership."
Cons: "they didn't have kids food even though i requested, i have proof."
Cons: "I did not like that during web check in it did not show me where the washrooms are located, and i ended up have seats by washroom, which ruined my trip. The seat that I had 38C made a noise as soon as someone flushed. This was annoying."
Pros: "Despite the plane not taking off on time, we were able to arrive per schedule. Flight crew was good. Helped as necessary. Will get you there on time. Good legroom!"
Cons: "Most of the screen doesn’t work, so unless you have things to watch on your own devices you are doomed."
Cons: "I booked round trip, on the first leg from Chicago to Delhi, airplane was dirty, seats didnt recline, meals were not provided , bathroom was shut out saying it's defective in Chicago itself, overhead lights wouldn't work. I felt quite humiliated for the price I paid."
Pros: "The staff were polite and the food was good!"
Cons: "Baggage handling! The baggage was damaged beyond repair and still the procedure calls for getting a formal quote for repair! If they are asking for a quote in the US, they might as well have a recommendation on the shop where repair or a formal quote can get done!"
Cons: "The boarding was started much earlier than the boarding time stated on the boarding pass. I boarded at boarding starting time specified on the boarding pass but the flight was almost boarded and not enough space for overhead."
Cons: "Our tv was not working, food were smell bad, crew were not supportive"
Pros: "Needed more frequency of food and juice"
Cons: "There was a technical snag and delayed the flight by 2.30 hrs. Reached late by that much time. It was bad"
Cons: "The fruits served was bad and got spoiled. No proper response from the cabin team"
Cons: "The vegetarian menu was boring. A horrid sandwich, terrible croissants, dry breadrolls, spoiled fruit and brown lettuce. No Cabin crew available except during take off and landing and meal service. They were all hidden in the rear of the plane. No beverages or even water offered except during beverage service. No Wi-Fi, wired remote control in each seat defective. Touch screen not working. Aged upholstery and uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "Gave 1 star since there was nothing less than that for crew and entertainment"
Cons: "The very least thing you would expect on international travel is to kill your time watching movies or something on the screen in front of you especially when you travel 13+ hours non-stop. My screen wouldn't even start and when informed the crew multiple times all got is "ok" and nobody even bothered to comeback and check( even after pressing the flight attendant button multiple times). Trip felt very exhausting since all you can do is close your eyes and pretend you sleep or stare at seat in front of you. I am sure there are many broken systems and it may be ok for people who sleep through out their flight but such a shame that air India doesn't bother to check and fix their systems. Very disappointed since this is not the first time it happened, also happened on my way to India and the response I got from flight attendant is" there are hundred of seats empty"meaning to say go find a working screen myself. When you spend so much money to travel least you would expect is basic things and minimal courtesy. Somebody needs to fix their systems and train the crew better. Very disappointed that Air India didn't even bother to correct the issues they knew that were already at fault."
Cons: "My flight was delayed for hours that i needed to get on to another flight."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Cooperation by cruse members"
Cons: "Terrible cabin service (low cleanliness; service not easily available; dirty food trays in the aisle not picked up for hours) Noisy cabin (very loud passengers)"
Pros: "Crew was polite and friendly."
Cons: "Entertainment system for my seat and several other people did not work. Reading light did not work. I had to read a book for a 15 hour flight using a flashlight! Restrooms were locked up mid-flight as 2 of them stopped working. Seat was hard. Aircraft was old and creaky."
Pros: "Food was okay not that great this time. Flight attendant was nice & helpful. Media operations & entertainment was good."
Cons: "Bathrooms were not cleaned. Customers messed them up and there was flood in the bathroom which was not cleaned."
Pros: "They got me home in one piece"
Cons: "Crew allowed all the passengers to board and then announced a technical problem that took 2 hours to fix. Making people sit another two hours (in the middle of the night) before a 16-hour flight is ridiculous. Also as I've previously experienced on Air India, the bathrooms are inadequately supplied and literally held together with tape and stickers, when they are working at all."
Pros: "Like: (1) Food (2) Service"
Cons: "Things can be improved; (1) Boarding Procedures - you should not board 300 passengers at the same time on a narrow passage to board. (2) Liquor was served 45 minutes before landing on a 15 hour flight from New Delhi to Chicago. (3) Aircraft "BIHAR" air condition was not working back of the plane on my flight from Chicago to New Delhi."
Cons: "On the flight from Chicago to Delhi, the entertainment center was not working. Extremely unhappy. How can one spend 14 hrs ? This is a recurring problem with Air India"
Pros: "Frequency of Food Supply should be increased"
Cons: "Child luggage weight should be increased"
Pros: "Nothing that I could remember"
Cons: "Tv don't work, bad food. Un friendly crew"
Pros: "The staff try to be helpful."
Cons: "Horrible state of planes. My entertainment system didn't work and when I complained to the staff I was told that it was all fixed. This was a total lie. I had no entertainment system or even a working reading light for a 14 and a half hour flight from Delhi to Chicago. Some of the bathrooms were closed because they were "defective". Overall, Air India is going from bad to worse and, unless the guaranteed jobs are taken away, things won't improve."
Cons: "Seat 52E was broken. I had to pad the exposed metal bar with blankets and sit on it for 15 hours. It has given me back ache."
Pros: "The only good thing is that this is a direct flight! - The airline host/hostess staff were okay to deal with - The boarding process was okay too, similar to other airlines - The Delhi airport that we flew out of is a major improvement over the past ones"
Cons: "1. The comfort and ambiance is poor. The plastic on tray tables on my seat was broken and dirty. 2 The seat cushion is thin and feels like sitting directly on a board. I had a pain my back. Not sure of why can such a major airline out of India not try to spend back a little money to improve the comfort. 3. The space was also a pain point, when you are travelling such a long leg of flight, a little bit more space is always helpful... I think this airline has the least space among the ones I traveled with. 4. India is a country of amazing culinary experience and the food here was worse than the hostel. THIS PART WAS JUST A SHAME!"
Cons: "The TV monitors or remote did not work for 3 out of 4 seats, we were able to change seats due to the empty plane so we got lucky."
Cons: "There was just 2 full meals and a sandwich served n 16 hours long flight. Colddrink and peanuts was also served just once...It is the worst I have ever seen...Though the food service in flight AI 126 was good...As compared to AI 127"
Pros: "they have a lot of options on good movies and shows, the flight is always generally on time"
Cons: "there is not much stress on cleaning the seats and the aisles. the lavatory kept running out of toilet paper and smelled real bad."
Pros: "The food served was good"
Cons: "The seats were not comfortable, the entertainment at my seat was not working as well"
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