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It's zero entertainment. Most of the TV are not mine. We are family of 3 people and no ones TV are working

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It's zero entertainment. Most of the TV are not mine. We are family of 3 people and no ones TV are working

Cons: "Worst ever customer service"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable &crew was amazing."
Pros: "Lag space was okay"
Cons: "Lines at check in counters were too long and there were less number of CSRs available."
Pros: "No"
Cons: "Both"
Cons: "1) Fruits served as breakfast felt stale and smelled funny 2) I could see cracks in my meal table 3) The crew only came around once to collect trash which was too little in a 14 hour flight 4) The touch on the inflight entertainment system was not working 5) This is not specific to Air India but it's about Mumbai airport - there were no restrooms in the secondary boarding area (after the second check-in) and also there were not enough seats. This becomes a problem for elder people and also those traveling with families. 6) They split baggage claim into 2 carousels which was very confusing. We couldn't figure out which carousel to wait at. 7) The flight was delayed by an 45 minutes (while landing) but there were no announcements."
Pros: "Schedule Convenience"
Cons: "My seat would NOT recline. For a 15 hour flight with non-reclining seat was painfull. I complained to the crew member and he just passed it to someone who never came and checked. When I inquired again, he told me that it was a mechanical issue with the seat and they other with same issue. He said sorry, it will be repaired once on ground. Mu back is hurting after one full day of rest at home. Just they don't have any courtesy or customer satisfaction mind set. This is why they are loss making airlines. Next time will take another airlines."
Pros: "Legroom"
Cons: "Entertainment system is broken on most of the seats, 14 hour flight without Entertainment is horrible. Boarding procedure must be improved, instead of lining up all the passengers, they could do a zone wise boarding, food is very boring"
Cons: "My touchscreen was not working and many were having issues with movies not playing"
Pros: "The in-flight service"
Cons: "Two restrooms were closed as they were broken. I am surprised they were not repaired before the aircraft was put into service."
Pros: "Flight landed on time in spite of delayed departure, frequent service of food and beverages, friendly in-flight crew"
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable, ground staff at Bombay airport (checkin staff + supervisors) were extremely slow and incompetent. Took 30 mins to generate a boarding pass! They were also unhelpful and kind of rude."
Pros: "Individually charming staff, but collectively the airline's organization sucks."
Cons: "1.5 hours to check in. Another 1 hour to board because of inefficient gate security. Partially collapsed seat. No legroom with huge video console under foot. It did not work anyway. No video or entertainment through the entire flight for many passengers. Tray table broken. Life jacket under the seat in front came loose further obstructing legroom. Call button? Forget it. No one ever responds. Old 777 aircraft maybe 15 years old. Food not tasty and under-salted in response to health fads. Timing of meals more for the convenience of staff than for the convenience of passengers."
Cons: "We had a 6 hour layover in Mumbai before 1:30am flight. They took us to a secured zone next to the boarding gate around 12:30am. The flight was delayed - no announcement, no water, no toilet facilities in that zone. Including kids and aged people -everyone in distress and Air India had no concern. Flight took off two hours late and not even some drink was offered. Very poor quality food. I called crew members for some help and they didn't show up. In the recess area also no food or drink was kept. We were kept hungry, thirsty and dissatisfied. Can't be worse than this."
Pros: "There is nothing to like as everything is horrible."
Cons: "Long check in lines. No web Check in. We were waiting at preboarding area and then gone through another security scan where they take away water bottle that was bought after the 1st security check. There was an issue of some kind and no one mentioned anything to anyone until people started complaining. We waited over 90 minutes past the departure time at the 2ns boarding area. There is no water nor bathrooms. What a way to treat your customers."
Pros: "Nonstop"
Cons: "Narrow seats/ lousy frequent meals/ Limited poor functioning entertainment"
Cons: "The flight from Newark to Mumbai was very uncomfortable with a rude staff"
Pros: "The aircraft was good, it was Streamliner."
Cons: "Boarding was not well managed. While booking the ticket it said non stop, the flight actually stops at London airport Heathrow for 2 hours, and have to go for security check again."
Pros: "Every time I took the flight it landed always on time or before time."
Cons: "Overall the food was great other than parathas were uncooked. At the time of check in at Mumbai Airport we had to stand in the line for an hour and half cumbersome line. Why combine all flights pass passengers in one line? The attendants at the check in line at Mumbai were letting go foreigners in the business class line even if they were flying economic!!"
Pros: "Tasty food and served at the right frequencies."
Cons: "Several inflight entertainment consoles were broken. I suspect that air India is contributing to the overall sales of tablets and iPads by leaving parents with no options It is a 14 hour flight. At least ensure that people can watch a movie."
Cons: "They were so insistent on charging me for being 1 kilo over. Was delayed 2 hours without any explanation, and took forever to check in."
Pros: "Route, price"
Cons: "Seats too close together; lots of broken volume controls, USB ports, movie screens, screen controls; listed as non-stop flight when we had to change planes & wait in Mumbai for hours"
Cons: "Food was not given on time."
Pros: "the food and the service on flight was good, the staff was friendly."
Cons: "n/a"
Cons: "Same as above"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and attentive, and boarding was generally orderly."
Cons: "The boarding from Heathrow to EWR was confusing-- the monitor said "Boarding" two hours before the flight, which caused a lot of confusion for passengers. The airline was boarding a certain class of passenger, but there were no announcements to inform other passengers that they weren't doing general boarding at the time. The touch screens on the back of the seats are annoying (especially on a 7-hour flight) to the passenger in front, as they can feel the constant tapping through the seat."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled. On the phone I was offered a seat for a flight 5 days later. I had to go to the airport and be in line for 4 hours to be re-booked on United the next day."
Pros: "Service was polite and efficient, cabin comfortable (by 2017 standards) ... and the food puts United to shame."
Cons: "Check-in process was a total nightmare, bathrooms not the cleanest and tidiest"
Pros: "I travel on AI because the flight timings are convenient."
Cons: "The toilet near my seat was leaking urine onto the floor from the start of the flight. The attendant's solution was to spread newspaper on the floor to soak it up! The food is terrible so I carried my own. Why an Indian airline does not serve yogurt/dahii beats me, while almost every other airline does. Entertainment? Forget about it! I sat in the same seat going to Mumbai and returning. When the attendant is told that the entertainment system does not work they just shrug and say they are sorry."
Pros: "the 787 is a wonderful aircraft."
Cons: "Very few entertainment choices. (though this isn't particularly common these days): no way to make inflight phone calls. No Wi-Fi. Flight was delayed due to the airline's incompetence. Flight attendents were very unusually rude. Airline FORGOT THE CUSTOMS FORMS, forcing us to wait for them to be retrieved from the airport upon landing. Further, we were then not allowed to disembark the aircraft until they were filled out despite being at the gate. Worst of all, nearly half the suitcases didn't make it to our destination. Half the passengers then had to fill out forms to make a claim. Even worse, this process alone took an unreasonably long amount of time. General logistical nightmare. Very poorly executed operation."
Cons: "I had middle seat which didn't incline. I was never informed about this nor my seat was changed. It was a full flight but I have lower back issue which got aggravated due to uncomfortable seat. I was sitting straight through out the flight. it would have been better if I was informed about it in advance. I was never even able to do web checking due to their system error neither at home nor was able to use self checking system at the airport and was informed by staff at airport it's recurring problem. It surprises me that it's not fixed causing passengers pain at the airport and flight."
Pros: "no "pre-boarding" fees no "more leg room" fees no 'overhead baggage" fees passengers are served 2 meals on trans Atlantic flights , unlike Norwegian or WOW"
Cons: "couldn't recline my chair as it was broken"
Pros: "Best food on an airline I have had in a very long time."
Cons: "Movie selection weak as was music selection."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The staff was NOT responsible and did not respond at all when asked why the boarding took so much time @ BOM airport. They made ALL of the passengers stand for 40 minutes without informing why the passengers need to wait for boarding. During the flight, the staff was NOT visible at all even after called up on for assistance. This is ONE STUPID airline that I would avoid in the future."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Air india was awful! The water on board didn't work, the flight entertainment didn't work! Overall horrible experience"
Pros: "It is slightly cheaper than other airlines. Luggage allowance is 2 bags without additional charge."
Cons: "TV was not working and crew did not help to correct it since it was broken. All seats around had broken plastic, maintenance of the equipment was extremely poor. Toilets were not clean and even after placing a call for attendant, no help was forth coming. Crew member response to the call from the seat ( calling button) was non existent. wheelchair passengers were very poorly treated. They provided snacks at night and then breakfast and in the early morning they provided lunch. The sequence should have been reversed. Choices for food were very limited. Chicken was served as only non-veg item. Fish or anything else was not a choice. Bottled water was provided and in the lunch item instead of yogurt or anything else, they provided another small container of water. Food quality and quantity was insufficient."
Pros: "Really hard to say what I liked."
Cons: "Tray table was broken and I had to prop it up with my knee during dinner. Staff keeps walking up and down seemingly busy, took a long time to clear the service items. During landing in Newark, some glasses were not cleared."
Pros: "Am a loyal air india flier from last so many years.But from last 2-3 years disappointed with the services."
Cons: "The person at the chek-in counter was so slow n rude.Even for 1kg of extra weight I was asked to remove.I flew with the same bag from delhi to mumbai n it showed as 23.3.The scale at mumbai showed 1kg more.Very few movie choices.Remotes never seem to work.Food quality goin down."
Cons: "Old and poorly maintained plane with half of the touch screen entertainment systems not working on the flight between Mumbai to Newark. Call buttons for calling the cabin crew did not work. Remote controls did not work. The seats are all broken and cracked at different places. Poor attention by staff. There was also a delay in our flight of which even the pilot was not made aware of by the maintenance team until the last moment. Poor and failing company. Would never fly with them again."
Cons: "I booked a direct flight from Newark, N.J. to New Delhi, India and was made to stop in Bombay for two hours. Absolutely pathetic of Air India to make passengers stop on the way according to their convenience."
Pros: "Food tasted really good, hospitality, cleanliness"
Cons: "Inadequate toiletries in the toilet, a couple of fellow passengers were quite rude regarding an issue with keeping my bag on my allotted place."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "For one, our flight was cancelled. This was after a three hour wait on the plane, a night in a hotel, and an entire day wasted trying to get a new flight. Air India told me they were legally obligated to get me to my final destination but only got me as far as the first stop where I spent a night in the airport and bought a new flight on my own dime. I've been in this situation before with other airlines and I was ALWAYS taken care of. I am a young girl and I don't have much money after spending it ALL on MULTIPLE flights home. I travel often and I can take care of myself, but this was a stressful and frightening experience. If it weren't for family I wouldn't be home. Will be fighting for every penny owed to me and everyone who helped me get home."
Pros: "Flight got cancelled after sitting in the plane for three hours. Nothing good to say."
Cons: "The complete and utter unprofessionalism and inexperience from airplane crew to ground staff. The flight got cancelled after we were sitting in the plane for three hours. We were told we can go to a hotel and wait for plane to be fixed by the next day or re-book. A majority of us wanted to get to NY that day so we wanted to re-book. When we get to the Air India desk there was one sweet old Indian lady working there, completely unaware of what is going on: that our flight got cancelled, that we sat in plane for three hours, that we wanted to re-book. It took hours and many arguments with various staff of Heathrow to get us re-booked to other flights. Our flight was scheduled at 12:30pm; I finally got re-booked at 5:00pm, and left Heathrow at 10pm! Longest day ever! I have flown across the world in less time than what it took me to fly from London to NY."
Pros: "I was pleased with the free blanket and pillow, however it was hard to get sleep when the pilot kept interrupting to tell the cabin unimportant information every 30 minutes for 8 hours. Entertainment selection was sparse and food was dry. The crew however was incredibly responsive and helpful."
Pros: "The flight from India to London was already two hours late, but I was forewarned, so left me home in the south of England later, and got to Heathrow in time for the later take-off. Once on the plane, technical difficulties were found, which kept us on the ground or another three+ hours. Arriving in Newark at 8:30 p.m. instead of the 3 p.m. expected made it a very long, uncomfortable day. Again, not Air India's fault. Going to London from Newark on Air India five days earlier was one of the best flights I've had. The crew on both flights were great, and the food and drink were surprisingly good."
Pros: "There is nothing to like only non stop flight bom to ewr"
Cons: "Rude attitude staff . Food v don't need 3 times 2 times proper n good food enough one time proper coffee n tea v need . Air India should think about staff . Internationally our brand name is going low because of staff they r not responsible. Entertainment there is no regeional movies old movies that to one movie r two compare other flights it is 0. Please go to privatisation otherwise this brand never change air India always in loss. Bathrooms more than worste . Head phone won't work . It's a hell man but because of easy traveling v choose AI, govt should think about this flight attendants old n rude fellows. They r not friendly m a frequent flyer trust me officers . This is the time u should think iam a film actor from AP ."
Cons: "Online check-in didn't work; physical check-in process was exceptionally long. No beverage service on the flight. Took 6 hours to find out they had some sort of cart in the back that you could visit for drinks. No diet soda at all, and the soda I did get came in a dirty can. It looked like it was covered in dirt or clay, or something that resembled rust. Will not fly again unless absolutely necessary. The only positive aspect was the star alliance affiliation so I could get my miles to my account."
Pros: "The flight took off at scheduled time."
Cons: "The TV and overhead reading light did not work, so I could niether read nor watch TV for 14 hrs of flight. Out of 4 Lavatories in my section, 3 stopped working halfway into the journey."
Pros: "I liked that we got there safely"
Cons: "The plane was very old. Things didn't work very well or not at all, such as the headphone jack & the remote control. My seat was broken and the leg rest would not retract which really restricted my comfort. The food was shocking, we did not receive any hot food for around 6-8 hours into the flight. Only got offered and Indian pastry and peanuts within the first 6-8 hours. For a 17 hour flight the food was not acceptable plus the choices were very limited. We did not get offered any alcoholic beverages & the staff were not very helpful I felt & the toilets were not kept clean or tidy at all throughout the flight. Overall not good!!! Would not fly agin with them. Lastly... I am Star Alliance Gold member and was misadvised at check in regarding upgrading."
Pros: "The crew was exceptionally well trained"
Cons: "It was extremely hot, fully booked, very uncomfortable seats, food was impossible to eat. Being a very frequent flyer for the past 20 years (I spend at least 20 hours flying every month), this was by far the worst flight I ever took"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "no tv half bathroom broken and really poor management"
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