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China SouthernOverall score based on 5508 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Trip from JFK to Wuhan was a pleasure unfortunately flying to China has great problems if you are Transit passenger as Iowa's continuing to Bangkok Bangkok"
Read more about China Southern
Pros: "Trip from JFK to Wuhan was a pleasure unfortunately flying to China has great problems if you are Transit passenger as Iowa's continuing to Bangkok Bangkok"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "TV was okay when it was working, however crew was not around when I needed help and it was no longer functioning the last 3 hours of the flight."
Cons: "Food wasn't great. Not many options. Nothing vegetarian, of course I brought my own food, however it wasn't anything hot."
Cons: "Cabin crew doesn’t speak much English. Food isn’t great but what airplane food is?"
Cons: "It’s a very long flight and I had the unfortunate luck of getting a broken entertainment unit."
Pros: "The plane is quite comfortable and took off on time."
Cons: "The food and the crew members. Provide more options of foods and serve water/juice more often. The crews need more training for customer service/ polite communication."
Pros: "When we landed Guangzhou, the polit’s landing was amazing."
Cons: "The food was horrible this time. Only had two meals, some had three meals. They are suppose to feed you before you land, but only some had three meals. Maybe it’s time to consider free WiFi. It’s such a long flight."
Pros: "Pretty much everything."
Cons: "The food could be better."
Pros: "The booking was so simple with kayak and the hotel arrangements and follow up for pickup from the airport was excellent The Flight was a short one and the entire staff from jfk airport to the flight attendant was entirely superb"
Cons: "The customs declaration area especially with people coming to do business in China needs more officers to enhance efficiency"
Cons: "Online checkin didnt work, long disorganized lines, delayed flight, bag lost"
Pros: "Food was better than expected. Beverages available onboard were great. In flight entertainment was awesome. Chill music for when I'm reading my books and working and really recent movies I finally have the time to watch."
Cons: "snacks and water were haphazardly just lying around at the back when I walked around to make sure my legs didn't die from the 16 hour flight. Even though it should be a much less busy time to be assisted, air hostesses would just point you to the drinks when you ask for water or whatever, which explained why the back was so messy because essentially it turned into a self service snack bar. I observed this for both of my 16 hour flights."
Pros: "excellent flight service and free transfer hotel is great"
Pros: "Excellent hospitality.Well managed & excellent customer service."
Cons: "Overall great service.I do not have any cons."
Pros: "Flight left on time, seats with plenty of room, friendly on flight staff"
Cons: "In-seat entertainment screen kept freezing up and had to be restarted several times"
Pros: "Pretty spacious, seats were comfortable enough, good entertainment"
Cons: "Couldn't check in online and consequently select a sea - it was very stressful"
Pros: "Crew super helpful"
Cons: "Our in-seat entertainment unit keeps having problem. In the end I still managed to watch the movies but it's not too pleasant having to press the button to start/pause again and again."
Cons: "I have to cancel the flight due to a death in my family. i thought the airline will waive the canceling charge, i guess not. my daughter and I have to pay $400 total for it. Sad."
Pros: "The food was better than expected. The service was good."
Cons: "The plane temperature got steadily colder. Was a bit hard to handle."
Pros: "Flight was on time and arrived early"
Cons: "When we arrived most of the passengers ignored the fact that the fasten seat belt sign was still on and started crowding toward the exit, cramming against the people in front. I wish they would have been reminded to be patient and wait their turn to get off."
Pros: "Cabin crew is helpful, & I noted they are especially attentive to their elderly passengers & those needing assistance."
Cons: "The food is absolutely disgusting. And this from a national airline of a country renowned for one of the world's finest cuisines. It's an awfully long flight & little to eat. Even the packaged peanuts were poor. Also, deplaning at Guangdong requires use of portable stairs & bus to terminal - they don't use the jetways! This is a pain in the butt - and knees for those with any mobility issues."
Cons: "Could not reserve a seat ahead of time and the website was impossible. But once on the flight, all was good. But I agree with others that the seats are very hard. This was business class and a 15 hour flight."
Pros: "No frills, great price, tiny seats for skinny people that goes with price. Food was actually great, nyc to GZ route, gz to nyc food not so good. Great planes. Good sexy non usa international movies. The price is right and the cool thing about most Chinese airlines is they don't charge so much if any for return date changes as long as their is room"
Cons: "tall people behind me knocking my seat cause they are crammed into their tiny small short seat."
Pros: "Penty if room.plenty of staff on board"
Pros: "Fast. Efficient. Lots of yummy snacks on board"
Cons: "Not allowed to use cell phone or open shades"
Pros: "It was clean. Also the media selection"
Cons: "More food needed"
Pros: "We got moved up to Business Class on the 15 hour flight from JFK to Guangzhou. That was awesome. China Southern put us up in a very nice hotel because we had a 10 hour layover in Guangzhou, food included. Aircraft was new. Very impressed."
Cons: "Had to declare onto the tarmac and get a shuttle to the airport when landings in Guangzhou. Not enjoyable. Could be very stressful with a short connection time."
Pros: "The flight itself was uneventful. It was almost empty so I had an entire row to myself and I could stretch out and sleep."
Cons: "The 16 hour delay was horrendous. China Southern knew this flight was going to be delayed more than 12 hours before the scheduled departure. Yet, they did nothing to prepare for it. They began looking for hotel rooms after the departure time had passed. I was in the last batch taken to a hotel where I had a choice of sleeping on the tile conference room floor or sharing a room with a stranger. At least I got my own bed. Others had to share a bed with a stranger. There was no prior thought given to prepare for the situation, no meal vouchers offered, and the level of rudeness displayed by the airline staff was beyond comprehension. Delays happen. They are part of modern air travel. But, in many years of international travel, I have never before seen a delay mismanaged so completely.. Then to top it off, bags were left in NY."
Pros: "I was in business class. The lie-flat seat was pretty good with lots of space for storing my things. The crew was efficient but not particularly friendly. The bathroom was kept very very clean."
Cons: "The food was mediocre to poor. They forced me to turn off my computer one hour prior to landing."
Pros: "There were unused economy comfort seats on the flight and we gratefully received a complementary upgrade."
Cons: "bad China eastern company on return trip from Shanghai"
Pros: "Seating was good and comfortable"
Cons: "They should at least have English speaking flight attendants even one or 2 .. no liquor service on a 16 hour flight"
Pros: "Counter staff at JFK was exceptional for our check-in. The crew was very attentive and accomodating. Providing any amount of beverages we asked for as well as adjusting cabin temperature and providing with extra blankets. Nice selection on entertainment system with no hassles to make It work. Always smiling. Constantly cleaning up trash and the bathrooms. One of my most enjoyable long distant flights ever!"
Cons: "Seats were narrow."
Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "The food was lame"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, great food, nice collection of movies. The flight attendant was very pleasant and accommodating . Great airlines."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The ground staff were also very helpful."
Cons: "The flight was so freezing that I (and all around me) had to wear their winter coats during the flight. My TV did not work and each meal I was served was not what I asked for. I also had to ask repeatedly for water before receiving it. A nice flight attendant lent me her iPad so that I could have some entertainment during the flight. Will avoid China Southern airlines in the future."
Pros: "new planes"
Cons: "my return trip, the whole center ailse had no entertainmrnt center facilities... even overhead lights. steeardess, did not allow smartphone even in airplane mode"
Cons: "trip management thru airfare.com and china southern was terrible. I will not be using either service again. I wasn't able to manage my flight on the china southern website of choose a seat. they lost my bag. it was a timely flight confirmation process. I will not use airfare or china southern again."
Pros: "Crew ware kindness with smile"
Cons: "There was like market at gate Therefore no priority boarding"
Pros: "comfortable seat, boarding procedure"
Cons: "Even airplane mode turned on, passenger is not allowed to use mobile."
Cons: "I did not have a complete ticket until approximately 24-hours before departure and only after I called Airfare.com literally for weeks, and then finally told them I wanted to cancel. Then all legs of the trip were suddenly booked, but seats were not confirmed. I was charged a $450 cancellation fee despite the fact that they did not do their job because I was unable to trust anything they were doing, and subsequently booked my flight direct through Delta. Please keep in mind I purchased the ticket on July 3, 2016 and Airfare.com was unable to provide me a complete ticket until the night of August 16, 2016 with a August 17, 2016 departure date to China! I can honestly say this was the worst travel booking experience I've ever had."
Pros: "Was prepared for the worst and was actually a good airline."
Cons: "English announcement can be improved"
Pros: "It was a really smooth flight and comfortable. the flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "The food isn't so great, but that's not that uncommon. I was asked to close my shade several times from the very beginning of the flight except that I was wide awake and had deliberately asked for a window seat so I could look out. 15 hours is too long to fly in a darkened environment and especially when boarding in the morning after a nights' sleep. Perhaps handing out eye masks for folks who want darkness is a way to respect the needs of all passengers."
Pros: "Great movies!"
Pros: "good food, good movies, excellent service"
Pros: "My upgraded seat although had to pay for it, otherwise I was going to sit in the middle row in a section with about 50 small children."
Cons: "I had an 8 hour layover at JFK and the China southern counter didn't open until three hours before the flight took off. So I had to sit outside of the terminal waiting for them to open. Couldn't even get to s lounge as I had no boarding pass. (I tried several times to call earlier in the week and the phone system at China southern is terrible - was on hold for a long time every time then the operators were not helpful at all). I waited in the check in line for an hour and a half. Several times I witnessed people going in the business class line and they clearly were not in business class but they allowed them to just jump the line anyway. (I realized this once I was finally able to ask for an upgrade - not until I got to the gate counter because the guy who checked me in didn't understand my request, poor English - and once on the plane there were very few people in business class and I know those people who had jumped the line were not among them ). Very disappointed with the whole process."
Pros: "Responsive. Clean well designed cabin"
Cons: "The entertainment menu. This matters for s long hayl"
Cons: "."
Pros: "Nice flight attendants, attentive to passengers' needs. Good entertainment system. Free limited wifi. Good cabin atmosphere."
Cons: "Free snack package was too small. Either you give or you don't."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst airline"
Pros: "Food was good, on flight entertainment was good, crew was friendly and accommodating. No major complaints! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very impressed"
Cons: "The basic economy was snug but I was okay with it. I only wished my seat reclined a bit further but I was up against a back wall so others in further aisles up had much better reclining distance."
Pros: "Cheap and fast"
Cons: "Crews are not as friendly as they should."
Cons: "The food was really bad, with no good choices. And the staff were not friendly - most didn't speak English, but that wasn't a big deal for us"
Pros: "nothing. flight was delayed. i have connecting flight but then the plane left i had to stay in a hotel."
Cons: "it could be better if my connecting flight waited for me"
Cons: "The food was uninspiring, to say the least."
Pros: "My screen on the first leg didn’t work too well. It would turn on and off on its own, but since it was an overnight flight and I was tired, I slept most of the way so didn’t complain. Just had to dim the screen for the times it would turn on automatically while I was trying to sleep. 2nd leg had"
Cons: "I understand it is a Chinese airline, but I wish there was more English spoken, or the flight attendants not assume everyone who is Asian understands Chinese, especially since the flights are international."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Customer service"
Cons: "Entertainment could be better. Food is ok, not great. Crew is very nice but limited English."
Cons: "The WiFi service did not actually work. Also it is not clear that despite checking in online you still have to check in at the airport too"
Pros: "Excellent, fully reclinable seating in business class, along with superior service"
Cons: "Limited and relatively poor selection of movies and music on offer"
Pros: "The service is phenomenal. They served so many meals i felt like a bear in hibernation, waking up, eating and going back to sleep."
Cons: "I don’t have anything bad to say. The service was really good."
Pros: "I got the seat all the way in the back i prefer those because it sits 2 and you are only sitting next to one person. Tv had more than 2 dozen movies options and several games to choose from. They provided a pillow and blanket along with headphones for tv. Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Food, but its airplane food and can not except to much unless your sitting first class."
Cons: "I had an issue with reserving seats"
Pros: "Comfortable seats for a 4 hour flight. Good crew. Late night flight. Good uneventful flight."
Cons: "I hate taking the bus to the plane and walking up the ramp with my carry on bags."
Pros: "The actual flight was really fantastic, food was warm, flight was relatively comfortable/smooth, entertainment at least for me was good, since they had a decent amount of Japanese music to choose from, and the attendants were friendly and nice. Everything was 100% on time as well. I could complain more about tiny tiny things, but for $500 I felt I got a lot better service than United on an equivalent route."
Cons: "Seats were slightly stiff, but not too bad. Only bigger issue was upon boarding all the people lined up in a 100+ yard line and caused a bit of commotion instead of waiting for their seat numbers to be called and forming a small normal line. This is in no way the airline's fault, and they tried to make it work in spite of the people doing it, but as a Westerner this was confusing."
Pros: "left on time and arrived on time pretty good seat crew is very nice"
Cons: "food is mediocre. plane does not dock at the terminal in Shanghai. I have to walk down the stairs to get to a bus. That's difficult for me because I have some carryon bags and my sense of balance is not very good."
Pros: "Seats were fairly comfortable, and food was tasty, although very small portions, and no fresh fruit or salad"
Cons: "Almost a mission impossible to reserve your seats in advance - felt like I was back in the 90s. Unnaceptable in our digital age. Old movies in “new releases” entertainment section"
Pros: "Price and crew were great"
Cons: "Boarding process, choice of movies, leg room"
Pros: "Business class with flat beds and the forward compartment was very comfortable and cosy"
Cons: "Food Service Limited entertainment"
Pros: "Not sure"
Cons: "I didn’t like how rude the staff was. I also don’t like the fact that my luggage was misplaced and I’m on the other side of the world without my things."
Pros: "Seats little hard. Back and butt hurting all the way there. Crew kept pumpin into me while I was sleeping. Food ok, not amazing. Long wait to get on the plane. Overall good."
Cons: "Hard seats. Long wait to board. Food can be better."
Pros: "Is fine"
Pros: "good boarding good crew good seat in business class left on time and arrived on time"
Cons: "food was mediocre"
Pros: "Comfy seat and caring flight crew."
Cons: "They served dinner at 2 am just after takeoff and breakfast 11 hours later."
Pros: "Really glad I took advantage of the private car service to and from JFK, it was nice to be picked up in an Escalade. Check in was a breeze. The Air France lounge at JFK was very nice, it was a great way to start our vacation at the airport with some light snacks and champagne. Seats on the plane were very comfortable in business class. Entertainment was a nice mix of Western and Eastern options, theninitial dinner meal was great."
Cons: "Fight attendants were just ok, they weren’t rude, but did not go above and beyond to make the flight special, there was constant smell of cigarette smoke, even though the flight was supposed to be non-smoking."
Pros: "Great price. More or less on time. Reasonably comfortable. Good entertainment. No real problems."
Cons: "Mediocre food. Inscrutable website."
Cons: "flight from NYC was delayed for 11 hours. then we were in line for more than 4 hours in Shanghai."
Cons: "We spent 2 hours at the check in because China eastern changed our connecting time and we were going to miss our flight. The food was terrible, they lost my husbands luggage. We are on our honeymoon and he has no clothes. And they put us up in a very dirty hotel."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst experience ever. 11 hour delay at JFK. No information given by staff at JFK. Missed connection in Shaghai. Took business class but was not admitted to Air France lounge."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed two hour and I still Waiting for my 2 lugages. I will never use this company again ."
Cons: "12 hours late and lost my bag!!"
Pros: "The flight attendants were extremely rude and looked like they hate their jobs. They kept speaking to me in Mandarin, a language I do not understand and when I tell them I don't understand they get extremely annoyed and will repeat in english in a very annoyed tone. Service was horrible, when my friends and I tried to request for more water they pretended like they did see us or hear us. Overall, I will never fly with this airline ever again."
Pros: "very comfortable seat in business class excellent food friendly and competent flight crew"
Cons: "plane did not pull up to the terminal. We had to go down the stairs and get on a bus. wifi was difficult to use and slow."
Pros: "Comfort it is ok."
Cons: "Nothing to comment."
Cons: "Flight attendants were rude, pull earphones right out of socket without a word. Terrible manners"
Pros: "flat beds, extensive menu and great service"
Pros: "For the price, I would say it was a very solid flight. Other options cost twice as much and I'm certain they weren't twice as good. Food could have been a little better, but again at the price, there is nothing to complain about. Buy a salad or a snack for the flight with all the money you are saving. The entertain was good but not as extensive as some of my other recent trans-pacific flights."
Pros: "The people were friendly and helpful. They genuinely wanted me to feel comfortable. This gets a double thumbs up from me!!!"
Cons: "There were no problems with anything. I would gladly take this flight a bunch more times."
Pros: "Nothing. Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "The ground support personnel were surely, obnoxious, and clearly untrained in their own policies. There was massive confusion in JFK for the 1st leg of my trip (NYC - Mandalay) regarding the availability of my visa on arrival. China Eastern argued that it was not available, and nearly did not let me board my flight. They were completely wrong, and made my life miserable in the process. Because of this, China Eastern refused to check my luggage through to my final destination (though this has been done many times before), and THEN informed me in Kunming that I needed to pay AGAIN for my extra piece of baggage, though they had already charged me for it in New York. Do yourself a favor and never do business with these creeps - there are too many other available options for air travel."
Pros: "Very friendly staff!"
Cons: "Food wasnt the best but not bad either. Just ok."
Cons: "Flight was late by 2 hrs so I mussed my connection"
Cons: "It was just delayed without any announcement."
Cons: "China Eastern airline is the least friendly and irresponsible airline that I have ever used. The crews completely screwed me up on the sequential travel itineraries until the last minute."
Pros: "Nice crew,courteous service"
Cons: "Food could take improvement"
Pros: "excellent biz class seats great aircraft good flight"
Cons: "unprofessional service courteous flight attendants but in general service was poor un organized and inconsistent...china eastern needs better in flight service training compared to other airlines"
Pros: "The leg room in economy seating is good."
Cons: "Poor customer interaction while boarding. Delay wasn't explained and members of the airline were condescending and dismissive. Very poor attitudes towards customers."
Pros: "nice crew goodteam"
Cons: "ticket cost"
Pros: "The service was overall very good/"
Cons: "The food was below grade with bagged food for the Shanghai to Bangkok leg."
Cons: "Horrible service. Still waiting for them to find my luggage"
Cons: "WiFi and entertainment"
Pros: "The crew was adequate."
Cons: "The airplane was old and dirty."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Lost our bags twice and 19 hr flight became 31 hours to get to our destination. Now return flight is already delayed 1 1/2 hours"
Pros: "Seat was super comfortable and crew is great"
Pros: "Good crews!"
Cons: "I’m still at the airport. I haven’t gotten back to my final destination yet. The first flight got delayed and the second one left. Everything got messed up."
Cons: "Without any explanation, Air China delayed my flight from Beijing to Hong Kong for 3 hours and ground staff still had an bad attitude toward hundreds of passengers asking questions."
Pros: "Nothing! I like absolutely nothing about this experience! Worst fight of my life and I plan on letting my reviews reflect that!"
Cons: "I was doused with water 2x (condensation about 7 ounces of fluid) from the air ducts. Continually dripped on for 12.5 hrs. Before getting off the plain I took a picture of the napkins stuffed into the cracks over my head as their “solution” and was aggressively asked to delete the picture. I didnt"
Cons: "No"
Pros: "crews are kind and help."
Cons: "entertainment system sucks, no internet"
Cons: "None."
Cons: "For this plane, the seat is very cramp - leg room has shrunk. Entertainment selection is poor, no new movies at all - like watching reruns."
Pros: "Everything for me to reach my destination was simple easy and accessible."
Cons: "Planes are not ment for 6'0 people, its very uncomfortable for sitt8ng down even when reclined to a certain degree. Its difficult"
Cons: "arrived in Beijing and flight was delayed - unknown departure time. no English information available. waited 2 hours to get info"
Cons: "I had a special meal preference as a vegetarian dish. First meal I got was, rice and steamed Napa cabbages without sauce ( little disappointed); second time, they forgot to serve me the vegetarian meal all together. I got chicken dish which I could not consume... I wish I had a crew who could speak English so that I could communicate about the situation, but I just let go of the issue. I am planning to go fasting on my returned ride."
Pros: "The food was really go and the flight attendants were really nice"
Cons: "Seats weren’t so comfortable so I will next time splurge on better seats"
Cons: "They didn't let me on the flight because they said I didn't check in on the flight to LA. And on the flight to LA I was there but they wouldn't let me on the plane. I wasn't being rude I was cooperating with them."
Cons: "Service was better than expected"
Pros: "Very clean and staffs was very nice and helpful"
Cons: "Need more movies option."
Pros: "On time low budget very good for The price"
Pros: "Efficient and friendly staff"
Cons: "Seat backs barely recline - not acceptable for flight of this distance. For this reason will not book Air China again"
Pros: "Entertainment was good. Various choices for movies and adequate space in seating."
Cons: "Food was mediocre"
Pros: "It’s was ok"
Cons: "Food was not that great"
Pros: "我买的机票是商务舱,结果北京到沈阳这段是经济舱"
Cons: "我妈是个不能行走的病人,缺把座位安排到最后面"
Cons: "When we landed in Beijing, no one mentioned about filling out entry forms. Very frustrating when the line to clear customs was over 1.5 hours long."
Cons: "Jain vegetarian food"
Pros: "Good service, comfortable seats"
Pros: "Experience during the flight was ok."
Cons: "Delayed flights, missed connections, lost luggage"
Pros: "Nice clean plane"
Cons: "Very bad food boiled vegetable and meat with no taste at all. Most entertainment movies, music and video in Chinese language."
Pros: "not too full. included a meal even though it was a night 5 hour flight."
Pros: "Absolutely no customer service whatsoever, not even a smile. Best thing about this flight was the food and trust me that’s not saying much."
Pros: "Better customer service"
Cons: "Air China staff need to better understand and learn how to talk to people."
Pros: "I have a walking disability Air China disrupted so many passengers to meet my needs and I was amazed at how friendly all the crew where and actually cared about me. Food was awesome"
Cons: "Never could figure out the Wi-Fi I thought we had on flight."
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "Good for the price i payed!"
Pros: "Good amount of movies to choose from. Food was decent."
Cons: "The flight was uncomfortably warm. They give you blankets but they weren’t needed. Our luggage was never put on our 2nd flight."
Pros: "Cheap price, on time."
Cons: "Seats, food, entertainment"
Pros: "Entertainment and service was very good."
Cons: "3 hour delay and no information on updates/reason. Switched seats so people could sit together then small child behind me kicked my seat throughout most of the flight. It made for a terrible time and wasn’t stopped."
Pros: "safe flight, nice attendants"
Cons: "would like more room and better movies and better food for such a long flight"
Pros: "Excellent service.... clean aeroplane... good food and great staff..."
Pros: "Flight is cheap"
Cons: "But then you deal with people who are rude."
Cons: "Held my bag for two days, No explanation, apparently just wanted to rummage through it. Stranded in Mongolia with no clean clothes or medication."
Pros: "Movies during flight. Had a smooth flight to Beijing. Pilot is very good"
Cons: "Change of gate number. A very long walk to the new gate number. Taking a crowded bus to board the plane. Seats are extremely small. My seat won't recline. Had contant back pain during the 12hr flight."
Cons: "Cabin was really dirty, carpet coming apart and stain on the seats"
Pros: "Not a thing"
Cons: "How this company can be part of Star Alliance? Worst travel experience ever in all my life."
Pros: "Nobe"
Cons: "Service is very bad and lot of delay."
Pros: "Only boarding"
Cons: "No drunks like other flights"
Pros: "Short ride over to Phoenix, very nice trip"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The 12 hour non stop flight from Los Angeles to Beijing was on 747-400 aircraft with no personal entertainment on the seat backs. they had a monitor that played chinese movies which was hard to see and it was a very boring flight. Kids were complaining 2 hours into the flight saying they were bored as nothing to do. Food was mediocre. I can't imagine an international flight with no personal entertainment screens."

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24h 20mJFK-LXA
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
42h 25mSFO-LXA

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Lhasa (LXA)China

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