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JetBlueOverall score based on 19751 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: End stupid JamCOVID19 requirement
Cons: Cheaper

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Pros: End stupid JamCOVID19 requirement
Cons: Cheaper

Pros: Roomie seats and many included amenities.
Cons: Wifi was not available during the flight from Boston to Montego Bay

Pros: That was great and amazing
Cons: The time

Pros: Flight on time and smooth trip.

Pros: It was a safe flight
Cons: 2nd time my jet blue flight was delayed and caused me to Miss my connection, which negatively affected my plans with my friends I was netting in Philly. I get that delays happen- but it’s the last two times I’ve flown jet blue -very disappointing.

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: Don't like Charlotte airport but that's beside the point.

Cons: We were delayed and very long landing,circled around for a long time.

Pros: JetBlue never disappoints. Professional through and through.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Coffee was great

Cons: The wifi didn't work, and this wasn't the first time thier wifi was out. I've been flying on jetblue frequently lately and that's my only issue. Everything else was good.

Pros: Everything was so easy and i was emailed remindeers as well as flight updates.

Pros: snacks were ok
Cons: two bathrooms were out of order

Pros: The seats in the extra space area were pretty comfortable.
Cons: Didn’t have enough overhead luggage space. I had to put my luggage 7 rows back and I was sitting in the front of the plane.

Pros: Staff at gate

Pros: It was good
Cons: Cheap on the food

Pros: The weather was bad in New York and we had to delay takeoff in Vermont. Usually airlines don't handle unexpected changes well but the Jetblue

Cons: The flight boarded late and got in about 30 minutes late. A shame for such a short flight.

Cons: Our stewardess annouced that the pkane had technical issues with tge mobitors. Apparently the pmane was in use all day on multiple routes. They tried resetting it a few times but it was unsuccessful. The screens froze in the middle of your program and would not recover. We were directed to contact the jeyblue 1-800 number for some type of credit

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: Flight was delayed 3 hours, and we arrived to our resort extremely late and tired. We did not get a room we wanted, and had to change the next day since our flight delayed us.

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Staff courteous& cooperative
Cons: Purchased headphones only to find seat connection broken.

Pros: The flight attendant had a Great sense of humor

Pros: They didn’t make me check my carry-on even though full flight. Other airlines almost always do. Began boarding exactly when they said they would.
Cons: First attempt to check im at kiosk failed. Was told to see an agent. Ignored that command made another attempt at kiosk and was able to get BP. The brag about their free wifi at every seat but it didn’t work. Can’t complain tho because seat back video screen had plenty of other entertainment.

Pros: The staff was very helpful. And made the flight smooth for a first time flyer
Cons: The

Pros: Flight was smooth, flight attendants were nice
Cons: TV didn’t work...again. Both flights on my trip last weekend did not have working TV. First flight thecentire plane was down, no wifi/tv, return flight TV did not work (could not change channel, volume, etc...), non functional.

Pros: Nothing. Desk staff had an oh well attitude.
Cons: I left my house at 2am for this flight. It was canceled when I was 5 minutes from the airport and <1.25 hrs of boarding. To have “we can refund your flight” as the only response was unacceptable. Figure out a way to partner with other airlines.

Pros: Quick flight, great flight staff
Cons: Checked luggage never came out on the carousel, waited over 50 min and finally found the bag in the baggage office

Cons: Seats recline about 1”, but the legroom is good

Pros: On time departure

Pros: Good red wine Good movies
Cons: waiting to board, waiting after being boarded-- with more than one hour delay total

Pros: No wait time. Except for the flight delay.
Cons: If my daughter wasn't there to help me with the checking of my bays and boarding pass. I wouldn't know what to do. Remember is not every body can use electronic

Cons: No food and delayed

Pros: Crew and captain were excellent! Wonderful!
Cons: An earlier flight was cancelled and people rescheduled to my flight. When I got to my seat, someone was sitting in it, and he had received a seat belt adjuster. He asked me whether he could remain in my seat given his discomfort in the seat to which he was reassigned, which was a middle seat. I could have said no, but it was clear that it made most sense for me to sit in the middle seat (the window seat was already taken and it would have been a tight fit otherwise). Though I appreciate that the folks affected by the flight cancellation were accommodated on my flight, I hope in future the seat reassignments can also be taken into account. Also, I think slightly healthier food would be nice (chips vs cookies). Thanks.

Pros: The crew. The plane. The space. Everything
Cons: I forgot my headphones so it was a bummer to have to buy them but other than that everything was amazing! I love Jet Blue!

Cons: Only problem was that the flight was delayed.

Pros: the smooth landing+++ leg room updates on flight departure/delay. Wi-Fi clean terminal
Cons: walking distance to get a cab in new York jfk terminal

Pros: Every employee I met was courteous and your kiosk wss ez to navigate.
Cons: I had no in flight entertainment and warm, more nutritionally dense food options would have helped.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delays, delays, delays. They knew the plane was going to be delayed very far in advance yet they didn't notify us. The board at the airport and online even said it was an on time flight up until the moment it was originally supposed to depart (not board). So they knew ( because they didn't let us board) but never updated their info. A simple email would have saved me from getting up 5 hours early just wait 5 hours in the airport. Fu ck them for that!

Cons: Entertainment was out of service.

Cons: Couldn't get help at gate ,was told I had 30 minutes to call as I was boarding?Need a call from customer service.561-531-3078.Arthur Moran.flight 1068.to Westchester.7am.10/15/2017.

Pros: Flight from ny was great
Cons: We were delayed over 2 1/2 hrs from Montego Bay. I’m Upset at the fact that we were told it was a 20 minute delay then it became an hour delay on ground then it became another 45 minute delay in traffic then another hour delay in the sky. Disappointed because of this. Communication was horrible! N to think I just signed up for JetBlue credit card

Pros: On time. Even early!
Cons: Great smooth piloting of aircraft. Safe and efficient.

Pros: On time, no surprises and pleasant staff interactions
Cons: Nothing

Pros: I like the hospitality of the crew members everyone was so warm and friendly and make u feel right at home the pilot let u felt easy telling you everything going to be ok and it will be a quick flight over to orlando hearing that let me felt a bit of ease its a great experience i would recommend anyone flying to consider jetblue
Cons: I didn't like the fact that we were delayed so long and for all the passenger that had to check in few hours before flight started to feel hungry because of the delays think it was delayed over 3 hours

Pros: the flight attendants were courteous
Cons: we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours and they ran out of bottled water enough said.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They cancel the flight. And they say they trying to help ppl to evacuate Florida

Pros: My flight was already a late flight and boarded 15 minutes past the boarding time. In addition the plane had to return to the terminal after getting ready to take off because of the PDA system needing to be replaced. I am all for safety first but this threw off my entire plans for my destination.
Cons: The crew was not as friendly and poor communication.

Pros: JetBlue always provides quality service and is a consistent product.
Cons: n/a

Pros: I haven't used any carrier but United Airlines in a very long time, so my impression is essentially a contrast between United and JetBlue. I have for some time bought "extra space" seats on United, so I did on JetBlue as well. Much roomier and more comfortable on JetBlue. For entertainment, United offers DirectTV for a fairly stiff fee. JetBlue offers a choice: one can purchase headphones for a fee or use one's own headphones for free, and the entertainment package comes not only with commercial-ridden DirectTV and a few recently-popular films, but some commercial free documentaries and popular TV comedy that I enjoyed. Their selection of music is also very large. I also appreciated the food selection and the free wifi.

Pros: Staff was very nice.
Cons: Delayed and never a clear reason why, and kept getting more delayed.

Pros: Friendly crew Flight left on time Refreshments were alright Thankful for the free WiFi
Cons: Seats were small Hardly any space below seat to store hand luggage Aisle was tight

Pros: it's the second time delta breaks my checked bag
Cons: it's the second time delta breaks my checked bag. They need more care with the bags

Pros: Comfort and safety

Pros: On time
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Over a month ago I requested a seat with extra leg room due to a documented medical condition. My request was not granted and I was in pain most of the flight.

Cons: Flight was delayed

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Not so crapped seats

Pros: The plane was nice, entertainment options were great, pilot was super kind.

Pros: Crew did a great job. Pilot was very informative. Great job working with what they have.
Cons: My feet were absolutely freezing. I sat 4D (and paid for first class tickets but somehow delta didn’t even give me comfort plus for this flight). Plane is tiny. I’m 6’2” 205 lbs and I barely fit in the seat. This is a regional flight (even though it’s 2 hrs) so service is very minimal.

Pros: The crew was amazing.
Cons: Cleanliness

Cons: In the last months I have travel 3 times , this is the first with Delta. I can say it has been the best experience I had. Good entertainment, the access to texting and the variety of snacks make superior this airline.

Cons: The WiFi

Pros: Awesome Customer Service
Cons: Nothing

Cons: The gate was changed but it was not updated to the app. Many of us were waiting in the wrong gate until 10 mins before departure.

Pros: Emergency exit window seat
Cons: Punctuality 7hrs delays over 2 flights is unacceptable Ruined the first day of my trip

Cons: Basic economy is just another way for the airlines to provide low service and nickel and dime everyone while charging the same prices.

Pros: the crew was excellent the boarding was satisfactory
Cons: everything was from satisfactory to excellent

Cons: Had to collect & re check luggage between flights. Couldn't they have been transferred to the next aircraft?

Cons: Flight continually delayed so I had to drive to Chicago and take an American Airlines flight - that cost an additional $700

Pros: Good food, entertainment and Delta Comfort section worth the extra cost.
Cons: Boarding at JFK a nightmare.

Pros: Food Getting moved to the exit row for the extra leg room
Cons: Didn’t like having to wait so long to book my seat and ended up on the back row the worst seats on the plane

Pros: The plane was very clean! We loaded in the center which made everything go quicker. I was one of the last on board and there was ample overhead storage. Complimentary snacks were were substantial and service was constant. I hate going to the bathroom on the plane and it was so roomy for airplane bathrooms. The pilot was hilarious!
Cons: Only complaint was nothing that can be changes. I had a middle set and it was quite cramped...my computer didn’t fit on the tray or would get smashed when the person in front of me reclined.

Pros: Flight left and arrived on time. Smooth flight, so the weather gets credit for that. Seats a bit more roomy than the horrible sardine cans I've become accustomed to being squished into on Delta flights.
Cons: The provided earphones are useless. Next time I'll have to bring some from home. I only could watch films with "closed caption."

Pros: Comfortable seat for a short trip.

Pros: A+ flight! Super nice attendants and even pilot sounded pleasant! Take off and landing was smooth & perfect!

Pros: Arrived
Cons: Delta changed our seat assignment and our seats sucked

Pros: Although we ended up being stuck on the plane for 2 hours prior to take off due to high volume, weather and as the pilot put it, "possible military activity" the crew kept us informed every step of the way. There was one flight attendant in particular who was so full of energy and made the unfortunate circumstances not so bad. She entertained us and kept us in the loop the entire time as did the pilots. It made the 2 hours not feel so bad which was appreciated.
Cons: That we were delayed on the plane for two hours on a small plane but I know it was out of their control.

Cons: Baggage was delayed overnight. With modern tracking, should have been notified that the luggage was not loaded on the same flight as me, eliminating my wasting 45 minutes at ATL realizing that my baggage was not coming and then having to queue to notify the airline that it had not come.

Cons: Delayed, gate agent trying to rebook not super helpful

Pros: They have few movies selection that was good
Cons: I like being in a big space faster. And clean good service I

Pros: I love Delta, especially their newer planes that have screens in the backs of headrests and free movies.
Cons: Leg room is never enough. I'm 6'1".

Pros: 1. Smooth flight itself and informed by captain well on expected time of arrival with frequent updates
Cons: 1. I already had a tight connection and let the flight attendant know that I was concerned due to the delay. She seemed very laissez faire and there was no information about the connections gate overhead or when I got off the plane. I think that if the flight is delayed, the airline should let passengers know where the close connection gate assignments are to save them time (my flight landed ten minutes after my connection was boarding). 2. The carry on luggage section was impossibly small so I had to gatecheck my bag and it took five minutes to get my bag back. Given the tight connection, this created additional anxiety.

Cons: The crew appeared tired, scattered, and unhappy. The flight was delayed after boarding nearly 1hr while repairs were completed. 1st announcement by captains crew stated passengers could disembark during repair, then stated 10min later to take a seat. Very poor communication.

Pros: great staff . clean. current movies
Cons: n/a

Pros: I liked the fact that I was able to watch a movie on my phone.
Cons: The flight was very rough at times.

Pros: It's Delta, so I got miles.
Cons: Cramped seats, no food. It's not what you'd expect from Delta. Exit row doesn't help, and forget the bulkhead if you're over 5ft 8in

Pros: Not much to like here. The new crew was pleasant
Cons: Old crew was surly. Plane had much problems and finally replaced. Left 5 hrs late. Delta claims it doesn't have to compensate for a late flight - just a cancelled one so guess which this was The baggage fees are obscene and the gouging of the customer is immoral. No wonder people hate the airlines.

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: Seats too close. Food lacks salads. Fruit salad tasteless--fruit not ripe--looks good, but no taste.

Pros: Landing
Cons: The poorly staffed bag check at BTV was maddening. We waited in line for what felt like 15 or more minutes. Boarding was also badly managed and took 20 minutes or so. There was no jetway so passengers had to walk a distance to the plane. The attendants all seemed to be having a bad morning. Not terribly friendly.

Cons: Delayed boarding as the first flight of the day

Pros: Good snacks and movie selection. Seats were spacious and comfortable
Cons: Delayed flight, confusing boarding, and not the friendliest flight attendants

Cons: Super small plane

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Two out of three flights were delayed, customers service of the flight operated by Delta airlines is a nightmare and on top of it 2hours and 40min delayed. No drinks, no snacks, nothing.

Cons: Very obese lady in middle seat, 30 D who took more than half of my seat. Not sure how you can correct for that, but made my trip terribly agonizing.

Pros: Crew and ground staff were excellent
Cons: I hate the CRJ configuration- no business class and coach seats are far too close together, worse than many Asian airbus configurations.

Pros: Just not enough room to accommodate that many people for such a long flight. And felt neglected and grouchy by the end of the trip.

Cons: The 2+ hour delay

Pros: Flight left on time and got in early. This allowed us to catch an earlier flight to Seattle.

Pros: The vegan meals were very good.

Pros: A very new Eagle plane. AA staff was good about updating us re: departure delays. Waited to inform us of gate valet plans until the last minute.
Cons: BTV Airport is very small so prepare to be in crowded waiting areas.

Pros: It was a nightmare. The reps were confusing and giving different answers
Cons: Everything could have been better I spoke to 4-5 AA reps/staff, they were horrible. Need lots of training.

Cons: Nothing was offered or included, not even water! The crew never passed asking or offering anything. Not even when you saw them face to face. I recently took a flight of the same length with Frontier and even though you had to pay for carry on and buy the water at least they cared

Pros: Crew was great.
Cons: No water or snacks offered on either flight down. Flight delayed in Charlotte for 3 HOURS due to mechanical issue with first plane. No compensation for such a long delay.

Pros: On time/ early arrival Careful about cleaning

Pros: The crew did their job.
Cons: At least monitors to watch a movie since there is no food in first class...

Pros: Attendant was very friendly. Really appreciated her energy
Cons: Drink service was not as good as other trips.

Cons: Smooth flight left on time and arrived on time.

Pros: Easy boarding.
Cons: No usb charger. Flight delayed.

Cons: Late with a bs explanation. Nasty flight attendant

Cons: Is not the airline fault. Is thanksgiving weekend. The boarding was extremely slow because So many wheelchairs, . The weather and Chicago airport doesn’t help neither. The capitan take a time to go out and explain what we had to expect. That was a plus. Still for us is our #1 choice

Cons: Super crowded boarding area in DCA. Hurried to board, then sat at the gate for 15 minutes after door closed with no mention of being delayed or why we were sitting there. Finally found out the fueling paperwork was missing. This was after being forced to gate check bag in group 6 (and 7,8,9) Then luggage offload in Charlotte took forever, and then was on the wrong belt. Baggage staff in CLT were clueless.

Pros: Nothing because the fly was delayed
Cons: The flight has to be on time

Pros: My seat

Cons: I sat in a middle seat, sandwiched in between a passenger who had an aisle seat on my left and another passenger who had a window seat on my right. It would have been okay, but both were much larger than me and with the seat already a bit narrow, I felt like a sardine on this flight.

Pros: Quick f playing AA
Cons: Everything

Cons: Everything was fine, crew was great, but the wifi entertainment system is a joke. Its nice to allow passengers to connect and watch movies or shows, however, when trying to watch a movie it constantly buffers. More buffering then watching, to the point of just stopping and skipping it all together.

Pros: Quick flight good crew
Cons: More entertainment and snack selection

Pros: great trip and crew

Cons: Because our first flight was delayed over 4 hours we missed our connection and had to be re-booked on the only other flight that still had seats that day. We had previously booked and paid for Main Cabin extra seats in the second row that included extra leg room and free drinks. We ended in an airplane with two exit rows, one near the front and the other near the back. Our seats were right behind the rear exit row in the back of the plane. The seats did not recline and there was limited leg look because the exit row seats were aligned differently due to the crew seat next to the door. Also, the bathroom was right in front of the row in front of us and so it was busy, noisy and smelled. Obviously we didn't get our free drinks either. Now I'm having to fight with American trying to get a refund of the money we spent for the Main Cabin extra fees. The fun never stops. I will never fly American again.

Pros: Connections were good. Travel overnight ideal. Food good.
Cons: A wheelchair was requested in Philadelphia, but it was not there. The crew called 8 times, but no one came. I finally grabbed an abandoned wheelchair and pushed my mom through 2 terminals to catch our plane that was already boarding. ☹️

Cons: Flight delayed almost 2 hours

Pros: What to like with AA?
Cons: Delayed by 2:38 hours at Chicago due to aircaft repair. Total layover 8:38 hours.

Pros: Although boarding took a very long time because the flight was full, the flight was smooth. The touchdown was awesome.
Cons: I can't comment on food. I didn't get any.

Pros: Crew was sweet and accommodating, much better than my previous flights with AA. Flight was clean and take off and landing was quick despite the delay.
Cons: Second flight to get delayed in the span of a week. Bags took an hour to be distributed at baggage claim. On flight meals have no variety and are too expensive for the portion sizes.

Pros: Great passengers and crew

Cons: No snacks

Pros: early flight. Smooth. Good landing. Friendly folks.
Cons: No WIFI. Sat on Tarmac for 15 minutes upon arrival. No fault of anyone though.

Cons: I went to the airport. I was told a 3hr delay. I only live 10 mins to the airport. So I went back home to only receive a notification that the flight has departed after 45 mins. I am now stuck here since that was the last flight back. The earliest flight available is next day at 12pm which means I am going to miss work and I have been on hold with AA customer service exactly for 3 hrs now and still holding.

Cons: did not get my requested wheel chair service.

Cons: Lost our bags on our 6 hour layover in Bogota and when we arrived in Lima (our last stop cusco) they were not nice about it at all. So rude. We almost missed our flight to cusco because of it as well even though we had almost a 3 hour layover. Took more than 24 hours to get the bags

Pros: Flight was not full.
Cons: Luggage was very late and arrived at the wrong carousel.

Cons: Plane had not been cleaned

Pros: I usually fly Air France but AA was terrific. Tasty food, pleasant crew, even the toilets were nicely maintained during the 9 hours flight. The only thing that AF does better is provide a full array of printed matter before boarding.

Cons: Flight was delayed for nearly 5 hours. There was no accommodations for the delay, except for apologies. Very limited snacks were provided, but this huge delay cut into our reservations and vacation in our resort.

Cons: The flight was cancelled. I didn't receive a refund or free hotel accommodations. I've been on flights in Africa where free hotel accommodations were standard for a layover over 3 hours. A little embarrassing that an airline in America can't afford a hotel for people stranded in a city overnight.

Pros: Dame coments
Cons: Same coments

Pros: Roomy first class and very nice staff!

Pros: Entertainment screens at every seat. Enjoying and helped pass time of flight very well
Cons: Should be allowed one checked bag per person at no charge

Pros: Power outlets and WiFi
Cons: Too crowded

Pros: once i was allowed to board the flight attendants were kind and apologetic
Cons: they overbooked the flight. when I asked for clarification about what I should expect, people at the gate were rude for without provocation. They told me I had no seat and were unapologetic about their mistake. when they, at the last minute, said there was room, they assigned me a seat that was already taken.

Cons: small plane so tight seating. Outdoor climbing of stairs to board om the tarmac.

Cons: Waiting on the tarmac to move to the gate for 30 minutes. NEVER AGAIN, I AM THROUGH!!!!

Pros: Very affordable! Traveling can be difficult, especially from Chicago O'hare - one of the busiest airports in the country - but everything was made easy for me and was a breeze!
Cons: No complaints here!

Pros: I messed up royally, as a result, I missed my flight to Miami. However, they were able to put me on the available flight without the extra cost to me. Thanks a lot.

Pros: Same as above.
Cons: Same as above

Pros: Easy connections

Cons: Flight delayed, poor communication by AA on status of flight.

Pros: They were efficient and courteous in distribution of beverages and collecting garbage
Cons: They let out 5 rows at a time which was good, then sort of have up after the first 10. But good concept in keeping things orderly

Pros: good crew. plane was showing of wear. torn pockets and worn out seats.
Cons: newer aircraft or refurbished one.

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: More comfortable and spacious seating, more reasonable priced food for the quality you get

Cons: No room in the seats at all

Pros: The crew was typical, the seat was on the aisle, which I prefer, but kind of in the way and I kept hitting my head.
Cons: The snacks are not good at all, next time I'll take my own. They should just quit serving them and charging us for them.

Pros: The flight was excellent. My luggage dding
Cons: Having my luggage.

Pros: Flight was ok the first flight from Btv to IAd was not great the plane made a lot of noise during takeoff and landing sounded like the ceiling panels were going too fall off as well as other noises
Cons: Lots of noises crew were good . Price of luggage was outrageous

Pros: The wafer caramel cookies were great but no substitute for an actual breakfast.
Cons: You have to pay an insane rate for the Wifi. Access to United.com and the United app weren't available so checking on connections was impossible.

Pros: Flew First Class, so: - Got to eat an drink good stuff... - Plane/seats were clean
Cons: But it could have been Economy because: - Had to ask for everything, even a greeting and a welcome aboard drink - Cabin Crew's attitude was very poor; the looks we got! - There was no on-board entertainment or Internet available - Crew gave us outdated customs forms so everyone was delayed because we had to locate proper forms and fill the out upon arrival

Pros: Boarding seemed efficient
Cons: In flight entertainment didn't work

Pros: We arrived earlier than expected
Cons: No Wifi No Movies or Entertainment No update on what arrival terminal we were let out of, so my ride that picked me got lost and confused about where to pick me up. (Not at United Terminal 7 at LAX)

Pros: Everything

Cons: Trail mix was gross, the child sitting next to me spilled her soda all over my pants and throughout the flight kept purposely touching even after I and her mother told her to stop.

Pros: The plane did not crash
Cons: Customer service, being nickel and dimed, the staff told me if I don't like it to fly Jet Blue

Pros: I wasn't so cramped this trrip
Cons: Took forever to land freaked me out a lil bit

Cons: Hard landibg

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Poor communication and terrible management of bad situations.

Cons: United was unorganized and they acted as if these cancellations were no big deal. Those two days that we missed could have been spent at work. Now I have wasted PTO time that I can't get back and wasted money at our resort that I wasn't able to get back. One of the agents at Bradley International Airport Sammy put her hands on my friend and screamed in her face USING FOUL LANGUAGE with a line full of people and their children waiting to check in. It was unprofessional and uncalled for. We did get police and management involved. The overall experience was terrible.

Pros: At least they made an effort and it was finally resolved.
Cons: Fact that the plane was not checked properly and was about to take off and go back to the gate.

Pros: We liked the crew, they were helpful.
Cons: We did not like the video on the United flight that used the app. We were not told about this until it was too late and the instructions were not good for how to get the app--they were misleading. I had to go to the app store, not the United website. Also, our seats were changed without our knowledge and the flight description for the flight from Austin to Washington, DC, specified complimentary lunch and there was no lunch unless you wanted to buy it. This should be more clear, so that I can bring my own lunch if there will be none provided.

Pros: The flight crew and the cabin crew were professional and efficient and friendly. The ginger ale kept me from getting nauseous during the turbulent approach.
Cons: I realize that the airline doesn't have much control over screaming babies, but the reality is, my flight experience was significantly worse because of one, a couple rows back, who kept screaming at the top of their voice for most of the flight. While everyone was seating themselves, my fellow rowmates asked me to exchange my window seat for an aisle seat, so that grandmother, mother, and daughter could sit together. That put me two rows closer to that screaming baby. I came prepared to watch a movie with my phone and new noise canceling headphones, and then discovered the United Wi-Fi didn't offer movies on that flight, the same aircraft type and route as when I was able to watch a movie that way, earlier this year. I didn't find a way to connect my Bluetooth headphones to the plane's entertainment system, and I'm also disappointed in myself, to have to say, it took me far too long, to figure out that I needed to interact with the screen in front of me, through the control pad under my elbow on the armrest. By that time, there wasn't enough time left in the flight, to start a movie. So, I just played music stored on my phone, which helped mask the baby screams.

Pros: Comfortable seating, plenty of leg room

Pros: OK service, hard landing
Cons: Scheduled times were kept

Cons: There was very little AC

Pros: I liked that the flight was on time
Cons: I did not like the absence of much food for breakfast on economy

Cons: It was delayed a few minutes

Pros: Nothing positive to say about United Airlines
Cons: Everything was terrible

Pros: Wife is legally blind and asked for help deboarding plane. Flight attendant refused. A passenger in front of her helped her. This is terrible service.
Cons: Everything.

Cons: Service,and checking .. most people at ticket counter

Pros: The flight itself was great.. However the experience at the airport was terrible.. After placing several calls prior to my departure date to confirm that my 40 inch TV was ok for transportation , it wasn't until I got to the airport to find out that I was unable to take the TV or the TV stand.. I live in Philadelphia and had nowhere to leave it causing me to give it to a stranger in order to make my flight . I am very distraught that the information indicating there was an embargo restricting the transportatione of TV greater 32 inches or boxes to Montego Bay was not given during any of those calls.. I don't understand why that information was not sent in an email prior.. On top of that I placed a call to customs in Montego Bay and was adviced that the embargo is enforced by the airline not customs... If I could some how get some answers regarding this I would appreciate it...

Pros: The crew on every leg of the flight was very professional. Having one TSA entry point for eight gates at Brulington really slows things down, I realize this has nothing to do with United though.
Cons: I wish instead of me when I missed my flight due to TSA that United themselves would have tried to get me out on another flight that same day. They assumed I wanted only one stop, when in fact it didn't matter to me so long as I wasn't stuck another overnight. I used Kayak in the terminal to discover a different flight that same day and was lucky to get on as each flight was fully booked.

Pros: Flight left on time and arrived early

Pros: seats aren't so cramped.
Cons: too cold. could have a few blankets on hand..

Pros: Didn't like that we have to pay for everything like food & tv

Pros: Good service, quick flight, food/entertainment N/A
Cons: Checked my carry on even though there were many open overhead bins and I explained we only had an hour layover in Dulles

Pros: The flight
Cons: No pretzels or cookies. One of the flight attendants was a bit over the top trying to be cool. It came off as obnoxious.

Pros: Quick easy no delays
Cons: N/A

Cons: Wifi did not work. Limited food & beverage choices.

Cons: I was early to my flight and sent to the wrong gate. When I received the notice that the gate had been changed, I had a long way to go to get to the correct gate and limited time. Since I have arthritis I was very inconvenienced making the gate.

Pros: Not much.
Cons: The whole arrangement going through Air Canada but flying United. I never got confirmation numbers from United at all. I had to call Air Canada to get confirmation codes for United. Getting confirmation codes from Air Canada had no real significance with United. United would not confirm seating. When United finally confirmed seating, the seats were not together. Then United changed the flight three times and never gave updated confirmation codes. The last change came the day before our departure. Then United charged another $138.00 for seats that were assigned and never informed us. I am still trying to get the $138.00 back.

Pros: Easy.
Cons: No snack or entertainment.

Pros: Flight was boarded efficiently. Left the gate on time and got in early.

Cons: Maintenance delays and rerouting caused me to miss my reserved ground transit in LA... United claimed on the phone I would be reimbursed for a taxi, but changed their mind when I sent them a receipt a few days later.

Pros: It was a quick flight
Cons: Crowded not a lot of room

Pros: the staff was friendly and helpful, boarding was fast
Cons: The plane was a bit dirty, crumbs on my seat for the first flight but overall, not bad. There was no entertainment other than their magazine provided, so that is not applicable.

Cons: United made no accommodation for a late-arriving connecting flight. The United schedule required changing terminals and a race to the next gate -- then closed the doors five minutes early even though there were passengers sprinting from the other terminal to make their connection. They knew the connecting flight had been delayed; they should have waited five minutes to let us on. The result was a nine-hour wait in Newark Airport for the next United flight.

Pros: Friendly and efficient. All went as planned

Pros: Not to crowded

Cons: I'm not a big person .. But still felt like a sardine in a can .. I had to coordinate moves with the man next to me just to be able to read a magazine or try to reach my bag under the seat .. Good thing it was a short flight!

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Vermont to Montego Bay

Airlines flying from Vermont to Montego Bay have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Vermont to Montego Bay

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Vermont to Montego Bay

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Vermont to Montego Bay

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Vermont to Montego Bay

Flexible cancellations

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