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East Point, GA
Dec 15 — Dec 22
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East Point, GA
Wed 12/15
Wed 12/22

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From $31/dayRated #1
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8.5 Excellent (734 reviews)
1 location in East Point
Locations in East Point
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Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentDec 1 2021
Great experience, thank you
4.0 OkayNov 25 2021
Paying for car at airport was difficult. I rented 2 cars, one for me & one for my daughter's family. Alamo said I could pay for both with no problems. That was not honored at the Atlanta airport Alamo rental center. The desk agent said I could not rent 2 cars with the same credit card. I tried using another card for the 2nd car; he would not accept that either. Luckily my daughter had a debit card they accepted. Desk agent had a horrible accent, and was extremely hard to understand. Nissan Rouge had electronic problems; backup camera would go black, & then come back on after I restarted car. Car electronics kept rebooting on its on. Very frustrating.
8.0 ExcellentNov 22 2021
Easy return clean car Long wait line to pick up
6.0 GoodNov 22 2021
Not sure if I got the right size car for what I paid for? The car seemed small for a mid size
1.9 HorribleSep 7 2021
I picked up the car in Atlanta at night, the next morning i lm in the car and my phone falls in the passenger seat so i reach over to get it and see a freaking syringe with stuff inside it! Complete bs! Not only do i have a family that i provide for but i also have a cdl. I drove almost 6 hours with what could have been drug paraphernalia and a felony for me had i got pulled over and searched. Very disappointed to say the least
10.0 ExcellentAug 24 2021
The pick-up was smooth and quick. The processes and logistics were seamless and super efficient!!
10.0 ExcellentJul 27 2021
Excellent service and friendly staff. In DFW there should be better signage and signals all around for returning cars-very confusing.
10.0 ExcellentJul 12 2021
Best price around.
10.0 ExcellentJul 7 2021
People were fast and efficient. Thrifty had overbooked and made it a nightmare for everyone. Alamo to the rescue
10.0 ExcellentJul 6 2021
We initially had trouble getting the right sized vehicle (6 people with luggage for a week+), but the staff worked with us and got us the right vehicle. They didn't stop until we had what we needed. Price was better than any other company too, not a steal, but better.
From $35/dayRated #2
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8.3 Excellent (142 reviews)
3 locations in East Point
Locations in East Point
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  • 8.3
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentNov 22 2021
The only issue I encountered at all was the fact that the airport didn't have great signage to help guide you to the rental car area. Once I got there it was quick and painless and they gave me a free upgrade to a larger vehicle.
1.9 HorribleJul 21 2021
The vehicle I had reserved at Enterprise a 12 passenger van was not available, so I had to cancel the trip. I was informed two days before the trip date by Enterprise that the van was scarce and may not be available, at this point I had no other options but to cancel. They offered an SUV but this could not accommodate 12 people. I do not recommend Enterprise to anyone because of the poor service that I received. I’m a small travel agency and was very dependent on this trip happening to Biloxi Ms. I hope this will help the next consumer when renting a vehicle. Thank you
10.0 ExcellentJun 14 2021
excellent experiencenothing - car was great - service was good - price was spot on
4.0 OkayJun 14 2021
Staff friendly at pickup and dropoff.There needs to be several more employees working at the pickup counter. People shouldn’t have to wait in long lines to get their car.
2.0 MediocreJan 10 2021
I was charged a drop fee (rented at ATL, dropped at STL as per the contract). The rental was not supposed to include a drop fee, but my credit card shows an almost $600 charge for what was supposed to be a $200 rental. I expect a refund of the drop fee. Thank you. -c.
10.0 ExcellentNov 24 2020
YesEverything was easy.
3.6 MediocreNov 16 2020
PeopleLong wait time, over hour
7.6 GoodSep 17 2020
It was very difficult to find the rental desk coming from outside the airport. Better signage or online instructions needed. Also, Enterprise would not honor my reservation without a major credit card on file. This should have been disclosed up front.
8.0 ExcellentMay 25 2020
Car price was great!Someone to be at the drop-off place. It was confusing where to leave the car and keys
8.4 ExcellentApr 29 2020
It would have been nice on drop offs if I could have used the restroom. Covid-19 restored not somebody's been driving for hours and he use the restroom and they would not let me in. The other issue is I think it could have been better than $21 a day. I had offers for $12 a day but decided to use Enterprise because of a drop off in Statesboro. Garage to be nice if you guys should do a triple a discount and I typically rent through hurts and they offer AAA. Freddy
Rated #3
8.4 Excellent (14 reviews)
1 location in East Point
Locations in East Point
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  • 8.5
  • 8.5
  • 8.4
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreAug 29 2020
the did NOT have my car - or ANY car for that matter my reservation for for 7:00 - the sign at the counter said that no cars are available until 8:30 I asked them for a car, ANY car - nothing was available they "over" book online w cheap rates and then hope to figure it out later i ended up renting from AVIS - they had cars left
10.0 ExcellentJan 1 2019
Best return experience.Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Return crew was efficient and fast.NA
3.2 MediocreDec 30 2018
Never againflat daily rates were same but coverage rates were slightly better than hertz and alamo. negative review is purely for the pickup experience. drop off was flawless.Bait and switch bullshit which is never acceptable. Will be sending email to their corp office with details and some pictures.
10.0 ExcellentJul 20 2018
Switch from Hertz to NationalHertz wanted to charge $250 for a 3-hr rental - crazy. National charged $99.
10.0 ExcellentNov 24 2016
Convenient. Good method to get from Atlanta to Greenville when flights to Greenville are too expensive.
6.8 GoodOct 20 2015
Pretty mediocrePickup and Dropoff was SUPER easy and quick. That makes a huge difference when renting. Also, it was relatively cheap.The car was pretty nasty. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks.
From $50/dayRated #4
Airport Van
6.4 Good (17 reviews)
1 location in East Point
Airport Van
Locations in East Point
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  • 7
  • 6.3
  • 5.6
  • 5.5
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreMar 24 2021
Didn't hold my reservation, even after getting a text confirmation a couple days before.
8.0 ExcellentMar 22 2021
YesBait and switch on the mileage. The web site say's unlimited mileage but the van company only allows 375 miles per day per state resident. "beware"
2.0 MediocreMar 1 2021
They lied about mileage
4.0 OkayOct 19 2020
The person at the desk was friendly and efficient once we got there. We were quickly checked out and on our way after a long wait.The directions on obtaining the vehicle were not explained to us until after we called for directions to the off site rental. We had to wait for a van to pick us up and take us to the rental lot, which took a long time to get to us. Upon arrival the agent greeted us and was welcoming. There was an undisclosed $200 deposit that we were not expecting and was taken from our debit card the day of rental. It was advertised that the van would be exceptionally clean and sanitized. When Adrienne pulled up the van it was obvious it has sat for awhile. The outside was dirty and banged up. The inside was fair, but it was definitely not clean. The Van’s brakes were poor and the power steering was loud. Not what I expected for the price we paid.
8.0 ExcellentMay 26 2020
The service.
5.2 OkayMay 25 2020
The owner couldn't care less about service.
6.8 GoodFeb 5 2020
The van operated fine. I had a bunch of warning lights. Low tire pressure and that weird balancing light thing.The pick up process. I waited over an hour for them to clean the van. And then they informed me that I didn’t qualify for unlimited miles even though it said unlimited miles on the website. 1) please clean your van prior to your customers picking them up. 2) please disclose all terms and conditions so your customers can know what they are getting themselves into.
2.0 MediocreJan 30 2020
NothingMy flight didnt get in till 4:00 pm they refused to work with me because I was supposed to pick up at 12:00 pm I will be doing everything to get my money back.
6.4 GoodJan 7 2020
Vehicle was cleanPickup from airport took a ridiculous amount of time. They did not disclosure the additional fee for dropping the vehicle off at an offsite “partner” location. This was the ONLY option as they were closed when we dropped the vehicle off. The fee was not disclosed.
2.0 MediocreNov 12 2019
Nothing. there was no vehicle available. i hope i wasn't charged.the website being accurate about rental availability.
From $28/dayRated #5
Cheapest deal
5.9 Okay (24 reviews)
2 locations in East Point
Locations in East Point
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Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreMar 28 2020
Had to cancel due to Coronavirus and prepaid rental was not totally refunded. :(
9.2 ExcellentFeb 16 2020
Pickup and dropoff different entrances
5.2 OkayNov 10 2018
The agent was helpful and the location was good.I arrived a couple of hours late due to a late flight. When I got there, the agent said my economy car was no longer available. He said he would have to charge me for a full size car. I was annoyed at this because it wasn't my problem that they didn't have the car. They should have given me the full size car for the economy price, as most companies do.
5.2 OkayNov 7 2018
Rental, off Airport PropertyThis rental was $100 cheaper than renting from the airport Hertz. The car worked well and got great gas mileage!We had to get the shuttle to the Hilton and then get the rental. The staff seemed to not really know what was going on (maybe the guy was new?). The car wasn't that clean; windows weren't clear, seats had stains, control panel full of smudges and candy wrappers left in the vehicle. We had to wait until the Hertz Hilton counter opened at 8am; there is no drop box for the key.
2.0 MediocreOct 15 2018
Bait and switchThe person at the pick-up location was very helpful but the corporate service was horribleI booked a car 2 weeks in advance of my trip. I called the afternoon I was to pick up my car to confirm the address I was to go to and to make sure they had the reservation. I was told they had the reservation but that they did not have the car for me and so I would have to upgrade to a larger car at an additional cost of $15 a day to me. I was in Atlanta on Friday afternoon the weekend of the big homecoming events for the big university in town. There was nowhere else I could go at that time of day on that weekend to get a vehicle. I had to call and talk to somebody on the phone then they just passed the buck onto the local manager. I was given a car that clearly had issues with it things like Wi-Fi did not work there was an engine light on of some kind. But I had no choice and I took it.
4.4 OkayAug 28 2018
Girl at the counter in ATL Hapeville location was rude and has very poor customer service skills.Fire her.
6.8 GoodApr 17 2018
Van was dirt, inside and outside.SizeDirt
6.0 GoodFeb 22 2018
Customer Service was good.The radio didn’t work and the engine light went on
10.0 ExcellentFeb 6 2018
Great AgentsThe girl sorry I can't remember her name. She was so friendly and went out of her way to be helpful. I will be returning to this Hertz.
9.6 ExcellentDec 31 2017
Quick, no line, was upgraded to a larger car for no extra cost.The rental location was slightly difficulty to find. They could use better signage at the hotel to direct you to the Hertz counter.
Rated #6
4.9 Okay (23 reviews)
1 location in East Point
Locations in East Point
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  • 5.3
  • 4.6
  • 4.3
  • 4.9
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreNov 11 2019
I reserved a car online and when it was time to pick up the car, the rep at the counter told me I had reserved the car when there was a "glitch in the system" because there were no cars actually available. That's all he could tell me and "sorry about that". IT IS COMICAL that I would receive a survey link after NOT ACTUALLY DRIVING OFF WITH A CAR FROM ACE!!! No plans to try them again.
2.8 MediocreAug 30 2019
It was terrible. I was directed to a spam phone line listed as ACE customer service that took personal information. And, no one responded or followed up. I'm disgusted.
5.6 OkayJun 10 2019
Car was fineCar had way too much scent, as though they were trying to cover something up. Also the real difficulty I had was I arrived at the counter and no one was there. No sign that said "Will be back in X minutes." Just nothing. The counter beside me (diff company) said "Stay in line, they will be here."
5.2 OkayFeb 26 2019
Drop-offThe company needs to specify to the customers that they determine the pick up time and that they only hold the reservation for 2 hours.
4.0 OkayNov 21 2018
Mediocre customer service at desknot muchWeird questions from front desk clerk NO RECEIPT.
6.4 GoodNov 10 2018
price was significantly lower than hertz pickup and drop-off were easy and relatively fastcar had 57,000 miles and was a little tired
2.0 MediocreMay 13 2018
This was the worst experience I’ve ever hadIt took 4 hours to find my rental car and a trip to another hertz. They wasted the first day of my short vacation. The people who worked there were incredibly rude. And made the situation much more unbearable. Also ended up paying an extra insurance because apparently they didn’t take the insurance i paid online. It was a waste of money.
4.0 OkayApr 23 2018
Huge hassle returning 2 hours late.
6.0 GoodOct 20 2017
SatisfactoryCar was functional, pick up and drop off were adequatevery bare-bones operation.
2.0 MediocreAug 15 2017
Didn't even pick up the carThey had my flight information ahead of time. I called them to let them know plane flight was delayed (by ~30-45min)- no one even picked up the phone. Went onto the flight thinking, "They wouldn't have asked for my flight number if this wasn't a problem they were used to having to deal with." Finally showed up at Atlanta Airport's Rental Car Center to a closed booth. Another rental company was open and happy to take my money. Never again Ace.
Busmax Rent-A-Bus
1 location in East Point
Busmax Rent-A-Bus
Locations in East Point
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