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Cheap car rentals in Gulfport

$51/dayFull-size SUV
$89/dayPassenger Van
$46/dayPickup Truck
$63/dayPremium SUV
$28/daySupplier Choice
$29/dayCompact SUV
$33/dayIntermediate SUV
$35/dayStandard SUV
$39/dayStandard station wagon
2 Adults, 2 Bags
hertzEconomy car in Gulfport
4 Adults, 2 Bags
turoCompact car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
hertzIntermediate car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
hertzStandard car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 2 Bags
hertzFull-size car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 5 Bags
opaquecarMinivan car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 2 Bags
hertzFull-size SUV car in Gulfport
2 Adults, 2 Bags
hertzMini car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 5 Bags
opaquecarPremium car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 5 Bags
turoPassenger Van car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 5 Bags
hertzLuxury car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
avisConvertible car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
hertzPickup Truck car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 5 Bags
enterprisePremium SUV car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 5 Bags
enterpriseSupplier Choice car in Gulfport
4 Adults, 2 Bags
turoCompact SUV car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
hertzCommercial car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
hertzIntermediate SUV car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
turoStandard SUV car in Gulfport
5 Adults, 3 Bags
dollarStandard station wagon car in Gulfport
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Gulfport car rental reviews and directory

From $33/dayRated #1
Best rated
8.4 Excellent (141 reviews)
3 locations in Gulfport
EnterpriseLocations in Gulfport
14035 Airport Rd+1 844 917 0966
Monday08:00 - 21:30
Tuesday08:00 - 21:30
Wednesday08:00 - 21:30
Thursday08:00 - 21:30
Friday08:00 - 21:30
Saturday08:00 - 21:30
Sunday08:00 - 21:30
535 Pass Rd+1 228 868 6004
8455 Tennessee Ave+1 228 865 0087
Monday08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday08:00 - 17:00
Thursday08:00 - 17:00
Friday08:00 - 17:00
Saturday09:00 - 12:00
Sunday12:00 - 15:00
  • 8.4
  • 8.6
  • 8.3
  • 8
  • 8.4
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentJun 4 2020
Pros: Outstanding staff
10.0 ExcellentMar 17 2020
Pros: All elements of my dealings with staff @ Enterprise were the "best" !!Cons: Wish more sites were open on the weekend, but can't have everything.
10.0 ExcellentNov 18 2019
Pros: Friendly staff, very helpful and a great deal!! The whole process was super efficient and easy. We will definitely use enterprise every time in the future.
10.0 ExcellentJul 31 2019
Pros: The staff and serviceCons: Nothing. It was perfect
10.0 ExcellentJul 8 2019
Pros: Everything. Excellent servicesCons: You guys are 5 star
10.0 ExcellentOct 28 2018
Cons: Employees were very friendly and accommodating Excellent service
10.0 ExcellentOct 24 2018
Cons: Very helpful and accommodating.
10.0 ExcellentAug 4 2018
Forgot my sun glassesPros: Agent thoroughly went thru the vehicle and discovered I had forgotten to retrieve my sunglasses. He saved me a return trip.
10.0 ExcellentMay 7 2018
Had a great stay.Pros: The location was great, close to stores, and drug stores. Perfect place to stay. Loved the employees so helpful.Cons: Would stay here again love the location.
10.0 ExcellentMar 4 2018
TOP NOTCH SERVICEPros: The service was incredible!Cons: The price could be better...
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From $30/dayRated #2
Most popular
8.1 Excellent (42 reviews)
1 location in Gulfport
DollarLocations in Gulfport
14035 Airport Road+1 866 434 2226
Monday08:00 - 20:00
Tuesday08:00 - 20:00
Wednesday08:00 - 20:00
Thursday08:00 - 20:00
Friday08:00 - 20:00
Saturday08:00 - 20:00
Sunday08:00 - 20:00
  • 8.3
  • 8
  • 8
  • 8
  • 8
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentAug 4 2020
Pros: Everything was efficient and the staff was friendly.Cons: The staff was not wearing a mask and there was no plexiglass sneezeguard at the register, like there was at other vendors' registers.
10.0 ExcellentJul 25 2020
Pros: The staff, the service and the carCons: Nothing. It was perfect.
10.0 ExcellentFeb 10 2020
Pros: Staff great. In and out.
10.0 ExcellentSep 30 2019
Pros: Easy peazy
2.0 MediocreMay 4 2019
Cons: The attitude of the person behind the desk. She was rude and had a chip on her shoulder. The car was dirty and smelled like people had been smoking pot in it.
9.2 ExcellentAug 22 2018
OutstandingPros: return was very fast and friendly. very clean and well set up airport.Cons: nothing. my experiance was perfect.
6.4 GoodJul 10 2018
PickupPros: Car adequate - fuel efficient, clean.Cons: The pickup counter was not staffed at 6:30pm. The reservation was processed by Hertz personnel. The Hertz line was extremely long. It was 20-30 minutes before I was able to interface with a representative to obtain my rental. There was no one outside to observe the inspection of the car before leaving the lot.
10.0 ExcellentJun 29 2018
Eco friendlyPros: eco feature saved on gasCons: nothing
7.6 GoodApr 8 2018
Pros: Dollar upgraded the size of the vehicle, we had an SUV instead of a compact.Cons: The Dollar/Hertz counter at pickup was overwhelmed at the Gulfport airport. There were only 2 agents on duty, it took at least an extra 30 minutes or more to get the rental.
10.0 ExcellentMar 30 2018
Pros: Everything one would expect and appreciate: Quick rental process, very friendly agent, clean car, fully fueled, no mechanical issues
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From $28/dayRated #3
Cheapest deal
7.3 Good (31 reviews)
2 locations in Gulfport
HertzLocations in Gulfport
10495 B Hwy 49+1 228 539 9330
Monday08:00 - 16:00
Tuesday08:00 - 16:00
Wednesday08:00 - 16:00
Thursday08:00 - 16:00
Friday08:00 - 16:00
14035-d Airport Road+1 228 863 2761
Monday08:00 - 20:00
Tuesday08:00 - 20:00
Wednesday08:00 - 20:00
Thursday08:00 - 20:00
Friday08:00 - 20:00
Saturday08:00 - 20:00
Sunday08:00 - 20:00
  • 7.8
  • 7.6
  • 7.2
  • 7
  • 7
Recent reviews
6.0 GoodJul 25 2020
Pros: The manager doesn't care if you get your car no matter the circumstances. She made it clear my problem ( and I was a paying customer) was not her problem. I left in tears.
2.8 MediocreFeb 3 2020
Cons: Staff needed to call Hertz with questions. No airport shuttle. Had to pay a taxi. Could not add 2nd driver without additional fee.
10.0 ExcellentApr 21 2019
Cons: The drop off point was different than the pick up at the direction of Hertz however upon arrival the drop off point was closed. There was some confusion when we called the 800 number for assistance but after calling the local, pick up location (airport) we were ultimately directed to bring the vehic
9.6 ExcellentMar 19 2019
Pros: The staff was very friendly and helpful, would use over again and again!!Cons: When I searched for a car rental, I was asked what airline I was using, I assumed it would have used the Rental located at that airport, I had to take a Taxi to another Hertz location, it saved me money though, I guess I can't complain to much!!
10.0 ExcellentFeb 28 2019
Pros: HertzCons: The online process...had to redo rental via hertz because certain things were not explained well
2.0 MediocreFeb 4 2019
Cons: the car they gave me did not have working aux ports, they had no other vehicle and could not fix them. did not offer anything to compensate for renting me a faulty vehicle.
2.0 MediocreJan 13 2019
Cons: location was closed when plane landed. took bus to hotel in biloxi no shuttle between airport and location, I was told this when I called the next morning. car was not used and my fee with you was non refundable after pick up date, will not use your service in future
4.0 OkayOct 22 2018
No customer servicePros: Car did well on fuel mileage.Cons: After three calls to change my dropoff location I was told that since I Paid ahead of time they could not adjust my reservation. I was then told that I had to call the place that I was going to drop it off at which was not open then I was told to call the place I wanted to change it to and was given that phone number that phone number for the 3rd time re directed me back to the main call center. I will never use hertz again once they have your money they don't care what you need or if your plans change. I have never been given so many different excuses as to why my needs dont matter.
9.2 ExcellentDec 10 2017
2 miles from airportPros: Staff was friendly. Car was great.Cons: I made the mistake of not double checking the address. I had renting off of the airport property and incurred cab costs both pick up and drop off.
8.0 ExcellentNov 29 2017
Pros: Easy buy now, then just pick up and go!
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From $32/dayRated #4
8.3 Excellent (21 reviews)
1 location in Gulfport
BudgetLocations in Gulfport
14035 Airport Road+1 228 864 5181
Monday08:00 - 22:00
Tuesday08:00 - 22:00
Wednesday08:00 - 22:00
Thursday08:00 - 22:00
Friday08:00 - 22:00
Saturday08:00 - 22:00
Sunday08:00 - 22:00
  • 8.3
  • 8.4
  • 8.4
  • 8
  • 8.1
Recent reviews
5.6 OkayApr 9 2019
Pros: Pick up and drop off were quickCons: Pick up attendant was rude! And car was not clean.
8.0 ExcellentJul 14 2018
Maybe it’s just a bad week to rentPros: Great car. Loved the radar. Great locations.Cons: Had to wait to pickup and return the vehicle at both locations. The taxes and fees were $93. Seems way to high.
10.0 ExcellentMay 31 2018
Pros: Affordable Quick And convenient
10.0 ExcellentApr 6 2018
Pros: Rental agent was courteous and professional and car was immediately available for me
8.8 ExcellentJan 1 2018
Pros: The people at the counter at both locations were very pleasant and accommodating. I was early to pick the car up and there was no hassle at all.
10.0 ExcellentSep 18 2017
Awesome!Pros: Not bad to deal with. The desk was open at 10:00pm when we landed. I failed to take into account the time difference and booked the car for 11pm but they let us pick it up an hour early with no trouble. Lowest rate for on site pick ups at the airport.
2.0 MediocreJun 15 2017
Is a smartfor2 a car?Pros: I had rented an economy car and your website said it would by a Hyundai Accent or similar. I did not need a big car, it was just two people and luggage. But at the rental counter, I was told that the only car available for a smart for 2 and it did not have a trunk or any place for luggage. I had to instead rent a full size for $100/day (instead of ~ $33/day).Cons: It seems to me that car rental websites are getting more and more deceptive. Since when did a Nissan Altima become a full size? It seems that car sizes are going the opposite direction of women's dress sizes - car sizes get smaller while women's dresses get larger for the same number!!
9.2 ExcellentNov 1 2015
Pros: Very short lines. In and out quickly
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From $32/dayRated #5
4.3 Okay (8 reviews)
1 location in Gulfport
AvisLocations in Gulfport
14035 Airport Road, Suite C+1 228 864 7182
Monday08:00 - 22:00
Tuesday08:00 - 22:00
Wednesday08:00 - 22:00
Thursday08:00 - 22:00
Friday08:00 - 22:00
Saturday08:00 - 22:00
Sunday08:00 - 22:00
  • 5
  • 4.7
  • 4.2
  • 4.2
  • 3.5
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreSep 16 2019
Poor service,poor car, high pricePros: Gas mileage was good and that’s about all! Didn’t break down and that’s a miracle. Your agent in Asheville was comoetent and corrected my bill but you have not set up scanning services in Asheville causing customers to walk afditional yards into the terminal when they are not catching flight.Cons: car smelled like floral sprayed cigarette smoke. brakes grabbed and sounded like I was running over ridged pavement. Avis wasn’t available and sign directed me to Budget (extra walking)who had trainee who majorly overcharged me without explanation. car licensed in NJ and I drive car half-way back for you and got major drop fee?(poor value)
10.0 ExcellentMar 19 2019
Pros: The staff was great and made my experience very enjoyable.Cons: There was some confusion about how long my reservation was fof initially. The staff fixed the issue quickly though.
2.0 MediocreOct 15 2017
No one was available when I dropped off car .Cons: No one available at airport for drop off. Left keys in drop box and when I arrived in SC to pickup next car was told Ziegler didn’t return vehicle in Gulfport. Had to inform them what happened so I could get next car. Won’t use Avis again.
2.0 MediocreDec 2 2016
Stranded in MississippiPros: I loved the fact that Dollar Rental was open.Cons: I was stranded in Mississippi the day before Thanksgiving. My car was towed so I reserved a car with Avis at the airport in Gulfport. My pickup time was 11pm. When I arrived at 1056pm, no one was at the counter. I asked the rental rep. from Enterprise(I think) if there was anyone there she said they were gone. Out comes the Avis Rep. from the back at 1058pm. I introduce myself and state that my pick up is at 11pm. She says "we're closed for today". I said to her that my pickup time is 11, how are you closed before my pickup time? She said "we've already closed" and proceeded to walk out the door. Thank goodness the Dollar Rental had an associate that was willing to help and actually worked her complete shift! I will never rent from Avis again due to this experience. When I needed them most, their representative left me standing there, stranded in Mississippi. Thanks Dollar Rental.
2.0 MediocreOct 18 2016
Surly Check-inCons: Rented from some one else
5.6 OkayAug 23 2016
Avis charged way more than price quotedPros: ConvenienceCons: The rental cost almost 20 dollars more than the price Kayak quoted. No options were added and car was driven less than 15 miles. I could have rented a cheaper car somewhere else. Not happy at all. This is the second time this has happened and each time with Avis. Not happy at all.
5.2 OkayJul 9 2016
terrible customer servicePros: The car was clean and even compatible with Florida toll ways for a small daily fee plus the cost of each individual toll, a very convenient addition. The vehicle was very clean and nice.Cons: The woman who helped me explained nothing, I suppose she assumed I knew everything possibly because I had a reservation. She was short with her sentences and seemed overall just unhappy. She was not rude by any means, but my reservation was for a Ford Focus or similar and I received a Volkswagen Jetta which is completely fine. She didn't even tell me this though. She handed me the keys and assumed I just knew. I'm not sure honestly what her thought was. She didn't even attempt to explain the rental contract or any of the warnings such as non smoking or the fine. I was not offered any information regarding additional insurance and I'm still unaware if that was actually an option. I felt as if she did not care in the slightest about myself or my lack of knowledge regarding the details of renting a car from Avis for the first time. Overall she was utterly useless. A machine similar to that of a Red Box type of kiosk that dispenses keys would have likely been FAR more helpful.
6.0 GoodMay 2 2016
Rented a month in advance and did not have my typePros: They did have a car for me.Cons: I needed a SUV. They did not have any and substituted a sedan.
From $72/dayRated #6
3.6 Mediocre (1 review)
1 location in Gulfport
NationalLocations in Gulfport
14035 Airport Rd+1 844 370 7397
Monday08:00 - 21:30
Tuesday08:00 - 21:30
Wednesday08:00 - 21:30
Thursday08:00 - 21:30
Friday08:00 - 21:30
Saturday08:00 - 21:30
Sunday08:00 - 21:30
  • 4
  • 2
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
Recent reviews
3.6 MediocreNov 1 2016
Horrible Customer servicePros: car was excellent.Cons: customer service agent at the counter was very rude to my husband as the original reservation was under his name at noon. The agent first told my husband that since we are late we dont have your car any more and we can give you fullsize for 10.99 per day extra. when my husband tried to reason she got all defensive and bluntly said do you want this car or not... when my husband said he works for hertz and know what customer service is she said its their policy not to hold cars. At this moment my husband requested revised total for upgrade car and the agent flatly refused to give car. She said that now she does not have any vehicles available. At this time my husband came Nd got me and thats when I realized I had another reservation for 9pm under my name. She was forced to give us a car now and in the end she apologized to my husband but it was a fake apology and little too late. We appreciated the free upgrade but didnt need it. Her name is on the rental agreement as agent who did our contract. When we returned the car on monday the agent that closed our contract did not even greet or asked us if everything was ok. Bottom line horrible customer service. My husband works as rental agent dealing with hundreds of customers and he understands customer service. National at Gulfport provided the most horrific customer service of his life... very sad...
From $42/day
1 location in Gulfport
AceLocations in Gulfport
8362 Highway 49+1 228 863 9119
Monday08:00 - 21:00
Tuesday08:00 - 21:00
Wednesday08:00 - 21:00
Thursday08:00 - 21:00
Friday08:00 - 21:00
Saturday08:00 - 21:00
Sunday08:00 - 21:00
Recent reviews
1 location in Gulfport
EasirentLocations in Gulfport
Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport
MondayInvalid date - 23:59
TuesdayInvalid date - 23:59
WednesdayInvalid date - 23:59
ThursdayInvalid date - 23:59
FridayInvalid date - 23:59
SaturdayInvalid date - 23:59
Recent reviews
1 location in Gulfport
SunnycarsLocations in Gulfport
14035 Airport Road
Recent reviews
From $38/day
1 location in Gulfport
U-SaveLocations in Gulfport
2011 East Pass Road+1 228 897 6006
Recent reviews
244 travelers who rented a car in Gulfport gave the car agency they used an average rating of 8.0

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When to book a rental car in Gulfport

Top tips for renting a car in Gulfport

  • 25% of our users found rental cars in Gulfport for $32 or less
  • Book your rental car in Gulfport at least 1 day before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Off-airport rental car locations in Gulfport are around 61% cheaper than airport locations on average
  • Intermediate rental cars in Gulfport are around 37% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car in Gulfport

  • Some car rental companies in Gulfport which have updated their car rental health and safety policies due to COVID-19 to make sure vehicles are clean and disinfected include Dollar, Hertz and Enterprise

  • On average a rental car in Gulfport costs $39 per day.

  • Compact (Ford Focus or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type in Gulfport.

  • In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rental cars were found at Hertz ($25/day), Enterprise ($28/day) and Dollar ($39/day).

  • Based on ratings and reviews from real users on KAYAK, the best car rental company in Gulfport is Enterprise (8.4, 159 reviews).

  • Car rental companies onsite at Biloxi Regional airport include Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, Budget, U-Save, Avis, Ace and National.

  • Car rental companies that offer shuttle or pick-up services from Biloxi Regional airport to off-airport locations include Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, Budget, Avis, and National.

  • Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you.

  • A Compact car rental in Gulfport costs $40 per day, on average.

  • A Economy car rental in Gulfport costs $47 per day, on average.

  • A Standard car rental in Gulfport costs $44 per day, on average.

  • In Gulfport, cars are most frequently rented at Hertz 14035-d Airport Road (4 miles from city center).

  • On average a rental car in Gulfport costs $274 per week ($39 per day).

  • On average a rental car in Gulfport costs $1173 per month ($39 per day).