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Valparaiso, FL
Dec 8 — Dec 15
Same drop-off
Valparaiso, FL
Wed 12/8
Wed 12/15

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Pick-up locationValparaiso
Car typesCompact, Economy, Full-size, Intermediate, Intermediate SUV, Minivan, Pickup truck, Premium, Standard, Standard SUV
Rental locations2
Airport locations1
Popular agenciesEnterprise

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Pickup truck$94/day
Intermediate SUV$91/day
Standard SUV$155/day
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From $58/dayRated #1
Best rated
8.5 Excellent (31 reviews)
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
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  • 8.6
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  • 8.1
  • 8.5
Recent reviews
8.4 ExcellentSep 9 2018
everything was great except for the line to pick upI waited in line close to an hour & a half to pick up the car :( :( CRAZY!
2.0 MediocreFeb 6 2018
The car was fine.The lady from Avis tried to upgrade me at a lot more cost. I kept saying I wasn’t interested. The most disturbing was how she kept implying that I could break down on the side of the road with no help if I didn’t buy insurance or roadside assistance. I was traveling alone and she purposely tried to frighten me. I felt paranoid that something terrible would happen my entire trip. It affected my vacation.
10.0 ExcellentNov 20 2017
Troublefree ExperienceCourteous rental agent, convenient pick-up.
8.8 ExcellentAug 16 2017
Great Car, Easy Return, but long waitCar was nice and clean and returning it was a snapI had to wait in line for over 30 mins to get a car and there were only 3 people ahead of me.
8.0 ExcellentJul 1 2017
The vehicleThe attendent harrass you to purchase budget insurance even though i purchased kayak insurance.
10.0 ExcellentJun 9 2017
Highly recommend!!!!Awesome.. in and out quick and easy!!! Pick up and drop off!!!
10.0 ExcellentFeb 11 2017
Very easy pickup and drop offThe staff were friendly, they price was great, and the car was clean and nice.
10.0 ExcellentJan 15 2017
Car functioned well Return was speedy
4.0 OkaySep 3 2016
Too expensiveEasy in, easy outToo expensive for type, interior was not clean.
8.0 ExcellentJan 5 2016
Great overall...just sayin'Car, checkout and check in were smooth.there was a food scrap stuck to the gear shift.
From $49/dayRated #2
8.5 Excellent (87 reviews)
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
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  • 8.6
  • 8.5
  • 8.2
  • 8.3
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreOct 17 2018
Canceled without warning....Flew in and found out our car was unavailable. Had a parking lot full, but they were saving them for FEMA..which is fine, a disaster had just taken place. But to have no warning before being stranded at the airport is sad.
8.0 ExcellentOct 15 2018
The staff member was helpful and friendly.Waited in line for an hour due to having only one agent on duty. The vehicle was parked a long way from the rental desk, making it difficult for older folks to walk to get to.
10.0 ExcellentOct 9 2018
Easy rental experienceThe vehicle choice was wonderful. Premium SUV - had an Infinity. Loved the ride. Will continue booking thru kayak.Every state has different rulings - additional driver in state of Florida was $15 per day. Would have been nice to know ahead of pick up. Oh well.
10.0 ExcellentAug 23 2018
No waiting at check in.
5.2 OkayAug 19 2018
DisappointedThe van was spacious and suited my need. When I picked up the vehicle the lady at the desk was very polite.When I picked up the vehicle nobody went with me to inspect the vehicle or to do a walk around to insure there were no issues. When I picked up the van it had NOT been cleaned inside. It appeared that it had NOT been checked to any specific standard other than it had a full tank of gas. All 4 tires were low and not a single one of them had the same pressure. I had to add 4,5,6 and 7 pounds of air respectively. I would have assumed that safety would have been a priority. I know well enough to check those things for myself, but what about people who don't? Very very disappointing
8.8 ExcellentAug 2 2018
Everything was great except car wasn't ready when we wasn't ready when we arrived. We had to wait to have it cleaned.
7.2 GoodJul 16 2018
had to wait more than 30 minutes for a car never had that problem before. Yes I did get a credit when I returned the vehicle which was appreciated but waiting was a real inconvenience
10.0 ExcellentJul 4 2018
Awesome PEOPLEEven though the counter closes at 11pm, Jacob was there at 1215am! Waiting. I had called the day before and Kirby assured me someone would be there until the last flight came in and I was on that flight. And he was there. And I got an AMAZING vehicle for an AMAZING kayak reference and I doubt I’ll ever use another rental company if it isn’t Alamo!!! Wow!!! New customer... FOR SURE. Even loved the guy who checked car back in. He sits in van in parking lot waiting on customers. In Florida. About 90 plus degrees. I was beyond impressed. Blown away is more accurate. Thank you ALL!!!Nothing!!! I love the Alamo at Ft Walton Fl airport!!!
10.0 ExcellentJul 1 2018
A little long wait in line but gave us money offNice vehicleWait
10.0 ExcellentMay 29 2018
Great rentalQuick and easyNothing to dislike.
From $54/dayRated #3
6.3 Good (32 reviews)
3 locations in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
  • 6.7
  • 6.7
  • 6.2
  • 6
  • 6.2
Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleAug 10 2021
We reserved from an off airport site to get a better rate. Took a taxi from the airport to the Enterprise location and they were closed due to covid. We couldn’t reach anyone by phone so went on to our hotel. Finally reached someone later in the day and they said they didn’t have my phone number or they would have contacted me. Funny I provided phone and email when I made the res. They said we could pick up our car at the airport location. Had to take taxi back to the airport. There and back cost $80.
10.0 ExcellentJul 17 2021
Friendly staff.
10.0 ExcellentJun 3 2021
A drop box for keys, so I could have dropped off early in the morning before the flight. I had to drop off the day before
2.0 MediocreMay 10 2021
drop off was easy, the rest of the experience was not good!!!make it more known that you are going to be closed at noon on a SATURDAY and not open on SUNDAY Some people can only travel on those days, honor the price agreed on, at a different location if not going to be open an the other location, and quit gouging people on the price, (prices were outrageous)
10.0 ExcellentMar 24 2021
Staff was great Pick up and drop off was super easy
10.0 ExcellentAug 18 2020
Helpful staff, short lines for pickup and drop offMaybe provide drop off instructions
4.8 OkayJul 10 2020
Drop-off was fineI scheduled my location in May and the store had been closed since February. They moved my pick up 2 days prior to my trip and it was a $40 Uber ride to the location to get it.
6.0 GoodJul 7 2020
Janelle went above and beyond her duties to help me at crestview FloridaThe location from the destin airport didn’t have a vehicle. Enterprise sent us to valspario which is a closed location which then led us to crestview. And that cost us $45 cab ride from the airport. When returning the van, it took most of the day to get the receipt after many phone calls and on hold and being dropped by the people at the airport. We finally got ahold of Janelle at Crestview, she got my receipt promptly and courteous. Thanks Janelle.
8.0 ExcellentJun 30 2020
Would have liked a better price.
2.0 MediocreMay 16 2020
Website worked well.Forms of payment accepted
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From $74/dayRated #4
9.5 Excellent (9 reviews)
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
  • 9.7
  • 9.7
  • 9.3
  • 9.7
  • 8.8
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentAug 13 2019
10.0 ExcellentJun 19 2018
CostNothing. All was easy and fast.
10.0 ExcellentApr 24 2017
National made a difficult trip easierMultiple flight delays & cancellations conspired to ruin my family's Spring Break vacation. After six hours of delays, our flight from Atlanta to Destin-Ft Walton was cancelled. Our National agent in Destin airport was extremely flexible and courteous which was a relief in all our bad travel experiences with Delta. We ended up renting a car from National in Atlanta and driving the five plus hours to Seaside, FL. One day later but, still had a good time.No complaints about National this trip.
10.0 ExcellentDec 30 2016
Good Customer serviceVery helpful with return
From $49/dayRated #5
Most popular
Cheapest deal
7.9 Good (20 reviews)
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
  • 8.3
  • 8
  • 7.9
  • 7.6
  • 7.7
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentOct 16 2021
Could not have been easier
2.0 MediocreAug 18 2020
We never got to go. Thanks COVID-19
10.0 ExcellentJul 20 2020
Staff member was friendly, picking up and dropping off was easy.
8.8 ExcellentNov 4 2019
3.6 MediocreAug 12 2019
The staff was super condescending and put me in an economy car despite the fact I paid for a mid size. I brought the car back @ 6 versus 4 and was charged an additional $38 when the daily rental was only $27 which seemed extremely inflated.
9.6 ExcellentMay 6 2018
They offered me three vehicles to choose from.
7.2 GoodMay 3 2018
Quick operation, good agent to pick upthe car didn't have bluetooth. It was weird to grab the car and not have to check it out with another gate agent to leave the premises. If I had something wrong with the car, I didn't have an immediate person to detail that with. I would have had to go back into the terminal or hunt someone down. Nevertheless, it's comforting to not have to wait to get my car and go. So it's just habit that makes it weird.
10.0 ExcellentSep 11 2017
Great price
7.6 GoodJun 3 2017
When you return your car to VPS airport there is no one outside to get your car. You have to park and walk back in and turn in your keys.
10.0 ExcellentFeb 28 2017
Fast, informative, and courteous service.
From $67/dayRated #6
7.4 Good (13 reviews)
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
  • 8.1
  • 7.9
  • 7.2
  • 7
  • 7.6
Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleAug 5 2021
We had to wait in line for 3 hours to get our reserved rental car only to get more awful service and moved to a Tahoe which didn’t fit our family and luggage. Was then told we would get a discount which didn’t happen. Now I get to waste more time on the phone with Avis trying to get this figured out. If you are renting from the Destin/Fort Walton airport location….BEWARE!!
1.9 HorribleAug 3 2021
The car wasn’t ready. We had to wait an hour for them to clean it and when we got to the car, it wasn’t even clean—there was sand all over the floor still. Customer service was poor too. No one to greet us at drop off to make sure the rental was good or anything. As a preferred customer, we were not pleased with our experience.
4.0 OkayMay 1 2021
We asked specifically for a car that seated 8 and we got a car that seated 7. There were no cars that seated 8 so someone had to ride illegally and unsafe the entire trip.The lady that helped at Pickup was not helpful on instructing drop off after hours. The car stunk. And giving people the amount of seating they request is pretty vital.
10.0 ExcellentApr 11 2021
The car smelled like smoke when we first open the door. The smell went away but it was slightly annoying.
10.0 ExcellentJun 3 2020
Friendly, very easy, nice vehicleIt makes me nervous not to check over a car for damages with an agent before/after
8.4 ExcellentSep 4 2017
Slow pick up at VPS.
5.2 OkayOct 5 2016
45 Minutes to drop off a car is unacceptableI honestly was very disappointed with the overall experience at this location.It took 3 employees combined effort in order to serve one person ahead of me in line for at least 25 minutes. When it finally was my time to be helped, I was asked to go into the parking lot to obtain the mileage on the vehicle while the lady stood there doing nothing. When I got back she answered a phone call and didn't even put the person on hold, I continued to wait. When she got off the phone she realized she was not capable of figuring out how to do a return. She proceeded to go for help. In the meantime one of the other employees then tried to help another person that was in line behind me while my employee went in search for help! I informed her her co-worker needed some help in processing my return and I simply cannot wait any longer, I did not account 45 minutes to drop off a vehicle. A capable employee then showed up and processed my return within 2 min. Seeing how easily the process should be handled made me sick to my stomach. I wouldn't recommend this location to anybody.
From $49/dayRated #7
7.2 Good (26 reviews)
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
  • 7.5
  • 7
  • 6.9
  • 7.2
  • 7.6
Recent reviews
6.0 GoodJul 27 2019
One staff member was nice the other could have a better attitude.A little compassion goes a long way.
9.6 ExcellentJan 8 2018
Quick, easy process, economicalI liked there were not excess taxes at this pick-up location. It ran great, plenty of power and great mileage.I chose an economy car and got blown around on the road with high winds. Trade off for small economy car. Also needed oil and fluids when I checked it out after pick up, that I added. Car was clean but needed its fluids checked before renting.
10.0 ExcellentNov 20 2017
The service provided in Fort Walton Beach was the best service I have ever experienced with renting a car.
8.4 ExcellentNov 17 2017
Counter rep at the airport was very helpful.Confusing at to where to pick up the car. Online, I thought we’d be picking up the car at the airport. (Why wouldn’t you want to?). I had booked it from a ‘downtown ‘ pickup, ultimately costing more money! Really? Needs to be more clear.
8.0 ExcellentNov 8 2017
Very friendly knowledgeable hard working 2 you g women.Hour to get the car / they need more help
10.0 ExcellentJul 29 2017
Spacious, great on gas, convenient!
8.4 ExcellentJul 23 2017
Very niceCheyenne was very sweet and professional. Very happy with the car rental.
10.0 ExcellentJul 20 2017
Nice carVehicle was very good
2.0 MediocreJun 18 2017
MAJOR RIP OFFMy flight was delayed by 2 hrs; I went to pick up the car and the facility was closed- it was around 2pm on Saturday afternoon. I had a very difficult time trying to resolve the issue. The reservation should have listed the hours of service particularly as this area is a resort area. Later (4:25 pm on 6/10/17) I was able to speak with someone named 'Gan' who said the reservation was cancelled. Returned from vacation yesterday to find that I was charged for the reservation.
10.0 ExcellentMay 2 2017
Fort Walton BeachCheyenne was very friendly and helpful at pickup and dropoff. The car was clean. Rental was good value for time frame and cheaper than renting from the airport. Even with having to take taxi or uber to/from the airport, cheaper option than renting at the airport.The brakes in this car. When you went to apply the brakes, it was not smooth as in other vehicles, and took couple times to get used to Have Hyundai Sonata, so I did not expect this vehicle which was a different model Hyundai to have such a different pressure when applying the brakes. Did not have back up camera which would have been useful since used to that. Did not realize the rental was not at the airport. Had to take taxi from rental back to airport, since received errors for UBER. Took Uber from airport to rental location.
1 location in Valparaiso
Locations in Valparaiso
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