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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29634 reviews

Cons: My bag was lost, but I think that was more of an American Airlines issue than a Alaska one.

Cons: N/A

Pros: Friendly crew, comfortable seating, on-time departure and landing.

Pros: The crew was professional in every way,
Cons: There were a couple of individuals with oversized carry-ons that held up boarding as they tried repeatedly to get the carry-ons into the overhead bins. Utilizing a carry-on sizing tool in the gate area would have identified these two oversized carry-ons PRIOR to boarding and could have kept everyone safer. Instead, passengers behind the offenders were waiting while the bags were opened, items removed, and another attempt made at stuffing them into the overhead bins, all while passengers already seated were subjected to even more compromised social distancing in enclosed spaces.

Pros: Everything

Pros: Check in and crew were friendly and helpful. Was in first class so of course was comfortable. Deplaning was quick and efficient.
Cons: This flight required taking a shuttle from the gate to an offsite location. The distance to the offside was rather far and we were packed in a shuttle. We had to wait for two more shuttles for passengers that were in delayed connections. Additionally, someone apparently filled the plane with too much fuel, throwing off the balance of the plane and we had to wait for some of the fuel to be removed. During this wait, in first class we were only offered orange juice or coffee. I realize it was a very short flight, but a snack might have been a good idea.

Pros: They were rude and the ride was tight. Over packed

Pros: Phone Plugs and efficiency
Cons: More drink options. It was a short flight, so we were limited, but we only had 2 options.

Pros: The crew was attentive and pleasant. Appreciated the movie options

Cons: Still no tablets for movie viewing. I get that you have an app.. but I sure miss the bigger than my phone screen tablets to watch on.

Pros: Good crew
Cons: Late boarding, narrow seats

Cons: I was in the middle seat between two heavy ladies . I had no room to move. They lost my sis in laws luggage

Cons: Plane was freezing!

Pros: Flight attendants kind and understanding.
Cons: Mechanical issues making nearly an hour delay.

Pros: The attendants were really nice... flight was fast and smooth.

Pros: Everything was smoothe from the time I got to the airport from check in to boarding. Flight was short and pilot warned us about a possible bit of rough air before we ever took off.
Cons: Seats are getting smaller and smaller while prices are growing exponentially. These seats are even smaller than United flights, and they had next to no padding.

Pros: New plane

Pros: This was my first time flying. Everything was easy to follow, and everyone was so nice. Great first experience.
Cons: We were on a very small plane, it was a little crammed but no big issues.

Pros: I didnt die.
Cons: That they fed me cookies all day. Better tasting water. Variety of free snacks.

Cons: Comfort? You have to pay for leg room. Otherwise your knees are in the back of the seat in front of you. Food? What food? They offered trail mix. You have to buy the cheese platter. After buying the leg room upgrade. forget it. Entertainment? What entertainment? You have to buy the entertainment player. Seriously? After Alaska Airlines nickel and dimes the customer to death?

Pros: The efficient boarding. Unlike other airlines, overhead compartment is large enough so passengers don’t need to check in at the gate.

Pros: Everything was great!

Cons: Our luggage was lost upon our return trip. While helpful, they didn't automatically offer a customer service gesture discount without request. This was mentioned upon disembarking from the jet. However, the claim attendant did not mention it at customer service to my wife. I had to go and mention what was stated by the flight attendant. While waiting again in line, I observed that the customer service person did not mention it to the two families in front of me.

Pros: Overall a great experience

Cons: 3 times in the last 10 years i have had flights with this airline from portland twice an seattle once everytime they have some excuse about air crews an the flights leave 2 hours late after a long layover this has been a problem for a long time if i knew the right people like in the faa to call i would . honestly i seriously recommend to do not fly this air line to spokane unless you are desperate .once ok twice wait a second three times two different citys there is something here an it need fixed yesterday

Pros: Awesome flight.

Pros: The staff was great.
Cons: We went through very serious turbulence. The landing was very rough.

Pros: on time
Cons: I have never been on a flight where I was bumped in the leg or arm repeatedly. Passengers were constantly up and down the aisle along with the carts hawking their wares. I trussed myself up like a turkey with the seatbelt so I wasn't on the armrest so as not to get hit again. My grandson who is a lot smaller than I, tried to put his head down to sleep on the tray table. He looked so uncomfortable. I know the deal is butts in the seats, but even the seat bottom is horribly uncomfortable. These planes have become cattle buses. I put up with it because there is no choice and I can't afford first class.

Pros: In my flight form ANC to FAI the check in was seemless. I was given a bag for my car seat. I was able to check my pack n play no issues. Checking my bag
Cons: My flight back my cab driver was late. I got there at 530 first of all the baggage drop lady was rude and looked me up and down before choosing to talk to me. I was told they didn't have bags for my car seat and that I missed my flight. By the time I scheudled a new flight and made it through security to wait for my 9 am instead of 6 am flight the flight I was suppsosed to be on was boarding. Also when I checked my bags after being told I had to call the 1800# instead of use the customer service desk I was told that I had to pay for my pack n play. When it was not charged on the way up.

Pros: Everyone was so friendly.

Pros: Stop

Pros: Useing both doors for loading and unloading
Cons: Getting roasted by the sun because there were no window shades. I was covered in sweat and there wasn't a dry spot left on my shirt. Why aren't there any window shades?

Pros: Complimentary cookies
Cons: Very rough landing; felt like wheels would break off. Original flight delayed over an hour. Replacement flight had to wait for a crew from another plane.

Pros: um...I got home?
Cons: Ugh where to start. First my flight from Oakland was delayed an hour, and while they did rebook me a flight (with a 3-hour layover in Seattle), they couldn't keep me in a first-class seat and didn't offer anything to compensate for that. This was my first time (and probably last time) treating myself to a first-class flight, and I was kind of looking forward to that seat...although I understand if flights are full.. When I arrived (an hour late) in Seattle, the gate was shown as N2, about ten thousand miles away from my debarking gate in the C section. After walking halfway there, I stopped at an Alaska desk to AGAIN verify info and ask if someone could PLEASE CHECK and see if I could keep my first-class seating, since I PAID for one originally and the delay was airline-based. They blandly told me the flights were full and everyone had checked in already, and then mentioned that the gate had been changed BACK to C section, so hike back another 5000 miles to where I started. Wait three hours. I did check in at the gate as well, yet again, to beg with my best smiley-face and see if the girls could find me a first class spot or put me on standby, since I PAID for it. They said, sadly, no it's all full and checked in. Wait and wait. When I finally did board, I noticed that the info board said that "two upgrade requests" had been filled. What? Seriously? Is that MY FIRST CLASS SEAT YOU JUST GAVE SOMEONE? *frowns slightly* Walked through the already-seated first-class cabin, noticing that TWO OF THEM are empty. I was seated in the middle between a regular dude and this woman who is apparently running her company and having a conference call loudly on her phone, right in my ear. So yes, we understand: She's important. After sitting for a few minutes, I finally buzzed an attendant, who finally arrived, and asked her AGAIN, if she could please check if there any first class seats open, because that is what I PAID FOR and I'd appreciate finishing my trip as it was origanally booked. She said she'd check. AND THEN DISAPPEARED FOREVER. Never did see her again. A few minutes later, yet another attendant walked down the aisle with a clipboard, checking for open seats and I'm thinking she's coming to tell me that yes, there's been an opening and one of those 2 empty seats is mine and please go ahead and move. But no. She walks on by and says something about adding more standby people to some empty seats. I'm literally biting my tongue. Then, before I can say anything, these TWO GUYS come flailing down the gangway and bail into the two lovely EMPTY first-class seats in front of me. *scowl* I'm sorry, but unless they were late getting to the plane, and those were actually their seats (could be true), this whole thing was handled very strangely. I never fly first class anyway, and I understand delays and full flights, but it would have been nice to have anyone even attempt to help me finish my trip in the class that I had PAID FOR.

Pros: The check-in was easy.
Cons: Flight was delayed from GEG -> PDX Before departure, the pilot announced that the flight would be "very bumpy" and so they weren't going to have drink service at all and the flight attendants would stay seated for the duration of the flight. This made me very nervous for the whole flight. However, it was hardly bumpy at all. I arrived tired from getting all worked up over nothing. On the way back to Spokane, the pilot announced before departure that the takeoff and landing would be bumpy, but once we got up to altitude it would be smooth. The reality was totally the opposite. During takeoff it was quite smooth, but then there was so much turbulence at cruising altitude that the pilot came on to say they were cancelling the beverage service halfway through for safety reasons. And then it smoothed out before landing. I thought it was a bad experience on both counts. Why even bother making a prediction about flight conditions if they are so changeable? It only sets people's expectations and then they are disappointed or unsettled.

Pros: The flight was on time and very comfortable. Nice leg room. I could plug in my phone to charge which I thought was great. They even had tablets that you could rent and watch a movie. Checking in was uneventful - very smooth.
Cons: The only problem was that we had one piece of luggage that didn't make to Syracuse with us. It was taken off the plane in Seattle and not put on our next flight. We are waiting for it's arrival. Hopefully soon.

Pros: Everything was great
Cons: Nothink

Pros: Flight was on time and everything went smoothly.

Pros: Landed safely.
Cons: Extremely long wait before takeoff. If the plane hasn't been inspected and readied for take-off why board passengers and make them sit in the cramped uncomfortable seats?

Cons: 30 min delay

Cons: The customer service representative at the counter was cold, without a smile, and not having much eye contact while providing service and answers. That makes it an unpleasant experience while I needed to get a boarding pass.

Pros: I appreciated the checking in process with Akemi. She made it seamless! Thank you!

Pros: Everything
Cons: Everything

Pros: Everything was great. I was on a regional flight so I didn't try any food and their was no entertainment but everything ran very smoothly. Very pleased.

Pros: Small airplane
Cons: No food

Pros: The crew was friendly.
Cons: The seats were uncomfortable, but it may have been that I was squeezed against the window because of the extremely obese person in the middle seat. It would be nice if there is a person who cannot fit in the seat to have them be moved to a larger seat. Not sure if that is realistic or not, but it is pretty uncomfortable to have a stranger's stomach fold laying on your leg for 3+ hours.

Pros: Nice and short!

Pros: Love the tablet rentals... staff were super friendly...
Cons: Kid friendly choose on purchasing food items!! Kids are not going to eat brie or Gouda cheese

Pros: Staff was friendly not to helpful
Cons: I wish staff would allow moms flying with small children to get their check at the gate items first before single traveling adults. So moms don't have small children wondering around the Tarmac while the mom trying to watch them and fight through a crowd to get car seats and bags.

Cons: Not make me check my carry on when there was adequate room in plane

Pros: Delta is great and made everything easy and comfortable. Loved having the middle seat open. Flight attendants did a wonderful job! This is a great nonstop flight!
Cons: Do not like the high baggage fees!

Cons: The plane change in LA was confusing & not very clear.

Pros: Crew was friendly and very clear about masks.

Cons: Nothing, really. Airlines unfortunately can’t make people patient or polite, & I can’t afford a private jet, so I’ll have to settle for an eye roll or twelve.

Pros: Crew did the best they could keeping us aware of the extensive delays flying in to LaGuardia. The captain made himself available to answer questions from passengers at the gate early on and I thought that was a great gesture.
Cons: Nothing could have been better. Any issues with the flight were delays beyond the crew's control.

Cons: A/C was not working well, cabin was too warm and stuffy. Long delay on take off. Can not hear and understand pilot through PA system.

Cons: Middle seat, last row. In a full flight, and the passenger in fronf reclines, its difficult to watch monitor, eat, or move

Pros: The crew was nice!
Cons: It was a good expiriance traveling with delta!

Pros: Good crew, good service.
Cons: No complaints!

Pros: That there were TVs on the seats to watch and it was quick boarding

Pros: I had a very comfortable seat, it was a very good experience overall.
Cons: Unfortunately had flights delayed which forced me to arrive home much later than originally planned.

Pros: Nice crew

Pros: Early departure
Cons: Absolutely nothing

Cons: Upgraded to comfort, I’ve never sat in a better seat. The crew was all very polite, informative and friendly. Quick and easy flight. Thank you!!

Pros: Not very crowded
Cons: Nothing

Cons: The pplane was two hours late to depart due to technical issues.

Cons: SeAts

Cons: They changed the gate twice on me and by the time I got to the correct one, the flight had already left.

Pros: The staff & crew were friendly. I liked having access to free entertainment. I liked being able to see the tracking of my checked bag (notifications).

Cons: No food

Pros: Nice plane, comfortable accommodations, great crew.
Cons: There was anything I didn’t like about the flight, everything was great!

Pros: Fairbanks airport small and cozy, very easy to hear boarding announcements. There were two seats in our row and behind us that had been assigned to more than one person. The flight attendants were very quick and resourceful in solving the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.
Cons: I srill dislike the idea of purchasing food and paying baggage fees separately from the tickets. Creates inconvenience as well as at least three separate transactions, increasing your exposure to possible credit card data theft.

Pros: Crew was lovely
Cons: CRJ-700 is too small. Only one bathroom & it was broken. Hour late to depart & no explanation given. Never turned off the seatbelt sign & we ended up on the plan for approx 2.5hrs for our 1hr flight.

Pros: Flight was faster than expected, comfy seats, check in was fast and easy.

Pros: Got to my placs
Cons: Lol put the two fattest people next to each other

Pros: Above feedback is for the MSP to GEG flight

Pros: Flight from SEattle to Atlanta delayed due to mechanical problems for 6 hrs. Once we got to Atlanta there were no flights connecting to Argentina until the following night at 10 pm. Delta did put us up in a hotel but with no food vouchers or any upgrades on delayed flight the next day. Flight attendants and crew were curteous.
Cons: Fairly small seats and food isn't very good (as seems to be standard these days with most airlines). In flight music is very limited. Movie choices ok. No consideration to upgrade to first class or financial compensation have to be delayed a whole day for a long flight to Argentina.

Cons: We were delayed due to the air conditioning not working. So, it was a tad warm in the cabin. It would've been nice to have someone coming around with water making our delay a little more comfortable.

Pros: Typical flight, all went well. Special services picked me up at the plane.

Pros: Friendly staff. Very accommodating.
Cons: Wifi never works. I wanted to charge my phone, but my outlets weren't working, either (my neighbor had no issues). Kinda sucked considering I was planning on working on my flight to New York. The AC was blasting humid air, so it was extremely uncomfortable.

Pros: The crew of this flight were fun and personable without being intrusive.

Pros: On Time

Pros: On Time

Pros: On time

Cons: Long delay due to maintenance of oxygen masks issue. Why hadn't this been taken care of with preventive maintenance?

Pros: Flight was smooth and pleasant. Cabin crew was very kind.
Cons: I flew on a 15 year old plane. After my excellent flight to LAS with AA, flying DL was a notable downgrade. No drinks and nuts/pretzels.

Pros: Cabin crew were excellent and so friendly and down to earth.
Cons: The seats are very hard but I find this with all the airlines now

Pros: Smooth
Cons: Delayed because the airline misschdduled the pilots!! We had to wait for pilots to come to the plane... while one the plane

Cons: Never again!

Pros: Very late flight. Left on time, arrived 25 minutes early! Cabin crew were friendly and cared for everybody's comfort. They distributed a lot of extra munchies. They had real almonds instead of the usual 1/3 ounce peanuts, isn't that wonderful? Lights went off early and stayed that way so that the passengers could easily sleep through the flight. Uneventful flight, and therefore enjoyable.
Cons: I had chosen 10C in the Comfort+ section of this MD90 plane. I did get my knee bumped more than once. I still like the seat because I can stretch my legs, but people should be aware of the bumping issue; it can be rather painful, and you do not get an apology.

Pros: Crew was attentive, kept us informed throughout, and were friendly. Landing was smooth.
Cons: Bathroom ran out of tissues and toilet paper halfway through the flight. Alerted the crew, and they added tp. Bathrooms seem to have gotten even narrower, barely any room to move in there! Also, we had to sit on the tarmac after landing for 30 min due to gate traffic. A few minor inconveniences, but overall tolerable.

Pros: I would like the airline service to do more for our veterans. Especially the 100% disabled veterans
Cons: Seats not comfortable enough

Pros: Plane left 2 hours late.

Pros: We liked the personalized tv screens on the back of each chair that allowed us to watch free movies. The flight crew was very nice as well.
Cons: We were delayed on our first leg of the flight so go into SL late but was relieved to see that our second leg was also running about 30 minutes late. Made for a very late night getting home and needing to be to work the next morning.

Pros: Got delayed due to the computer shutdown

Pros: That a delta plane actually had seat back video screens- First delta flight ever that I've been on that did. But every ones screen froze up just over an hour into the flight.
Cons: Even though the Atlanta to Toronto arrived 'early' I had barely 20 minutes to get to the other plane- I would not have made it with out the amazing staff of weather and the Toronto airport. I use a wheelchair and even zipping through as fast as I could I was 15 minutes late arriving at the gate. I booked this flight thinking I had at least and hour and a bit between flights. Thankfully others on my flight were also late so the Ottawa bound plane did not leave on time

Cons: My seating. Location. We checked in 22 hrs before the flight and received C4 c5

Pros: Relatively painless.
Cons: I do not like the seating and the need to be on a regional jet for more than an hour. Delta should think about passenger comfort when they consider their bottom line. You'll lose me as a customer.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Alaska to Spokane

Airlines flying from Alaska to Spokane have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Alaska to Spokane

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Alaska to Spokane

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Alaska to Spokane

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Alaska to Spokane

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Alaska to Spokane

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