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DeltaOverall score based on 29336 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Drink service"
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Cons: "Drink service"
Cons: "movie selection could have been better."
Pros: "Great crew. Old plane but comfy"
Cons: "The audio jack of the movie is not good It's on & off seems loose"
Pros: "The crew was great!"
Cons: "I didn't get to continue the series I started watching on an earlier flight, as this plane had more limited options. We also waited on the tarmac an long time before take-off, waiting for a part to be delivered to our plane so we could take it to Indianapolis with us."
Pros: "I was fortunately upgraded to 1st class. The flight attendant was adequate. However, did not live up to the level of service I have come to expect."
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Flight was on time, smooth take-off and landing, and gluten-free meal available (ordered before through Alcohol was available at each drink service."
Cons: "No gluten-free snacks, lack of gluten-free awareness by crew, and gluten-free meal had an apple instead of the (gluten-free) ice cream bar the other meals included for the dessert."
Pros: "They were friendly and prompt, joked with us as they worked. The flight was smooth and on time"
Pros: "The flight crew was amazing! Very helpful and did everything they could to assist!"
Cons: "The plane was pretty toasty! It didn't really mellow out once we got in the air, either! That was my only complaint."
Cons: "Got nothing to drink in 4 hours. Crew was LAZY"
Pros: "Happy to be home"
Cons: "Allow more time for check in"
Pros: "Crew was very upbeat and helpful"
Cons: "The “newbies” were excited and loud, the main attendant was very.long.winded.every.single.time.she.spoke."
Pros: "The flight timings and the arrival time"
Pros: "Our seats were assigned at the gate. Somehow we were given the comfort + seats. Very nice! Thank you!"
Pros: "Delta in Orlando is awesome!"
Pros: "Cabin service very good and hot meal was unusually good for economy section (especially the chicken with hollandaise sauce)"
Pros: "Perfectly on time. Good food and very good friendly service!"
Pros: "Direct flight from CDG to IND."
Pros: "Crew was good, plane was clean."
Cons: "Don't like the Comfort plus seats that have the dividers vs basic arm rests."
Pros: "Great service from ground and flight crew."
Cons: "Not comfortable on today’s packed planes"
Pros: "We were offered food and drinks (including basic cocktails) continuously throughout the flight. Hot hand towels, comfortable seats, dozens of movies and TV series, all included with basic fare. The flight attendants were kind and helpful. Excellent service and organization!"
Pros: "Direct flight from Indy to CDG is great."
Cons: "Always delays in between transfers from Mexico City"
Cons: "Small airplane, noissy"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "It was not acceptable and very disappointed that flight DL391 from SDQ to NY-JFK was delayed till it left at 4:40pm because there were no crew members to bring the aircraft to STO DGO the night before as it is usually done so that the aircraft sleeps over in las Americas. We were at the airport at 4:30am because the flight was scheduled to depart at 6:05am we were lucky to be able to rebook for a flight SDQ-ATL DL576 for the same day hoping to make the connection ATL-IND. Unfotunately that flight was rerouted to Charlotte due to bad weather conditions with a delay of 3 hrs before it landed in ATL thus missing our connection to INDI and had to sleep in ATL and leave the next day to IND thus missing a meeting commitment that we had in IND. We should and expect to be compensated by Delta for this."
Pros: "Staff friendly and helpful. Some turbulence due to having to fly over tropical storm. Like the games and movies available."
Cons: "The cabin was very warm."
Pros: "The on time departure. The air hostesses were very attentive. Fast baggage arrival"
Pros: "Excellent communication, friendly staff, and timely flight."
Cons: "Overhead bin too small for expect carryons. Should offer free checked bag at check into reduce this delay."
Pros: "Love the TVs provided with recent movies and games"
Cons: "Security was a headache"
Pros: "The kind bars"
Cons: "They gave a hard time checking in because I didn’t mark I had a lap child. I honestly looked and the website wasn’t clear. Then (Bob who checked me in in Tucson) didn’t bag my car seat. And it came super dirty. I’ve never had an airline not bag the caraway. Especially when I asked. Southwest is a better company to work with. Disappointed"
Pros: "The comfort, space, quiet, snacks"
Pros: "On time arrival"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Delta did a really good job as always. Cheaper, more comfortable, and a WAY better experience than Alaska Airlines."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Boarding was easy"
Cons: "Small seats with very little room and no ability to recline"
Pros: "Updated plane. Had usb charging available!!"
Pros: "staff was good, flight was not so good"
Cons: "Hated the storm we flew through, luggage came out of overheads....ugh"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I'll chalk it up to the insanely high travel demands coincident with Labor Day."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly."
Cons: "Like ALL planes today, too crowded."
Pros: "The staff was so friendly, and funny!! Loved the movies offered and snack choices. Updated aircraft"
Pros: "Delta has always be a step above the rest. Traveling with my children is not a problem and frowned upon with Delta. I rarely choose competitive airlines and will continue to use Delta as much as possible."
Pros: "The flight was very comfortable and quick. I like the coffee when I pair it with a biscoff."
Cons: "The boarding process seems a bit chaotic, but it didn't really detract from the overall experience."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Flight delayed"
Cons: "The new boarding pillars with Priority, Sky, Zone 1, Zone 2, etc was a mess. In concept it should be a good process, but it was just a sea of people asking each other which boarding group they were in. Going back to asking those who are in a particular boarding zone to form a line and doing so each zone at a time seems like a smoother process."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Had to buy a one-way ticket on American, as Delta would not move me to another airline,"
Pros: "All computers down. Cancelled flight. Spent night in airport. No accommodations. No food or drink."
Pros: "The plane wasn't ice cold, which was a nice change."
Cons: "I couldn't close my air vent unless I wanted to hear a nice whistling sound for the duration of the flight. So I just left it open, no big deal."
Pros: "Easy boarding, good wifi."
Cons: "Two hour mechanical delay, seemed like they waited forever for paperwork. Then rough weather, so bouncing all over. And on top of it, no peanuts."
Pros: "I was unable to fly Tucson to Dallas Due to mechanical issues. Rerouted to Phoenix than Detroit. Flight was EXCELLENT"
Cons: "flight was packed and attendants were nice but gone are the days of comfortable travel in coach"
Pros: "Goid"
Cons: "Hit heavy turbulence ,scary"
Pros: "Mechanical difficulty and ineptitude -twice at repairs. Undisclosed landing complications due to runways issues in Phoenix resulting in missed connections."
Cons: "Reasonable arrangements were made for hotel, shuttle, and meal voucher, but the airport was virtually closed for the night and getting to ground transportation nearly impossible. Thank the airport cleaning service who were the most helpful"
Pros: "Smooth. We will definitely fly AA again."
Cons: "The flight was late with no explanation. The incoming equipment was at the gate in time."
Pros: "Fast and professional"
Cons: "Seats are really small, the A/C doesn’t work very well, very uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "The flight itself was good however, the cancellation/rebooking process by the airline carrier was less than satisfactory."
Cons: "The airline carrier was not very accessible. I was on hold for a long period of time (during late night hours) for questions."
Cons: "All Excellent"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Sat on the ramp for an hour with no A/C, no water. Jaded crew. Not good overall."
Cons: "Bigger seats. More room."
Pros: "The crew is so friendly. Perfect landing. Perfect flight!"
Cons: "Plane was delayed 3 hours, then delayed 30 minutes more because a flight attendant went to the wrong terminal. AA offered food to us, but this was after I had purchased food from a restaurant in the terminal. Would have been nice to at least offer free WiFi on the flight."
Pros: "The crew was nice, there was a lot of room on the plane because it was so delayed."
Cons: "It could be on time."
Pros: "Worst flight crew in business class ....super lazy"
Pros: "The positive attitude. The spirit of happy."
Pros: "Very cool touchscreen players on the back of each seat."
Cons: "The lights were on 90% of the flight...a night flight."
Pros: "First class seating comfort and service. Even my flight in the main cabin was relatively comfortable, but I'm a smaller stature person so... On time promise kept every flight."
Pros: "Good boarding and on time departure."
Cons: "1) Very uncomfortable seats and spacement between the seats too small and you feel very cramped specially when the person in front of you reclines his seat you can hardly move. 2) Very poor attitude of crew member when asked a question when she was serving drinks. She had a very unpleasant face, and her attitude was like she was not happy on what she was doing"
Pros: "1) Puntuality in departing and arrival times 2) Very pleasant crew members"
Cons: "see above."
Cons: "First flight TUS to DFW was delayed by 3 hours causeing us to mist all the remaining flights. Had to scramble to find other flights DFW to LHR and LHR to DUB. We arrived at our destination 10 hours. No reason for the delay was given. Lousey service on AA."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Good food options in coach."
Cons: "Boarding process (AA in general) needs improvement considering the plethora of groups. Takes too long to board. New seats are downright tiny."
Pros: "Everyone was very helpful and pleasant."
Cons: "No USB ports"
Pros: "Very nice crew. Thank you. I get to see my family."
Cons: "No free wifi"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything."
Pros: "On time. Nice plane."
Pros: "We had our passes available on our iPhone to assist the boarding process. Very enjoyable trip with the crew and we plan to fly AA again in the future."
Cons: "We had some light turbulence but other than flight was great."
Pros: "Streamlined boarding process"
Cons: "Poor leg room and no video . Older plane."
Pros: "Power kept me working, big value to me"
Pros: "unAnnounced gate change"
Cons: "Running in airport"
Pros: "On time Friendly attendants Great service Mike in First Class was awesome"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "The crew did everything they could for the passengers to make them comfortable and informed about the situation but unfortunately it was out of their hands."
Cons: "It may be La Guardia Airport that is the one to blame and not AA, but long story short I was on the airplane on the ground in NY for about 5 hours. We had a domino effect of things happen that caused us to be delayed and then cancelled. First a Gate change to a different terminal after boarding was suppose to begin so we had to take a shuttle over and we're still missing 50 passengers, Engine problem that required maintenance, refuel because we were in the plane on the ground waiting for so long, deplane and replane for 10 mins because of a law, on the runway and back to the gate for all these different occasions. When they finally let us off the plane after all these hours it was because of weather (although the skies were blue and the pilot was confident it wouldn't be an issue) they didn't actually cancel the flight until 5pm, my flight was suppose to take off at 9am. They were also required by law to give us free snacks Bc we hadn't eaten all day or had fresh air--these were all chips and gluten free so I had to starve. AA customer relations said they couldn't compensate because the issue that was documented in their records for my flight cancellation was because of "weather"... my flight couldn't be rescheduled until the following afternoon, making me have to cancel work 2 days in a row and pay for multiple taxis and and extra night of boarding. I will NEVER fly AA or La Guardia again."
Pros: "I liked the ease of the gate for the airplane."
Cons: "There was no entertainment. The airline did not offer a complimentary headphones, and failr sure the wifi was not even working. Also was not that big of a fan with the extra long layover. Was not a fan of the extra time in the holding pattern above Indianapolis, nor the extra time 150 feet from the gate after we landed."
Cons: "Service was terrible. Uncomfortable and good was not at all tasty"
Pros: "Clean, quiet, nice staff"
Cons: "Was late"
Cons: "Delays, attitudes, and fees"
Cons: "A little bumpy"
Pros: "The friendly personal"
Pros: "Short but comfortable first class flight."
Pros: "Great announcements by lead flight attendant."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Early to navigate"
Cons: "After having my flight delayed 4 hours causing me to miss my connection, I was placed stand by on a different flight through another city so I could try and make it home on time. I was the first person in line for stand by, but the flight was full so I knew it was a long shot. Waiting at the gate, I was excited because one person didn't show and they were giving him a two minute wait time before I could board. During this wait time a woman passenger came over and said she had just been given a ticket change at the gate counter. The agent at the gate was furious because the flight was sold out and said the woman should not have received a ticket, but should have been placed on stand by. She went over and scolded the other agent for this mistake. Okay, so she should've been placed on STAND BY behind me in line. After the unprofessional arguing between the two agents, they both admitted it was a mistake and she should be second in line for stand by, BUT they did not honor this and placed her on the plane bumping me. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight because of this and extremely inconvenienced my family and in addition had to pay an extra 75 dollars out of my pocket to keep my dogs at their kennel an extra night because I arrived home 5 hours after expected. I understand that flights end up getting delayed and the agents are doing the best they can to accommodate travelers, but admitting a mistake and not fixing it to make it right is unacceptable. I notified American Airlines of my situation and only received a form letter with enough miles to get me 1/8 of a flight. I don't even care about the miles because I don't plan to ever fly with them again, I want the money for the dog kennel I had to pay extra. I was visiting my husband who serves in the US Army causing separation from our family for long periods of time and this extra headache and expense due to the mistake of American Airlines was disheartening."
Pros: "They didn't delay our flight so that was good. My boyfriend's name also didn't show up on the reservation at the kiosk. One of the employees was happy to help and found him on the reservation."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Very streesful flying on American- very late departures- making connections almost impossible. Sitting at gate or rarmac for 49 min- ridiculous!!!"
Cons: "The flight was incredibly delayed."
Cons: "Flight was very late. Boarding was not good!"
Pros: "I really like the crew on this flight, they were very polite and very friendly."
Cons: "Boarding again same comment as above. Comfort was good because I had paid for an upgrade which I actually thought I was paying for the international flight but found out it was actually for the Charlotte flight which was a surprise it was not very clear from the tool. So hence the Comfort was great on this flight. But the tool needs to make it much more clear as to what you are selecting the upgrade for. Food, there has got to be something else out there other than pretzels, I understand why we do not have peanuts, but a little bit more variety would be very nice. I understand there's a cost tractor, but often pretzels tend to be fairly stale. Short flights entertainment."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was canceled Costumer service was terrible Had to weigh 26 for flight to Indianapolis"
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "E-175 is very comfortable"
Pros: "Flight was fine. Just like any other."
Cons: "Nothing stands out as being good or bad. But I think all airlines are super cramped these days."
Cons: "United Airlines were curt and unhelpful. The refused to allow me to board my flight unless I arrived at least 1 hour before takeoff. There were 57min until takeoff after I checked in at the counter. I have a trusted traveler card and TSA express."
Pros: "Service was good"
Cons: "Delay of over 1-1/2"
Pros: "The ease of boarding and plenty of room."
Cons: "Only that the man sitting next to me kept the light on. It was an early morning flight."
Pros: "The flight attendants loaded the passengers on smoothly despite a mainly full flight. Service was impeccable and flight arrived early!"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Bit of turbulence due to weather"
Pros: "Terrific Gate Team in Houston, who were extremely helpful with my current disability (my foot is in a walking boot). Gate agent immediately approached me once I got to the gate (via wheelchair) to see if I needed anything else. Then she took it upon herself to move my seat so that I had an empty row on the flight to prop my leg up on the flight, which was excellent customer service. She anticipated my needs & exceeded them. She signaled for me to board early, so I had enough time & space to get down the ramp. Gate agents like her are hard to find these days. I wish there were more agents like her. Flight to Indy- Plane were more spacious between the seats. My knees had 6”-8” between them & the seat in front of them. It was a new plane, so if this is the direction that United is going with their aircrafts, they will have lots of happy flyers."
Cons: "It was recommended to download the United app for free inflight Enterainment once I purchased the inflight WiFi. After purchased, none of the movies or tv shows would play. It seemed like slow WiFi was making it impossible to utilize the Entertainment promoted by United."
Pros: "Very nice flight attendant and the landing was very smooth."
Cons: "I’m not a fan of the waffle cookies, wish they had a couple of choices of snacks."
Pros: "New plane, roomy, good free entertainment options."
Cons: "2 short a trip to serve food"
Pros: "The crew."
Cons: "Kayak had a glitch. They sent me an email telling me of a gate and terminal change in the Houston airport that wasn't true. Barely made my flight."
Pros: "The flight to Indy was not full. The crew did a great job of spreading people out so that everyone would be more comfortable. Everything went smoothly and even landed early"
Pros: "The ease of booking the flight and forgetting it until the day I left was awesome."
Pros: "On time, boarding strictly by zones, great."
Cons: "Due to the short flight not everybody was served a beverage, nonissue for a one leg flight, but coming from Frankfurt I would have enjoyed a glass of water."
Cons: "Preboarding wasent allowed. They forced me to check my bag in even though it was made for airplanes. Rude customer service. Flight was delayed."
Cons: "Ok"
Pros: "The fact that no one was seated next to me"
Cons: "Everything else. Got to SFO later than I was SUPPOSED to get to PDX, my final destination. Supposedly due to weather. Not a cloud in the sky......"
Pros: "Nice airport, but terrible organization"
Cons: "We were directed upstairs when entering the airport, then directed downstairs for a so called faster security location. That line was long, so we were directed to a shorter security TSA pre check by a person who took us back upstairs to a 3rd location that was not signed or marked to be a security check area at all. It said employees. This is a disorganized airport."
Pros: "Pleasant staff. All smiles and very agreeable at the gate and checkin, but..."
Cons: "This new unassigned seat fare that offers the "cheapest rate" also doesn't allow a checked bag. What this means is that you have to do two separate searches to compare the basic economy price and the upgraded economy to see if the difference is less than a checked bag. It makes the booking process unecessarily complicated, so much so that I'm just going to exculde United from the list of airlines when I do a search on one of the aggregators"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 7 times and by 6 hours"
Pros: "Comfy plane, ease of connection"
Cons: "Nothing really"
Pros: "Friendly staff, smooth flight"
Cons: "The flight delay was terrible"
Cons: "Was ok"
Pros: "It was wonderful plenty of space, legroom"
Pros: "Everything worked out just fine"
Pros: "The stewards were nice and they were prompt. The plane seemed to be well cleaned inside and they were quick to get everyone boarded and bags stowed underneath. The pilot knew what he was doing and I had no worries there. Everyone was doing their jobs as well as they could be done."
Cons: "The air nozzle above my seat was broken and would not turn off so I freezing the entire flight, as well as the tray table seeming like it was meant for the lap of an infant versus myself and I can't imagine how someone with longer legs than myself dealt with the way it folded down. The take off was rough either seemingly due to tires or perhaps a rough runway. The wifi on the plane would not work. It worked ok my first flight but not on the second. I don't know why and no one knew why either, had the latest app and it was updated to the current version."
Pros: "The captain of the plane was polite and kind."
Cons: "The weather in SF delayed is so very long while the airport staff were rather rude at both airports. And after all that, my bag did not make it on my connecting flight- or maybe it did but you guys texted me it didn't via your little app- and I had to go back for it mysef the next day becuase you would not deliver it or help me find it. wanted to be compensated for my long and horrible ordeal."
Pros: "Good"
Pros: "Easy buddy"
Pros: "Flight canceled due to weather. Eunice Daly in Newark was kind and efficient with finding a new flight to my final destination of Indianapolis. She was great and is a huge asset to united airlines! Bravo eunice and bravo united for having people like Eunice working for them!"
Pros: "Helpful employees"
Cons: "Being charged for internet access. Cramped seating."
Pros: "flight attendant guy was nice."
Cons: "Cost too much."
Pros: "It was ok"
Cons: "It was ok"
Cons: "The plane was not prepared to travel; snacks and beverages were note available during our flight because someone forgot to stock the plane."
Pros: "The flight was very delayed into Newark due to weather, but the service and updates were good."
Pros: "The pilot provided multiple children on the flight with airplane cards. The children were all thrilled. It was so kind of him to take the time to do that."
Pros: "Same as for first leg"
Pros: "Boarding process was easy"
Cons: "Had us planeside check our roller bags but had at least 4 overhead bins around us that ended up being empty. They then took a substantial amount of time to unload the plane side checked bags. I was toward the rear of the plane and still had to wait."
Cons: "Our flight arrived at LAX 20 minutes early so expected to get my connecting flight on time. Boy was I wrong, we sat inside the plane on the runway for over an hour. It was getting hot inside and people were getting upset about missing their connecting flights. We went around in circles on the runway, about 3 times. As people were getting agitated, so was the stewardess. Also people had to use the restroom, and the stewardess kept asking people to stay in there seats and she begin to lose her cool. What do you expect when your on the runway for over an hour. When people got to go, they got to go. So after finally arriving at the gate, "late" United did get me on another flight thru Alaska which was great. Will I fly United again, hmm I'm sure I will, One bad experience won't scratch them off my list, but I will choose other airlines first and United will be my last resort."
Cons: "Flight was late"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Staff is always friendly"
Cons: "We never boarded on time. Houston to Orlando was a nightmare."
Cons: "Same as the first one"
Pros: "First time flying in many years. United Staff very helpful and were helpful when I had questions."
Pros: "On time and nice attendants"
Cons: "I paid $59 to upgrade to a premium seat and it was terrible with my feet being in the aisle where the service cart rolled"
Pros: "The crew was nice and boarding was easy. The plane was on-time. That was the only good things. Seats didn't recline and there was very little leg room."
Cons: "Don't be fooled by the cheap price unless you plan to bring no luggage or pick your seat. After getting charged for each piece of luggage plus carry on and choosing our seat the price was much higher than it would have cost had we gone with another airline that included these items. Disappointing."
Pros: "Everyone was friendly and we got in a half hour early."
Cons: "All Kiosk check in machines were out of service and there was only two attendants at the desk checking people in. The check in process took very long ."
Pros: "Fast everything"
Cons: "Small seat space/isle room I am 6'4 and had trouble keeping circulation in my legs. And the last second $45 fee means never again for me!"
Pros: "THE PRICE, free glass of water"
Cons: "After waiting for 4 flights, listening to guest comments and taking notice of other flights, it was obvious that arrivals and departures are late on a regular bases and the crews, 2 of which were late, causing nearly 200 people to be delayed, inconvenienced and some missing their connections, show no concern. After a mechanical issue was fixed, the entire crew gathered for a gab fest that added 25 minutes to our departure, no explanation, no apologies. one flight was delayed over 4 Hrs. The phrease repeated was " Never Again" and I concur."
Pros: "expeditious boarding, low fare"
Cons: "bad seats they do not recline of a 3-plus hour flight, no snacks or drinks without charges,"
Cons: "The price is average until you start adding the luggage, seating and all the extras, though it is all listed in the purchase. My son bought these tickets. I purchased the same round trip flight through another airline for half the price at the end of August with two carry on and two checked bags included. It was good flights as far as service."
Pros: "price"
Cons: "not enough space,not even water for free,not friendly staff."
Pros: "Nice and on time"
Cons: "The flight was delayed three hours..."
Pros: "No problems, easy boarding, quiet uneventful flight"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Left on time, arrived early"
Cons: "Long wait for bags"
Pros: "Really competitive price"
Pros: "Staff was wonderful on the plane."
Cons: "Everything. Too many hidden fees. Pay for luggage. Extra charge for seating. Pay for drinks on flight even water. With all hidden cost the fare wasn't any cheaper than flying Southwest. Flight delayed 2 hours."
Pros: "Flight attendants were excellent...good attention to passengers...handing out magazines. Very accommodating to a passenger with dog."
Cons: "Flight was 30 min. late departing phoenix but arrival in Detroit was on time"
Cons: "Why do the airlines insist on boarding from the front? Load the loyalty users first and then load from the rear and boarding time would be cut in half."
Cons: "I thought the flight attendant, could of been a little more helpful when a baby vomited and mom was trying to clean everything, they acted like it was the most horrible thing, they did bring her towels then left."
Pros: "Typical flight service (which is better than I was expecting), staff was friendly and seemed helpful"
Cons: "Taxi'ing for about 15 min one landing, getting hit with carry-on fees while checking-in, probably would not fly with them again unless I was packing very light, otherwise you should just go with a larger airline and not risk flight cancellations/delays/runway taxi."
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Charging for a small carry on backpack."
Pros: "It was everything I expected from a no frills airline. The plane we were on was newer even in the back of the plane the leg room wasn't bad. I'm 5'9 just for a reference."
Cons: "The only thing that was a problem you can't check in on your ipad. Being on vacation I didn't have a laptop with me or easy access to one. If I didn't check in before getting to the airport I didn't want to pay any extra for my bags than I needed to."
Pros: "I appreciated the smooth flight. It was great to see how the staff acted quickly to the medical emergency someone had on our flight. I also loved the affordable price of my plane ticket."
Pros: "The price of my flight was the cheapest when I bought it; which is why I bought it. The flight was on time and I had minimal wait time at the carousel."
Cons: "That you literally get nickle and dimed for EVERYTHING. It's literally like taking a greyhound bus in the air. And even then I bet the seats on a Greyhound bus recline."
Pros: "In spite of weather delay, boarding, crew and flight were good"
Cons: "Everything. Flight going there was canceled. Next flight was canceled. Never got luggage.....bad bad bad, no more Frontier for us."
Pros: "Price, the actual flight itself(flying)."
Cons: "Certain insensitive employees, the enormous price difference from online to face-to-face purchase of bags, needing a gate pass to escort children/loved ones to their gate and not being pre-informed."
Pros: "Boarding was very slow and inefficient. Crew made several attempts to re arrange and did a great job. The crew was always nice. I knew this was a cheap flight, so I didn't expect luxury. I'm fine paying less overall even if it means no pretzels or drinks."
Cons: "Frontier seats were hard shells, not unlike stackable chairs you had in school. Not comfortable at all."
Pros: "It actually got me there."
Cons: "So many delays and cancellations."
Cons: "My 87 year old mother's flight was cancelled Tues. the 20th and no flight before Sat., Christmas Eve, was offered. I understand a weather delay, but 5 DAYS!! Will never fly your Frontier airline again and letting anyone that asks know too. Very disappointed!"
Pros: "Our flight arrived early"
Cons: "The hidden costs are terrible. We were charged so much for every checked bag, every carry on, for seat selection and for any food on board. The cost for the ticket seemed like a good deal, but all of the hidden costs made it more expensive than it would have been on another carrier."
Pros: "We boarded quickly, people were nice"
Cons: "My first flight was canceled, and had to leave the next day! my return flight was an hour and a half late getting to my airport, I was two hours late getting home. Worst travel ever!"
Cons: "I will never fly your airline again. Poor service. Never again."
Pros: "My takeoff and landing in Phoenix were exceptionally smooth and comfortable. The flight attendants on the return flight to SLC were very personable and friendly with a sense of humor."
Cons: "I was not aware that I would be charged for a carry-on bag for each direction of flight. Thank heavens I had extra money in my account."
Pros: "Good and smooth flight."
Cons: "Airline charges for everything. Employees at the front desk didn't seem coordial or respectful to each other. It seemed very unprofessional. I booked the flight to arrive in Indiana at 7pm. They changed the flight to leave Denver at midnight without notifying. It is a remarkable difference of hours. They only have a flight in the morning or really late at night to Indiana. The staff on the airplane was nice. However the seat are uncomfortable and no complemtary treats or drinks are offered."
Pros: "overall very satisfying. havent flown in a number of yrs and things have changed a ton. Ur team did a great job. Booked thru Kayak. One suggestions would be a little more forthcoming with additional costs on website. For us newbies. I will fly Frontier again and have a better understanding of the exp. Thanks for 2 nicely done legs. appreciate the effort and the product"
Cons: "Flight canceled"
Cons: "my flight was delayed for 24 hours!A total I spent of 35 hours at the airport in Phoenix and throughout this period no one even offered me hotel! When I arrived in Dulles airport at Washington DC, a day later, my luggage was lost! Now already passed 24 hours no one do not call me! I called the Frontier call center they said "we do not see the location of your bags, wait when we'll call you""
Cons: "The low price lured me in, but the upcharge for putting a bag in the overhead should be announced in an easy-to-see spot on your website. I know someone who flew before, so the charge was not a surprise to me, but I didn't know that it was cheaper online (which I used) and got progessively costlier. I might fly Frontier again, but I'll be better able to compare airlines by knowing what the bottom line will be. One other thing: Those tray tables are a joke. They couldn't even fit a business-size letter."
Cons: "No offer of free water. Flight attendant only asked if we "would like to purchase any snacks or beverages" and then moved on."
Pros: "I sat in the front of the plane with a lot of leg room etc. so I don't have much to complain about,but everything was amazing."
Cons: "No free condiments/drinks like American Airlines. Seats are uncomfortable after long flights no matter where you sit."
Pros: "Initially i liked the price and flight times available. I had to call the customer service line and the rep was very nice and helpful. Front counter experience while checking bags was quick and easy."
Cons: "While trying to check-in, website had a glitch so had to wait til the next day to complete my online check-in. Once it was done, you all don't send a pdf/email of boarding pass without getting app. That was lame. Frontier charges for EVERYTHING which was incredibly disappointing. Felt i was scammed into a "great deal" but ended up having a bunch of extra charges that I wasn't anticipating at time of flight purchase. Cost of checking bags or simply bringing a carry on could quickly surpas the price of the plane ticket. It took an extra hour for the flight to depart because of a malfunctioning jump seat, which happens. However, there was no effort made to make it up to us. Then i realized that soft drinks are also an additional fee. That was unbelievable. You all can't even give your customers a 30 cent can of soda as part of their flight purchase or in effort to make up for the avoidable time delay. Also, the flight wasn't even half full. But they crammed everyone together on a few rows in the middle of the plane. Having seat assignments that are more evenly distributed would have been appreciated. And then the seats don't recline! Finally, we arrived to SFO and got dropped off in the intnl terminal, which was fine. But the flight attendant announced that we were in carrasel 6 but failed to mention that it was in a completely different terminal. So half the passengers went to the wrong carrasel just to find out that we had to turn around and go to a different terminal. That too could have been avoided by having proper communication. Seems communication and customer service is not a priority for Frontier."
Pros: "It's was fast and on time"
Cons: "Great"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Flight delayed 5 hours. Didn't receive a notice about it until I was already at the airport. Waited around forever than got onto the plane it was dirty, the tray wasn't even big enough to put anything on, very cramped and the staff acted like it was there first time working one. I will never fly with them again and I would suggest everyone else to do the same."
Cons: "Flight was five hours late due to maintenance problem. This could happen to any airline, but is apparently not at all unusual for Frontier. They did give vouchers for dinner at the airport, but continued to charge for even water once on the plane. Frontier prices are good, but not worth the hassle to me. I will choose Delta or American next time."
Pros: "Nice and straightforward flight to Indy...everything was simple and smooth on this direct flight from Orlando. Boarding process with without a hitch and the flight crew was friendly and professional. When you know you're not checking a bag, Frontier seems like a good option"
Cons: "Obviously not even getting a can of soda for the duration of the flight unless you pay $2 seems a little cheap, but you know that going in with Frontier--you are getting your seat on the plane and NOTHING else."
Pros: "I liked how fast the boarding went. The flight attendants were very nice. The wine was nice. We were kept informed about the fact we were running late. Still arrived on time. Plane was clean."
Cons: "No entertainment! But I expected that so that is okay. Unclear why the question. People next to me bought a snack but the one they wanted was out. They were disappointed. I did not like the fact that luggage is so expensive to check. I could not believe I had to pay for a seat once I had bought my ticket. I thought that was part of the price of the ticket. I can't fly standing up."
Pros: "Ease of boarding clean great take off great landing on time"
Cons: "cramped quarters hate paying for carry on"
Pros: "Price, til I had to book another flight to get to my destination"
Cons: "I waited in line for over twenty minutes to check in because frontier only minimally staffed the check in counter. When I finally got to the front, the representative informed me that since there was less than 45 minutes til my flight (exactly 41 minutes), he couldn't check me in. So because they took twenty minutes to check in 4 people in front of me, I missed my flight. Not okay."
Cons: "Pathetic seats Don't even get complimentary drinks"
Pros: "early departure, early arrival"
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We arrived at the airport 2 hours before flight time, got ready to check our bag only to be told our flight to Phoenix had been cancelled and there was no replacement flight available until Friday - this was on Monday. No assistance to get us on another airline, just no customer service. We found another flight which cost double our fare and waited 12 hours in the airport— they didn’t even offer to buy us breakfast."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "The flight crew was very friendly. The plane looked like new and was clean."
Cons: "The seating was a bit cramped, the little kids behind me were kicking the seat the whole trip, and all snacks and beverages were purchase only."
Pros: "Boarded the aircraft quickly and left on time."
Cons: "Airplane reeked of vomit and vinegar. Seats were dirty and you have to pay for water."
Cons: "There wasn't entertainment because this not part of Spirit. Food is not included unless you purchase. Overall what was included was good."
Pros: "Everything with both flights to and from AZ were smooth with a friendly and helpful staff."
Pros: "Sheap fair plenty of leg space"
Cons: "Seats not too comfortable but for a short flight it's ok"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "I was sick all morning. Got there at 1130 for a 1208 flight. No sympathy. Has to spend money for another one way ticket."
Pros: "Price and the short flight"
Cons: "Middle seats both ways, other seats are upgrades"
Cons: "Worst airline ever"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable"
Cons: "It cost more for a carry on bag than a checked bag."
Pros: "The passengers around us were friendly."
Cons: "There wasn't enough leg room. Every time we turned around we were charged extra. Our just under $400.00 dollar flights ended up costing us just under $700.00 by the time we were done compared a different airline we were going to take. Someone suggested to take Spirit because they were less. The other airline flight would have cost us a little over $500.00 total. that is a huge difference and we would have had bigger seats and leg room and NO charge for water. All the people around us were complaining about all the charges even saying we will probably get charged to get off the plane."
Cons: "Crowed seats, no complimentary water or coffee."
Pros: "Predictable"
Cons: "I always feel like I have to cram all my stuff into my pack so as to avoid a fee and when I load it under the seat my leg room is gone. Oh weel, it is less expensive. The check in online process is deceptive and the log in doesn't always work which for an old guy can be somewhat scary."
Cons: "it was late as always"
Cons: "It is impossible to pay for bags at booking at the lower rate. Couldn't get on line payments to work. But they kept trying to get money- for seats, for better boarding, for insurance- it never ended!!! Had to call. They wanted to charge me $100 for 2 bags since they helped me. Supervisor did nothing. Told me I should have booked directly with Spirit to pay for bags at lowest rate. So why do they offer themselves to search engines like Kayak? It all amounts to hidden costs and terrible service. Flight was delayed understandably because of weather in Denver. BUT, since the only way to make our connection was not to get our luggage, they refused to get our luggage on another flight on our connecting airline. Said we'd have to figure it out with Fed Ex. No solutions or help offered. I will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "Delayed twice, yet still no email informing us of the change."
Pros: "Flight crew was very friendly. Boarding process was efficient."
Cons: "Leg room is very cramped. Both departing and arriving flights were delayed by at least an hour, with very little prior notice."
Pros: "My flight was cancelled!"
Pros: "The fight was good and the attendants were very helpful"
Pros: "Nothing, actually."
Cons: "The crew was rude and ineffectual."
Pros: "Friendly, great service."
Cons: "the credit card sales pitch was really loud and long."
Pros: "Staff were great; flight was on time"
Cons: "seats are very uncomfortable, very little leg room."
Pros: "Flight was short and comfortable"
Cons: "Luggage fees was more than the ticket for one carry on bag"
Pros: "It was exactly what you expect, comfortable enough to get from point A to point B"
Cons: "There was nothing that bothered me"
Cons: "Our flight was ready to depart when it was delayed for an issue that would only take about "20 minutes to resolve". We sat on the Tarmac for over an hour with no updates, in the middle of the afternoon during Arizona's summer. Finally, the allowed us get off the plane, where we sat in the terminal for hours and hours with little to no updates. Eventually, they cancelled the flight, leaving the passengers s rambling to find a new airline to book an entire new flight. I will never fly with them again!"
Pros: "Super easy, friendly and very comfortable!! I upgraded to the BIG seats"
Cons: "What is there not to like!!!"
Pros: "Nothing to like. Have to pay for everything. Worst seats, rude crew, and the charge for selecting your own seat!...come on."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Great rate!"
Cons: "No free soda lol"
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Everything was great."
Pros: "Delayed 2 hours waiting for paper work really????"
Pros: "They Called me"
Cons: "They canceled my husbands flight so he missed his daughter birthday."
Pros: "I survived"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We had a crisis on the flight and the flight crew didn't know how to use the oxygen tank I have no confidence in the airline"
Cons: "My flight and all other flights to Minneapolis were cancelled that day. My only option was to reschedule for the following day. Instead of dealing with that mess, I got a refund and booked a different flight with Delta. The whole experience has put a negative taste in my mouth for Spirit Airlines. Will not fly again!"
Cons: "Everything but especially the flight attendants who spent most of the flight in a very loud conversation in the back"
Cons: "When I sat in seat I could smell vomit. several time throughout the flight I could smell a strong odor of vomit. It was difficult to not get sick myself at times. At the end of the flight while gathering my belongings I noticed that on the right edge of my seat between the plastic frame and cushion was vomit! It was so disgusting! I am grossed out by the unsanitary disregard for how the vomit was not cleaned up!"
Pros: "Low cost"
Cons: "Crowded seating"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "canceled the flight, NO options for another"
Pros: "It was a short flight"
Cons: "Waiting in the airport for three extra hours for a plane to come for us."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Customer service in Phoenix"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled as we were leaving for the airport. No suitable alternatives were offered."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled when I arrived at the gate. No notice and no alternative flight for two days."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything. Not worth the time, only saves money for emergency flights."
Cons: "The seats were too squished and didn't lay back, but at least the flight wasn't full so we could lay down. That made it bearable."

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