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FrontierOverall score based on 40248 reviews
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Nice flight. Seats are very uncomfortable though

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Nice flight. Seats are very uncomfortable though

Worst flight ever ! 2 hour delay for nothing couldn’t even buy a water. Ridiculous

Pros: "Lady at the check-in terminal was amazing. Flight staff did a good job."
Cons: "There were several “stretch” seats available for passengers filling three seats next to each other and flight crew refused to let people change seats, even if they were on the same side of the plane (weight distribution). Feel like they could have taken care of the customer better."
Pros: "On time process"
Cons: "Charging carry on"
Pros: "Easy and clear options. I DO like that the seats CANNOT be reclined."
Cons: "Not the airline's fault, but I had a weird passenger just behind me, apparently sleep and moving quite a bit, kicking my seat frequently"
Cons: "seats are very very non conformable I would say its a bench."
Pros: "How fast we boarded"
Cons: "We had an hour delay due to maintenance issues, they kept us in the plane for an hour without ac. A lot of turbulence throughout the flight. Very shaky. One of the worst flights I’ve been in. :("
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Late , nickeled and dimed to death"
Cons: "Was unable to utilize my ticket due to work related matters. I called the airline to hopefully change dates and they refuesed to allow that even with insurance on the ticket. So basically Frontier profited with no interest in helping their customers. Will never fly Frontier again."
Cons: "Disorganization with boarding process. Gate changes from that which was indicated on boarding pass, without notification. Expensive baggage/fees. No basic complimentary accommodations (snacks). Uncomfortable seats lacking ergonomic design and headrest. Small spaces for personal items."
Pros: "Everyone was so nice, from the sweet girl who checked our bags in Houston to all the flight attendants on the plane."
Cons: "The girl in Houston could've used some help"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "The plane sounded like it needed maintenance. Very loud sounds!"
Pros: "From the time I arrived to the time home was very good service, team members was excellent"
Cons: "That I had to paid for refreshment"
Cons: "The breaks failed on the plane so we had to deplane at the gate. They couldn't get us out until late the next day so I had to cancel my trip."
Pros: "They said they would refund me 150 for the hotel I booked in denver via check (haven't gotten)- and they gave us a 200$ voucher."
Cons: "They cancelled my flight after I was at the gat for 4 hours and made it seem like the hotel i booked for that night in Denver was a loss"
Pros: "The seats were spacious"
Cons: "When I went to check-in for my flight and get my boarding pass, the Frontier employee at the counter asked if we had paid for carry-on bags online. We said no and she looked at our bags and said we were fine. When we got to the gate however, I was stopped and told that I needed to pay for my bag. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained that their employee at check-in told us we did not need to pay for a carry-on. They still forced me to pay AND tried to charge me the gate price of $60 which I refused to pay. If they were going to charge me for a carry-on, they should have made that clear at the ticket counter where I would have paid $45. They were incredibly rude about it and it seemed like a scam they had planned out to try and get $15 more out of passengers."
Cons: "Frontier is the worst airline to fly. Charge extra money for everything and staff is rude"
Cons: "The fact that they had no other options to get me to Denver. And the help line barely spoke English. So I lost 2 months of planning and couldn't complete the trip. Wooo a refund. Not what I wanted."
Pros: "The price of the direct flight was unmatchable"
Cons: "-The ticketing was long and slow -The attendants were not nice in anyway -The only good seat are worth the same as a carry on bag that you also have to pay for"
Pros: "Nothing. No compensation"
Cons: "That my flight got cancelled"
Cons: "In AZ visiting flare up heath issue cause concern for me to want to wait a few days to travel, I called in advance to change flight 1.) Couldn't get an American worker on the phone, workers are in the Phillipines! 2.) The rep stated a doctors note was necessary and I would pay $99 but if I couldn't provide a doctor's note then it then was $99 plus any amount over the cost of ticket. 3.) Loss over $350 on the trip departure flight from DTW to PHX. 4.) Charged baggage fee and never went on a flight"
Pros: "We were forced to wait 15 hours with one delay after another. With one excuse after another. My flight was scheduled for 1001 am. We did not board the plane on time. It was 1145 pm and I did not get to Cleveland at noon, no it was 3 o'clock am with no chance to rent a car to go home I had to call my daughter! And the best part was that my 75 year old wife had to endure this.they would not cancel the flight and allow me to take my wife to a hotle. There were parents with infants as well that was not happy.So to Hume it may concern You have lost several customers because of your failure to take care of your customers!"
Pros: "We landed safely"
Cons: "The flight crew was atrocious. They were rude when they spoke to us and when I asked for refreshments they turned around as if to get them for me and then the lady sitting next to my husband had to get their attention again to ask a second time if I could have water and Chex Mix so I could take my medicine. I have serious health conditions and I couldn't even get water without paying $3 a bottle. It is disgusting to me that we are charged for flight and then charged for Refreshments during that flight. Any other Airline who charges for a seat to take you to your destination includes at least drinks and nuts for free but not you."
Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "I had to pay 40 for a carry on bag, although I'm pretty sure not everyone was made to pay that. In addition, when I went to check into my flight there was no attendent at the ticketing counter because there was no flight for 2 hours. The whole reason I get to the airport early is so I can battle the TSA line not wait to check in."
Cons: "Lost my baggage and had to spend two days boarder line harassing them with phone calls about where it was. Their company had poor coordination especially at the Austin airport about baggage location and recovery. I will never use frontier again, I'll spend the extra $150 for more reputable and respectable airline."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Overall, it was the worst flight I've ever been on. From the onset the flight was rough. On the air strip, the plane was swaying side to side rapidly. The flight itself was rough with air turbulence non stop. Landing, again, we were saying side to side, I actually bumped heads with the passenger next to me."
Pros: "I like that I finally returned home finally the following day, however, I had to purchase a rental car and hotel an additional day for my inconvenience."
Cons: "During boarding on the original day of return back to Atlanta, the rep that was boarding the passengers closed the gate earlier than 10 mins so before I could return from the restroom she closed it. I was within the 10 min timeframe because I returned back to the gate at 5:34 am and the flight was scheduled to depart at 5:45 am. The plane/crew/passengers were still sitting at the gate so it was an inconvenience."
Cons: "Had to pay for any seat..all seats were a fee. Had to pay for checking bags and for all carryons. All drinks cost money. They would give you water. I would call them money hungry and will avoid them in the future. Seats were very uncomfortable. No padding at all."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "8 hour flight delay due to mechanical problems with our plane. Hidden charges for everything from picking your seat to a glass of water. Really terrible customer service."
Pros: "Chex Mix on a flight. Yes."
Cons: "Yikes, rough flight. Hour and half delay. Tray tables so small you can't use it for a book, even. Seats don't recline? $40 carry on fee?!"
Pros: "Low fare was nice.. but the subsequent nickel-and-diming business practices left a bad taste in our mouths. No in-flight entertainment or proper meal options either. A gate change was poorly communicated, and passengers from 2-3 flights were congregating in the gate trying to decipher the poorly written message (illogical, broken English) on the display behind the agent's desk. That agent was nice enough, but she seemed very untrained and incapable of handling the situation. The boarding gate agent was even worse (see other review)."
Cons: "When asked, the boarding gate agent told us the boarding door was "closing in 1 minute" so that we would hurry up and board. We did, then while waiting in line on the jet bridge, we noticed on our boarding passes that there was another 18 minutes scheduled for boarding. This was infuriating because we wanted to stop by the grab-and-go cafe next to the gate, to pickup food for the cross-country flight (SFO>ATL), especially since Frontier does not offer proper meals onboard. We turned around and confronted the agent about this, and she admitted that she lied to us so that we would board. Lying to customers for any reason is totally unacceptable, and we won't forget this."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Lower ticket prices but charge for a carry on and the flight was late"
Pros: "The flight crew was friendly and attentive. The plane was immaculate. The pilots kept us informed and made a great landing. Every Frontier employee that I came in contact with was terrific. As a former stewardess and ticket agent I am very picky!!!! I loved my jobs with the airline and had great fun with the passengers/customers while giving good service. Lots of KUDOS to all the Frontier people that I came in contact with. Will fly with you again. The first and last time that I flew Frontier was in 1961 connecting from a United flight in Denver to Frontier going to United's stewardess school in Cheyenne,Wyoming! Sincerely, Pat Ollinger"
Pros: "I thought the ticket waa not expensive"
Cons: "Late boarding Cavalier about late arrival Terrible service Nickel and dimed hidden fees Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "Nothing!!"
Cons: "Everything."
Pros: "I liked it was a nonstop flight."
Cons: "Frontier claims to be cheap flights done right. No. No no no no no. When Midwest Express became Fronteir there were some characteristices they shared: valuing their consumer, comfortable seats and professional staff. That brand is dead. If you are looking to fly cheap, you are far better off flying another aireline. Frontier claims to be cheap but they nickle and dime you for everything: pay for checked AND carry on luggage ($30/$35 ONE way), pay for selecting your seat at checkin ($45 additional for extra legroom, $5 if you're fine sitting in the middle seat at the back of the plane), if you want a mixed drink plan to pay $6.99 for the booze and another $2.99 for the mixer. The seats are hard molded plastic that do not adjust at all, and the tray table is the size of an ipad mini. I tried to sleep during the nonstop but to no avail. If I had flown Frontier with a connecting flight I have to believe I would've been more comfortable as I would have had a break from the awful seats and a chance at getting food and beverage worth far more for the money. I will fly Southwest forever now because of this experience."
Pros: "The team at LAS was pretty good about keeping us informed of delays."
Cons: "left to sit on plane for the same amount of time as the flight itself. Why wasn't a shuttle available to deplane us since there were no gates available? Perhaps there's some federal regulation against this, but if this is the case, communicate that. we were already delayed due to weather. I was skipped when refreshments were served. One of the flight attendants (older black woman) had a condescending demeanor (excuse me young man - in a negative tone to another passenger - what are you doing) and did not smile. They did not offer water or other refreshments during our 1.5 hour wait on the plane for a gate until a passenger spoke out to the entire plane who then cheered her on."
Cons: "Two screaming babies. Great other than that."
Cons: "Extremely uncomfortable"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Plane was filthy! My daughter had gum stuck to her seatbelt. The seat pockets were full of garbage. The seats were so crammed together, could barely move. Charged $2 for a can of pop. I will never fly Frontier again! Plane was so late. Barely made it to Denver in time for my connecting flight."
Pros: "The crew was pretty friendly."
Cons: "Getting checked in, in Denver was unappealing. The person at the check in desk to get our boarding passes was very unfriendly and it was not busy. She was not overwhelmed or anything, just rude. The trays and the seats on the planes were horrible! I have been flying since I was in 3rd grade and I am about to graduate college. The last time I flew with Frontier it was amazing (it was like 2 or three years ago), and this time it was completely horrid. Next time I will pay extra to fly in more comfortable seats...especially when we are flying a red eye."
Pros: "The crew was very pleasant. The flight was the cheapest I found. The pilots on the round trip were very capable."
Cons: "The reason why it's so cheap is that they charge for everything. For some reason the site combined my first and middle name. I noticed when checking in and was prompted to change it. I was then showing a $400 balance even though I had already paid for my ticket months ago. I called customer service and they luckily updated it for me. The person then proceeded to tell me if I check a bag, bring a carry one, or want to choose a seat, there will be a charge. $60 just to bring a checked bag (27 lbs by the way) round trip. I opted not to spend even more money on the carry on and seat. I've seen other airlines charge for seats, but they're typically upgrades and you can choose another available seat for free. Not Frontier. If you don't want to pay the site tells you it will choose a seat for you. I don't know what the point of checking in 24 hours in advance is juat to be put in the last group no matter what. Speaking of seats, these were plastic, tiny, and uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable, the plane felt like it was going to fall apart with even a hint of turbulence. Overall not great and I may have to go elsewhere for plane trips in the future. But that's up to Frontier."
Cons: "Paid $45 each for front area (3people) for the same seat as everyone. NO FIRST CLASS. INFACT fly Frontier and they charge you for water. Pay for bags. Pay for your seat when you check in. Pay for water. Pay for pretzels. Pay for kids beverage. 3 of us cost more than 4 of us on Southwest. 24yr old crew flirting with the pilot. 20 min later-who is flying the plane & are the shacking up?"
Cons: "Frontier charges for both carry-on and checked baggage and it is a little less to check a bag. Unfortunately, there is only one ticket window to check said bag at our airport. It also only open 2 hours prior to take-off. If you get there early, you have to wait to check in. Because many people get to the airport early, even two hours early the line is crazy."
Pros: "Was prepared for bad things to happen but flight staff was professional and things went great."
Cons: "Long line at airport for checking in. Paying for a seat and 1 carry on making ticket was rather pricey"
Cons: "The $40 baggage fee is unreal. The crew was very unprofessional. The flight left earlier then scheduled and even though I was there on time I missed it. No one was at the desk. And the phone number for frontier was no longer in use."
Cons: "Hidden charges. Carry on bag charges, seat charges and water even!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed 5 hours had to pay for a ride to final destination. Because plane was late arriving in Denver the $ 50 travel voucher 3 month expiration was lame should gave 50 refund off ticket I understand things happen but voucher is a joke"
Pros: "The take off and landing were smooth."
Cons: "Charged for everything under the sun, how disgusting. Decided to save money by checking bag, huge mistake. Touched down 30 min early, however, baggage was delayed 2 hrs."
Pros: "The worst flight I have ever had. Most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in. I will never ever fly this airline again. They also charge for everything. Everything had a fee. Horrible experience. I guess AA is the best."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Burbank to Stewart Intl.

Airlines flying from Burbank to Stewart Intl. have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Burbank to Stewart Intl.

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Burbank to Stewart Intl.

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Burbank to Stewart Intl.

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Burbank to Stewart Intl.

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Burbank to Stewart Intl.

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