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FrontierOverall score based on 40329 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Seat very small and uncomfortable"
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Pros: "Seat very small and uncomfortable"
Pros: "I got home at a reasonable time."
Cons: "The blond lady loudly insulting passengers in the back of the plane to her co workers. I thought that was very in professional. Also in the back of the plane there were 4 empty rows, I am 6’3” so planes are already uncomfortable. I asked if I could sit in an empty row and they told me no with no apparent reason. Also I’m not a fan of how frontier nickel and dimes their passengers. Don’t forget we are the ones keeping you guys a float."
Cons: "The plane was delayed 4 hours, they charged me $40 for a carry on. This is a bad airline"
Pros: "Got the last seat with no windows plus had no carry on bag but they didn't pay me back the reimbursement which I had already paid for mistakenly"
Cons: "Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly and helpful"
Cons: "boarding was very late, cramped, miserable conditions, seats uncomfortable. Prices for carry-on luggage are OUTRAGEOUS."
Cons: "Ruff ride"
Pros: "When we were able to finally board and depart, it was expedited."
Cons: "I didn’t like the fact that with numerous delays, we were not even given actual information as to the cause. At one point the, the person at the desk picked up their belongings and left the passengers at the gate. Weather was the excuse but there wasn’t any severe weather in either destination!"
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable, having to pay for a carry on"
Pros: "We got there safely."
Cons: "They made the flight more than an hour late so that 12 people could make a connection. I understand having some compassion, but more than an hour? What about the rest of us who, do to the sardine can nature of plane travel these days, had to all listen to each other call their appointment s and explain the delay? Also, they charge for nearly everything -- soda, checked luggage ($45 for one!), carry on. I won't choose Frontier again unless it's my only choice."
Pros: "Crew was great. Boarding was better than many others."
Cons: "No free snack or drink, but was expected on a discount airline."
Pros: "Love the low rates !!"
Pros: "Price!!"
Cons: "I liked everything."
Cons: "It was wasteful and greedy. They just wanted money when the flight wasn't cheap to begin with. I felt like they were taking advantage."
Cons: "First I bought a ticket from Spirit Airlines SFO to MCO for 309$, then I saw charges from frontier Airline, frontier airlines bought a ticket for me too for 287$, when I was just watching checking the price. Then I compared the tickets, both the time, but from Frontier Airlines was cheaper then I stayed with frontier and cancel the other reservation from Spirit Airlines the next day I see frontier airlines also cancelled that reservation and I had to rebook another ticket for 496$, the price went up, then I had to pay 187$ extra, IT WAS A FRAUD JOB FROM FRONTIER AIRLINES, I can prove everything above with the receipts and the dates on it, the worse experience I had"
Cons: "My flight was delayed 4 HOURS! I didn't land until 1am."
Pros: "From boarding the plane, to exiting the plane the crew was exceptional."
Cons: "the add on prices at all air lines for every little thing. bringing a bag should not be a option but a given"
Pros: "pilots did a good job."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating- hard seats - very cramped, no snacks or water or soda offered complimentary. What entertainment?"
Pros: "Flights were pretty clean and decent. Seats were moderate size not too small as I was told by some of my friends. Planes were neatly maintened and newly built. Free water offered which was expected."
Pros: "They give front of line privilege to military."
Cons: "The plane was uncomfortable. The seats do not recline, there's no where to charge electronics and the planes were dirty. Both of my flights were delayed by two hours and updates of the flight status was not updated while little information was provided as to why the flights were delayed."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled for nor reason. At the front desk suggested me to call. I've been trying to call for weeks, with no luck."
Cons: "I didn't like that they sent a message that it was a 1 jr delay and after coming to airport we were informed it was an additional 5 more hours because of weather. There was no rather problems between Orlando and Phili. And if as they claimed the flight was coming from Las Vegas they could have sent a message saying 5 hour delay. There is no excuse for misleading customers. When we arrived and realized what had happened they said they could not offer any vouchers for coffee or meals because it was documented by frontier management as weather related. Finding a loophole just to avoid helping people stranded. To top it off they would not wave a 4 lb over weight bag even though the other bag was 25 lbs underweight. Just a lack of caring about customers the staff threw airline policy as their excuse for thier inhumanity. If I would not wait the 5 hours till the wee hours of the morning they offered a flight 3 days later or to split my family up including two minors on two different flights one the next day and one the day after that..... A gain with no vouchers for hotel food or anything??? Eventually I took a refund of my 4 tickets and got a hotel room and flew the next day on a seperate airline out of pocket. Sad that the airline can do this but more importantly that they choose to act I this manner. Just because it is low cost should not mean they don't own up when they make a mistake. They should have notified us earlier or at least make our delay a little more humane."
Pros: "I paid for the Perks and got priority checkin to bypass your broken kiosks but then at the gate there wasn't a separate lane for priority. I guess I got a benefit but if I'm paying more than base I want more service."
Cons: "If you're going to force me to check a bag that I carry on with every other airline - force me to pay for the unbundled services - you need to get the bags out faster than 35 minutes. I expect actual service when I pay for it. Also, I was in row 4 and the guy in front of me reclined into my lap and I couldn't go back. Need to make that clear at seat selection. That seat is NOT worth as much as the row in front of or behind it. If I knew I could have picked better."
Cons: "Didn't expect such a high price for baggage check-in and really didn't expect to have to pay for a non-alcoholic drink and a bag of chips and at such high prices. Not sure if will fly Frontier again."
Pros: "Faires were affordable! Staff was friendly and funny!"
Cons: "The arm rests on the seats weren't very comfortable."
Pros: "Very smooth operation. Best flight ever"
Cons: "Not a thing"
Pros: "I like that they let us board in the beginning with a child so that we could get situated before everyone else was on there."
Cons: "Paying for my seat to be by my two-year-old grandson. Paying for a pop or beverage on the plane."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Understaffed, undertrained, cramped seats & overbooked flight by 30! No wifi, charging for carry ons & snacks. Late arrival."
Cons: "I had tocwate 30 mins once we landed because there wasn't a gate ready for us."
Cons: "We landed early and then had to sit on the tarmac for 45 minutes for a gate. And then the jetway didn't work. So instead of getting home early for a change, I wasn't home until very late."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled. No one was notified until after we arrived at the airport. The ticket agent informed all the passengers. Wasn't until later that we received emails. Frontier provided us with phone number to assist in re-booking. Call center was not open or manned and were told to call back later."
Pros: "Service was good."
Cons: "I still didn't receive a $100 voucher that was promise because of the 10 hour flight delay."
Pros: "The prices are great which is why I fly frontier!"
Cons: "They seats are very uncomfortable so long flights aren't an option with Frontier."
Cons: "Only allowed a personal item. They literally charge you for everything. Early check in and you have to pay for your seat if you want a guaranteed seat next to the people you're traveling with."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm still on the damn plane. We've been sitting on the tarmack at the destination for 45 minutes. This is after we took off 3 hours after our scheduled time. It's 12:47 am and they claim they didn't have a gate ready for us. Is it really that busy after midnight? Um no. Frontier is just incompetent. Beyond incompetent. The "savings" aren't worth it. I wouldn't fly Frontier again if it were free. It's 90 degrees on the plane and they won't even give us water while we wait. It's borderline inumane."
Pros: "2 hour delay why bother"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "Flight went smooth and seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Charging for checked bag AND carry-on was bullshit"
Pros: "Low fare"
Cons: "Narrow cheap seats/arm rest"
Pros: "Metal chairs with vertical backs and no recline option, no legroom in the set I was given but there were seats with quite a bit more leg room that were left empty. When I asked politely if I could switch seats even for just a few mins (I'm 6'5") I was snapped at, and told no that's for people who want to pay more for upgraded seats.wouldn't have been terrible except the woman said it with a horribly bitchy tone and my round trip ticket from Denver to portland was almost $500... she was less than 5 ft tall so I'm sure she's never sat with her knees pressed onto the metal back of a chair frame for 2 hours. The plane was very hot for the first part of the flight even with all vents open blowing it was still hard to cool off. Then the second half the AC felt like it shut off and it got really hot. One 12 Oz can of soda or bottle of water was 3 bucks. Baby's crying and airplane crew did nothing to help it was just an overall miserable experience."
Cons: "Flight got delay change gate and delay again. Seats are very uncomfortable. Why are there fees for a seat? Add it to the flight price then. I can understand upgraded seat but every seat had a price on it. What am I gonna buy a ticket and not pick a seat?"
Cons: "I didnt like how i had to pay $105 for a carryon for going there and back. Thats ridiculous! I can understand the initial price at the checkin gate but that price shouldve been covered for the roundtrip. I will never fly Frontier again. And ive told several ove my friends and family not to fly with that airline either. The reason why they are so cheap was because they will find a way to get you in the back end of the deal. I couldve flew with American airlines with no layover and not have paid a fee for a carry on. Wouldve been at my destination faster and no hassle."
Pros: "Boarding was easy and the luggage check in and gate attendant at DCA were very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Seats were rigid and uncomfortable. Crew was unpleasant. When we arrived at our arrival gate in DEN (90 minutes late due to an unavoidable weather delay), they were unprepared for our arrival and we waited over 30 minutes before they could pull the plane to the gate and offload everyone."
Pros: "Not a thing"
Cons: "Trays were the size of my plane ticket had to sit laptop in lap, had to pay $6 for a diet coke when I thought it was free and couldn't return it because attendant opened it. By far the worst airline ever"
Pros: "Crew were funny"
Cons: "This was the most uncomfortable flight I have ever been on. Seats are hard as rocks and they put a whole new meaning to small seats."
Pros: "The flight was on time, and there were not problems."
Cons: "During a weather delay we were stuck on the Denver tarmac for an hour and 45 minutes. We were allowed to get up from our seats, but the crew offered no water to drink. The west side of the plane was in the sun, and it got hot. I never saw the crew even walk through the cabin. I understand that weather is something the crew has no control over, but they have all the control over how we spend out time waiting. I was very disappointed in how Frontier handled our 105 minutes."
Cons: "Hidden fees, Spartan service"
Cons: "It was a terrible experience in my life. A Frontier female worker who was working at O'Hare international airport between 4pm and 5pm was really rude. There was a problem in my barcode so I asked how I could solve the problem. When I first went there, she said "no" and she started to ignore me by not answering. I almost missed the flight. And when I went there twice, the woman hided under the counter after seeing me. I was shocked. The worker at Frontier was never professional and acted like a child. The service was terrible. I would feel okay if she could try to help me not to miss the flight. Instead, she had no willing to help me, and sneered me. I missed the flight so I had to buy a new flight ticket. I'll NEVER use Frontier anymore, and I'll recommend to people not to take Frontier. Workers' service is the representative of the company, and she was terrible."
Cons: "No human should have to endure a flight on this airline that is over two hours. Awful, just awful. Worst seats ever invented."
Cons: "Ala carted me to the same price as Delta. 1 carry on was $35 each way, to select my seat was another $27. As other have mentioned, you pay for any drinks. We had some rough skies that the plane didn't seem to like. Although I loved going out of a small airport, on the balance, I may go a more traditional route next time."
Cons: "Flight got cancelled, the trip I planned 2 months in advance and they said they couldn't fly me out till Monday and it was Wednesday, Frontier sucks"
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Stewart Intl. to Burbank

Airlines flying from Stewart Intl. to Burbank have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Stewart Intl. to Burbank

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Stewart Intl. to Burbank

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Stewart Intl. to Burbank

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Stewart Intl. to Burbank

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Stewart Intl. to Burbank

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