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  • Spirit Airlines, JetBlue and Southwest have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Caribbean to Fort Lauderdale. Confirm policies on booking site.

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19750 reviews

Pros: Honestly the only thing I can say that I liked was that we got back to Fort Lauderdale in less than two hours.
Cons: Honestly the only thing I can say that I liked was that we got back to Fort Lauderdale in less than two hours. We were told to arrive at the airport for our flight which was delayed incase our flight left on time. our gate changed five different times. Our flight was supposed to leave from Puerto Rico to Ft. Lauderdale @ 1:30 p.m. the flight kept getting delayed . our flight did not take off until 7:30 that evening. Nobody informed us of anything what the delay was etc. it was handled horribly by Jet Blue staff. We were t offered vouchers nothing.

Cons: Missed the connecting flight by about 15 minutes, strange that we get delayed for about an hour but the connecting flight can’t wait a few minutes. Currently en route to another airport to spend the night at the airport and then take an early morning flight to my home city. Would have been nice to get a hotel room. I also had trouble with being charged for a second checked bag when I only had a single checked bag, would be great if the customer service help desk could help with that at the airport.

Pros: Free wi fi internet
Cons: The flight was delayed over 3hrs

Cons: JetTV only had 3 movies and they ran on their schedule. Was not on demand

Cons: Late boarding, crew was snotty, plane was freezing

Pros: Great comfort and friendly crew
Cons: It was great!

Pros: The pilot provided us with a trip that felt more entertaining and expedient.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Jetblue is always great. I fly Jetblue whenever possible.

Cons: Better snacks

Pros: Moving seats to a less crowded seat.
Cons: There was no empty middle seat and a pretty full flight. Only 2-3 movie options. Old plane with small screen.

Cons: There were no coordination with the team on the ground all the information provided was a complete liar with no metereological or mechanical sustent

Pros: Excellent trip
Cons: Nothing. They can offer more sales to Cancun.

Cons: There were no movies

Pros: given the current situation here and around the world, the crew is doing their best which is very good.
Cons: sanitizer at the waiting area before boarding, maintain the social distancing when board and existing, insist that it must be followed, disembark row after row

Cons: A working entertainment system. Old and no operative!

Pros: Yes
Cons: Good

Cons: .

Pros: Some of the crew was decent others seemed annoyed they were doing their job.
Cons: Some of the crew was decent others seemed annoyed they were doing their job. Two of the employees serving the cabin could use an attitude adjustment. The crew was late in getting food out but for a four hour flight there is no value in flying anymore. Airlines are just trying to rake in as much money as possible. When are they going to be responsible for everyone getting sick like cruise ships are? They should hand out masks and sanitizer because airlines are one of the dirtiest public spaces that there is! Show up late and barely clean the plane between its third or fourth leg of the day.

Pros: The luggage waiting time was 0!

Pros: Everything was amazing....

Cons: Nada

Cons: Delayed 2 hours!

Pros: I got me where I wanted to be.
Cons: Eliminate the TV screens and just give us free high speed internet access. We will manage how to entertain on the way.

Pros: Great and smooth flight
Cons: N/A

Pros: The flight crew was very nice
Cons: The fact that I was 3 minutes late to check my bag (due to a line and walking to the wrong counter the first time) and they would not allow me to go on my original flight and route my bag on another flight. This resulted in me and my bag getting pushed on two new flights and my overall travel time going from 4.5 hrs to 11 hrs which with a 15 month old is an eternity. Many other airlines will allow you to make exceptions when checking in late (I was still nearly 40 minutes prior to flight departure) and let me still check a bag OR allow me and my baby to stay on the same flight without the bag.

Pros: That we landed safely
Cons: Autistic child behind me without mom supervising her or sitting next to her . The child was about 11 but for some reason her mother was sitting on the isle next to her and wasn’t concerned about having that changed or helping her daughter have a better experience on the plane. The lil girl was screaming , she had a car that she rolled on my seat and the seat next to me for hrs. It’s not her fault, her mom didn’t do anything to help.. nothing .. Then the Crew was arguing and wasn’t happy at all .. Craig talks so fast on the intercome I couldn’t understand him .. Craig wasn’t happy with him having to do credit cards and wanted to do trash . Him and the crew from the back were arguing and I was in disbelief that not one crew member tried to help, talk to the mom or do anything about it .But they were involved in their own mess so they were not worried about the young lady screaming . I left that flight with a headache and no rest what so ever..i really wish the mom or someone would have said something.. absolutely awful flight .. awful I left there saying to the crew get me off of this plane pls ..

Pros: The plane that the rerouted to replace the original plane was very comfortable. The email updates where better then the information at the gate. Normally, I enjoy flying JetBlue however, this weekend's round trip was disappointing. My 1st flight was delayed about 5 hours and the return flight was delayed as well.
Cons: The long delay and limited snacks. (After that long delay) The incident on the plane- the passengers had to take action and not the flight attends when a passenger threaten by another passenger. A good Samaritan came to the woman's aid and ensure she was safe by switching her seat. Prior to this, another passenger had to use her call button to try to notify the flight attends because the woman was unable to. (That was her second attempt to notify the attendants). I am unclear to why her first attempt to change seats was not taken under consideration by the flight attended. The alleged passenger was clearly intoxicated and had fallen on the women. The flight attends did intervened after the flight landed at FLL. The woman was detained on the plane along with the alleged passenger. Once again, I am not sure if that was wise. The woman could have been taken off the plane safely and quested at the gate at a safe distance. The alleged passenger was too intoxicated to comply with the flight attends requests to disembark the plan. I would have liked for the JetBlue flight attends to be more proactive or at the very least to keep an eye on the situation to ensure it did not escalate. This all could have been avoided if the woman's 1st request to change her seat to one of the many available seats was granted. Better ye,t for this alleged passenger to have never been able to board the plane in his condition. It was physically noticeable and the surrounding passengers stated they could smell the alcohol on him. Disappointed!

Cons: Flight was very delayed

Pros: I loved that the pilot on my first flight introduced himself and staff to the customers prior to loading the plane. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The leg-room! The leg room was a great surprise. No hassle with bags. Great snacks, wi-fi and movies for FREE! I was so tickled. I've never flown JetBlue. I thought it was just another low-cost airline that makes you pay for everything , what a nice surprise! I immediately gave you a shout-out on my facebook account. Best flight experience I've had in a long time. Thank you.

Pros: Nothing really.
Cons: 1. Forced to check carry on because of a pocket in the front when other passengers were allowed to bring actual suitcases which were taken right before boarding. Apparently JetBlue has a quota to meet as to how many people they charge for carry on luggage. 2. Refused to allow me to request my seat ahead of time to try and charge a $50 fee for an upgraded seat, even though by purchasing a ticket, I am guaranteed a seat on the plane. 3. Late once again. So far every flight taken by JetBlue this year has been late. My only on time flight this year has been with Delta. I do believe they are the new Spirit Airlines in disguise. This airline has been moved to the bottom of my list. I may take them once more but it depends on how many points I have with them, if it's enough to cover a free trip. If it doesn't, I will forfeit as the aggravation and nasty behaviour at the check in counter especially at LaGuardia is too much to take. They are also every discriminatory at that airport also, especially the people who work at JetBlue. I have to take responsibility for keep trying. It the same as beating a dead horse and expecting it to get up and run.

Pros: Left on time
Cons: Flight cancelled 6 pm SJU to FLL. Flight 954 reading light damaged and screen blinking Seat 16D

Pros: The conditioning was working properly on this plane unlike the two Jet Blue planes I took down to San Juan. We were only delayed once on my trip back to Austin unlike the 8 times I was delayed on my trip down to San juan.
Cons: Gate Staff made multiple claims on the flight down to P.R. that contradicted each previous statement in order to gold the airline unaccountable.

Pros: Easy boarding, friendly staff, nice choice of snacks and beverages. The JetBlue app is very useful.
Cons: My in flight entertainment never worked. All I had available to look at was the JetBlue commercial channel showing me all of the entertainment I wasn’t able to watch. Not even the live view map worked. One of the attendants said something about resetting the system but I didn’t notice a change. I said something to one of the attendants a little later and she tried doing a reset again, but still no success. I could see other screens working fine and people were watching various programs while I just stared at a static map of the continental United States. Oh well, at least I was able to stream Netflix because of the free inflight WiFi.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I came to the airport 11:30am asked to rebook for earlier flight which wasn’t possible unless 75$ charged. I decided to wait till 4:16pm departure that ended being 3:50 am the next day. Meanwhile it took several hours to receive water and pretzels, pizza finally came after 9 hr wait(which gave me heartburn). Ground crew disorganized feeding us excuses of weather (wx) which initially was a landing gear problem for first 1.5 hr delay then again WX and ATC not assigning a route(while other airlines departing no problem) then crew timed out then no plane & again waiting for crew...Seriously? What a management!!! Reading comments below this keeps repeating however this was about 13 hours delay. This company should quit!

Pros: The crew was very nice
Cons: Delayed for 1hour + minutes to departure

Cons: The boarding was a shitshow because nothing was done to prevent people from taking all of the overhead compartment room, so by the time my group boarded, there was no room. But, people were still trying and so that backed the line way up from 1/2 way into the plane all the way out the plane and IN SPITE OF MY REPEATED ATTEMPTS TO GET THE FLIGHT CREW TO ASSIST AND CLEAN UP THIS PILE OF HUMANITY, THEY DID NOTHING!!! They forced me to gate checked my carry on bag (no checked bag) and did not tell me I would not get it back AT the plane and had to go out through security to get it at the baggage claim and come back in through security and because of that incompetence I MISSED MY CONNECTION AND WAS STRANDED IN FLL OVERNIGHT. After the front desk continuously trying to explain to me how it was my fault some how, I HAD TO PURCHASE A SEPARATE TICKET ON A DIFFERENT AIRLINE OUT OF MIA AT 5AM TO MAKE THE WEDDING!!!! This is beyond unacceptable and as someone that travels for work and stays roughly 100 nights a year in hotels, I WILL NEVER ALLOW YOUR COMPANY TO BE ABLE TO PUT ME IN THIS SITUATION AGAIN!!!!

Cons: The have problems with the movies

Cons: Boarding time and crew was slowest ever?!!!

Pros: The service
Cons: None

Pros: Crew was excellent! And very attentive

Cons: I had been in the airport since 1130 am, trying to get on an earlier flight. My original flight was scheduled to leave 540 am the following day (the day Irma was supposed to hit). At first waited 30 mins in a line to speak to a JetBlue agent about finding another flight. She said she couldn't help me, no flights available, and didn't have the patience to take some time to explore all options. I then proceeded to look online and then call JetBlue, after 30 mins on hold I finally got someone. She actually helped me and looked at all flight options and got me on a flight to CT (2 hrs away from me) leaving that same evening. I ended up waiting in the airport for 10 hrs. At one point in the evening the gate attendant began giving out packed snacks and beverages to passengers waiting for another flight that had been delayed, but refused to give out anything to other passengers waiting for delayed flights....not even water! I was shocked at how callously the gate attendant turned me and other passengers away. I had been in the airport for 10 hrs! Thr flight I was scheduled on was delayed by about 3 hrs leaving PR to NYC, but I was told the snacks we're only for passengers who had been waiting at least 3 hrs. I was turned down 3 times, and watched as other passengers just grabbed water and canned beverages without even asking and without being turned down. At the time that I asked for the last time my flight was delayed by 2.5 hrs already. I had a headache, needed water to take medication, hadnt eaten dinner, and all the restaurants in the airport were starting to close. I ended up spending close to $20 on the last Domino's small cheese pizza, a bottle of water and a snack bar....because JetBlue was being stingy. And yet, this is the same airline that let's passengers grab as many snacks as they want on the flight, delayed or not. My flight was scheduled for 807pm. We left at around 1106 pm. Thanks, JetBlue. Way to go on that customer service.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They made us wait almost 12 hrs and finally flight was cxld. Next day after 3 hrs they said there was no crew only 1 pilot. A riot commenced and police had to intervene. Never flying Spirit again.

Cons: Flight left before posted time leaving me asking with a dozen others stranded

Pros: N/a
Cons: My flight was delayed and had no notice

Pros: TV SYSTEMS were not working
Cons: Emergency row was very spacious

Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: Delayed departure from Newark which can only be described as a pit. Major overhaul needed to improve facilities.

Pros: The cabin was clean and the crew was friendly.
Cons: Better snacks. Chips or mini cheese platter

Pros: Couldn't get on the flight. Santo Domingo airport Delta crew wouldn't let us on. We waited in a slow check in line - then they said it was too late to get on. We had plenty of time to get to the gate. Had to wait until the next day to get home.

Cons: Excellent experience during covid times.

Pros: That i was able to watch movies, snacks were provided and water
Cons: Nothing really!

Cons: Excelente

Pros: The boarding was fast quick and the staff was very friendly.
Cons: The bathrooms were very dirty and there was not enough food and drink supplies.

Pros: Very nice people and helpful. Good attitude
Cons: Board was a bit disorganized and took much longer than I am used to even on full planes

Pros: Quick boarding process! Everything was on time as estimated.

Cons: No se diferecia de otras lideas aereas en decadencia.

Pros: The entertainment
Cons: Departure times

Pros: Crew was really nice
Cons: Since my first flight was delay I lost deje second one.

Cons: Just hate the super smaller seats and the reduced spaces everywhere

Pros: The crew was amazing, the seats were super comfortable, entertainment was great, lots of movies to choose from. Also they handed out a lot of great snacks

Cons: The delay was totally unexpected and frustrating particularly when no bad weather around!

Pros: The access to the full library of entertainment & internet access included with the flight .
Cons: Larger Portion/Variety of edible Snacks . . Chips Trail Mix Cheese itz Cookies

Pros: The crew was great.
Cons: The flight and crew were great. But I was not able to choose my seat because I purchased an economy flight. I was very uncomfortable. But I was luck that that people that were sitting with me were great.

Pros: The crew was so nice especially the man who came to thank me for keeping my body out of the way of those who were serving and those using the bathroom. My husband an I were in the last row. He offered me a free drink, which I didn’t accept but I felt so good.

Pros: The crew was amazing. My seat was comfortable.
Cons: The plane was delayed. It arrived over 25 minutes after it was originally scheduled to.

Cons: Flight was delayed due to crew not being available.

Pros: While biased since I was in First class, everything was enjoyable and as expected of a first class experience. The free Wi-Fi on this flight made it extra special- can’t wait until its standard on all flights!!
Cons: Only real complaint is that Delta doesn’t seem to restrict size of bags taken as carry on and the time wasted but some trying to squeeze their obviously oversized bags into overhead compartments is painful.

Cons: Passengers should have the option to ask for additional snacks.

Pros: Put up at the marriot

Pros: Yes very clean plane and crew was amazing. My daughter was hungry and the crew filled her bottle with milk twice
Cons: Maybe better snack

Cons: Had to collect & re check luggage between flights. Couldn't they have been transferred to the next aircraft?

Cons: Everything was good!

Cons: I understand when weather is rough not moving the beverage carts but a small bottle of water would be appreciated.

Pros: We had purchased economy tickets and got assigned seats that were not next to each other. As we were boarding the ticket person gave us a new seat assignment closer to the front and next to each other – we really appreciated and liked it. Makes me want to fly Delta again!

Pros: Being in First Class
Cons: Heavier food selection would be appreciated.

Cons: Seats were a little tight.

Cons: we began the boarding process late, which can be understandable, although the plane was there pretty early. Once the boarding began, someone, I presume the gate agent, essentially gave a countdown to hhow many minutes were left until the flight could have an "on time departure". I travel nearly every week so I value being on time. However, a minute by minute call to hurry up on a flight that was sold out was over the top. There was mumbling among the passengers, to the point of someone joking "Free cookies and water if we make it on time?" Just a bad gate experience, but bad enough that peopoe were commenting, and I waited for someone from the cockpit to del\part so I could mention it to them.

Pros: Attentive and friendly crew, great entertainment system
Cons: Flight left late due to problem with cleaning crew, seats are uncomfortable, snacks were stale.

Cons: My departure from NY flight tv was not working

Pros: On time.

Cons: Friday when I supposed to depart at 7:21 am my flight was delayed to 6:00 pm and yesterday when I supposed to depart from New York at 7:21 pm my flight was delayed until 11:20 pm was horrible! I never again i would took Delta because I call a day before my departure to see if they would help me changing my flight by morning and they couldn’t they told me that i have to pay $300 dollars.

Pros: I like flight comfort in air
Cons: Crew member were rude and pilot feels like never fly plane before , he landed in high speed and our plane jumped back in air , two passengers almost had heart attack ! We’re taken out on medical bases

Pros: Snacks and drinks were yummy and very appreciated. Entertainment was great. Tons of shows and movies and all for free. There was also free iMessage only WiFi which was enjoyed while messaging friends and loved ones while in the air.
Cons: For the amount of passengers boarding, they started the boarding process way too late which resulting in a delay taking off. The entire boarding process felt sloppy, disorganized, and hectic. They allowed passengers to board that were seated at the end of the plane while some 1 was boarding, causing tons of congestion. The boarding process was the slowest I have ever experienced in all the flights I’ve been on. The crew was ok, but slightly snappy/rude like typical New Yorkers. The flight from ft. Lauderdale to New York was much more pleasant.

Pros: The welcoming and kindness of flight attendants and staff
Cons: That headsets are not free and the leg space seemed tighter than usual

Cons: When the passenger in front reclines their seat it was in my face The legroom wasn’t terrible but I had a hard time even reading since it was so close

Cons: The two hour delay

Pros: Aircraft appeared to be brand new

Pros: Staff
Cons: I was not aware, when I picked my seat, that we were ahead of the Emergency Exit. My seat was extremely uncomfortable.

Pros: Delta made sure my husband and I had seats together and my husband was thrilled to have a window seat. We took off and arrived earlier than scheduled.
Cons: Everything was perfect. Nothing negative to report.

Pros: The organization and speediness shown during boarding the aircraft and the perfect timing on departure
Cons: The tv screen corresponding to my seat 9A was not working so could not see any movies nor information during the whole flight SDQ to JFK. The condition was reported twice to the flight attendance but was not able to correct it even after resetting the TV settings twice

Pros: The long delay could of been avoided if the Delta counter had lied to me by saying I wouldn't have a problem changing my flight out early once I got into NYC from China Not a happy Delta customer There were delays and no compensation

Pros: Delta Comfort seats
Cons: Shuttle driver stopped to talk to a friend thus making me late snd missed my connecton. Rude agents at gate and when I called and spoke to a Delta representative, was told that they would have never put me on that flight due to short connection time. To which I replied that thet is an issue between Delta and their business withthe booking site and the customer should not be to blame

Pros: Delta Comfort seats
Cons: Delta employee who drive shuttle to connection stopped to drop off a passenger and proceed to chat w other workers thereby getting me to my gate late and missing my connection and getting me to Florida almost 3 hours later than planned. Agents at desk in JFK were rude. There was another Delta employee also on the shuttle who was the only one who seemed to show concern. He alerted the driver, called the boarding gate and led me to it.

Pros: Boarding time and schedules were as expected or faster and other than the food incident, good attention from the flight crew.
Cons: No choice during for lunch since the flight crew didn't have enough meals to cover the preferences of the first class travelers.

Pros: I felt the entire flight crew was there to make my trip more pleasant. The plane was new and had free video and usb outlets to charge my devices.
Cons: Nothing, truly an excellent experience.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Not charging me 100 dollars For a luggage that was 56 pounds

Pros: Friendly crew

Cons: Smooth flight. Left on time arrived on time.

Cons: Attitude of flight attendant

Pros: super uncortable. everytime AA is shrinking their seats. wifi wasnt working and u have to pay

Pros: Yes
Cons: Blankets

Pros: Good
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The pilots did a great job through turbulent air
Cons: I wish the seat reclined further back

Cons: The experience was excellent.

Pros: Amazing
Cons: More room I pay for main cabin It feels it was just the regular

Cons: The flight attendants were very polite. Both of us are blind, and they told us the information we needed – how far away is the nearest exit row. Otherwise they treated us like everyone else!

Pros: Easy in easy out
Cons: Lack of entertainment

Pros: The gate agent did a great job loading the flight, loaded each group smoothly. Got crackers on this flight.

Pros: Nice personnel
Cons: Crowded

Pros: Great crew, comfortable chair. Entertainment was great.
Cons: Everything was great.

Pros: I was able to finish a movie I started on a different flight and found an additional enjoyable movie to watch.
Cons: The airplane was uncomfortably hot. The flight attendant apologized and said it would cool off at cruising altitude. It never cooled off. The flight was full and very crowded. I was in the last boarding group even though my seat was in row 17. They required me to check my carryon due to space.

Pros: The crew was great! The ride was smooth and the plane looked brand new!

Pros: Great crew!
Cons: Flight was too crowded!

Cons: no lunch

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: No tvs that was a major let down as i was traveling with 2 kids i was really not happy about that my 6 year old just wantex to watch something and kept asking every 2 minutes if we were there yet... so please some tvs on those plains would greatly appreciated.

Pros: Courteous, friendly staff

Pros: No issues at all
Cons: N/A

Pros: Not much.
Cons: Staff at the check-in counter made fun of my surname. Bad start but not noteworthy unless combined with the rest of the experience. The flight was delayed causing me to miss another AA connection by minutes. Waited in line to be told I wouldn't get on a flight til the following day, they couldn't help with accommodation and I wouldn't receive my luggage until the following day. In short, AA left me stranded in a strange city at midnight with no accommodation and no luggage. It was 18 degrees and I was in t-shirt and shorts. What a memory.

Pros: Flight was on time

Pros: One of the only flights that got out during a blizzard. Very professional, de-icing went smoothly, pilot was smooth and flight was smooth.
Cons: All good

Pros: The crew was excellent. Stewardess was cheerful and helpful. The flight while full was not crowded.
Cons: Plane was late. Mechanical issue at the gate after boarding. Seating room pretty tight. Three gate chanes at O'Hare.

Pros: My throat was sore and stewardess was able to give me water while I attempted to take cold flu pills

Pros: Getting home safely
Cons: Finding damage to my luggage

Cons: Attendant at the gate forced me to leave my troley hand bag to be checked with the excuse the fly was full and there was not sapce for people on groups 7 and 8 ( seats rear in te plane). I explained her I had personal documents and stuff inside my trolley but she told me I had to take another fly if I refused to checked. Our surprise was that the space above our seats ( row 30) was available and left empty the while fly! It was not fear and discriminated!

Pros: I like that American offers free movies thru their app but there was a glitch and I couldn't get it to work!
Cons: Couldn't get the entertainment app to work

Pros: The crew was nice.
Cons: The flight was delayed due to weather, but nothing can change that. We still landed on time. Many other passengers were complaining.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Sat on plane for over 3 hours waiting to take off. They didn't offer any drinks or snacks at all while we waited. They said if we get off we may not be able to get back on. Barely made any announcements Once we did take off all they gave us was a packet of so called pretzels that were stale and gross!!

Cons: The flight was delayed 3 hours waiting for a flight attendant

Cons: one of the worst trip ever. although there were many turbulances, the captain did not appear to be proficient along the way. The landing was horrible as well.

Pros: It was my first time I was a little scared but not anymore it was a smooth ride. Don't change nothing keep up the good work. Thanks for letting me explore

Pros: Friendly crew
Cons: 3 hour delay

Pros: American got it right this time. Departing on time with a crew that seemed well qualified.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: No yves on the plane like delta. Flight delayed 5hrs

Pros: See above

Pros: The third set of pilot tried their best to get us a spot to fly out due to bad weather we took off after almost 3 hours
Cons: The airline should have at least coordinated their crew arrangement before passenger boarding time, and have to change crew members three times after passengers boarded.

Pros: Same as above
Cons: Same as above

Pros: At 6' 2" I was surprised that, with the seat in front of me not reclined (and fortunately no one ever did), my knees actually had a bit of room and were not pressed into the seat back in front of me. That and the flight schedule went smoothly - everything was on time.
Cons: Maybe a couple of other sandwich options might have gotten me to pay for one.

Cons: No food

Cons: overcharges

Pros: The plain went to the runway then stated that needed more gas due to weather so we returned to the gate, three hours later we finally departed. In two flights in three days I was delayed 9 hours
Cons: The 9 hours delay and zero compensation

Cons: We waited on the plane for two hours before taking off with no explanation and no food or drink. Crew said they didn't know when we'd take off

Pros: Good crew good flight everything was grwat
Cons: Everything was good

Cons: The 1 hour delay

Pros: Good
Cons: Perfect

Pros: Yes
Cons: God

Pros: Good
Cons: Yes

Pros: Nothing
Cons: With this whole thing going on with the virus I brooked my flight before all this broke out to haywire. I refuse to stay in quarantine and the staff at the desk are very unknowledgeable

Pros: Flights were on time. Boarding was well organized.
Cons: Extra charges for everything was annoying and made total cost hard to compare with other flight choices. Baggage drop off was chaos.

Pros: Crew were good. Seating was awful. Very uncomfortable because seats don't recline.
Cons: Seats need to recline and the cost of luggage was ridiculously expansive. I won't be using this airline again mostsly because of baggage costs.

Pros: The price
Cons: Communication. I did not find out that our flights was delayed until after departure time. However the staff knew and just did not tell us. The seats were terrible. Boarding was ridiculous since everyone wanted to be the first one on the plane. Overall poor experience. Won’t book with them again

Pros: friendly crew
Cons: flight was 3 hours behind schedule

Pros: n/a
Cons: the flight was 2hrs delayed which caused us to miss our connection flight staff was rude & unprofessional had to absorb additional fees due to the delay along with wasted time

Pros: I fly ALL the time with my Pet in Cabin. This supposed to be our first time with Spirit. Employees refuse to let my dog fly. They said the dog cannot turn around inside the soft sides bag. My dog indeed turn around inside the bag, but sometimes she don’t want or need to do that!! Counter attendants refund my money effective in 7 days. Almost immediately in went to SOUTHWEST, side by side with Spirit counter and quickly buy our tickets to FLL. Thanks to SOUTHWEST we arrive on time.
Cons: They don’t let me fly with my Pet in cabin. I simply buy on another airline as usual.

Pros: It was the most affordable alternative to fly to Dallas. It was a connecting flight and I had no problems catching my connecting flight. The crew was very nice and attentive. The boarding process was organized. The captain keeps you well informed about what to expect during the flight, which I found comforting since flying makes me anxious.
Cons: There was no entertainment available. You need to take something with you (tablet, phone with music, books) Seats don’t recline.

Pros: I decide to fly with Spirit this time because AA were too expensive. Everything was on time. Smooth entrance process to aircraft. I bring my personal item back pack only. They are not so rigorous with bags at the gate. I pay $104 for my one way ticket and $25 for seat 5A. Buy with enough time and better prices. Wonderful State of the Art Terminal at Fort Lauderdale!! All remodeled.
Cons: Everything was great.

Pros: Nothing!!!
Cons: ,charging for my personal bag,charging for wather in the plane,drunk staff,unprofessional staff, I am so disappointed and I will tell everyone how was my flight with spirit!!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I missed this flight because my Spirit flight from San Juan was late. I kept asking every Spirit employee that I could find to help me nit miss my connection. They jeot saying that the crew at the connection was aware lthat we were a few minutes behind. But after traversing half a building in construction I found a lady closing the still-open gate just to tell me I couldn’t get in because NOW it eas close. They booked me on a morning flught next day. I paid for a big seat on row 1. They gave me a seat 11 rows back. I want a refund and I’ll never fly Spirit ever again.

Pros: Pilot jokes
Cons: Too much and expensive Extra charges!

Pros: On time and everything ran smoothly

Cons: The seats

Cons: Compre este vuelo atravez de kayak, one way con escala en forloderler, Florida para mi mama una persona que necesita asistencia. Adquiri el servicio de silla de ruedas. Primero le hacen pagar 52$ dolares por su maleta. Cuando hace el stop ella va al baño se pierde consigue alguin que la ayude la llevan al front desk y le hacen pasar todo el proceso de check in again simplemente por que se perdio y no supo como regresar a su gate. La agangr de sprint le quiere volver a cobrar 52$ por su carry on nuevamente. Mi mama la nerviosa y llorosa me comunica con la agente de sprint. Le indico por teléfono que mi mama no tiene suficiente dinero con ella para pagar la maleta nuevamente que la unica forma seria que me tomara el pago por telefono vuelvo y le expecifico que mi mama es una paciente nerviosa y con condiciones que ella necesita asistencia. Me indica que me comunicara con la manager, no hable con esta pero ella entendio la situación de mi mama y le endico al la agente que no tenia que pagar por su maleta. En todo esto un mal servicio para pacientes con limitada capacitación. Jamas vuelvo a volar por spritit ni poner a mi mama en una situación como esta.

Cons: My flight was delayed from 8am to 4pm then after I left the airport it was moved up to 12pm and then cancelled.

Pros: Nothingggggggg
Cons: Worst airline I had ever flown. Prices are way too high on carry on luggage never again I will fly spirit. First and last time

Pros: Nothing
Cons: flights delayed.. they are not organize

Pros: The plane was actually really nice and the attendants on and off the plane were nice as well.
Cons: Nothing to complain about. Just delayed not your fault.

Pros: nothing
Cons: the flight attendants dont smile or engage you. on flight home to FLL I became ill and they knew it and offered no assistance. I had to VOMIT IN A CUP because you are too CHEAP to buy bags. A Fluke I had a cup to PUKE IN. i was on phone ONE HOUR and SIX MINUTES with spirit. My name was spelled wrong and was assured it was correct, only to be turned back at TSA. For return to FLL I couldnt print boarding pass, you are too cheap to have an APP or email a pass....I had to call AGAIN and was told you owe me a credit for overcharging my bag. WOW WHAT A RIDE. WHEN I LANDED THERE WAS A BRAWL AT SPIRIT COUNTER IN FLL.....SURPRISED?

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Like always unexpected delay and cancellations . This is completely unacceptable and it will get them out of business es

Cons: Unorganized, and took WAY TOO LONG to check in. I have never waited that long for check in and received such horrible service in my entire life! This was for the arriving and return trip. The worker was sluggish, and inattentive. If we had not arrived to the airport three hours before our flight, we would have definitely missed it. I will probably never fly Spirit airlines again.

Pros: The staff in the plane were very rood and was fighting disgusted with every thing
Cons: The service and thinking how much we pay was vety poor not even water

Pros: Comfort of emergency exit window seat Crew
Cons: Not applicable

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everithing

Cons: Flight took off 3 hours late because of equipment problems. My connecting flight on Spirit took off about 10 minutes before my delayed flight landed. They couldn't wait? No other flights were available "for the next five days." They bussed us to our final destination. I vought an airline ticket and got a bus ride instead. Spirit truly didn't care.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Unprofessional staff

Cons: Todo muy bien. Nunca he tenido problemas. Muy atentos y buen servicio dentro y fuera del avión

Cons: The money that you might save, at the end you end up paying for all kind of fees. Super uncomfortable and inconvenience

Cons: Very bad experience. I was charged $110.00 for my small carry-on baggage round trip. Then for my seat selection another $11-20 dollars. Then, they even charge for a coke or any drink. This is a bad way to do business & keep customer flying with Spirit . I will never Travel with this company again. I would not recommend it to anybody.

Pros: Staff made it fun after so many hours lay over we boarded into the flight going to Puerto Rico staff was so much fun me and my wife had a great time

Cons: This is no way to treat people! Just decide to cancel the flight! We got stranded in ft Lauderdale overnight, thank God we have the means to stay overnight but if someone hasn't got the extra money to spend on a hotel and food etc until the next night?? It's disgusting behavior! I will never fly with them again, I will pay more for my family of six, anyway we paid so much for the delay, and I will not get stranded! By the way, this is the second time it has happened to us!!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Rude people behind the counter. We missed our flight and we were 2 hours early. They sent our bags on the flight that we missed and then tried to say they wouldn't refund the money for the flight because we were late. There was a linEglin that went outside of the airport and was extremely slow. I've been flying through other airlines my entire life and this is the first time I've missed a flight or had issues this bad. I couldn't believe it. Don't be a cheap a** and pay a little extra for a better airline. I found out the hard way.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I believed is very disrespectful in a difficult moment like the yesterday events that all your passengers without food and beverages and the crew hidden to ate without put attention in the children and minors in the airplane.


Cons: Spirit system was family and I were 3 hours ahead , however they closed the gate and my two children and grandkids almost lost the flight....very WRONG

Cons: Always in arrear and I lost my connetions flights in both departures.

Pros: The cost but it wasn't worth it.
Cons: The horrible service was the icing on the cake. A flight attendant said "well nothing in life is free@ with an attitude when someone simply asked for water because they weren't feeling well.

Pros: The crew tries to make the flight pleasant and fun.
Cons: You have to pay extra for everything, including water, snacks and soft drinks. There is 0 entertainment on board (no tv, no music). Chairs don't recline and are uncomfortable.

Pros: Iam stuck here for 2 more days. NO ROOM NO NOTHING.......

Cons: We are stuck here like we dont have nothing else to do

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Every thing never again

Pros: The organizaciont
Cons: No food free or snack

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: Everthing! Don't ever fly spirit! Worst customer service ever! Our flight took off an hr late & we only had a layover of 30 min. In Detroit. Causing me to lose my flight because of the airline. I left lax airport Sunday night and got to Puerto Rico until Tuesday! Never again , hey made me lose a day & a half of my vacation.

Pros: It esa terrible

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