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DeltaOverall score based on 29333 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "On schedule"
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Pros: "On schedule"
Pros: "Exit row."
Pros: "The seats are not fabulous the crew was"
Cons: "They did a good job keeping us informed When we got really delayed"
Pros: "On a quick 40 minute flight they still managed riu server coffee, water and snacks."
Pros: "Good entertainment options"
Cons: "Overall okay crew, but some very rude members"
Pros: "Thanks for the monitors."
Cons: "The crew seems tired."
Pros: "Good to have on board internet"
Cons: "Quicker boarding of passengers."
Cons: "Left seven hours later than I anticipated Some passengers were rebooked on earlier flights while others told to go with same flight flying later Very very disorganized"
Pros: "Nothing horrible service"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Awesome"
Pros: "Good crew. Ample legroom."
Cons: "Plane was delayed by more than an hour."
Pros: "Good snack selection. Crew was personable."
Pros: "Flights were both timely"
Cons: "WiFi on flight from Atl to Tallahassee wasn’t working at first"
Pros: "Good crew, good service."
Cons: "No complaints!"
Pros: "Crew was great as always. Friendly and professional"
Cons: "We had a delay that complicated our getting home but all ended up OK"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "1. Board the plane from back to front! It is ridiculous the way it is currently done. 2. Get people to announce boarding who speak CLEAR English. 3. Further limit carry-on luggage."
Cons: "Very slow plane turnover."
Cons: "Leg room was lacking."
Pros: "I like how friendly the crew was"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed by an hour and we had a connecting flight IN ATL that we had to get to in :30 minutes. By the time we got off the plane we had :15 minutes to get to our connecting flight. We barely made it. They were about to close the door on us. Didnt really appreciate that."
Pros: "Nice plane and super nice crew."
Pros: "First time flying into Daytona and it was super easy."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Delta - best airline"
Cons: "Airbus - entertainment systems never work."
Pros: "fast flight"
Cons: "Wi-fi sucks"
Pros: "Short flight! Crew nice enough!"
Cons: "Boarding seemed slightly delayed"
Pros: "How friendly and easy it was to board. The pilots were very friendly and even gave my daughter wings. The crew made us very welcomed and put our booster in the closet till we landed."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Delta planes are typically nice and clean"
Cons: "Flight was delayed multiple times."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Paid extra for Econ Comfort but still got a seat with no in flight entertainment and they provided no food/beverage services."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Wouldn’t let us take our carry-on because they had overbooked and had no more room in overhead. Delayed our first flight and then our connecting flight left *early*. (If you know you have customers with short connections, why leave early to make their connections even shorter?) Then told us they would not pay for our hotel since it wasn’t their fault. Gave us a “discount” with a nearby hotel that was more expensive than what you could book it for online. Had to wait several hours for them to get us back the carry-on luggage that they insisted we check in the first place."
Pros: "Air crew was excellent"
Pros: "Flight crew was excellent"
Cons: "Didn't serve snacks with peanuts because someone one board had a peanut allergy"
Pros: "Entertainment is so appreciated on long flights. It was quiet. Snacks done quickly. Took a long time to board, but the flight was full. We were delayed out of gate because of this. Unloading plane went fairly quick but could have been a problem for short connections. Those people should have been allowed to leave first."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Had to sit directly next to the engine and it was very loud."
Cons: "No meal service in first class."
Pros: "Please offer headphones to people who do not regularly take them in flights."
Pros: "Newer plane with entertainment"
Cons: "was a great flight"
Pros: "Crew was the best!"
Cons: "I really dislike the snack boxes. Snacks need to be more like a small sandwich or grapes, cheese and nuts. Not all that packaged stuff."
Pros: "Free earphones"
Cons: "Delayed boarding Delayed flying after boarding Delayed in flight service"
Pros: "Free ear phones"
Cons: "Late boarding Late take off Maintenance after boarding Two hours before refreshments Boring movie Bumpy flight Very hard landing Home an hour late"
Pros: "Seat and headrests especially were nice"
Cons: "Very bumpy rides in both cases"
Pros: "Nice plane."
Cons: "No in flight TV."
Pros: "The moviea"
Cons: "The time of night"
Cons: "Delta didnt wrap car seat in plastic while it was raining so it was soaked"
Pros: "Crew was quick and nice."
Cons: "Not many options for food."
Pros: "Attentive crew, good atmosphere, comfortable seating.(no free food so 3* but short flight so OK) Pre flight...Soo helpful, wonderful assistant. Delta vs KLM...Not so...See below:"
Cons: "Little time for plane change at Atlanta. Atlanta rail excellent but plane arrival was late and time to cross airport limited. This was especially galling as I was at MCO early enough to catch the 1hr prior flight and requested a transfer to travel with a friend. There were seats available and Delta tried to move me but KLM would not allow it????"
Pros: "Ease in finding another connecting flight get to Miami when our connection was delayed."
Cons: "Time between connection should be 2+ hours"
Cons: "No entertainment available at all. There were empty seats available and passenger next to me in the aisle seat was not offered to move--she fell asleep with her legs crossed and kept kicking me in the middle seat--I was traveling with the window seat passenger."
Cons: "I tried to get a seat and it was so hard, i couldn't do an online check in and once at the airport, no one could help me."
Pros: "There was a slight delay, but boarding was easy, and flight was smooth."
Cons: "Flight was completely packed."
Cons: "The new seats are extremely uncomfortable for sleeping. Even in Economy Comfort + I had a hard time finding a comfortable position. The short hard seats do not work well unless you are sitting essentially vertical."
Pros: "Attentive and very polite flight attendant"
Cons: "Restroom seems to get smaller and smaller"
Pros: "The crew was very pleasant and the flight was comfortable."
Pros: "Flight came with free entertainment. That's a plus."
Pros: "Crew was excellent and the flight was ahead of schedule."
Pros: "Wonderful flight attendants in both our flights."
Pros: "Crew overall was very good and attentive."
Cons: "Seat comfort"
Cons: "I don’t understand the concept of the ability to use your mobile device for entertainment, yet not having a power source to charge your device."
Pros: "That I was able to charge my phone and watch my own movies... That’s it"
Cons: "Better Temperature control"
Pros: "It was all good nice crew and smooth flight"
Pros: "Boarding"
Cons: "Tight seats on full flight"
Pros: "Nice seats with plenty of leg room. Friendly crew. Smooth flight."
Pros: "Greets you nicely, on time, caring staffs"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "No"
Pros: "loved the free movies on board, also on time departure and before time arrival makes me feel the best."
Pros: "Ummm . . . the colors?"
Cons: "10 years ago, American was a great airline. It has just gone down and down. The flight attendants are miserable, grabbing things out of your hand when they come to collect stuff before landing. No smiles, no grace. The plane was old, but also poorly cleaned between flights, so the bathrooms on our LAX-Atlanta flight smelled of urine from minute 1--you can imagine how they smelled by the time we landed. There was trash in my seat-back pocket when I took my seat. Supposedly food was available for purchase, but I couldn't activate the food menu, only the drinks menu, on my little seatback screen, so I just waited until I got to Atlanta to eat."
Pros: "It was not a full flight so I didn’t feel cramped and had space for my carry on in the overhead compartments instead of having to check it in due to lack of space like I had to do on all the other AA flights."
Cons: "We were given last minute notice our flight was going to be delayed and our gate changed 3 times. There was never a definite time frame for anything and very vague information was given. Our flight ended up being delayed almost 2 hours. It was my most frustrating experience with any airline. Definitely would not choose to fly with them again"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Old plane, prezels are boring, it was cold during the flight"
Pros: "Crew was great..."
Cons: "Nothing really off...just wish there were outlets for recharging devices. Thanks!"
Pros: "Fast and much more efficient than the previous leg of our trip"
Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Cons: "Missed flight in DFW. All other flights full. Had to reroute thru Miami"
Cons: "No entertainment and Wi-Fi was poor"
Cons: "The plane was small, it was not that comfortable"
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Just little delay."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Rude flight attendant"
Pros: "boarding process was efficient and the seats on this aircraft seemed a bit more comfortable"
Cons: "lack of in-seat video and no free wi-fi and no power connections"
Pros: "free movies"
Cons: "flight attendant was rude"
Cons: "The cramped space"
Pros: "Flight attendant was friendly and gave great service!"
Pros: "I think for the most part you have some of the best customer service but your snacks are awful compared to other airlines."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "I never felt like writing a review but I feel like I should let other families with little ones know. My wife, 2 year old son, and I was boarding at the gate and they couldn't scan my son's boarding pass. They quickly went over to the computer station and gave my son another pass. We went to our seats and found out someone else is in our 2year old seat. Apparently they gave the seat to someone else at the last second because up to the point when I printed our boarding passes at the kiosk, our seats were still together (and I paid $41/per seat extra to try to keep us together). The other customer was nice enough to switch with our son so were able to stay together at the last min so it goes to show AA priority and service."
Pros: "New planes, in seat entertainment"
Cons: "Very hot plane, never cooled down."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "crew"
Pros: "It seems like the plane was recently renovated and I loved the comfortable seats."
Cons: "There was virtually no free entertainment available."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nice, clean and comfortable aircraft. Plane was new and very updated."
Pros: "There were charging outlets. Bravo!"
Cons: "They lost my baggage"
Pros: "Good entertainment option"
Cons: "Very delayed"
Pros: "Entertainment and crew"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Great flight Captain and staff was friendly"
Cons: "Everything was perfect"
Pros: "Price is fare"
Cons: "Both trip flight got delayed"
Pros: "Left on time!"
Cons: "No peanut options for gluten free customers"
Pros: "All flights were on time and arrived early."
Pros: "Organized process for checkin and boarding, flight staff and service, plane features and amenities."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "All if the gate staff & on board staff that I interacted with were very friendly & efficient."
Cons: "Very tight/small & crowded waiting area."
Cons: "There was an incident on plane between passenger and flight attendant, where a drink was spilled on me and ruined my dress and shoes."
Pros: "Price space, time"
Cons: "Waiting.. but better to be early than late"
Pros: "The planes people and service."
Cons: "I missed my flight in Atlanta heading to LA on my way to Brisbane, Australia on Saturday 16th July. The ground staff wasn't at all helpful in trying to get me on another flight and in fact sent me to Delta! The lady there couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. Sadly I wasn't compensated at all and had to pay to re-book the flights on the Sunday 17th. On my return from Brisbane, American Airlines had cancelled my flight to Atlanta as they said I was a 'no show' heading out. Thankfully I was able to get a seat on stand by. So, no I'm not a happy customer."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth. Landing was smooth"
Cons: "The power outlets didnt work."
Cons: "Wouldnt refund my ticket or change my flight when I needed to change it fee for everything"
Pros: "On time flight"
Pros: "The flight attendants were very courteous."
Cons: "Seats are way too close together. I am 6’ tall and if I wasn’t sitting with my rear pressed against the back of the seat, my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me. Zero elbow room. I’m fairly skinny and still thank god I had the aisle seat because with arms at my sides, my shoulders touched the small woman next to me and stuck into the aisle so that when the drink cart came by I had to physically lean toward the windows to get out of the way. No entertainment unless paid for, which is fine, except that the flight attendant and the announcements both stated that at least a movie was included. Outdated jet. No where to charge anything. Couldn’t work on my computer because to type, my elbow took up most of the other persons seat."
Pros: "Quiet flight."
Cons: "Our luggage didn’t make it to us in its entirety."
Pros: "Great service! Smooth flight!"
Pros: "Comfort was good"
Cons: "Food appeared stale at times Drinks like fruit juices were given in small amounts like a quarter cup by stewardess Appears that it was being rationed Choice and scope of movies were poor and narrow"
Pros: "The flight was good!"
Cons: "There was no entertainment. Nothing to do."
Pros: "I like how they found another flight and we didn't have to pay because we was originally early for the first flight"
Cons: "Didn't lik how we miss our flight because TSA took so long by checking every hand luggage padding us down and i flew with my baby and my disable mom"
Pros: "On time!"
Cons: "Very crowded flight - almost overbooked!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Price gouged to escape hurricane Irma"
Pros: "it was ok just a long flight"
Cons: "food too high"
Pros: "Quick Hop"
Cons: "Just a quick hop to Denver"
Pros: "I really liked the flight attendant. He was funny and kind."
Pros: "The flight was very pleasant!"
Cons: "The landing was pretty brutal!"
Pros: "Everything went good. Crew was professional, flight was on time"
Cons: "Two people were assigned the same seat"
Pros: "On time, flight attendants were friendly"
Pros: "All good. Like the exit row. Extra leg room"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Multiple long delays."
Pros: "The flight wasn't too packed."
Cons: "My husband and I flew from Newark to Atlanta on 03/12/2017 with United. My husband is active duty military and Alicia assisted us with checking in our baggage. She was very kind and helpful. After retrieving our tickets, we went through Security and my goodness, the process at Newark is awful and TSA WAS EXTREMELY RUDE. That's besides the point. Our flight was delayed because the pilot was not there. Our departure was at 0605 and we didn't leave until 0630. Everyone boarded the plane and we were waiting for the pilot. Then the crew members were pretty rude and not friendly. I know it's an early bird flight but jeez, they can be a little nicer. One stewardess had high heel boots and literally would stomp up and down the aisle. Then she kept saying my purse was not under my seat which it clearly was. I don't know where else she'd like me to put it, maybe in the passengers seat in front of me. I would probably not fly United unless I have no other choice."
Pros: "Organized boarding"
Cons: "Very cramped"
Pros: "All was handled beautifully!! Great flight and we arrived early!!"
Pros: "Everyone we dealt with was unbelievably kind and helpful. They had a wheelchair at the gate and helped push my disabled brother which was such a help for my elderly parents to make their connections. When I got my parents their tickets I was very apprehensive that it might be difficult making the connections but thanks to United's wonderful service their whole experience was fantastic. In the future I will always try to book United."
Pros: "We'll coordinated."
Cons: "Nothing special"
Pros: "The steward was lip scyncing to the safety rules which kept our attention!"
Pros: "Great flight both ways of my trip. We arrived 20 minutes ahead of time on the way back. The crew was very courteous and I had a great experience with United."
Pros: "Flight attendances"
Pros: "We were early. I bought economy plus."
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "Boarding is disorganized"
Pros: "Flight was on time and smooth."
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "Nothing was bad, completely average. Nothing impressive either."
Pros: "Short lflight"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "On board entertainment was great."
Cons: "For the second flight in a row, our flight was over 2 1/2 hours late. In fact, this flight was three hours late, including the maintenance issues that cropped up once we were all boarded. This came after a 2 1/2 hour wait due to a different maintenance issue with the plane. The gate attendant was extremely uneducated regarding the issue, and how long it would take to resolve. For over an hour, he told us that the plane was taxiing from the hanger. Assuming the hanger was at the same airport we were, I seriously doubt this was the case."
Cons: "The plane was full I was given a seat assignment. Why was it when I got to my seat a child was sitting in the seat and the flight attendant states "oh I was handling that we need to get u a seat of hers one sit here" at the back off the plane by the restroom and food area. It maybe good for staff but I paid almost $300 for a tkt to be told oh here a seat sit here. No accommodation was made for the seating switch . No I was not looking for first or business class just to be asked would have been nice"
Pros: "On time and friendly crew."
Cons: "Boarding group."
Pros: "Efficient service"
Cons: "The crew was not very helpful with my concerns. As well, there was a handicapped man sitting on my roway and he received insufficient service."
Pros: "Well organized, enjoyable flight"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "We appreciated the upgrade to first class. Perfect for our vacation"
Cons: "Not much, my husband had to check his carry on bag due to a full flight. But we weren't that upset about it."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "None"
Cons: "4 hr delay on the flight, terrible experience never flying with United again."
Cons: "CRJ700 seats are like sitting on naked plywood. Very uncomfortable."
Pros: "It was just a mediocre domestic flight. Nothing special."
Cons: "No movies to watch for free."
Cons: "Not only did they change gates several times and the flight was delayed close to two hours, they didn't provide any information and refused to answer any questions."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Plane was freezing cold. Even with numerous empty seats I was assigned a seat in the last row next to the laboratory and not permitted to change. Flight attendant had a poor attitude and was generally not helpful."
Pros: "Time and confort"
Cons: "It was very hot, it seemed as if the AC was broken."
Pros: "Seat - non-adjustable. Hard but survivable for 3 hours. A320 equip"
Cons: "Time of day was not good - but you can't control THAT. Roudy passengers (group of 3 men in 20's) behind us - musta be (legal in Colorado) 'chemically enhanced' - uncomfortably LOUD."
Pros: "As our pilot said: today we defying the laws of gravity Frontier continues to deliver quality at exceptional value. Well prepared crew, on time departure and early arrival. What else can you ask for?! The flight included a short recognition of all service members, veterans, police and firefighters on board - one more reason to fly Frontier"
Pros: "I often like to give Frontier a hard time and hold them to a very high standard which I'm used to with some premier airlines while flying for business. After all I fly this airline a LOT. With that said I can assure you that you can find no better value for the quality and service you get. Point. Boarding proceeded as scheduled, the staff was very friendly and accommodative to the disabled passengers while making sure that everything proceeded smoothly. The pilot crew was exceptional in both operating the aircraft and being informative about our progress, weather, and safety. We were able to arrive in Atlanta early and all passengers clapped. Of and if anyone feels completely misled for having to pay extra for a carry-on when their ticket is $50 at a no-frills airline ...well, I'm not sure what to add."
Cons: "Pl"
Cons: "I did not make the flight due to unclear announcements."
Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "4 hour drlay, hidden fees, seats made out of plastic, no cushion on seats, very very unfortable. Tried to checked in for return flight and Frontier listed bahgae fees at 85.00 per person. During checked in at airport, we were charged 45.00 per baggage and was told if we would have done it on line, we would save 10.00 per baggage, when I explained I tried to. But cost was 85.00, she laughed and said it must be a glitch."
Pros: "The boarding was quick and relatively painless. The crew was very friendly."
Cons: "I feel that the price is only a little, if any, lower than other airlines, especially after you factor in the cost of luggage, the lack of snacks or a drink, and picking a seat. All that aside, I was not thrilled with the snack selection. There was no vegetarian/healthy choice. I could either pay for meat and cheese and only eat the cheese, or I could buy something packed with sugar."
Pros: "The boarding process was fine. The seats are comfy!"
Cons: "I feel very "Nickle and dimed" with this airline. We ended up spending almost $300 more on top of our flight for seating and luggage. We only had one bag each. THEN we had to pay for a soda! Also, the Denver frontier baggage check-in counter had a line of 200+ people and 3 people working the counter. If we hadn't gone outside to check our bags we would have missed our flight. This was at 6 am."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Absolutely nothing else"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Being charged when I miss my delayed flight"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Waiting on the tarmac for nearly an hour with no explanation. Flight crew was rude. Wouldn't serve water."
Pros: "The price. Nothing super bad."
Cons: "Delay leaving due to a door sensor. Got in an hour late, which was annoying. Limited, expensive menu anyway, but was out of what I wanted (jerky). Biggest complaint is the seats not reclining-that's really uncomfortable for a 3 hour flight.2nd biggest complaint is that having to pay for my seat and 1 carry on feels like a bait and switch over the ticket price."
Cons: "We boarded the aircraft and then sat for about 20 minutes. Finally the crew said they were waiting on additional crew from another flight. About 10 minutes later five people boarded the plane, but they were not crew members. The attendants took their boarding passes and then had to ask the same people to identify themselves so they could be verified as correct passengers. The end result was that those who boarded the plane properly had to sit and wait for over 40 minutes before the plane was even pushed back from the gate. Poor handling of a late flight with no explanation as to what was causing the delay."
Pros: "New plane, clean. Friendly crew"
Cons: "No frills, minimal comfort, a cup of water is free. Why do they still tell you to bring your seat back up when they don't even redline anymore?"
Cons: "It was wasteful and greedy. They just wanted money when the flight wasn't cheap to begin with. I felt like they were taking advantage."
Pros: "Boarded early and departed on time. The crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "The seats don't recline"
Cons: "On a direct from Atlanta to Denver our bag ended up in LA ???? Spent hours of a short two day trip in the airport. Pay the extra money to fly a proper airline. Our return to Atlanta was even worse."
Pros: "When flight was cancelled, given vouchers for stay and food. Crew was friendly enough. Nothing outstanding, but flight was decent to get back and forth vs driving."
Pros: "The price was great! So thankful to get to see me Son in Denver for $100 round trip."
Cons: "We landed in Atlanta around 10:40 and sat on the Tarmac for 45-50 min. The pilot said we would be getting a gate in 10 min and that was not even close to true. I am sure there are rules about using using other gates. But I don't understand how we have to sit on the tarmac for almost and hour. It was just frustrating."
Pros: "I haven't flown in a few years. That said, I forgot or was unaware that a discounted ticket didn't come with anything that I probably would've called normal inclusions to a airline ticket. For example, the checked bags, carry on bags, beverages and pretzels are addional charges. Seats are closer together and pretty uncomfortable. So I'd probably think about an airline that could group the things I'd call normal. A la carte travel for me is a bit of a hassle. At the end of the day, I got from A to B and I'm safe and sound."
Pros: "Flight cancelled the day before it was due. Ended up costing me and additional $800 to book an alternate flight at the last minute. Won't choose frontier ever again."
Pros: "Nothing this airline sucks"
Cons: "Waited on the runway for 30-45 minutes because they couldn't fit all of the bags on the plane."
Cons: "Actually fell short in all categories. Overall experience I had to sleep on an airport because of Frontiers poor logistics. Boarding took over an hour, the crew was kind of useless, and they still charged outrageous for food and drinks despite making most of us miss connecting flights and shuttles. When I got off the plane, things got even worse. It took over two hours for our bags to reach the carousel in Atlanta, and the Frontier staff was starting to get snappy and rude to all the people around me asking about their bags. I missed my shuttle and slept in Hartsfield Jackson for 5 hours until I could get a bus home. Never flying Frontier again, hopefully a new customer reads this and thinks twice too"
Cons: "They would not allow my emotional support animal on the flight even though she weighs four pounds and I had all of her documents. The flight was 10 hours late taking off. Myself, friends and family will never fly Frontier again. Truly disappointed. I had to leave my animal (dog) in Denver with friends."
Cons: "The employee at the check in counter was very unprofessional and my bags did not arrive with my flight after waiting an extra 35 minutes at the gate for bags to be loaded because they were under staffed."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed over an hour and there was no communication between between the airline and the passengers explaining why it was delayed or when the flight was actually expected to get here. The flight was very uncomfortable. I was given half a cup of water and then denied a refill. The cost of the flight may seem very cheap initially, but be aware that you have to pay to pick your seat and then pay for either a carry-on or checked bag (note: a carry on is actually more expensive than a checked bag) Overall, flying Frontier was a terrible experience and I would not recommend it to anyone."
Pros: "Not a thing"
Cons: "I understand weather delays, but the frontier personnel had absolutely no idea what was going on. The personnel that were aware weren't telling anybody anything. I watched my flight say on time and then our time passed and then was deleted from the que on the board. No one informed us what was going on. We were moved to three different gates. The employees of this airline need to be retrained immediately. If i were the CEO I would close immediately and focus on training, customer service and communication. I will never fly this airline again and I will advise every single person I know to fly a different airline."
Pros: "The app was nice for quick boarding and the Atlanta crew from boarding to the flight was the best. Denver to Atlanta was not."
Cons: "Didn't like the hidden fees at checkin that took my ticket from $207 up to double that amount. I didn't budget for that and the other sites make you aware of there fee at the time of purchase not when you think you are about to board and leave on your flight."
Pros: "The crew were energized and polite"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seating"
Pros: "Getting off the plane"
Cons: "The luggage fees, lack of leg room and rude service. I think that frontier airlines should be contracted to haul cargo or prison transports, they'd be better suited for it."
Pros: "low fare and non-stop"
Cons: "comfort of seats and add on charges for luggage & seats"
Pros: "Friendly staff, flight was right on time."
Cons: "Too cold on the plane."
Cons: "Seat 'tables' were the size of a postcard, was shivering the entire trip without the help of the overhead blowers, couldn't lean the seat back which seems almost inhumane. Less isn't always more."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Everything went well"
Pros: "..."
Cons: "I was really disappointed in the price schemes. Their game is to have very low flight prices, but what they don't tell you is you get additional charges, including for your CARRY-ON and to choose your seat in q cabin. By the time you pay those fees, your paying more than you would for other higher quality airlines."
Cons: "The price seems good, until you have to pay to carry your own baggage and then no one knows the correct answers to important questions. Service is mediocre at best. Comfort is lacking for sure. Won't use Frontier again."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "That we had to pay for seat assignments, and carry ons. Seats don't lean back and are completely uncomfortable."
Pros: "The crew was great! Courteous, friendly, helpful. Did their jobs admirably. That is currently the only nice thing I have to say about Frontier Airlines"
Cons: "The seats are terrible. The trays are the size of a postage stamp. The prices are deceiving, since it can cost upwards of an additional $100 on the original price of the ticket once you factor in the price of 'buying' a seat, and 'buying' a carry-on or checked bag. Its as if the marketing concept at Frontier is to make things as unpleasant as possible. The only reason for flying Frontier these days is if its the only flight that will work based on your schedule."
Pros: "The plane didn't crash..."
Cons: "Took forever to board. Flight crew was more concerned with complaining about passengers in the back of the plane than they were with service. Seriously the most unprofessional flight crew ever. Loud and obnoxious. One needed a breath mint badly. Just awful. Will never fly this airline again."
Pros: "The crew was helpful when I didn't feel well. Helped with a plan if I needed one."
Cons: "There was nothing to not like. I think a small beverage should still be free but all in all I would use this group again."
Pros: "The flight loaded quickly and took off on time. It was a full flight and the seats on the aircraft was just a little tight, but that was to be expected. Flight crew was very courteous."
Pros: "The staff on the flight were delightful. The flight attendants were both courteous and helpful, and I will recommend Frontier to others because of that. The seats are comfortable enough, and the plane was clean. I have flown with Frontier many times and I will continue to do so."
Cons: "Boarding was a nightmare. Simply put, the staff at the desk just did not have it together. When waiting at the gate (about an hour early), I observed three staff members at the desk next to where I would be boarding. A disgruntled customer was making a fool of himself at the counter, so a supervisor was called upon. When the supervisor shows up, two of the employees that were at the desk seemed to disappear. The disgruntled customer started acting even more irrational and was told to leave; all of the passengers were relieved to see this because the guy looked insane. Then, there were two small children that had been on a previous flight that needed to be walked up to security to meet their parents, so the supervisor walked away with the children, leaving one lone employee at the counter. This all occurred around 11pm; the flight was scheduled to board at 11:24pm. By 11:45pm boarding had still not begun. The scheduled departure was 11:59pm. Finally priority boarding is called at around 12:05am. I patiently waited to be called next because I had paid for a carry-on bag and had "Zone 1" boarding. Instead, all of the passengers lined up and the employee just started letting everyone on the plane regardless of boarding zone. After about ten people board, she gets on the microphone and says, "Oh yeah, zone 1... and zone 2 and zone 3 can board". There was a pause, and then, "Zone 4 can board now". If I am going to pay so much money for a carry-on bag, I would at least like to board first like I was supposed to. These were unique circumstances and the employees were courteous throughout the whole ordeal, but they could have handled the situation much more effectively. They ended up looking disorganized, flustered, and unprofessional."
Pros: "Getting off the plane was great."
Cons: "Almost missed my flight because there were so few attendents at the baggage drop. I waited 38 minutes just to drop my bag (excluding wait time to lrint my boarding pass). The attendents were rude. I was charged 40 dollars for a carry on bag. The seats were horrifically uncomfortable. I was given half a cup of water only on the flight. The lights were on and bright throughout the entire overnight flight. The seats don't decline, nor do they have much cushioning. Honestly, everything was so disorganized that when it came tome to land, I was scared it might be the last breath of my life because the quality of servuce had been so bad, I wasn't sure if the pilot was even certified to be a pilot. Luckily, I did not die. I will never fly Frontier again and am far less likely to use Kayak because of this horrible flight."
Cons: "No entertainment options."
Cons: "Crabby flight attendant. Lied to me about the 4 rows of empty seats in the back, said they were for ticketed passengers. Two were for the flight attendants! Why not just tell me the truth? She brought back 2 other guys to sit in two other rows, kept two for themselves."
Cons: "I was not pleased about checking in at the airport and being slapped with $70 worth of baggage fees and then being told frontier keeps their fares low, but makes up for it by charging for a carry on... Will take my business elsewhere from this flight forward."
Pros: "It got me there without crashing."
Cons: "I think that charging for carryon AND checked baggage is just a money-maker for the airline. Certainly not to the customer's benefit. The non-reclining seats are a negative as is the tiny little "tray" and small seats."
Pros: "The flight crew was fantastic and very funny and nice. Very helpful."
Cons: "Paying for a carry on seems excessive, but if the tickets are so cheap I guess they get the money back somewhere. And since when do you have to pay for a drink on a plane? Maybe I just haven't flown in a while, but that seemed really stupid. Not to mention that frontier "new" seats are extremely uncomfortable, sint have a screen or anything in them. It's all very minimal. You get what you pay for I suppose. Had I known, I would've spent a little more with someone else."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable and didn't recline at all."
Cons: "So when you buy a plane ticket and it does not include a seat and or a carry on / checked bag... what exactly am I paying for? No where when I bought this ticket (bought because it was the cheapest available) did it say I would need to purchase a seat BOTH WAYS or pay for a bag BOTH WAYS!!! Honestly, that is just ridiculous. I should have just paid more for my ticket and flew American Airline like I had originally planned because flying Frontier ended up being more than that plane ticket and several other airlines."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight got delayed 2 hours and then they reversed their decision and it got delayed back to 1 hour almost making me miss my flight. Also when we landed in Atlanta, it took another 10-15 minutes for the jet bridge to come to our plane. I hate spirit. Horrible airline."
Cons: "Knowing a gate change a head of time. Once landed took a while due to the jet bridge not being pulled up."
Pros: "That the flight was over"
Cons: "Had to pay for flight, tiny sardine seat, water and people on flight were in a huge hurry to exit plane at gate, hardly waiting for row by row polite deplaning. At least I had an assigned seat! Baggage took a long time to arrive. The crowd on flight were very loud - awkward personal conversations. Crew were good."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Seating was wrong , they gave me a different customer's ticket and had me standing waiting for my seat . Attendant left empty bottle in seating area and walked away . Staff was loud and unproffesional."
Pros: "Price—got what we paid for—a flight. Nothing more. As the flight attendant stated as she offered drinks or snacks, the only thing free is SMILES!!"
Cons: "Not even a free cup of water! Actually, a cup of ice was free—wow!! Only airline I have encountered that does not offer two free carry-on items—defeats the lower price of your ticket when you have to pay for every little item!!"
Pros: "Staff are always very professional and kind."
Cons: "Seat mates needed a bath -- BADLY. I don't think there is anything the airlines can do about that!"
Pros: "Very comfortable seats and smooth ride"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Every time I've flown with spirit there's been long delays. I understand it's a cheaper flight but they should still respect people's time a little bit more than they do. At least compensate us with something for the time we lose."
Pros: "Everything!!! Super impressed!"
Cons: "That I had to leave the amazing experience and go on vacation. :("
Pros: "flight was just fine"
Cons: "I paid for a seat upgrade I did not get... looked like first 2 rows were the large seats I was in row 8..."
Cons: "Attendant were not professional talked personal businesss during flight. Looked tired"
Pros: "It was a no frills flight, but it was a good no frills flight"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled without explanation. Found out at the airport instead of text, email, or call beforehand."
Pros: "Flight left on time"
Cons: "staff was not professional nor helpful. baggage fee is outrageous for carry on."
Pros: "There was a 3 hour delay. They lied about the reason for three delay. They charge way too much for carry on and checked bags. After paying for bags spirit is actually higher than the other airlines."
Cons: "The lying about the reason for the delay. Price of bags."
Pros: "I got to sleep and I got the window seat."
Pros: "favorite flight schedule from Den to FLL or visa versa...Thanks"
Cons: "Unexplained delays. Then finally someone says the pilots haven't arrived. They still decided to board us, but apparently they couldn't turn on the air until the pilots arrive, so we cook in there, not knowing how long this will go on. Finally, the pilots arrived. Air turns on, but still we wait. And wait and wait, all the while Spirit sends me a total of FOURTEEN delayed takeoff and arrival emails. As if I couldn't already get the gist sitting on the plane waiting waiting waiting. Finally, we get rolling, but never is there any acknowledgment that we've been waiting or that they're sorry for the continued delays or something nice yadayadayada. Last Spirit flight I'll take."
Cons: "$100 R/T checked bag surcharge. No comp. snacks or beverage. Cramped uncomfortable seating. Inappropriate sale and hard promotion of Spirit credit card on both flights."
Pros: "Fast easy boarding."
Cons: "Crew would not let us move to open seats that would give more comfort."
Pros: "It was not bad but it could have been a lot better"
Pros: "You get exactly what you pay for. A no frills service that gets the job done."
Cons: "The smaller aircraft are a little uncomfortable"
Pros: "They were on time and the return flight crew was friendly."
Cons: "The bag fees for me to check a bag and carry on a second bag was $100, so my inexpensive fare was $200 more. On the flight out the seats were very uncomfortable--plastic non adjusting seats. Thank goodness the flight was only four hours long. While I understand that drinks and snacks are "add ons" and a profit center, passengers have to buy expensive water and snacks with the gate vendors. Surely the airline could stock a few gallons of water for dehydrated passengers? The cost of my two bags would have covered bottled water for everyone on the flight."
Cons: "I paid more money during check in to an upgrade seat. Once on the plane, other passengers sat WHERE EVER they wanted. The staff had problems with accountability because seat numbers and ticket assignments were completely ignored. What good is a seat assignment if staff ignores the flight manifest. In the future I will no longer fly spirit because you do not value my upgrade. I feel you have unfairly taken my upgrade money only to find out that passenger's can ignore the upgrade costs and sit anywhere in the plane."
Pros: "nothing!! Worst flight I've ever had!!"
Cons: "Hated everything horrible service and delayed 4 hours with no weather never riding this airlines again!! What a rip off and they charged me almost 100 bucks for on carry on there and back"
Cons: "extra charge on carry on luggage and they charge for a snack and a drink. i will never fly with them again."
Cons: "1.Seated next to a very large man that should have bought 2 seats. I was only able to occupy 3/4 of my space. It was a very uncomfortable flight with having part of a strangers body touching and crowding me. There were no other seats available to move to. 2. When I asked for a glass of water, they do not give you, but you have to pay. 3. ALL other airlines allow a purse and a small carry-on. They charge $55.00 dollars. 4. They charge double for check in bag. $50.00, most others charge $25.00 I will not fly with Spirit again and heard other complaints from other passengers. This will be a short-lived airline."
Cons: "My round trip ticket was $150. Great deal except for the added $100 for my check in luggage! Which would have $110 if I would have carried on a bag! Ridiculous! For that price I could have taken another person with me! Next time I should just wear all my clothes I would normally pack and check nothing in! LOL!"
Pros: "Fast boarding, but then we sat with the door open for 20 minutes. Flight was fine. I would only ever consider flying again if there was a phenomenal price break from the next cheapest airline."
Cons: "Gate change with no announcement or change on departures board. Late takeoff. Tiny cramped seats, and miniature tray tables. Trash in front of my seat at boarding. The majority of passengers seemed to be inexperienced flyers, maybe gravitating towards the cheap fare? VERY annoying, needy, chatty, panickey at take off and landing. Not a pleasant environment."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The policy for paying for carry on baggage is confusing because you can carry on the same weight and cubic inches as baggage that you have to pay for as long as it is two parcels instead of just one. I will not be flying Spirit again"
Pros: "Nothing really, I will stay away from Spirit in the future."
Cons: "There was a delay in our flight, did not receive a notice or anything. Had to sit in the airport for four hours. Has I received an update or a notice I would of planned around that. Also, the staff didn't seem to care. They just blamed the weather in Philadelphia, when we checked the weather there its was 83 and sunny. When we talked to the staff about it they changed there reason and they finally told us the truth; which was a staffing issue. I guess the previous flight crew decided they had enough and they didn't want to fly to Minneapolis."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "We were delayed over an hour, with no support at the gate to explain why or let us know when we would be leaving. Incredibly frustrating, as I booked this flight (instead of another airline) for the departure time. Would have rather used another airline.."
Cons: "Wouldn't let me board my flight even though I got the almost an hour before take off then told me I had to pay $100 to catch the next flight. I will never got with spirit airlines again."
Pros: "spirit was late both ways. three plus hours late on the way home... so much so the train back into the city was closed and i had to take a $50 cab. i like the idea of cheaper fairs for simplicity, but its worth paying more if spirit cant even get the basics right."
Cons: "spirit was late both ways. three plus hours late on the way home... so much so the train back into the city was closed and i had to take a $50 cab. i like the idea of cheaper fairs for simplicity, but its worth paying more if spirit cant even get the basics right."
Pros: "I like that I got home."
Cons: "The hidden fees ($20 for a carry on, $20 for a seat, no complimentary soft drinks, etc), the rude attendants, the late departure, the terribly rough landing..."
Pros: "The boarding process was smooth and we took off/ landed on time."
Cons: "The crew was complaining as we were boarding about how tired they were to each other and not really helping guests. There was a crying baby for a long time on the red eye and I felt they could've offered the mother some help but they didn't do anything. Then the mother tried to stand up after we had landed but before the seat belt sign had gone off and the stewardess freaked out on her. Could've handled the situation much more professionally. The seats suck, the tray tables suck, not having a complementary beverage sucks, and paying for carry on bags sucks. But that's Spirit and everyone knows that is why they suck."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything worst airline."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for multiple hours numerous time before it was CANCELLED and we were told there wasn't another flight for 2 DAYS. I knew it was a horrible airline when I booked, but didn't think it would be this bad. This isn't a rare thing on this airline either."
Pros: "Purchasing my ticket from Kayak was easy and quick! But actually flying Spirit was a horrible experience. There was a delay without explanation regarding my return flight. The planes were old and during take offs and landings seemed to be on the verge of falling apart. The staff was rude and seemed like they were not confident in the planes abilities either. Overall, as a first time Spirit flyer I have no plans of flying with them again. Similarly, now I know why people always fly Delta!"
Pros: "The flight was delayed for 3 hours, with no explanation of any kind. When we landed in Atlanta at 2:30 in the morning, the trains were out of service and we all had to walk from the last gate in the last concourse to baggage claim. We did receive a $50 voucher for future travel for the inconvenience. But I don't think I'll be flying Spirit again."
Pros: "Arrived at my destination."
Cons: "Flight landed 30 minutes late and then we were delayed another hour with no explanation after being told it'd be only 10 minutes after the last person got off the plane. Unfriendly not even dating to border on polite."
Pros: "Air comfort"
Cons: "Charges for luggage is very high. I paid $110 for two bags."
Pros: "All of the Spirit Airlines staff were smiling and friendly. In a busy environment this is not always the case."
Pros: "I liked everything"
Cons: "I didn't like that they charged for the foods when it's over a 100 people who paid . Least could give 1 free condiment"
Cons: "The check in line was ridiculously long. I pre-checked and paid for my bag on line and still had to wait in a long line."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Spirit Airlines gives passengers no time to check in thru security and did not allow me to board even though I was an hour early. They always overbook flights and then cancel your flight at leisure."
Pros: "Overall I had a good flight. Everything went as smooth as it should have."
Cons: "Paying for seats that recline is unreal and paying $40+for a checked bag and a carry-on is quite ridiculous. The maximum weight checked luggage weight is 40 lbs which is quite difficult when your a woman traveling for a week."
Pros: "The low fares are always good"
Cons: "I jus don't like how you have to pay for one small carryon. Everyone should be entitled to at least one. I had to pay almost $90 for my carryon round trip. If that was the case I would have flew with another airline that doesn't charge me for my bag and the fares are not far from the prices of spirit. I. Total my round trip flight cost me $220 jus for air fare and luggage. Not acceptable. I'd rather fly delta or jet blue. I would pay much less than the total investment at spirit and won't have any baggage issues"
Pros: "Crew was friendly & boarding was quick."
Cons: "Bought flight because it was cheapest advertised; however, paid $36 for my one carry-on and another $56 for my one checked bag! The $25 extra was due to it being over their 40# weight limit (other airlines allow 50#). I'm very petite (5'2" & 105#), but still felt the seat was extremely small! Upon landing, there wasn't a gate available; so we waited nearly an hour to de board the plane. The passenger next to me said that's happened 4 of the 5 times he's flown Spirit (1-3 hour waits!!). Lastly, our luggage took a considerably ling time to arrive at baggage claim. Although we landed by 6:43, it was 8:30 before I had my bag and could leave the airport."

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