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DeltaOverall score based on 29333 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Delayed"
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Pros: "Delayed"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly and took good care of the passengers"
Pros: "On a quick 40 minute flight they still managed riu server coffee, water and snacks."
Cons: "Terrible delays"
Cons: "We weren't alerted there was a chance of delays. Over two hours late."
Cons: "Better food offerings"
Pros: "Excellent crew and clean aircraft"
Cons: "Sat on tarmac for 20 mins because we were early..."
Pros: "The crew was communicative and courteous."
Cons: "There was a flight delay in LAX due to a maintenance issue. The captain and crew informed us before we boarded the plane which was excellent. However, they could not figure out what was wrong with the planed and delayed the boarding for another 3 hours, putting our 1900 departure time to 2100."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I came from a long trip from France, the seat I was assigned was not reclinable, close to the restroom. I was totally exhausted from the previous flight, not able to sleep at all and when I tried to stretch my legs by sitting sidewards on the aisle a crew member keep bothering me to keep my legs out"
Pros: "Very comfortable, no complaints."
Pros: "Nice new seats"
Cons: "Was too warm inside the plane. Boarding address was mobbed and not very well managed"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Took off late. Other than that very comfortable and great experience"
Pros: "It is a busy travel day and this flight was unbelievably smooth. The entire crew was competent and friendly."
Pros: "Overall service was great."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 5 hours."
Pros: "Having three seats."
Cons: "I had three seats to myself! After getting elbowed all the way from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, I was tired and I slept three good hours."
Pros: "Better than average entertainment system for domestic flights."
Cons: "Boarding done against logic: my seat was in the last 5 rows of the cabin and I was scheduled to board in the final group. When I got to my seat the first 30 rows were nearly fully, but the back of the plane was half empty. The whole time the gate agent was urging passengers to move faster through the aisle, but Delta should really rethink its boarding strategy. It shouldn't take 40 minutes to board a 757."
Pros: "Transfer f from first flight leg"
Cons: "Food and the 757 lay out"
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Look, if your kid is so young that he can’t get in a plane without screaming for four hours, you shouldn’t bring him on a plane and subject 200 people to that. It’s rude and selfish."
Cons: "Sat on the runway for over an hour to get the gate. Unacceptable."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Napkins stuffed in the overhead to fix presumably the rattles."
Pros: "The flight was very good, no complaints, good service and we flew on schedule"
Cons: "We were split into two boarding groups, one for priority and one for everyone else. This was good but the priority line was just a bit too far away for the announcements to be heard. This added a little bit of confusion. This was at gate B36 at JFK Airport's Terminal 4."
Pros: "Didnt expect dinner but was served"
Cons: "Delayed flight, offset entertainment, touch screen un responsive"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly - very happy"
Pros: "crew kept a great attitude throughout"
Cons: "Having to find my boarding pass to deplane"
Pros: "Crew were very friendly specially with my 6yrs old daughter"
Cons: "late leaving, arriving and taxing."
Pros: "They were comprehensive and tried to move fast"
Cons: "Delayed flight because they didn’t had the crew ready"
Pros: "Boarding was fine. And service was good."
Cons: "TV controls didn’t work. So I couldn’t watch anything for the 4+ hour flight."
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "The movie selection is very good"
Cons: "Both boarding the flight and getting off the flight were severely delayed. The flight attendants also seemed to ignore half the plane when handing out drinks and when picking up trash. I had to flag someone down after they had simply walked past my row both times."
Cons: "Got in early"
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 2 hrs. Annoying!"
Pros: "What an easy flight. Run very well!"
Cons: "The crew seemed a bit tired, but it’s the season"
Pros: "Being on time."
Pros: "We were not happy with our flight my flight got cancelled 3 times I miss work they need to reimburse us and also reimburses the hotel cuz we had to stay at a hotel because they cancelled our flight three times and then our flight that we went out on Monday was late because of a flight attendant arriving late to the hotel to the airport"
Pros: "The temp"
Cons: "It was too hot."
Pros: "It got me to SFO earlyish"
Cons: "Was told to go away and wait for name to appear on screen for seat assignment. Was seated apart from travel companion. Got to sit next to folks with questionable hygiene, seat broken. Seatbelt broken. Stuck in back of plane window seat and was supposed to be “happy”. I was brilliantly ignored by crew. Seat back entertainment broken snd flight crew never answered the call button. Got to watch bag handlers throw and drop luggage like true gorillas. Delta, this time you truely are the worst. Wont book you again."
Cons: "Delayed for an hour and fifteen minutes"
Pros: "The crew on Delta create a welcome atmosphere every time I have flown with them."
Pros: "The entertainment options and noticing the little touches that Delta is making to improve the brand and experience."
Cons: "Seems like there are legacy "attitude" issues with the crew. I sat on the aisle yesterday, and SEVERAL times I was bumped, quite rudely, by passing crew. In one instance, as they passed to pick up trash, they took two of my three items. They started walking on, and I tapped them as they passed to pick up the third. She brusquely turned and said: don't touch me to get my attention. No please; quite rude, and unnecessary."
Cons: "Horrible wait if nearly 30 minutes after landing"
Pros: "The boarding was efficient"
Cons: "Three hour departure delay. No explanation given. No apology."
Cons: "Flight was delayed for very 4 hrs sat in plane for 2.5 of those. Flight was delayed dye to strike in Barcelona. But replacement plane had fueling problems delaying the flight another 2 hours"
Cons: "Zero communication to the passengers as to why we were delayed for almost an hour sitting on the plane"
Pros: "Crew was polite"
Cons: "Rocky takeoff"
Pros: "I didn't like anything about this flight. Only benefit of the doubt is the 2 hour delay as a runway in SF had shut down."
Cons: "We had seats at first where there was what looked like bubble gum bits stuck on one of the food trays. The flight was clearly not cleaned although it landed 2+ hours before the departure. We had to ask for a wet tissue and clean it up. That was of no use too as it wouldn't scrub off. My wife was feeling under the weather and so we asked for a blanket. The blanket was hardly a blanket and more like a towel. We then luckily could switch seats as there were 2 vacant. But, the air conditioner was leaking water in the seat to our left. The crew was callous and just stuck the passenger with some napkins saying it does that. I don't fly Delta a lot and my experience in this trip isn't inspiring much confidence."
Pros: "Both flights were on-time, no gate changes. Staff was friendly enough, and seat back entertainment was appreciated. Everything went as you always hope it does for flights!"
Pros: "Decent food and drink. Flight attendants were very nice, although not quite as excellent as on the other Air France flights which I had on this trip"
Cons: "The seat is angled when fully reclined so there's a feeling that you'll slide off the seat, making it difficult to find a good position to sleep. Video screen seemed quite large. Headphones were noise canceling and worked well"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Provide coffee at least"
Pros: "On time. Fast boarding. Comfortable seating."
Pros: "Flight attendants were friendly and thoughtful."
Cons: "Seating is too tight. Hard to believe that in 2019, major airlines still have seats without any electrical or UBS outlets for charging devices."
Pros: "Everyone was nice and it went smoothly!"
Pros: "entertaining system"
Cons: "food could be better, not bad though"
Pros: "Plane was clean"
Cons: "My belongings stolen"
Cons: "Delays, seats are cramped and uncomfortable"
Cons: "Never made it to Chicago, rerouted through Washington DC."
Pros: "On time departure. Early arrival. Lots of seat back movies."
Cons: "Need more new releases for movie selection."
Pros: "Nothing. Just the pilot"
Cons: "Everything. Bad communication. 1 h delay. Then 3 hs in the plane. We ran out of gas. 2 more hours taxiing Never seen something similar. I really hope my mileage refund."
Pros: "Made it home."
Cons: "delays."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Was missed due to delayed flight"
Pros: "Arrived early."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "no inflight entertainment no outlets"
Pros: "Entertainment on the newer AA planes is great. Meals are sparse but tasty (chicken wrap)"
Cons: "Middle seat always stinks - flight attendants on AA always seem like they hate their jobs"
Pros: "Awesome roomy seat right behind business class. Could not have asked for better! And it was a gorgeous new aircraft."
Pros: "I love your entertainment selection. also the comfort of seat and it's on time."
Pros: "The seats actually had individual screens, which was a very nice surprise. There’s a decent movie collection. alao the flight attendants were very nice and friendly."
Cons: "The tv show selection is quite poor. Also, like the previous flight, my husband and I weren’t seated together (not even in the same row) and when I tried to change it online, the entire flight showed as booked. However once on board there were clearly a number of empty seats."
Pros: "I really enjoyed the entertainment available."
Cons: "A 6 hour flight in which we were not offered food. In addition, when it was time for baggage claim, I noticed that my luggage had been damaged. One of the wheels was broken off. I put in a claim and have yet to hear back."
Pros: "The boarding process was ok."
Cons: "The entertainment system failed again."
Pros: "Sightsee"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Quick and did good job"
Cons: "After flying Japan Airlines I wish there were more free food and entertainment"
Pros: "Nice airline very accommodating. Loved first class"
Cons: "No personal TV for entertainment"
Pros: "Nice new seats."
Cons: "The new seats are meant for "people shorter than 6 feet tall" as the flight attendant said to me. Is the airline industry deliberately discriminating against 6'6" people? 15% of the people you seat based on population are over 6'. I'm sick of paying more money for my long legs."
Pros: "The boarding was done well"
Cons: "This was a 6 hour flight so American could at least have offered a better choice of in flight food purchases"
Pros: "Quick boarding, near empty flight."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Landed early"
Cons: "The seats were not as good as the ones on my BA flight to Heathrow and then Rome. Also, cross country flight but no in flight entertainment. Arrived early in PHL and American would not let me move up to an earlier PHL-SFO flight since it was a code share booked with BA. Should not be my fault as when booking it indicated all four of my flights were with BA. Once booked it indicated the return flights were code share with AA. American should have allowed me on the earlier flight. That would have opened a seat on the scheduled flight which had people waiting on standby."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Being delayed"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "No entertainment."
Pros: "Loved the entertainment features. Great movie selection!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "extra leg room but I had to pay for it"
Cons: "This should only be used for important communications. And to not offer food on a 6 hour flight is horrible."
Pros: "Comfortable seats."
Cons: "Internet slow to access."
Pros: "blanket made it comfortable"
Cons: "No entertainment options"
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "No entertainment nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The flight crew was great and it was a very smooth landing."
Cons: "Had to pay extra for seats so we could sit together, near the front of the plane (not really, and no bathroom nearby, very small seats with zero legroom). we were delayed twice (40m then 1h10m) then told to go to a different terminal because now our flight WAS leaving on time! so we hauled over there only to be delayed again several times. we know it was a weather thing, but just wish there was more accurate info about when we would actually take off. seats on outgoing flight from SFO to CLT were GREAT, very roomy, comfortable. Coming back- not so much."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Before I booked the flight I noticed it was only on time 53% of the time. True to that number we were delayed almost an hour before takeoff. Why schedule fights so close if almost half the time it's delayed? Something needs to change."
Pros: "Good free entertainment. Thanks."
Cons: "No good free snacks. Only free drinks."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Same as above"
Pros: "Nothing absolute nightmare .. no water .. are you serious"
Pros: "The flight was >1 hour late, which the pilot told us was due to the LAX controllers changing the landing patterns due to weather. So this really wasn't anyone's fault. But there was a large difference in comfort between this flight and the JAL flight from Tokyo. Seats were smaller, and my wife and I couldn't get seats together."
Pros: "Old plane"
Cons: "Sits were not comfortable."
Cons: "My flight was delayed for 3 hours and they where rude about my flight being delayed"
Pros: "The actual flight was fine."
Cons: "The gate staff was so rude."
Pros: "tv!"
Cons: "babies crying"
Cons: "Food was expensive and not well put together."
Pros: "Flight attendants very kind"
Cons: "More water, drinks. The food was absolutely horrible."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over an hour. Because of that, I missed my appointment."
Pros: "Never made it."
Cons: "I eventually got to San Francisco. I missed my flight to Lihue and had to stay in the airport all night."
Pros: "We paid for extra leg room but did not receive it. Our complaint to the staff was dismissed without a care. We will be taking our business to Alaska Airlines in the future."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Uncomfortable"
Cons: "A few more inches of seating"
Pros: "Good crew, good and safe flight. Thank you!"
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Seats were very comfortable in first class. Very happy with that experience for short haul flight. Enjoyed the service. Flight attendant checked on me multiple times and offered beverages."
Cons: "Snack/food choices."
Pros: "Safety of the flight, the route"
Cons: "The remote for the AV was so torn. I coukdnt even use it"
Pros: "Safe flight. Also, I was offered a different flight from Boise, ID, in order to make my connection in San Francisco. Thank you!"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "Legroom, bin space, food"
Cons: "Cattle flight. Not enough space in economy for a person 6.3'."
Pros: "No entertainment. Not working No internet. Crewfelt like they were forced to be “nice”."
Pros: "On time, flight attends are superb"
Cons: "Cramped seats due to greedy corporation trying to appease the share holders"
Pros: "the entertainment program was good, and the plane in good shape"
Cons: "food was terrible"
Pros: "Da food, seat"
Cons: "Da Music"
Pros: "Quick and easy flight- not much to say, which is always good news while flying."
Cons: "Small seats."
Pros: "Nice crew. Free tv for delay"
Cons: "Flight delayed and then boarded very suddenly"
Pros: "I enjoyed my interaction with the other passengers."
Cons: "Several delays compounded to make trip a lot longer and far less comfortable than it needed to be."
Cons: "That I could only have one carry on an my purse was considered two, really and it was a small purse."
Pros: "Fast and effective. On time and crew was nice and helpful."
Cons: "They passed out drinks late !! Too close to landing time ."
Pros: "On time, quick boarding, smooth flight"
Cons: "No issues"
Cons: "Crew was rude and seemed to be in a constant rush big lack of customer service"
Cons: "Now Sherry in any documentation I received did it say that my flight was operated by United airlines. I waited at ANA check in until within the 2 hour window and went around and asked someone at United who confirmed that they were partners with ANA."
Pros: "Ordered the Protein Box, it was ok.. crew members nice."
Cons: "The Smell on the flight was unacceptable, I was sitting about a couple rows across the middle bathroom, and it smelled horrible, I had never had an experience like this on any other flight, I fly United many times a year, and this had me really uncomfortable for almost 5 hours, since the flight was delayed almost 1.5 hours while we sat onboard the aircraft at the gate, that had me miss dinner plans too in San Francisco as well. I really hope they can fix that, For the good of the passengers, felt like I was going to be nauseous all the time, and I'm really not someone that complains or takes time to review badly."
Cons: "flight control forced us to miss my connection to Kansas City so had to spend $150 on a hotel in San Francisco and wait an entire day to get home."
Pros: "Good service"
Cons: "Crowded"
Pros: "Super friendly staff, everything was great."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Friendly staff Easy boarding"
Cons: "The flight had no snacks. The seats werent comfortable."
Cons: "Plane was supposed to depart at 5:30 did not depart until around 7:20!!! Had to sit on plane for almost 2 hrs!! We were NOT OFFERED anything to drink Not even water!! Jet Blue would NEVER be neglectful, they are very service oriented. Plane was full & 2 babies on board one was fussy crying at times. It was s nightmare!! I was exhausted from traveling to NYC & Philly! & the delay & lack of service was AWFUL!! Could not watch TV, bc It either connects to phone, I could not connect it or I think you had to pay! Unheard of!!!I love to watch CNN, MSNBC & Fox it makes the time fly!! Hopefully will Never have to fly United Again"
Pros: "Flight attendants, entertainment. Thomas from United rocks"
Cons: "Nothing. All was good"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Will NEVER fly United again. Going home to advise EVERYONE I know not to fly United. They straight suck. Starving people on long flights with hot food for a third of the plane?!?!?! Then telling me I'm wrong for expecting a meal on an almost 7 hour flight?!?!?! &, even better, the reason my son & I starved all morning, day , & evening because EVERY single flight (all 3) were late, one so much so that we almost missed the connecting flight. Wow, is all I can say. After I still have United a chance after assaulting that poor man. Beyond highly disappointed."
Cons: "The Overnight flight I had was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Too uncomfortable to even sleep at all. The seating is so tight, I could barely move my legs when the seat in front of me was reclined (and I am tiny!) I landed after my connecting flight was already boarded, causing an employee from the airline to announce my name over the intercom on the plane and tell the passengers to "clear a lane for me." I ran with my suitcase over my head, bumping into people and making it to my next gate...where I was told there was ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM for my carry on...which was also, very tiny. I specifically did not want to check my bag because I needed to immediately hop off the plane to make it to work on time. Another customer was VERY upset about having to check his bag and was pulled aside. I finally was told I needed to check my bag at the gate to get on. So i did. As I entered the plane, about half of it was COMPLETELY empty with PLENTY of room. I was floored. About 10 minutes later, the very angry man happily entered with his carry on and stored it easily in the overhead bin. My frustration was at a peak. But I said nothing. When I arrived to Newark, I rushed to baggage claim and guess what? After 30 minutes of waiting, my bag never showed up. I had to check in with information and finally found it. But this caused to me to be late for work. I have usually had a great experience with United. But this experience has changed my mind completely and am very upset."
Pros: "I liked how quick and easy the flight was; from boarding to exiting the plane in SFO."
Cons: "The size of the plane."
Pros: "On time, flight attendants were friendly"
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "Originally, there was an announcement that we would be delayed by 45 minutes because of "air traffic" issues in San Francisco, where we were landing. In spite of this, the captain decided to have passengers board the plane, and try to push our way up the line, so to speak. Well, once we were on the tarmac, the flight crew were told that the plane could not take off, and that we needed to wait there for 45 minutes, without moving, in our seats, with nothing to do. Even though it would still not have been ideal to wait 45 minutes at the gate, at least we could have walked around and could have entertained ourselves."
Cons: "The day we were to return to San Francisco United cancelled our flight making us scramble to get another flight. Thank goodness for Alaska. They got us a return flight and went to Seattle instead of San Fransico. United and San Francisco is a joke. Never again."
Cons: "Flight got cancelled cause of issues with plane. Took over 5 hours in line to get to the counter to talk to someone. There were only 2 counter people for first 3 hours. Once at counter ther had to put us on flight for next day. (Just informed 5 min ago that flight has been delayed another day cause of plane issues.) they couldn't get us to sit together which I understand but also put me in a middle seat which I'm clostraphobic so that sucks. Told me that I can book a hotel to stay at and they would reimburse me.... eventually. Fought over that for an hour and they finally agreed to pay for Hotel. Overall the trip was great but the departure from Kauai has been real bad. Still waiting to leave the island."
Pros: "Crew was attentive."
Cons: "From Gregory at the check in being rude and anything but welcoming, to seats in first class needing replaced, this was anything BUT a first class trip. This was my second time giving United a chance as I normally fly Delta. I don't think I'll make that mistake again. I understand a late night flight doesn't have a meal service, but snacks of chips and bananas is not my idea of how you should serve Firat Class passengers. I would have a hard time recommending anyone choose United as their airline. Time for an upgrade of not just the seats, but overall customer service."
Pros: "What did I like like that the pilot let us know what was going on on every moment and the stewardess was very friendly"
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable last flight 30 minute flight took an hour if not more and not knowing what gate my next flight is until I get there"
Pros: "arrived on time, newer aircraft"
Pros: "Great flight for the price"
Pros: "The seats were uncomfortable. The staff was cold. The food was horrible, I wasn't even able to eat some of it. The chicken was full of bones and grissle. The rest just tasted bad. Most of their planes did not have screens in the back of the seats. Instead they wanted you to watch on your personal device via their app which worked sub par. The baggage on the return flight was delayed and I almost missed my next flight even though I had a 2 hour 40 min layover. Thankfully that flight was delayed 1 hour and a half. Next time I will stick with airlines I know better. Delta, Emirates, and Qatar all offer superior service and upscale aircraft. The 2k spent was not worth what I received."
Pros: "Anytime things are new, and the basic needs are met for service, I think people will be happy. But! Timing was estimate for an 8:56 arrival and we landed at 8:30, so great timing too."
Cons: "Power outlets worn out and won't hold a plug so they are unusable"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "The a/c on the plain was not very cold and it needs to blow more air"
Pros: "I loved how helpful and kind the staff was. There was an issue with seating and they sorted it out in a quick and professional manner."
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable when sitting for long periods and the seatbelts could have been a little bigger."
Pros: "Flight Attendants were nice."
Cons: "The flight was expensive and they wouldn't let us or anyone place carry ons in the over head bin. It was an expensive ticket and didn't include checked bags ($25 more). Carry-ons wound up being "stowed". It would have been nice to know before I bought the tickets that I needed a smaller carry on."
Cons: "Purchased tickets 4 months before this flight for a departure time of 6:05pm. Tried to check in and check baggage at 9:30am but was turned away saying I could only check in 3 hrs prior to my flight. Came back at 3:00pm to check-in and they could not find my information. An hour later they find out that they cancelled the flight and moved my departure time to 8:25am for that day. They say they emailed 3 times in May but I never got it (I'm a bit crazy about my email staying clean) so they say it might have went in to my spam folder due to they types of emails they send to customers. They only kept repeating that they notified me so there is nothing they could do. I ended up going to Air Canada to get a flight to PHX the next day. No apology, no help, no hotel for the night...Terrible experience by United. They gave me a customer relations group contact information to follow up with for complaint but since they sent me the 3 emails in May about the change, they have no liability to fix the situation."
Pros: "The crew was very attentive to each guest."
Cons: "Well I paid more for a lesser quality plane ride... didn’t like that very much."
Pros: "On time. Professional. Clean."
Cons: "Nothing. As expected"
Pros: "THe passengers were well behave during and polite"
Cons: "The 2 hour flight delay"
Cons: "The crew was rude to the passengers. They charge form 9$ to 40$ for seat selection. Charge for a Carry on bag (anything that doesn't fit under your seat). The flights had maintenance issue, hence delayed. I will absolutely avoid traveling with frontier in the future."
Cons: "Website would not let me check in the day before or the morning or my flight. There was an error every time and I almost got to the end once. I could not change the time of my transportation and arrived 10 minutes past the check in deadline (an hour prior to the flight taking off). I was refused access to the flight and offered a flight 5 hours later. The staff was rude and not helpful. I had heard negative things about Frontier and now I know why."
Cons: "Connecting flight was delayed by one hour!!!!!"
Pros: "The crew were great and considerate knowing a large portion of the passengers had just had a horrible flight from Atlanta."
Cons: "Can't fault anything but the lack of healthy and/or meal options on the menu"
Pros: "Crew was funny and good at their jobs."
Cons: "Smallest tray tables I have ever seen in all of my life."
Cons: "if flight was delayed should at least provide complementary soft drinks..."
Cons: "4+ hour delay in Denver caused us to miss the last airport hotel shuttle and made us spend more on food and drinks in Denver. Extra money for a cab in SF. My 6 year old slept on the filthy airport carpet at the gate because at the seats had arm rests. Not even an apology from the airline."
Cons: "Seriously, extra charge for a seat and carryon? Crappy plane, etc."
Cons: "I purchased and paid for round-trip tickets 6-8 weeks before travel. While doing an online boarding pass I must pay $30 more for my seats both ways and $35. More for my carry-on luggage both ways or I don't get a boarding pass printed. I opted to get an online boarding pass because it was Xmas travel and the lines were extremely long. OUTRAGEOUS. My tickets cost me $110. more! The first of the leg flight was 1hr late taking off. I will NEVER use Frontier again!"
Pros: "Not Much"
Cons: "Seats are too small."
Pros: "The check-in process was easy. The staff at check in, and on the plane were organized and friendly and the plane ride was very smooth both ways."
Cons: "I found out when I was checking in that I would have to pay $70 for my small overhead bag. Also, no free coffee on the flight was crazy too. I'll definitely keep that in mind when considering the discounted rates that don't end up being so dicsounted after all."
Pros: "Cheap tickets price"
Cons: "Extra cost to Chek or take on luggage. Extra cost for seating assignment High price for drink and snack Shortened trays to accommodate lack of leg space Seats do not recline Low ticket price but huge fees and costswith smaller spaces. Not a good airline if more than 2 hour flight"
Pros: "Flight delayed for hours, no food vouchers, no alternatives offered even though flight if it goes at all will arrive almost at midnight. We are still in Denver. Scheduled to leave for SFO at 6:55-now maybe leaving at 9:45 pm. I will miss the last Amtrak train home."
Pros: "Boarding went fast, thanks to zones and smooth travellers"
Cons: "Leaving late, seats not reclining at all, lights out the whole way. Took Frontier SFO to Denver 2 days prior to this trip and had s 4.5 hour delay."
Pros: "This airline is a racket"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats and extra fees for the seat and baggage. I would have preferred to stand the entire flight."
Cons: "Frontier charges extra for a seat upon check in and also for a carry on! Terrible scam!!!"
Cons: "Arrived 45 minutes before flight, but attendant didn't accept my check in bag, and didn't let either of us proceed to the gate even though we both had checked in already."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "At airport 2 hours before flight and still missed flight due to check in lines that were the length of the entire terminal. Knowing the capacity of planes and number of booked flights, one would think they would have more than 4 people working the checking in counters. Did not receive a refund for flight and baggage fees. I will NEVER Frontier again!"
Cons: "There was wine throw-up in my seat and on the wall when we boarded. No compensation or alternatives were offered. The flight was spent sitting in an uncomfortable, wet seat with the aroma of freshly cleaned wine puke. The lack of legroom was intolerable."
Pros: "I liked the crew"
Cons: "The flight was stacked with hidden fees and charges after my purchase. We had to pay for seats - in addition to the ticket price?! We had to pay for carry-ons.. And their food and beverage service has a price tag attached to everything. "Surprise! Your $50 flight costs $150 by the time you actually arrive!" ..sneaky."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for over 4 hours due to operational issues (not weather or maintenance). The gate representative didn't keep us informed of the issues and when he did, he was usually wrong. There is a surcharge for everything from carry-on fees to beverages on the plane. The plane itself was uncomfortable with uncushioned seats. Let's just say that if I had to choose between a Frontier flight and a Delta flight that was $400 more, I will choose the Delta. Same goes with any competitor. I will never fly Frontier again."
Cons: "Operational failure by Frontier made the flight late and chaotic."
Cons: "It's very late to get a hotel and they didn't arrange anything for us. We get a credit for future flights and hotel reimbursement. But I'd rather not fly Frontier again!"
Pros: "Except for perfectly nice crew, nothing was good about this flight."
Cons: "They charge $40 for carry on bags that don't fit under the seats, so we ended up checking our carry on for $30. WTF? This was not made clear up front when I purchased the tickets. People always complain about seat comfort and I'm usually easygoing about that, but these seats were extremely uncomfortable. They are not much better than auditorium folding chairs. My middle seat was lopsided perhaps with a broken spring on one leg of the flight. The seats do not recline and the fold down table is approx 4"x7", not large enough to rest an ipad. I will go out of my way never to fly Frontier ever again unless something dramatically alters."
Cons: "Flight attendant from Denver to San Francisco had a bad attitude and was passive aggressive with guests. Perhaps it was a long day for her but at the end of the day you have a job to do and don't take it out on paying customers."
Pros: "Crew was excellent. Very nice and accommodating."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats, no space. We should be able to bring a carry on to store in overhead compartment for free."
Cons: "Frontier charges for seat assignments and even carry-on bags. It's the #1 airline for indignities and nickel and diming its passengers."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I'd rather hop to San Francisco than fly frontier. A 4 hour 7 minute delay is a different flight than I booked."
Pros: "Flight price...that's it."
Cons: "Most everything else. Ur charged for everything. Including a carry on! I understand the checked bags but a carry on? Come on now. All seats don't recline. Trays are super small. All my flights were late. I was only given one cup of water."
Pros: "None"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "The minimal interaction I had with the Crew suggested that they were nice."
Cons: "It was continuously delayed a total of five times. It was not explained why things were delayed. The spaces were cramped and the trays were small. Leads me to be interested in traveling in other "cheaper" airlines such as Spirit."
Pros: "I do not normally complain, but my two flights this weekend were more than an hour late each, coupled with horrible cramped seating, unfriendly flight crew, tons of extra charges, and a dirty plane. I will be trying to avoid frontier flights on the future."
Cons: "See above."
Cons: "Flight had uncomfortable Seats was delayed 1.5 hours and the baggage took more than 30 mins to come out"
Cons: "I was seated between an overweight man and a very tall man, both of whom felt as though their sizes allowed them to infringe upon my space. There were plenty of open seats on the flight and yet no effort was made to alleviate this clear problem."
Cons: "Seats don't recline, food tray very small, no free beverage except 1 cup water and most of all the unexpected 60 dollar charge for a CARRY-ON! Like the carry-on that easily fits in the over head space above and no one else charges for."
Cons: "Yet another delay in leaving (unrelated to weather from what we could determine)... Arrived in San Francisco at roughly midnight instead of 9 pm."
Pros: "The flight and crew were fine."
Cons: "I felt like it was a bait and switch. It was cheap airfare, but I had no idea that I'd then have to pay $40 PER CARRYON and ALSO pay just to pick a seat. I checked in online just about 10 minutes after check-in opened up and there were only 2 seats that were $0. So while I might have had low airfare, I ended up paying $100 just for 2 carry-ons and 2 seats. I felt taken advantage of."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I have never heard of spending $45 for a carry on bag until now! So between me and the four family members I was traveling with we had an extra $450 expense. Super rude staff. Flight was delayed almost 2 hours because of mechanal problems. The seats don't recline. If you want something to drink even a soda... You'd better get your credit card out. I will never fly frontier ever again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "It took over 30 for bags to arrive. After a long flight from one coast to the next at the very least get bags out swiftly."
Pros: "Nonthing"
Cons: "My checked bag was damaged We were stuck on the run way departing and arriving The smell of the plane was terrible Rude flight crew Flight was late"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable and I arrived safely. Grateful for these aspects of my trip."
Cons: "Employees were rude. Inaccurate information about flight times provided before and during the flight. The hidden fees were ridiculous, such as $1.99 for seltzer water. Note that you cannot pay in cash for anything. Not so unusual, but a pain for since my debit card was lost. Because flight times were inaccurate, I had no time to buy food during my layover and wasn't able to purchase food on the flight. Overall, I would NOT choose to fly Frontier Airlines again unless absolutely necessary."
Cons: "Boarding was bad, after a delay it seem as if we were rushed onto the plane to make up time."
Cons: "The check in staff at the initial location said our personal item was fine, but then at boarding time they gave us a hard time."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "These flights are horrible- hard cramped seats, no services, not even a cup of coffee unless you pay extra. $40 to bring a carry on bag on the plane. Cost more than any other flight in the long run."
Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Seats didn't recline and website is misleading when it comes to purchasing seats. I was very uncomfortable."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable cramped seats that do not recline. The price does not reflect that you have to pay for everything, checked bags, carryon bags, snacks, soda's. No entertainment even during a 4 hour flight."
Pros: "Crew, seat contable and price was great"
Cons: "Make seats reclinable!"
Pros: "I will never fly Spirit again."
Cons: "I missed my connection because Spirit was an hour delayed on my first flight. I had to wait until the next day to get a connecting flight and Spirit didn’t even cover the hotel. I’ve never had an airline be less helpful (and I fly at least once a month). The small cost savings is NOT worth it."
Cons: "Not much really- perhaps train the flight attendant la that when the plain is less the 1/3 occupied it is not necessary to move people around for weight and balance purpose. They should be trained enough to understand what and when it is important to stay right in that assigned correct seat"
Pros: "Arrived early"
Cons: "Better process for monitoring of boarding zones Not to pay regular seats"
Pros: "Nothing was amazing about my experience with Spirit."
Cons: "I tried to check-in online for the return flight on the Spirit website and it told me I could not check-in online. When I arrived at the airport, by the time I got to the agent they had closed check in and I wasn't allowed on the flight. The next day, the flight was delayed by 2.5hrs."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Painless"
Cons: "The flight attendants spent the whole flight playing, loudly talking and eating. Made it difficult to rest."
Cons: "I don’t like that you have to pay for a carry on...I think that’s a really sneaky way of doing business. The ladies were pretty rude pulling people out of line and demanding payment Our flight was a 1/2 hour late arriving and we sat in the plane after boarding for one hour with very little communication. If the plane has to be fueled why board everyone into the cramped space to sit there. Very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nothing about this flight"
Cons: "The selling of water is unacceptable"
Cons: "I had a problem checking at the airport because I paid for a luggage and it was shown that I payed for carry on, and I had to paid a difference. I was a very unsatisfying situation."
Cons: "Spirit probably had 6 flights or more going through customs at the same time whjch made for extremely long lines. My 2nd flight was cancelled and i stood in line for 3 1/2 hours to rebook another flight. They should have another process to help out stranded customers. Especially when the flight crew doesnt show up and they cancel a flight."
Cons: "the flight was canceled."
Pros: "Overall"
Pros: "The boarding and cost."
Cons: "The sits are not too comfortable, No movies something to keep passengers busy"
Pros: "I need a refund."
Cons: "Your personnel made an error in which they were unable to locate my flight reservation, causing me to miss my flight. Never flying Spirit again."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "No complimentary drinks"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No help"
Cons: "Arrive to the ticket counter over hour prior to flight take off. Women working the counter refused to give me a boarding pass as she said the plane already departed. After arguing and paying $10 extra for a boarding pass I ran to the terminal and the plane had just left the gate. If the first women gave me the pass originally I would of made my flight. Needless to say, never fly Spirit airlines!"
Pros: "always delayed"
Cons: "I didn't get my seat I paid for they did reimburse but that made me a little unhappy"
Pros: "1. Nice crew that tried to compensate for everything else."
Cons: "1. Flight delays significant...4 hours late! 2. Tried to get me to apply for a credit card and fill in a form with my social security card number...NO WAY!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Great price and its very short flight so no need for extras. Will use again"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "flight cancelled at 1am"
Pros: "Nothing. I didn't get to fly. The first leg of my flight was cancelled and I could not get rebooked until 4 days later, so I cancelled it. The gate agents were nice, but unable to help me with rescheduling."
Cons: "Phone service was poor when looking to reschedule flights. They couldn't understand my situation- that it didn't matter to me how I got to my destination, just that I got there on the same day. I talked to two people but neither understood after repeated attempts."
Cons: "Baggage guy was EXTREMELY rude. Also very unorganized getting through security. Need a better system."
Pros: "They wouldn't print boarding pass and I missed my flight. I was at airport 1 hr. early."
Cons: "its no frills and line to drop off bag took for ever."
Pros: "Quick boarding."
Cons: "Charges for everything"
Pros: "clean plane"
Cons: "started out with a great price but then there is a charge for everything else. luggage (high charge), no real cost savings, check-in was dis organized, luggage claim was spread between two carousels, lines were long"
Cons: "Spirit airlines has the worst customer service, with absolutely no care about how crappy they treat customers always referring back to their no changes, no refunds, etc...and when they have delays or worse, they again don't care about customers at all!!"
Pros: "I really liked it all!"
Cons: "I wish I'd known carry on luggage had a fee when booking."
Pros: "Crew and flight was very good"
Cons: "This was the second time I flew to MN with Spirit first time my return was cancelled and this time was delayed by an hours and delayed take off and delayed at Ohare"
Pros: "It was exactly as,described - no frills. Generally was a typical flight."
Cons: "Even though the plane was newer, it was,the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in and made for an unpleasant 4 hour flight."
Pros: "not much"
Pros: "I did not like anythong"
Cons: "Seats suck crew sucked.. Carry ons should be free and snakes should be too with drinks"
Pros: "Flight in time and service as expected"
Cons: "Spirit charges extra for EVERYTHING. As long as you know this ahead of time you won't be surprised. Read the details!"
Cons: "Fees for carry on?!?!? Yup $55, $5 more than checked bags. Seats are like folding chairs bolted to the floor. No reclining and hardly any padding. The least leg room out of any car or airplane I have ever been in. Never flying spirt ever again. Pay $100 more and fly southwest with fee checked and carry on bags."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 4 hours extremely rude and had no apology for being late and staff were rude when you asked about it"
Cons: "No complimentary served even with a long flight and my luggage costs were more then my tickets"
Cons: "Never again! The most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken. Their hidden fees made the price just as high as other airlines and seating is way too crowded."
Cons: "I have not yet boarded. Should be there by now. Still sitting in an airport."
Cons: "Who charges for carry on bags? They nickel and dime you for everything."
Cons: "terrible experience. check in baggage charges almost as same price as the flight ticket. And the server has very bad attitude."
Pros: "The plane landing safely."
Cons: "I've been flying for years and this is the first and last time I will fly spirit. Flight delayed an hour each time for my trip. Uncomfortable seating. The list goes on. I can type a 5 page essay on how terrible this airline is."
Cons: "They didn't keep us updated and even after out plane arrived and we got on we still sat there for over another hour while the crew laughed and gossiped in the front with still no update to us as to why we were still not in the air. They were so rude and It had to be to most aggravation I have had to deal with in a very long time."
Pros: "going to Houston the person next to me had not had a bath for several days and everything on him smelled of smoke. Returning from Houston was a disaster--plane finally left about 5:30P with no reason why from the airlines--we were left in the dark as to when or if we would get to Tampa"
Cons: "I nvever fly Spirit again"
Cons: "There was NONE. The flight instead went to Fort Lauderdale and then from there to Orlando."

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