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Dallas to North Bend Flight Information

Flights Arrive in North Bend
Flights Depart from Dallas
Flight Price $575
Distance 1,653 miles
Airlines United

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North Bend
Fri, Jan 11
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas/Ft Worth & other airports
North Bend
7h 42m
Mon, Jan 14
North Bend
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas/Ft Worth & other airports
8h 00m
Trip: 4 days
7.0GoodShow reviews
Overall 7.0 Good
Based on 59,480 reviews
Excellent 8.0

The United flight had a great entertainment package (movies, tv shows, etc). The flight attendant who sat in front of us was awesome,and fun to talk to. She gave us some great tips about things to do while in Athens. The food was good (for airline food).

The flight from Newark to Athens was interesting. The flight changed gates at the last minute. The plane was towed to the new gate, then we found out that it was going to be delayed an additional hour due to required maintenance checks. Actually, I don't mind the additional maintenance checks, I want to arrive alive! We arrived in Athens 90 minutes after our expected time. We got seats in the exit row, however, we couldn't really enjoy the extra legroom for 2 reasons: 1) The exit hatch was right in front of my girlfriend who was sitting near the window. She couldn't extend her feet without kicking the door (I big no-no at 35,000 feet). 2) Our row was right in front of the bathrooms, so I had constant traffic bumping me in left shoulder and lines of people literally standing in front of me for the majority of the flight while waiting for their turn to use the bathroom. They are stepping on my feet constantly or passing gas in my face (I wish I was kidding).

Good 6.3

Easy boarding and finding seat; good food and liked that wine was available, good movies to choose from

Seat was not comfortable, I am 5'1" and the head rest was too high, fortunately I had my own foam neck support. Bathrooms could use more cleaning during flight as one was grossly covered with urine right after turbulence was experienced. One crew member appeared to be having a bad day and seemed unhappy to be at work and was impatient with all.

Good 6.0

Ease of boarding and good communication from pilot

Flight attendant was gruff when communicating. She seemed angry when providing information. It was a short flight, so not a lot was offered, which was totally fine. However, when she walked down the isle with water, she appeared to be looking at the ceiling and didn’t stop to check if many people wanted water, including me.

Mediocre 2.0


Delayed. Charged for my bag even tho i have the United explorer Visa. Skipped me with pretzels and when I asked for some, it was as if i was asking fir something extraordinary!

Good 6.0

delayed. missed my connector and had to rebook to a later flight

Sat, Oct 20
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas/Ft Worth & other airports
North Bend
20h 46m
Sat, Oct 27
North Bend
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas/Ft Worth & other airports
24h 32m
Trip: 8 days
Overall 0.0 Poor
Based on 0 reviews
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