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GRB — U.S. Virgin Islands
Oct 19 — Oct 261
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Tue 10/19
Tue 10/26

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Top 3 airlines serving Green Bay Austin-Straubel to U.S. Virgin Islands

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DeltaOverall score based on 29957 reviews
Airline reviews

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Pros: The cabin was clean and the crew was friendly.
Cons: Better snacks. Chips or mini cheese platter

Pros: The crew amd aircraft was wonderful

Cons: Our depart time was 1pm and our actual departure didn’t happen until 11pm. On and off the plane multiple times for mechanical failures for 10 hours. Delta had no plan and there were no hotel rooms. They diverted a NY flight through Atlanta waiving the covid restrictions to get us all on the plane. They Put us in a hotel In Atlanta, which was nice and convenient, but it was 2am when we went to sleep and backup at 6am to catch our flight. Not the way we wanted to end our amazing Key West vacation.

Pros: Crew was wonderful
Cons: For this COVID to be over

Pros: Boarding was simple.
Cons: Seat was trash.

Pros: Great crew.
Cons: As always, the seats in basic economy are as small as possible without actually being standing room only. I'm 5'7" and my knees are only about an inch from the seat back in front of me.

Pros: left on time and arrived on time

Pros: How ferindly they where get on airplane and caring they where the hold time on the flight
Cons: They bathroom up front airplane should be first class and back airplane have there bathrooms

Pros: Everything was on time and ran smoothly. The seats seem to have more room than most airlines. They were generous with drinks and snacks

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: Lots of screaming children. Not much to be done about that.

Pros: Crew was excellent, seats are never excellent

Cons: Great flight

Pros: Great entertainment features and free drinks.
Cons: Ran out of certain types of food

Pros: Clean Washrooms
Cons: N A

Pros: good service

Pros: Was ultimately seated in Comfort+ even though I had an Economy ticket.
Cons: Seat assignment with Economy ticket. More than willing to be asked to move for family seating, etc. Just feels nicer knowing you have an actual seat.

Pros: The crew was nice, the flight was so short, there was little interaction with them.
Cons: Boarding was a disaster, people didn’t have seats which caused a delay in boarding. It was a mess. The seats were uncomfortable and too small. I know it’s a short flight but it was just too tight in there. The flight was delayed and the communication was all over; the time was constantly changin

Cons: Delayed

Pros: Everything . Delta is one of the best

Pros: The crew was great and super nice!
Cons: Screens with games, more leg room, and not having kids behind us messing with tray tables the whole flight.

Cons: Bigger personal space

Pros: The flight was very good in both directions. I was quite comfortable. On my return flight I left my e-reader on the plane. I didn't realize it until 2 days later. I called Delta and spoke with Tiffany. She was so helpful. She located my e-reader and I was able to go to the airport and pick it up.
Cons: Carry brewed decaf coffee.

Pros: The crew work well together.
Cons: The boarding process was very inconsistent.

Pros: The crew
Cons: Very small plane

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Flight attendant was not willing to go above and beyond as he stated he would. My husband asked for a coke and the flight attendant told him he could only get water.

Pros: Food was unexpectedly good.
Cons: The flight was delayed for 40 minutes. We could hardly catch connecting flight

Pros: Didn’t major it on the flight. Sleeping in Atlanta. Not the house I paid for in totrtola.
Cons: Terrible planning. Didn’t have enough fuel to circle. Took a stupid path. 10 minutes cost me a day.

Pros: Love the built in tv’s with free entertainment.
Cons: The plane got delayed on the runway and the shut the engines off so the plane got super hot, but even after we got up in the air it never cooled down. Normally I’m freezing on flights, but I just sat sweating this whole flight. It was terrible.

Cons: Rapid City, I could check my BAG through to PDX.

Pros: Thanks for being so kind to me and my musical instrument. It’s how I make a living and your staff allowed me to keep it safe! I’m a huge fan!!
Cons: I didn’t like this question!! You guys are great!!

Pros: Two ladies working in the aisles were very pleasant and nice
Cons: Takeoff accelerated too much... nicer to have a longer launch process

Pros: I am a large person and was very happy to find that the seat belt fit easily and comfortably around me. That didn't happen with my next flight so thank you Delta. All crew members were very nice and pleasant. Amazing how pleasant they are after having to deal with so many people in a shift!!!

Pros: The movie options.

Pros: Everything was great.

Pros: Departure was right on time and we actually arrived 15 minutes early.
Cons: The inflight monitor worked but none of the data (GPS altitude or speed) was working.

Pros: Once we boarded the plane, we still had to wait for the pilots to arrive and then for them to run through their pre-flight checking before we could get underway.
Cons: The flight was delayed and the departure gate moved at the Atlanta airport 3 times to 3 different concourses before we were finally able to depart around 1 hour later than scheduled.

Pros: Entertainment options
Cons: Late pickup, then no gate at stopover causing is to miss our flight as we sat on the tarmac. Got on next flight, 5 hours later, the literal last row of the plane right in front of the bathroom, you know, those seats that don't recline? Travelling with a cranky two year old, made pains to select seats for maximum child comfort and it all flew out the window. Arrived at destination and sat, again, waiting for a gate. Signed up for sky miles previously based on good experiences, but this was one lane thing after another. Advice? Don't act like you're doing me a favor when asking people to check bags cause then it's "free".

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: The crew was extremely rude. I was skipped got beverages twice and when I rang the bell the flight attendant gave me a lot of attitude. No one likes to fly for 10 hours, I get it, but it was extremely unprofessional.

Cons: I paid for an upgraded seat and it was still very cramped

Pros: We were delayed one hour in Mexico city but when we were in flight the crew definetly made up for it. The crew served us a great meal with drinks of choice as quick as possible followed by a hot cup of coffee cookies and kept coming around to check if we needed any thing els. Way to turn things around Delta.

Pros: The Delta people were solicitous, efficient and brilliant the whole way through. We had not a bit of trouble. Our first class seats were comfortable, but with the supplied blanket, pillow and poor air conditioning it was a hot flight. The cabin personnel were wonderful as per usual, and my tasty gin and tonic soothed any discontent. I wish I could fly this way all the time!
Cons: The private contractor handling wheelchair assistance was terrible. A Delta employee theorized that they do not pay enough to attract and retain personnel. Our pre-arranged chair was not there, multiple calls by our Delta assistant finally got us a ride to the chair holding area, but after about 45 minutes we gave up and shuffled off to the security area on foot. Thank goodness my hubby is mobile enough for that to have been an option. When we abandoned our wait we were still 4th in line for an attendant to push the chair. If Delta has any responsibility in this it would be in the retention and compensation for the private contractor.

Pros: Empty seat next to me and actually got to stow my bag overhead. Good entertainment options. On-time departure and arrival.
Cons: Wi-Fi not functioning for second flight in a row. No food available for purchase, not even snack boxes. Best I could get was three bags of almonds.

Pros: The flight trip coming to an end.
Cons: Boarding is inefficient. Attendants were friendly but not attentive. The entertainment system was malfunctioning. This was not a pleasant experience.

Pros: The time it takes from Atlanta to VPS is not long trip at all. The crew was courteous and glad to take off and land safely. Thanks to the Delta crew.

Pros: The entertainment was good and we didn't get charged for the blankets, as in other airlines, though it would have been nice not have needed them, the plane felt colder than 70 degrees!
Cons: Longer delay occurred when another passenger got into an argument with staff. It took soooo long for security to come to fix the situation so we could continue boarding. We were also packed in like sardines. I would pay more for more room, though business and first class are available, they're way too much.

Pros: fast efficient and directions are pretty clear tons of delicious food available at PDX to bring plane was comfortable and roomy
Cons: long lines through security

Pros: Decent food . On time arrival !
Cons: It was fine

Cons: I like the AirFrance seats more than I like the Delta seats. AirFranxe has better entertainment too.

Cons: Flight cancelled at 8:30 p.m. the night before when we were going to bed at the airport. Ability to get rebooked a nightmare.

Cons: No masks

Pros: The crew was friendly, and the entertainment choices were pretty good.
Cons: By the time the food service cart reached us in row 28 of about 33 or so, my choices for food and drink were both sold out. It would have been less of a big deal if our earlier flight hadn't been so late that we couldn't grab something to eat before boarding.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Everything was fine

Cons: Left on time, arrived ahead of time. No turbulence.

Cons: WiFi did not work. One seat had broken infotainment and one seat did not recline.

Cons: Foods and movies

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Bussed from Green Bay to Chicago.

Pros: Great classical music selection, great entertainment program. Unfortunately, not working for all, system was re booted but didn't work for all but for me
Cons: The special meal I requested was not available

Pros: Good seat though cramped.
Cons: Cramped. I don't like in flight credit card offers.

Pros: Comfortable good service and friendly attendants and good price

Pros: The flight attendant for the back of the plane was lovely.
Cons: The plane was unbearably hot and stuffy. My row wasn’t offered any snacks (some other rows were). A giant moth flew into my forehead, which was extremely startling. There was no entertainment offered and no power outlets for my phone, which was dead.

Pros: Excellent passenger service. PSA consistency performs as best of regionals.

Cons: We sat in Charlotte on the runway and had to run to our connection. The airport seems too small for the amount of traffic. We usually try to avoid Charlotte, but it was the only way to use frequent flyer miles

Cons: Our luggage was ruined and our stuff inside in bubble wrap was smashed to bits!

Pros: Left close to time and arrived early
Cons: Wifi was offered, but could not get it connected.

Pros: Crew; snacks are okay, but could be better.
Cons: Coffee is always burnt; overhead compartments too small; too little space for legs.

Pros: Nothing, they’re awful.
Cons: American Airlines failed to provide the service we paid for: a flight that arrived home in the morning, so that we could get to work. We had to use vacation days we did not have to spare.

Pros: No hassle of changing terminals in JFK, no bagagge claim, AA check-in-this time, was a "good luck"....Connection in Helsinki, very quik!
Cons: Finnair flight AY06 are old aircrafts. Every other in-seat monitor was out of order, flight attendants could not do much. That created mess for passengers, trying to move their seats to the ones with working monitors.....

Pros: The terminal seating
Cons: I am a 100% disabled veteran and I was being rushed by flight stewards with no regard to my physical limitations. I wanted to try the kayak route but after this last experience I don’t know if I’ll still with Kayak

Pros: I like the fact that it was a nonstop flight and the food was OK
Cons: The entertainment needs to be updated! They're should be individual TVs on a long flight overseas. On the first flight going to Paris there was no Wi-Fi which sucked!

Cons: BA redirected online check in to AA and seats were available early, not 24 hrs before flight, what is different seat policy from BA. I didn't know that and I was late to find 2 seats besides for me and my family member.

Cons: Staff seemed tired with some minor conflicts between them at Toronto gate

Pros: Crew did the best they could considering the situation.
Cons: There were multiple delays, leaving half my flight with missed connections in Phoenix.

Pros: On time, staff at gate and on plane friendly and courteous.
Cons: No plug for electronics. Seats crowded with heavy person next to me.

Pros: Smooth flight on time.

Pros: A couple of the crew members were absolutely amazing which did a lot to make up for a late and pretty miserable flight (and
Cons: Flight was three hours late. One crew member was so rude and dismissive. It was so unnecessary that it bordered comedy. The entire right side of the cabin's audio didn't work so it made a long flight seem longer. My wife and I selected seats on the aisle during online check-in only to have them moved for some reason.

Pros: Good entertainment options in newer flights.
Cons: Food options for first class could be better.

Pros: Full can of tomato juice, head rests on the seat, relatively roomy seats and happy attendants.

Pros: Once again, another good and on time flight with American. I was once again surprised.
Cons: Landing was ROUGH

Pros: When I arrived at the airport to see the scheduled 9:30a departure was pushed back to 1pm, the gate crew did a good job of keeping us updated and they even provided lunch! The plane was undergoing maintenance but they found another plane and did not have to cancel the flight, and ultimately got us to our destination safely. Crew was very nice.
Cons: Flight was delayed 4 hours so my half day of travel became a full day, half of which was mostly wasted at the airport. Would rather have been with my family than sitting at the airport.

Pros: People was nice

Pros: Only 30 minutes or so to ORD from GRB Paid with AA points at 7,500 miles each way for a weekend in Chicago

Cons: We didn't have hot beverage service due to turbslsnce and the attendant never came back to offer my 84 year old mother another choice

Pros: Service/crew.
Cons: Entertainment is rather limited.

Pros: Our flight was delayed overnight in Las Vegas, which was hassle but unavoidable due to weather and pilot flight hours restrictions. But the ground crew and American Airlines worked very hard to compensate all the passengers: gave us each a voucher for hotel, 2 meals, round trip shuttle ride for hotel and airport. Good work to make up for a bad situation.

Pros: The helpful crew

Pros: - It was on time
Cons: - No food although I was entitled to free snack with my status - Service was inexistant - Premium seat (front row) thanks to my One World status but no space for my legs at all - it would have been better in a normal seat

Pros: Crew was lovely
Cons: 1 hour late

Pros: Quick, easy, great crew

Cons: They could've fed us or least gave us more drinks when we were rerouted and stick in the Norfolk airport for hours.

Pros: My Unit did not work. The crew tried to fix it but couldn't
Cons: I was unable to use my entertainment unit, computer:tv

Pros: Service is excellent
Cons: I didn't like the seats are to small

Pros: Crew were friendly
Cons: Ac was broke on plane, no wifi or entertainment options, lots and lots of being kept in the dark waiting and waiting after already boarding the plane or landing on the runway

Cons: I was supposed to be there right now, but I'm still waiting in Chicago for my connecting flight to Dayton that was delayed.

Pros: The professionalism of the crew.
Cons: The flight left late and they did not explain why their was a delay. The landing was not smooth. It was a rough landing.

Pros: None at all. Poor customer service
Cons: . My flight from Maui to Phoenix was not good. I was at the back near where they store foods and drinks. I had a bad stomach pain. I requested a hot tea. Flight attendant declined. Was a horrible flight because of my stomach pain. If I only knew American Airlines flight attendant are very rude. I will not book this airline again. Very poor customer service. The flight attendant was white , male, older.

Cons: Everyone excellent

Pros: Treated like a person not a ticket
Cons: N/A

Cons: Food

Pros: Excellent attitude of the crew from AUS to SFO. They promptly addressed the overhead bin issues with the groups 1 and 2 boarding. We left on time, and arrived ahead of schedule. Smiles all around.
Cons: Rules surrounding one personal item carry on: If bringing food to nibble and save to share later but wish to not place into carry on, I must pay the additional $30 at the check-in counter. Negates the savings and makes me wish to book another airline.

Cons: My flight on Monday night was delayed til Tuesday morning, at the last minute, defeating the whole purpose of my trip

Cons: The flight was 90 min late. Boarding was pretty much a cluster as they tried to get an overbooked flight boarded in 25min to meet a reignited runway time

Pros: Boarding was seamless
Cons: Planes were older and tight.

Cons: Like so many others, my flight was delayed. This was due to the scheduled pilot calling in.

Pros: Free movies and TV shows through the United app

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Lufthansa canceled the flights and blamed united airlines. The united airlines would not help and finally ended up having to stay in Frankfurt and now have to leave for Lisbon tomorrow and then onwards.

Pros: The United systems were at the top of their game for this trip.
Cons: Equipment & crews were present & working like a well oiled machine. As a result we arrived at SFO early enough we didn’t have to run from G-69 to E-66 where boarding had already begun.

Pros: The plane was not cleaned prior to departure so the bathroom was disgusting. One of flight attendants cleaned it , probably not her job but appreciated. The staff was terrific with an exhausted group of passengers.
Cons: This flight was more than two hours late. The updates were not shared at the gate and we were strung along about the departure time. If a person didn't have the app, little to no info was available.

Pros: Quick boarding
Cons: No plane peanuts

Pros: Notices of changes before anyone else got them like gate changes.
Cons: Running through Ohare to catch my connection

Cons: Three hours late

Pros: Personal tv was on this flight. Everything on time and great service

Cons: Cramped space.

Pros: Fact I got home safe.
Cons: Feeling like we are cattle or sheep and no personal interaction at all. No customer service and everything has a price.

Pros: leaving on time
Cons: Before taking off, one of the flight attendants unplugged my power charger and threw it on the floor. The same flight attendant asked if I wanted anything to drink. After stating water please, she never came back with any drink at all. Mind you, I paid for 1st class. I guess that's how United treats their 1st class passengers. Never again

Cons: Flight delayed over 4 hours. When I spoke to the person at he gate when we had to deboard, She was patient in explaining but didn't seem like she wanted to answer my questions in front of everyone else. I walked over to the United customer service desk. Wow. No sense of empathy whatsoever. They gave me the answers to my questions but I almost felt like I had done wrong asking what my options were. Never had an issue with Lufthansa. United customer service is a different story. I will try my best to avoid Lufthansa flights operated by United from now on.

Pros: It was smooth sailing. Flight was full but not totally uncomfortable
Cons: I did not have an assigned seat until I got to the gate. Having to pay for entertainment on flight

Cons: It was a 5 hour flight with no food or entertainment. Who does that?

Pros: We got there safely and on time.
Cons: Bathrooms too small and unsanitary. Sick people on board spreading germs. Headphones fall out of kids ears. Airplane too cold. Food not good. Bread is terrible. Wasteful packaging and serving of food. Nowhere to throw away trash. Bad timing and content of meals based on final destination.

Pros: The plane was clean and the crew were pleasant and polite. I was a little surprised that the pilot announced they wanted to leave early; there were a couple of announcements about that while we were boarding. When we arrived at LAX there wasn't a gate available, because we were early, so I don't think we gained anything other than a feeling of being herded quickly.
Cons: Entertainment options were limited; Friends and Big Bang reruns plus some music videos. According to the app, these don't work on Windows 8, which is what I had. The seats are cramped with very little tilt. I had an aisle seat and was hit by nearly everyone walking by, even though it wasn't a rough flight. I would rather not fly with this airline; I don't see anything that they do that would encourage my return business. Frankly, I've had better flights on Southwest!

Pros: Everyone was very attentive and the flight could not have been more comfortable.

Pros: Headrests had pull out sides for head. In flight movies what a great selection.
Cons: Seats were small, very little leg room also,

Pros: We had wether delays and the pilot came out to the gate to explain the delays and kept everyone informed - kudos to him - excellent management skills.

Pros: Free Entertainment options

Cons: The pilot speeding up and then putting on the brakes time after time on flight from Norfolk 10:30 am to Dulles today. Very rough flight and it was beautiful smooth air today. I'm a private pilot and could not figure out what was going on,

Pros: This flight was On Time..

Pros: nothing
Cons: having to sit in an aircraft for more than 2 and a half hours after push back from the gate and unable to take-off due to a computer problem at their Chicago headquarters. If the captain knew about the problem, he should not have let passengers board so early. This flight was operated by United Airlines so Lufthansa should not get any blame for this.

Cons: Rude staff,

Pros: Online confirmation
Cons: My seat assignments were changed and we were at the end of the plane next to the bathroom. I know I didn't put those. I don't like the fact that you have to pay for baggage and there is no food provided other than a drink and some really poor substitute even for peanuts. Southwest at least allows you to have a free baggage. It's not the fault of the pilot but it also is very bumpy. The flight crew was fine and it's just the uncomfortable aspects of having my seat assignment changed and the extra charges for anything that makes it comfortable.

Pros: Crew again was fantastic
Cons: Increase the length of your seatbelts

Pros: We boarded on time. The price was reasonable.
Cons: Once we boarded we were delayed taking off for twenty minutes. The planes air didn't seem to work and the entire flight was hot.

Pros: Very smooth and comfortable flight.
Cons: So we arrived at the desk after a 7hr international flight ready for the final 1hr leg - only to be confronted with "flight overbooked" looking for 9 volunteers - how can you over book a 40 seat flight by 9 ???? So we had an anxious wait wondering if we'd be dumped from the flight - we weren't but it wasn't enjoyable waiting for the flight and our meeting with our grand kids.

Pros: Not much to like...
Cons: Once again, your people need to cater to the people that flight. The very first time I flew with United was December 14, 1982. I was 7. As an adult I have either flown with Delta or US Air. I went with United on this trip and I have to say that I am never going back on another United flight.

Cons: The crew was very unfriendly. I was extremely shocked how they seemed to be bothered when called upon. I boarded group 3 and by the time I got to my seat overhead space was filled all around me. My seat was row 32. Im not one for speaking out but this was a very unpleasant experience.

Pros: Loved that the steward did everything possible to make sure that my service animal and I were completely comfortable for the flight.
Cons: When I checked in the attendant tried to charge my service animal as a pet, even though I called in advance to let united know I was traveling with my service animal.

Cons: The side that I had was very hot and it took a while before it cooled down after flight attendant was notified from everyone on that side

Pros: It was my first flight ever and it was great and smooth, I enjoyed it!
Cons: It was cold and they didn't have any blankets so I was uncomfortable but other then that it was great.

Pros: Crew was great and quiet flight
Cons: No wifi or video system on plane

Pros: Everything went smoothly.

Pros: Snacks is good and healty.

Pros: Aircraft, flight (except for late arrival at gate) and service
Cons: Pilot announced we would arrive early in Seattle. When we go to Seattle we waited 30 minutes for a gate and actually arrived late. When we got to baggage claim we had no claim area posted for our flight; another 15 minutes waiting to find out where our luggage would be

Pros: Plane was amazing. Crew great.
Cons: Portion of food was extremely selection could be more up to date.

Cons: Had to take a different flight

Pros: Everything was easy.
Cons: The plane was hot

Pros: Booked on kayak, assigned a middle seat with a lap infant (ridiculous!) There were no aisle or window seats available but gate agent was able to move us to a bulkhead so at least we had enough leg room to accommodate us both. Thank you United, but thumbs down to auto seat assignments.

Cons: No leg room at all and I'm not that tall

Cons: My luggage did not make it to my destination.

Pros: Everything was on time and good

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Airlines flying from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Green Bay to the U.S. Virgin Islands

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