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DeltaOverall score based on 30131 reviews
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Food was great except for the snacks. Crew is excellent!

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Food was great except for the snacks. Crew is excellent!

We were making a move to Mexico from the U.S., and we were amazed at how pleasant the trip was. We had quite a few pieces of luggage, and everyone was extremely helpful. The crew and staff from both Delta and AeroMexico were great, and made our trip as easy as possible. Thanks to all!

Pros: "Crew was great and seats were totally perfect and comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing could have been better, except steak and lobster 🦞😃 Thank you very much for your ability to make customers welcome and comfortable."
Pros: "Amazing Crew, very friendly"
Pros: "Delta is the airline to fly if you have to fly (like I did) during a pandemic. They made sure at every turn we felt as safe as possible. They had passengers distanced from each other the whole time, handed out sanitizing wipes as we walked on the plane, made sure folks kept their masks on, gave us individual little baggies with snacks and water bottles that also had individual hand sanitizer packets. I felt so much more safe flying Delta on my way home to Hawaii in July than I did when I flew American Airlines on my way to the mainland in June."
Cons: "Drink service"
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Comfort. Jetblue offers betwee seats ne apacing betqeen rows"
Pros: "Movies and usb charging"
Cons: "4 hour flight and all we get is a cookie?"
Cons: "Temperature control. Information about the delay"
Cons: "I would ask that the gate does not share in detail reason for delay in seat assignment is related to getting a family sitting together when the basic rules should apply unilaterally."
Pros: "I liked having the entertainment system on the Minneapolis to Atlanta flight. I was able to watch the football game which made the time go by more quickly. The crew was excellent and provided good service even though I did not have any food or drinks."
Cons: "I am always dismayed by how long it takes to get passengers on the plane. Once on the plane, it also takes too much time to get passengers seated. Passengers continue to bring luggage which takes up too much space in the overhead bins and have more items than permitted. I do not bring luggage on board because it is too hard to find space and it holds up the boarding process."
Cons: "The entire time there was a clogged bathroom smell coming in waves. The crew was forgetful of requests. Not a pleasant flight."
Pros: "The flight was safe and efficient."
Cons: "The seats on the 787 Dreamliner proved to be uncomfortable AGAIN this trip. 2 years ago we flew the 787 overnight and the seats were the same. Hard cushions, tight seat pitch, and little room to move about."
Pros: "The staff handled the situation very well."
Cons: "The delays put me arriving at 4am. Missed a half day of work, and was practically useless the last half of the day. I understand things go wrong, but they blamed the weather and the other airlines were getting planes in and out just fine. Even Frontier Airlines at least offers a meal voucher for del"
Cons: "Not cancelling our flight"
Pros: "Older plane."
Cons: "Our section, Main 1 (towards tail end of plane) had strong smell of unine which thankfully dissipated once plane was in flight. Also, bathrooms even on boarding were not clean with urine all over the toilet."
Pros: "Delta Premium Economy (or whatever it's called) is definitely a step up. Food is pretty good and seats leave more room, so you don't feel crunched."
Cons: "First seat (no chance to put thngs underneath seat in front) MUST have a real space (as even economy generally has). There was a small pouch that would fit almost nothing. Staff was poor. Never a smile or friendliness from flight attendant and no help when asked."
Pros: "The gate agent in Medford for delta was awesome"
Pros: "The crew was amazing. Especially the pilot and copilot"
Cons: "Boarding process."
Pros: "On flight entertainment was very good. Flight was smooth and ran ahead of schedule."
Cons: "They were out of vegetarian meal options. Really poor for a six hour flight. Also, the family behind us was atrocious, but that’s not Delta’s fault."
Cons: "Comfort"
Cons: "The flight was 2 hours delayed.. this cause a lot of inconvienece.."
Pros: "Overall good experience"
Cons: "Plane 1hr late taking off"
Pros: "Getting off the plane in Los Angeles"
Cons: "3 small children put in the row behind the exit row kicking the seat backs and slamming the tray tables"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Perfectly on time. Good food and very good friendly service!"
Pros: "Didn’t take three days to drive"
Cons: "Packed in like sardines"
Pros: "Sat with family."
Cons: "Completely full flight. Had to check our bags. Rough landing."
Cons: "The two layovers"
Cons: "Flight cancelled due to weather that was never bad but on the potential of bad weather. Had to scramble so my 18 year old son was not stranded overnight in a strange place and Delta does not help. Only rebooked a flight itinerary for the next day for a 4 hour flight with connections on a 1 hour direct flight. Spent an hour on line to figure out what to do. #neverdelta"
Pros: "I arrived safely."
Cons: "We all were bused to the plane. And we all had to stow our carry on bags with checked luggage."
Pros: "Didn’t major it on the flight. Sleeping in Atlanta. Not the house I paid for in totrtola."
Cons: "Terrible planning. Didn’t have enough fuel to circle. Took a stupid path. 10 minutes cost me a day."
Cons: "Not being to check our tickets on line"
Pros: "The on time departure. The air hostesses were very attentive. Fast baggage arrival"
Pros: "Ice weather and flight cancelled, but they waited until the last minute to cancel it."
Cons: "Ice weather and flight cancelled, but they waited until the last minute to cancel it."
Pros: "The flight itself was fine."
Cons: "The flight was delayed and it set off a slew of connection problems."
Pros: "Cabin crew and captain were great."
Cons: "Don't like how you don't get your seat assignment until you get to the gate. I was given the window seat in the very last row for a 6 hour flight, quite uncomfortable. I could've booked another airline for a similar price and picked the seat i wanted at booking. They ran out of food choices by the time they got to the last row, so we were given whatever was left. Delayed because one of the bathroom doors wasn't working, 30 min later still wasn't fixed and ultimately they decided to go without it."
Pros: "I love the snack choices and that entertainment was provided."
Pros: "Flight o time"
Cons: "New policy regarding lack of beverage service, particularly since I was in Delta Comfort. No drinks available."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Boarding process"
Pros: "On-time"
Cons: "No entertainment, no power outlets, no food, crappy overhead bins"
Pros: "great flight - easy and quick as always"
Cons: "the power on the plane didn't work and there was no entertainment"
Pros: "Crew was nice and friendly, boarding was fast, on time and overall service was excellent"
Cons: "The plane was small so not a lot of space and didn't offer food other than one beverage"
Pros: "Polite and efficient"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Entertainment, food having only two seats on our side of aisle."
Cons: "Leg room"
Pros: "New plane with plenty of overhead storage space, on flight entertainment system has many options"
Cons: "pressure in cabin on decent was bad, my ears hurt (which only seems to happen on some flights)."
Pros: "Everything was great"
Cons: "Nothing everything was fine"
Cons: "Weather delay"
Pros: "Pleasant staff on board, great pilot for getting us through some horrific turbulence."
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours. Worst turbulence of my life. Long time flyer but never experienced anything like that."
Cons: "Early morning flight. Sat near front cabin. Could not sleep as crew was talking the entire flight."
Cons: "Some of the Crew members were not covering their nose with their face masks"
Pros: "The crew was super nice, they offer me to change my seat to fly with my sister."
Cons: "The pilot"
Pros: "The crew for the rear of the plane for this flight was fantastic."
Cons: "More Woodford reserve. Was only 1 available."
Pros: "The same answers apply as did the flight from Richmond to Miami."
Cons: "Same answers apply as the flight from Richmond to Miami."
Cons: "The cabin was hot for the whole flight"
Cons: "We sat in boarding in about 90-100 degree heat for over an hour. Everyone is drenched in sweat and should have never boarded."
Pros: "Boarding was fairly quick and on time. Transfer in Phoenix was no problem. Luggage arrived OK."
Cons: "Seating is too small and too close to next rows. Unhappy with having to pay for seat assignments and checked bag while watching gate agents refuse to enforce overhead bag size limits."
Cons: "Landing"
Pros: "miserable. Flight."
Pros: "I liked the ability to choose my meal ahead of time."
Cons: "Pre-boarding drinks could have been offered to all business class customers, but again, the flight attendants with American aren’t as customer service oriented as those from Delta."
Cons: "Small plane, forced to valet checkin carry on luggage, no drinks or snacks :/"
Pros: "Desde PR comenzó todo mal por supuesto desperfecto y los de servicio al cliente su solución fue que no podía hacer nada, cuando llegara a Miami resolviera lo de mi próximo vuelo. Fue un pésimo servicio"
Cons: "Pudo haber sido resolver para no perder la conexión a mi destino final."
Pros: "After the initial delay, the female desk agent got us on another connecting flight without a problem. Second flights attendant was also great."
Cons: "They boarded the plane, only to tell us they had to de-ice, which is understandable. However, after waiting 20 min for the de-icing that never came, they made us get back off the plane because of mechanical issues. The captain/pilot was rude to the woman working the desk over the radio, to the point where she had to leave the desk and go speak to him in person (she knew we could hear everything.) That conversation is also how the whole line of people was informed that then knew about this mechanical issue since the night before, and chose not to fix it before boarding all of us. After getting to Philadelphia later than expected, we were forced to pay for hotel food that was horrible and overpriced. Only to then have our plane be delayed AGAIN because of mechanical issues, again the pilot not giving much information to the attendant she was faced by a room of 40 angry people and had no answers. The departure time slowly crawled out longer, and the only reason I knew was because of having the American app. Information/communication on all ends was poor. I usually fly Allegiant, which is notoriously “cheap,” and I’ve never had an experience like this. Happy my boyfriend has flown with American before and knew to give us an extra day so we didn’t miss the wedding we paid $800 in airline tickets to attend. Just disappointed."
Pros: "Routine flight. No problems noted."
Cons: "No major complaints."
Pros: "Nothing!!!"
Cons: "The seat in front of me reclined so far that the guy in that seat had his head less than a foot from my face and my knees were being smashed by his seat. Very painful."
Pros: "the gate attendant was very nice as my husband was stuck in security line (I have Pre check) He barely made it, but the guy never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed. He was kind, calm and reassuring."
Cons: "Our flight attendant seemed to have a chip on her shoulder from the moment we stepped on the flight. I had a broken foot and it was difficult for me to fit my boot and personal item under the seat. Rather than assisting me, she barked commands and quickly walked away as I attempted to address the situation. - poor attitude - failed to ask if I wanted a biscuit but simply slapped one down on my tray table (I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE) - American really needs to catch up with the other airlines and offer a GF option to those of us who have immune disorders. - no WiFi"
Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "The staff wouldn't except my registration for my support animal!!"
Cons: "The Avianca flight was canceled a month ago, and kayak failed to notify me."
Pros: "The crew was wonderful of the flight was fine!"
Cons: "Arriving 2 hours before my flight I had a hard time getting through security because of my handicap situation, I arrived at the gate as the plane was leaving the gate, whie American Airlines where able to get me on the next flight, the flight was 3 hours after my original flight! JW"
Pros: "The complementary beverage was a welcomed surprise!"
Pros: "On time with no delays"
Pros: "The people that worked the airline were very nice. The flight was quick and no turbulence."
Cons: "I didn’t like that my flight was delayed twice."
Pros: "The crew was lovely. Really nice, and did a wonderful job with the cart service."
Cons: "We ended up being deleyed about 30 minutes, in damp weather. It's not like it was snowing. Not sure why it took so long. B/c of baggage charges now everyone brings a carry on. This seems to slow the process of boarding as know passengers are asked multiple times to check baggage (for free, which is the one nice thing) before boarding b/c the overheads will be too full. Group 6 which I was in seemed like it was just the rest of the plane. Super busy, took me forever to get to my seat all the way in the back. Why don't airlines reverse board? People sitting in the back should board first. I feel like this would save so much time."
Pros: "Nothing to like. If I could give them 0 stars I would"
Cons: "Tight connection from our previous flight yet the counter folks were rude and rushed us. My daughter is obviously 7 months pregnant. Because our connecting flight left milwaukee over an hour late, we had no time to even grab a sandwich, no problem we will buy food on the plane. Wrong! The food is was gone so quickly that by the time they got to us, they were out of everything. Oh did I mention we also had 3 children ages 2, 7, and 9. Oh yes and the entertainment? Small screens mounted on the ceiling of the plane. How about updating your equipment?? Plane was old. No USB to charge your phone and stream from their App. Terrible. We own a 2nd home in Maui and travel there twice per year. Looking at other options."
Cons: "I really did not like that I was unaware why I could not check in on my phone and then I get to the airport and the Alaska desk is closed. My phone just says the plane is sky west, me and the other workers at the airport had no idea what this meant. Very frustrating experience trying to check in, finally walker talkie a guy that new it was American. Frustrating I thought I would miss my flight, why not clearly state it's not an Alaska flight."
Pros: "The crew was friendly. Ticket cost was appropriate."
Cons: "Seats were HORRIBLY uncomfortable. I’m slender but tall and in my window seat my head hit the ceiling so I had to either slouch or turn my head to the side for the whole flight. In flight entertainment was awful (some weird sitcom loop) and the WiFi didn’t work with my phone nor laptop. Basically sat uncomfortably sideways with nothing to do for 2 hours. Flight also arrived late, causing transportation issues."
Cons: "The tsa in chicago was very unorganized. The tsa workers were extremely rude."
Cons: "The long delay was terrible"
Cons: "delay, then no sandwiches available for purchase onboard during a 3-hr evening flight"
Cons: "Rude staff, they changed our flight 2 times and did not offer a drink or food"
Pros: "All connections-smooth"
Pros: "Captain did his best to make up time"
Cons: "Flight was initially delayed an hour, then bumped to 30 minutes late."
Pros: "I like that on American you still get a complimentary cup of coffee, a bag of pretzels, and a normal sized seat. I'm OK paying for that after trying some of the budget airlines!"
Cons: "Wish they had a gluten free snack, still that's really not a big deal at all!"
Pros: "Liked the little compartment above the tray for electronic devices and the outlet below helped keep my grandsons tablet charged for the flight! Liked the headrest - had flaps that folded out for support if you needed a nap."
Cons: "Will never fly American again"
Pros: "Nice new seats"
Cons: "Crew came by once with drinks, never came back through with food/snacks. Never came through with water, as they usually do later in this flight. They spent most of the time chatting in the galley."
Pros: "Movies and on time departure and arrival"
Cons: "Crazy uncontrolled child in row across from us."
Pros: "The crew was very apologetic"
Cons: "The fact that we were an hour and 45 minutes late leaving. I know they say weather was the cause and not their control, but every time...yes, every time I fly American there's a delay. Every time I've flown United I arrive early."
Cons: "Delays and no communication on transfer options"
Pros: "After missing my flight and zero empathy from AA employee who reassigned a new ticket - I was given 3 new times and an explanation that no pilots were there yet. Flight was short and painless -- but the scheduling was totally frustrating."
Pros: "Great movie selection, including ones currently in theaters."
Cons: "Only received pretzels for snacks, while others received cookies."
Pros: "Great Workers, and Super nice staff."
Pros: "Taking off and landing."
Cons: "Boarding was slow. Seating was cramped."
Cons: "Turbulence was horrible That there is no internet"
Pros: "The fact I made the flight"
Cons: "Nearly missing the flight that my luggage did not arrive with me that I had to go back to airport 6 hours later to get it!!!!!"
Cons: "The lady at baggage check-in was rude and persistent on not letting me board due to a slight fold in my passport. Other coworkers did not agree, and allowed me to proceed. She also spent 20 minutes in back searching for information while I waited and the line filled up. My luggage was also lost (the last to handle the luggage was this lady) and I needed to retrieve it 3 hours after my flight arrived."
Pros: "I thought frontier was worst but american is not too far because american flight can not fly on time."
Pros: "The plane actually left without a cancellation"
Cons: "Every flight on this trip was delayed"
Pros: "Staff was friendly"
Cons: "The seats were sooooooooo small and it felt like it was a really old plane, it shook a lot."
Pros: "Layover was short"
Cons: "I was charged for my carry on that they then forced me to check. Then one of the stewards on the second leg was an outright nasty woman regarding masks. I had my mask over nose and mouth. But apparently not enough and then she was loudly talking to the other flight attendants about it. One told me “I was perfectly fine.”"
Pros: "The crew was helpful accommodating, the flight was smooth and it was just a very pleasant experience overall"
Cons: "Seats are REALLY small"
Pros: "Boarded on time in challenging weather in Chicago. Got to Orlando on a day we could well have had problems getting a plane with the weather."
Cons: "The seat was the usual uncomfortable coach seat."
Cons: "Able to choose own seats"
Pros: "fast flight"
Cons: "no crew to unload plane, ended up sitting on runway for 1 hour + at RDU, at 1:00 AM"
Cons: "Just a couple passengers slow to get suitcases in overhead slowed people down. Nothing United needed to fix. You all were great. Loved the flight attendants’s humor too."
Cons: "Not on time, flight got cancelled and they just rebooked to the next day with no support for overnight stay, rental, etc."
Pros: "Terminal was great, flight was great, crew was fruendly"
Cons: "No free movie on thos flight"
Cons: "Delays and poor communication. Ended up on other airline and 14 hrs to get from Madison, WI to Baltimore, MD"
Pros: "Entertainment."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "3 hour delay from washington to munich..missed my connecting flight and was booked on my flight to athens 12 hours later!!!!!"
Cons: "One hour on tarmac."
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "Every time I paused my movie, it was difficult to resume it. I couldn't watch the last half at all."
Pros: "The actual crew on the flight was lovely and apologetic, did everything they could to help us despite the delays. At least that's something."
Cons: "Delayed for over an hour but not notified of the length of the delay in a fashion which would allow me to drive the 2 hours to Chicago in order to make my connection. Repeatedly told the connecting flight was the last one out of the entire airport to my final destination. Heard other travelers discussing that they had been rebooked onto an alternate airline and then found a later flight on Kayak, walked up to podium and asked to be rebooked on that specific flight, which they grudgingly did. Of note, I was repeatedly reassured that they were "sure" I would make my connection without a problem and to stop worrying so much. My flight left out of Madison 2 minutes after my connection departed Chicago. I usually fly a different airline, whose flights out of Madison were all on time that day, and will do so in the future despite more expensive ticket. The actual crew on the flight was lovely and apologetic, did everything they could to help us despite the delays. At least that's something."
Pros: "Cheap tix"
Pros: "There is nothing positive to say."
Cons: "Plane was delayed by 8 hours. We boarded and unboarded the plane 3 times. Why didn't they just cancel the flight? I missed my connecting flight. No food or beverage service. Didn't even let us use the airplane bathroom after a long delay. I paid to check my luggage and they LOST it and sent it to the wrong airport."
Pros: "Everything was fine."
Cons: "Everything was fine."
Pros: "Half-hour flight, early to destination, which gave us plenty of time for our connecting flight."
Cons: "Why pay extra for baggage? This should be included in the ticket price -- which incidentally was not cheap!"
Pros: "San Diego airport had a curfew of 11:30. The flight was delayed 30 minutes and the crew did a great job of boarding with a purpose to expedite the process and have us ready to take off by curfew."
Cons: "The flight was 30 minutes late in a city with a curfew so we ran the chance of not being able to take off that night."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "I haven't made it there yet. Flight leaves 4PM Friday. Mechanical problems in Chicago so was put up in Hyatt and I am at the airport now waiting to fly out at 4PM today."
Pros: "Pilot landed well in crappy weather and I didn't die."
Cons: "Flight attendant was really nasty to myself and other customers. Indiscrimately rude to me, a friendly old man, and the family I was sitting next too. Felt like I was being treated like cattle."
Pros: "Gate agent handled impossible situation well"
Cons: "flight was canceled due to mechanical problems on two of the airplanes"
Pros: "Quick flight, beautiful day, interesting company sitting next to me very pleasant flight."
Cons: "The flight was overbooked and they were offering vouchers for later flights, wasn't a bad thing, though, I'd have done it."
Pros: "Headrests had pull out sides for head. In flight movies what a great selection."
Cons: "Seats were small, very little leg room also,"
Pros: "Boarding was uneventful, but I wish I could have gotten a gate check....I;m 76 and getting my bag above the seat is difficult. But the gate attendant said there was no gate check on that flight."
Cons: "I had a center seat and that is very uncomfortable for me."
Pros: "The crew were polite and helped to assist the passengers who has the same seats."
Cons: "The fact that I had to download an app for onboard entertainment prior o my flight is farcical."
Pros: "I took 4 different flights and all the crews seemed to all be moody."
Cons: "It was delayed"
Pros: "The new planes were comfortable. The seats were had great cushions and each seat back had the option of TV. The food choices for purchase were varied and substantial. The crew was really nice."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "I am fine with the airline other than a 5 hour delay. I I will never use Kayak again."
Cons: "I get that it's the weather but this whole experience has been hectic. I have been bounced around 3-4 different flights in the last 12 hours yet have boarded 0 to get to where I am going. Each one canceled then delayed then missed because of the delay and re-routed. It just seems like a free for all."
Pros: "Getting a seat in economy plus! (But I think that happened because I had trouble using the online seat booking process and couldn't get a seat assignment till I got to the gate for my Albany flight, probably the only seat available) also liked arriving early in Albany."
Cons: "Arriving at the end of terminal C and having to trek to the end of terminal B for my connecting flight. Supposedly a one hour window, but by the time I got off, and made that enormous trek, no time to get a meal. Going to Madison flights left from almost adjoining gates. Lovely!"
Pros: "They kept us well hydrated"
Cons: "How far I had to get to me next flight in Chicago"
Cons: "The delays"
Pros: "On time..nice staff"
Pros: "Tsa stopped all in my party for private screening to run us very late.."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "The side that I had was very hot and it took a while before it cooled down after flight attendant was notified from everyone on that side"
Cons: "No good snacks to even pay for didn't have time to stop and eat in the airport"
Cons: "The baggage claim at San Luis obispo was not acceptable"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived on time. Flight attendant has a rock star!! Did her job above and beyond what I have seen in the past."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Convinunce"
Cons: "United airlines crew said that the plane had on board computer problems and then the crew said they couldn't fly because they were timed out on hours and we sat for 3 hrs in the plane only to here that they cancelled the flight and I had to scramble to find another flight to get to my destination"
Pros: "Honestly nothing"
Cons: "Both my flights were delayed. The seats are cramped and uncomfortable. They don't give any food at all. There is no free entertainment."
Pros: "I liked the crew members"
Cons: "Weeichair service was late"
Cons: "The fact that the tv is on constantly without the option to turn it off is annoying. The viewing length to passenger is too short to really enjoy (Probably not your fault). PLEASE permit us to turn it off."
Cons: "Unable to depart due to pilot wanting windows washed. Created significant delay. Had to rebook flight for next day. Additional cost as a result. I will seek a refund which was due to the delay."
Pros: "The price, fact it was a direct flight"
Cons: "Both flights had mechanical problems, causing delays, the wait for luggage back in New York, over25 minutes"
Pros: "ontime"
Cons: "At least one check-in baggage should be free for the price."
Pros: "Fare"
Cons: "It’s Frontier. No food. No drink. But nice plane and arrived early."
Pros: "The flight, crew, etc. were great."
Cons: "I would have liked to get coffee or soda for no charge."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly and on time."
Cons: "Seats are not comfortable and under seat storage is smaller than other airlines so get kicked by person behind you."
Cons: "7 hours flight delay"
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "The fact that we landed and had to wait 30 mins I almost missed my connection flight to la"
Pros: "Yes the crew was very friendly and the seats were very roomy."
Cons: "The bad thing was our flight got delayed 5 hours and we didn’t get into Tampa until 1145 pm. Waiting around the airport that long was very tiring."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "It was all pretty bad."
Cons: "The baggage policy wasn’t enforced at all, so I realized I could have saved $40 and had my backpack under my seat as my personal item since most others did. They charge for seltzer water. No internet options. Male flight attendant made inappropriate jokes and the rest of the staff was rude and blunt. Will not fly this airline again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "How we were all told after most were ay the gate it was changed to a different gate once there we were told that it would be ay least 2hr late for maintenance. I'm handicapped couldn't get around that was time I could have spent with my family and I was Hungary snf needed to use the restroom which couldn't use until boarding. Very unprofessional I wouldn't give a better grade than a d'- not sure if I would use this airline again. At least we could have comped a free soda and chips. Since the airline new that was happening ahead of time and we could have made choice our selves what to doyou people charge for or fee for anything we might want to change but it's ok for you to treat us poorly sincerely Eugenio Cortez"
Pros: "The price is great, and the staff are great too."
Cons: "Delays (it is what it is) but people tell me they’re notorious for delays. Bartender at airport told me they’re shocked if no delays from them occur. Lol... refreshments are not complimentary but I expected that. Would I fly frontier again? I probably would. Great price, staff, and wasn’t bad spacing in the seats. If you’re a tall person, won’t be comfortable."
Pros: "the flights and attendents were good ,flight was delayed almost 2 hours on my return flight"
Cons: "didnt have to pay for luggage on first flight put under seat on return flight the girl at ticket counter was rude to me and charged me 45.00 for my bag i put under my seat and she was not a pleasant person to deal with, i wouldnt fly frontier again"
Pros: "2.5 hours is long enough to get thirsty, a cup of water would have been nice."
Pros: "That we finally made it to our destination."
Cons: "8 hour delay. Very poor communication the entire time. Made us sit in plane for another hour of mechanical issues and never updated us why- this was after sitting for 7 hours in the airport!"
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Delayed 1 hr The tray top is so small and inconvenient that it is rendered useless"
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "Seating is awful, like sitting on a brick NO RECLINE in economy seating and small. Avoid Airbus A321 planes whenever possible"
Pros: "Flight time was good flight crew were nice and helpful"
Cons: "Delays were kind of annoying and the denver gate change was totally unexpected being i had to go to the frontier counter to have the associate print my ticket for me and had gate 36 for departure and flight left out of gate 40 ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Cancelled flight due to "weather""
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Seats are hard with almost no padding and don't recline, can't have a carry on. Tray table is too small to anything on! Front tier from my favorite airline to my least favorite airline in a matter of a few years!"
Pros: "There were quiet babies on the flight."
Cons: "It took longer than usual to board and the staff kept going back and forth about going through the safety proceedures."
Pros: "Price, a non-stop route at a good times, friendly attendants and pilot."
Cons: "Paying extra for many things that are typically included (water, almost all seats, carry-ons), seats didn't recline and weren't comfortable if flight is long, no magazine to read."
Cons: "As I was arriving to the terminal they were calling for the last boarding call, the terminal ended up being right around the corner. I got on the plane and looked at the time and it was 7:30 and the plane wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:45. I had to pay for my bag to be checked or else I would have had to pay for a carry on bag that doesn't go under the seat. To keep costs down I was ok and understanding until I got onto the plane and saw how cramped it was. The seats were so close together that we couldn't recline. I can deal with entertaining myself but requiring the people to be sitting straight up for the entire flight is not right. If it was a short flight then sitting up wouldn't be so bad, however it was close to four hours and those seats were very uncomfortable. The beep that usually comes on when the captain turns off the seat belt light kept going off. It would be understandable if an announcement was going to take place or the seat belt light changed. However it would go off and I would look and couldn't figure out a reason we were all of a sudden alerted, so it was very difficult to get any type of rest in the uncomfortable conditions. I left confused as to why I was required to spend money for a possible carry on that went above in the plane when I was so cramped."
Pros: "The staff and crew were great. They did an awesome job."
Cons: "The hidden fees were really misleading I almost couldn't afford to take my bag. The plane was delayed twice. If I hadn't already been driving back to Milwaukee I would have strongly considered it as an alternative to flying Frontier again."
Pros: "The crew was pleasant, professional and polite. Imagine they put up with a lot of disgruntled customers but, from what I could see, they in no way let this affect their job performance."
Cons: "- Additional hidden fees for seating (even for basic economy/ Coach) - Seats. They're great if you like sitting for hours in what looks like a reupholstered city bus seat. I'm usually not critical of seating as coach is never anything to write home about on any airline. But when I saw these in combination with the tray table (which was a great spot for 1 dixie cup and nothing else), I had to laugh. - **Carry-on bag fees were MORE expensive than checking a bag (also, not plainly advertised). Check the microscopic print as I'm sure its hidden somewhere. **My girlfriend and I are very lean travelers so we each normally pack one carry-on and one personal bag (for trips one week and under). This helps streamline our exit from the airport at our destination, minimizes the risk of our belongings getting lost, and also saves us money. We did not appreciate feeling penalized for our efficiency. -Multiple delays (both with flights themselves and also in retrieving luggage the at carousel... Even on international trips where I have had a checked bag, I've never actually waited an hour before to get checked luggage). It should be noted that the luggage delay happened on both the departing and returning trip. -Additional charge for onboard amenities. It should be said that I expect this sort of "al a carte" pricing model with "discount airlines" like Spirit or Frontier. So it wasn't a huge shock when I looked at the menu and found that even water was available for a ridiculous price. It did, however seem like insult to injury after being gouged for almost 100 dollars extra (roundtrip) for two seats and one checked bag. To Conclude, sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way. I purchased these tickets with the thought that I was getting a monster deal over the airline(s) I normally use. In reality and despite our best efforts to cut costs, I was actually paying just as much if not more when all fees were factored in. I was less comfortable and much more inconvenienced for the same amount or possibly more money. I'm still laughing at how this could possibly have happened. I'm definitely not looking to rant, rave, or slander. Just looking to help other travelers avoid an experience that could be straight out of a sitcom movie."
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Paying for snacks, delays"
Pros: "Everything went very smoothly. I have no complaints."
Cons: "No dislikes for this flight."
Cons: "Had to cancel the return flight. was informed by Frontier that it was a forfeit of the trip, it would be noted as a no-show. I have never had that happen with ANY other airline. Frontier advertises itself as a low cost option which just is not true. If you want a seat that isn't in he belly it costs additional fees, even $5.00 for a lousy seat. Unless nothing else is available I will not fly Frontier ever again. I am attempting to get a refund of the federal taxes that applied to my ticket which the airline has NO right to."
Pros: "Boarding and the crew were good."
Cons: "Frontier nickel and dimes you for everything and provides nothing. Our baggage was held on the plane in Milwaukee due to a storm, I had no problem with that, what I did have a problem with is that no one gave us regular updates like Southwest did with their passengers. When we went to the baggage desk Frontier was the only desk that was empty! They had a sign to go upstairs to ticketing, which was ridiculous because people were waiting to check in. We finally got our luggage at 6:45, our plane landed at 5. Only the first 3 rows reclined, of course those seats are extra. You pay for everything on this airline, they may have cheap flights, but you will pay more once they add on all their fees. As I said, never again."
Cons: "Original fight was cancelled and rescheduled for 6 hours earlier. Unable to do 6am flight and only other option was fly to Dallas first then the Denver. Long flight no food or entertainment."
Cons: "Not much leg room, no beverage served, there was a charge for soda and any snack. Also had to pay extra for carry on suitcase."
Pros: "The ground based crew for Frontier based out of Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport singlehandedly saved my patronage with Frontier. I had a terrible experience flying in, and was not met with positive attitude by flight crew or provided with any solutions. After explaining my scenario to the airport based crew out of Gen Mitchell Int'l, they took care of my concerns and treated me with patience and respect. As a result of my experience with the three women and one gentleman at the Frontier counter, they single handedly changed my mind about never wanting to fly Frontier again. Thank you Milwaukee crew, I wish everyone was as talented and professional as you. JBT"
Cons: "Seats, lack of wi-fi, constant barrage of reminders to remove garbage as 'flight attendants are required to clean the plane's. Yeesh."
Pros: "We were greeted and told, "We can get you to SLC until tomorrow", but that quickly changed to, "we can potentially book you on another airline". Within 30 minutes we were booked on a Delta flight that got us to SLC through Denver 30 minutes earlier than planned. We enjoyed beverages and snacks on Delta that would not have been provided by Frontier. The clerk at the Frontier ticketing counter was most helpful. We were able to make it to SLC and a wonderful vacation with family. We also received a voucher for $200 each. We will try Frontier again."
Cons: "Frontier did not have the appropriate redundancy to provide service for their passengers."
Pros: "The flight wasn't full so I got to move from a middle seat to a window seat."
Cons: "The seats are very uncomfortable now."
Cons: "2 direct flights, 15 hrs in delays, first delay the staff flight attendants, were discussing among the passengers waiting how they were going to claim distress do that it wouldn't hurt their pay because they were going to "time out". The first delay was made wor service because we then we're waiting on staff to fly the plane. Your meal vouchers didn't work at a restaurants in the Orlando Milwaukee the restaurants were closed by the time we used them there....When we arrived in Milwaukee our luggage was wet. I had white pants and shirts that were water stained....traveling with 6 people on the return flight was miserable. By the time we got a flight out it was midnight . The flight attendants were so loud the WHOLE flight talking about their personal problems. It was 2 AM and they were VERY VERY inconsiderate that we had been waiting 7 hours all day even though they may have been just starting their day. It was very very RUDE. So we were given 100 vouchers?? OK well my husband and I are both school teachers. We can't plan a trip in 90 days . We have our summers free. So they'll expire in 90 days. Wow, thanks a lot. Also. You can't use them for baggage fees? That's a crock. We have 6 people. I'll spend almost $500 just took get our bags to and from somewhere and that's with the voucher"
Pros: "Got my luggage back!"
Cons: "Never even made the flight. It was delayed 2 hours which meant I missed the connection and there were no seats on any other flights to SNA so I had to rebook for the next day at noon. Missed my granddaughters birth due to all this and didn't even get compensation from the airline!"
Cons: "Left the gate on time. Arrived at the gate in Atlanta early."
Pros: "The crew was excellent. We had a medical emergency and the crew did an awesome job."
Cons: "The over 2 hour and 15 minute delay. Flight was originally scheduled to depart at 6:30 pm and we find' t get in the air until almost 9:00 pm. I find' t luggage until almost 1:00 am. Ugh"
Pros: "Mobile flying was convenient."
Cons: "the trays are so small, it is almost impossible to set anything on. Frontier makes you pay for a carry on--$40, not only one way but both ways. They also make their passengers pay for drinks. A sprite is money? Really? The flight was freezing and when I asked for a blanket, they did not have one. I will never fly frontier again."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed for an air issue. We sat on the plane for 2 hours before they offered water, keep in mind it was 100 degrees out. Then they let us off the plane to purchase our own water and use the restroom. Finally 4 hours late we boarded and left to our destination. I would not fly with frontier again. It almost felt like tourchure. No one from the company even contacted us to give any compensation it apoligy."
Pros: "Fares were good"
Cons: "Everything is extra. This was the least expensive flight we found but after the hidden costs it would have been the most expensive. Carry on $40 each, check bags $35 each, even a cup of coffee wasn't included. Then after all that it was the least comfortable flight I have ever taken. I will never fly this airline again!"
Pros: "I liked it was a nonstop flight."
Cons: "Frontier claims to be cheap flights done right. No. No no no no no. When Midwest Express became Fronteir there were some characteristices they shared: valuing their consumer, comfortable seats and professional staff. That brand is dead. If you are looking to fly cheap, you are far better off flying another aireline. Frontier claims to be cheap but they nickle and dime you for everything: pay for checked AND carry on luggage ($30/$35 ONE way), pay for selecting your seat at checkin ($45 additional for extra legroom, $5 if you're fine sitting in the middle seat at the back of the plane), if you want a mixed drink plan to pay $6.99 for the booze and another $2.99 for the mixer. The seats are hard molded plastic that do not adjust at all, and the tray table is the size of an ipad mini. I tried to sleep during the nonstop but to no avail. If I had flown Frontier with a connecting flight I have to believe I would've been more comfortable as I would have had a break from the awful seats and a chance at getting food and beverage worth far more for the money. I will fly Southwest forever now because of this experience."
Pros: "In the interest of always saying something positive, our check-in agents and flight attendants were friendly and positive both ways."
Cons: "-It cost an extra $17 if I wanted a seat on the plane -It cost an additional $35 if I wanted to bring any clothes -Flight to MKE was delayed over an hour -Flight back to DEN boarded on time and left a little early, however, upon arriving in DEN, there was no gate for us. We sat on the tarmac for about 20 minutes and actually ended up at the gate later than the scheduled arrival, so the early touchdown was pointless -It took almost 90 minutes for our luggage to be delivered to Baggage Claim"
Cons: "I was scheduled for the Sunday night flight. I was at the airport earlier the the one and a half hour that they recommend. The flight attendant never announced boarding the plane. When other passengers saw it was almost time to board they got in a line, and she started the check in process... and never announced the flight. She also never made any attempt to call my name over the loud speaker. On Monday night after being rescheduled, my flight was 3 hours late on departing because Frontier did not schedule a crew to be there. We were not compensated in any way, we were scheduled to arrive in MKE at 4:05 am and did not actually get to MKE until 7:35 am"
Cons: "Packed in like sadines. Seats that did not recline at all, for a 4 hour flight, that is ridiculous! !!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight leaving Milwaukee was delayed due to technical problems. Got on the plane an hour late, sat on the plane for over an hour, had to get off the plane and wait in the terminal for 2 hours therefore missed my connecting flight and have not arrived at my final destination. There was nothing offered for the trouble or inconenience (snacks, drinks, etc.). I had to miss an important meeting and never want to fly Frontier again."
Pros: "quickness of departures/boarding"
Cons: "no room for our carry-on, was full when we boarded, had to 'check' in... and I checked in 24 hrs early and paid for carry on ahead of time so knew I had."
Pros: "I cant really say that I liked it anything that much."
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that you had to pay $25 to check your luggage and then I think it was absolutely ridiculous that you have to pay $35 for a carry on. I don't understand why cost more money to carry on a bag then it will be to check your luggage. Also I think it's silly that they don't offer free complimentary snacks on the airplane and this seems don't even replying back. I thought this was a cheap flight but it turned out to be just as much as a regular Airline"
Pros: "Direct flight. Can't really say much else. The crew was very nice."
Cons: "Charged for everything. Bags, seats, food. Pretty much everything but using the bathroom has a charge. Also the sales pitch to get a credit card through them is a bit tacky. Could do without that coming on the speaker system. Seats are uncomfortable. Tray table is about the size of a small iPad. Told is flight was delayed 4 hours and then left on time. Numerous passengers were left behind due to poor communication of departure. Seats do not move and the plane was exceptionally dirty. I guess you get what you pay for. We did get a very cheap flight so that is why I gave 2 instead of one."
Pros: "Landing !!!"
Cons: "I felt screwed all the way around! You charge for everything and provide nothing! The flight attendants were old and worn out looking and acted like any request was just a strain! I'll never fly with you again and have warned my friends also."
Pros: "Absolutely no issue with the flight. The boarding went very smoothly and the flight itself was flawless,. We even landed 15 minutes earlier than projected. Staff on the plane were efficient and pleasant. Pretty standard flight attendants doing what they do."
Cons: "The seating is another matter. They have moved the seats closer together so there is zero leg room and very close to the person next to you. Luckily I was in an aisle seat with a small child next to me so I had elbow room. The trays are ridiculous! Roughly the size of an ipad. Can barely hold a glass and a soda can. Forget about putting your laptop on it. The flights are cheap - but that is because you pay extra for everything. They charge for bags whether you carry on or check them and it's double the price at the gate if you don't pay at booking, charge for choosing your seat at booking, charge for all refreshments and food on the flight - only thing complimentary is a glass of water."
Cons: "While the fare for Frontier was reasonable; I chose them because of flight schedule. However, I couldn't believe how much more I had to pay than just the fare. Baggage fees for not only checked bag but carry-on plus the seat selection added $94 EACH WAY to my costs. That is unforgiving. I'm back to Southwest."

No problem with the onboard crew . I had to buy tickets again because the agent at the desk did not see my kayak purchase . The time was ticking and if I did not buy tickets would miss the flight . I will fight tomorrow with sprit or kayak for unused fares that I bought . This is ridiculous

I really appreciate spirit and their simple approach to flying. I usually travel light, so it’s great when I need a quick getaway. The staff is always down to earth (as opposed to other flight attendants who act superior.). Very excited to make this my first choice when flying.

Make the armrests flush with the seat so that when i lie down they don’t gouge my back. There were only 30 people on the flight so there was plenty of room to sleep but the armrests raised were very uncomfortable.

Pros: "The crew was lovely. The seats ate not much comfortable."
Cons: "Needs cushioned seats."
Cons: "Having entertainment on the flight."
Cons: "Deboarding took too long"
Cons: "I had to pay $50 for a small suitcase while other airlines charge $25.00"
Pros: "I liked that being we had a new born we were able to board first"
Cons: "The flight was bumpy , the pilot had the plane going down like a slow falling roller coaster , had me so sick instead of gradually lowering the plane. Our flight was delayed and our gate was changed, when we arrived to the gate originally the staff was very rude with their responses."
Pros: "Boarding was s breeze. We paid for the big front seats. So cushy. So roomy. So....they don’t recline a bit. My husband is tall so he when he fell asleep he was slumped over."
Cons: "Non-reclining chairs."
Pros: "The plane was new"
Cons: "Everything else than the plane... And the lady who had the patience to assistme thru the check in process.."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "2 hour delay"
Cons: "Not enough leg room. Water and small snacks not complimentary"
Pros: "Smooth take off and landing to Orlando from CAK. No long wait to check in and go through security. CAL staff was friendly including Spirit check in people, security, and flight attendants. Going to Orlando was hassle free."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "No delays. Boarding was efficient but not much else. Very basic."
Cons: "I wanted to bring a bag as hand luggage and had to pay $46 each way. I've flown loads and this is the first airline who has charged for carry on."
Pros: "Crew was nice. We departed and arrived on time."
Cons: "It's as if Ikea built this plane. Functional, but not comfortable at all. My seatmate took up half of my seat. Not ideal for an overnight flight. And the extra charges they have are just garbage. Hot garbage."
Cons: "Absolutely no customer service or reasoning. You giys send us into Hurricane Irma, despite all warnings and devastation."
Pros: "Everyone was super helpful and nice!"
Pros: "The crew is very polite and professional. The flight was on time and early to arrivals."
Cons: "Did not like having to pay for seat assignment. Although it said you do not have to pay and the airiline would seat you, your website would not let that. would not let you exit the site until you paid for the seats. The tray tables behind the seats are extremely small and fragile. The seats seem smaller than usual."
Cons: "They cancelled our flight and left us stranded in St Thomas! After waiting 4 hours in line at the airport they told us they would refund the money for the return trip only. No hotel, no food and no flight home. I will NEVER fly Spirit again! I can not believe they would treat people the way they did us!!"
Pros: "It was a decent flight"
Cons: "No wifi on the plane"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "After 7-8 hours of delay after delay they boarded everyone onto the plane, let us sit there for 5-10 minutes and then asked us get off the plane. They then proceeded to tell us due to weather our flight would be cancelled. I stood in line for 2 hours for them to tell me the next flight our was not for another 5 days. They also did not place me in a hotel, thankfully I had a friend that lived close to the airport and I was able to crash there. I asked for my money back and rebooked my trip with Deta airlines. I guess I learned my lesson the hard way."
Pros: "A few (very few) helpful clerks in the end that got me a seat home."
Cons: "Other than the usual Spirit surprise up charges for basic services included in other airlines (which should be factored into the Kayak search engines more clearly from the start), the seats did not recline and minimal leg room made for a very uncomfortable flight from FL to CA. The topping on the cake was a cancelled flight getting home Ft. Lauderdale to St. Thomas. The 1250pm flight was delayed to 6pm due to weather even though several other flights were flying that same route at that time. Then the 6pm flight was cancelled due to weather. It was the lack of professionalism, accommodations and communications that followed that were horrendous. They would not address the group directly so we had to find out from the people at the front of the line trying to rebook that there were no seats available until Saturday and Sunday. It was Weds. They were not going to accommodate us in any way with the exception of refunding us for that leg. In my case that would have been a little over $100. Flights on other airlines were over $700. Families who could not afford that cancelled their vacations to St. Thomas. People, like myself, that were simply trying to get home got booked on Sunday flights. They put us on stand by but were unwilling to give us seats that were available. Finally, on Friday with making enough fuss and talking to the right people they reluctantly gave us seats. It appeared that because we had seats on Sunday that we were in no way a priority. Very disappointed, mostly for everyone who was trying to visit my island and said they will never come here. Thanks Spirits."
Cons: "After many hours of delays, our flight was cancelled. Even though the pilot said that there was mechanical trouble, the girl at the ticket counter insisted that it was weather. When they cancel for weather, they owe you nothing. Their next flight home was going to be 36 hours later. That was not an option for us. We had to rent a car at 3:30am and drive 11 hours home."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Spirit canceled my flight the day before it was supposed to leave and gave me no other options as to how to get to my destination. It almost ruined my vacation."
Pros: "The airline gave me a full refund on my flight"
Cons: "My flight was over 5 hours and the person who checked my bag did t inform me of this. Then, after leaving the airport the flight was scheduled to leave only 1.5 hours after the original flight time."
Cons: "It didn't happen. Cancelled."
Cons: "Again, the seating is not comfortable"
Pros: "The crew members were very nice and helpful"
Cons: "I did not like the old plane. The seats were very hard, uncomfortable and close together. No space to even lean back much. By the time we reached our destination my entire back side and legs were hurting very badly. Along with a very stiff and painful neck. Just no Bueno! My husband and I both said the next time we had to fly anywhere for over 1-2 hours, we'll just sacrifice and pay the extra money to make sure we have a decent ride. It's definitely not worth the few dollars saved."
Cons: "The hour on the tarmac at lax because of paperwork."
Cons: "I did not like the fact that my original flight from St Thomas to Ft Lauderdale was cancelled. Which essentially changed all of my travel plans. I do however understand that Spirit is a sub par airline. Therefore, I will no longer book any flights through them."
Cons: "This flight was cancelled, Spirit was unable/unwilling to book me on a flight on a different airline and I had to pay $344 out of pocket for a Jet Blue flight the next day. This was on Thursday, Spirit offered to get me to my destination on SUNDAY! They also did not pay for my hotel room so I had to pay for that out of pocket as well. Will never fly Spirit again. Spend the extra money and go with someone else - you'll probably end up having to spend it anyway!"
Cons: "Had to cancel late. I can understand having to pay for the fare. Not for the prepaid baggage fees. Not cool!"
Pros: "The Crew was awesome! I was assisted very well every time I had a query no matter how silly to someone else the question may have seemed."
Cons: "The natives of St. Thomas which has nothing to do with the airline or its crew was extremely "ghetto" loud and annoying. It's definitely a turn off when flying and for this reason i will be choosing another airline when traveling USA"
Pros: "There was one nice lady who you could tell hated her job that she had to represent such a shitty airline service"
Cons: "Spirit once again proves me right that I've never been on a flight with you that isn't delayed... Turbulence was horrible and the pilot was a no show.. Also a large percentage of the people on the flight missed their connecting flight and a crew member insensitively announces their options"
Cons: "Lousy delayed an hour which made me miss Flight from st Thomas to st Croix. Slept outside airport on sidewalk. Will avoid your airline. Will pay to not fly spirit"
Pros: "That I learned to never book a flight again."
Cons: "Same...I'll never book a flight again"
Pros: "Clean airplanes. Keep you informed."
Cons: "Manual boarding was done by rows. that was okay, but we paid extra to upgrade to Zone 2 for loading. No refund or compensation. Seats are very cozy. Not much room to stand and stretch."
Pros: "Aside from the surprise early boarding flight was okay."
Cons: "The flight got changed from 11:05 pm to 9:45pm I got the email notification at 8:45. Never had a flight change to an earlier time, specially 45 minutes before the new take off time."
Pros: "The price of ticket."
Cons: "What where these people thinking about the seats & tray tables? They need to go back to the drawing board!"
Pros: "Pilot was excellent, I mean she was excellent"
Cons: "Space was tight, services bad, I had to pay even for water"
Cons: "Had to pay $55 for my carry-on"
Cons: "That I had to pay for every little thing and the baggage price is too high."
Pros: "I liked the level of service"
Cons: "It was delayed and there wasn't a central screen or wifi app to see ETA while in the air..i find the onscreen maps make time go faster and are interesting to watch"
Cons: "On time. Fast check in"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "nickle and dime you for everything. In the end I could have flown Alaska Air for the same amount of money an way more comfort, service, respect, on-time arrival, sense of security, and everything else I can think of. I will never fly Spirit Airlines again!!!"
Pros: "Even for 3hr the seats are very uncomfortable"
Cons: "As my flight was 3 hrs later, I lost my connection and had 2 pay $185 for a hotel room."
Cons: "The seats are way to close together, I paid extra for more leg room only to find that all the seats have no leg room."
Pros: "Inexpensive Tickets"
Cons: "Gate was changed last minute, and nobody bothered to inform all of us who were waiting at the previous gate. I later discovered an email about the gate change, but the Spirit board and the gate signage hadn't changed, so I wasn't checking email. Everyone rushed down to the new gate, and had to walk outside to board. Seats on Spirit are pretty cramped and uncomfortable. They don't recline (at all), and they are thin, so you feel everything happening in the pouch behind your back. The most annoying aspect of the flight, however, was the unending sales pitch about their credit card that was made by the flight attendants as we made our descent. It was ridiculously loud, especially after a dark late night flight, and just kept going and going. I don't fault the staff, who are probably responsible for selling, but I do fault Spirit for forcing a captive audience to hear it ad nauseam. Overall, you kind of get what you pay for here, and I would still fly Spirit again IF they were considerably cheaper than the competition. BTW, remember that Spirit charges for carry on luggage. We shipped our via UPS, which was half as much, thanks in part to shipping via my workplace."
Cons: "Bag cost is too expensive."
Cons: "Everything, basically a complete disappointment."
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