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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29636 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Ground staff and crew were great
Cons: Not much

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Pros: Ground staff and crew were great
Cons: Not much

Pros: Every thing

Pros: It was not a full flight
Cons: The flight crew ... they were not attentive at all.

Pros: Didn't go.

Pros: I liked the schedule and frequency.
Cons: Oh...where to begin?

Pros: Plenty of room, excellent service, relaxing flight.
Cons: Wish it was a longer flight.

Pros: Crew was great and understanding with a screaming baby
Cons: On time departure also Kona airport is an open airport with no place to hide from the heat. 90 degrees and humid. Nothing like being sweaty and gross felling then being packed in a plane. Would suggest the Alaskan demand that the airport be updated or the take it on themselves an update there part

Pros: Relaxed, comfortable
Cons: Nothing comes to mind.

Pros: Premium economy seat was tolerable
Cons: Plane was too warm for comfort. Hell was getting from concourse N to C at SeaTac with the train OOC.

Pros: We had exit rows so had extra leg room. Makes a long flight more comfortable
Cons: Our overall experience was pleasant and without incident. Flights also left on time

Pros: Crew was not amazing, no service offerd (not even water), only snacks and no beverage service. When I went to restroom, I asked crew who were watching TV and chatting for a glass of water, got a nasty stare, the water, and no acknowledgement of my thank you. Captain very open with taxi info.
Cons: Polite flight attendant, at least service for those of us who can't sleep even on overnight flights. Middle seat not great but okay, everything else on ground in Kona lovely as usual.

Cons: Better handling of boarding passengers when there was a known mechanical failure that needed to be dealt with. We were boarded and deplaned twice. Then after getting to a new plane, they ran out of food for half the cabin for a 6 hour flight resorting to serving water and biscotti cookies

Pros: Super friendly staff, on time , Comfortable seats.

Pros: Crew was very efficient. First class seats were comfortable.
Cons: The airport terminal at KOA belongs in the stone age. It's not air conditioned. Its sound system is overwhelmed by ambient noise. We walk across the tarmac in the blazing sun and climb rickety ladders to board the plane. Hard wooden benches for seats while waiting. Too few schedules boards.

Pros: The whole thing was very pleasant, from boarding to the flight, to the awesome crew, very helpful, always smiling, we traveled with my mom, and mother in law, both in their late 60s and 7 years old kid, and everyone from the ticket counter to the crew always ready to help, first time I fly Alaska, and in my opinion, a better experience than when I had traveled with the other major carriers.

Pros: Your airline gave us drinks and NO snacks on a almost 5 hour flight. The food I had to purchase was horrible.
Cons: No peanuts, pretzels or biscuit cookies. Horrible experience with the food I purchased. Won’t fly Alaska again. 30 of us flew and were not impressed.

Pros: Not much to say hear. I would expect better service since they aquired virgin America
Cons: Crew didn't have a friendly approach to passengers they all seemed rude Not enough food on board or even drinks. I asked for water and she made it seem an inconvenience. Barely any legroom. Also the passenger that was reassigned to the seat next to me was not happy as they would not help her switch seats with anyone as she had a need for assisted care.

Pros: The crew was really nice and professional
Cons: We had to make an emergency medical landing which is fine it had to be done. But then we had to wait a while for catering to come and bring us food. Most of us had already gotten off the plane to use the restrooms and get food. Then because the caterers took to long they cancelled the food order and told us they were having fingers out food vouchers. It was annoying g cause we had already gone and gotten food and spent our own money. Now everyone booked it off the plan to get food and we now waited another hour for people to come back. So altogether the plane was delayed 4 hours they could have just given us the food on the plane for free.

Pros: I had additional legroom for some reason, and 2 windows. We didn't die.
Cons: No in flight wifi, no one asked me if I wanted to order food, the flight was really bumpy. Took forever to board.

Pros: The ground service
Cons: One Flight Attendant who continually made NO attempt to NOT hit passengers as she walked down the aisle. I don’t think she liked her job.

Cons: 1 hr late on take off.

Pros: Book the flight with Kayak never let us pick the seat and I’m not be able to sit with my husband! That the worse next time I’ll just book directly to the Airline website.

Cons: Dogs on the plane. had to smell farts & puke the whole time, could hardly breathe. am alergic

Cons: The plane had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu because 2 of the 4 navigation systems were not operating correctly. We had 2 wait in Honolulu approx. 6hrs to catch a flight to Seattle. They gave me a $12 voucher for food but my dinner (only dinning in the terminal) cost me $20. Was forced to take an additional day of leave & had to make arrangements for my pets. Was only given (3) $600 vouchers for my 3 tickets.

Cons: They charged for food and entertainment. Next they will charge for bathrooms and water.

Pros: Free Maitai on arrival, on time departure and landing, friendly crew, decent food. Big overhead bins also a plus.

Pros: The baggage and check in went smoothly.
Cons: The original flight was booked as a nonstop flight and was changed to add a stop in Seattle and then fly back to Oakland. It added additional time and inconvenience to our original booking.

Pros: Multiple beverage services
Cons: Stuck next to a large person again that over flowed there seat into my seat

Cons: Only food available on a flight that was 5 1/2 hours was food that had to be purchased. I think this is ridiculous.

Pros: Charging capabilities with easy access!

Pros: 1) Attendant crew was nice. 2) Appreciated being able to board from front and rear.
Cons: 1) Flight time delayed, so late arrival ~12am was made even later ~12:30am 2) Booked two tickets together months ago, yet we were not allowed to sit together. 3) Entertainment required the downloading of the gogo app which should have been done on the ground with wifi and/or cellular data. in the air, one window said you could (wait) and download, while another window effectively said, "better luck next time". Pre-flight email should have warned passengers to download beforehand. 4) Exiting plane only allowed from front; took forever from our next-to-last row.

Cons: Flight delayed by two and half hours. And then luggage delivered after 25 minutes of landing.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Only 1 flight attendant in first class for 16 passengers, as the other one disappeared most of the time, and when asked for help she actually refused, saying she was only helping coach class! Dinner service took almost 3 hours. Never asked if we wanted wine or another drink with dinner.

Pros: The pilot was excellent Softest landing ever We hovered down from the sky
Cons: The chicken teriyaki was awful Vegitables crunchy Should have small packet of soy sauce

Cons: I paid for my ticket full price through kayak but my ticket was apparently what the industry calls a non-revenue ticket meaning I was on the standby list and had to Hope people didn't come. I ended up getting the last seat on the plane and was in serious Jeopardy being left behind

Pros: Finally, a plane designed with some comfort in mind! It was easy to move and find a comfortable way to sleep.
Cons: No pillows to purchase!

Pros: Good service
Cons: The airline changed flights and somehow lost my original seats, staying on the flight cost additional money beyond the original price so that we could sit together as a family. Every time I fly I have another reason to tell friends and family not to fly.

Pros: Flight was smooth and on-time, onboard service was friendly and competent.
Cons: Boarding process was chaotic and confusing.

Pros: I generally prefer to fly with Alaska Airlines. Reasonable fares, good service, good flight itineraries from PDX. My mobile carrier provides complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi. I'm no Starbucks fan but grudgingly admit to enjoying the coffee service.
Cons: It would be good to see fewer disposals used in the food service but the cabin crew must be given kudos for separating recyclables as they collect waste from passengers.

Pros: Crew was friendly and professional; boarding was rushed; cabin was clean, but seating was very cramped; entertainment was v good (and currently free) using own tablet, phone, or smart phone.

Pros: The flight offered was a direct flight. They offer preboarding for families with children under 2.
Cons: The seats on this flight are so close together your shoulders literally touch your neighbors shoulders while sitting normally in your seat. This is unacceptable. When will airlines finally get it? People deserve to sit in their own seat without being on top of their neighbor.

Pros: POG was available from the beverage cart. On-time departure and arrival.
Cons: We were assigned two middle seats in different rows for a five hour flight! Flight attendants were rude. The bathrooms were a mess. Complimentary food for a five hour flight is a bag with nine, dime-sized pretzels.

Pros: The in flight entertainment tablet I rented ($10) was really nice. It had some very new movies, fun games and more on it. Most of the flight crew was kind and polite, minus one woman who seemed to hate her job and the airline. I was pleased that the flight wasn't canceled as many others into PDX had been that day due to an ice storm. Felt safe even with turbulence and threat of a slippery landing.
Cons: One crew member, an older woman, seemed really bitter. She openly expressed frustration with Alaska in front of passengers on multiple occasions and was very rude and brusque with us customers. She made me feel like a nuisance for even just being on the flight. Otherwise the seats were just so small and uncomfortable. It was a long flight to feel smushed and have a sore tailbone from the total lack of padding.

Pros: The staff are friendly and helpful. The flight left late but arrived at the destination early. I have flown Alaska for years and other than the food I have no complaints.
Cons: The food choices are Chicken or Cheese and fruit. On a 6 hour flight the only free food is a very small package of pretzels. For people who do not eat chicken there is very limited food.

Pros: Fast flight. Friendly crew. Switched me to a sooner flight so I wouldn't have to drive home real late.
Cons: Wasn't too much to dislike. Was a very good flight.

Pros: Short and direct flight from kona to anchorage, love it
Cons: Internet was down at the airport, caused delays, but all good , I have always hsd pretty good experience with alaska air

Pros: They had a limited selection of free WiFi TV programs you could watch and charging ports on the seats.
Cons: The only snack option was pretzels, take off was delayed on both departure and the connecting flights. The seats were OK for comfort, but the plane was HOT while sitting on the tarmac during boarding and waiting and waiting to take off.

Pros: We were lucky and had a seat open between us. Comfortable, and crew were great.

Pros: To be able to upgrade, charging stations at my seat, generous beverages
Cons: No free baggage, unclear coomunication about check in and choosing seats, was not offered my free drink.

Cons: pretty cold and no blankets in economy

Pros: The seats were very good. The crew was helpful and friendly.
Cons: We had a connection in Detroit. The flight from Seattle to Detroit arrived about 30 minutes late, and we barely made the connection. Apparently Delta had not told the Detroit-Boston flight to wait a few minutes for us. We did make the connection, but we arrived at the gate with no seat assignment (we had been bumped the day before from our original flight because of a mechanical problem) as the plane was loading. Had we missed the flight, we would have had to spend the night in Detroit and go to Boston the next day. Delta should have told the gate agent that we were coming.

Cons: Once the pandemic is over, I am sure some things like food service will improve.

Pros: Great crew and friendly

Pros: Crew was very welcoming and nice
Cons: There was a lot of empty space on the plane I wish they would’ve spaced passengers out evenly.

Pros: Everything from hospitality to the ease of the flight. Captain communicated to put all at ease during this time in which this pandemic has gotten many fearful of flying. Great landing as well.
Cons: Everything was great!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: We were traveling international in Twitter after contacting we were told we can carry one checked baggage but then we were not allowed and at gate they didn’t know the procedure and repeatedly checked our passport Poor customer service

Pros: We left on time
Cons: The size of the plane is just so bad

Cons: Not enough leg room. Flights are costly enough and it just seems wrong to upcharge passengers for more legroom. Legroom should be standard outside of first /business class.

Pros: Smooth, efficient and timely.
Cons: Seats weren’t assigned until at the gate even though checked in 18 hours before. Bag drop was horrible. No self service. Was inline for about 45 minutes.

Cons: It was hot

Pros: the plane was pretty empty
Cons: The times available were terrible!

Pros: Overall was a good experience
Cons: My wife’s seatback entertainment kept glitching...that was frustrating and Seat wasn’t very comfortable

Pros: All was smooth on s busy day in Puerto Vallarta. Everyone cool, supported by good crew,

Pros: Comfortable and clean plane, crew professional and nice.

Pros: The crew
Cons: Timing

Pros: Great staff and they worked hard to make the flight comfortable.
Cons: The seats are small and the plane feels like a Sardine can.

Pros: I had the chicken beans and rice which was good, the chicken burrito was a little soggy and had to peal it out of the box but taste ok.
Cons: The choice of the movies were either action or kids movies, i would like to see some sports movies, auto race, football or espn. All of the was energetic with great smiles and service except for one that never smiled and lacked enthusiasm. I wondered why she was on the plane.

Pros: Boarded and left JFK on time and arrived 15 minutes early to Seattle. Love DELTA.

Pros: Comfort
Cons: WiFi never connects food

Cons: The flight crew were great

Pros: Courteous flight attendants
Cons: Nothing

Cons: We had to wait at the customs for nearly 1.5hrs, then pick up our luggage, then check in again!!! We were running and got on the plane 10 mins before the departure. Super stressful!!

Pros: The seats were comfortable,,,,,, And we flew fast than other airlines I been on, And wow the stewardess were the best , wow service was excellent,,,,,,,,,there was lotion in the bath room, And tooth brushes and tooth paste, wow loved it, Great flight, thank you.
Cons: Really everything. Love the Korean airport, There was a small capsule room I rented for the time between flights ,,,,, and not have to leave the airport .....took shower and nap. Just what I needed, Then got me three sandwiches and big thing of orange juice at Seven Eleven,,,,, Ahhhhhh happy happy happy.

Cons: Rude stewardesses; I was traveling with 3 children onanovernight flight. I just wanted the simplest things- blankets and headphones for them. I cannot believe that an overnight flight wouldn’t be stocked with pillows and blankets. We froze al the way across the Pacific.

Pros: Excellent very good good
Cons: Good service good

Cons: Disgusting smell to urine and else. It was a two-hour bad experience

Pros: Great airline stewards
Cons: Suggestion- Overhead bin should be assigned to the seat the person is seated in.

Pros: We were early, I had free Wifi, I love Delta!

Pros: Friendly service
Cons: The booking was done through vayama and the confirmation numbers didn't match with delta's. It was confusing. I had to talk to a delta rep and give her the eticket # and at that point, she gave me a new confirmation #, that I was able to use to check in with on delta

Pros: Lov

Pros: On Time
Cons: No opportunity to purchase additional food

Cons: Sandwich for dinner

Pros: The price.
Cons: Turbulence was intense and scary. We didn’t get our drink service because it was unsafe for the flight attendant to walk the isle. The leg room seemed a lot smaller than expected.

Pros: A night flight well done. The snack choices were awesome, and the in flight entertainment was A+

Pros: On time

Pros: My flight was delayed 40 minutes in Detroit after a 3 hour lay over we boarded the plane. Then 45 minutes into the flight they said the landing gear light came on and they would be going back to change plans. My mother with Lymes disease was waiting 3 hours in Providence supposed to arrive a 11:50 instead 2:50am we were so tired missed a day of vacation.

Pros: Flight departed and arrived on time
Cons: Long time standing in line. People are confused by zone boarding. Stood 30 to 40 minutes in line.

Pros: The friendliness of the staff and movie choices
Cons: Seat space

Pros: Is my wife and I first time going with the baby (stroller) we thought it as going to be a nightmare but we had a easy experience

Pros: Got us home super fast
Cons: The most uncomfortable flight I've ever had

Cons: long wait and delayed flight

Cons: Delayed flight, mechanical

Pros: Both flights landed early. Flight attendants were excellent and very helpful.
Cons: Small plane to Minneapolis with one bathroom and the flight to sna didn't have my request for a gluten free meal.

Cons: Arrived at my destination almost two hours after the initial arrival time

Pros: The Delta cookies that were offered as a snack
Cons: I don't understand why there's always a lack of space when the flight is full. Were the aircrafts not designed to accommodate a full flight's worth of luggage? anf then when I went to go to my seat, the air stewardess told me to progress down the aisle so someone that they knew could pass through, causing a delay in me getting to my seat as well as losing my overhead luggage space as someone else passing utilized it instead. Now I am in my seat with both my carry on and personal item stowed below. So was I comfortable ? No. Was I upset and annoyed, on top of being tired? Yes. They need a better system.

Pros: This time the tea was nice and hot!

Pros: Everything was smooth. Short flight, but they offered us refills on drinks, which I've never experienced before. Polite staff, great flight. Thanks!

Pros: nothing
Cons: they downgraded me from first class to coach

Pros: The in flight entertainment was great with live tv and a assortment of current movies to chose from.
Cons: Nothing at all

Cons: Stewardesses were grouchy except the one Oriental stewardess. Boarding was late. Reclining seats need to be eliminated!!! I paid $100 extra for additional 6 inches of legroom which was lost when person in front of me reclined. Kona Airport is nasty.

Cons: Debbie in Business Class made the trip even more special than ever! 1. Congratulated everyone on board for thanksgiving for those who follow that tradition 2. Spoke so kindly on the PA system in both English and fluent in Spanish 3. Kept my coffee hot fresh and always was smiling even those had to work on a holiday We will always fly AmericAn because of flight crew like Debbie..... 1000% super star for AA!!!

Pros: Easy boarding process, friendly crew member and smooth flight
Cons: The flight was delayed which impacted our connecting flight.

Pros: A wonderful crew!
Cons: Less turbulence on take-off; but I don't really think you can control such things!

Pros: I liked that they were on time (mostly) I liked the movie choices.. Crew were very nice.....
Cons: Wasting money on their part for the silly little bags of pretzels......hardly worth the effort......could be a little more generous on a five hour flight..........

Pros: The plane, Embrair 175 is very comfortable.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Confort seats, good entertainment system
Cons: Food could be better, skimpy breakfast

Cons: Getting the crew to fly on original date of 12/31 instead of having to scramble to find hotel on other side of BI in Hilo on New Years eve. 24 hour delay and then giving the last row of seats with a screaming baby that another group kept walking back to our section to "grace" us with such melodies!

Pros: Overall the plane was in good shape with a nice infotainment screen and charging options.
Cons: Add support for Bluetooth headsets on entertainment screens. For the love of all that is good in the world make those seats more comfortable! The isles were super narrow and difficult to exit quickly while carrying my carry-on

Pros: Boarding was quick and easy
Cons: The plane could have been cleaner

Cons: Took forever to get the bags

Cons: 4 delays.. weather suc’s when trying to fly

Pros: Dinner and boarding
Cons: Seats, noise and kids running, walking and CRAWLING in the aisles and lack of wifi and entertainment that I can choose, Also, the bathrooms ran out of paper and the crew was not attentive. They didn't do anything about the kids disruptive behavior and extremely load talking (reciting abc and counting). I asked if they could talk to the parents and they said no, the beverage service was not good as I couldn't get more water and the seats were awful! Why wasnt the wifi working? even if it worked I'd have to purchase it even tho it was an international flight. I will not fly American Airlines again!

Pros: Flight attendants
Cons: VERY cramped

Pros: The flagship first seats in American Airlines are among the best in class given that I only flew from Miami to JFK. Fully flat beds and ample room.
Cons: Very limited food options.

Cons: Delayed flight

Cons: The flight was an hour late to depart.

Pros: The crew was great, the entertainment options were plentiful (if you bring your own earphones) and the flight was smooth.
Cons: I'm only 5'7" and normal build, and the seats were uncomfortably narrow with no room to partially straighten even my short legs. The life vest box under each seat also doesn't leave much room for the personal item you're supposed to stow under there.

Cons: Ticket was never issued.

Cons: The flight was cancelled and our party was stuck for 2 days without a returning flight.

Pros: Ensured that the connecting passengers boarded the flight.

Pros: Boarded in a timely manner.

Pros: It was generally ok
Cons: The tourbulance was crazy The fact I received my bag in Sacramento and it was damaged upset me a lot

Pros: Mechanical issues caused a 75 minute delay in taking off.
Cons: Several delays

Pros: It was a pleasant surprise to be given a boxed Snack on our overnight flight from Kona to Dallas.
Cons: The ride was a little bumpy but not too bad. Can’t think of much we didn’t like.

Pros: Another typical domestic flight. Nothing special. Pretzels were the only snack.
Cons: No entertainment and nowhere to charge electronics.

Cons: Both to and from Hawaii, they ran out of food before they made it to us. It was bad enough that they had one cart for the entire plane. It took 90 minutes from the time they began serving until they got to us in row 34, but they ran out of food at row 31. The flight attendant just shrugged and said, "They do that to us all the time, sorry."

Pros: The plane was clean, leaving on time, with fewer passengers there was much room and the service was surprisingly friendly for an American Airlines flight.
Cons: The crew had a light task with the fewer passengers on board and they made the best of it... not neglecting the passengers, but definitely looking out for themselves and that was a bit obvious by creating small cabins for them to stay in using the curtains near the door exits and encouraging people to move to empty rows to clear the back rows for them to sleep on. Not bad, but just a bit obvious.

Cons: The employees treated me poorly

Pros: We're hustling and hard working.
Cons: Having to fly from Hawaii back to lax to fly to Australia.

Cons: The seats were very uncomfortable

Pros: OK for a short flight, we were just given water and nothing else probably because of the short duration. The IES is OK but you have to bring your own WiFi device to be able to stream their media which is free
Cons: Seats are too small

Pros: American Airlines was great!
Cons: Finnair changed my flight to American Airlines (which I don't mind) but never notified me and made me go through hoops to get the changed record indicator.

Pros: It was quiet and comfortable
Cons: On a 5 1/2 hour flight in first class it would have been nice to be offered something other than water to drink. the entertainment system didn't work at all in my seat. Also, after e a very trying day, I was anxious to get home, and the luggage didn't arrive until 90 minutes after touchdown. I guess that's what they mean by priority service- first on the plane and last off.

Pros: On time start and finish. All but one of the crew were pleasant. One was a bit imperious and seeming overwtought.
Cons: The 9 hour international leg of our flight was very, very uncomfortable. I'm 6'2", not a freak, and my legs were jammed against the seat frame in front on this new dreamliner Legroom AND seat width both markedly less than the short haul Airbus on our fist leg. To get one of the last 'extra room' seats would have been 179.00...rediculous. This was abuse.

Pros: Movie options
Cons: 2 hour delay was inconvenient. Like why?

Pros: Plane was good. Not jammed too tightly to be comfortably.
Cons: Plane was late leaving. Baggage took a ridiculous amount of time to come down.

Pros: quiet dark plane, gave blankets for overnight flight. Got placed in an exit seat free of charge.
Cons: Crew member was 20 min late and they would not let us board until he got there. Ended up making the flight 30 minutes late and I almost missed my connection. They didn't update us saying he was on his way or anything, just that we were "still waiting." No entertainment was visible from my seat either.

Pros: Worst plane to travel 5 1/2 hours. Almost no legroom, very small seats.

Pros: No flight to charlotte
Cons: Read above

Pros: On time
Cons: entertainment did not work

Pros: Crew was nice, plane had power and good entertainment.
Cons: Boarding was a mess - I couldn't distinguish the line and elbow my way to the front before the gate agent called the two boarding groups behind me.

Pros: The staff were all quite polite and helpful
Cons: the boarding process is chaotic. No one pays attention to the boarding numbers and it's just a big, pushing, shoving mess. I'd like to see a little more use of the system to keep.people more orderly.

Pros: IFE
Cons: Delay 1st leg. Had to rebook to later flight. Later flight delayed. Then delayed again due to crew time out. Arrived 4 hours later than originally scheduled. Meaning public transportation could not be used to get into downtown final destination. Made an originally short trip even shorter.

Pros: Very smooth
Cons: I didn't not like anything.

Pros: I made it safe to the mainland
Cons: We had some Change of plans and we're going to just get off in Phoenix and not take it straight to San Diego, we called American they said no big deal they would ticket our bags to Phoenix, got to the airport and the American Airlines gal stated in no way shape or form could they do that, I tried explaining the whole situation and her response always ended in 'and your bags will be in San Diego'. By the grace of God we were able to cram two checked bags worth of stuff into our carry ons which I still do not know how we did that, and were fine. On the flight we had a decently nice lady and a horrible male. When passing out drinks he seemed almost irritated that we had asked for water and rudely gave it to us which was room temperature. He totally skipped the lady in the row with us and got irritated when she asked for a water as well.

Pros: Flight was pretty much what you'd expect, pretty basic
Cons: For a 5 hour flight I woulda been nice to have more than just two cookies for a snack. Luckily I brought me own. Also there's no entertainment except for 1 magazine, so again, if you're flying American you better supply yourself with whatever you'll want before boarding

Pros: Again just a small jumper, can't expect much, but a day late due to AA
Cons: Back home just 5 days out and back, just 2 days of flights, 3 flights late or missed because of AA. fly anything but American Airlines.

Pros: Everything

Pros: Worst flight ever!! 7 hour delay because the plane broke down!! Never fly United again!!
Cons: They should have offered free flight vouchers!! We got a lousy $20 meal voucher after waiting for 7 hours, delay was originally 1 hr then 2 then 3 etc On Father’s Day, it was the worse day ever!!

Pros: the dinner was really good.
Cons: Couldn't sleep a wink. The pod was not that comfortable. Didn't get the proper blanket and pilllow. And it took multiple requests to get it.

Cons: On board Mask enforcement - was not done. The video controller buttons were on the arm rest. This presented a challenge to actually USE the arm rest for myself and my seat mates - we were constantly and inadvertently turning the monitor on.

Pros: The crew was great. The flight arrived on time even though there was a mechanical delay.

Pros: The reps at customer service were very nice and helpful. Kudos to them
Cons: I missed my flight to Grand Junction the night before because my plane from Dulles was delayed. So, consequently I had to spend the night in Denver. I was not pleased with that at all.

Pros: Flight went smooth
Cons: Next time on eco plus seat

Pros: The crew really seemed to care about our comfort. They were very attentive and gave us extras if asked.
Cons: The check in at the airport and going through Customs in the USA but the overall flight was good.

Pros: Excellent crew, really liked large overhead bin capacity on this 737-800, and excellent boarding.
Cons: United apparently insists on making entertainment available only through its United app and personal devices. That may be OK for lots of passengers, but we prefer the entertainment options available on almost every other airline that flies internationally and long distance domestic flights.

Pros: Atención
Cons: Not more sugar snack

Cons: Didn't realize when we booked our seats that they were basic economy and we couldn't upgrade or change them. I was seated away from my husband, beside a very large man who hugged the armrest and munched loudly on corn chips. For 5 hours. Movie headphones were poor. No leg room and I'm 5'4", 125 lbs.

Pros: Good crew
Cons: This flight had no snacks or drinks and was also delayed what else is there to say.

Pros: The cabin crew was horrible. When serving refreshments during the flight, I was ignored repeatedly when I asked for a soda. My wife sitting next to me, and the other passenger on our row were served. I asked the flight attendant 5 times for a drink and never received it.
Cons: fire the flight attendant, and find somebody who cares for their customers.

Cons: The basic economy fare is not explained well when purchasing ticket. Insane that you can buy a ticket for your toddler child who is flying with you but can not request to sit next to them. And no overhead carry on is ridiculous. Have had so many problems with United this may be the final straw.

Cons: First class seat and it barely reclined at all

Pros: The variety of movies
Cons: No daily wifi

Pros: quick fast and no nonsense, nothing to worry about on a 30 minutes. Hawaiian gets you there fast and mostly on time.

Pros: Ease of boarding and good communication from pilot
Cons: Flight attendant was gruff when communicating. She seemed angry when providing information. It was a short flight, so not a lot was offered, which was totally fine. However, when she walked down the isle with water, she appeared to be looking at the ceiling and didn’t stop to check if many people wanted water, including me.

Pros: The plane took of and arrived safely and on time. The entertainment was decent.
Cons: 1/2 bag of pretzels for a ~6 hour flight? Are you kidding me! The whole ride was sweltering hot. United flight attendants almost universally hate their jobs and they let it show. The entertainment system takes up half of the room under the seat, as if things weren’t cramped enough already.

Cons: We boarded the plane and due to "mechanical problem", we sat on the tarmac for ~3 hours before departing. This led to missing our connection at LAX and then missing our connection in ORD to State College tacking 6 extra hours to the trip. The late arrival and full work schedule the next day left me exhausted and got a nasty cold as a consequence. I find the frequency of mechanical problem delays to be high and increasing.

Pros: Smooth easy flight.
Cons: The only real downside was seat 22D headphone jack was broken so it made for a long flight but I played some games.

Pros: Great customer service
Cons: My dear was extremely uncomfortable

Pros: My television screen in front did not work. There were no images and the sound was very bad. So I could not listen to music either.
Cons: The airline was generous with luggage allowances.

Pros: The crew did the best they could with the situation
Cons: My flight was delayed for an hour so that the plane after having to change planes needed to be filled with gas. It was a long wait in a very small space. Never uncomfortable. We also waited on the plane with any notice of how long we would be sitting.

Cons: No comment

Cons: Old plane, no service, TINY SEATS

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), United rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the United service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I fly United for work quite frequently and have never experienced such horrendous service and lack of basic human compassion. I am flat out disgusted by United and will not be using them again, for personal travel or work related trips, because of this horrendous experience.

Pros: it was ok just a long flight
Cons: food too high

Cons: The movies kept doing out. They told us to log in and get compensated in a few days

Pros: Generally, a good flight experience. The crew were polite and professional.

Cons: It was freezing on the flight no blankets. A lot of turbulence and a very hard landing. Not pleasant at all.

Pros: The flight was not full, so we had extra space.
Cons: First, UA flight attendant forgot to serve us (and few more sitting on the same area) lunch. By the time we asked why we are not served, we didn't have a choice, but to take whatever left. Second, we had about only 1 - 1 1/2 hours of in-flight entertainment available in Economy class out of 10 1/2 hour flight. Of course, entertainment was available for first, business and premier class. Why? Satellite problem supposedly. Third, ok. There was a entertainment on a big screen in the front. However, system on the armrest was not working. What's the point? My husband and I have been in long distance flight over 25 year with various airline companies, BUT THIS UNITED FLIGHT WAS ONE OF THE WORST FLIGHT EVER. When I booked this vacation, I chose Lufthansa on purpose as I know their quality of service and professionalism. I didn't notice that the return flight was a code share with UA. Only thing they can say was that they can provide us more mileage as a compensation if we write to UA on their website... We had a great vacation until were on this flight.

Pros: Boarding was as it should be. The flight crew were friendly and did their jobs well.
Cons: Two of the movie screens in our row were broken. The seats are rediculously tight. Leg room is terrible.

Pros: Even though this was a smaller plane, the seats were roomier

Cons: Flight got cancelled cause of issues with plane. Took over 5 hours in line to get to the counter to talk to someone. There were only 2 counter people for first 3 hours. Once at counter ther had to put us on flight for next day. (Just informed 5 min ago that flight has been delayed another day cause of plane issues.) they couldn't get us to sit together which I understand but also put me in a middle seat which I'm clostraphobic so that sucks. Told me that I can book a hotel to stay at and they would reimburse me.... eventually. Fought over that for an hour and they finally agreed to pay for Hotel. Overall the trip was great but the departure from Kauai has been real bad. Still waiting to leave the island.

Cons: It would have been helpful to tell me when I was picking that seat

Cons: Plane change from lie down seats to regular. Intermittent sound on TV. Only movies & not very good. Attendant spilled water on me & iPad filling glass for window passenger. Seat reclinred but needed to be manually pulled upright. Not very good value for 1st class ticket price.

Cons: My scooter should have been gate checked to BWI. instead it was only checked to LAX due to a error at the gate. It arrived 14choirs later.

Pros: Good movie choices
Cons: No food. Just some peanuts

Pros: I like how courteous the attendants were.
Cons: We had many delays with the system down. We ended up in lines at the airport for nearly 3 hours. Also, it would have been nice to be given food for that long of a flight.

Cons: Entertainment could have been better.

Pros: I really appreciate them getting us there safely the crew was fine and it was nice to have tvs on each seat complimentary it really helps having something else to take you away mentally when physically your crammed together and it's really not comfortable or pleasant. I think the staff and crew were just fine though it's just flying has gotten to be something I don't enjoy and want to avoid as much as possible it's that way with most airlines though I think her blue is a little better on seat space and usually always has the tvs but yeah they are limited where they fly and it I is just expensive and uncomfortable to fly I think.
Cons: Uncomfortable and expensive.

Pros: The cabin attendant gave me a extra coke.
Cons: Connection times were too close. My seat was double book on the flight.

Cons: United canceled my reservation without any explanation. The Worst customer service ever!!!!

Pros: Brand new plane!

Pros: Usually the crew members aren't very friendly and they look as if they're not enjoying the job. However, United crew was incredibly friendly!! I really enjoyed the 8 hour flight thanks to them!
Cons: The airplane was a bit too cold for me.

Cons: all flights from Madison to Chicago ended up being canceled, but they did not tell us until around 430pm. I ended up having to take a bus after waiting in the airport for 4 hours. If I had taken the bus as soon as I arrived I would not of missed my job interview.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The service. The flight attendants were rude

Pros: Only person in the row so could work sideways.
Cons: Very cramped, movies and shows require payment

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