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American AirlinesOverall score based on 49354 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Nice"
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Cons: "Nice"
Pros: "When we did get in the air, the flight seemed to go quickly and we got there fast."
Cons: "I upgraded to 1st class for both flights but the plane seating was very dismal and hadn't been upgraded in either of these planes for a long time. After we boarded the plane we were told that no drink, snacks or food would be offered. The attendant shut off the lights as soon as we got in the air and kept it dark in the cabin until 10 minutes before we landed. She never came around to check on us once or ask if we needed anything. I was so thirsty when we landed. I have decided that I will either go back to United Airlines or check out the 1st class options at American Airlines better next time. This might not have been their fault, I'm not sure what it was, but the flight was late landing and we took off an hour late as well which really put me behind schedule."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Passengers were not wearing the mask appropriately and the AA crew didn’t do anything about it. The flight was so packed that was not space for social distancing. As a healthcare professional I just feel that AA is not really concerned with doing their part to avoid the spread of the virus and minimize the number of deaths from the actual pandemic. As a professional that has been in the frontline to combat this pandemic I don’t feel safe traveling in the AA flights anymore. I don’t feel that AA cares abouymy well-being and health to keep going where is need to fight this cause. I’m sorry I’m very disappointed and frustrated after this experience."
Pros: "The crew did great"
Cons: "During covid-19 they are not even attempting at providing a modicum of social distancing. Every seat in both of my flights was completely filled, meaning that we were squished up next to everyone despite any efforts to stay 6ft away from each other in the airports. Many passengers were wearing their masks incorrectly (not covering their nose, TAKING OFF THE MASK TO SNEEZE) and were not being asked to wear their mask properly by staff. I felt completely unsafe and won't be flying American again until there is a vaccine for covid."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Crew"
Pros: "Easy"
Cons: "All was good."
Pros: "Goid"
Cons: "Hit heavy turbulence ,scary"
Pros: "The beverage selection was good and entertainment was good - no delays and early arrivals - boarding was easy and well managed"
Cons: "Aisle seat Middle Row D, Economy class, very little leg room- 175cm/5’9” - not enough knee space to stretch out without burying your knees into the seat in front- dinner meal was good - snack was subpar - no replacements for snack if you didn’t like your 1st choice - didn’t have that problem but a woman 1 aisle up was rudely addressed by the flight attendant for asking if she could discard her sandwich in exchange for Ramen- the same attendant even loudly told another attendant not to girl this poor lady some noodles - they cost $1 at the store - don’t know why she was holding out and making a scene over Ramen"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight boarded twenty minutes late despite the plane being at the gate early scheduled departure. Baggage took another forty minutes to load. Then they decided there we were overweight (data that should be known before the cargo was loaded) and off loaded two people. Then after another delay they realised that off loading people meant off loading their baggagge, total delay nearly 2 hours The hedset socket on the entertainment system did not work The USB port did not work THey ran out of food after serving three rows, loaded four sandwiches, no wraps and 2 cheese plates for a full evening flight that was over 5 hours in duration including the delays."
Pros: "Wonderful flight attendants in both our flights."
Cons: "I missed my flight to San Diego because the airline was late to Dallas"
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "Multiple delayed flights leading to short connection time. Despite meeting stated time, denied entry and surprises that my ticket was changed with no effort to correct said error at the gate despite adequate time prior to take off."
Cons: "It would’ve been nice if we made it to fort Meyers!"
Pros: "Free tv which is rare"
Cons: "I had selected my seats ahead of time and they weren’t kept. Day of I tried to buy a seat and it told me there were tech issues and I had to go to a front desk to check in/purchase. Well all that got me was the very last row, middle seat. No recline and seriously no leg room or breathing room once the person in the row ahead leans back. Crew was not helpful. Not to mention, the security line was outrageously long and I got to my flight just before it left only to find out my seating arrangement and be presented with more disappointment. Took over an hour where I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes in this airport (I fly often). Didn’t have time to go to BR or grab a snack Then my second flight was (again another middle seat) way too warm. The attendants said “there’s nothing we can do”. I was so nauseous and uncomfortable the whole time."
Pros: "The person I sat next to was kind, as was the crew."
Cons: "The seats in economy are too close to the row in front and too narrow. You can barely move. Its claustrophobic, even for a person not prone to it. I had to upgrade my seat to avoid this as I was in those horrid seats on the trip over. Crew from the late arriving flight should have announced the connecting flight delay well before landing at DFW. The flight should have been held for 20 minutes, as it appeared that the majority of the passengers affected were able to clear customs and arrive at the gate in time."
Cons: "First flight TUS to DFW was delayed by 3 hours causeing us to mist all the remaining flights. Had to scramble to find other flights DFW to LHR and LHR to DUB. We arrived at our destination 10 hours. No reason for the delay was given. Lousey service on AA."
Pros: "Standard AA domestic flight. Once we were boarded and underway, things were fine. Crew was friendly, the aircraft was cleaned on the turn from the prior flight, and we didn't sit on the tarmac too long when arriving at DFW. Normal operations for AA domestic."
Cons: "Unfortunately, normal operations for AA domestic means boarding 20-30 minutes late, which delayed the arrival a bit. In general, AA could provide more accurate updates and boarding information for their flights. For example, if the inbound aircraft arrives at the time my flight should be boarding, I want to see an updated departure time, rather than maintaining the "on time" status right up until five minutes before the new boarding time. Generally it takes 25-30 minutes to turn the plane for the next outbound flight."
Pros: "Great films and tasty food"
Cons: "Had to run to gate after two buses to reach correct terminal. Saw info that flight was closing. Held up at gate due to confusion with my boarding pass. Limited leg room on flight. End of flight huge queues at Dallas airport for security. After a long flight a passenger does not need to be corralled through excessively long winding lines."
Pros: "I had a connection flight to JFK I came before the time about 15 min and crew saw me but she told me, sorry someone took your seats I lost around 4000$. This happened at Dallas airport."
Pros: "I arrived in Sydney the day I was supposed to. Everything else was a let down and was not what I paid for."
Cons: "American Airlines cancelled a flight because of ‘weather’ from Msy to dfw, all other flights from Msy to Dallas operated on time but were sold out. We were re booked flying through San Francisco, missing out on flying on qantas, which is what I had paid for since they are a premium airline. We were booked on virgin America and then United for the international flight. United charged us each for 2 bags totalling $150 each, despite we booked a ticket with qantas which allows 2 bags each. Virgin America honoured our 2 bags, but united refused to. United also has service and aircraft which do not match the levels of qantas which I has specifically sought out. I could not eat some of the food because of the poor quality, and this is something I’ve never done before on an international flight. Additionally their were a lack of amenities on both flights, and no food vouchers despite our travel delay of over 5 hours. This whole ordeal has cost me money, worktime, and created a lot of stress to where I have had to cancel meeting on my arrival in Sydney."
Pros: "I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to text via free WiFi in the sky. Oddly, this same service is unable to be acquired, once you’re in the United States. Leave it to Mexico, a beautiful country that’s struggling with so much poverty, to offer up free internet service instead of some silly $20 per flight deal which occurs once you cross into (at least on the surface) the wealthy, not so poverty stricken, USA! AMERICA! America, the same America that the side of the plane you’re flying in, is so proudly representing. Rich, powerful, fair America needs the extra $20!"
Cons: "I loved all of it. I have nothing to complain about. Thanks for a great experience!! Except, if there’s any way that I can extend a complaint about the Cozumel airport... I was SO disappointed that they no longer carry those delicious Doritos, that can only be found in Mexico. Their stores stopped carrying them and I nearly died of sadness! Just kidding guys. I had a great experience and I love Cozumel airport. It’s one of my favorites, honestly."
Pros: "There was an excellent selection of movies to choose from. The seats were pretty nice and clean and modern. A power outlet at every seat, and not just USB."
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to paperwork and some people were racing to their connecting flights. Lots of turbulence. The seats seemed comfortable at first, but actually hurt my tailbone pretty quickly, while the 17 hour flight we took next did not. Tray tables are the folding kind and a bit awkward. We were in the last row by the bathrooms and our seats didn't recline at all. You had to pay for any kind of snacks other than a little bag of pretzels and a package of cookies. We were in one of the last two boarding sections, and the woman letting us on the plane tried to make us check out carry-on luggage, stating that the overhead bins were full. Well, we didn't want to be without our bags for the next 24 hours, so we argued and she let us "try" to bring them on. There was PLENTY of room back there! It's just the standard line they feed, apparently, so beware if you're sitting in the back of the plane!"
Cons: "It was very cold on the flight, even with the blankets we were given."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "Staff at the check-in counter made fun of my surname. Bad start but not noteworthy unless combined with the rest of the experience. The flight was delayed causing me to miss another AA connection by minutes. Waited in line to be told I wouldn't get on a flight til the following day, they couldn't help with accommodation and I wouldn't receive my luggage until the following day. In short, AA left me stranded in a strange city at midnight with no accommodation and no luggage. It was 18 degrees and I was in t-shirt and shorts. What a memory."
Cons: "When we arrived at the Aspen airport, American Airlines was having a complete breakdown checking-in passengers for our flight. Some waited 2.5 hours to check a bag -- at an airport with very few flights and small planes. Clearly there was no management onsite – or that management was completely inept. AA agents on the ground simply did not prioritize passengers trying to make flights, nor did they ask flyers without urgent issues if they could step aside. Even worse, they spent 1.5 hours helping one customer – when that customer simply could have gone online or called reservations to get the appropriate assistance. Honestly, I personally stepped in to do what your personnel should have been trained to do: show empathy to calm passengers, ask one irate man to have some sympathy for those behind him in line, and finally, prioritize the people trying to check bags for the 2pm flight ahead of others. AA personnel only engaged the irate customer and threatened to call security when he pulled out his camera phone – it simply inflamed an already bad situation."
Cons: "I was on a flight to Dallas on an American Airline flight which arrived late due to weather conditions, and the connecting flight didn't even wait for me although they know why I couldn't make it on time. And I was only late for about 5 minutes."
Pros: "Nice airline very accommodating. Loved first class"
Pros: "Plane was newer, had TV/interactive entertainment centers in the back of all the headrests. Crew on board was polite, cheerful, & friendly. Excellent service from the on board staff. Plane had WiFi & plug ins to charge/use items"
Cons: "Almost missed our flight home because American Airlines lost/screwed up our round trip tickets. We were not able to check in quickly or efficiently, & service was appalling, staff was either poorly trained or uneducated. We tried using the kiosk to check in, to avoid the long line. That didn’t work, so we found help. They told us to retry, wasting time, finding out what we had already informed them of. They passed us off to another gate/service counter, who’s line was closed off. So we had to duck the divider. They then redirected us to the kiosks after we informed them it couldn’t find our reservations, so they tried (wasted more time) failed & sent us back to the line we were already in. After that wait we talked to the person at the desk, who also couldn’t find our reservation. They said “I don’t know it’s not in here, what do you want me to do?” I had to tell them to call a manager to get it fixed, we were going to miss our flight. They called & found the problem, then at 3:15ish reissued us tickets for our 3:30 return flight. Still had to get through TSA! There was also NO phone call to hold the plane or to arrange an airport people mover cart. They talked with the TSA agent who told us to go 2 checkpoints down where the line was shorter. So the American Airlines attendant told us to run. Turns out in Miami Airport there is almost a quarter mile of poorly labeled counter space. Went through TSA having 12 min before our reassigned flight left. TSA was helpful, & did their best to get us through quickly. We were then informed we were near gate 22 & our gate was 3, so rushing down another concourse we barely made our return flight home. Where we were forced to check our carry-on. My girlfriend was crying, we were sweaty (from hustling when we never should of had too), hungry, embarrassed, enraged, & not sitting together for our 3+ hr flight! Unacceptable after a 4hr drive to the airport in traffic & returning the rental car at 1:40!"
Pros: "Arrived in Dallas early"
Cons: "1. Flight crew stopped coach passengers in the middle of boarding to take drink orders from first class passengers. Very rude and unnecessary. 2. Flight crew allowed passengers to wait for the restroom next to the pilot access door. At least five times with single passengers waiting and once with two waiting. Crew said nothing. 3. Flight crew did not check seatbelts prior to takeoff in the forward section of coach. At least one seatbelt remained unsecured and one child had a backpack on his lap during takeoff. Very unprofessional crew. Credit card promotions over the PA system were very annoying and unintelligible."
Pros: "I am happy to have made it to my final destination."
Cons: "This was a disappointing experience to say the very least. The boarding process in Quito was chaotic to say the least. The AA staff did not make an effort to maintain any kind of order. My husband and I are both enrolled in the AA frequent flyer program and had at least 6 people cut in front of us while on-line. When we finally approached the AA representative, Dayana Gómez, She was rude and not helpful. Our seats on the UIO-Dallas flight did not even recline. We sat completely upright for the duration of the 6 hour overnight night flight into Dallas."
Pros: "Entertainment was available in front of us on a screen versus an onboard app, which was much appreciated."
Cons: "Oh man, I have so many things I need to say. I tried giving AA a chance, but compared to when I flew on WestJest two months prior for almost the exact same trip (I flew to San Francisco versus San Jose that time), WestJet was by far more superior in terms of customer service, boarding organization, and friendliness. First of all, what bugged me profusely was the lack of seat selection and the crazy pricing for certain seats. On WestJet, the emergency exit seats were available without any additional cost, yet AA was charging $66 USD to sit there. Furthermore, seats closer to Business class also carried a charge of $25 (or something like that) - ONLY because you get to board sooner. I would understand if there was extra legroom involved, but really, it's just a matter of sitting and getting off before anyone else. If anything, those seats should be given to passengers who have tight connecting flights and need to get off asap. even in those cases, you shouldn't be charging someone almost $30 just so they can make it to their next flight that YOUR company arranged within such a short time frame. But the most annoying thing about my trip with AA was the fact that I had to take out all of my belongings from my carry-on and carry them in my arms because there was no room left in the overhead compartments. Excuse me?? How is there not enough room? So I had to walk with my laptop, my iPad, my Beats headphones, my laptop and iPad charger, amongst other things, in my hands to the aircraft. Thank goodness I found a plastic bag, because otherwise I probably would have lost something expensive on that plane. Furthermore, as I walked to my seat, there was most definitely places that I could have stowed my carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments. You shouldn't let people put things like purses and bags of food in the overhead, when those can be stowed underneath the seats in front."
Cons: "I had a connecting flight in DFW to BOS. My plane left late from OKC, giving very little time to get to my connecting flight in DFW. The flight arrived in BOS and I got to the gate at 6:15pm; with a flight departure of 6:25pm. I felt the gate agent handled the situation very poorly. Instead of letting me, and another passenger with the same situation as mine, let us know why the gate was closed 10 minutes prior to departure was rude and brusque and said sorry, nothing could be done. A simple explanation of why we couldn't board would have gone a long way. She finally barked out for us to go to Customer Service to re-route us. Customer Service was very slow and the agents had attitudes. I did get on an AA flight the next morning, including comp vouchers for dinner and breakfast, but I missed an entire day of the conference I was attending in Boston."
Pros: "Very friendly, constantly hard working crew. They didn't stop moving through the cabin for the whole flight. Swift boarding."
Cons: "Extremely poor food. Airline food is rarely enjoyable but I had two mouthfuls of my pasta and left the rest even though I was hungry. Dreadful "entertainment " system. 4 tiny screens over the centre row is seats showed the in flight movies. This on a transatlantic flight. What decade are American Airlines in?! The fleet look like they date back to the '90's at best!!"
Cons: "We waited at the gate in Frankfurt once the plane was loaded for 40 minutes for the aircraft to get pushed back from the jetway . Waited another 25 minutes in Dallas for an operator to place the jetway to the aircraft. One of the stewardess we had was really rude."
Pros: "The American Airways gate agent was very helpful fixing the problem that British Airways created. She went out of her way to get me booked on AA flights to catch my BA flight from London to Riyadh."
Cons: "My original flight was cancelled and the first available flight was 3 days later. BA booked me on the flight but failed to change my ticket from the original flight causing me to miss the flight from Kansas City. At the airport BA agent told me on the phone that I would have to wait 3 more days after I had already waited 3 days because BA canceled my original flight. Because of the flight cancelation I missed two days of work and because of the failure to ticket my following flight I almost missed a full week of work. The BA booking person seemed content that there was no way I could make it to Saudi prior to the end of the week. Fortunately, the AA agent was able to find a way for me to continue my trip on a later flight."
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "De-boarding was slow"
Pros: "smooth check in and boarding etc"
Cons: "Wifi wasn't working so no entertainment"
Pros: "Large plane, and helpful crew."
Cons: "Not much."
Pros: "The entire fly, connections, food and both crews excelente. Flight on time."
Pros: "Good foot room."
Cons: "The Crew were incredibly rude, and the pilot was unapologetic for being late coming back. They offered little to no comfort. They replied rudely to people when they asked them to repeat themselves because they couldn't hear. They were not very helpful and seemed annoyed and irritable. The plane was uncomfortable and the screens in front of me were useless because they were so low quality. The air craft has an option for fax but has no USB charger or port for a 10 hour flight. The aircraft I was on was not fit for that long of a distance."
Pros: "Nothing. The entire experience with AA was horrible. Flights delayed, poor protocols to accommodate passengers in other flights.AA does not take responsibility of reimburse or compensate the passenger for cancellation of flights for technical problems of their aircraft even thought the flight is operate by AA. Zero help and communication with airlines (AA and LATAM) involved with the delays, lost connections or frights cancellations. I should be reimburse or compensate for all the inconvenience generated."
Pros: "The least service I have seen among all the airlines I have traveled so far"
Cons: "After having my flight delayed 4 hours causing me to miss my connection, I was placed stand by on a different flight through another city so I could try and make it home on time. I was the first person in line for stand by, but the flight was full so I knew it was a long shot. Waiting at the gate, I was excited because one person didn't show and they were giving him a two minute wait time before I could board. During this wait time a woman passenger came over and said she had just been given a ticket change at the gate counter. The agent at the gate was furious because the flight was sold out and said the woman should not have received a ticket, but should have been placed on stand by. She went over and scolded the other agent for this mistake. Okay, so she should've been placed on STAND BY behind me in line. After the unprofessional arguing between the two agents, they both admitted it was a mistake and she should be second in line for stand by, BUT they did not honor this and placed her on the plane bumping me. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight because of this and extremely inconvenienced my family and in addition had to pay an extra 75 dollars out of my pocket to keep my dogs at their kennel an extra night because I arrived home 5 hours after expected. I understand that flights end up getting delayed and the agents are doing the best they can to accommodate travelers, but admitting a mistake and not fixing it to make it right is unacceptable. I notified American Airlines of my situation and only received a form letter with enough miles to get me 1/8 of a flight. I don't even care about the miles because I don't plan to ever fly with them again, I want the money for the dog kennel I had to pay extra. I was visiting my husband who serves in the US Army causing separation from our family for long periods of time and this extra headache and expense due to the mistake of American Airlines was disheartening."
Pros: "Standard flight , however I can't believe what most passengers bring on as cabin baggage !!"
Cons: "Evening meal of a turkey sandwich on dry bread was forgettable and considering that they co-share with Qantas , American could learn about providing a decent meal on a long expensive flight"
Cons: "The weather was bad in Dallas preventing our landing. Our plane had to be diverted to be refueled which caused us to miss our connecting flight. There was no one at the counter to help us, but one of the crew told us to call the 800 number which told us our connecting flight was in the air. When we finally found someone to help us, they rescheduled us for the next flight out 11 hours later. When we asked about accommodations, we were told there would be none since it was weather related. Then we were told we could "look for a cot", but she didn't know where any cots were."
Pros: "Almost 20 hours before regular flight time, received numerous texts from airline that flight will be delayed. Some were delays if 4,5 hours then changed to almost 8 hrs then back to 6 hours . Needless to say connection flight is messed up and no way of knowing what that might be until arriving at airport. Then more confusion, too almost an hour to get checked in. With connecting flight of 1.5 hours which is scary for international flight that requires going through custom then recheck luggage and TSA line again. The saving grace is captain speed up place on first leg of international flight so arrived airport 1 hour early, thus allowing enough time to connect."
Pros: "The plane was new and relatively clean."
Cons: "I fell asleep as soon as the cabin began to pressurize, which I often do. I subsequently missed the first meal, and was informed of light snacks in the galley bar - this meant mini pretzels. We experienced some light turbulence perhaps 2 hours to 1.5 hours before landing, after which we were informed that the turbulence had caused the food for the economy cabin to spill (first class was apparently fine). So that meant I had not eaten at all on a 13.5 hour flight, and all I consumed was water. To add insult to injury, I was caught in a 2 hour immigration line, despite the presence of one world employees in the hall responsible for ushering passengers with tight transfer times, but refused to give me assistance on 2 occasions. I later missed my connecting flight and was forced to pay for my own hotel, transfers and subsistence, with no apology from the airline. Outrageous flying experience."
Cons: "Several consecutive issues delayed our start, then had a weather hold before we could descend. VERY crowded, got stuck with a window seat with a very large man next to me--better than B or D, at least."
Cons: "When I booked my flight, I used Kayac like I always have in the past. To begin with, I selected several flights that were listed, only to have it tell me that this flight is no longer offered, which I assume is engineered to get me to select a more expensive flight. Once I finally found a flight that was still available, I selected it and began the process of providing information and selecting seat assignments. On 2 of the 4 legs of the round trip, there were no more seats available except for upgrade seats, which resulted in an extra $100.00+ in charges. Then when I finished the transaction, I noticed an extra $200.00 charge added. End result was that I ended up paying over double what I would normally pay for this same round trip that I have made many many times. I feel, no I know, that some customer relations person will look at this comment and reply with a pre-generated response apologizing and hoping I have a better experience in the future and thank me for using Kayac. Big companies like yours look at one customer as no big deal. I'm a Physician and have the ability to reach out to multitudes. I'm going to make it my mission in life to reach out to as many people as I can through word of mouth, signs in my office, Internet and social media to let them know about the deplorable practices of your company."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "Our flight to Nashville AND our flight back to Dallas were both delayed due to "maintenance". Each time was a delay of a couple of hours causing us to miss both of our original layover flights. As a result, we missed TWO very important business meetings that ended up costing us over $10,000! We were unable to provide paychecks to employees! After spending 2 entire days sitting in the airport waiting, we were offered a "food voucher" for $30, were advised to go pick up our luggage first, but they failed to mention we would be unable to get back through DFW airport security just to eat!! We had to take a taxi back to our hotel for over $100 and they didn't offer help with that or anything else. This airline is the worst!!! Unless there is significant compensation offered, I will do anything and everything to destroy their reputation further. I'm in the marketing industry and am very capable of getting the word out to millions. American Airlines... 9/11...Never Forget."

Delayed for an hour while sitting in the plane to load the luggages

Flight delayed

Cons: "Engine was super loud on takeoff - to the point where passengers were looking around worried that something wasn't right. Eventually it seemed to be switched off once we hit the clouds and we seemed to sort of coast quietly for a minute or so - also alarming to everyone judging by the non-verbal behavior that suddenly everyone was exhibiting. Then it came back on again but only at half the volume. Nothing was mentioned about it by the captain or crew so I spent the rest of the flight wondering if the engine was going to give out part way through the flight."
Cons: "An out delayed with one update from the pilot. Sitting on the tarmac with no AC for an hour."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Not much"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Cleaner lavatories"
Pros: "The crew was nice and very respectful to all the passengers."
Cons: "Comfier chairs"
Cons: "Lack of announcements and proper information when gate changes."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 80 minutes."
Pros: "Like being able to watch a film on my own device, two thumbs up!"
Cons: "Seats are small, snacks are tiny for a 2 hour flight. If you are hungry - buy a meal before boarding"
Pros: "Not much to like. The flight was okay."
Cons: "Not having free Wi-Fi and sound on the entertainment.I We could have been offered complimentary snacks as well with the beverage."
Cons: "the flight was late almost 2.5 hours"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and patient"
Cons: "The seats aren't very comfortable, but it was a short flight"
Pros: "Much more room, seats are more cushy"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "There was a fair amount of leg room."
Cons: "Boarding could be a little frustrating because groups 3 4 5 were 1 lane and there wasn't a lot of room in the airport. Also, there wasn't a lot of time to get from one side of the airport to the other to stop at the restroom and get a real meal, since there was nothing served on the previous flight. Due to turbulence there was nothing served on the flight, which is beyond the control of the crew. They knrw ahead of time about the turbulence, perhaps they could have quickly passed out pretzels or cookie before the flight took off."
Pros: "Smooth flight, friendly crew"
Cons: "I didn’t like the fact that you had to pay for in flight entertainment. Too many offer it complimentary so this is a negative for me."
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "That United waited 3 hours before they decided to use another plane when they new realistically the one we were suppose to board would never be fixed in time! Total waste of our time!"
Pros: "Cordial airline."
Pros: "Excellent customer service"
Pros: "The transparency of the pilot as to what was causing all of fhe delays."
Cons: "The 4 hour delay. First, the plane was running late from San Francisco (about 2 hours late). The second delay was due to someone putting way too much fuel in the plane so we had to wait for the excess fuel to be removed. Then the flight attendants ended their shift so we had to wait for another crew that was flying in from Denver. This involved us having to remove all of our things from the overhead bin and get off the plane and re-board about an hour and half later. I was supposed to make it to Dallas at 8:45 and instead didn't make it until after 12:30. It was extremely inconvenient and unpleasant. I have not experienced such a nightmare before with any previous airlines."
Pros: "The flight was very nice the Captain did an awesome job flying and the flight was awesome seeing the fireworks from the sky."
Cons: "I had to run to customs to pass by then I had to run to luggage check in run to the shuttle to catch to terminal hurry through security and then my luggage is still not found or waiting to land in Dallas from Chicago."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Flight left really late"
Cons: "There was no type of entertainment and the plane was small. I thought it would have been bigger"
Cons: "Food service"
Pros: "United sucks Erik Balodis Please contact me"
Cons: "United sucks Erik Balodis Please contact me"
Pros: "Nothing. Never again"
Cons: "Rude and unhelpful. No empathy or concern. Erik"
Pros: "Quick and easy flight."
Pros: "The flight attendants did a wonderful job keeping guests informed and mitigating potential problems"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed over two hours due to a late arriving plane We were again delayed over an hour because our flight would place the pilot with more hours than accepted by safe flying standards (didn't they know this ahead of time? When we were initially delayed?!?) The seats were SO uncomfortable. All I wanted was sleep, but they only reclined a couple of inches"
Pros: "Everythingnothing"
Cons: "The trip was fine. No complaints."
Cons: "The flight late"
Cons: "Service"
Pros: "I am Brenda Crooks, Zachary's mom. I am the one that actually took the trip. I went to Connecticut to see my son, Samuel, get his white coat for medical school. I will never forget my experience in Newark, New Jersey. I met a wonderful woman named Yevette who checked in my luggage. She is to be commended on going above and beyond the call of duty. I don't know her last name. She knew I was very upset because I was leaving my 22 year old baby in Connecticut. She sympathized and comforted me. She put her arms around me and assured me that everything was going to be alright. She is a wonderful woman with a big heart. She is the true meaning of a lady. I will never forget her and thank her so very much for being so gracious and kind to me."
Pros: "Clean, new plane. ComfortaBe two by two (no middle seats) smooth flight. Pleasant crew"
Cons: "The change fee for the ticket I had to change from United was more expensive than the ticket itself meaning they basically just took my original ticket with no recourse for me. Thats ridiculous and I will try to NOT use united again bc of that. They should have change fees not to exceed cost of orifinal fare. Highway robbery."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly and employees were all very nice"
Cons: "Satellite wasn't working so we had no in flight info. No Problem tho since I had stuff to read"
Pros: "Direct tv in united codeshare flt"
Pros: "Best movie choices"
Pros: "The upgrade was awsome"
Cons: "Even though I was on business class, I could not use the lounge at United . They said Luftansa do not pay pay for local connections."
Pros: "It was nice"
Cons: "Had to check my bag"
Cons: "Paid for first class, didn't get offered dinner"
Pros: "Overall service."
Cons: "Impolite Lady Gate Agent."
Pros: "Nonstop"
Cons: "Middle Seat"
Pros: "Great service"
Pros: "The crew was friendly, boarding was efficient, you got a whole can of your preferred drink without request."
Cons: "Not a lot of leg space, the trail mix snack(ranch flavored?) was gross."
Pros: "The boarding process was excellent, smooth, orderly and expedient."
Cons: "The stewardess unassuming behavior."
Pros: "Flights were on time, and arrived early at each destination"
Pros: "Great experience. Quick and well executed boarding/deplaning"
Cons: "my flight was delayed 2 hours"
Pros: "None"
Pros: "Easy flight"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Spirit Airlines draws customers with low fares however you will be in for a big negative surprise if you have to make any changes. I booked a flight that later had to be moved back 2 days due to a schedule conflict. I was not refunded on the cancelation AND I was charged an additional $109 cancelation fee! The airlines lost my rescheduled flight request and I had to make a new reservation in haste upon the evening of my flight at a significantly higher price. I don't think that it's likely that I will be flying Spirit any time soon"
Pros: "Not one thing. Besides they got they destination right. The staff hate they’re jobs. Everyone involved in this spirit airlines besides the pilots was in a bad mood.. I really liked how they waited till literally the last min an said your bag that you have used on your 8,564 previous flights to date. Is now 65$ to put in the same exact spot you were going to put your bag to begin with.. the same bag I’ve used for a shade under two decades of travel."
Cons: "You don’t have a box big enough for that. Bought ticket day in advance with insurance for this reason. checked in several hours in advance itenary machine could not print duplicate messed up several people days with not putting us on our flight. An then charging me 100$ more to secure the seat on the next flight. When all they had to do was print the item ready. I had meetings scheduled days in advance I missed that were worth 50x this entire ticket. An the airline doesn’t even know who it is that sells the insurance.? That’s a strait up scam.. worst airline in years. From the experience an the staff all the way around I was embarrassed to say I used this airline. If I had to guess on anything I think it’s close to being the next airline to hit the scrap yard. No one in this air line is committed to they’re work. I’ve always said “ Experience is the best teacher in anything”. An I’ve learned enough from this one...."
Pros: "At least food was offered."
Cons: "Some workers are really rude, do not really want to work, can't be bothered to help check people in, but the minute they realized we were military they attempted to be only slightly better with their attitude. The whole plane was entirely way to small for any regular sized person yet alone my 6'5" husband, baggae fees are ridiculous, and the lady at the gate basically told a woman boarding that she had to put on her jacket on order to board instead of carrying it cause she was already carrying a carry on and a personal item."
Pros: "I didn’t like anything considering the fact that they made me miss my flight back to Dallas"
Cons: "They were very unorganized and not accommodating. I got an alert on my phone telling me to go to One terminal but when I got there I was told to go another terminal to check in but to return back to the terminal where I was to board the plane. In that process I wasn’t informed that they changed the terminal for my scheduled flight and was taking passengers for my flight to check in and board the plane. By the time I could find a Spirit Airlines employee they said told me that they were done calling for Dallas and I had to go to the customer assistance line. While waiting in line I was overhearing other people’s conversations only to realize that I wasn’t the only one that this happened to. I waited in line for over an hour and had to rebook my flight and had to pay for another ticket. I shouldn’t have had to pay for another ticket being that it wasn’t my fault that I missed the flight. The terminal was a mad house and overly busy. I would like to be refunded my money for the ticket I had to purchase or given a voucher for a free flight. I will not recommend flying Spirit Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale airport to anyone. The communication was terrible and I won’t ever fly there again."
Cons: "I came to LGA airport as Spirit airlines suggested time wise. Security line was moving slow. Made it to the gate 10 min before departure, there were already 6 passengers standing by the counter begging to be allowed on the flight since the security line 'snail' speed was to blame. One girl was already all red in her face from crying, another gentleman was taking pictures of the Spirit plane just sitting on our gate. He was posting it to the social media to leave his comments of how ridiculous all this ordeal was. We asked , explained, begged to be allowed on our purchased flight, but employees at the gate (for 1:30pm flight to Dallas, on Sunday March 25th) would not hear any of it. They were all ' politely' saying 'would you like to be put on our next flight to Dallas this Tuesday?' ( you are freaking kidding me I thought). Our plane just sat there for at least 15 more minutes. We were all watching it and couldn't believe this. We all could have already been inside of it. I fly American Airlines all the time, I've seen them allow customers on board even after the passenger list is printed at the gate. They allowed me also one time to be let in at the flight once the gate door was closed ( I had a quick connection in ORD and it was hard to make it on the other end of that airport). I should have flown with American Airlines again instead of Spirit. Spirits' cheap prices are not worth the hassle. Even one airport security employ commented how she 'hates Spirit airlines,' which really alerted me at the time, but now I completely get it. Oh, and I had checked luggage to Dallas, I paid for it on Spirit website. I regret every single dollar I gave them for this trip. All of my family, and friends I've informed of this, are staying away from Spirit Airlines from now on. And we travel at least once a month. I'm afraid we will not do business with Spirit airlines again."
Pros: "Seats and staff"
Cons: "Seats were very thin, had has children kicking and screaming behind me on both flights. Both flights were late for takeoff, which was very inconvenient, and lastly I do not think your airline prices justify charging $3 for something to drink! I paid about $90 for a United direct flight to Boston, where I had free drinks, and yet I paid $150 through you guys to take two flights home as you had no direct flights back. I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. Your flights are not cheap enough either to justify charging $90 for two checked bags. Good luck, but I would rather take United."
Pros: "The staff was really professional"
Cons: "Seats did not recline at all , they were more up right and extremely uncomfortable"
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "I book my flight last minute going back and forth on which airline to choose, read so many mixed reviews. Well just say the staff to and from Vegas were great, professional and friendly. Our flights were on time, we even got back 30 minutes early. I brought my own food and drinks from what I could hear they are bit pricey. The seats can be uncomfortable I suggest paying the extra for the more roomier seats. Overall I enjoyed the Sprint, I read all the terms repeatly and if you comply you shouldn't have to pay extra fees for luggage. I would use Sprint again!"
Pros: "It was a mistake to fly with Spirit!!!!! It was a nightmare in every aspect!!!! No, there was NOTHING that I like. I hated it. NEVER FLY SPIRIT AGAIN."
Cons: "They charged for EVERYTHING!!!! It's pathetic. The flight kept delaying. It was a chaos at the gate. Passengers were confused about which gate we were supposed to be at. My flight was about 3 h delay. Instead of serving us complimentary beverage due to delay, they charged us (even water.) They tried to charge for everything. Check in at a gate would cost $10! Who does that? Never heard that before in my life. A bag would cost over $60 if you check in at the gate. They charged for every single little thing. Disgusting!!!! I almost felt victimized flying their airline. (The seats were small.) I heard one passenger said "My first time flying Spirit. It will be my last time too." I said "Amen!" I WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AGAIN!!!! NEVER!!!!"
Pros: "A direct flight."
Cons: "My return flight from Dallas to Myrtle was canceled after check in. There was poor communication as to what to do next, ultimately we were rebooked on American. If it happens to you don't be the guy yelling and screaming, we quietly asked what to do and we're rebooked amidst the chaos within 20 min or so, while the aggressors were still waiting several hours afterwards."
Cons: "Flight was just delaid 4 1/2 hours. The fuel truck that we were waiting for broke down that was another long wait. The air conditioning on the rear of the plain didn't work, and when a few people became overwhelmed withe the heat, and asked for water....they had to purchase the water. One flight attendant was RUDE non caring and just nasty. Wish I had her name!!!! People were also upgraded to bigger seats with out paying. I PAID FOR A BIG SEAT AND IT WOULDN'T EVEN RECLINE!!! SO UN FAIR.......IF YOU DONT SPEAK ENGLISH OR KNOW SOMEONE AT THE CHECK IN COUNTER YOU GET FREE BIG SEATS AND WHATEVER ELSE!! Oh yea, other airlines checked bags weight limit is 50lb yours is 40. Didn't know that, I had to unpack and take stuff out. Why? You already charge $50. to check a bag, CRAZY. THEY CAN'T FIND MY GLASSES EITHER... WORST FLIGHT EVER!!!!!!"
Cons: "Surprised that you cannot change your mind and get a refund for the baggage fees - the seats seem closer together"
Cons: "I received an email from Spirit four hours before my flight was supposed to take off saying that the flight had been cancelled. They offered no reasoning, explanation, or alternative route. I then called the Spirit help desk and explained my situation to a woman who could barley speak English. She said that the plane was undergoing maintenance and there was a shortage of crew, which is just questionable in it's own right. She said that Spirit could put me on the next available flight which departed on Tuesday. I explained that as my return flight was Monday, this was not a viable option. So she basically said that there was nothing they could do and then proceeded to only offer me a partial refund. Meanwhile, I checked for a flight on any other airline, and the next cheapest would run me about $750. From what I could tell on Spirit's Twitter page, this is not an uncommon occurrence. This was the worst airline experience I've ever had, and you can bet that I will not be using Spirit in the future."
Cons: "We didn't make it to Dallas-Fort Worth due to delays and poor management! We sat on the runway for 45 minutes in Fort Lauderdale because Jet Blue was "blocking our gate". We were told twice that they were holding the plane (which was the last flight out because we missed our original flight by an hour and a half due to delays) for us. We went through security twice and they still didn't hold the plane. There's about 12 of us that didn't make it and was told that the plane was being held. We were forced to stand in the back of a long line to rebook. In that amount of time ( which was over 2 hours) in line and online booking were being made for our same flight.They WOULDN'T accommodate us with a hotel even after we stood in line for another 2 hours just so they could tell us that if we wanted to fly to Dallas it wouldn't be till Tuesday. By this time shuttles werent even running for the number they gave us for a discount on a hotel. The supervisor, GREG HALEY came over and covered his lanyard id with his hand the whole time he spoke with us. We asked for his name and he just said Greg and tried to walk away. We asked him for his last name and he was hesitant but told us it was Haley. We asked his supervisor's name and he scoffed and told us that he didnt have to give us that information, then walked away. We tried to sleep for 3hours on the freezing airport floor to catch a 8am flight to Houston so I could drive my boyfriend all the way to Dallas to pick up his truck and both of us drive back to Houston. Luckily our connecting flight to Houston was in Orlando for 4 hours so it gave me enough time to jump on a standby flight to Dallas Fort Worth out of Orlando in just under an hour. Worst airline and Supervisor (GREG HALEY-OUT OF FORT LAUDERDALE) I have EVER dealt with in ANY company"
Pros: "I slept while onboard through both legs. I didn't want to be awake for the flight after the booking expirences."
Cons: "On the outbound leg from Dallas I volunteered to move seats for weight and balance reasons at Spirit's request. My return leg was canceled by the gate agent or the system had me as a no show. I tried to check in for the return leg and was unable. I called to get this resolved and got a CSA that didn't understand airline travel or English not sure which. (One example was I spelled my confirmation code 5 times both phonetically and in plain language) I tried to explain that my return leg was cancel for some reason when I volunteered for the seat adjust on the outbound leg. She continued to ask me to book and make a new reservation. I asked for a supervisor and received no help. Decided the best course of action was to hang up and try to get someone else. After navigating the voice prompts again I finally got someone who asked me for proof I was on the outbound. I informed him no one saves the boarding passes he needs to check the manifest the TSA requires of all airlines. He backed off after he understood that I knew the system and reactivated my return leg. It is still a mystery to me why my return leg was canceled after the airline requested me to move seats. It seems Spirit have saved money on front line employee training and saved a good bit on off shore CSA call center. Last time I'll fly Spirit and I'm posting it everywhere I can. I'll see you on the internet. Spirit Airlines-HC6N2Q"
Pros: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours more than 24 hours before the flight. Over the course of the day the delay grew from two hours to eventually 4 hours. If I ended up taking the flight it was scheduled to arrive at 3am when originally scheduled for 11 pm the previous day. Since spirit is a small airline with fewer planes there is nothing they can do to ameliorate these types of delays. I ended up having to book another flight early in the am the next day to avoid staying up all night waiting for this flight."
Pros: "Safe transportation at a great price."
Cons: "The Spirit web site was not functioning properly when I tried to check-in for my flight and get boarding passes. I tried repeatedly to do this in the 24 hours prior to departure without success (and wasting a lot of time). Then later, while waiting in the long line at the airport to check my bags, the employees at the counter announced that their computers just went down. For 30 minutes increasingly agitated customers waited for the computers to function again so they could check their bags. This computer failure resulted in a late departure. For my return trip, again, IT competency at Spirit. Again their *&(^!&@! web site wouldn't work get me to the page to print my boarding pass."
Pros: "That I arrived to my destination in time and as scheduled."
Cons: "There was no indication anywhere in the reservation process of the costs of bag checks and the "privilege" of a carry on. I was also never sent an email prompting me to check in online and check bags there. (I'm told it's rather cheap if you do it that way) Instead, I was greeted with a 49 dollar fee for my carry on, and 53 dollar fee for my checked bag. That was bumped up another 30 dollars when I discovered bags above 45 lbs are charged extra on spirit. I ended spending more than twice the value of my ticket just for bags, for markups I was never told of and could not of reasonably anticipated as a consumer. This, combined with less than professional conduct from spirit flight attendants, fellow passengers, and the ridiculously uncomfortable conditions on the plane, means I will never be flying with spirit again, and will trust kayak much less. As a comprehensive trip planning service, kayak should be able to generate plane travel costs, and have options to include associated costs such as baggage, with the price of the ticket in flight price tracking. This is a necessary feature for any company that provides a service like Kayak."
Pros: "Nothing--there is literally nothing to like about this airline. They display a cheaper fare than other airlines and call it their "Bare Fare" but you better not pack more than a small backpack otherwise you end up paying double the ticket price in services charges and baggage fees!"
Cons: "Spirit's endless amounts of extra hidden costs and ridiculous baggage fees meant that I ended up paying just as much for my airfare as I did to 1) check my bags, 2) print my boarding pass and 3) pay for the hidden services charges to do all of the above at the gate (instead of predicting exactly how many luggage/carry-on items and their exact weight over five months in advance of my trip, when I initially purchased my ticket online). You'll have to purchase water on the plane if you get thirsty. I would not be the least bit surprised if Spirit started charging a fee to use the bathroom on the plane! AVOID THIS AIRLINE if you need to check a bag, or if your carry-on is larger than a small backpack and/or purse! Plus, the interior of their new fleet has decreased space between rows so you have less legroom than ever (I'm 5'5" and 125 lbs--I had no room to move). And the final straw for me: I paid a premium price for a flight that left AFTER 9:00 AM. Less than 48 hours before departure, Spirit changed our flight to 6:05 AM; a time I had specifically filtered out of my options when searching for a flight! And no, there was absolutely no refund or apologies for the inconvenience."
Pros: "I like that I got to my destination, my bag wasn't lost and my best friend picked me up at the airport"
Cons: "They get you with their upfront cheap fares, but then you have to pay extra for everything: a seat assignment, carry on bag charge, over weight bag charge (their limit is 40lb, not 50lbs like every other airline), water and soda on the flight is $ the seats are not adequately padded, you not only feel the metal frame of the seat but if someone tall sits behind you you feel their knees in your back. Learned my lesson. Today's flight also had a not so pleasant flight attendant, kept walking down the aisle yelling TRASH!! You definitely do not save money booking on Spirit."
Cons: "Liked every bit of it"
Pros: "It was affordable but for obvious reasons."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "At the time of purchase, I liked the price."
Cons: "1. They offer no way to reach a live customer service representative via phone. 2. They are the only airline I've used in the US that charges for carry on bags. This makes the cheap fair no longer the cheapest fair. 3. After running late and unable to check in online, or reach customer service, the people at the ticket counter would not ticket my flight 25 minutes before boarding and charged $100 to rebook the next day. 4. They offer no complementary drinks/snacks 5. Their seats are small, uncomfortable, and DO NOT RECLINE!"
Pros: "On time, price of ticket, swift boarding, expedient arrival at my destination, friendly crew. I do want to add the experience that my nephew and his 4-year old son had on their Spirit flight a few days earlier than mine. My grandnephew did not know where to exit after landing. This was his first airplane ride. He walked straight down the aisle with everyone else, but instead of making a left turn towards the door, he walked straight ahead and right into the cockpit, much to his father's chagrin. Rather than admonish him, the pilot kindly introduced himself and gave Jacob a tour of the cockpit. :-D These days, not too many pilots will do this, so I want to say Thank-you for making my grandnephew's first airplane ride so memorable. <3"
Cons: "It was quite stressful not to exceed the 40# limit. My poor Fitbit scale had no idea who was standing on it (over and over again), ultimately labeling me as a Guest. Just as well; I really did not want such a number registered on my Fitbit online account. The seats were unsurprisingly not very cushy, but for a 2-3 hour flight, it wasn't so bad. After landing and as we approached the terminal to disembark, for whatever reason the pilot slammed on the brakes, causing all passengers to lurch forward violently, as did the luggage in the cargo hold based on the awful sound coming from underneath my feet. Immediately afterwards, the jet made a right turn towards the terminal. Thankful that this happened on the ground and not while still in the air! No luggage was harmed in the sudden stop."
Pros: "I would say the fare, but after all the nickel and diming, the fare isn't even better."
Cons: "- Bags cost $45 to fly, making the flight just as expensive as other flights and much worse condition. Should've flown Southwest or American with much better service, planes and technology. -Tried to check in before the flight on my phone, unable to do so. Had to use desktop. Even desktop was difficult. - Didn't have access to printer for my return flight, saved photo of boarding pass to my phone (works on other airlines), but wasn't able to check in with just the picture. Had to return to ticket desk to get ticket all the way across the airport. (7 months pregnant...annoying) - Of the 6 or so kiosks in CLE, only 2 were working. Desk agents were just standing there not helping. - Seats don't recline, plane is tight and uncomfortable. - Overall, bad airline, bad service, will never fly Spirit again. Scam artists with their nickel and diming."
Pros: "I had heard bad things about Spirit, how they charge for carry-on's and so on and so on, I was very nervous as it was my first time traveling with my infant alone and with Spirit airlines. The experience was great, and plane staff as well. I did not get charged for anything and had no troubles at all. The staff was friendly, helpful and smiled when asked something. I would definitely travel with Spirit Airlines again and recommend others to it as well. Thank you for the good experience for me and my child."
Cons: "The one and only thing I did not like was the DFW airport Spirit front customer service rep that assisted me before security, she was rude and was upset that I was at her booth. The rep asked me who told me to go to her and I had to point out the person who did, that for me was unnecessary as it shouldn't matter who told me to go to her for assistance and make me feel uncomfortable asking for it. Then she was upset that my infant was not added to the flight, as I mentioned before it was my first time traveling with my infant. She added her on the flight to Phoenix but for some reason did not add her to the return flight and the Spirit customer service rep from Phoenix had to take the time and add her to the returning flight to DFW. He was very polite and friendly had a smile on hes face the whole time, even asked hes lead to assist me with a good seat for me and my child. That is the type of service every rep should be giving to every customer no matter what time of the day it is."
Pros: "I disliked the entire experience."
Cons: "I had a flight booked a month in advance and I drove 10 hours to drop off my children with their grandparents so my man & I could take a vacation to Los Angelas. When I got to the airport they informed me that "I" had made changes to my reservation so it was cancelled and they gave me a credit for $300 even though I paid $450 for our flights. When I asked why I couldn't get a refund instead of a credit the lady told me that it was apparently because I booked through a third party, which is not true. I'm a member of spirit and I booked straight through their website. She told me there's no one I can talk to and that she can not help me and gave me a number to call. So I'm stuck at the airport with no help. (Now keep in mind I've already paid for a hotel and a car in LA that I will not get a refund for) finally we decided we'd have to take a flight to the next destination or we could not go on vacation. So we ended up having to go to Vegas and pay for the difference on top of a hotel. This is a joke!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed nearly 5 hours due to mechanical problems. As an early morning flight, the mechanical issues were known in advance--the plane did not arrive as scheduled the night before--yet passengers were not notified until check in at the airport. We could have made other arrangements (or slept until a normal hour) if we had been promptly notified. The gate agents were not understanding, and no accommodation--such as complimentary soft drinks--was made for our inconvenience. I felt like Spirit wasted my day."
Pros: "I didn't like anything."
Cons: "The flight attendants were very rude. I asked for the manager's name and one of the attendants actually said if I want to know his/her name, I would need to go outside. I purchased the flight specifically for the inexpensive price only to be told there will be a charge of $100.00 for my carry on bag. The rude male attendant advised that it is written in fine print, which I did not see because I purchased from a third party company. I travel frequently and I have never heard of such rules. Then again, I have never traveled with Spirit nor will I ever again!!! You get what you pay for."
Pros: "I got on the flight eventually and made it home to Dallas."
Cons: "The crew was extremely rude. My flight was delayed and I received many notifications notifying me of the time change. I arrived with plenty of time to get through security for the new time of the flight. When checking in however the crew told me that I had missed my flight. The plane had not left, the doors weren't closed, and the flight hadn't even boarded. I was devastated. They said I couldn't get a refund and there was no way they could let me board, I needed to arrive an hour early before the original time not the new time. Eventually I was able to speak with a manager after 4 other people arrived with the same issue trying to get on the flight, and I got on the plane. The ticket agent that I initially spoke to was incredibly rude though and had no compassion, nor did she even attempt to do anything to help me. Will not be flying spirit again."
Cons: "After being told we were circling our destination due to weather, we were deferred to another airport. This was fine until we were told we'd get sent out on the next plane... Which was also told to the other plane that got deferred (spirit) . Two planes all pushing to get on one. We were then forced to leave the gate with the promise of buses awaiting us. After 4 hours waiting for buses (midnight) I had to spend my own money to rent a car and drive 4.5 hours to my original destination. No offer to be put up in a hotel was offered, nor was an offer to catch another flight. Instead we were told to pay and extra $100 to be placed on standby for the following nights flight to our final destination."
Cons: "It was terrible. They didn't even announce the flight departure properly, so we (and several more people) missed the boarding. They rescheduled us to another flight but it disrupted our plans and caused a lot of inconvenience. Also, they charge for literally everything, I've never seen $42 fee for checked baggage, or even $55 or $100 if one doesn't make it to buy it online. Weight of 40 lbs. is woefully insufficient as travelers from Europe will have to remove over 10 pounds from their baggage as normal airlines allow 23 kg."
Cons: "We prepaid luggage on-line and the check in at counter still took 30 minutes because employee at counter couldn't see proof on her end that we had pre paid. We traveled with our three kids under 8 and they would do nothing to seat us next to each other. We couldn't check in on-line so we were considered late check in, despite checking in at the airport 2 hours before the flight. We boarded and sat on the plane for an hour then deplaned due to faulty weather radar. 3 hour delay. Still no help to seat our family together. Very swaying and bumpy take off and landing. Seats don't recline. No drinks or snacks passed out, only for a charge. Cheapest airline ever. Will never fly again on Spirit. Flight home also delayed over an hour. Oh, and luggage max is 40, not 50 lbs., and they charge per bag per direction. They also charge you to book seats next to each other, despite us booking our flights months in advance and checking in 2 hours prior."
Pros: "Cheap--but time is not worth that savings"
Cons: "Flight was hours and hours late, with multiple flights cancelled before all piled into this one. Worse, poor communication alerted us flight was late, then after we delayed leaving for airport accordingly a new message said flight was on time after all. On arrival at airport, flight was indeed late--but more than two hours later than originally stated. Poor relatives had to pick up my son at arrival airport at 1:00 in the morning. We will never, ever, fly your airline again, and will tell everyone how unhappy we were with trying to save a little money with you."
Pros: "Horrible. Filthy seats and plane. Was told "get off plane and fly with another airline if you don't like it" several times by attendant just for asking for something to clean seat and floor with myself. Then I was thrown off for objecting to such disrespect ful treatment. I will pay triple, double, quadruple to fly with another airline from now on. This airline and its employees are beyond rude and disrespectful. Do not go anywhere near this company. I was warned not to fly with them and I thought it could not be so bad. It was 100 times worse!!!"
Cons: "We were travelling with a couple and FORCED to pay for seats so that we can sit together. . . what a crock. I can deal with many compromises for an inexpensive fare--but this was over the top. We were going to be asked to pay $30 to pick seats to sit together, decided to just upgrade the seats $60 to both sit up front in larger seats together, so the flight was comfortable. But being asked that was the straw that broke the camel's back--I don't think we'll be flying Spirit again--I'd rather just pay slightly more for the flight and know that I'll have an assigned seat--or can get a pair by boarding togeteher."
Pros: "The actual flight was OK--but I was bumped from my scheduled flight (along w 82 other people) when they substituted a smaller aircraft; & the flight they put me on was 12 hours later!!!! Nothing like wasting a precious vacation day in O'Hare airport to make you furious!"
Cons: "I hated the fact that I couldn't check in online the day before. I must have wasted two hours trying to remember my password for their stupid Frequent Flyer club--the only allowable way to check in-- and then (after finally getting a new password & getting into the system), being told they had no current reservation for me. What???? Then, after getting to the airport & finally checking in, I was bumped off the plane & rescheduled 12 hours later!!!! I hope never to fly on Evil Spirit Airlines again!"
Pros: "As I sit here and think about it the only good thing was I loaded in zone one. Seriously!"
Cons: "I really felt like I was flying on "Soul Plane!." I wish I were exaggerating but I am not. This organization needs to work on quite a few things. I think the CEO or company president should go on Undercover Boss and maybe then he will see how horrible Spirit Airline really is! And I haven't even started to talk about the tardiness of the majority of flights. And the gate attendants don't think it's important to relay that message to the waiting passengers when they found out. And I felt sorry for the elderly people that just sat waiting for assistance getting off the plane. It looked as though this staff had never been through training how to handle these situations. And your tickets are not really cheap with all your hidden fees! It's ok, you fooled me once. But I be damn if I ever fly your airline again after my return trip! This was totally unacceptable and I will let all my military friends and family know not to ever fly Spirit Airline unless you're looking for the worse flying experience of your life!"
Pros: "Plane was clean and the crew was friendly and professional. Spirit refunded part of my ticket when my connecting flight was cancelled."
Cons: "After flying Spirit Airlines for the first time, I came to realize a cheap flight doesn't save you money in the long run. Flight delays, cancellations, and added costs meant I didn't save any money flying with Spirit. I booked a flight from Cleveland to Denver with a lay over in Dallas. My lay over in Dallas was canceled due to weather. I understand that the airline doesn't have any control over the weather but they can control how they treat their customers. The best Spirit could do was offer me a flight to my final destination 21/2 days later. Meaning I would be stuck in Dallas for 2 days and I would have to pay for a hotel out of pocket. I ended up paying for a hotel overnight ($171) and booking a flight first thing in the morning with Frontier airlines ($89). Coming back, once again there was problems in Dallas during my lay over. The flight was delayed 3 hours."
Pros: "I liked that the plane was structurally sound and well built and that the pilots knew what they were doing - it went up, flew and landed! SUCCESS!!"
Cons: "I remember when SOUTHWEST came onto the scene, people said "It's a cattle call airlines". Well, there's a new leader in budget flying - seats don't recline, if you are over 6'2" your femur will barely fit in the seat space between rows, $3 for anything to drink, and because it is cheap (least expensive) it has all the personalities/characters 'least expensive' will attract. . . and heck, I was one of them! People are great, but when we are crammed into spaces, our egos and inner-judges get all ramped up, and there were plenty of these moments. Nice, friendly airline crew, from front counter to attendants, which also comes with the lack of experience and polish of veteran airline employees. In the future I will ony fly Spirit when I am country hopping and need the least expensive series of flights to get from point A to point B to Point C, and SPIRIT was a leg in that journey. Fly safe and kind everyone! CT"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled while I was on the shuttle on the way to the airport so that was not very convenient for me."
Pros: "Check in was fast, and ...... No that's about it. The on board crew were pleasant but seemed to be focused on selling over priced soda rather than the passenger comfort."
Cons: "Boarding was hectic, 5 people in wheel chairs not including myself as a 100% disabled veteran. Instead of seeing the situation the agents just rushed everyone down the ramp and then seem to be surprised when they get a traffic jam in the doorway of the aircraft..... Dumb dumb dumb.... 1st and last time on your airline. What's with the seat space?, Hey executives, look down those things hanging from your waist are called legs and we all get a pair...... Sure you'll do fine working the low end of the flight travel game, but you should look to Virgin airlines as an example of how to do it right."
Cons: "We went to check in at the airport and the flight was delayed because the flight crew was going to be late. This caused the connecting flight to be missed. So after paying $180 for a hotel room the night before, the flight was rescheduled from 1030 AM to 9:30 PM. The Spirit flight check in personnel offered a refund, which would be no good for getting home. So instead of getting to Orlando at 7:30 pm, the arrival time was now 8 AM the following day. This was so very frustrating, we will never FLY SPIRIT Airlines again."
Pros: "Price."
Cons: "Serious information screw-up! Our Monday flight out of Dallas was cancelled because of weather in Baltimore. Unfortunately Spirit did not let us know until after we had spent $70 plus tip on an airport shuttle. Spirit was unable to put us on the Tuesday flight because it was full. So we got a spot on Wednesday's 2:15 PM flight. (We rented a car and incurred more debt on top of the unnecessary shuttle.) BUT on Tuesday, when we tried to check in online, we were unable to do so. We called to find out that the 2:15 flight the next day had been "cancelled". They could put us on for the following day; Thursday. I had already taken two extra days off of work. We chose to take a later flight out that would take us to Chicago for a significant layover. Luckily we went to the airport early and discovered.... The 2:15 flight had NOT been cancelled AND it had four empty seats on it. The nice ladies at the Spirit counter were shocked to hear our story. They made sure we got on the 2:15 flight which kept us from getting home at 3:00 AM."
Cons: "They charge you $40 to carry on both ways if you register and purchase ahead of time, consider that when you are doing your price compare. The website is so slow to pay for your baggage ahead of time its really painful. The bigger issue is that the seats are super hard and super small and don't adjust at all! I am an average size and normal weight person, this airline is for really young and fit people . My back still hurts. Then there was some 19 year old flight attendant that thought she was a comedienne on the way back at 6am in the morning weaving a really lame jokes into here schpellio... trust me no one wants to hear that stupid stuff at 6 in the morning on a Sunday. It made her whole instruction super long and really stupid. The only way I would take this airline again is if I could put everything in a small backpack and the flight was really short, otherwise pay 30% and go with a full service airline."
Pros: "staff was friendly"
Cons: "the tickets were very cheap...but they get you at the cost $50 for each piece of luggage..even a small carry on, so that added to the cost of the 'cheap' ticket. Nothing, not even a bottle of water was free on the plane ride...we brought our own water and snacks bur to not offer free tea or coffee and a bag of pretzels was pretty chintzy. The seats do not recline at the ride was uncomfortable. No tv or movie screen. My flight was only a few hours, but a longer flight would have been miserable"

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