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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29879 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "It didn’t crash"
Cons: "No canceling the flight 3 hours before the time to leave."
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Pros: "It didn’t crash"
Cons: "No canceling the flight 3 hours before the time to leave."
Cons: "Nice job and thanks for waiting."
Pros: "It was quick and easy. The complimentary adult beverage was a bonus."
Pros: "Flight crew was friendly and the complimentary wine or beer is always appreciated!"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "....."
Cons: "Got to airport terminal 15 minutes before flight departure and they would not let me on. Had to wait 5 hours for another flight"
Pros: "Easy on, easy off! Departed and arrived on time. Crew were cheery and bright! Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!"
Cons: "Some of these survey questions need to be NA- my flight was too short for food service or entertainment."
Pros: "Took off a a little late still made it early! Flight attendants were very nice!"
Pros: "Very courteous staff and crew throughout both flights"
Cons: "Nothing. Two short hop flights"
Cons: "My luggage was lost and I'm stuck with no clothes or toiletries, sleeping in a dirty hotel with cigarette smell and have no idea when I'll get my belongings and be able to get on with my very imporatant business trip"
Pros: "Rhe Alaskan staff was fabulous. They helped reschedule flights and connecting flights to get their customers as close as they could to get them to their final destinations on time. They showed patience and were extremely courteous."
Cons: "My flight was so delayed that I missed my doctor appointment for a pancreatic transplant. The smoke po ut of Canada got SeaTac so backed up that many flights were either sever ew ly delayed or cancelled altogether. I feel like I wasted not only my own but this world renowned doctor's time too. I wish the airline would have put out a warning hours before the flight's original departure."
Cons: "Boarded without breaking up main cabin, lost my place in line in the rush forward, once on board we’re delayed about 30 min - would have preferred to wait in lobby, crew nice, small plane in storm"
Cons: "I was informed we'd get some kind of voucher for the 5 hour delay but never recieved anything."
Cons: "Our flight was cancelled and nobody told us!!"
Pros: "Take-off and landing in these planes is great. The boarding process was quick and easy."
Cons: "No snack. If you know that the flight is going to be bumpy, maybe hand out a snack and drink as you board? Just a thought."
Cons: "The man next to me left his phone on so he could text."
Pros: "Basically on time. I appreciated the Captain's extensive comments before flight about how it would be bumpy starting about mid-way and continuing to Portland."
Cons: "My seat was changed so I changed it to as close to front as possible; they changed it back so I was unable to sit near my 2 colleagues who I was traveling with. Alaska changed our return flight to 2 hours earlier so we missed part of the conference we (3) were attending. I called about this and the rep gave me a song and self congratulatory dance about how they were meeting my needs! We booked the flight a month in advance and they changed it 2 days before. Guess where my seat was on the new flight? Yep, all the way in the back away from my team."
Pros: "The attendant at the counter was extremely helpful in getting us a refund and a credit toward a future flight."
Cons: "I got a message on Thursday saying my Friday flight was cancelled and that we were rescheduled on exactly the same flight. I called to confirm, and the representative on the phone and her supervisor both confirmed that there was no change to my itinerary. Flash forward to Sunday morning and I call to find out that my return flight was cancelled and that I had to take one the next day. I wound up renting a car and driving back to my home airport to pick up my car and finally drive home."
Cons: "The delay in Eugene was horrible!!!!"
Pros: "We finely got there"
Cons: "Getting on and off plane then waiting then getting back on plane then waiting to get the count right. Then leaving."
Pros: "Quick flight. Relatively comfortable for a small plane. Service was quick and timely. Plane was on time"
Pros: "Everything went so smoothly. I was surprised at all the food options available and how nice the people were. The plane was comfortable."
Pros: "Crew was polite and accommodating."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed due to the pilot not being able to get there in time, announcement made after boarding that the airlines did not get the pilot there on time. Close connecting flight proved to close as the airlines called ahead to hold 3 separate flights into Montana, however our connecting flight left 8 minutes early! Courteously rebooked by the airlines for the following day was unacceptable. We were able to make a connecting flight to a different town and had to rent a car to drive 2 hrs to our original destination. First time flying with Alaska Airlines was not a great experience."
Pros: "Flight was hours late. No explanation. No offer to switch us to the Oakland flight. Kept the curtain open so we peons in coach could watch the flight attendants hold us up while they ostentatiously lifted first class's bags for them."
Cons: "Just get us where we're going close to on time. And don't even try to claim the delay had to do with the weather in SF. Even the Caotain admitted over the PA system that the weather in SF was beautiful, mild, and clear."
Pros: "On time/earlycomfiotabke"
Cons: "I didn't answer 2 Qs above, as they are non applicable."
Pros: "on time departure"
Cons: "seats"
Pros: "Seat comfortable"
Cons: "Boarding Walking outside to get into the plane The flight attendant"
Pros: "Cute little propeller plane. Free beer. Nice staff. University of Idaho "Vandal" plane!"
Cons: "Seats are a bit tight. To be expected."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and painless, and the crew was pleasant and friendly despite the early hour. The plane was pretty full, so being a slightly larger woman I felt a little claustrophobic, but it was a short flight so not bad at all. The coffee was not the best but the little cookies are always delicious, and as the flight was not even an hour there was no need for in flight entertainment, so I read on my tablet ad listened to music for the entirety of the flight."
Cons: "The coffee was a bit too strong and tasted burnt. But then again, I tend to be a bit of a coffee snob, being accustomed to the local fare in both the rogue valley and the Portland area."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and they were super helpful you those needing to get off quickly for connections"
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Pros: "Safe flight"
Cons: "Late departure and very little feedback from ground crew as to what was happening."
Cons: "Asked at check-in if my barcode was ok to use bc I did not receive an automated email for return check-in, she said "Let me see, yes that's good, but hurry up because you have 40min before your plane​ departs". Low and behold, security said my barcode was not valid and had to run back and forth to get a new one printed. What made it worse was the check in clerk wanted to argue her point and there was only one flight attendant available and boarding closed 12min prior to departure, I was standing and waiving through the gates window trying to get all the flight attendants attention. I could have made it but missed my flight. Horrible experience!"
Pros: "The crew was great. I am recovering from a fractured shoulder. The crew was so helpful."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I had a problem with my name, they took 7 hours to tell me that I had to pay to have my mane changed and rebook my flight, we try to do that and they took another 7 hours to tell me that they didn't have any availability in the next 3 MONTHS! and there was nothing they could do for me, only keep my money and sell my spot to someone else on waiting list and make doble or triple the money!"
Pros: "I loved how friendly the crew was"
Cons: "Completely satisfied"
Pros: "Empty plane!"
Pros: "It was a short flight!"
Cons: "Despite no welcome, acknowledgment or greeting from the flight attendant, as he was focused on his phone, he was friendly during the flight. Very loud flight. And of course, the amount of space we are squished into is obscene, almost criminal."
Cons: "Flight delay...NOT Alaska Airlines fault."
Pros: "Nothing. Never was able to get on the flight"
Cons: "Layover was too long between flights. Overslept at gate waiting for flight. Woke up at 6:15p and was not allowed on flight as they had closed the gate already even though plane did not take off for 10 more minutes"
Pros: "Terrible that I had to carry my carry on down the stairs to plane, lucky it wasn't raining, & then up a flight of stairs to plane with a torn rotator cuff. I felt like I was flying in the 70's. Coming back, a bald headed attendant was very rude. I did not get any refreshments on the way to Portland which they said was a rough ride but ride was smooth. That was ok, that didn't matter if our safety was involved. Also $25 for one bag is a lot to carry hair spray or a few things you can't carry on."
Cons: "I did like the refreshments served on the way back from Portland to Reno. That was nice. A different attendant served us & he was very nice."
Pros: "My flight attendants were sooooo friendly. Also really enjoy the complimentary glass of wine!"
Pros: "The staff is awesome, the ride is always so comfortable"
Cons: "Not flying more often"
Pros: "Leg room was great"
Cons: "The outside walk to the plane"
Pros: "I booked my flight through Alaska airlines. On the flight to CA it was required my 5 year old sit on her booster seat which we loved. The stewardess on the way back (this flight) refused to let my daughter sit on it and tried to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about. I pulled up policy and it stated the child was in fact supposed to sit in her booster. The woman was rude and snotty about it. Lost my business just from her attitude."
Pros: "Great service and friendly staff"
Pros: "Flight attendants were very professional and nice smiling and pleasant."
Cons: "This flight ended up being delayed because of an overhead bin door that wouldn't latch. I understand the rules, but it took 1.5 hours for the mechanic to arrive and assess the situation. Consequently, I missed my flight to Reno from Portland. The airline paid for my hotel (thanks!) and I arrive home with my luggage the next day. Mostly this was an inconvenience, and all turned out well. Just annoying when the problem seemed so minor. The time frame was too long for most passengers to make connections."
Pros: "Thought the complimentary beer and wine offering was fantastic! Even on a short flight like that. Very nice."
Cons: "Being way early and missing flight airline host mistake!"

Everything went smoothly. Could not eat at Atlanta long lines. A sandwich on the plane would have been nice.

Wasn't a very good selection of entertainment. The chairs were a bit uncomfortable.

Had a crying baby the whole flight. When we arrived at the gate we had to wait for the gangway.

Everything went as expected. Masks were worn, passengers were cooperative, flight was on time, unboarding was uncannily orderly. People remained seated until the people in front of them stood to gather their belongings. It proceeded as a wave almost. I've never seen anything like it. It was like being in the Twilight zone. Boarding still allows about half the plane to board first (passengers with kids and needing help, priority and first class, diamond, sky something or other, military, etc.). Then they board from back to front. Half the plane is already on board so I'm not sure why they bother.

Pros: "Absolutely ridiculous ... sat on the runway longer than the flight."
Cons: "Reason we sat on the runway longer than the flight is they were understaffed. Unacceptable."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Plenty of room and everything was on time!"
Cons: "Cabin too cold and poor snacks so 1980’s."
Pros: "Nothing, the flight was canceled without a refund. I highly recommend canceling all business with kiwi in the future."
Cons: "My flight could have occurred or I could have been refunded."
Pros: "No issues with this flight."
Pros: "Crew was super helpful and very accomodating"
Cons: "Can’t think of anything. A few times I’ve flown Delta, the service has improved. Having helpful staff on board is very important . Years ago it was very unpleasant to fly Delta because of rude flight attendants especially on us domestic flights. Hopefully that has all changed. Especially the older crew. If they can’t stand doing better customer service they need to retire . Happy to fly Delta and will let people know."
Cons: "Less legroom than other airlines but have never flown to South America before"
Cons: "Delta is top notch!"
Pros: "great crew and very welcoming for me and my small dog."
Pros: "The crew was one of the best I have ever experienced. They even had the flight deck wish a happy birthday to my 89 year old mother in law."
Pros: "The gate agent in Medford for delta was awesome"
Cons: "I feel like all the problems the aircraft had it should've been repaired before trying to use it, upon boarding they told us the left engine had to be started from an external source, as a new flyer that was terrifying to hear"
Pros: "Crew was amazing and super helpful."
Cons: "Just the fumes of fuel inside the cabin was nauseating. Never had similar issue with air travel before."
Pros: "Nice trip"
Cons: "Crew didnt know who was supposed to be on the flight - confusion over number of people on the flight"
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "The crew was amazing my daughter is still talking about how nice they were to her."
Cons: "Nothing at all!"
Pros: "Nice plane and super nice crew."
Pros: "I have never seen a gate attendant call each person by name as she scanned their boarding passes! At Delta I felt welcomed by every employee. Even the pilots greeted the passengers as they exited. All the other airlines just want my money, they want to cram me into smaller and smaller spaces and want me to sit there and shut up so they don't have to interact with me. I will fly Delta every chance I get, even if I have to pay more money."
Cons: "Had an passenger spill coffee all over me and when I went into the back where 3... yes 3 flight attendants were standing they all just looked at me and asked what I needed. It was VERY obvious that there some type of liquid spilled in my hair and clothing. I asked for some napkins or anything to wipe up the mess. She shoved 3 napkins into my hand. Not friendly at all"
Cons: "Security in PRG was little bit strong They ask my about my last job - 15 years ago if I did not fight with my Manager(I forgat his name)"
Pros: "The crew was nice and did the best they could"
Cons: "The flight was late, extremely turbulent, and was spent mostly under 10k feet, so wifi was available for only a very short time"
Pros: "The plane was newer and the flight itself was good"
Cons: "Poor service onboard. Flight attendants showed little care and were curt. Ordered halal meal but were given vegetarian. It was bland and tasteless. My wife ordered drinks that never came. The armrests were stationary adding to the discomfort. Unfortunate how the international service experience is so much worse than domestic."
Cons: "I will avoid middle seat from now on"
Pros: "On time, and pleasant flight. Flight attendants were first class: very competent."
Cons: "I slept all the way, so can’t say whether anything went wrong with the flight."
Pros: "The workers."
Cons: "The selection on an incorrect plane that didn't fit the docking port"
Pros: "It's a rather short flight. We grabbed 12A and 12B (should've gone for 10A and 10B when the choice was there) as knees started to hurt. Fine SLC lounge one is fine (mac-and-cheese, chicken, Baileys behind the bar, etc.) to make you happy prior to departure."
Cons: "No food, snacks are okay though so this is a wash considering it was a short flight. Sky priority bagging ... doesn't matter. We saw several other bags get unloaded along with ours. No Delta lounge at the destination (RNO)"
Pros: "Eventually made it home. At 1am, when it should have been 1130pm."
Pros: "The woman who helped us at the desk by the gate was possibly the single most helpful, kind Delta employee I’ve ever met. She wheeled me down the jetway and upgraded our seats. I wish I knew her name. She has very curly dark blonde hair and is petite."
Cons: "Bought a brand new suitcase and Delta staff broke one of the wheels!"
Pros: "Our original flight was delayed and Marika, at the Delta gate of another flight to the same city, was able to get us on the flight that was going to our city. We were so grateful to get home before the winter storm! We appreciate your staff and the help their quick, efficient manner to get us on a new flight!"
Cons: "Flight was canceled due to weather. Was told I could get reimbursed for a rental to drive from ATL to SAV. When I went back to Delta after getting home to Savannah, was told there is no reimbursement for car rentals."
Pros: "Not sure who thought every passenger is 5'6 but for the rest of us, the seat pitch is ridiculously close. Like knees to the seat in front close. I'm 5'10 and I was very uncomfortable the entire flight."
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Friendly crew with modern plane"
Cons: "Why am I paying for first class for just snacks I can buy in an airport shop?"
Pros: "1000s of movies and shows to watch. Plenty of overhead bin storage. Alcohol beverage service included. Crew was great."
Cons: "Baked chicken dinner was gross."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "With a short layiver, it would be nice to have the option to pirchas a sandwich on board"
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Wifi wasn't working for a while and it was a plane without screens"
Pros: "Flight"
Cons: "no access to sky club"
Pros: "The crew and service were outstanding, seat was comfortable."
Pros: "The aircraft was new and most flight crew were nice."
Cons: "Way too many useless announcements by the copilot and the lead flight attendant. Keep it short. Don't get back on once you put the mic back. And how about announcing th baggage claim carousel if your going to interrupt as much as you did."
Cons: "Due to weather patterns, we sat on the runway for 3 hours waiting to take off. There was approx. 50+ planes ahead of us. I know this because I was sitting next to an off-duty pilot on his way home. About 2 hours in, there was 30 planes left to take off, and then us. They air traffic control people were only letting off one plane per minute which is what was holding us. THEN after the 3 hours on the runway, our crew timed out and the brought us back to gate saying we were not taking off. At the gate, they informed us the flight was not 'cancelled' but 'delayed' to the following morning. I/m not sure how a 16 hour difference is considered 'delayed', but I digress. All Delta reps had NO idea the time of the new flight the following morning and told us all to just 'keep checking the app'. Now, fortunately for me I live in Brooklyn and could just go home. But what about everyone who was at LGA as a layover? I heard from multiple passengers they had to spend the night in a hotel, that Delta did not pay for. We finally got notice the new flight was scheduled for 9:30AM, which they AGAIN delayed until 11:30AM. Many people did not get the second change, and were already at LGA for the 9:30AM flight. To say Delta's handling of this was poor is an understatement. We knew when we got on that plane the crew was going to time out. Again, I was sitting next to an off-duty pilot who told me to 'get comfy, we're gonna be here awhile' the minute I sat down. Delta should have given us a fresh crew, or had a backup one prepared. I understand the weather is out of there control, and I understand you can't have a tired crew piloting an airplane, but there are other ways to have us take off remotely on schedule."
Pros: "Efficient boarding and unloading. Friendly staff. Good movies/tv shows."
Cons: "There was a storm so we flew in circles for over an hour. I didn't see headphones for the tvs (mine are bluetooth so they didn't work)."
Pros: "Wide-bodied aircraft; free on-board entertainment with a good selection; complimentary snacks, helpful staff"
Cons: "Waiting 45 mins for baggage to arrive on the carousel at LAX, but probably due to the terminal move currently happening and not the airline's fault."
Cons: "The handle on my checked bag was broken when I got it at immigration. Not sure why they pulled out the handle since it was retracted when checked in."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Was on time, in fact early. Boarding was smooth"
Cons: "The CRJ is just very small. No room in the overheads, no room below. Seat didn't recline, all average carryons have to be gate checked, the usual. Well it still beats driving!"

Great and easy flight from Medford to SFO.

Cons: "Flight personnel seem like they dont enjoy their job."
Pros: "The beverage service and entertainment was fantastic!"
Cons: "I wish the seats were slightly roomier."
Cons: "The delays, gate changes in a massive airport, and general lack of information made this trip excruciating."
Pros: "The seats are cramped and uncomfortable. They were built for Asians & old people who were smaller. Please understand that the descendants of Norway Germany & Native Americans are large people, we require a larger seat! I was stuffed into this seat so tight that today I will have to see a chirop."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The different class of seating was silly to me everyone was at the back of the plane open seats every where but you had to sit in assigned seat"
Pros: "Easy on and off"
Pros: "Felt like the pilot was experienced and skilled because It was very smooth in departing and landing."
Cons: "There was a lady sitting on my assigned seat. She said flight attendance told her that is ok to do. I wouldn't mind if she or staff asked me with legitimate reasons. It happened at mt last trip; ending up sitting next to big person instead of sitting with my 12 year old daughter."
Pros: "Not much but it was the best price"
Cons: "The space was so tight I couldn't open the lid to my laptop. I had a small personal item, the gate checked my bag, and there was no room for my feet. I just flew Alaska, delta, American,d Lufthansa recently and none of those airlines were as bad. Like a sardine can. I will avoid United at Ll costs."
Pros: "Economy plus seating was nice"
Cons: "One hour delay due to electrical problem"
Cons: "Our flight was “delayed” 12 hours! Notably not cancelled and rebooked because then they would have to compensate us, I believe"
Cons: "Flight was canceled and there were no other flights that day."
Pros: "Smooth flight into Denver"
Pros: "Never made connection since first flight was deplaned"
Cons: "Never made it"
Pros: "Trying to get all of our seats (3) together"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I no longer expect tolerable so that was nice"
Cons: "No food available by the time I ordered. Entertainment was not working unless I had downloaded the app. Battery life limits entertainment"
Pros: "Flight was on time and I received my checked baggage."
Cons: "Seat was uncomfortable due to insufficient foot space. All (about 6) overhead bins in the rear of the aircraft were full because crew stored “essential equipment” in them. Crew was not professional. After takeoff they never came around to see if anyone needed anything and not even a glass of water was offered for the entire flight. They didn’t even ensure that everyone wore seatbelts on landing - woman next to me was stretched out hugging her companion while landing wilth unbuckled seatbelt. Entertainment screen did not wirk properly."
Pros: "The person at the United customer service desk was able to book me on the next available flight to Reno (after missing my original flight mentioned above) quickly and efficiently. Boarding was fast."
Cons: "I was late to my original flight and the United personal that I talked to at the gate was very rude. I asked if the plane was still boarding and all she said was go to customer service. I know I gave her a questioning look because this did not answer my original question. She repeated her statement again this time pointing. I would have preferred that she tell me that the flight had finished boarding but customer service could help me get on another flight. I feel that would have been more professional. My new flight was also an hour late"
Cons: "flight was delayed - mechanical; disabled husband (had knee replacement 15 weeks ago) had to walk the entire way from concourse F to A. the caused excruciating pain."
Pros: "The crew was so friendly and made up for the small space."
Cons: "The express plane was extremely tight."
Pros: "Boarding was easy and everything was on time."
Cons: "The first class seats I sat in on both flights were so dirty. There was good on the wall next to me food on the overhead area and the backs of the seats. It was disgusting to see how filthy the airline allows the cabin to be. Needless to say I passed on snacks."
Pros: "Good cabin & flight crew; kept us informed."
Cons: "Ran late. Seats are time (I'm average weight & height). Windows couldn't have been lower or we'd have been looking at the gear."
Pros: "Assigned seat - delayed because of hot breaks but stayed on tarmac to cool while cooled only about 10 min."
Cons: "Airline stewardess should have suggested mom with young child in lap could move to empty row of seats."
Cons: "Didn't take the plane!"
Cons: "Flight got delayed 10 hours and united airlines would do absolutely nothing to accommodate or help out situation in any way"
Cons: "got in super late. missed my shuttle. plans impacted"
Cons: "Wifi wasn't working"
Pros: "The staff was always very helpful. I carry a saxophone and everyone was always very open to accommodating me, which I really appreciate! Also, great legroom, great pilots, positive attitude."
Cons: "The added fees for food and beverage were a little tough. I would understand if the flights were shorter, however we had several-hour delays in a time period from lunch through the middle of the night, and were not offered any sort of voucher or food item. Then my bag got lost (which I understand with the weather issues that caused delays), but it left me in a city with no clothes, very hungry, in an hour past public transportation hours. Which is not THEIR problem, but I would have definitely appreciated some assistance of some sort."
Pros: "Flight was delayed, almost missed connection."
Cons: "On trip to medford my lugguage got left in san fransisco and was never delivered to me so i went back to airport and it was just sitting there, no one there to give it to me so i had to look for someone to open room so i could get it. Then From medford to san fransisco There was no explanation cancellation, no one at counter for hours to figure out something else, no apology for inconvience, no vouchers for hotel or food since i had to stay at one since flight left so early in am. I had less then 10 mins to get from medford plane to denver plane. Thats running and up 2 flights of stairs and getting to door in nick of time. I missed a day of work and basically unless an emergency i wont fly united again."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and helpful. The flight arrived much earlier than scheduled."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Aircraft interior is dated."
Cons: "Overbooked both my flights and I was a last minute addition to the first flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm usually a patient person, but my flight was supposed to leave at 525am and didn't leave until 730. This was the first flight in the morning. We boarded, waiting 30 minutes on the plane, they told us to get off because there were computer issues. Why wasn't that checked before everybody was boarded? Once we got on the plane we had to wait another 30 minutes for the crew to get someone's luggage from under the plane. Why wasn't that done while the computer was getting fixed? I didn't get to Denver until 1040am missed my flight and didn't get to get on my connection until 500pm. In the meantime I called to get on a different flight at 1, but the guy on the phone didn't actually book me a seat. The gate people weren't very nice."
Pros: "Flight attendants were cordial and helpful"
Cons: "Seating in the last row or rows made deplaning very slow."
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants Help luggage personel"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "Plane was late then sat on run way for 30 minutes. Over one hour late."
Pros: "every thing"
Cons: "Purchased tickets 4 months before this flight for a departure time of 6:05pm. Tried to check in and check baggage at 9:30am but was turned away saying I could only check in 3 hrs prior to my flight. Came back at 3:00pm to check-in and they could not find my information. An hour later they find out that they cancelled the flight and moved my departure time to 8:25am for that day. They say they emailed 3 times in May but I never got it (I'm a bit crazy about my email staying clean) so they say it might have went in to my spam folder due to they types of emails they send to customers. They only kept repeating that they notified me so there is nothing they could do. I ended up going to Air Canada to get a flight from PHX to RNO the next day. No apology, no help, no hotel for the night...Terrible experience by United. They gave me a customer relations group contact information to follow up with for complaint but since they sent me the 3 emails in May about the change, they have no liability to fix the situation."
Pros: "It was a very well ran flight, both fights were what you would expect from an airline service. Overall satisfied."
Pros: "Smooth. No problems. Happy we didn't have to get suitcases through customs because you could handle in Canada. Happy gate was near where we got off."
Pros: "Zero."
Cons: "The flight was overbooked and asked for several volunteers to take later flights for travel credit. Ended up forcing those unlucky souls in the last boarding group off flight with no offer of credit or accommodation. Waited in customer service line for hours, literally longer than it would have taken to take off and arrive at my scheduled destination. United representatives could not find a flight that guaranteed a seat (not on a long standby list) that was even in the same 12 hour period. I spoke with a United supervisor who showed zero empathy or concern with the situation. In the end I arranged for other travel accommodations to drive to my family reunion destination. No refund was issued or offered. I was informed I would have to call United customer service after the date of my previously scheduled return flight to explain my situation. I will personally never fly United again and would recommend the same to anyone. Although for the record, I did receive a single ten dollar airport food voucher for my inconvenience. Inexcusable."
Pros: "The bar tender nice service the flights excelent"
Cons: "The service"
Pros: "Got $200 voucher for overbooking"
Cons: "Overbooking"
Pros: "Staff and Pilots did a great job. Wheelchair was much apprecciated!!! Everything was on time or ahead of it. Great landing!! Wish you didn't charge for baggage and would like better snacks--oh for the good old days!"
Pros: "The crew both ways were professional and hard working."
Cons: "The flight was a code share with United. Seats were ridiculously cramped in economy. Perhaps this is the new normal--I haven't flown internationally in a while. Food was just ok. I was disappointed that I was not flying Air New Zealand since that was part of the reason I booked this flight."
Pros: "That flight had no entrainment. So it wasn't bad, just not available on that short flight"
Pros: "Short lines at Medford airport"
Cons: "Small plane"
Pros: "Cleanliness of plane"
Pros: "Excellent ground and aircraft staff."
Pros: "crew and loading was great"
Cons: "I paid for an entire seat and only got use of half of it since the man next to me took his and half of mine. I was extremely uncomfortable. He should have to buy 2 seats. Because everyone is so PC I get to pay full price for half of a seat."
Cons: "Was sick and couldn’t fly airline refused to let me change flight"
Cons: "My original flight was cancel 4 hours in advance, it was efficiently reschedule after trying for 30 min to contact dam customers service with US"
Cons: "Poor planning and I start thinking to move to use Delta instead"
Pros: "Conveniently ent boarding"
Cons: "No coffee offered"
Pros: "Free movies."
Cons: "Seating is uncomfortable."
Cons: "No leg room"
Pros: "Flight staff was pleasant and welcoming. Communicated well. Very professional."
Cons: "I know you can't control this...the turbulence was nerve wracking."
Pros: "When my flight was delayed, I was able to switch to another flight in a calm, efficient way. With pending bad weather, the flight was smooth and got us home earlier than my original flight and beat the storm!"
Cons: "Departed on time, but then returned to the airport with maintenance issues. Took about 90 minutes to find another plane and depart again. United did offer a $50 certificate for future flights (good for one year) due to the maintenance issue."
Pros: "The short flight"
Cons: "No entertainment but it wasn’t a big deal on such a short flight."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and the flight was safe and we were early!"
Cons: "I wish WiFi was offered on United Express flights."
Pros: "Although departure as delayed, pilot made up most of the time enroute"
Cons: "On longest leg the wifi entertainment system failed"
Pros: "The actual flight was ok the ce"
Pros: "How easy boarding is with the United app and electronic boarding pass"
Cons: "very tight fit"
Cons: "Second time between EVV and ORD. First time going to Vegas through these airports, the flight had to be cancelled due to maintance issues. Delayed for over 7 hours to get to Vegas, sucked tremendously bad. Flight back home, same thing . This time they had an alternative plane to give us but delayed for over an hour until they declared the original plane dead and another one given. So FML. I just want to get there and back without maintenance problems, not weather, not nothing, plane broke twice on the same trip."
Pros: "The United Employees dealt well with their Customers."
Cons: "I have no complaints with my United flight...."
Cons: "Flight was 5 hours late taking off"
Pros: "Perfect sized plane for the ride from Houston to St. Louis. Couldn't ask for better!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Weather delay for 1 day. This by itself was not a problem. United did not communicate to us whatnext steps the passengers should be doing. It took 4 hours in a line to find out that they will not give us lodging, pick your flights by calling their 1-800 number. United could have made a simple announcement to the effect that everyone is on their own - which is fine."
Pros: "There was more room even though it was a smaller plane. The staff and crew were helpful and polite. We received three times the amount of snacks."
Cons: "Again with the delays! Waited on the plane for close to an hour. Certainly an inconvenience when you have people waiting to meet you at the airport."
Cons: "For the second time in four months, my luggage did not show up at my final destination, leaving me without anything."
Pros: "Greatest flight few passengers just need more comfortable seats but not complaining"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Cons: "They boarded the plane trying to leave 30 mintes early which is great but not everyone was through security so a full plane of people then waited 25 minutes for two additional people to board."
Pros: "The fact that we were kept up to date with tge delayed connecting flight from Hattiesburg. And that we eventually made our connecting flight to Dubai albeit by the skin of our nose.."
Cons: "The fact that the connecting flight from Hattiesburg was delayed. And it seems to be a regular occurence as it was the case two weeks earlier too."
Pros: "First flight was on time"
Cons: "I called into AA to make sure my infant son was added to my ticket as a lap child. I went through the computer system promps before finally talking to an agent. The woman said my son was added to my ticket but when we got to security we had to read him. In the way back, the ticket agent didn't know how to add us and my husband and I weren't able to sit together with our two kids."
Pros: "No Good Comments on the above attributes."
Cons: "The boarding was a cluster... The gate agents were funneling people down the wrong aisles. And people were sitting in the wrong seats. There was turbulence so the "fasten seat belt" light was on for a long time, which was not a problem. But people kept getting up, and the flight attendants were testy for the whole trip. There is no complementary food. The wifi goes in and out. We had economy seats with the normal amount of leg room. We could not get our seats reclined at all. And there was not enough space for storage under the seat below. (There were 4 seats in the middle section, but the under-seat storage was separated into 3 sections). In order to access anything I placed down there, I would be invading our neighbors space."
Pros: "I got home!"
Cons: "These jets are just too small. No room in the overhead or under the seat for a rolling laptop bag. That's just unacceptable."
Cons: "Flight was delayed. United assured me in SDF that ISH would provide me with a hotel room At IAH they would not give me a hotel room"
Pros: "A trending very nice"
Cons: "Seats not comfortable No inflight entertainment. You say that all will have but it has been a year and you still don't have."
Pros: "Convenient and close to home only a 35 minute drive to get home."
Cons: "Seats don't recline."
Cons: "Due to weather (not your fault) we couldn't land right away at Newark. However, I found it crazy we didn't have enough gas to circle the airport for the 25 minutes planes weren't landing. After being landed at Allentown airport we sat on the runway for over an hour before deboarding because of a technical issue. I ended up paying $125 to get an Uber from Allentown to Manhattan. So in the end, this flight did not get me home."
Pros: "The trip was excellent!!!"
Pros: "I had an awesome trip on all my flights. The flight was on time and arrived on time. The crew was very friendly and nice as well."
Cons: "There was nothing that I did not like during my flight."
Pros: "People, no delays, baggage actually arrived with flight !!"
Cons: "They changed the departure gate and did not update the monitors at airport. Very stressful going back and forth on airtrain to get to proper gate on time."
Pros: "Fast, friendly and accurate service to our destination"
Pros: "I'm filling this out in the hotel I had to get since my flight from philly to dallas wasn't on time. Unles's I get some kind of compensation I will never fly AA again."
Cons: "The airline, I doubt this will even get read. I have a feeling that this survey is to put some false sense of security into the people flying your airline. Like you are working hard to make sure this doesnt happen again. So far with your airline I have spent 12, 10, and 9 hours at this very same airport waiting for a plane. And my bag was damaged on my flight from dallas to philly. So I gotta buy a new bag as well wich is a carry on size but because my flight was over booked I had to check it while boarding. You have taken enough hard earned $ from me. This won't happen again."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "I have mobility issues. Everyone was very helpful."
Pros: "Once we got in the air, it was fast. Loved how short the flight was."
Cons: "No Internet"
Cons: "The cancellation wouldn't have been an issue because I understand that it was out of their control. However, they moved us to a different gate and continued telling us we would board in thirty minute increments until about three hours after the original flight time. By the time the flight was actually cancelled, it was far too late for me to drive back to my home town, so I had to waste money on a hotel for the night. This would have been a problem if they would have just canceled the flight earlier or warned us that it may be canceled."
Cons: "Worst flight experience I've ever had. After the flight was canceled, I was not automatically rebooked. I was not given hotel or transportation vouchers, and incurred several costs to get to a different airport for rebooking."
Pros: "Plane left on time, boarding didn't take long, arrived to destination 20 mins early."
Cons: "Of course it was uncomfortable, but then again every flight I've been on has been really uncomfortable. But they did land 20 mins faster then expected, so it was nice to avoid any extra time staying uncomfortable."
Pros: "That I'm alive"
Cons: "I received the alert that my flight to Birmingham was canceled AFTER I was already flying from Vancouver to my connecting flight. If I had known prior then I would have just changed my original time and not have to be there at 5am. They didn't have another flight leaving to my city that day and didn't offer a hotel. They acted annoyed that I was asking them the give me another flight so I could go home and refused to put me on another plane leaving to that city as even standby. I told them to give me a flight through another airlines and he made sure to find the worst one that would put me in the next day. Luckily I was checking the flights myself and went through American instead of continuing to deal with United. That flight was also delayed and made me miss my connecting flight. Was almost removed from the next plane they got me because they found out 5 minutes before loading, that they were overbooked. Fortunately someone didn't make it. I wasn't offered any compensation or even a mea voucher for the trouble. They acted like it was my fault for using Kayak and said that's what I get for buying cheaper tickets. Really turns me away from using the service again if you are treated like you rir something wrong for using it."
Cons: "Me and my 1 year old sone were bumped from our flight. We were told that our seat was sold to other people as well and they checked in before us. I was forced to spend 8 hours in the Syracuse airport with a toddler!"
Pros: "It was a quick flight."
Cons: "The flight attendant acted like he hated his job so much. The plane was tiny, no room at all to even breathe. We were supposed to get notifications if our gate changed twice within 5 minutes. The second time we didn't get a notification, we just happened to hear the other people say it changed."
Cons: "Cancelan vuelos sin dar alternativas. Me cancelaron vuelos dos dias corridos."
Pros: "The flight attendant, Kermit, was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Flight continually delayed"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Medford to Reno

Airlines flying from Medford to Reno have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Medford to Reno

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Medford to Reno

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Medford to Reno

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Medford to Reno

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Medford to Reno

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