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Sep 25 — Oct 21
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19751 reviews

Cons: Nos retrasamos

Cons: Seat 14A had malfunctioning audio and the internet connection made it hard to stream

Pros: Good crew. Nice people.
Cons: Three hour delay waiting on gbe tarmac because of mutipple airline failures.

Cons: God bless America 🇺🇸🙏❤

Cons: The stewardess could have done less talking over the plane intercom

Pros: This time NOTHING
Cons: Plane seats weren’t cleaned well. I wiped my chair, tray, window and wipe was all grey/brown dirty. Yuck! Very disappointing jetBlue. You used to be my favorite but no more. 2.5 hour of delay to pick someone special to board the plane. Ridiculous! 2.5 hour of delay and excuse was navigation not working you have to pick paperwork however picking paperwork took 1.5 hour? You think people will believe this while you get this special person to just walk in and board the plane on the (exit) seats 4 rows had been kept empty just for him. I demand my money back. Poor poor poor service JetBlue

Pros: Very comfy seating. Polite flight crew.
Cons: A cookie before landing I feel is a bit underwhelming. I preferred the warm bagel with cream cheese. Especially if you have to run off straight to work after landing. So maybe it sounds like a nit pick. But it would be nice to maybe have a choice of a cookie or bagel? Just a thought.

Pros: Great crew. Z and Antonio were great!
Cons: The breakfast meal.

Pros: Landed early
Cons: There were crumbs on my seat when I got there. The plane could not have been cleaned.

Cons: Better food.

Pros: The seats were comfortable and we were properly social distanced from each other.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Perfect
Cons: Perfect

Pros: Staff was amazing
Cons: Nothing

Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A

Pros: Excellent legroom
Cons: Entertainment unit didn't work

Pros: The crew was helpful
Cons: Communication about the delay Snacks has no variety. All too salty.

Pros: Nothing! The flight was delayed until 10:34pm and still we did not board the plane at that time. Then when we finally board the plane a crew member Dan told me my luggage was to big which it was not, and when we landed in Puerto Rico I had to wait so long to get my luggage from the carousel.

Pros: I was able to rest.


Cons: Flight was delayed by one and half hour because crew members were travelling to Newark airport from other place. Flight was scheduled at 6:00 PM and Crew members were scheduled to arrive at 5:51 PM. Poor scheduling. Boarding started only after Crew member arrived. Then came the glitch in accounting for fuels filled in the aircraft.

Cons: It was not s dislike, I did not use the entertainment offered so not able to rate it properly-and the snacks -no complaints-they were quite nice as snacks go,just not a big snacker

Pros: The convenient updates I received on my phone.
Cons: No complaints

Pros: On time actually arrived early but could not get off of plane so really did not matter

Pros: Everything was perfect for me I will definitely fly with JetBlue again and recommend JetBlue to all my friends and family and more

Cons: Both flights were delayed and now sitting on the tarmac at my destination airport for half an hour and counting (at 12:30 AM) because of an outbound Jet Blue flight? My flights coming in last week via Jet Blue were also delayed, causing me to miss my connection and spend a day in the airport. Hate this airline and will absolutely pay more to never fly them again.

Cons: Flight from Boston to salt lake City was delayed by more than an hour

Pros: My flight was delayed but the staff easily put me on an earlier flight that had also been delayed; excellent customer service in all aspects.

Pros: My flight was a little over an hour so it was quick, but the crew was great. We got complementary drinks and snacks despite the short journey. The plane had TVs on the seatbacks for those who like the entertainment!
Cons: My only complaint is the flight delay, caused by a malfunctioning AC, but that’s not the airline’s fault. The pilot got us there only 20 minutes later than scheduled despite being delayed by more than 30 minutes.

Cons: The seats barely reclined it was very uncomfortable and the entertainment was not the best

Pros: Boarding was easy and fast; the planes were almost *exactly* on time both for departures and arrivals! Staff was friendly. I have absolutely no complaints!
Cons: Can't think of anything. :)

Cons: I didn't like it at all, Jetbule should had find another airline to take me so I can arrive at around the same time , not just with the flights they offer but I should be able to get into another airline too

Pros: Traveling with Jet Blue was one of the best flying experiences I've had in recent memory. Quick boarding, kind flight attendants, on-time arrivals, free in-flight wifi, and excellent prices. What more can you ask for?
Cons: My seat didn't recline, but then I was relocated to an even more room seat, so I really have no complaints.

Pros: The flight was delayed due to some maintenance issues. Staff were friendly calm and helpful to the extent they could be with something out of their control. The company rerouted a different plane to take us since ours was going to be so late, turning a 2 1/2 hr delay into just a 1 hr delay. Boarding was super efficient, in flight service excellent. They comped us our headphones because of the delay, a nice touch. This is my 3rd great customer service experience with JB in as many months (the other 2 involved waiving charges to change flights, once gor me when I was suddenly ill, and for my cousin, when a changed circumstance made her need to travel on a different day, alone with 4 kids). Between Kayak and JetBlue app I got very frequent updates on flight status, but gate staff also were there and informed us in person.

Pros: Seating was fine, flight attendants were very nice. It was a short flight and everyone worked to be efficient about boarding once the plane was ready for boarding.
Cons: I wish the plane had come on time--the delay was inconvenient, although I understand sometimes the reason for delay can't be helped.

Pros: Flight attendants were very friendly, and the TV's were working on the flight (did not on the flight from FLL/EWR).
Cons: Booked this flight to get a ride home, and in time for dinner with family. Flight was delayed 50 min. because of a delay in the arrival of the plane (not weather). During boarding process they were allowing people to get up and move around before takeoff, delaying over another 10min. When we finally arrived at 9:10 to the gate, another plane was at the gate and we did not get into the gate until 9:25. Thus, by the time the flight arrived I needed to get other transportation, cost me $25 and additional 30min. waiting for ride. This resulted in getting me home almost 2 hours late. Additional feedback: I book an aisle seat because I like being able to lift the arm on the outside, not available on this flight. I don't recall the plug for the headphones being down so far in the arm rest, thus struggled to find the plug.

Pros: What did I like? Well, I liked arriving at my destination, though getting there on Jet Blue was unpleasant.
Cons: Stressful due to delays, disorganization, lack of communication, developing-world style of service.

Pros: The flight was great.
Cons: The tv controls didn’t work

Pros: The seats
Cons: The shotness of the crew and all the noise slamming around the compartments being slammed contnuously and angrily

Pros: The chairs were comfortable
Cons: The flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours and we were notified two hours before the flight. My husband and I had just arrived to the airport when we received the message that the flight was delayed. We waited close to five hours at the airport to go to Fort Lauderdale Florida which is only a two hour flight.

Pros: The crew was friendly and helpful as usual. There was a fair amount of leg room and overall space.
Cons: One thing that has always made JetBlue stand out has been the customer service. I get pretty motion sick on flights, especially on an empty stomach, so the snacks and meals at mealtimes have always made this my favorite airline. There was none of that this time around. It feels like JetBlue is letting itself turn into just another commercial airline - over priced flights and amenities for overrated service and a lack of care for the consumer. Not to mention we were late

Cons: None of the TVs worked on the flight. The boarding crew in the terminal was rude and very short with everyone. i had to go up multiple times to ask about my seating assignment and was ignored and then waved away multiple times. And then as boarding began I was given a seat saying they "thought i was on standby" but i never was. i was given a seat in the last row with two other people who had infants on their laps so it was a very tight fit.

Pros: gate staff were accomodating, flight landed on time.
Cons: Crew were rude and intimidating to a family with kids, including calling my wife a liar in front of them! Unconscionable. I thought JetBlue advertises unlimited snacks, but my daughter was told 'you've had enough' when she went for seconds. Our TV sets didn't work. Our baby spilled some chips and as the flight attendant passed he looked at us and said loudly 'I wonder who made this awful mess'.

Cons: Flight departure was delayed 2 hours without explanation. Check in process was chaos. Flight was delayed an additional hour once the passengers were in the plane waiting for luggage to come through. Once at destination, getting off the plane was delayed due to an issue with two passengers which required state police to come on board.

Pros: Everything went very smoothly and quickly

Pros: Great flight, excellent service. However, no recliner, seats were torn, could be updated and console for remote was dirty.
Cons: Appearance, comfort.

Pros: It boarded with ease, it left on time, and we got in early. Perfect!

Pros: Boarding was simple, the seats were spacious, the flight was easy, the landing was smooth. I love flying with delta!
Cons: I have nothing negative to say with my flight today.

Pros: Friendly crew, flighr arrived early even though we were a little late leaving, bags came out fairly quickly at destination, flight not overcrowded, plane was clean.

Pros: The crew was great and very friendly.

Pros: Crew was great, the seats are never comfortable

Pros: Great crew.
Cons: As always, the seats in basic economy are as small as possible without actually being standing room only. I'm 5'7" and my knees are only about an inch from the seat back in front of me.

Cons: Poor communication on delays. No wifi. No service. Couldn’t use lavatory.

Pros: I love the Food was really good thanks guys!
Cons: Have the Free WiFi option will amazing

Cons: Great flight

Pros: crew was ok. entertainment ok
Cons: they always give us seats way back in the plane.

Cons: crj900 from BUF-MSP is a wreck. worn out, uncomfortable seats, cold air coming from floor toes were numb for about 20m after flight. Flight delayed, missed connecting flight, lost comfort+ upgrade I paid for. No excuse for pitch in main cabin on 737-900 ER.

Pros: Nothing remarkable
Cons: Delta was ordinary

Pros: Yes

Pros: The crew and entertainment options are great. Relatively comfortable seats by today's standards.
Cons: Literally any of our flights could have been on time. None were.

Pros: Everything! Thank you
Cons: Nothing. Thanks

Cons: It was late

Pros: Loved the pilot telling us a little about the flight crew and their piloting experience(Air Force) , and how he kept us abreast of flight status/timing , as well as our location at various points along the route. The crew was very very nice!
Cons: More leg room

Pros: Delta service is always great!

Cons: The flight was delayed and it ended up being delayed for 4 hours and we had to take a cab to Detroit to catch our flight to Europe

Pros: The plane was not full, so the stewardess put my wife and I by the exit seats. I am a tall guy and really appreciated it!
Cons: Both connecting flights were very tight time wise, and the gates were at opposite ends of the terminal. Couldn’t delta flights be closer together?

Cons: WiFi

Pros: Crew was good.
Cons: N/A. No food was served due to turbulence which is uncontrollable.

Pros: The flight was only half full so boarding was very quick.
Cons: The seats were hard and there was no entertainment system.

Pros: Excellent flight with efficient service. Flight was on time and friendly staff
Cons: Efficiency

Pros: The Delta service desk was great! We wanted to get an earlier flight home and the Delta Rep got us on standby quickly and with a smile.
Cons: Some chaos getting on the flight. The area they have set up for the different sections to wait before getting called weren't marked very well so everyone was bunched up and confused. Once they started calling the sections it was fine. Not sure why they even had the marked areas.

Pros: In flight movie in back of head rest. The kids thought I was the bomb when I booked this flight.
Cons: The bathroom was smaller than my seat!

Pros: Everything but the consistent delay
Cons: 2 hour delay and it being the last flight out of LAX.

Pros: Loved that the pilot or first officer, not sure which, came on the intercom at one point and said they were expecting turbulence ahead so if anyone needed to use the bathroom, right then would be the time to go!! Useful information and much appreciated.
Cons: Some of the announcements by a female flight attendant were delivered at a very rapid pace and were hard to understand, and my first language is English.

Pros: My upgrade and breakfast were fabulous!

Pros: Flight was good. Left on time. Crew was attentive.
Cons: Did not assign seat at check in. Had to go to gate and check in. Staff handled it well, but it was inefficient. Wasted time dealing with it.

Cons: My flight was delayed several times and had to rebook. Total delays were > 6 hours.

Pros: Staff very courteous and professional
Cons: None

Pros: The crew was great, the plane didnt have any extras and the headrest didnt have the adjustable flaps.
Cons: Lack of charging outlet and no headrest screen for entertainment.

Pros: every person who was not a delta employee, those people were kind and helpful.
Cons: The gate agent was the opposite of professional. You might as well get a cardboard cutout. The gate agent was unable or unwilling to explain when and how I would get my seat assignment and with what group I should board with. A passenger helped me. I am a frequent flyer, primarily AA, I will never fly Delta again.

Pros: Flight was on time.
Cons: Did not appreciate Aeromexico/Delta changing my flight times after I booked, giving me a more than 7 hour layover.

Cons: No help with baggage when boarding the plane, they hurry you up for nothing, because we had to wait 20 mi utes to take off.

Pros: I lost the flight To hartford and I pay 4 the hotel
Cons: I lost the flight To hartford and I pay 4 the hotel

Pros: I asked for a change of seat at the gate and was given it. It really made a difference to be at the window.

Pros: to their Diamond Medallion customers

Pros: Friendly staff staff, smooth boarding experience, DC+ positive experience
Cons: 757-200 outdated for having spent 10 hours on that same plane (stop but no plane change) having flown shorter haul flights on many updated 757 was disappointing.

Pros: Despite small aircraft, boarding was fast and easy. On time departure and arrival. And quite clean aircraft despite a very fast turnaround. And Biscoff!!!! Delta's free wifi for messaging is a nice touch, as is free in-flight video. In-flight music would be nice, too. Doesn't hurt to ask :)

Pros: Flight attendants were super.
Cons: Delta is just another cattle car

Cons: I had to buy a ticket on Southwest to get where I needed to go. So a wasted trip, wasted time and Southwest came through immediately after I had told them the situation. I'll be using them much more now.

Pros: Nice plane, smooth flight, flight was on time in spite of the disaster in Houston.
Cons: Well, even United brings a tray of waters on the short flight from Portland to Redmond. Hard to believe it was impossible to serve some drinks on this 1 hour fairly empty flight from Seattle. Also, when taking off the plane surged and slowed several times. I had to wonder if the pilot was in training?

Pros: The airline did not disappoint and the customer service were very professional
Cons: Make sure the new signs are posted in all airports for boarding. That will help control people at the entrance

Pros: Smooth
Cons: Delayed because the airline misschdduled the pilots!! We had to wait for pilots to come to the plane... while one the plane

Pros: Smooth flight; informative crew

Pros: The agent on my departure flight at the ATL airport was amazing, boarding was quick, the flight attendants were great! I had an overall great experience.
Cons: Turbulence was pretty bad both flights.

Pros: Return trip was 30 min ahead of schedule
Cons: We had a 2 hour delay getting to NYC

Pros: The crew was nice but seemed super stressed out.
Cons: The plane was old, no entertainment was provided, tight space with little leg room and our plane departed late.

Pros: Left on time....arrived on time. Boarding was as good as it ever gets. Anytime you can get your carry on in the overhead bin it is a great flight.
Cons: It wasn't easy to find what gate I had to go to. I didn't see any boards in the check in area. It was only after TSA check that I found a staff member who gave me the information. After that all went okay. The problem might have been my is a big airport.

Pros: This time the tea was nice and hot!

Pros: Great crew. Good space on my exit row seat
Cons: Seat doesn't recline, though it's considered a "premium" seat. No power either. Ticketing process was crazy - I was not able to get a seat assignment until 5 minutes before boarding. Why? And there was no explanation of the situation. I had to ask, multiple times, what was going on,before I was finally told that I was going to get on, but they just didn't know where. This could be handled much more clearly!

Pros: The crew was so nice and helpful and the Captain’s in-flight announcements were helpful.

Pros: No problem with the flight itself
Cons: Fewer gate changes

Pros: Amazing crew
Cons: Perfect

Pros: Entertainment on seats
Cons: I sat in seat 12A- the window was so hot it was burning my arm and I was extremely hot. Not sure if it’s from the engine heat or sun but it’s probably a mechanical issue that the 737 should address. Horribly uncomfortable trip.

Pros: Crew were very nice.

Cons: flight delayed, gate busy when we got there, took train to next terminal and gate, plane was there for another 20 minutes but...door was closed and couldn't board...rebooked to different airport

Pros: Polite crew
Cons: No air traffic

Pros: The plane did not crash.
Cons: Pilot to passenger communication. On time departure. Cleanliness and comfort of plane. Bigger plane to accommodate roll aboards. Flight attendant’s attitude. Ticket price, but there’s no competition on the route.

Pros: Everything was awesome. No wait, fast boarding, nice crew!
Cons: Absolutely nothing. TSA in Tulsa can always speed up or open more lanes!

Cons: Communication among crew members was terrible. We had to ride a crowded shuttle over to the plane only to be told we could not get off because the crew was running late. The crew shows up and begins their pre-flight preparations, but we then could not get off the shuttle because of broken air system

Pros: Pilot and crew were great even though we had lots of delays due to weather
Cons: Gate agents were a little rude to some customers

Pros: The crew was pretty nice. The seats were actually comfortable.
Cons: I don't know; it's economy in a plane. It is what it is.

Cons: This leg of my trip went off without a hitch boarding and crew were very professional.

Pros: Flight was delayed, and unclear why.

Pros: Yes the flight was slightly empty so I had a ton of room!!!!

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Negative leg room. If the seat next to me had not been vacant, my legs would have lost circulation.

Pros: The TVs and free movies!

Pros: Getting off the plane
Cons: 3 hours late flight- customer care very insensitive and unhelpful

Pros: Lunch was GREAT- usually fly Delta but this was comparable.
Cons: WiFi, ESPECIALLY when you pay for a first class ticket, should be free. Further, the instructions for connecting to paid WiFi are NOT printed clearly anywhere. I had to go to the internet while on the ground. There are many movie and TV show options for free on your own device, however.

Cons: Delayed due to no available gate attendant. Limited ground crew.

Cons: TSA Safety Point officer was not on point..She Made me go through the checkpoint again just because I passed a zone where she was sitting at and not standing there to warn or stop people from passing through. This happen at the End and D gate terminals by Starbucks. I was very inconvenienced.

Pros: Plane was surprisingly spacious in coach and very clean.
Cons: They seemed to have entire plane boarding in group 6. Hardly anyone boarded in groups 1-5, and when they called 6 the entire gate area lined up.

Pros: The gate was close to security, quick embarkation, departure on time, kind and professional service, decent size aircraft and overhead bins.
Cons: Kind of dated, wifi didn’t work.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Pilot was going so fast never told us why we kept descending and going back up and people were throwing up and they wouldn’t give soda to settle stomachs

Pros: None of the experience was pleasant
Cons: First flight was delayed causing us to miss the 2nd flight and we ended sleeping on a chair at the airport waiting for a morning flight. AMERICAN AIRLINES didn't even have the decency to put us in a hotel for the night due to their delay. Then they added a 2nd lay over which was delayed for hours also. Traveling was to visit my mother who had cancer and I was sick so this made the trip even more distasteful.

Cons: No charging outlets on seat ( this something pretty standard on most planes now). The flight was delayed because of the plane had a problem with the tire. The passenger next to me had a broken tray with tape around it. The bathroom had a broken sink.

Pros: It makes such a difference when the attendant is happy and clearly enjoying her work and trying to make a difference. A fantastic boost after a long flight

Pros: It was a red eye and I made it back safely, and a couple of minutes before schedule. There was no food or snacks, barely had enough water to pass out. Otherwise it was an ok flight.
Cons: No snacks or food, barely enough water on the flight.

Pros: Arrived on time.
Cons: Seat space is bad. Food is all for a fee.

Pros: Eveything ran smoothly

Cons: Ground crew was inadequate and unorganized. Ground crew caused a late flight to be even later. Plane was overbooked and the ground crew was more interested in filling the flight than accommodating Advantage Member seating.

Pros: Left and arrived on time. Crew was friendly and professional.
Cons: Passengers are packed in like sardines. All carry on bags must be checked at the gate as the overhead bins are too small to accommodate anything except a small personal bag or jacket.

Cons: 5 hr delay

Pros: Premium space
Cons: Sporadic communication from flight deck on the nature of 2-hour flight delay. Initially we understood that dispatch was the issue because of fuel for the flight. Next, it was a weather delay followed by an apparent ground stop.

Pros: Relatively smooth flight
Cons: Seats are built for very small people. My knees were pressed into some hard surfaces for the entire 3+ hour flight. Made it a little painful to walk when we landed. The movie screens (not headrest systems) were all up overhead so you get a neck cramp watching anything. The headrest behind me pressed my shoulders forward and the extendable part would not stay up. The window stopped at about my shoulder so to look out I had to crouch down. AA better stop squeezing us for profits and start delivering a quality service or we'll all find some other airline that puts passengers first.

Pros: Staff polite and helpful. No complaints/ Slept all the way

Pros: The seats were more comfortable. You
Cons: The middle seat and the guy in front of me who decided to recline!!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The flight was cancelled. this is the third flight that has been cancelled to this destination. I waited for 7 hours in the airport and caught a flight on stand by. Because this has happended to me before I knew how to get a stand by ticket right away even though I was scheduled on a flight for later that day. Much later.

Pros: I enjoyed that the ride was only 35 minutes. The crew was helpful and professional. Quick and smooth trip and came in on time. Can't really ask for too much more than that.
Cons: The middle seat was a little cramped but I can't really complain since I lucked out with window seats the entire trip and only had to sit in the middle seat for the shortest plane ride on my trip.

Cons: It was an hour + late. A trip I took from Washington two weeks before was late in both directions.

Cons: Gate personnel was not as accommodating. Didn't seem like they wanted to help.

Pros: My flight was late leaving buffalo ny which caused me to miss my connecting flight in Phl.... Never once was this delay communicated to ONE person sitting at the gate in buffalo. I even asked the attendant in buffalo if the plane was present at 1:10 pm and he responded that it would be landing in ten minutes. We were scheduled to board at 1:16 although I am highly disappointed to have gotten home 2.5 hours later than anticipated...communication is my biggest complaint here.
Cons: See above

Pros: The plane was new and the leg room was worth the extra $20.
Cons: No inflight entertainment and the seat did not recline. I guess there are pros and cons in the exit row. I also had no choice but to buy the more expensive seat since all others were taken at check-in.

Pros: The food
Cons: Crew and the fact that they lost my bag

Pros: Staff was courteous, efficient, and professional. Plane was clean and the seats seemed roomier too. Pilot was excellent. He made up considerable time once we were in the air.
Cons: Flight kept getting delayed.

Cons: The delay

Pros: Because our first flight to philly was extremely late we were going to be unable to make our connecting flight to Wilmington sooooo had to cancel cour whole vacation to myrtle beach
Cons: Read above comments

Pros: Like I said before nice early boarding.
Cons: No problem

Pros: The crew seemed nice, and the seats themselves were basically comfortable. The option to check baggage at the gate was good, since it was a nearly full flight.
Cons: The seating was completely cramped. Airlines need to decrease rows in order to provide actual legroom. The boarding process didn't seem very logical in terms of rows and seats. I don't believe there was any food, but that may be because it was a red-eye. The pilot thought Springfield was in CT, which was alarming to me.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: How about a sip of water atleast

Cons: Nothing all good

Pros: The woman at the counter was helpful and cheerful.
Cons: The experience was poor due to a flight delay that would have resulted in a missed connection. This resulted in a very negative effect because I won't be able to make an important business meeting.

Pros: This plane is 4 seats across ... no middle seats
Cons: Overhead bins are tight even for standard suitcases.

Cons: The flight departed over 3 hours late. Rather than communicating a realistic departure time, the flight was delayed 6 times in 20-40 minute intervals.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: A flight not canceled due to mechanical failure. A staff that were actually helpful. United could care less and I will never fly with them again

Pros: Kind crew.
Cons: Did not allow me to have carry on. Had to pay for it to be checked. Unexpected cost.

Pros: Brought my own entertainment. Friendly staff. Great boarding process. On time departure

Pros: Great inflight service! On the ground faster than expected.
Cons: I asked to complementary check my small carry on, but the attendants at the desk would not let me. The stewardesses were booked too closely to their last flight and we were delayed - huge oversight. Boarding was chaotic as the gate immediately across from us was simultaneously boarding and the United staff made the whole process long and miserable by failing to call the next boarding group in a timely fashion. This is not the first time I’ve felt miserable while trying to board a United flight :/.

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: Kayak sent me a message that our connecting flight out of O'Hare was boarding at gate B5. However, checking the monitors in the terminal showed the correct gate was B21, which is on the opposite end of the terminal. I don't know why Kayak had the wrong information on this. We barely made our connecting flight because our starting flight was over 30 minutes late, which was United's fault. This made rushing to the correct gate for our connecting flight all the more stressful. No time to stop at the bathrooms or pick up something to eat. Both United and Kayak let me down on getting back to Hartford. We arrived at the end of boarding with no room left for our bags in the overheads so we had to check them and pick them up at the carousel. A totally BAD flight experience.

Pros: That goodness it was a short flight. Seats are small.

Pros: We were on time and the flights were excellent. Liked the way the pilot and the crew interacted. Appreciated the humor when the groundcrew was late parking us.

Pros: Crew friendliness
Cons: The cabin was way too cold. Audio beeps (fasten seat belts) are too loud

Cons: The crew was very rude, I was told I had to store my purse, the person next to me wouldn't store the carry on baggage, I needed to take scheduled medicine in flight, I couldn't as my purse was stowed. I was delayed for over and hour and a half after arriving. I had to stop and eat in the airport. With chronic health issues addressed this way I will probably not use United again.

Cons: My TSA pre number wasn't included in my ticket and I was delayed for over an hour

Cons: 4 hr DELAY

Cons: Been a long time since we had to walk down onto the tarmac to board a plane. Would rather not have to do that. Otherwise a good experience.

Pros: Pleasant interactions
Cons: Didn't realize I couldn't choose my seats with United's new fare

Pros: see above
Cons: see above

Pros: Nice plane, looks clean and new
Cons: Seats were surprisingly uncomfortable for some reason. They were new, but I think they're just new and not "broken in"?

Pros: The crew was all very polite, attentive and helpful. They were troupers amid a flight gone bad.
Cons: My wife and I booked a round trip to California from Connecticut. We had a layover in Dulles with plenty of time to change gates. We arrived at our gate and established our place in the waiting area. We were then required to change gates; this was not horribly stressful as the gate was near by: However, on the return flight things changed. Keep in mind that my wife has arthritic hips and knees and I have arthritic knees. Arriving at Dulles, we went to our waiting area at Gate C-19 and ordered a breakfast at a nearby kiosk. Before our order was ready an announcement stated that our gate was changing to D-24. We waited for our order but had to leave the coffees behind because the lids did not fit correctly and we didn't want to spill them on ourselves while hurrying to the new gate (about a mile away). We finally got to that gate and boarded the plane. We wanted to wait to eat our food until we were airborne. We waited on the plane for about 45 minutes in the heat. During that time the "gate attendant" announced that they were waiting for that pilot who could not be found but was in the airport. At the same time my United App on my iPhone messaged me that there was a mechanical issue with the plane and we were waiting for another plane. At the 45 minute mark we were told the plane had a mechanical issue and we would have to disembark and go to Gate D-1 (about 1/2 mile away). My wife and I were already exhausted and needed to stop, but we did not know how long we had before boarding the new plane so we pushed onward. We then were told the plane would be a couple hours and that there was snack and water at no charge. My wife and I proceeded to dissect our breakfast sandwiches to eat what ever was still less than discussing. The new plane arrived and all else went well. We were delayed over 3 hours but made it to Connecticut; exhausted and sore. We had been awake for over 29 hours by the time we hit Hartford, CT. This experience will linger in our minds for a long time and travel by United my not be possible for us. We are very traumatized.

Cons: The plane was dirty. Has crumbs of food all over the floor and I had to sweep off my seat before I sat down. There was trash beside my seat The attendants were loud and not professional with how they talked like they were from the hood. They kept the lights on making it hard to sleep

Pros: Everyone was friendly, but touchdown was kind of brutal

Pros: Flight left on time
Cons: The sweet wafer was a lot of empty calories.

Pros: Not much.
Cons: This flight was delayed 3.5 hours because of "weather" in was raining......

Pros: I completed my check in and printed my boarding passes online. The program was easy to use. The flight was on time and the crew was very courteous.There were no problems with my luggage. The service was excellent.

Cons: Late departure with no explanation. Had to walk outside in freezing snow and rain. Miserable.

Pros: Left on time. Arrived early.

Pros: Arriving early in LA
Cons: No head phones. toilet sink blocked paper bin not emptied check in at Rochester was a horror show. In end supervisor had to help. He said United wasn't connected to Air NZ star alliance. Also wanted to charge $35 for extra bags when we were flying business class from LA to Auckland. We are both currently Gold elite with Air NZ Cant use money to buy glass of wine or buy food. On way from LA to Rochester , 2 stages nite lights didnt work so couldn't read as window passenger pulled the blind down, it was night time.

Cons: Got delayed and flights cancelled with very little information or assistance from united to help solve the problem. Finally transferred to American Airlines and had a much better experience

Pros: On time

Cons: This was a connecting flight which I missed because of a giant delay on the first leg of my journey

Pros: On time flight. Great service from United crew.

Pros: crew ok
Cons: two delays caused anguish no info on connecting flight on board plane couldn't access entertainment without additional software arrived ewr late would almost ;miss boarding after running from gate 82 to 114 to find the flight was late," waiting for a plane." could not get accurate departure info. (people were waiting to pick us up) arrived at bdl just before midnight two bad flights not good at all

Pros: New plane. I like the new seats with the slot that can hold my iPad cover so I could watch a movie. The services was great.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Quick flight time.
Cons: The crew seemed so much less friendly on this flight, however they got the job done. I was scolded for having a carry on with me, although I did notice there was still a portion of overhead space that was unused. Also, no in-flight wifi service like the last flight was available it seemed. That was a bummer

Cons: Flight was delayed by more than an hour due to maintenance issue which could have been avoided.

Pros: Staff were nice.
Cons: They didn't even provide nuts!! No snacks at all after the long trip. There was a one hr delay at departure from NEWARK. And the seats were VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!

Pros: Free entertainment
Cons: Uncomfortable seating and couldn't sleep

Pros: Free entertainment on your own devices
Cons: We left late, so even though I had rushed to catch my connection, we still sat in the plane for half an hour. Is it possible to build in more time between connecting flights? Which luckily was also late. Too bad people now have to pay for food.

Pros: Crew on the plane was helpful and nice.
Cons: Crew boarding the plane was bossy and a bit rude. I also think it's very inappropriate that United boards it's pre board group by saying, "anyone with disabilities can board now" The term pre board was created so you wouldn't have to publicly announce that someone was disabled.

Cons: Second time in a month my united flight to ewr was cancelled. Will never fly with them again

Pros: Everything went smoothly
Cons: Uncomfortable seats

Pros: The flight attendant was superb. He made me laugh, and helped me relax because the plain stopped and they said we had to wait 20 minutes for take off and I had a connection plane with 45 minutes to get to the other plane:(
Cons: The seat felt hard, not cushioned enough, especially the back area

Pros: easy transfer
Cons: had to transfer

Pros: I didn't like anything ppl were rude.
Cons: I didn't like that both my flight were delayed. One was

Pros: The flight crew were nice
Cons: The seats were uncomfortable. We were not able to choose a snack, I had no knowledge what was inside the snack package, did not like. Unfortunately, our flight was delay a few times due to storm at Houston, we experience lots of turbulence while flying, no fault of the pilot. I think you should install TV's to help passengers relief some flying stress.

Pros: Blanket for lap
Cons: No service /selections. Paid for movie and fat child continually shut off TV w his fat arm on my armrest Boarding is very poor no assists as flight attendants virtually unattentive LAX dirty disgusting and no shops seating or restaurants No mvmt to allow stiff swollen legs all cramped in tiny seats. I pay bag fees while others get free checked bags at the gates. Many people are able to carry huge extra backpacks w no enforcement from staff Slows the whole trip down

Pros: Zero -- I will certainly never fly United again!
Cons: Having to wait 30 hours to get home. Having extremely rude or no service. Not receiving compensation for the trouble and inconvenience this airline caused.

Pros: The crew was very friendly AMD nice
Cons: It would have been better if my chair reclined and that baby didn't cry my whole flight

Pros: Boarding was good, crew was friendly.
Cons: Didn’t make it to Omaha. First flight went back to Phoenix due to issue with plane. I was offered a refund or to rebook 2 days later. I wanted to at least get to Denver so I could rent a car to drive the rest of the way since my connecting flight was gone. Didn’t get any vouchers or partial refund or anything to make up for the fact that half my flight was not used.

Cons: Frontier seems to always have friendly staff

Pros: 30- minutes early

Cons: Airport security at Orlando was insane! The line through TSA must have been over 500 yards. Also, it doesn't appear that this Frontier flight allowed for online confirmation so, although the Frontier Desk was super fast processing passengers, the two lines together was stressful and used up valuable pre-boarding time. Some advance warning might help passengers schedule their arrival at the airport.

Pros: when our first flight was delayed so long many of us would have missed our comnector so they held the flight until we got there.
Cons: more staff, not overworked and rude. better communication. no lost luggage.

Pros: Crew was very friendly
Cons: Pretty much everything else, should have WiFi by now even if it’s paid

Pros: Crew was great especially the guy, didn’t catch his name...
Cons: Seats that recline would’ve been nice

Pros: Crew was excellent, always smiling and upbeat!
Cons: I don't think it could have been, I will definitely fly Frontier again!

Cons: Being on time, giving free snacks/beverages, communication

Cons: It’s was delayed 3 hours in buffalo .

Pros: Couldn't get buttons to work on previous page. flight was fine

Pros: The new south terminal exceeded expectations
Cons: Tiny tray tables, uncomfortable seats.

Pros: They informed us about 5 hours in advance there was a delay.
Cons: The flight was very late. They gave me a voucher for $50 as a consolation, but it is only on purchasing a new ticket within 90 days, not very helpful. Since they nickel and dime you for seat selection, checked bags etc, it would be nice to at least use the voucher for seat selection on my return trip.

Pros: Very good. All as is supposed to be

Pros: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I mean I got where I was going and didn’t die, but that’s about the extent of the positive things I have to say.
Cons: Very uncomfortable seats, no beverage service. Up charge for literally everything, carry on’s were charged, as much as checking bags. I’ll be avoiding frontier like the plague in the future.

Pros: Flight was on time and boarding was smooth. The crew was great!

Pros: The flight was clean and nice we enjoy crew they are friendly I had sugar was down and she give me orange juice very fast thanks for that

Cons: 1 hour Late departure and It took 45 minutes to get our bags once we arrived in Austin. :(

Cons: Service was horrible! I originally had a 3 hour layover before my connecting flight which was delayed several times for various reasons which I know can be uncontrollable at times. Once I landed I only had 10 minutes to make it to my next flight in which I asked one of the flight attendants if I could move to the front of the aircraft to try and catch it and she did not allow me to do so and that they had to offload the plane “front to back.” I have seen multiple other airlines that allowed people trying to get to their next flight front-loaded off the aircraft. Once I found I missed my flight I was told that I would have to wait until midnight to fly to Orlando and then fly to my final destination (Nashville) at 6 am the next morning. I asked the attendant if they were able to provide a hotel or at the very least a meal but that wasn’t the case. I understand that things happen that delay flights but I would think this airline would be able to help their customers any way they can and that definitely was not the case! I will never fly Frontier ever again.

Cons: The flight was delayed three times.

Pros: price and non-stop flight
Cons: The flight was 60+ minutes late, due to another plane sitting on the runway. The other plane kept passengers sitting on the tarmac for over an hour. We were told the plane had mechanical problems. The waiting area was so crowded with people it was people standing all over the turned out that 2 flights full of people were waiting there. When we finally boarded, the plane had to be refueled and the plane had to be started up by being jumped or something because one motor was not working normallly; this was a bit frightening. Staff was not even smiling, or even comforting when we boarded. Brief apology by pilot.

Pros: Flight was great. Checkin etc was great

Pros: The service was Ok, but our flight was 4 hours delayed and it wasn't mechanical or weather related delay, the airline made a scheduling error, we almost missed our car rental and we didn't get to our destination til really late at night when it should been there in the daytime. Overall, won't fly with them again

Pros: Direct floght for the route with really no competition for the same airports and similar times. Checkin staff was courteous, embarking was swift, flight on time, safe, no issues.
Cons: No quick bag drop off option, very slow to be processed. Tons of fees, they really add up and if you pay the extras it can easily be more expensive than the competitors. Super rude and careless flight attendant. Asked for bathroom permission for my 3-year-old once we were at full altitude and she denied. Sure enough 2 minutes later an adult just went for it. Then as the seatbelt sign was off she was blocking the aisle with the trolley. When I asked kindly to make room, she didn’t even acknowledge that she heard my request... she did, eventually, without even looking at me. Also very slow to get the stroller and a bit slow to get the baggage but these latter issues may be airport dependent.

Pros: I thought that everything went fine except for the weather delays but I know that is not the fault of the airline.

Cons: the seats don't recline. there is no inflight entertainment. they additionally charge for seats and to carry on a bag.

Pros: Crew was nice and efficient at boarding.
Cons: No entertainment or at let not informed about any. Seat was to small and no leg room.

Pros: The seats were designed by a sadist
Cons: Seats not suitable for anyone other than a hobbit

Cons: We arrived at DIA 1.5 hrs early only to find frontier lines wrapped around the entire lobby and 100 deep on the curbside check in. We finally got to the baggage counter 4 minutes after the 45 min cutoff and were told that they could not put us on the plane. The cause? SIX check in attendances failed to show up to work in retaliation for Frontier's recent outsourcing of jobs and the fact that their "Discount Den" specials, which have flights out of Denver on Sundays as low as $3.50 were taxing the staff, so they essentially boycotted. All flights back to MCI out of ALL airlines were full so we and our small children had to rent an expensive suburban and drive all night to get to work on Monday after a 12 day vacation. Absolutely the WORST travel experience we have ever had.

Cons: I cancelled my flight a week before the time of departure they said that it'll cost me $99 to cancel the flight and $86.45 was supposed to be refunded. the lady told me it will take 7 to 10 business days when I called 3 days later on the 10th day I called and the gentleman told me that I don't get a refund I get a credit of the $86.45 that I can use to October 7th to use on any flight. My problem with that is I don't fly often and I had to cancel that due to my job. I feel that if I cancel a flight way in advance before the flight is being departed I should be able to get my refund back I'm sorry to say it is but I would never use this airline company again because if I knew that the first time. I wouldn't have done it. Oh I also found out because I keep getting updates from kayak of the flight that the flight was supposed to been I believe was 8:30 p.m. but due to rain it didn't leave Philadelphia Pennsylvania until around 11:45 p.m. so I'm kind of glad now I didn't go because my family member who I was going to visit would have been very upset because they had to stay up an extra 4 hours and they had to go to work the next morning.

Pros: The ticket was cheap. My flight from Atlanta was as good as anything I could expect. It was very smooth, no waiting, and I was upgraded at the gate to an exit row. To Atlanta, wasn't as nice. But still an affordable ticket.
Cons: On my way home to Atlanta, they left my Prechk off my tickets and I got relegated to a center seat (which is very hard for me because I'm claustrophobic). I understand that Frontier is cutting costs as much as possible to provide cheap tickets, of that I am truly grateful, but the fact that they won't even provide you water free seems a bit much. There are probably a lot of people who don't know this and dehydration is vicious on a flight so crammed in. Also, I can understand no entertainment whatsoever on a hop flight (less than 2 hours), but nothing at all on a 4 hour flight also seems hard to understand. Heck, even a magazine would have been nice, but where would they put it?

Pros: Seats have great leg space and are so comfortable !

Cons: The delay and boarding was a nightmare

Pros: Nothing at all
Cons: Thought I would take a gamble and fly this Airline again. Flew them to Denver almost 6 years ago and was impressed. On May 3rd I flew them to Denver from Portland. Might have been the Worest fight ever taken. Flight was delayed almost 4hours when all said and done. The seats felt like something out of Disneyland ride, and my table was the smallest thing i have ever seen. Surprised I wasn't charaged a fee to have air on the plane. On positive I can say was the airline bought me dinner after being stuck for 4hours. Beware...

Pros: Not much.
Cons: Seats are cheap and very uncomfortable! Paying for carry on? Website was not clear that I had to pay for Everything. I don't think I will be flying this airline again, unless I have no choice.

Pros: The pilot was very nice and let my 3 kids into the cockpit. Plus, he kept the plane well informed. The flight was nice and safe.
Cons: The seats on these newer planes are ridiculous. The snack tray is so tiny - it really through a wrench into the activities we had planned for the kids. The website really "spins" why paying extra for everything is to your advantage - I don't think so - it's called greed! I longed for an older plane with what we use to think was bad seating - they would feel like a comfortable couch now. These new seats are a pre-formed plastic seat with flimsy material stretched over it. No wifi and no entertainment options. This is truly bare-bones flying.

Pros: You fuckers make me pay for a carry on and then expect real feedback for free? Ha

Cons: Paying for a coke???? come on.......

Cons: seats could be a little softer maybe some memory foam??

Pros: The flight crew on the first leg was friendly and efficient.
Cons: The fly attendants read thru announcements in a very bored tone and so quickly that some passengers were asking "what did she say?". This is not only dangerous but reflects a lazy attitude on the Denver to Memphis leg.

Pros: They are charge me for carry bag $40
Cons: They are charge me for carry bag $40 I book and pay online ticket $60 only Thank tto

Pros: on time
Cons: most uncomfortable plane i have been on.

Pros: Paid extra for emergency row seats, so we had leg room. We paid for luggage, which they lost, but found within 28 hrs
Cons: Late departure, lost luggage. Extra fees for everything

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: Being 2 hours late

Pros: The ticket check in experience was wonderfully. That was the only good thing I can say about this flight
Cons: Every single crew member aboard my plane was exceptionallying rude. All of them looked like they hated being there. It was not just that they were rude to me, I witnessed several different occasions. Everythinggood from a stewardess who lost her temper with a man who didn't speak English for simply not putting up his tray table to the out right disrespect for a man who just wanted some water. I was in shock for the duration of the flight and spoke in depth about it to my girlfriend who was also appalled at the customer service. I do not expect everyone to love their job, but I'feel you work in customer service I do expect you to do your job. I am active duty military and when I boarded the plane, when called, I was looked at by the ticket woman like I was somehow doing something wrong. I expect more out of an airline if I am spending that much money to go on vacation. I feel that the worst part of the experience was that the incidents I witnessed were not only from one worker. Every single one showed a lack of respect and a level of rudeness I have never seen. I usually do not take the time to review anything but because of just how bad this flight was, I decided that this will be my very first review. As of now, if asked their is no way I would ever advise someone to fly with this airline. I would in fact tell them to rebook if I found out they were. I hope you can make this right for the people aboard that flight aND fix the problems that led to this issue.

Pros: We landed on time
Cons: Everything, this was a completely miserable experience! Pay extra to choose your seat or risk not sitting beside your spouse, pay extra for checked bags, extra for carry-on, extra for s soda, hard fixed seats can't even lean back. Avoid this airline for long flights!

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