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Sep 25 — Oct 21
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Sat 9/25
Sat 10/2

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JetBlueOverall score based on 19751 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: The stewardess could have done less talking over the plane intercom

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Cons: The stewardess could have done less talking over the plane intercom

Pros: Good entertainment
Cons: Leg room!

Cons: We sat in front of rear toilets. It wasn't clear to me when in the process of booking I was supposed to choose seats

Pros: Seat was comfortable and JetBlue agent helped me and my husband to get seats together.
Cons: No complaints

Pros: Crew was great. Boarding was easy.
Cons: How about letting my seat tilt back a bit. Back was not happy.

Cons: Apart from being late by 45 minutes, overall experience of flight was positive.

Pros: The crew was very nice.
Cons: I was going home for a funeral, so my thoughts were just in another world and not occupied with the travel.

Cons: Tv didn't work :(

Pros: Overall, we love Jetblue.
Cons: Our seats changed from the ones we picked which were mid-plane, to the very last row. While convenient for the restroom, it has us getting off the plane.

Pros: The gay guys on the crew were very funny and entertaining.

Pros: I was able to rest.

Pros: Nothing. Changed flight altogether.
Cons: The flight was incrementally changed over 8 hour period. Little comfort was provided to passengers while waiting. I finally asked to be rescheduled to a different flight and left the airport. This resulted in additional travel costs. Options should have been offered to passengers. It was terrible. I plan to contact jet blue and request a travel credit.

Pros: We finally made
Cons: Messed up my sleep, health, schedule by staying in the airport all night 7 hours late is horrible

Cons: turbulence and delay, all weather related

Cons: Map program on screen To many ads

Cons: It was not s dislike, I did not use the entertainment offered so not able to rate it properly-and the snacks -no complaints-they were quite nice as snacks go,just not a big snacker

Pros: Peaceful Great crew I just love Jet Blue
Cons: Can’t say

Pros: We were on time. Great leg room.

Pros: I loved Jet Blue's TV for every passenger. It made the time pass quickly. The staff was cordial & polite.

Cons: The entertainment system was not working.

Pros: The convenient updates I received on my phone.
Cons: No complaints

Pros: On time actually arrived early but could not get off of plane so really did not matter

Pros: The crew was excellent, super nice and kind.
Cons: For the ones who don’t have “even more space” is very difficult spend all the hours. The legs hurts! Also, the organization at the moment of boarding. Omg!! If we have a group letter respect that and wait, the security people as to work on it. People need to understand that they have to respect the rules. No everyone stand up and doesn’ let you get in because they are in the middle. Security has to work on it.

Cons: This is the third time that my flight is delayed when traveling with JetBlue, no compensation received.

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing!

Pros: My flight was a little over an hour so it was quick, but the crew was great. We got complementary drinks and snacks despite the short journey. The plane had TVs on the seatbacks for those who like the entertainment!
Cons: My only complaint is the flight delay, caused by a malfunctioning AC, but that’s not the airline’s fault. The pilot got us there only 20 minutes later than scheduled despite being delayed by more than 30 minutes.

Pros: Leg room was good, comfortable.
Cons: A 4 hour delay with no explanation as to why. Also don't like that you don't give earbugs for the entertainment.

Pros: the flight was 3 hours late, but I appreciate the $75 credit you offered!
Cons: my screen wasn't working, but the flight attendant moved me to a new seat when I asked

Pros: Boarding was easy and fast; the planes were almost *exactly* on time both for departures and arrivals! Staff was friendly. I have absolutely no complaints!
Cons: Can't think of anything. :)

Pros: Extra foot rm. Clean
Cons: almost an hour late

Pros: Traveling with Jet Blue was one of the best flying experiences I've had in recent memory. Quick boarding, kind flight attendants, on-time arrivals, free in-flight wifi, and excellent prices. What more can you ask for?
Cons: My seat didn't recline, but then I was relocated to an even more room seat, so I really have no complaints.

Pros: The flight was delayed due to some maintenance issues. Staff were friendly calm and helpful to the extent they could be with something out of their control. The company rerouted a different plane to take us since ours was going to be so late, turning a 2 1/2 hr delay into just a 1 hr delay. Boarding was super efficient, in flight service excellent. They comped us our headphones because of the delay, a nice touch. This is my 3rd great customer service experience with JB in as many months (the other 2 involved waiving charges to change flights, once gor me when I was suddenly ill, and for my cousin, when a changed circumstance made her need to travel on a different day, alone with 4 kids). Between Kayak and JetBlue app I got very frequent updates on flight status, but gate staff also were there and informed us in person.

Pros: I helped a girl who missed her flight and the attendant was very helpful.
Cons: Cost of checking in a bag. The first 50 lbs. at $25.00 is fine but if you are 1 lb, over 50 lbs. having to pay $100.00 is to much, maybe $50.00 for 51 lbs. to 70lbs. and so on.

Cons: The tv screen had a loose connection and was flickering like a strobe light. Would have been great if not for that

Pros: The crew, the bathroom, on time
Cons: Problems with 1 tv but crew was helpful; arm rest padding was loose on one chair

Pros: The flight was great.
Cons: The tv controls didn’t work

Cons: It was very interesting to see that the flight attendants on the plan were taking people orders for beverages with a note pad and then coming back with a tray. This just seems like a very inefficient way of getting a simple task done.

Cons: Nothing

Cons: Flight departure was delayed 2 hours without explanation. Check in process was chaos. Flight was delayed an additional hour once the passengers were in the plane waiting for luggage to come through. Once at destination, getting off the plane was delayed due to an issue with two passengers which required state police to come on board.

Cons: Had a lot of trouble connecting to wifi. I wasn't sure how to do it or it wasn't working properly.

Pros: It boarded with ease, it left on time, and we got in early. Perfect!

Pros: Seat was comfortable but our flight was over 1 hour late. In Hartford the baggage has not started to come out 20 minutes after lanfing.
Cons: See above

Pros: In flight movie

Pros: Boarding was simple, the seats were spacious, the flight was easy, the landing was smooth. I love flying with delta!
Cons: I have nothing negative to say with my flight today.

Pros: We were in row 9. We had the row to ourselves so lots of leg room and a middle area to stretch out and into. A rare experience these days. And on time. Great trip.

Pros: Friendly crew, flighr arrived early even though we were a little late leaving, bags came out fairly quickly at destination, flight not overcrowded, plane was clean.

Pros: Leg room.
Cons: The 2 hour plus delay in leaving due to jet blue's poor management around crew rotation.

Pros: El vuelo no se atrasó y a pesar del mal tiempo, pudimos llegar bien.

Pros: I did like the movies available
Cons: Not sure but seems like the flight was over booked. Flight crew should make sure carry on bags are whats in the storage not a birthday cake

Pros: Fatal
Cons: Muy malo el viaje

Pros: The crew was so nice and helpful and the Captain’s in-flight announcements were helpful.

Pros: No problem with the flight itself
Cons: Fewer gate changes

Pros: Amazing crew
Cons: Perfect

Pros: Excellent crew staff helping elderly handicapped man. Thank you from Team Trump.
Cons: Snack would have been nice. Haven’t eaten since 6am before we left providence

Pros: Crew were very nice.

Cons: flight delayed, gate busy when we got there, took train to next terminal and gate, plane was there for another 20 minutes but...door was closed and couldn't board...rebooked to different airport

Pros: Polite crew
Cons: No air traffic

Pros: Everything was awesome. No wait, fast boarding, nice crew!
Cons: Absolutely nothing. TSA in Tulsa can always speed up or open more lanes!

Pros: Customer service was excellent, flight was on time.
Cons: Nothing for this flight.

Pros: Crew was great.
Cons: Between mechanical, weather, lightning, fueling/routing delays; I have been pushed back at least 4 hours from my original arrival time at my final destination.

Cons: Communication among crew members was terrible. We had to ride a crowded shuttle over to the plane only to be told we could not get off because the crew was running late. The crew shows up and begins their pre-flight preparations, but we then could not get off the shuttle because of broken air system

Pros: Pilot and crew were great even though we had lots of delays due to weather
Cons: Gate agents were a little rude to some customers

Pros: Flight was delayed, and unclear why.

Cons: Flight delayed over 2 1/2 hrs causing missed meetings

Pros: They have Wow Bao in the airport.
Cons: Being allowed to fly on the plane.

Cons: Delayed more than 2 hours

Pros: Short flight
Cons: Negative leg room. If the seat next to me had not been vacant, my legs would have lost circulation.

Pros: The TVs and free movies!

Pros: The flight attendant was very nice and tried to make our long delay tolerable
Cons: Why do you board a flight when the airport has grounded takeoffs? Just to meet some stupid metric for on-time departures, you make 100 people sit in the plane for 2 hrs, when you could have just let them wait to board. Misery.

Pros: Crew was very friendly.
Cons: Seatbelt was far too short for someone plus sized.

Pros: Lunch was GREAT- usually fly Delta but this was comparable.
Cons: WiFi, ESPECIALLY when you pay for a first class ticket, should be free. Further, the instructions for connecting to paid WiFi are NOT printed clearly anywhere. I had to go to the internet while on the ground. There are many movie and TV show options for free on your own device, however.

Cons: Delayed due to no available gate attendant. Limited ground crew.

Cons: TSA Safety Point officer was not on point..She Made me go through the checkpoint again just because I passed a zone where she was sitting at and not standing there to warn or stop people from passing through. This happen at the End and D gate terminals by Starbucks. I was very inconvenienced.

Cons: No charging outlets on seat ( this something pretty standard on most planes now). The flight was delayed because of the plane had a problem with the tire. The passenger next to me had a broken tray with tape around it. The bathroom had a broken sink.

Pros: Had no problems. Everything went smoothly thank God.

Pros: boarding process
Cons: seats feel crowded. the actual seat is very uncomfortable, they lack padding.

Pros: It makes such a difference when the attendant is happy and clearly enjoying her work and trying to make a difference. A fantastic boost after a long flight

Pros: It was a red eye and I made it back safely, and a couple of minutes before schedule. There was no food or snacks, barely had enough water to pass out. Otherwise it was an ok flight.
Cons: No snacks or food, barely enough water on the flight.

Pros: Arrived on time.
Cons: Seat space is bad. Food is all for a fee.

Cons: The limitation on available hardware that is compatible with the GoGo app prevented us from enjoying the available entertainment.

Cons: Horrible - Flight was diverted to IAD for no legitimate reason. Rebooked out of DCA with no travel vouchers. Most likely never booking with American Airlines again.

Cons: Ground crew was inadequate and unorganized. Ground crew caused a late flight to be even later. Plane was overbooked and the ground crew was more interested in filling the flight than accommodating Advantage Member seating.

Pros: Staff polite and helpful. No complaints/ Slept all the way

Pros: The seats were more comfortable. You
Cons: The middle seat and the guy in front of me who decided to recline!!!

Pros: Flight departed on time.our trip out there was disappointing , causing us to get there very late costing us money.
Cons: Airline did not notify us that as of 10-15-16 the Samsung Note 7 phone could not be bought on the plane. Because my sister Phillip Mae had a meeting at 10am in Greensboro, N.C. she was forced to give her phone to American Airline.

Pros: I enjoyed that the ride was only 35 minutes. The crew was helpful and professional. Quick and smooth trip and came in on time. Can't really ask for too much more than that.
Cons: The middle seat was a little cramped but I can't really complain since I lucked out with window seats the entire trip and only had to sit in the middle seat for the shortest plane ride on my trip.

Cons: It was an hour + late. A trip I took from Washington two weeks before was late in both directions.

Pros: My 17 year old daughter flew American Airlines to attend a wedding. She recently had spinal surgery and is not able to lift more than 5lbs. After being assured by the airline that staff would help her with her carryon luggage, she was abandoned and ignored by both flight attendants. Each flight attendant referred het to the next, so she is walking back and forth tor their amusement. Tears rolling down her face, finally an elderly passenger helped her. Then the staff gave her attitude the entire flight. She may appear healthy, but she was cut from her neck to her waist and had two rods inserted along with bone grafts. I just cannot believe how awful she was treated.
Cons: The customer service was terroble. My daughter was humiliated.

Cons: Gate personnel was not as accommodating. Didn't seem like they wanted to help.

Pros: The plane was new and the leg room was worth the extra $20.
Cons: No inflight entertainment and the seat did not recline. I guess there are pros and cons in the exit row. I also had no choice but to buy the more expensive seat since all others were taken at check-in.

Pros: Staff was courteous, efficient, and professional. Plane was clean and the seats seemed roomier too. Pilot was excellent. He made up considerable time once we were in the air.
Cons: Flight kept getting delayed.

Pros: Treated like a person not a ticket
Cons: N/A

Pros: No complaints
Cons: It's was good

Cons: The delay

Pros: Like I said before nice early boarding.
Cons: No problem

Pros: The crew seemed nice, and the seats themselves were basically comfortable. The option to check baggage at the gate was good, since it was a nearly full flight.
Cons: The seating was completely cramped. Airlines need to decrease rows in order to provide actual legroom. The boarding process didn't seem very logical in terms of rows and seats. I don't believe there was any food, but that may be because it was a red-eye. The pilot thought Springfield was in CT, which was alarming to me.

Cons: The delay

Cons: My son and I were scheduled to leave Providence to Philadelphia on Monday at 6:05. Flight went through a series of delays until we were finally informed that our flight would not make the flight departing Philly to SF. Rather than fly to Philly during the DNC, we decided to SPEND ANOTHER NIGHT IN PROVIDENCE and take the flight out the next day. This part of the trip caused me to lose a day of work and spend more money on a hotel and meals. This was very poor planning on your part since there were flights flying in and out of both places, but your company was short one aircraft that would have gotten my son and I home on time!!! This was my last flight on American Airlines and I will be sure to spread the word to my friends and family that you have become too unreliable!!

Pros: The plane broke in D.C. I had to rent a car to finish the last leg of my trip. They probably won't reimbursement me for either. I try never to book with AA, but it was last minute and I didn't have a choice.
Cons: Stop saying sorry and just be better.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: How about a sip of water atleast

Cons: Nothing all good

Pros: I liked that the plane didn’t crash!

Pros: This plane is 4 seats across ... no middle seats
Cons: Overhead bins are tight even for standard suitcases.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: A flight not canceled due to mechanical failure. A staff that were actually helpful. United could care less and I will never fly with them again

Pros: NOTHING!! I had to book them another flight thru another airline, because they had a delayed stating weather issues when it was nice and sunny so they couldn't make it on time. I will never trust United Airlines not for myself or any on my family members, nobody period!

Pros: Kind crew.
Cons: Did not allow me to have carry on. Had to pay for it to be checked. Unexpected cost.

Pros: Great inflight service! On the ground faster than expected.
Cons: I asked to complementary check my small carry on, but the attendants at the desk would not let me. The stewardesses were booked too closely to their last flight and we were delayed - huge oversight. Boarding was chaotic as the gate immediately across from us was simultaneously boarding and the United staff made the whole process long and miserable by failing to call the next boarding group in a timely fashion. This is not the first time I’ve felt miserable while trying to board a United flight :/.

Pros: Nothing!
Cons: Kayak sent me a message that our connecting flight out of O'Hare was boarding at gate B5. However, checking the monitors in the terminal showed the correct gate was B21, which is on the opposite end of the terminal. I don't know why Kayak had the wrong information on this. We barely made our connecting flight because our starting flight was over 30 minutes late, which was United's fault. This made rushing to the correct gate for our connecting flight all the more stressful. No time to stop at the bathrooms or pick up something to eat. Both United and Kayak let me down on getting back to Hartford. We arrived at the end of boarding with no room left for our bags in the overheads so we had to check them and pick them up at the carousel. A totally BAD flight experience.

Pros: We were on time and the flights were excellent. Liked the way the pilot and the crew interacted. Appreciated the humor when the groundcrew was late parking us.

Cons: entertainment was intermittent

Pros: Crew friendliness
Cons: The cabin was way too cold. Audio beeps (fasten seat belts) are too loud

Cons: The crew was very rude, I was told I had to store my purse, the person next to me wouldn't store the carry on baggage, I needed to take scheduled medicine in flight, I couldn't as my purse was stowed. I was delayed for over and hour and a half after arriving. I had to stop and eat in the airport. With chronic health issues addressed this way I will probably not use United again.

Cons: 4 hr DELAY

Pros: Great staff and breakfast was very refreshing. Will definitely fly with United again.

Cons: Na

Cons: Pretty good. I'd fly united agsin.

Cons: Been a long time since we had to walk down onto the tarmac to board a plane. Would rather not have to do that. Otherwise a good experience.

Pros: see above
Cons: see above

Pros: Nothing, the fact that they were my membership partner for milege
Cons: Food was bad, boarding process sucks , seat sucks for first class, no free wifi , old dated devices , was not offer personal device on first class, crew seem mad all the time

Pros: Nice plane, looks clean and new
Cons: Seats were surprisingly uncomfortable for some reason. They were new, but I think they're just new and not "broken in"?

Pros: The crew was all very polite, attentive and helpful. They were troupers amid a flight gone bad.
Cons: My wife and I booked a round trip to California from Connecticut. We had a layover in Dulles with plenty of time to change gates. We arrived at our gate and established our place in the waiting area. We were then required to change gates; this was not horribly stressful as the gate was near by: However, on the return flight things changed. Keep in mind that my wife has arthritic hips and knees and I have arthritic knees. Arriving at Dulles, we went to our waiting area at Gate C-19 and ordered a breakfast at a nearby kiosk. Before our order was ready an announcement stated that our gate was changing to D-24. We waited for our order but had to leave the coffees behind because the lids did not fit correctly and we didn't want to spill them on ourselves while hurrying to the new gate (about a mile away). We finally got to that gate and boarded the plane. We wanted to wait to eat our food until we were airborne. We waited on the plane for about 45 minutes in the heat. During that time the "gate attendant" announced that they were waiting for that pilot who could not be found but was in the airport. At the same time my United App on my iPhone messaged me that there was a mechanical issue with the plane and we were waiting for another plane. At the 45 minute mark we were told the plane had a mechanical issue and we would have to disembark and go to Gate D-1 (about 1/2 mile away). My wife and I were already exhausted and needed to stop, but we did not know how long we had before boarding the new plane so we pushed onward. We then were told the plane would be a couple hours and that there was snack and water at no charge. My wife and I proceeded to dissect our breakfast sandwiches to eat what ever was still less than discussing. The new plane arrived and all else went well. We were delayed over 3 hours but made it to Connecticut; exhausted and sore. We had been awake for over 29 hours by the time we hit Hartford, CT. This experience will linger in our minds for a long time and travel by United my not be possible for us. We are very traumatized.

Cons: The plane was dirty. Has crumbs of food all over the floor and I had to sweep off my seat before I sat down. There was trash beside my seat The attendants were loud and not professional with how they talked like they were from the hood. They kept the lights on making it hard to sleep

Pros: Everyone was friendly, but touchdown was kind of brutal

Cons: The flight was delayed by 2 hours causing me to miss my connecting flight to Indianapolis. Went to the service desk to re-book, and nothing could be done to get me out in time. Customer service was not great. I was flying to see my daughter graduate, and the only time they could get me out was when the graduation started. No hotel vouchers were given for the delay either, so the airport bench ended up being the bed. So I ended up being stranded in Newark for an additional 8 hours to just miss her graduation.

Pros: I received an unexpected free upgrade to first class. Two thumbs up!
Cons: No complaints. Every aspect of the flight met or exceeded my expectations.

Cons: Delays

Cons: One hour delay, no microphone to hear what the desk staff was actually announcing, desk staff were also completely unprofessional. Made my connecting flight by less than a minute thanks to SPRINTING through the airport because of the delay - a less able bodied person would not have made it. Overall ridiculous and dissappointing

Pros: Left on time. Arrived early.

Pros: Plane was filthy & disgusting! I asked the stewardess for a towel to wipe down my table that was covered in sticky gunk, she just handed me a Wet One. Passengers table next to me was the same. My checked was only 3 lb over the 50 lb limit. United actually made me take 3 pairs of dirty jeans out & carry them with me in a Target shopping bag! Ridiculous!

Pros: Nice comfortable flight slept through the flight
Cons: The delay of the flight

Pros: On time

Cons: This was a connecting flight which I missed because of a giant delay on the first leg of my journey

Pros: On time flight. Great service from United crew.

Pros: crew ok
Cons: two delays caused anguish no info on connecting flight on board plane couldn't access entertainment without additional software arrived ewr late would almost ;miss boarding after running from gate 82 to 114 to find the flight was late," waiting for a plane." could not get accurate departure info. (people were waiting to pick us up) arrived at bdl just before midnight two bad flights not good at all

Pros: New plane. I like the new seats with the slot that can hold my iPad cover so I could watch a movie. The services was great.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Quick flight time.
Cons: The crew seemed so much less friendly on this flight, however they got the job done. I was scolded for having a carry on with me, although I did notice there was still a portion of overhead space that was unused. Also, no in-flight wifi service like the last flight was available it seemed. That was a bummer

Cons: Flight was delayed by more than an hour due to maintenance issue which could have been avoided.

Pros: Staff were nice.
Cons: They didn't even provide nuts!! No snacks at all after the long trip. There was a one hr delay at departure from NEWARK. And the seats were VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!

Pros: Free entertainment
Cons: Uncomfortable seating and couldn't sleep

Pros: Free entertainment on your own devices
Cons: We left late, so even though I had rushed to catch my connection, we still sat in the plane for half an hour. Is it possible to build in more time between connecting flights? Which luckily was also late. Too bad people now have to pay for food.

Pros: Crew on the plane was helpful and nice.
Cons: Crew boarding the plane was bossy and a bit rude. I also think it's very inappropriate that United boards it's pre board group by saying, "anyone with disabilities can board now" The term pre board was created so you wouldn't have to publicly announce that someone was disabled.

Pros: They have a snack and a drink on such a short flight.
Cons: No leg room or entertainment. Receiving baggage after the flight took 15 min (carry-on baggage)

Pros: Everything went smoothly
Cons: Uncomfortable seats

Pros: Everything! My grandparents needed special assistance with wheelchair and the crew was very helpful!

Pros: easy transfer
Cons: had to transfer

Pros: I didn't like anything ppl were rude.
Cons: I didn't like that both my flight were delayed. One was

Pros: The flight crew were nice
Cons: The seats were uncomfortable. We were not able to choose a snack, I had no knowledge what was inside the snack package, did not like. Unfortunately, our flight was delay a few times due to storm at Houston, we experience lots of turbulence while flying, no fault of the pilot. I think you should install TV's to help passengers relief some flying stress.

Pros: Blanket for lap
Cons: No service /selections. Paid for movie and fat child continually shut off TV w his fat arm on my armrest Boarding is very poor no assists as flight attendants virtually unattentive LAX dirty disgusting and no shops seating or restaurants No mvmt to allow stiff swollen legs all cramped in tiny seats. I pay bag fees while others get free checked bags at the gates. Many people are able to carry huge extra backpacks w no enforcement from staff Slows the whole trip down

Pros: Window seat and nice crew
Cons: Need plugs my phone died on the flight

Cons: Airport security at Orlando was insane! The line through TSA must have been over 500 yards. Also, it doesn't appear that this Frontier flight allowed for online confirmation so, although the Frontier Desk was super fast processing passengers, the two lines together was stressful and used up valuable pre-boarding time. Some advance warning might help passengers schedule their arrival at the airport.

Pros: The crew and attendants were professional. The seats were like sitting on a wooden bench, but that was expected. You get what you pay for from a CHEAP airline.
Cons: It could have been on time . Not 3 hours and 45 minutes late!!!!!!!!!! When i came back to the airport the second time I got there 43 minutes before the flight YES, 3 THREE MINUTES after their cutoff time for checked bags, and they would not check my bag. I had to pay $16.00 extra to carry it on. I travel 7 months out of the year and have never had anything happen like this before. I was the only one in line and the "Customer Service" person was indignant and reminded me that i was the last person to sign in. I guess the last people to sign in, or maybe all people that sign in get treated with utter disrespect. I am 3 minutes late, Frontier is 3 hours and 45 minutes late and i am the one who gets treated with disrespect . Horrible!!!!! Inexpensive airline, NO they are a CHEAP airline that doesn't give a damn about its customers. I will be going to the internet, the Points Guys, the FAA, and to their corporate offices next. Although I won't be expecting a response from their corporate offices because the culture of CHEAP customer service starts at the top!

Pros: The view.
Cons: The seats

Cons: Free pretzels or cookies

Pros: The flight crew was by far the most entertaining I have ever experienced.
Cons: Free in flight snacks.

Pros: when our first flight was delayed so long many of us would have missed our comnector so they held the flight until we got there.
Cons: more staff, not overworked and rude. better communication. no lost luggage.

Pros: Crew was very friendly
Cons: Pretty much everything else, should have WiFi by now even if it’s paid

Cons: Bathroom was beyond tiny

Pros: Crew was great especially the guy, didn’t catch his name...
Cons: Seats that recline would’ve been nice

Pros: Crew was excellent, always smiling and upbeat!
Cons: I don't think it could have been, I will definitely fly Frontier again!

Cons: Being on time, giving free snacks/beverages, communication

Pros: Very little. It’s a budget airline and it shows.
Cons: Plenty. It’s budget in every sense of the word. Everything is an upcharge. Seats don’t recline. Water ain’t free. No snacks. Seats are thin and you’re jammed in. The check in staff is pure amateur hour compared to traditional carriers. Baggage claim was a bewildering mess.

Pros: Nice ride. Nice crew!
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Yes, the crew was friendly & helpful. The pilot kept us updated throughout the flight.
Cons: There was no explanation as to why our flight was delayed 2 hours. No plane was in sight for us to board for those 2 hours.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Mechanical problems both ways. Never flying with them again

Pros: Nice, roomy plane, on time flight
Cons: No free drinks or snack

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: Frontier seats do NOT recline!! Enjoy that for a 4 hour flight!!!

Pros: Friendly staff smooth flight

Pros: Pilots seemed to know what they were doing.
Cons: Flight was delayed 3 1/2 hours. Staff gave no reason for delay and were annoyed at the customers for asking questions. Staff in the plane was the worst I have ever experienced. They simple cared nothing for their jobs or the customers

Cons: I don’t like that baggage is a fee, seat is another, and even snacks are another.

Pros: The crew and especially the attendant at the baggage counter were all super nice and helpful
Cons: Everything else. -2.5 hour delay with no explanation or updates -Upcharges for everything -$45 to check a bag? -Uncharacteristic scary altitude drop-we are frequent flyers and felt like we were crashing -If you’re going to upcharge for everything including water, at lease offer the damn internet for a fee like everyone else. Nothing offered for in flight entertainment whatsoever. -expensive, poor food

Cons: Arrived 25 minutes prior to the flight, after checking in to hours before the flight. No electronic ticket available and no printers available at frontier ticket counter. No front tier personnel available. No front tier electronic kiosk to print tickets. Missed my flight because I could not get through security. Frontier need to upgrade their customer service at Providence TE Green Airport. It reads poorly and I will not fly frontier again

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: I liked the boarding process. I liked the crew.
Cons: Why arent we offered free beverages and in flight snacks? At one time it was a regular occurance. Is the cost that great for a bottled water and a bag of pretzels?

Pros: The assistance was very helpful because my Mom is disabled. The crew n boarding was very good with the treatment for my Mom n nephew.

Pros: The inexpensive price until it came to paying for my luggage. The inability to pay for luggage begore boarding.
Cons: The baggage price was to expensive.

Pros: All perfect

Pros: cheap
Cons: luggage was more expensive than the flight

Pros: I appreciate the pilot's skill - I get motion sickness very easily and this flight was very smooth. I'm grateful!

Pros: Cheap one way non stop options
Cons: Every bit of it

Cons: There's no "complimentary" snacks on Frontier. Which is fine, their flights are cheap and comfortable and the snacks are affordable. I also don't really appreciate having to pay for a carry on. I knew about this so made sure my bag would be considered a personal item, but I just don't know how I feel about that as a backpack may not even fit under that seat. But again, the flight was cheap. So, I don't know.

Pros: Not much.
Cons: Where do I start. Ticket counter at check in is an abomination even if you did it online as they suggest. The airline groups together those needing check in and those dropping off bags which makes no sense at all. Results in a long process. Nickel and dime you until the savings from a traditional airline is non-existent. Seats are uncomfortable, crew is unpleasant. No wifi or entertainment. And baggage is always delayed. Pay the money for a regular airline.

Pros: Nice new clean plane

Cons: Seats are hard and uncomfortable. Very small drink tray and lights are not adjustable.

Cons: 5 hours late, bad seats, no service, swapped the airplane for a smaller model. Never more flying frontier. The worst airline. Finally had to wait 20 min.for the gate at arrival

Pros: Cheap, comfortable and friendly staff
Cons: Getting off the plane took forever on both legs.

Pros: They charge you for everything nothing is complimentary . The seats are super uncomfortable. No tvs can't recline. They want you to think your saving So much because the ticket is cheap but they end up charging you for literally everything else. They charge you for everything nothing is complimentary . The seats are super uncomfortable. No tvs can't recline. They want you to think your saving So much because the ticket is cheap but they end up charging you for literally everything else.
Cons: They charge you for everything nothing is complimentary . The seats are super uncomfortable. No tvs can't recline. They want you to think your saving So much because the ticket is cheap but they end up charging you for literally everything else. Not worth it at all!!!

Pros: The price was right, and the flight was on time. The crew were friendly, and the airplane was quite clean.
Cons: The baggage restrictions were draconian, and the seats were not the most comfortable (but not awful).

Pros: Absolutely NOTHING
Cons: Totally disorganized airline from check-in to exiting the airplane. HUGE lines to check in. All lines are mixed. They have no organization or control and on top they have poor trainings people. They charge extra for every single thing including a carry on. The airplane was freezing cold. Will never fly frontier again

Cons: 2 hour delay on flight

Cons: They charge me $45 for a carry on never in my life i would imagine

Pros: Overall, I was VERY happy with both my flights. I've been flying Spirit the past few times I've traveled and after flying Spirit for so long Frontier was a breath of fresh air! The lines to check in our luggage were minimal, each flight arrived about 30 min early to our destination, we got our luggage back in a timely manner. Operationally, our flying experience with Frontier went without a hitch!
Cons: No major complaints. As I mentioned, we've had been flying Spirit quite often and after so many headaches with flying that airline I was happy to pay a little bit more to fly Frontier and not run into any complications of any kind! Thank you for being operationally on top of your game Frontier!

Pros: extra fee for all baggage

Cons: First off really they charge you $40 for a carry on bag. Then they lie to you. And then they don't even offer you a free drink on the plane. I'll never fly this cheap chinsy airline again.

Pros: It finally got me to my destination.

Pros: We got from point A to point B.
Cons: 2.5 hour late departure with little to no info from Frontier. No gate agent anywhere to be found. Boarding is a hot mess. Seats have little to no padding, and everything is an up charge. You can tell the employees have just said "screw it" and don't want to be there either. Seriously think they should either name the airline "Walmart of the Skies" or Dispair Air." After we landed, we waited for 1.5 hours on the tarmac for a crew to park us. If you are keeping score at home, that's a 4 hour delay. Sadly it was only a 90 min flight. In every sense it glaring that the bottom line is all that matters, customers are merely requirements to generate revenue. Never again Frontier. Never.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Rhode Island to Connecticut

Airlines flying from Rhode Island to Connecticut have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Rhode Island to Connecticut

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Rhode Island to Connecticut

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Rhode Island to Connecticut

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Rhode Island to Connecticut

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Rhode Island to Connecticut

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