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  • Even though you are not required to have a passport, keep in mind that an official ID is needed to board the airplane.

  • Saint George airport is called Saint George and the only airport in Richmond is Richmond Byrd Intl.

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DeltaOverall score based on 29847 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Flight was smooth and amazing
Cons: Nothing

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Pros: Flight was smooth and amazing
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The pilot kept us updated.

Pros: The chargers and movies on the flight. The seat was comfortable. The flight attendants where awesome. I loved the flight!
Cons: No changes!

Pros: Very good

Cons: Just water and coffee. Needed some variety.

Pros: Crew was good. Seat uncomfortable and hard.

Pros: Everything was on time and ran smoothly. The seats seem to have more room than most airlines. They were generous with drinks and snacks

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Idk terrible flight experience with delta

Pros: The crew and entertainment options are great. Relatively comfortable seats by today's standards.
Cons: Literally any of our flights could have been on time. None were.

Pros: After there was a problem with the plane once we had boarded, they were able to switch us to another plane at another gate. There was a short wait, and we only had a delay of 35 minutes.

Pros: The crew was good. Now fast but good.
Cons: The food was pretty basic.

Cons: 5 hours delay. Most of that time we were on the runway. We even had to deplane and board again. We were given all kind of excuses till the pilot himself said that this is unheard off !!

Pros: Food was great. Especially the ice cream.

Pros: The cAbin attendant was really good

Cons: No problems at all!

Pros: Flight attendants were very friendly.

Pros: We had exit row seat, most uncomfortable ever, video devices both broken. Will never sit in exit row again would have been better off in basic economy
Cons: Fix broken seats and tv screens

Pros: Friendly staff. Entertainment selection is impressive (though I didn't use it). Drinks and snacks are provided.
Cons: Boarding process was time consuming due to poor organization from Delta. Unloading process takes forever for the same reason. Despite booking at the same time my fiancee and I didn't get seated next to one another.

Pros: The flight was great from beginning to end. I have no complaints.

Cons: Originally, they were putting me on a flight connecting through Atlanta. However, I was traveling with my brother and there was only one seat on it. After looking again, we were put on a much better route through Detroit. I did not have a seat on the second leg and was stressed that I could get bumped. I made the flight but was given a middle seat. Since I have clostrophobia I began to panic. My brother sacrificed his exit row seat for me. He had booked through Delta. I wondered if he got better treatment because of that

Pros: The short duration of the flight and punctual arrival. Better seating with more leg space in Airbus than in the horrible Boeing 467- 400.
Cons: No headsets distributed so I couldn't listen to film program. Crew rather impersonal. I'm dreaming of an airline that uses functioni g loudspeakers during boarding. Nobody understands acoustically which zone is being boarded ( not only a Delta issue).

Cons: Poor service

Cons: The flight was very hot. Passengers near me were sweating and we Hall had thick layers on because it was cold out. I understand trying to make it warm it there’s no need to turn up the heat that high.

Pros: Love the 757 entertainment system
Cons: snack mix is not great delayed takeoff

Cons: Cabin was too hot!!!!

Pros: Seatback tv.
Cons: Stewardess berated a man for leaving his backpack on the floor in front of him rather than politely addressing the issue. She told him you know better than that and don’t ever do that again. It was totally uncalled for.

Pros: All things connected to the flight were just right
Cons: Nothing was an issue.

Pros: The plane was really nice. It was awesome being able to view movies on the flight.

Pros: Crew was lovely
Cons: CRJ-700 is too small. Only one bathroom & it was broken. Hour late to depart & no explanation given. Never turned off the seatbelt sign & we ended up on the plan for approx 2.5hrs for our 1hr flight.

Pros: Great experience

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Boarding employee was rude.

Pros: Flight crew was awesome

Pros: The boarding was well as the crew.
Cons: The seats to small and the food was not that good.

Pros: Short trip
Cons: Boarding process. Paying to check bag when people with roll-on bags were allowed to check them at the gate for free.

Pros: See above...
Cons: See above

Pros: Delta seats are comfortable and media ststem is good.
Cons: Flight was late and the staff wasn't kind Neither at JFK gate neither on both flights. Looks like they are doing you a favor to listen to you when you ask them something.

Cons: Again a HUGE delay in my flight that would have caused me to miss my connection. This is the 3rd straight Delta trip in 3 months where this has happened and you can't speak with a person on the phone without waiting 2 hours. POOR customer service.

Cons: The seats are very small even for a petite person.

Pros: Service was excellent in spite of the terrible weather conditions. Flight attendants were very friendly.

Cons: 11 hour overnight delay. Timed out crew. We were given a pillow and blanket to spend the night on the floor in the airport. We we given drinks and a snack box.

Cons: No communication between different parts of the airport; early arrival, over 2 hours getting through baggage claim; good luck rechecking your bag; almost missed flight with a 2 1/2 hour layover. Workers on the ground don't care, or either don't know what's next on the transit through the airport.

Pros: When I went into customer service and explained that I lost my flight because of bean at the immigration for almost 2hrs and the woman she say u going on the next flight, one hr later I was heading to my destination Richmond.

Pros: It only took them 10 minutes to turn things around to make up time for the delay.
Cons: The seat pockets were not cleaned.

Cons: TSA in Atlanta was a nightmare. Really just a little kindness would go a long way.

Cons: Aircraft was smelling bad! Hygiene is the key

Pros: Got to Richmond on time.
Cons: Had the same problems with loading. Loaded from the front, not enough room for carry on, slow us down causing us to take off late. Made up for lost time though.

Pros: People were nice.
Cons: I didn't like having my seat assigned at the gate. I booked this flight months ago, but yet somehow I got the very last row of the plan. Which is the noisiest location with the least amount of room. On the flight back they put me in the second to last row, even though there were about 10 seats empty scattered throughout the plan. Made no sense to me.

Pros: Una hora de retraso
Cons: Una hora de retraso

Pros: Efficient crew. Early arrival.
Cons: Cabin was freezing.

Cons: Changing my flight , with out notice or short notice.. Abdi.!!

Pros: yes, no on sat on my row coming or going

Cons: Been non discriminatory

Pros: Timely and efficient
Cons: Seats are really small

Cons: Overall good flight however the WiFi didn’t work

Pros: awesome

Pros: The crew was pleasant. The flight was smooth even though we flew through clouds the whole way.
Cons: If you don't purchase a seat in advance, the airline puts you in a middle seat even if the plane is not full. I don't really like that.

Cons: Usual complaints - chaos boarding and deplaning, poor entertainment options for free, headset not working. Had to deplane by stairs - we were parked next to an unused jetway.

Cons: Snacks could be better....seats are small.... it was free WiFi and no Tv

Pros: Short flight. We didn’t crash!
Cons: My fears of flying would leave!

Cons: Everything was perfect and on schedule! Thanks for the wonderful experience

Cons: Didn’t fly

Pros: Very helpful crew.
Cons: Too often the video screen I’m given doesn’t charge up and it has to be replaced mid flight. This happened again during this flight when 2 screens didn’t charge and had to be replaced before the movie ended. The crew was helpful, but this problem is annoying.

Pros: N\a

Pros: The flight was wonderful,even with delays American Airlines was horrible at accommodation and food vouchers
Cons: Not putting us on cots in MIAMI, food vouchers and overall it was an AA issue that was horrible

Pros: The overall boarding process was great although slightly delayed. The in flight entertainment was great and the plane was clean. The announcements made by the pilot were comforting as we experienced a rough decent.
Cons: The plane was very warm and the flight attendants were not very nice. We had to sit for an extended period of time and when we finally were allowed to get up, the flight attendants were rude when I had to head toward the restroom.

Pros: Take offs were a few minutes late but we arrived on time at each destination due to savvy pilots and great tailwinds. Staff was in a good mood and so were the passengers, no Scrooge’s!
Cons: The only BBQ in Dallas Airport Terminal C is a chain spot....boooo!

Pros: On time . No significant delays cost of ticket low.
Cons: Tiny plane with small seats never that comfortable.

Cons: All flights should include WiFi, and or entertainment, and better snack options. Flights out of and to Burlington are very expensive!

Cons: rerouted through Philadelphia.

Cons: I purchased a WiFi pass and the WiFi did not work. Since the airplane does not have individual TV’s on each seat, it makes it for a very long flight. I also did not like that the passengers had to take a bus to the airplane and we’re shoved like sardines in a can in 95 degree weather.

Pros: Crew was nice and professional.
Cons: Freezing, one hour wait on the tarmac before takeoff meant one hour delayed arrival. No TVs in seats, no meals on six hour flight.

Pros: Anything
Cons: LATE!!!!

Pros: It was 1 in the morning in the Philadelphia airport and I had an 8 hour layover and there were no vending machines available and an airport worker went and got me a drink and some chips and would not take any payment. I call that going above and beyond his job duties. Very pleasant man.
Cons: They layover was a little much and to get one with a better time was $300.00 and all I wanted to do was get to Watertown NY to see my grandkids.

Pros: The flight left on time and arrived earlier than expected. Great job by the flight attendants as well! I thoroughly enjoyed my flight back home.

Pros: Smooth and quick flight
Cons: Warm, no refreshments

Pros: Went without a hitch
Cons: Na

Pros: On-time departure from PHL; on-time arrival in RIC, my checked bag was on the flight.
Cons: Nothing.

Cons: If there was ever a staff that was more eager to shirk responsibility I have never encountered it. At this point you might as well crash the plane and blame a duck. I am personally offended at the shear incompetence of the people employed by your "company."

Pros: Although the crew encountered a maintenance issue with the aircraft, another aircraft was provided and we were able to take off within an hour. So glad it wasn't cancelled!
Cons: Could not bring a guest into the Admirals Club during the flight delay, although I was allowed to do so on the same outbound leg. There seems to be inconsistency in the way the guest policy is applied (e.g., flying first class international).

Cons: This agent spent 30+ min to check us in through a connection flight to Seattle. He couldn't find my wife's reservation, when it should be in the same reservation as me. He tried 5 times, and still failed. Later we found out at the gate that he was using the wrong name (same last name, different first name). Luckily the American Airline agent at the gate was more than competent and efficient to correct the issue in 5 min.

Pros: Well done again!

Pros: Great first class staff.
Cons: Nothing

Cons: there was no entertainment for a very long flight. also, it was night time, and the fasten seatbelt signs are so big and bright that it is impossible to go to sleep! Our plan was delayed for 2 hours, meaning we did not get in until 230am. it was exhausting!

Pros: Relatively uncorwdedcat that time so I got row to myself. Good amount of legroom

Cons: Terribly uncomfortable seats

Pros: The crew on the flight were nice and helpful. Even though it was a short flight
Cons: Nothing.

Cons: 7uk

Pros: Comfortable seats. Quick boarding. No delays.
Cons: Again flights attendants were a bit dry.

Cons: Same as above

Pros: Nice landing.
Cons: Leg room

Pros: I was 10 minutes late for the flight. People were still lined up to board and the customer service agent taking the tickets refused to accept mine and told me I would have to reschedule. Instead of allowing me to board in line with the other passengers, they choose to delay the flight by another 30 minutes to put in a request to pull my luggage from the flight. It would have been so much easier to just let me board. I've been a few minutes late before and have never been treated like that by any airline. Very disappointed in American Airlines.
Cons: I was 10 minutes late for the flight. People were still lined up to board and the customer service agent taking the tickets refused to accept mine and told me I would have to reschedule. Instead of allowing me to board in line with the other passengers, they choose to delay the flight by another 30 minutes to put in a request to pull my luggage from the flight. It would have been so much easier to just let me board. I've been a few minutes late before and have never been treated like that by any airline. Very disappointed in American Airlines.

Cons: No wifi, no headsets to listen to tv

Pros: On tome
Cons: 2hour and 45minute layovet

Pros: The flight crew had a sense of humor
Cons: That they bearded you like cattle in Cahrlotte

Cons: 3 hour delay due to maintenance issues on two planes.

Cons: I was so sick of waiting for the delay and remembering my horrible previous flight that I opted to meet my friend who lives in North Carolina and will be driving home to Richmond instead.

Cons: 4:00 pm Flight from Charlotte to Richmond was cancelled; Was unable to reconnect on another flight until 11:00 pm. Waited in airport for over 8 hours. No voucher for food or beverage while waiting. Nothing was even provided on plane not even water

Pros: The captain and the flight attendants were very communicative and kept in touch with the cabin at regular intervals but not intrusive.
Cons: There were 2 meal choices., one was chicken and one vegetarian curry/rice dish. Clearly the chicken would be the most sought after meal and the flight attendant even suggested the possibility that everyone would not get their first choice, and ofcourse they didn't. We had a group of 10 traveling and by the time some of,our group was served the chicken was gone. Our daughter was 7 months pregnant and was one who didn't get a chicken meal. I don't understand why the airline would not provide an adequate amount of meals that would apply to the masses. Only a few vegetarian to fill in for specific diets would be expected. We all felt this was poor planning on the part of the airline catering company..

Cons: Airline didn't take customs for an international flight into account when scheduling the flight. We had to wait over an hour for "customs" to attend to the arriving flight.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Saint George to Richmond

Airlines flying from Saint George to Richmond have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Saint George to Richmond

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Saint George to Richmond

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Saint George to Richmond

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Saint George to Richmond

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Saint George to Richmond

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