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FAQs for Booking Sofia to Burbank Bob Hope Flights

How long does a flight from Sofia to Burbank Bob Hope take?
An average nonstop flight takes 25h 20m, covering a distance of 6600 miles.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Sofia to Burbank Bob Hope?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on Condor ($1425)
Do I need a passport to fly between Sofia and Burbank Bob Hope?

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Tue, May 8
25h 20m
Tue, May 15
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Trip: 8 days
6.6GoodShow reviews
Overall 6.6 Good
Based on 631 reviews
Good 6.3

The online entertainment has a nice variety of interesting shows, including documentaries. My seat was comfortable with good leg room, but only because I got lucky when I asked for an exit row seat while checking in. The regular economy seats are extremely narrow and uncomfortable with almost no leg room (and I am only average in heigh). Taller people sitting in regular aisle seats are hanging their legs out into the aisle throughout the flight because they have to for any kind of reasonable comfort.

Somehow the airline should tell passengers that they are going to have to go through a(mother) strict security process before getting on the plane in Frankfurt to the U.S. We all stood in line for close to an hour in a very hot area of the airport to go through full-on security - water gets thrown out, shoes off, laptops out - the whole works, again. I had already gone through this kind of security in Vienna for the Vienna-Frankfurt leg of my trip. I had no idea this was going to be required and had planned to use my time in Frankfurt to relax and get something to eat. Instead it was spent standing in a surprise security line that moved extremely slowly. Not a fun way to spend the time before getting on an 11-hour flight. If they are going to require that security they should have many more lines available so that it moves at a reasonable pace.

Excellent 8.3

Are meal portions smaller or have I gotten hungrier?

Mediocre 3.3

Frankfurt was a mess. The gate wasn't announced till shortly before boarding. The gate had it's own security line which was inefficient. Plane ended up leaving an hour late because >100 people were still stuck in security. No vegetarian options for food.

Good 6.0

The food and some complimentary beverages were good. The movies minimal and extra cost.

The boarding process was very disorganized, the seats had very little leg room, and the guy behind kept pushing my seat forward with his knees and complaining when I put my seat back.

Okay 5.6

Decent food and had USB plugs to keep phone charged

Unpleasant staff

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