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DeltaOverall score based on 30738 reviews
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To pay extra for first class for no noticeable change in service whatsoever, no beverage service, a woman who talks so fast she couldn’t even understand what she was saying, microphone extremely loud… This is a disgrace and I won’t do it again

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To pay extra for first class for no noticeable change in service whatsoever, no beverage service, a woman who talks so fast she couldn’t even understand what she was saying, microphone extremely loud… This is a disgrace and I won’t do it again

Lots of delays. Armrests are not big enough for two people.

Cons: "I was really surprised that economy seats were not blocked off for COVID. They are tight enough as it is and I used SkyMiles to upgrade my seat and sat in a seat that was no different from economy and sat next to someone as well."
Pros: "La tripulación muy amable!!"
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "Felt very clean and so glad they are not selling every seat"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Due to COVID 19 we got a 737-800 on a route that usually boasts nothing better than a 717 so everything about this flight was superior to normal runs."
Cons: "I wish DL could find a way to better manage food and drinks during the COVID 19 restrictive era."
Pros: "of everything."
Cons: "travel time ...ahahah ...."
Pros: "The crew was very attentive. The food, excellent for coach class; we even had a welcome cocktail. We even managed to take off early."
Cons: "When you travel in the coach class, you know you won't get a much comfort but the seat was acceptable and I had more legroom than expected."
Pros: "Clean aircraft, efficient and friendly crew. On time performance"
Pros: "Awesome"
Pros: "Grateful Delta still has drink and snack service. Also grateful to still be able to bring a carry on on board. Good movie selections."
Pros: "Crew was awesome. Very friendly."
Cons: "I’m 6 foot tall and I found my seat space feeling crowded. I found myself wishing for just 2 more inches of legroom. It feels that airplanes are being built for quantity of passengers, not quality of flight."
Cons: "No meal option and my video screen volume did not work"
Cons: "The Male flight attendant was rather rude"
Cons: "Baggage"
Cons: "I had a small window for my transfer and Delta gate agents, knowing I was on the way to the gate, closed the gate early now I'm stuck in Detroit for the night at low end economy hotel."
Pros: "Seats are way to small uncomfortable"
Pros: "Friendly and Professional Crew"
Cons: "Snacks were a bit boring & no tv’s onboard."
Pros: "Delta - best airline"
Cons: "Airbus - entertainment systems never work."
Pros: "Boarding was easy. Checking in was easy, the overall flight was quiet and quick and on time"
Cons: "Nothing to report here"
Cons: "1,5 hours delay"
Pros: "Very nice stewardess on this plane. Seating was excellent."
Cons: "Crew was not apologetic after we missed connecting flight due to technical difficulties with their plane. I was re-routed to Barcelona and then a very budgetary Airlines to Athens which was ridiculously tight again with seating and flight was almost an hour late. Luggage didn't come until following day. And to top it off, I thought I would be flying with KLM on both legs!"
Pros: "The longer leg space"
Cons: "Again, I can not understand why the airlines have to narrow the seats so much..."
Pros: "We left and arrived early. Smooth flight overall just a great experience"
Cons: "We couldn’t have peanuts. Not really a negative but"
Pros: "Got to destination safely and on time"
Cons: "Rude flight attendant, tight seats"
Pros: "Loved the roomy seats and the upgrade wasn't terribly expensive"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Pls see above"
Cons: "Dutch sub titels on fims would be good"
Pros: "Not much to like."
Cons: "our connecting flight was delayed 12 hours. The person who checked us in for the flight to Idaho falls checked our baggage for our return flight home, which was an entire week later. So our baggage got sent back to our starting destination and not Idaho falls"
Pros: "This was not my original transfer flight but everyone was much nicer and helpful than serious and being rude. Love Delta, I did not flight United because I wouldn’t have met my United flight once landing in ATL. The Young African American woman who was at the gate was amazing and so reassuring that I would make my flight to Chicago. Would book Delta, just because of how nice she was to me."
Pros: "Staff smooth flight great landing and free movies"
Cons: "Everything was perfect"
Cons: "There was a change in our flight. According to Delta you didn't confirm every leg of our flight and the plane was over booked."
Pros: "As always, the crew and amenities were first rate."
Cons: "We were initially told that our flight would arrive early. Then we sat on the tarmac for a half hour before anyone could be bothered to tell us we were waiting for the plane to be de-iced."
Pros: "Checking bags at the gate and picking them up at the gate on arrival"
Pros: "The flight was very quick."
Cons: "They didn't serve us water."
Pros: "One of The crew members a guy from Texas was nice"
Cons: "The female crew Members were taking loudly and a lot during the flight it was difficult to sleep as a result. The food was low and very very bad"
Pros: "Food, crew, boarding"
Cons: "I had a screen in front of me that did not work. It was annoying. Fix it."
Pros: "Clean & new aircraft. Good selection for entertainment."
Cons: "Seating & booking was chaotic. Flight delayed."
Cons: "entertainment system had terrible touch response flight was delayed by 1.5hrs"
Pros: "Good flight, professional people."
Pros: "Nice entertainment offerings on the Indy to MSP flight"
Cons: "None."
Pros: "Friendly staff. They went above and beyond to accommodate me whenni arrived late for boarding."
Cons: "none"
Pros: "GRU to ATL to LEX - all was fine. The plane from GRU to ATL was one of the nicer jets I have ridden in. The ratings above reflect my overall trip of going to Sao Paulo and returning to Lexington, even though the first part had to be re-booked on United."
Cons: "LEX to ATL to GRU did NOT happen because the LEX flights were delayed to the point of missing the ATL connection. While Delta re-booked me on United, my flight arrived 3 hours later than scheduled (so transportation plans had to change), my bag did not successfully move from the Delta flight to the United flight (and was thus delayed in getting to GRU) AND once the bag was received, 4 shirts had been stolen. While a delay/theft claim has been filed with United, this could all have been avoided if the Delta flights had been on time."
Pros: "Nice FA's"
Cons: "We landed early and spent 30 minutes waiting for a gate. Really?"
Pros: "Upgrades, staff on and off the plane"
Cons: "The reservation system crash, it happened less than 24 hrs before our return flight to come home, fortunately it was resolved but it was a bit stressful"
Pros: "I liked that from China to Seattle on the flight itself they took very good care of us making sure we were all comfortable, hydrated and well fed."
Cons: "The Shanghai airport did not open luggage drop off until 3hours before my flight when I was told it would open 5 hours prior, as well as tried to get me to leave to rent a hotel for the night as my layover was a few hours, then delayed Seattle boarding for over 45 minutes, once we were on the plane we were then told we were number 25 to leave therefore leaving us another hour and a half of a delay."
Pros: "The crew was very apologetic and nice about the delays."
Cons: "The plane was 20 minutes late getting to the gate. Then we sat on the runway for over 30 minutes, while we waited in line for 30 other planes to take off. After a long day and a flight from Venice Italy, it was a bit disappointing to have this sort of delay."
Cons: "Flight was booked via Princess for a cruise. Flight from Vacoouver to LAX was through Delta partner Westjet. One schedule number and flight number for Delta, a different set of numbers for Westjet. Westjet requires you call them for seat assignment for a fee. Just not smooth!"

I wish there was more leg room in the cabin for tall personsike myself.

The entertainment was a bit limited considering how long of a flight we had. The crew was excellent

Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Yes. Everything was extraordinary well."
Pros: "There was actually food on this very short flight! I liked that. Also I didn't have to pay to pick a seat upon check-in which was nice."
Cons: "The food was decent but my return flight was better."
Cons: "I was so tired... slept the whole flight. No one bothered me for even a bit. Recovering!"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Comfort"
Pros: "Great value for price!!! Food was mediocre, but isn’t all airline food mediocre?? Staff was friendly and spoke many different languages to accommodate all of us."
Cons: "Seats seemed a little old and needing replaced. Would have been nice to have a more comfortable seat for an overnight international flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Very bad service, delays, luggage is on a different flight. Absolutely terrible airline"
Pros: "No like"
Cons: "the will of the counter attendant of the chekin, he did not help me at all"
Pros: "Crew assistance"
Cons: "Airplanes too old"
Pros: "I really liked the crew"
Cons: "The entertainment was really poor, I didn’t have many options. In the second flight, it didn’t have a monitor, so you’d have to watch things on your devices, but to do so, you needed the company app installed in your device before, which I thought it was inconvenient."
Cons: "New aircraft, the chairs are broken and old"
Cons: "Seats very small."
Cons: "Not enoughbeverage I was almost dehydrated"
Pros: "On time departure and early arrival. Smiling and friendly crew. Excellent airline."
Cons: "Waited 30 minutes onboard at the gate before departure in a VERY hot plane. We were traveling with a 6 year old, and there were only 3 kids movie choices."
Cons: "No fue informado que el asiento 10 no reclinaba ."
Pros: "copa is always on time"
Cons: "food quality is low drinks are 'rationed'"
Cons: "This airline has no concept of service. We were treated poorly by the ground personell as well as the board crew. Also, the airport in Panama is very bad. It's expensive and the food and beverage offering is limited. Avoid!"
Pros: "Atendimento no aeroporto, embarque, entretenimento e comida."
Cons: "Pontos a melhorar: poderia ter cobertor e travesseiro para todos e as poltronas serem um pouco mais confortáveis."
Cons: "The flight from Panama City to Washington, DC didn't have the personal television screens."
Pros: "Glad I flew with this airline. Had my doubts at first but they were all erased with this very friendly and hassle free experience."
Pros: "Direct flight to Brazil"
Cons: "Very expensive for the kind of service"
Pros: "Customer service is at 100%"
Pros: "Crew are nice people."
Cons: "Food is not pleased and not very comfortable."
Cons: "There was a second security check right at the gate, which we were not warned about at all. I had bought a bottle of liquor in Colombia and they would not let me get on the plane to NYC with it. Luckily I had a large shopping bag that I got from the gift shop in Colombia, so I was able to dump everything that was in my nylon tote into that shopping bag and they haphazardly wrapped my bottle in one of my sweaters and checked my tote. The employees said this was a new policy in Panama City, but many other travelers were confused. Passengers should be warned!"
Cons: "No outlets"
Pros: "Food was decent."
Cons: "Wasn't given headphones when asked."
Pros: "technology and movie/entertainment selection. plus drinks were included"
Cons: "more interactive global map showing the route, change it up a bit"
Pros: "Great flight attendants!"
Cons: "Often flying to Orlando is a headache because there are always a lot of clueless foreign families and noisy children going to Walt Disney World. This flight was the exception--everything was smooth!"
Pros: "It was a short flight and it was ok."
Cons: "The pilot literally slammed the plane on the ground when we landed. Please teach your pilots how to land planes."
Pros: "Is there anything good with copa?"
Cons: "A business class that is worse than others economy plus, small planes, limited entertainment offering"
Pros: "I la la love travelling with Copa! I book with them whenever possible!"
Cons: "Nothing really. My back was tired from sitting 5 hours but I don't put the blame on Copa for that! 5 hours of sitting does that to a person."
Pros: "The food and service was great!"
Pros: "Charly was the best flight attendant ever!"
Cons: "Baggage claim.. Slowest I've seen in years.. Horribly slow add an extra hour to your trip. I usually don't write about this but it had to be said. Very inefficient not sure what happened."
Pros: "Friendly cabin crew"
Cons: "Small airplane with no updated entertainment system"
Cons: "Service is terrible, flight attendants don't seem to be very professional. Snack was terrible quality (two pieces of cheese and 6 grapes), breakfast was bad too. Quality of wine was bad, no Champagne, cheap Cava Entertainment system outdated, seat not very comfortable."
Pros: "Smooth fast Flight with entertainment food and Drinks"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Beer for husband was free. Blankets provided. Full security check required twice, at main entry and at gate."
Cons: "Slightly scary landing under windy conditions at BOS-- came in fast and braked very hard. Copa pilots are new to Logan runways, which also happen to be under re-construction this year."
Pros: "Friendly crew, good food."
Cons: "AC in the plane didn't work on the ground (during boarding and taking off). It had been extremely hot and sweaty before we took off. Cheap earphones provide very bad quality of sound. I barely could hear anything. I had to use my personal earphones."
Cons: "I traveled with my family from San Francisco to Brazil We were told that we should get the Yellow Fever vaccine even before we leave San Francisco. We called Copa and every time each of us talked to Copa we were given a different instruction. Very confusing and stressful. We decided not to get the vaccination, taking into consideration the cost of it, $159.00 for each family member!!!"
Cons: "Breakfast from SJO- PTY"
Cons: "I bought a ticket economy plus but cops gave economy seat. I said several times that I purchase economy plus but cops ignored it. It is so bad and rude."
Cons: "There needs to be some snack options in business class after the light meal."
Pros: "Small breakfast on a one hour flight"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Food and beverage service. Blanket & attention of staff...helpful. Free bags check."
Cons: "Pilot talked to fast...could never understand his announcements."
Pros: "Overal a good experience"
Cons: "Just couldn't eat most of what was served cause I'm vegetarian."
Cons: "They lost my bag"
Pros: "The service by the crew in providing the food and drinks was excellent."
Pros: "Kind crew."
Pros: "On time!!!"
Pros: "The staff was super friendly. Checking in was a breeze."
Cons: "The cabin temperature was insane. SO COLD!! even with blankets people and my self included were freezing!!"
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "The crew, comfort, flight itself"
Cons: "They hate kids"
Pros: "Not too much delay/ wait between flights"
Cons: "snacks ?"
Pros: "Seats were roomy and comfortable."
Pros: "American Airlines staff from checking to departation were very friendly."
Cons: "Sat behind a couple with a small dog that was very stressed and barked at anyone that walked by. It was a late flight and I could have used a few winks."
Pros: "The flight itself was uneventful, which is what you want from a flight. Once the connection was made the next day, the flight segment went perfectly."
Cons: "Flight was over 2 hours late leaving Lima, so many people missed connections in Miami, NOBODY from LATAM was at the gate to assist with how to make new connections or how to get local accommodations for the night. This was a customer service fail. American is no better. They rescheduled the flight at no cost, but then sent you back to LATAM for help with the overnight. If we buy tickets from your website and you own the process, you should be more helpful when there are problems. The back-and-forth was frustrating. Lima airport takes a long time to go through all the checkpoints. Two hours does not give enough time. There are at least four long lines that have to be endured. This process could use some streamlining."
Pros: "Once we were finally on the plane everything felt comfortable and looked newish."
Cons: "DO NOT FLY AVIANCA IF YOU HAVE ANYWHERE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO GO! The flight was delayed by 7 hours. We were told different stories Time and Time again by the ground crew. Either the plane was on the way or it was turning back, or it had landed or was perpetually 20 mins from landing. At one point, they did slip and admit that they actually had no way of actually tracking the plane, so everything they told us had been wild guesses about what had actually been happening! When some passengers asked to speak with a manager, we were told that the manager was not accepting calls at that time. After hours and hour and hours of delays and lies, they finally found a plane, but we still had to wait an hour for a crew as the original crew was now over their time limit. Once we were airborne, the flight was smooth and the newly cobbled together crew was nice. Zero mention or promise of reparations for the massive delay. AGAIN, DO NOT FLY AVIANCA IF YOU HAVE ANYWHERE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO GO!"
Pros: "The fact that they re-booked without me having to contact customer service."
Cons: "The connecting flight was cancelled while boarding was in progress at the start of the journey."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Kayak scheduled my flights too close together, with airlines that wouldn’t handle my checked baggage. When my first flight was late, I missed my connection and had to buy a new ticket, as the airline couldn’t or wouldn’t change my itinerary. As I was in a foreign country without a phone or computer and with very limited time to fix the problem, I just had to buy a new ticket."
Pros: "On time. Was able to sleep through much of what was likely an annoying flight because there was no personal entertainment--the tiny screens overhead would have been impossible to see and they were showing a movie that was lame. It seemed anachronistic."
Cons: "At the Lima gate they made each passenger open their carryon and submit to a secondary inspection to confiscate all water we bought past security. No warning was given about this. I had paid airport prices for water to bring onto the plane and then had to surrender it at the gate. Of course in economy class they will not give you water or attention until you are at cruising altitude. More than one flight attendant did not smile and one was actually rude in spite of my attempts to be kind and smile. Except for one friendly person at check-in kiosk, bad service overall. They do not have personal entertainment systems, and it was like going back in time with the tiny screens you cannot see, playing a movie you either watch it or not."
Pros: "The cost"
Cons: "The fact that it was and appears to still be... Incredibly difficult to get ahold of airline for some form of compensation or credit for the flight I missed... I had made the attempt periodically since and it had still been without any luck."
Pros: "Largely unremarkable flight out of LIM."
Cons: "B767-300 used for LIM-MIA was exceptionally old with overhead monitors for inflight entertainment. Headphones not given until 20+ minutes into the only movie (the rest of the programming was stupid TV shows/profiles)."
Pros: "Good food!"
Cons: "Potable water was down so no coffee, tea, or more important... water to wash hands. Then they didn’t have my second choice of beverages after coffee either."
Pros: "air flight attendants were really great! As well as suitcase handle, it arrived on destination after all scales, awesome"
Cons: "space was small in economic class"
Pros: "The crew were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "The plane was incredibly old and outdated. There were no plugs for power/charging, there were a few tiny screens scattered around for one movie as entertainment. It was so uncomfortable to not have individual screens for entertainment. The food was awful. I would not want to take this flight again."
Pros: "one more bag"
Pros: "On time. Crew was nice, too"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This flight was operated by Avianca, the flight was delayed 2 hours at the beginning, they said they will give as a voucher for food while we wait, when I went to the counter they said they don't give anything for a 2 hours delay. Then the flight was delayed a 1/2 hour extra, it was not even announced and we ended up boarding at 12:15am from a flight that was supposed to leave at 9:35pm, then the plane was waiting for 1/2 hour before we went abroad and I ended up arriving at 2am to my destination when I was supposed to arrive at 10:45pm, this was the worst fight experience and we didn't even got an apology for the inconvenience."
Pros: "Todo bien"
Cons: "Todo"
Cons: "Crew not that friendly towards everyone."
Pros: "Las aeromosas muy amables y profesionales."
Cons: "Los asientos incómodos que no funcionaban el cambio de posición. El pago de sobrepeso escandalozo; por 10 Libras $160 más extra fees...."
Cons: "a little delay in the departure connection flight ."
Pros: "Nothing, worse customer service also"
Cons: "Everything, we lost our connections, they didn't help us out with our next flight"
Pros: "Appreciated the extra legroom and food and drink service, even on a short flight. Crew seemed very friendly."
Cons: "It was way too cold. We shouldn't all be bundling up in scarves and jackets. I've noticed that European airlines manage nut to freeze the passengers, so three must be a way to adjust the standard temperature on planes a but more."
Pros: "The only good part was that I had no one sitting next to me"
Cons: "We had a 8 hour delay in Lima and the customer service was terrible. I did not know what was going on for hours on end and they keep giving all the passengers the loop around. I work in the hospitality industry and this isn't the way to treat your paying customers"
Cons: "I had problems with my reservation. Somehow my last name was typed wrong on the sistem and they couldn't fixed it at the moment i was doing my check in. I had to purchased another ticket otherwise i was going to missed my flight. Very disappointed with that airline. It was my second time traveling with them and definitely my last one."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Our 10:40AM flight got cancelled. We had to wait in line until 1AM with regular check-ins to rebook for 8:40AM. When we made it to the airport again after limited sleep, that flight also got cancelled. We bought a ticket with LATAM which was a breeze. Throughout the following week, we tried calling them numerous times to have them tell us we had to loose yet more time by having to go to their Cusco office... but they couldn't resolve the issue either. We had to escalate this over the phone from their office so they would issue us a flight back to Lima at no charge to us. Now, I can only hope that they will honor this ticket but I'm not expecting much."
Pros: "Solo que a la 1:10pm le comunique al sobrecargo del vuelo Avianca #928 Lima _ salvador 1010 1: 20 pm hora local me di cuenta que se quedo el anillo de matrimonio en el paso de migración en la bandeja, el sobrecargo me di una instrucción que debía hablar con el encargado del Salvador la Srta Geaninia Gomez indica que como no es pérdida dentro del avión no se hacen responsables, lo que no estoy de acuerdo que me digan eso ya que es trayecto del vuelo que estaba realizando voy a tomar medidas para presentar un reclamo ya que es un valor sentimental ya que ni me dejaron ir a ver estando casi 40 minutos y sentí que no me ayudaron por los menos con una llamada en el departamento."
Cons: "i didnt like the food tasted like it was in a fridge forever"
Cons: "Great app, sometime it still miss a flight, suggust to provide a display sorting options, such as stops, times etc"
Pros: "Small snack and drink included. Free checked bags."
Cons: "Very few drink choices. Flight was cancelled mid-air, so we were returned from the air above Cusco to the Lima airport where there were no other flights departing that evening and no compensation for the inconvencience (no hostel voucher, no upgraded tickets on our next flight, etc). Many people ended up missing their long-planned trip to Machu Picchu as the earliest Avianca could get anyone to Cusco was 11:00 the following morning. The staff was unhelpful, and the lines were incredibly long (about 3 hours). Funnily enough, we were supposed to be on an earlier flight, but due to the length of their check in line, we waited over a half hour in line and when we arrived at the desk 56 minutes before our flight, we were unable to check in (since check in stops an hour before the flight). Truly ridiculous. I will definitely think twice before ever booking an Avianca flight in the future."
Pros: "The comfort and ease were perfect and they were very helpful and accommodating with my bringing my guitar on board. The food was fairly mediocre in business class although the croissant was good. The stewardess who waited on business class was a bit unfriendly but her service was fine I would definitely fly with avianca again. Overall I had a very good experience."
Pros: "I had to fly at 11:19pm I had a delay flight leaving at 2:00am . The flight was change from Lima to Miami and from Miami to Chicago not to Dallas"
Cons: "I paid for an upgrade to Business and my seat would not recline. Spent the whole 6 hours in one position."
Pros: "I like AA"
Cons: "At the last minutes was told to go to seat next to the bathroom coz the airline made a mistake and have my seat to the other person. So unprofessional and disappointing."
Pros: "Everything was ok."
Cons: "I STRONGLY dislike how the airline acts as if they are the immigration and they demanded that I buy a very expensive plane ticket to show that I would be leaving Argentina within 3 months. There are so many expats in Buenos Aires and they all buy tickets in Argentina to go to Uruguay within 3 months. Upon showing the immigration of Argentina my USA passport at the entry, they have NEVER asked me for any kind of proof that I would be leaving within 3 months. At first I started to purchase a ticket to Uruguay by boat and the attendant even asked me the website of the boat because she told me that these problems come up all the time for expats going to Argentina for longer than 3 months. You are ONLY AN AIRLINE. YOU ARE NOT THE IMMIGRATION OF ARGENTINA. Having this said, I never plan to fly Avianca again."
Pros: "They got us seats on a Latam flight later in the day."
Cons: "I don't like being bumped from a flight when you have e-tix in hand from a month previous purchase for three travelers."
Pros: "Everything went well. No problems."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not on time, no entertainment system, little space"
Cons: "Me cambiaron de asiento arbitrariamente, yo hice check in 24 horas antes para escoger los asientos que me acomodaban a mí y mi acompañante de 12 años ( los primeros) y resulta que por un cambio de avión me dieron los últimos al lado del baño. Lo que fue horrible, el olor, los pasajeros haciendo fila al lado de mi asiento todo el tiempo, sin poder descansar o estar tranquila. Comprendo que pueden haber descompuestos en el avión y cambiarlo por otro pero al menos al re asignar asientos deberían ver los lugares iniciales que tenía cada uno y no dejar a quienes habían solicitado con anticipación los primeros en el último, literalmente en los últimos puestos. Además la comida es bastante mala."
Pros: "Crew Service"
Cons: "Lack of other entertainment options"
Pros: "Please put n/a as an option. There was no entertainment for a flight lasting a little over an hour."
Pros: "the plane is big and confortable"
Pros: "Scenery is awesome: various mountains, including snowy peaks, up close. Great views of Lima and Cusco from high above."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by an hour, but surprisingly made a good time, just slightly late in Cusco."
Cons: "Late"

Some people were not wearing masks appropriately & there wasn’t anything done about it.

Everything was fine and no changes needed at this time

They didn't allow me to board and they didn't refund me the luggage cost I have paid

Our favorite airline in the USA.

Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Flight attendant said there was no where to hang my suit, and the plane was soooo hot!"
Pros: "All great in Biz. class."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delays, bumpy ride, narrow seats, no drinks."
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was polite and helpful"
Cons: "The food was very average"
Pros: "Everything was good."
Cons: "I just wanted to seat with my husband but it was not possible."
Cons: "Plane was over four hours late to depart! United did keep me up-dated but the reason for the delays kept changing!"
Cons: "Pilot was late"
Pros: "The flight itself was as good as expected: Attentive crew and competent pilot, good enough food, comfortable enough (for coach) seats, and clean airplane. The seats could be made to recline a bit more but nobody seems to be doing it for coach class."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 30 minutes causing me to lose the connecting flight home by about 5 minutes There was no effort from United to help me to get the second flight on time or from the crew on that one to delay it enough for me to arrive. They suggested I waited 9 hours for the next available flight or to get one by AA in Reagan Airport in 3 hours. They told me that transportation to that airport would not be reimbursed and would cost between 20 and 40 dollars. I didn't know the airports were that far apart and the one-hour taxi drive cost me 80 dollars. From Sao Paulo to Washington, things went as well as expected. Once landed everything was horrible."
Cons: "Seats are not very big."
Cons: "Cabin too cold"
Pros: "I had an excellent sandwich on the flight from Germany. The Coach cabin crew were very good."
Cons: "Good price for money paid."
Cons: "In flight entertainment was very spotty and would almost be better if it wasn't available."
Pros: "Really great service! Smooth flight!"
Pros: "Flight was fine. Food OK but to be expected. Entertainment good as per usual on United."
Cons: "My least favorite thing about flying to Dulles is getting on those ridiculous people movers to go to customs and immigration s. Creates a larger cluster of people at immigration and something else I have to wait on. Also - why is GRU already using buses for boarding 787s? The new terminal just opened three years ago-- missed opportunity."
Pros: "Crew was helpful."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable chairs"
Pros: "Departed early for an early arrival which was pleasant."
Cons: "It was fine, roomie since I had my own seat section to myself"
Pros: "The flight was fast, quiet, and had a friendly crew"
Cons: "We were delayed almost an hour because there was no crew. But, who needs to leave on time when the pilot floors it and gets you there almost on time?"
Pros: "My seat and space was good. The plane boarded on time and left on time."
Cons: "The stewardess Susan Schultz was rude at the end of the flight."
Cons: "Lines"
Pros: "On time departure and arrival"
Cons: "1 of the flight attendants was wearing so much perfume it was awful. Every time she passed by it wafted and lingered for some time.poor hygiene etiquette!!!"
Pros: "Power plugs"
Cons: "No tvs"
Pros: "Flight was on schedule and I was upgraded to an economy plus seat."
Cons: "One of the crew members seemed a little hassled. The carryon/overhead luggage situation is getting totally out of hand,"
Pros: "Polite"
Cons: "Wait in Houston. Delayed flights. Not united fault"
Pros: "The plane was newer and reasonably clean looking."
Cons: "I was on the last row in a window seat. Throughout the entire flight tiny ice pellets kept flying out of the vent system above my head. When I mentioned it to the flight attendant, she just shrugged and said "it's just the air conditioner ", like tough luck. That was the only time I saw the attendant. No drinks, no snacks. I guess she didn't have time for the last 4 rows of seats, although the flight was 1 1/2 hours long."
Cons: "Delays, delays, delays. Total of 4 hours delayed."
Pros: "The young ladies who booked hotel after flight was cancelled and worked to get ne on a different flight closer to my interview was great."
Cons: "3-4 delays. Boarded the flight and then told we did not make the cut off time and pilot could not legally fly!!!!!! The stewards was NOT nice at all. The way she scolded a man for changing seats was embarrassing. I was utterly disgusted. Tgeybdud not explain the sense of urgency needed when boarding. Passengers would have moved faster."
Pros: "The fly was excellent as always use to be. The best pilots united have. My favorite airline"
Pros: "We finally arrived safely."
Cons: "The plane was filthy and crew was not very helpful."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Even though this was a smaller plane, the seats were roomier"
Pros: "Courteous attendant. Light snack provided were enjoyable."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "the fact that I could pay for more comfort with an upgrade"
Cons: "When the crew moved a baby, Mom, and Dad to the upgraded seats for free...And the baby cried the entire flight. Not the baby or parents fault...The crew member did take paying upgrades into consideration. I should get my money bac"
Cons: "Didn't get in until 3am"
Pros: "Excellent personnel, friendly and efficient."
Cons: "I was sitting in the boarding area and it was a quiet space, but I didn't hear the boarding announcement. I did get up when I saw that others were but meanwhile still didn't hear continuing announcements. Thank goodness for the excellent boarding sign which noted what zone was boarding."
Cons: "Due to the delay of the flight from Palm Springs to Denver, our layover was much longer in Denver, and the flight to Louisville was delayed numerous times."
Pros: "Will never fly United Airlines!!"
Cons: "Customer Service was terrible!!"
Cons: "No entertainment provided"
Pros: "Being told how unimportant my issue/ need was"
Cons: "Customer service, terrible desk agents and a triple delay."
Pros: "It was a great flight"
Pros: "There were maybe two of the flight attendants. Who weren't rude. The rest well, I guess didn't like there jobs? I lost all my money for my first flight, because i was over 4 hours late. When i purchased a ticket from cheapo air, the person helping me was so nice. Unlike United airlines, or Viama. When i missed my flight that i paid $1,300.00, United said they'd give me another ticket for $4,000? This was a one time offer to redeem my $1,300 Viama said $10,500? I will only buy my tickets from cheapo air from now on."
Cons: "The flight attendants are very snotty, 2 out of the 18 I encountered were polite. The rest acted like they hated their jobs, and all the passengers. When you travel to another country they should have at least one person who speaks English. Can't really say much for the food, essentially requesting a vegetarian meal was out of the question, so i just starve. Drink some watered down booze, take a few dramamine and sleep. The layovers are ridiculous. 14 hours, 8 hours 4 hours? Good thing God made Beer and pizza."
Pros: "Arrived to destination early"
Cons: "Asked to be moved to an empty row. Was told "no" by the stewardess, she then offered that same row to another passenger 5 minutes later."
Cons: "•Security was very weird and aggressive towards me. I was "acting suspiciously" was my first flight alone and I was confused on where to go •Sat on runway for 30 mins after we landed •Super small plane, barely any room to walk on/off plane"
Cons: "Flight cancelled. No accommodations provided"
Cons: "It was delayed"
Pros: "Aircraft with old decoration. Could not see a single smile from the crew."

Everything needs to change. From the crew members. To the way they connect flights. To at least provide one drink in a 5 hour flight. The way they charge for luggages and force me to check in a book bag as a luggage. The experience was horrible . Spirit airline is such a horrible line and makes its own rule about food that you buy in the airport to bank on extra money inside the flight. Everything was horrible. I missed my connecting flight, I was charge for extra luggage, there was a fight between crew and customer next to me. A lady was pulled behind my de at because she wanted to throw up and the crew members didn’t know what to do. I wouldn’t even know where to start. It was so horrible I’m going to complain to the USA department of transportation, as well a consumer affairs.

My flight from Chicago O'Hare to Boise was not booked. I feel disappointed about it.

I'll start with after purchasing my tickets on Kayak... I purchased my tickets with a carry-on and checked bag for both me and my husband. When we arrived to Fort Lauderdale, there seemed to not have been a checked bag for my flight to Peru. After paying for the checked bag and rechecking my tickets, Spirit changed our baggage to having a carry-on to Peru and a checked bag coming back to Fort Lauderdale. This was not the most pain aching part of the trip. As it neared closer to time for us to fly back to Fort Lauderdale, I began my check-in process 24hrs before our flight. I attempted to add the carry-on bags, that were taken off of our return trip, and an extra checked bag. Spirits system would not allow it and I have the screen shots to prove, however, without adding anything to the checkin process I was able to checkin smoothly. This was very concerning as it seemed Spirit was forcing flyers to be charged the fees at the airport. I called management and had notes included on my reservation to honor the prices that were online and via my screenshots. At the checkin desks in Peru, I was told that they could not make any changes and I had to pay the prices from the airport for my luggage. Only after requesting that the young lady provide me screenshots of the what she was seeing on her screen with regards to the notes from management did she inform her manager of the situation to adjust the price. After all of that, the price still wasn't correct and I paid an extra $20 than what I was supposed to. I shouldn't have to negotiate my baggage with any airline when their systems are not working correctly. As I was wrapping up my transaction, there were other flyers going through the same situation. It is very unfair and unprofessional the way that Spirit treated us in that flight. This type of experience is what makes flyers rethink flying Spirit.

Pros: "Service malo"
Cons: "Service malo"
Pros: "The crew members on board were professional and attentive"
Cons: "Extremely poor management during the customs process. Many hours delayed, no social distancing, no prioritization for individuals and families that had connecting flights and therefore over a hundred people lost their flights and were told they had to wait over two days for the next flight without vouchers for food or hotel. It was embarrassing, to say the least. There needs to be better organization so people with connecting flights can be prioritized and seen before to avoid such an awful situation."
Pros: "The crew on board made the best of the situation."
Cons: "Ground staff were unhelpful or just not around at all."
Cons: "Non reclining seats on a red eye = terrible Even though I paid for an upgraded seat, I found out upon boarding that it did not recline. No seats do on spirit. I will not be flying spirit again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Literally everything. It was my first and last time on spirit.. They seats were like folding chairs bolted to the ground and didn't recline. They made usthrow away our water that we bought at the airport and then charged $3 on the plane. Hidden fees everywhere. F this airline."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact i had to pay 2xs for the same luggage round trip! First time for me, and certainly the last with spirit."
Cons: "Absolutely rediculous that you don’t even offer a cup of water or coffee."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Service Assistance was poor and they were asking money for what is their job"
Pros: "first time and last, i never flew so uncomfortable before, this airlines sucks!!!"
Cons: "everything!!"
Pros: "The employees were extremely courteous and professional. I really enjoyed my trip."
Cons: "Some of The staff memebers were rude. Had to go through like four different check points for luggage, delays boarding and not very effective. One staff memeber checks your name, another one asks to attach name tag to luggage, another one has a questionnaire for suitcase asking for items in it, this is all before even checking in!! At the gate before boarding there's another huge line because again one staff memeber checks for boarding pass, another checks passport, another one goes through bags and then check in to board plane. Have to buy any food you want to consume, not even water for free."
Cons: "On time"
Cons: "No complimentary water on an international flight. Limit of 40 lbs per suitcase. Excessive charges for luggage/carry ons. Rude customer service."
Cons: "The attendant was joking around too much. He got upset when u joked back and forced me to move from the exit row. Unprofessional... flight attendants shouldn't joke about safety in the first place!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not a "discount" airline bc after paying for bags and everything else, $ is comparable to other airlines who actually take care of their customers. International flight w seats that are plastic and don't recline, no water, no tray table, no room. Delayed flight so missed connections and had to wait 5 hrs for the next flight. Unsympathetic staff. Terrible! Will never fly sprit again."
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "The seats don't decline and are not very padded"
Pros: "Low food vouchers for delay and credits"
Cons: "Low food vouchers for delay"
Cons: "I know it's a cheap airline but the seats were really uncomfortable and didn't recline. I missed the drink and snack service too"
Pros: "Delayed ."
Pros: "Price at booking"
Cons: "$250 in fees - bags, boarding pass, seat assignment. Flight out had overbooked so a dozen people got left behind. Flight back connecting flight was cancelled, and they couldn't get us to Detroit for 36 hours. They had cancelled the flight before to Detroit also, so they had 2 planes worth of people to deal with. On all flights the seats were hard as boards and packed so tight you couldn't straighten a leg or take a deep breath withou pushing against your neighbor. Meal vouchers were only good at the airport and only 3 meals in 37 hours and only $7 per airport prices. NEVER EVER again."
Pros: "Sucks.!!"
Cons: "Make loose my 7.00 am o clock flight, now wait till 3.00 pm to abord the next one , sucks sucks sucks"
Cons: "Flight cancellation. New flight was going to be 36 hours after."
Cons: "Extortionate arbitrary $70 baggage fee. Same bag they didn't charge me for on my flight down. A guy waiting on the same flight at the gate had *literally* the same bag and said he didn't have to pay the fee. Also extremely uncomfortable seats considering it was a six hour overnight flight."
Cons: "Due to their own delayed flight I lost my connection and instead of whatv is done with other airlines that move you to another airline in order to get the sooner flight, they dont give a thing for ur time and they dont even pay for a room."
Cons: "Spirit delayed my initial.flight from.lima so I had to rebook. They delayed the flight even more and I missed my new connection flight. I was told spirit is not responsible for the length of lines for tsa check points. I had 15 minutes to get to my gate once I finally got my bag. This one is on spirit."
Cons: "My first flight was delayed, causing me to miss my connecting flight (Flying from Peru, to Florida, to Chicago). Upon arriving in Florida- Spirit staff was rude, would not answer questions, provide info, or help us get on new flights- we were only put standby and as more and more flights were cancelled without reason- I was told I would be stuck in Florida for 36 hours. I had to buy a ticket on another airline to get home after waiting 14 hours for Spirit to help. I was so upset, missed work, tired, and overall let down with their lack of compassion or even kind concern for the issues."
Pros: "I made it home."
Cons: "Delay after delay after delay Pay for literally everything (tickets, seats, bags, water on the plane...)"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "The leg room and the overall comfort was couldn't bend the sit."
Pros: "Left on time and arrived early"
Cons: "No device charger."
Pros: "Very simple way to travel."
Pros: "Night flight, had a chance to sleep just as planned."
Cons: "3 hours late, missed the next flight I had book and subsequently a friend's birthday dinner on the next end.."
Pros: "Can't beat the rate. If you are traveling light, this is the way to go."
Cons: "Seats are not large, they pack you in there to make this a good rate."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the worst flight I had ever in my whole life. Kayak should not work with them anymore!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "nothing. My flight didn't crash"
Cons: "they charge you to check or carry on a bag. the stewardess wasn't friendly, seats didn't recline and i had no leg room."
Pros: "On time, everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Couldn't carry liquids or water on the plane"
Pros: "Crew were nice and helpful..."
Cons: "Seats for the International flights didn't recline!!! that it totally unacceptable on long legs!!!"
Cons: "My ticket was from lima To FLL, florida my final destinación was phl which I took Southwest. While in Lima I tríes To pay for my luggage vía internet for more than an hour the System try To have me sign And open an Spirit Account over And over call And customer sevice gold me To go To the counter. In the airport pay $172 dollars for my 2 luggage a my small bag It cost me so much more To use your Airline plus It was so unconfortable having the sit not reclining for over night flight. In Miami I check out my Bag with Southwest It was like Heaven using the other Airline. Never again."
Pros: "We didn't die"
Cons: "The only positive was that we arrived safely. We were told to stand in line early for no reason. Boarding took forever and seemed rushed then we sat for an hour before take off. The plane was so cramped my knees didn't fit. I'm only 6' and 180lbs. We couldn't bring water on the plane that Doesn't give you water. They opened everyone's bags in line without privacy. Rough flight and rough landing. I could keep going but no room."
Pros: "Cheap and quick"
Cons: "Impersonal"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Too expensive!! They charge you for all"
Pros: "I liked nothing!"
Cons: "The plane was delayed in Lima for maintenance isuuses for almost two hours on the tarmac. This caused me to miss my connecfting flight in Ft. Lauderdale. Then I was rerouted to NYC and that plane was delayed two hours because the pilots were stuck in traffic."
Cons: "I have used airlines for the last 20 years. Without any doubt this one was the worst. Not even the airlines in a third world country work like them. I will tell all my friends about how horrible SPIRIT is."
Cons: "They lost my luggage during my vacation. I had to call them several times so that I make sure that the luggage catch up with me in. Apart from the luggage, it was always very stressful, you are never sure that you will managed to board . Bad Organization!"
Pros: "I was able to board early because I purchased a carry on bag."
Cons: "Where to start. It was a redeye and the seats don't recline and are generally cheap and uncomfortable so sleeping was out. You have to buy EVERYTHING, they won't even give you a glass of water for free. Even charging for carry-on bags. And not a little, like $40! I also had to wait in line again after my redeye to recheck my bag, which apparently wasn't necessary. Would have been nice to know because I almost missed my connecting flight. Basically will never use this airline again"
Cons: "first time fling with Spirit - too tight of a connection from Lima Peru to Fort Lauderdale - almost missed the connecting flight - in Lima, was told the ticket counter opened up at 7 when in fact it was 7:40 - the agents were not ready at 7, they were still bringing in counter items and Spirit banners(& misc. items) and 7:40 -"
Pros: "The fact that is was a small plane, we boarded quickly. For being a economy seat, there was foot room. The staff was good, the main steward was funny. We dd purchase something and the guy forgot to bring to us, but someone else took care of us."
Cons: "Seats were so thin I felt every thing the person behind me did. the cost for carry n and checked bags are completely unreasonable. They claim cheap flights, but I found same price with larger airlines. The food court in their section was tiny, and they only had one bathroom, at LAX! Oh and the seat did not recline and the plane was cold. I will not fly with them again."
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