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Japan AirlinesOverall score based on 4527 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: Really enjoy the travel with JAL

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Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: Really enjoy the travel with JAL

Cons: Delayed flight for 2 hours, rude staff at the JFK airport and then v choppy flight, delayed even more by waiting for an arrival gate in FLL.

Pros: The experience was really good. I’ll be using JAL again.
Cons: Keep doing a good job.

Cons: Better food

Pros: Typical JAL, nearly everything was fantastic.
Cons: I don't think it could be made better but legroom on this flight was cramped. Certain planes in the JAL fleet have really cramped legroom and uncomfortable seats.

Pros: JAL operates with incredible efficiency.

Cons: JAL LAX Ground staff. Not helpful.

Cons: Trip to Manila from Tokyo was delayed for 3hrs plus

Pros: Leg room at seats were spacious, comfy. However , toilets could be cleaner.
Cons: This is 2 nd time I flew JAL. And food was below average. Should offer cup noodles or biscuits if pax is hungry .

Pros: Good efficiency for boarding an good in air entertainment
Cons: Delayed for an hour while already boarded

Pros: Perfect service, never had a more pleasant and attentive crew
Cons: Movies were pretty much still the same as 10 weeks ago. Not possible to sleep in the seat in premium economy right by the toilets and galley. Constant door clattering and toilet flushing. In other cabins the noise wasn't as bad, probably better insulated?

Pros: Service was excellent. Premium economy seats well worth the few extra $$.

Pros: They were very accommodating and helped ensure a good travel experience (first time traveling with a young child).

Cons: The fact that my father was diagnosed with Cancer and they wouldn’t refund our 1300.00 for round trip tickets to the Philippines which is our vacation home. The airline required documentation from my fathers doc which I provided. He was not going anywhere for at least a year (radiation and chemo) and the denied even credit.I was able to get my parents tickets refunded by a different airline. NEVER Again. my father passed 8/12/2018. Our trip was scheduled for 9/13/2018. Very disappointing.see

Pros: Service was excellent and seats were comfortable.

Pros: I wish all long haul flights were like this. Very clean and well maintained cabin space, good quality food, very attentive, helpful and polite cabin crew. Never thought I’d be able to say this, but the 14 hour flight with two young children in economy was a really enjoyable experience with JAL!
Cons: Really no complaints

Pros: The level of care and attention that was given to my comfort during the flight was extraordinary. Also the economy was much better than any economy i've ever come to expect from other airlines.
Cons: The boarding I didn't know at first where to go to get to the gate. Having to exit and then re-enter the airport was a pain and further complicated my boarding. But that was not JAL's fault and is on SFO.

Pros: I have flied to and from Japan many times with many different airlines. This flight was my favorite.

Cons: food from manila to japan was excellent,food japan to vancouver was not...could only eat half of it

Pros: Liked creative approaches with the meals, with new/different menu - some room for improvements but generally good Loved the movie selection
Cons: Found the seats hard and uncomfortable after a few hours although the leg space was more generous in economy than United/ANA

Pros: Inspire of bad weather, the pilot executed a perfect landing !

Pros: Super cheap roundtrip flight. Reliable airline. Flight even came with a meal both ways. Kind staff. Good service.

Pros: Nice staff.
Cons: Economy seats very uncomfortable especially for long distance flights - barely reclining. Seat selection very painful - can do it online, have to call up to 48h before glight with roaming fees if already abroad. Food okay - nothing Japanese. Movie selection could be richer and better.

Pros: Crew was very pleasant
Cons: Food was fair, not great.

Pros: The Economy class seats had a lot of room - which is unusual for tall people ;-)

Pros: The customer service overall was really good.
Cons: The food always messes up my stomach, where the whole day after I can’t eat anything

Pros: Seat width, Crew Service,
Cons: Web Site Check in is cumbersome

Pros: When I checked in for my flight it was fast, efficient and friendly. Their Manila staff is awesome! I was very impressed and happy with their service. I will be using JAL again.

Pros: There was more leg room than most airlines, friendly staff, and good movies and food selection.

Pros: Awesome experience, nothing like any other. Will fly again.

Pros: Comfort
Cons: Food can be better.

Pros: Service
Cons: Food, especially before landing

Pros: My sister got airsick the last hour of the flight. The flight attendants were extremely helpful and considerate in easing her discomfort.

Pros: The flight was normal and without problems. As a frequent traveler throughout Asia that is always welcomed.

Pros: Friendly and respectful staff, great meals, tasty!

Pros: The flight attendants were very kind and attentive.
Cons: A bit hard to get in and out of my seat 8A. But the seat and bed itself were comfortable.

Pros: The crew member was excellent and his charisma really made up for any shortcomings this little "puddle jumper" had. He even helped my companion out with some advice for relieving his ear pressure.

Pros: I was early to check in . But the check in was slow and I. Had to run to my plane ride .. and had no time to shop
Cons: The service was so so and food was lousy

Pros: Went premium economy for such a long flight- NYC to Tokyo- to Sydney. Seats were great as was crew and everything!
Cons: No complaints!

Pros: My flight was on time everything went perfectly and there was nothing I could've done better everything is great.
Cons: i'm kind of tall so I would've liked to of gotten to see with more space especially since there are more seats on the plane available. But other than that my flight was good and I was happy that everything went according to plan.

Pros: The most polite and attentative flight attendants and great food options.

Pros: food was great movies are updated flight attendants are professional and courteous

Pros: I forgot to make prior arrangements for a special meal due to allergy concerns. I notified the crew onboard, and they were attentive to my issue and helped me avoid certain foods which may cause an allergy attack.
Cons: The seats felt very dated and uncomfortable. The entertainment options were very limited.

Pros: Short flight.

Pros: The service, food, entertainment, everything was perfect. Thanks so much

Pros: I've been always flying with U.S. airlines this past several years just because transits are easier. I forgot about how friendly and nicer JAL crews are. Their food is much much better. They served us with a cup of Haagen-Dazs icecream for dessert while a Fatboy is normally served by other airlines. I was impressed by how spacious the foot area of their economy seat is. Because I felt quite comfortable, I slept five hours straight during the flight which is phenomenal to me. I will definitely fly with JAL again!

Pros: The cabin crew was lovely and ground staff equally so as I've come to expect from both ANA and JAL. Great entertainment options.
Cons: I think my negative impression of this flight was more due to the extreme turbulence and extra hour spent on the ground at Narita, which is always a challenging airport. The meals were passable, but hardly anything to be proud of, seats were cramped and flight was pretty uncomfortable.

Pros: We had a 4 hour delay due to maintenance, so many of us missed connecting flights in Tokyo. But the airline put us up in a hotel and gave us meals, so I had a nice bonus day to see the city. The flight itself was very pleasant, with the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen on a long flight and plenty of food and drink.

Pros: full service
Cons: long flight

Pros: Flight attendants are really kind and patient.

Pros: The crew was excellent and we appreciated the ability to change seats after takeoff.

Pros: Seat was too narrow
Cons: See above

Cons: Please have the option to order Kosher meal!! The 1st air company that I use, that don’t offer this basic service!! Ridiculous!!

Pros: I had to cancel the flight because the have customer service very poor in air New Zealand vancouver BC agents the could not solve a simple problem in esta that happened to me similarly in Australia with the same problem of esta if they are not efficient they should be replaced there many good candidate for airlines in Vancouver BC
Cons: Improve customer services

Pros: I really enjoyed the food as always and overall, I felt very comfortable
Cons: I enjoyed my experience overall.

Pros: I really liked how instructions were said clearly with visuals, in particular, the video at the start of the flight. It brought a sense of relief and wonder. I enjoyed the lunch I had too. The lamb curry is sublime. I would have it every day to be honest. I was also lucky that I had passengers who sat next to me, who were kind and lovely.
Cons: Only the take off from the flight. It made me dizzy and nautious.

Cons: They were not able to seat me next to my partner despite us having booked/selected our seats 6 months in advance. Additionally, the check in process took forever and we had a bunch of issues getting on the flight

Pros: Lovely, friendly crew!
Cons: No seat selection available on line, so stuffed in the back. No place for luggage. No soft drinks on flight. Mexican chips??? What’s that about?

Pros: Sat in business class pods. Best flights we’ve ever taken !
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew, as always, was fantastic. Very helpful and always kind. The seats are comfortable enough, considering it was a long flight, and the excellent entertainment helped the time pass quickly.

Pros: The crew was fine. the seats were not so comfortable in the economy.
Cons: More comfortable seats.

Pros: Crew were fantastic
Cons: Entertainment choices

Cons: I couldn’t get the seat to recline.

Cons: I was not able to travel. When I reached the airport, I was told that I needed a transit visa for my 1.5 hr stopover in Auckland.

Pros: The crew was fantastic. They were incredibly polite and accommodating. This was my first time flying for more than three hours (15 hours from Houston to Auckland) and it really could not have gone much better.
Cons: Always need a little more legroom in economy but it's a small sacrifice for getting an affordable flight.

Pros: slightly more roomy than most carriers
Cons: since it was a Friday during Lent, there could have been non-meat options on the meals. One lunch and one supper offered only chicken and beef both times.

Pros: This is an overnight red eye flight. There is not much to interact with crew or service. It is simply long with attempts to sleep.

Pros: flight was great
Cons: food could've been a little better

Cons: No enough blankets when feeling cold

Pros: Comfortable seat.
Cons: Ran out of meal options, flight was delayed so one option breakfast not appropriate at midday. The flight attendant blamed the person in front of me for taking the last other option. I had to clarify with her that meant there was only one option left. She seemed annoyed at me for asking.

Pros: Outstanding crew -- attentive but not overbearing. Very pleasant for a 14-hour flight.

Cons: The plane was delayed for more than one hour which we did not have sufficient time for transfer to LA. We have to run instead of walking.

Cons: They don't greet me only the people in front and behind me. I didn't receive a meal she skipped me i don't know if you have to pay or not but the person on the left of me got one and the person the right got one

Cons: We were not told that we had to buy meals and drinks ahead of time?! We had no food for an 8 hour flight and couldn't even buy a soft drink?! We were on an outdated plane leased plane from EVA Air and there were maybe 10 movies to choose from? Also, my reading light was broken. Not the level of care that I've come to know from Air NZ and really disappointed.

Pros: Service was very good despite our one hour delay! Everyone was appropriately apologetic though.
Cons: Flight was one hour delayed not due to equipment but because the ground crew failed to load the cargo in time! That was annoying. (Then an ill patient had to be removed resulting in a further delay trying to retrieve her luggage.) I felt bad for those with tight connections.

Pros: The entire crew was excellent in all areas and all the time even on a 14 hour flight that had been delayed for about 20 hours.
Cons: When we arrived in Auckland very late, Air New Zealand out me up in a third rate hotel in a very bad part of the city with little to no communication on how to get back to the airport the next day. The customer service number I was given, was mo help at all. Flights were great, but the way they handled the unexpected was very poorly done.

Cons: Narrow isles ment I kept getting bumped the entire flight.

Pros: Legroom
Cons: Late

Pros: Not much
Cons: My flight was moved up three hours and we were not notified. Two others we were traveling with were. Some people received meals and drinks and the flight attendants had a list of which seats. Apparently we weren't entitled to any. We were not treated the same as the others next to us. It was not an option. Perhaps only Australians were entitled.

Pros: I got there on time
Cons: Staff not incredibly nice but OK. The thing that bothered me most is that if you book through KAYAK that sends you to Virgin Australia, you can’t book bag, nor buy a meal if you want. I didn’t want to meal but I did want a bag and it’s a big difference. If you do it online it’s 39 Australian dollars, but if you do it at the airport it’s AU$160. That’s just outrageous and the staff was not helpful at all

Cons: bummed I couldn't even opt in or purchase wifi. being sel-employed and having such long flight - its just a missed opportunity.

Pros: The check-in process was extremely simple and easy. The staff were very friendly and happy to help. They didn't make a huge deal out of small problems, as so many seem to like doing.

Pros: The seats are super comfy and the staff are lovely and very attentive to ones needs. The only down fall would be that I had to pay for movies and a meal wasn’t included with my flight, but that’s minor. Also, baggage cost me 120.AUD for one bag! I thought that was pretty outrageous for one check in bag. But the pilot was very good and informative as the overall flight was smooth. Thanks again air New Zealand.
Cons: Over priced check in bag. Due to it not being according to weight. Ridiculous.

Pros: Food and service good
Cons: Had a large person next to me so not much room :-(

Pros: Nothing really. Smooth boarding.on time departure
Cons: Passengers with more than one bag as hand luggage

Pros: Everything else was great
Cons: Larding is shambullick from LAX! Needs improving your system . No one to tell you early which line and existing signs for economy and Premium do not stand out .. staff need to be on the ground sooner letting people know and asking them which seats to prevent most people being in the wrong queue

Pros: Great service, friendly people, kiwi spirit

Pros: The crew was very nice, and I loved the entertainment options.

Pros: The crew was super nice and so accommodating. They were all quickly available during the entire 14 hour flight, and always had a smile. I thought the food was nice as well, and there were so many entertainment options.
Cons: Having a bit more room during such a long flight would have been nice!

Pros: The staff lady told me to there’s no food available then I told I need to buy it last time my flight was Jetstar was good even everyone can buy food on board but leta I called Chinese lady understood how I was hungry she brought me bread with batter and coffee that’s was good and best service I always thank to her service

Cons: the person next too me was overflowing in their seat so much they took up a quarter of my spot.. it was not work making the flight uncomfortable by making a stink about it but I paid for a whole seat not 3/4 of one!

Pros: Entertainment options
Cons: The fact that our booking through Kayak did not record we had booked luggage. We KNOW we had booked luggage. Air NZ wanted to charge us $160 each bag. Eventually BYOJet got us through to Virgin who allowed us to buy luggage for $25 per bag. Thank you Virgin for your wonderful assistance 1 1/2 hours before departure. Virgin's standard ticket has 23kg luggage included. What is the problem with a ticket bought online through agents such as BYOJet and Kayak?

Pros: Comfortable, easy flight.
Cons: Ground crew not as friendly and helpful as is ANZ standard. Bag check-in is not more efficient. It's a pain for passengers.

Pros: Everything. Loads of leg room.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The inflight seatback entertainment.
Cons: Tiny seats and no snacks or drinks in flight.

Pros: Friendly crew, good in-flight entertainment
Cons: Flight was running about a half hour late

Pros: Free booze.
Cons: Not worth the extra money for preferred seats. Food was terrible. I figured I could just buy a sandwich or something but they didnt have anything except for pretzels. Even the options they had available on the menu the crew said they didn't have any of it on board. Then the in flight entertainment wasn't working for some people so they had to reboot the system which took about half an hour and I lost my place in the movie I was watchIMG. I guess it helped that they give you free booze, which was helpful in relaxing after all the issues. Overall I did not enjoy this flight even half as much as I did the way there.

Pros: Significantly more leg room than other competitors! Even with the person's chair reclined in front of me, I was still able to be comfortable. The staff were excellent, the food was as good as can be (given that it is airline food), the choices for entertainment were great. Lots of overhead storage!
Cons: Some of the screens need to be refurbished. The person in the seat behind me had to jab at their screen to make it work (or perhaps they were too lazy to be conscientious?). Mine worked fine but I had to be very cognizant to leave my finger on the screen rather than poke.

Cons: Can't check in online with a VA per locator. You need an ANZ ONE. You have to call VA and forcefully ask for it. VA totally unhelpful. And when you get the ANZ number, they charge you to book a seat. Any seat.

Pros: Friendly flight attendant, good food, clean seat
Cons: They checked in my mag with knowing my transfer time to the connecting flight in another country is only 10 mins delayed despite I kept questioning them. They told me there would be people "escort " me through the security check point and the flight would help us. And they even told me they knew I had "enough" time to transfer that's why airline did not change my flight. But once I checked in my luggage and passed the security check, I received a new flight ticket through email. They totally changed my connecting flight to a much later one. Only 20 mins later after they told me to check in my luggage and promise the connecting flight would wait for me. Later the manager said" I don't know who told you that, but no one could catch a connecting flight in 10 mins."

Pros: The crew were welcoming and accommodating, whether you wanted to sleep or to watch entertainment or eat/drink.

Pros: The crew was very good. Seat was comfortable.
Cons: Running water in the bathroom.

Cons: Qatar’s food is great! Feels like five star dining. Attendants are helpful and friendly.

Cons: Under 2 babies did not get enough milk They should have baby food items cereals, crackers or baby foods options

Cons: Seats for its along way

Cons: Headphones- only one channel.

Pros: The crew was excellent. The seat was reasonably comfortable. Boarding process was very orderly and smooth.

Cons: Entertainment on the Boeing 777 suffered from access problems

Pros: Everything! It just awesome
Cons: Nothing can be better, an awesome flight

Pros: Everything was good. Seat is roomy and able to stretch leg.
Cons: toilet is smaller

Cons: Crew members are waking up for lunch and breakfast but not for snacks and other beverages. We are feeling hungry later. we aren't knowing when they ll provide.

Pros: Good service
Cons: Food

Pros: The crew was attentive and polite. The flights were on time, and the entertainment options were good. The Doha airport is quite nice, with many eating and retail options. although everything is very expensive, even by airport standards.
Cons: My wife and I personally don't mind a selection that leans heavily toward Indian food, but I imagine others will not. The main courses were mediocre and the "sandwich" offered between meals on the 13+ hour flight was cold, soggy and inedible. The seats on our A350 were hard and not very comfortable, and the recline function was difficult to operate. Security at the Doha airport was confusing. We had to go through 3 separate checkpoints for our transfer, each with different rules and procedures. The final check at our departure gate was the worst, with impatient officials giving hurried instructions in heavily-accented English, and scolding if passengers didn't understand. I was sent back through a second time to remove my camera from the bag (and to be scolded by the agent), and was patted down a second time coming back through the x-ray, which had green-lighted me both times. It made me wonder if this was a reaction to the extra scrutiny that Arab passengers receive from our airport security in the USA.

Pros: Cabin crew service was very good. Flght with Airbus 350 plane was really comfortable and quite. They put extra care for kids and babies and all of kids get gift bag with toys, chocolate etc. which makes everyone happy Especially kids. I personally like to watch new release movies and enjoyed to pass my flight time.
Cons: Their south indian food was testless in both inbound and outbound flight from Philadelphia to doha. Snacks was good but meal definitely they should have better to change it.

Pros: Qatar beats every US based airline, hands down! The planes are clean and modern with better seats, leg room, technology, food and staff. Everything is included in the cost of a ticket, something that US airlines should learn! I cannot say enough about the experience and wood recommend to anyone traveling to destinations served by this airline.
Cons: I cannot think of a single thing.

Cons: Small chairs

Cons: On my flight from PHL to KHI, both legs had perfect head/necks that were adjustable. But on the flight from DOH to PHL, the neck rest was awful - it only adjusted vertically (unlike the other flights), and it was too thick so that my neck was in an extremely uncomfortable position for 14 hours - not fun!

Pros: I had never heard of Qatar Airways before I booked a 24hr flight to and from Sydney, Australia. I only did this on the suggestion from a friend that stated Qatar Airways was "alright". So for the price I thought what the heck! I was extremely pleased with the service from the cabin crew. They are always polite, professional, and well trained compared to my previous favorites Delta and Lufthansa. The seats were comfortable (as comfortable as Economy and 24hours of flying can be), the entertainment and aircraft were state of the art, and the food was outstanding for airline food. If I get the chance in the future I will definitely choose Qatar Airways for long trips.
Cons: Other rude or snotty passengers taking up the crews time and attention for no reason. But as I stated in the "positive" side of this review, the crew handled these impolite individuals with a smile and polite attitude. Kudos to Qatar Airways.

Pros: Very affordable flights, good value for money. Most of the journey from Sydney to Oslo (via Doha) went qiluite smoothly).
Cons: The only thing I didn’t like about the experience was the fact that you can only check in one piece of luggage on economy class, and one very sour individual at the gate when boarding.

Pros: quick eficient
Cons: long flight

Pros: Lots of entertainment
Cons: Originally I was assigned a wonderful seat but then I was put in the back by window it was very cramped and noisy. The flight stuff was mediocre and the food was not that good either. Big difference from the flight over

Pros: On time and efficient
Cons: Food was mediocre in options and taste. Not the most comfortable flight either. The Manila to Doha leg was much less comfortable than the Doha Philly leg.

Pros: Incredibly attentive service
Cons: Internet service didn’t work. Also waiting for can refund because of unannounced 12 hour delay on the outbound flight.

Cons: We had booked the flight together and they ended up putting us in different rows and couldn’t fix that. We travelled 14 hours apart :(

Pros: Boarding was quick and I liked that they didn’t make many announcements which can often keep passengers awake when they’re trying to sleep. Lights were kept off for the duration of the 14 hour flight which was good.
Cons: I felt that the service was slow and the food was poor. Water was not offered during the flight as is the norm with other airlines. Toilets should be cleaned more regularly. Advertising at the beginning of the inflight entertainment became very repetitive when watching short tv shows.

Cons: The flight attendant dropped a suitcase on my head when I was sleeping. I had terrible headache, nauseous, and dizzy with some really uncomfortable neck pain. The staff tried to get me to take medicines that I could not read for nauseous but I would not. They said they were prescribed by a doctor! What doctor. The flight was the longest worst ever! 14 hours - nothing to eat or drink! In addition, the head flight attendant said the baggage compartment over my head was a problem as it opens all the way down and bags fall easily out. The bag was easily 30 pounds and landed directly on my head. I suffered a concussion.

Cons: Luggage checking is very poor, the person on checking ask me to remove my shawal, i said to him it is insult to me , i never forget it , never plan to travel on Qatar airways

Pros: I like everything about the flight
Cons: Flight was very long

Pros: Completely satisfied. Excellent all the way!
Cons: Everything was perfect. Thank You.

Cons: the wifi was average at best. I get that we there are limitations...but if the service is going to be this poor, make it free & unlimited.

Pros: All the stewards were so friendly and helpful. The facilities were very well serviced and so you forget that the plane was 100% full, despite long queues to the toilets. I would fly again with Qatar Air for sure.

Pros: Business class was wonderful liked pjs, food, seating. Etc
Cons: Crew left a small amount of champagn in a glass which fell on me when I was asleep. Crew only offered first meal after that did not offer food only when I requested it. Limited gluten/ dairy free options

Cons: Front row with a toddler meant that we couldn't lift the armrests up and get her to lay down. She had to lie on the floor, but when we hit some turbulence, we had to wake her and sit her back up with us. The second part of the leg was much better as we were on a normal row seat

Cons: Poor communication about transfers. I also had to throw away 20 pounds of things or get charge $800

Pros: Same
Cons: I understand it's the industry standard, but seats are too narrow with shared armrests.

Pros: The crew was friendly
Cons: The security process to board the plane had no order. Stood in line while people after me was able to board the plane. When it was my turn, I was randomly selected for additional security screening.

Pros: Good service, plenty of entertainment options, modern aircraft.

Pros: The crew was excellent in their mannerisms, efficiency, service and never ending smiles.
Cons: The flight was not overly crowded and many of the passengers were seated with three people per set of seats while others were seated individually and able to spread out with much more comfort. I felt that when the flight crew saw this they could have made everyone much more comfortable by switching people to two people per row thus giving them more room especially on such a long flight.

Pros: food was decent and the staff on the plane were pleasant.
Cons: Qatar airlines blatantly lied to me on several occasions and treated me like I was dirt. They lost my baggage and re assigned my seat several times each time pushing me further back into the plane and eventually putting me into a crowded row when the plane was virtually empty.

Pros: Great flight - and definitely the best airline food we've had in a while

Pros: Flight was not crowded, room to stretch out. Food and service was good.
Cons: Difficult boarding procedure.

Cons: Seat cushion was hard for long flight time!

Pros: Good spacing. comfy seats.
Cons: Staff were just not aware of clients needs. walked passed without even glancing to see raised hands, etc

Pros: The crew was amazing, the entertainment system needs more content, the food could use more variety. I would definitely travel with them again.

Pros: Crew Boarding
Cons: Food Not so comfy

Cons: - The Flight was canceled to fly directly from DOH to PHL.... Our party was put on a transfer at ORD...added additional 8 hours of layover... flight itself wasn't terrible... but the bathroom situation could be hectic...

Cons: Very cramped space on a 14 hr flight. Very slow food & drink service. Toilets were dirty No opportunity to choose seats despite checking in online the day before - we were allocated 2 adjacent seats but there were none others shown as available on the entire aircraft.

Pros: The crew were very friendly and helpful.
Cons: I am a very tall man and was unable to have an exit row seat. It was not explained why just that they were not available. When I booked the flights I was told to get to the airport as early as possible as exit row seats cannot be booked.

Pros: Shared a row with three seats with another person, middle seat was free! New entertaiment screens.
Cons: Food was average to less.

Pros: Crew were excellent
Cons: The entertainment screen was hard to interact with.

Cons: Absolutely hopeless baggage delivery/collection. Almost as long as the flight

Pros: quick flight. tasty snack
Cons: nil

Pros: Smooth flight, minimal disturbances, crew extremely courteous and helpful!
Cons: Food is below average!

Pros: The seats had more room than the bigger planes. We were offered a very nice sandwich for lunch There was cool air pumped around the plane from the moment we boarded
Cons: This flight was pleasant, so nothing to worry about.

Pros: We eventually got to our destination safely although very stressed
Cons: The plane from Sydney to Brisbane was awful. The section where we were seated had a permanent cover over the windows, ours and others near us, over a large section. This was really claustrophobic. It was like being in a closed in tin can. It should be disclosed that the window seat is not a window seat so you have the option to change to somewhere else. The seats are really quite cramped. A huge delay

Pros: The service and flight as total.
Cons: No issues.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything - no crew or pilots so delayed. Then engineers on the plane so delayed. No in flight entertainment as broken - plane appeared to be from the 90s as no way to charge devices. Over 2 hours late and the plane was so old we felt like we were going to break up on landing. Terrible experience

Pros: Food was delicious and service excellent
Cons: Slow customs in Honolulu

Pros: Consistently good
Cons: 2,hr delay - weather

Pros: Tge flight and landing were uneventful
Cons: One hour delay taking off. Departure gate change. Cramped seating. When plane totally loaded, further wait for ground crew to load baggage. No refreshments until way late due to delay. Water should have been offered during the delay due to loading.

Cons: Why have priority baggage when it doesn’t seem to work, except in inverse proportions

Cons: Delays due to storms slowed our departure and made the boarding process a little confusing

Pros: It is always a good flight with Qantas,great staff are friendly and helpful for me and all watching the movies,meals are good quality.You are updated with what is going on as you fly.
Cons: A twenty minute delay on landing and was raining in Bangkok but that is ok.

Cons: Qantas left our luggage in Sydney. Once we were in Koh Samui it was up to Bangkok Airways to sort it out. The file reference we were given wasn't recognised by the Qantas website, the three phone numbers in Bangkok just gave a 'number disconnected' message and one was no answer. We had to cancel a planned event on day two and shop for clothes for a specific activity on day three. The only way to make contact with Qantas was via Instagram, Luggage did appear but so far no contact or apology from Qantas. We will not fly with Qantas again. Virgin Australia is our carrier of choice who outperform Qantas in every respect. This flight was gifted so we had no choice.

Pros: Great crew, nice clean aircraft with lots to watch via their streaming service Flight left ontime and arrived early
Cons: Food was good but not great

Cons: Flight was nearly an hour late leaving.

Cons: Flight was late departing.

Pros: Watched movies to pass the time. Trip uneventful but 2 hours late
Cons: The announcements by cabin crew on board were hard to understand as English not first language

Pros: Complimentary Inflight drink and the effort from crew to accommodate English second language passengers in my row.

Cons: Qantas mucked up my seating and then tried to tell me maybe it was just my use of the booking system.

Pros: Food was a improvement luggage transfer to connecting flight great a
Cons: All good

Pros: Mostly everything great.
Cons: Leg room for me a bit small. Dinner a bit mushy.

Pros: good

Pros: On time. Nice cup of tea and a bite to eat. Good entertainment if you have your own device (I did).
Cons: Entertainment system.took a while to connect to and dropped out a few times.

Pros: As before great assist with wheel-chair support

Cons: entertainment screen on the back of the headrest was smaller than an ipad screen

Pros: Had problems with check in because of china eastern mishandling our baggage, the Quantas staff got everything sorted for us. Plenty of leg room on the flight and the cabin staff were fantastic, only thing that let it down was the food choice, but, as it was only a 3 hour flight this wasn;t really a problem. Would gladly fly with them again any time.

Pros: Great service
Cons: The boarding process with qantas domestic is always chaotic. No one is policed on their seat numbers, status or fare class. this creates a chaotic process for boarding and securing overhead luggage space for higher fare paying customers

Pros: Fantastic service
Cons: Boarding gate was like queuing for a sporting event

Pros: Seat so small , lack of back support and cushioning
Cons: Seat is so uncomfortable. For the 6 hr trip need a back adjustment for such a cramped environment. Need review my future travel on Qantas

Pros: I loved the first meal and the choices all seemed amazing. Staff were friendly during boarding. Seats were really comfortable and good movie and song choices.
Cons: The second meal, a small noodle box was dry, overcooked, and bland even with the dressing. The crew was not very friendly during the flight (I understand maybe they had a cranky passenger before and it was a long flight but smiling isnt that hard!). Inflight service was inconsistent as one side came down to serve 15minutes after the first side. The headphones looked quite dirty so I used my own. Boarding was quite slow and then takeoff was late but it was nice that the captain explained it.

Pros: Excellent service. Comfortable seats in economy with good leg room
Cons: Poor screen & audio quality on movie system.

Pros: In flight entertainment had a good selection
Cons: Delayed and missed connecting flight. As a result had to pay for a new one. Placed in the last row of economy so I could sit with my partner. Lied to by the check in counter. Disappointed by qantas yet again!

Pros: Took off and landed safely
Cons: Entertainment is old compared to other airlines. Screen is low resolution.

Pros: Snack and Qantas Entertainment app
Cons: Nil

Pros: The food and service were excellent!

Pros: Nothing to be honest..
Cons: food was pathetic, served late, i have always found the Qantas crew to be rude. No change to that. Somethings dont change. this is one of them. I first flew w Qantas in 2005 in business class, and since then i have downgraded. But the attitude hasn't changed. It's as if we are doing service by choosing Qantas....

Pros: Customer service was outstanding
Cons: There was no Sauvignon blanc on the wine list

Pros: Aircraft
Cons: Compares very unfavourably to Emirates who we used on the outward leg. Food very poor and choices limited by the time we were served.

Pros: Flying to Qantas always enjoyable - staff always make for pleasant journey. Always happy to fly Qantas.
Cons: One negative experience was that there was only 1hr 30mins between connecting flights. Between departing international flight - picking up luggage/toilet stop and clearing Immigration/Customs then catching bus between Qantas international domestic terminals we were racing to catch flight. As we arrived Qantas domestic terminal our names were being called over along with info the plane was awaiting our arrival. In my experience 2hrs is minimum time between connecting flights - otherwise good experience.

Pros: Friendly service

Pros: Appologises for the delay and the pilots attempt to make up time. The care taken during the turbulent period.

Pros: It seemed that being in seat 33, the crew kept forgetting to come back and get our rubbish. It seemed when they collected the rubbish, they were full at seat 32 row, come back and start at seat 34

Pros: Getting there in one piece.
Cons: Very small selection of movies and shows. Breakfast meal horrible. Heartburn within half hour.

Pros: Service was too notch. Despite software issues and timtams out of stock, crew were lighthearted and joked around with passengers. V refreshing.
Cons: Comfort still has room to improve, a foot rest would be a step in the right direction. Particularly for us shorter types or those who like to curl up and sleep. Also random upgrades (eg. Exit rows) is always appreciated. Online dinner special was excellent. Breakfast was terrible, maybe because it was the last meal so not as fresh?

Pros: It was a Qantas flight not an Emirates flight for your correct information.
Cons: I was hoping to be on board an Emirates plane notQantas msybe another time

Pros: Crew were good & Gold ( Emerald) FFlyer so boarded well
Cons: Small seats (narrow) isle seat, being knocked on the shoulder by passing people

Pros: Got away on time
Cons: No wifi on board or entertainment

Pros: In-flight entertainment system (on-demand), on-time arrival, decent food.
Cons: Announcements at boarding gate were impossible to understand -- very muffled.

Cons: Very comfortable flight!

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: too crowded

Cons: Top carrier

Pros: Seat comfortable and the seatbelts actually fit!
Cons: Nothing relly

Pros: Cree was great. The switch from one airplane to another was smooth. Snacks were great selection and enjoyed the WiFi
Cons: Everything was great

Pros: this is the airline

Pros: Nothing three hours late I went to dc and then took the train

Pros: Crew was really nice.
Cons: My first flight was delay because of that I lost my second flight.

Cons: We left Salt Lake City so late that I missed all my train connections and ruined my plans.

Pros: Standard boarding The plane was on time
Cons: Better boarding process.Such as the one used by Southwest

Pros: Predictably late.
Cons: Be on time.

Pros: The flight was on time the crew and captain was very helpful. They got us on and off quickly and safe
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Almost 3 hours of delayed
Cons: Almost

Pros: Crew was great. Delta auto rebooking caused me to miss my next flight
Cons: Contacting me before rebooking would have saved me $400

Pros: Crew was the best I have had in 2019 on Delta, the only good crew.
Cons: Everything at the Atlanta Airport. From the airport and staff itself to those working for Delta Airlines. It has been so bad, that I am thinking of flying with American Airlines again and avoiding the Atlanta Airport all together. Absolutely the worst airport in the country, Delta not much better

Pros: Good entertainment options.
Cons: Only water and coffee available. Flight had been delayed over an hour.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I paid to be in row 1 first class, when I checked in I was in the first row, then as I boarded I was told my seat changed to the back row in first class for no reason at all. I choose the 1st row for a ready and I expect to sit there! 2 flights in a row that Delta moved my seat for no reason

Pros: Entertaining crew
Cons: On time arrival (we were late).

Pros: I like flying Delta. Make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Pros: The crew was nice, the flight was so short, there was little interaction with them.
Cons: Boarding was a disaster, people didn’t have seats which caused a delay in boarding. It was a mess. The seats were uncomfortable and too small. I know it’s a short flight but it was just too tight in there. The flight was delayed and the communication was all over; the time was constantly changin

Pros: Don't know yet, because I have not left Korea.
Cons: Not happy that DELTA changed my flight again and now I arrive (6) hours later in Philly. Longer layover in Detroit is not comforting! Hoping/praying that DELTA doesn't change more on this flight going home!

Pros: nice crew
Cons: terrible seat comfort, late departure due to airline’s booking problems

Pros: We left early

Pros: wow, got in 3 minutes early, its a short flight, but its no joke trying to get out of ATL on time! Great job!

Pros: Flight was safe, smooth & fast.

Pros: Pilot was courteous, pleasant and kept us informed of flight status.

Cons: Seats have no leg room!!!

Pros: It was too cold on the flight. I asked for a blanket and luckily the stewardess had one. However, before giving it to me, she told me it was the only one on the flight!

Pros: Smooth , fast, comfortable

Pros: Crew was awesome
Cons: No TV unfortunately

Pros: What I liked was getting to my house.
Cons: The air-conditioning was extremely cold; on the positive side, I was given a blanket. The plane did not have any kind of tv screen in which to watch films or programs. Space was unbelievably tight between seats and rows; I cannot imagine a horizontally or vertically big person having any level of comfort. In general, the service was quite poor, making me wonder how does Delta treat the flight attendants, for they seemed tired and careless. The above did not happen in any of my other flights: Atlanta-Guadalajara, Guadalajara-CDMX, CDMX-Atlanta.

Pros: Everything, smooth flight with an entertaining crew.
Cons: NA

Pros: The exit row seats reclined.
Cons: USB charging didn't appear to work. No meal service. Very brief lay over. This is bad because a 6A flight from RNO to SLC with a <50m layover and then a SLC to PHL flight means that you do not get any food until 11P when landing in PHL.

Pros: Attendants very friendly and helpful. Greeted everyone with a smile and a pleasant voice. One woman was having a very hard time. She evidently was afraid to fly and wanted to get off the plane. The attendants were very kind to her, spent time with her and informed the pilot. The pilot made several comments using her name making sure she knew every time we were about to run into some turbulence. I thought that was very kind.
Cons: Sometimes very hard to hear the instructions and the pilot when they are speaking. Snacks are very small quantity and often stale

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: No entertainment on flight. No smoking in Minneapolis airport

Pros: Everything went smoothly. The staff were friendly, the flight fast and calm.
Cons: Nothing that can be done, just tough being 6'5" in a connection plane.

Pros: Made it out of Detroit that same day! Friendly flight attendants!
Cons: Flight was delayed. And then cancelled. We were booked into a later flight 8 hours later that was also delayed again due to weather but we did make it out of Detroit that night. Other people were not as lucky.

Cons: have to wait 2 days for the flight, so i would say that's a pretty objective zero rating.

Pros: Clean plane, friendly staff and timely departure.
Cons: Waiting to get off the plane. Other customers moving too slow

Pros: They have great and friend staff.
Cons: Delta treats any passenger that isn't a member of their skymiles or anyone that doesn't purchase a seat in advance like peasants. You don't get assigned a seat until YouTube up at the airport... That's fine, not really a big deal. But because you didn't select a seat, they don't let you print or view your boarding pass on your phone, forcing you to go to the checking desk. For someone that has TSA pre check and travels alot, all that extra time adds up and can sometimes cause you to miss your flight. Because there is on "fast line" when you check-in like there is at the security check point. I only have this problem with Delta, never American airlines...

Cons: my flight from JFK to Cancun had entertainment (TV, movie screen, headphones, etc). This one did not. Was kinda disappointed.

Pros: Seats were comfortable

Cons: If flight is full all the time get a bigger plane

Cons: NO ENTERTAINMENT no snacks on the second flight after an hr 24 layover AND 52 minutes delay, seat near the bathroom which smelled horrible

Cons: All "carry-ons" were taken at the jetway, which was fine. But, when we landed, as passengers were trying to get off of the plane, the attendants were putting all of the collected luggage at the entry to the jetway. It created congestion. Then, anyone who had luggage, had to lineup against the side of the jetway, awaiting their luggage, and increasing the congestion. First, it was inconvenient. Worse, if there was any kind of emergency, I believe it would have created a unsafe environment. Very Poor Design & Process ! ! !

Pros: Our plane had mechanical issue with a parking brake which they left us know about once we loaded the plane. Unfortunately it was going to take to long so they switched us to another plane.
Cons: Airlines in general need to enforce the carry on luggage rules. If it doesn't match the dimensions for the carry on specks then make the people Check it. Don't let it go. If I paid for a seat and I'm allowed two carry ons then there should be room for them. Don't ask people to check bags because of a full plane. The crew should have there own place to store their belongings, not where the passengers do and take their space. The life rafts need to be easy to get to but again should take up a spot a passenger has paid for their luggage to go. If that is the only space for these items then don't allow passengers to bring two items if in those seats or on the whole plane. It's really disappointing when your told you may have to check your bag because there's not enough room.

Pros: Cookies
Cons: Space

Pros: The attendants
Cons: The delay and no free wifi.

Pros: Tail winds provided an early arrival. When my flight was rebooked due to a delay on my first booking I was upgraded to Permium booking and drinks were complementary on the flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia.

Cons: Super loud. Couldn't talk to anyone without shouting. No view out the window, as the engine was about 5 inches outside the glass. Not sure why there even were windows for these seats, as they probably just let in more sound. Also right next to the bathroom, so frequently smelled bad.

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