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— Georgia
Sep 23 — Sep 301
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Thu 9/23
Thu 9/30

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Turkish AirlinesOverall score based on 23285 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Need a more improvement for the service
Cons: Need a proper training

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Pros: Need a more improvement for the service
Cons: Need a proper training

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Poor customer service

Pros: Yes.The crew was amazing
Cons: To have a variety of foodstuffs especially the soft drinks. Hot Tea wasn't really hot.Just warm.

Pros: Good service

Pros: Customer service was excellent and food was restaurant grade!
Cons: Nothing comes to my minds

Pros: Great options to watch on tv.
Cons: Flight was late, horrible process at gate of checking passports and items. Should not happen during a layover. This process should take place when checking in.

Pros: Everything was good apart from food
Cons: The low calories special meal was inedible. The protein was so overcooked.

Pros: crew, food, service
Cons: 3 hrs delayed

Pros: Entertainment n meals
Cons: Not sure

Pros: See previous
Cons: See previous

Pros: Flight was supper comfortable and food was amazing Thanks to chef and pilot. Everything was good If I get good price again I will definitely fly with Turkish all the time :)
Cons: Very noisy plain . I could hear the air sounds only the bad thing was bothering me

Cons: small plane, noisy! did not like business class. BUt overall ok

Pros: Service & food Additional goodies
Cons: All 5 baggages where delayed and delivered after 5 days. 1 of them is still lost. Turkish Airlines ATL Airport ground staff is never to reach or never answers any calls, mails or notifications.

Pros: This is Mollah Maziber Rahman & Afia Begum. We lost one luggage. PIR #ATL TK 11108, Luggage booked # 0235701012/TK701012. Could you please send my luggage to 10715 Pine walk Forest Circle, Alpharetta GA 30022. This is urgent. Thanks.

Pros: Flight was on time
Cons: I forgot to choose special meal request but they have good vegeterian food options

Pros: I like Turkish airlines. I was able to go on a City Tour and try Turkish cuisine provided by the Turkish airlines. I wish you distribute loqum (Turkish delight) on board like you did couple years ago. Turkish, you are the best! Thank you!

Pros: Overall, the flight was good, right on schedule. Crew were very nice and professional.
Cons: I was in one of the seats next to the lavatory and the smell was quite unpleasant. Actually, I perceived a bad odor during boarding, the toilets were not cleaned for our flight.

Pros: It's always pleasure to travel with Turkish airlines.

Pros: Will definitely fly Turkish Airlines again.

Pros: The crew looked after the children on the flight giving them coloring books, milk and little things I noticed. Therefore the children on the flight didn't fuss a lot therefore they didn't disturb the other passengers

Cons: Congested, the cabin crew did not give enough water. Did not walk cabin often enough m.

Pros: pleasant flight attendants good food food always available which is nice for 11+ hour flight superb selection of movies
Cons: Turkish Air desk at airport gave us incorrect information that nearly made us miss our flight

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Homeland has made flying into the us miserable. The checking of cameras is ridiculous. If they work we should not have to check them. Then when we landed the nastiest people are in the us Turkish check in was painful and makes one consider not flying

Pros: I made it home a few minutes early. The flight attendants. The inflight bathroom was clean. The dinner rolls were warm.
Cons: The airport felt like 95 degrees. There was no elevator to carry luggage and my cat downstairs. Everything had to be hand carried, two large bags, a carry-on and my handbag and my cat. I was kept waiting many times without explanation. The carpet in the plane was soaking wet...when you step on it you could feel liquid splash up on your feet. the airplane was quite warm. The seat would not stay upright. The children behind me kicked my seat the entire 11.5 hour flight. The monitor to watch TV also would not stay upright. The solitaire game would never load. The airport crew had conflicting instructions. My checked bags were damaged and bungee cords were missing. I was not alerted before boarding that my computer, tablet and camera would be confiscated until my ATL destination and therefore they were not properly padded for flight. A long time to disembark the plane...The attendant had to call and ask where the connector was to let us leave.

Cons: The "Pasta-cheeze" meal on TK 31 was horribly bland, reminded me of the gruesome meals I had on United Airlines. I was totally shocked, because all other meals were excellent.

Pros: I definitely recommend Turkish Airlines because of the services offered and customer service.

Pros: Service.. questions answered. food

Pros: Besides the birth of my daughter, this trip to Italy through Istanbul was the greatest THING that I've experienced, EVER! My flight with Turkish Airlines was a HUGE part of that odyssey!
Cons: Because of my delayed flight from Atlanta, I missed my connecting flight from Turkey to Rome! So, in the future (yes I plan on flying through Turkish Airlines exclusively for international travel), I will book my flightts with a larger "gap" between flights! Otherwise....Turkish Airlines is PERFECTO!

Pros: The attention from the crew and services
Cons: One of my lougage was left behind , I got after a week of stressing from one state to the other with lot of stress and unplanned expenditure I was not really sure whether it was their fault or air canada who charged me $225 for a little box mearnt to b a hand lougage. .. I was really pissed but on all the Turkish airline gave their best but the connecting flight air Canada has the worst services ever.... no food or drink was offered all through to Canada and their workers lack customer service

Pros: It was s safe flight.
Cons: We were forced to go through numerous security checks. The last check was at the gate and our carry-ons were searched yet again and our laptops, cameras and iPads were taken. Apparently we cannot bring these items on the plane and no one told us, the customers who paid to board this flight. Plus the wifi was not free. And when we tried to use the wifi code we were given from the crew as a "perk" from our camera Ana iPads being taken, that still did not work. So that was a 13 hr flight with no wifi. Plus on my flight from Istanbul to Atlanta my Tv did not work and the crew didn't speak English and could not understand my complaint. Overall the worst flight ever, close to a Delta flight which everyone knows is the bottom of the barrel of airlines. When we finally arrived in Atlanta it took 3 HOURS to get our baggage. We landed at 7:45 PM and did not get our bags until 11 pm. We were not told what the delay was and to just be patient. I will a NEVER take this airline agin.

Pros: Complimentary travel kit was a life saver.

Pros: The service was great, no one had any attitude on the plane,but the airports were different
Cons: The airport service was horrible, they rerouted us made us wait in Charlotte for 2 extra hours and there were half kids on board, a baby was crying every hour and my earplugs didn't mask the noise enough, I swear I thought two mom's were going to fight.

Pros: Avoiding my to go Israel Delta monopoly is fading
Cons: Nothing

Pros: They should inform layover passengers about getting their visa for free hotel accommodations.

Pros: Very Nice

Cons: Board on tarmack..steps...steps..carrying carry on soo one to help..not good at all!!!

Pros: The Flight Attendants were really nice.
Cons: You could not control your air conditioning and it was very warm in the front of the plan but cool in the back.

Pros: The flight was on time, lots of amenities, comfortable seats
Cons: The flight attendants weren't personable on any of the flights. I'm 6 months pregnant and randomly get hungry. There are snacks like muffin available "anytime" On our long flight from Atlanta to Paris I pressed the button 3 times to see if I could get a muffin, but the attendant alert was turned off remotely and no one came to check on me. Thank God it wasn't some sort of emergency.

Pros: Service was excellent.
Cons: 1) The foot rest blocks the ability to stretch your legs. A very uncomfortable 12 hour flight. Cramped. As a result, I will probably go with another European airline on my trans-Atlantic flights. 2) You need to offer snacks between meals on a 12 hour flight (back in the galley). Every other airline I have flown offers these on long haul flights in the galley - usually a small snack like chips or cookies. Your flight attendant told me that she would be serving the second meal in about 4 hours. Really, I was shocked that nothing was available in between meals on such a long flight.

Cons: It was hot on the airplane

Pros: Hey, two checked bags free, two free in flight measl and drinks including alcohol, and coffee service midway, free in flight movies and music, free headphones, free blankets, and a free toothbrush, yea toothbrush, its like flying in the way way back.
Cons: The check in lines are very very long and take forever

Pros: That it was a direct flight .
Cons: I usually prefer Turkish Airlines and always seek to take it in most of my travels. This time the service was not as I have been used to . Too many people were changing seats with permission from the air hostesses . The air hostesses missed me 3 times for food and beverage . They passed right by me . They weren't organized at all. I had to call them to remind them to give me some food and drink. Plus when boarding they only announced it in Turkish and not English

Pros: I loved all of the on-board movies and TV shows! The food was very good for "airplane food" and the staff was friendly. They provide headphones, blankets, pillows, and more-- all for free! I definitely would recommend Turkish Airlines.

Pros: Seat comfort and entertainment was good.
Cons: Boarding process was poor. CREW HAD NO CONTROL over passengers standing, opening overhead bins and walking around while plane was taxing. FOOD WAS POOR at best horrible at times.

Cons: There were 4 crying babies all seated closely together.

Pros: I didn't like anything! Extremely disappointed and not planning to fly with Turkish Airline again. I been flying with Lufthansa since April 1993 twice sometime 3 times a year and I don't remember ever being annoyed, disgusted, treated poorly and rudely and disturbed with any of their flights as I was on Turkish Airline! Ms. Meryam was the rudest human being/ female I met so far! Extremely rude , unprofessionally and very unfriendly Ummi G. Gunturk
Cons: I didn't like anything! My seat was broken, didn't move , the seat arm was broken , TV screen was broken and the crew didn't have the curtesy to even bother to upgrade me to a better seat. Instead the dumped me to the second to the last seat all the way in the way which the seat didn't work either. I been on the broken seat with my neck braces around my neck on (due to a neck injury) for 11 hours and the crew didn't give a damn about me!!

Pros: Turkish Airlines has some of the best amenities of any airline: great meals (and often), clean planes, plus two free checked bags for flights between Middle East and USA.
Cons: The plane was overbooked with MANY seats having been doubly assigned. After more than half an hour we were given a new seat assignment (in first class! Business class had already been filled with other double bookings!). They did their best to accommodate everyone though and the remainder of the flight was very pleasant.

Pros: The food was delicious. I have never had better airplane food. The movies were super new and interesting. I did not have time in the 11 hours of flying to watch all the movies I wanted to. The flight was also incredibly smooth.
Cons: There were a few small things that could have been better (Which I'll mention), but the worst thing about the flight was the airport. Ataturk Airport is a mess. After the attempted coup, they really upped security, forcing all international flights to go through a second security screening after transferring from another airport. It's understandable but the line moved at a molasses-like speed when I had only 25 minutes to make my connecting flight. The security personnel were rude, as well. Also, when I went to make my connecting gate in Cairo, there was no one at the gate after the required boarding time (Because security had held us up), forcing some of us to board the plane without having anyone to show us onto the plane (Very scary). The flight boarding was chaotic, and no announcements were made about what we were supposed to do. Besides the lack of boarding gates, the only other serious complaint I had against Turkish Airlines (Because it really was great overall) was that the pilots and flight attendants were very hard to understand. I have taught ESL for the past 5 years, and I still had a hard time as an American understanding their English. Also, they frequently didn't understand or misunderstood questions that I would ask them. I've never had a hard time understanding flight attendants on an international flight, but I only understood about 20% of what anyone said over the loud speaker in the plane. And it's nice to be able to understand when the pilot says, "We are experiencing some turbulence and would like everyone to buckle their seatbelts until it passes." Two small things remain: 1. The bathroom trash cans were full on every flight (A small thing but makes everything feel "trashy"). 2. The flight attendants seemed unhappy, and they definitely seemed unhappy to be serving us. I can only assume they are that way because they aren't treated particularly well by their bosses.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Great, patient crew!

Pros: Getting put in a German Airport jail and being yelled at by men with sub machine guns for being a US Citizen and nothing more.
Cons: United Airlines knew the border was closed and told me since I was only transferring, I’d be fine. It wasn’t fine and I was detained and sent back. Inexcusable

Pros: Entertainment monitors were in good shape and responsive. Selection was not bad.

Pros: Great airline! Would love to fly with them again! :) Polite and friendly staff which is a standard that has slipped with many airlines in recent years! Good tasting wine for airline wine. Frankfurt airport need a shuttle of service for transferring passengers. Keep it up Lufthansa :)

Pros: These ladies work hard on this plane. They were checking on you and serving food or drink every hour. Always polite and accommodating. The seats are very comfortable and roomy. Great selection of entertainment. I would highly recommend.

Pros: Service
Cons: Delay for both leg trip.

Cons: Great

Cons: United Airline s***k. Flight was delayed 3 1/2 hrs and they don’t give a s**t you have a life. Never again UA!

Pros: Very professional crew
Cons: Entreteiment on bord

Cons: Lufthansa is a bad airline. They are always late. Their service sucks.

Pros: Timely departure and arrival. Friendly and effect I’ve staff. Despite close connection in Frankfurt, luggage made it with me to Atlanta.
Cons: Classical music selection was extremely limited. Complementary headphones were inferior to the point of being useless. I could understand only a small amount of the dialogue until I switched to my own earphones.

Pros: Flight delayed 30 min. Customs in ORD overwhelmed by two planes coming at once. Missed my connection and had to stay overnight.
Cons: Flight delayed 30 min. Customs in ORD overwhelmed by two planes coming at once. Missed my connection and had to stay overnight.

Pros: Efficient, on time, and the experienced air crew did well with a wicked wind shear at takeoff.
Cons: No movie, no passenger loading from the rear.

Pros: The food selection and quantity were wonderful! The crew and movie selection were great!
Cons: My seat storage pocket was broken and I was unable to store items in it.

Pros: The food and crew were great..
Cons: There was a four hour delay due to a malfunction on the plane in Frankfurt. Upon landing in Atlanta there was no gate to deplane from so we had to sit on the hot plane for over an hour (still sitting as I’m writing this).

Pros: Plane lwas delayed for 4 hours. The ground staff work hard to help out and give updated information. The Crew on plane worked hard, great service. Main issue: It was extremely cold in the plane, neeeddd to blankets to feel comfortable.

Pros: Crews are very friendly & nice service. Good and comfortable seat.
Cons: It was freezing cold inside all the way to Atlanta.

Pros: Nice, uneventful, on time flight with adequate food and entertainment. Good seat recline. Good service. Boarding from the back of the plane makes good sense.
Cons: First time my knees have touched the seat in front of me (I'm 5-10). Not sure how much more airlines can squeeze us in. Good seat recline is great if everyone is reclining, if not you will have someone in your lap. Had to ask person in front of me to not recline during meal. What really bothered me though was paying for a reserved seat and finding out we had been moved to the dreaded back row due to an equipment change. Strongly suggest passenger notification for this move. Was able to re-reserve seats on check in but there were some significant angst when I found out about this mischief.

Pros: The seats were the most comfortable seat ive sat in on a plane in a very lng time

Pros: Flight went well except for boarding
Cons: Had to stand up for 30 min for glass doors to let us in to the boarding area in Stockholm

Cons: Lufthansa has a horrible website. I wanted to check in online but I had to no reservation or ticket number is provided so I had to go to my old reservations to find it. .Next I wanted to pay for my luggage online but there was no link given. It says you can do it cheaper on but I could not find where you can actually do that. All in all spend 30 minutes with no result. Had to pay at check in $44 instead of $27. And it was just one of many other problems and inconveniences with their website.

Pros: Food is good, staff was attentive
Cons: Entertainment could have used some more recent options

Pros: Except the 3-4 hours gap of bringing water the flight was quite pleasant
Cons: Well-known German punctuality is a myth! We spent 1.5 hours on the plane waiting take off both ways!

Cons: I was removed from my connection flight without consent. No offer Nothing Just tagged not for boarding with a child. The ticketing person in Addis may have volunteered me

Pros: Entertainment system
Cons: Always the same mess in Frankfurt to get into terminal Z, surely waited 30 minutes and almost lost connection. Food quality mediocre at best. Lost luggage, no Lufthansa representative around at baggage claim.

Pros: Comfortable and clean planes. Flight was on time. Free drink!
Cons: Check in with checked baggage required an agent. As with almost every flight in Europe, boarding was chaotic, not following zones, priority or people requiring assistance/gate agents did not enforce the boarding rules.

Pros: Flight Crew
Cons: Food was pretty bad.

Pros: The check in staff and crew were very nice and helpful
Cons: The seat had plenty of room but not comfortable for a long flight Entertainment options were just okay

Cons: they were out of ginger ale again! every flight they just gave out the last ginger bring more of those tiny little cans!

Cons: Staff at the gate were rude

Pros: the two older female stewards spoke slow enough so I could understand. The customer service rep in the lobby was always friendly, knowlegeable and able to help me. For example, I did not know, when boarding, if we had to show our passports, but I asked him and we did not. I did not grasp the five levels of boarding he mentioned. I knew our group was not handicapped and we were economy, but I did not really know if we were group 4 or 5 to board.
Cons: There was one female steward who made me take my carry on bag from the upper deck and store it below my seat so another lady's much, much larger bag would fit. Her bag was so large, I can't believe it met the standards. On the other hand, this procedure may be the way things work out,for the good of everyone, but it came as a surprise to me. To accomplish the task, she even asked another female to move her carry on from the rack above her to another several rows down. This lady's hair was too big for such a small plane. She talked way too fast in the first monologue. The plane seemed cheap and the sub airline had an air outlet that would not turn off and leaked with water mist. There was an air conditioner that also had a water vapor leak overhead, which my son said was a 'strip' which he could not control. We were seating in the back row. We noticed the plane was operated by Mesa airlines and the plane was assembled in Brazil, giving me a feeling of excessive cost cutting. Also, the pilot had an accent that sort of added to the 'Brazil' thing that he was not a native English speaker. However, he had a good landing at Atlanta near midnight. I did not feel I was on a real 'United' Airlines flight.

Cons: We departed late from Stockholm and then had to do a fly around when we approached Frankfurt because there was debris on the runway. We nearly missed our connection because of the delays.

Pros: The main vegetarian meal (hot dinner) was fine.
Cons: The vegetarian snack was inedible. It was two stale pieces of bread with shredded carrots and cucumbers. Terrible!

Pros: The attention to detail was fantastic. The flight attendants took such good care of everyone without preference or prejudice

Pros: Nothing!!!!!!
Cons: What was there to like?

Pros: Everything

Pros: Left on time
Cons: Full plane

Pros: In Los Angeles, excelent service in counter, and all flight on time and confort, good service on board.

Cons: Call me .food was not good. Had to leave breakfast half eaten. Worried if not spoiled because tasted freezer old.

Pros: Great aircraft! Clean, new, well maintained. No luggage problems. Cabin service was not very atttentive, which we attribute to almost full flight, with many young , noisy children.

Cons: Flight attendants were rude, inattentive, and unhelpful. Made us put both carry-ons under our seats while other people had both carry-ons in overheads. Super uncomfortable flight and terrible experience.

Pros: Great crew, smooth flight, enough leg room, but no reclining seats

Pros: Crew was nice, doing the best they could under the circumstances.
Cons: Awful food, small seats. Exactly same as economy.

Pros: Smooth flight. No complaints
Cons: No complaints.

Cons: Lufthansa sent my luggage to the wrong destination. And I'm spending the 4th of July weekend in another city without my clothes. And I need to go back to the airport to get the luggage.

Pros: The boarding process and flight was smooth and punctual
Cons: We were stuck on the plane for over an hour after we landed in Munich without enough updates on the situation. We waited for the stairs and bus to come then when we got to the terminal our bags did not come and I had to get my baggage shipped. This was very inconvenient and there was not any notification for the baggage delay.

Pros: This flight was the smoothest flight I've have ever taken from anywhere in Europe to Atlanta. It felt as though we were floating on the beautiful cumulus clouds outside our windows. The flight was not full, so I had space to "stretch out" a bit making the whole flight time very comfortable.
Cons: I didn't care for the bar-be-qued chicken at lunch nor the ham pizza before our landing. But that's personal taste and I don't consider the food on a flight nearly as important as comfort, timeliness and the efficiency of the crew in all operations.

Pros: Everything was great. The boarding process was fast and efficient. The plane was clean and apparently fairly new. The flight attendants were friendly and Lufthansa has more of them than many other airlines which really helps service. Lunch meal was very good.
Cons: Light snack before landing in Atlanta was not bad, but wasn't great either.

Cons: The entertainment system didn't work correctly, only offered James Bond movies, not all the other movies and TV shows that other passengers had available. The flight attendant tried to fix but couldn't. It made a 10 hour flight feel a lot longer because of not having the entertainment options available. For as much as the flight cost, it was very disappointing to not have a properly functioning entertainment system to help pass the time on such a long flight

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: Wifi barely useable, and in fact not useable over North Atlantic; food was just eatable, didn't include salt or pepper, probably because it was already too salty, came is a soup of barbecue sauce. Entertainment choices were limitless and yet BORiNG! Live tv video quality was appalling, I would have said VHS quality, maybe not that good and only sporadically worked

Pros: Yes, Very good

Pros: Terrific hot breakfast in bus. class
Cons: Window did not darken like the others.

Pros: The crew was very kind

Pros: KLM are our airline of choice. A great full-service carrier with impecable standards.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crews were pretty great!
Cons: The regulating of the temperature.

Pros: The pilot and the crews were helpful about the transit. Pilot make up a lot of time.
Cons: Flight was delayed, had to run to my next connection flight.

Pros: The crew were excellent and seats were comfy.
Cons: Headphones for the entertainment centre.could have been better. Sound quality not great.

Pros: economy plus seats were nice, great movie selection, especially international movies
Cons: crew was not friendly, i had to ask for water many times, usually water person walk the aisle. food was terrible. other carriers food were better

Cons: I congratulate the KLM crew!

Pros: Crew was great and helpful despite oversight in my special meal.
Cons: Special meal request was overlook. I did not mind so much as eating less does some good! It is human to err!

Pros: Onboard crew were nice and polite. Flight was on time (a rarity).
Cons: The boarding crew was rude and unpleasant, the plane was boiling hot.

Cons: 1. In Flight Entertainment 2. Controlled In Flight Temperature

Pros: Crew was helpful and food was very good
Cons: There was no entertainment on the flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam and this on top of a two hour delay in taking off which led us to have to literally run to our gate in Amsterdam to make the connection to Mumbai

Pros: The friendliness of the crew

Cons: Entertainment

Pros: Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️

Pros: The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly.
Cons: The seats could have been bigger.

Pros: It was all fine
Cons: Really was unsure of why I had to purchase a ticket as I was able to pick my own on the way to Billund

Pros: Just the cabin crew being nice
Cons: Punctuality KLM is always late

Cons: We were changed from KLM to Airiltalia without any information sent so only because I tried to check in did I find out the flight on KLM was cancelled and we were changed to Airitalia. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre.

Pros: the crew was nice
Cons: Seat confort on long flights, leg rooms,

Pros: Time was excellent even considering a connection delay they had. Very polite crew members. Good entertainment options.
Cons: Cabin was crowded. Leg room was scarce, short seating space. Almost no room for sleeping if you're not a frequent economy traveler.

Cons: No reading light in my seat...

Pros: Economy comfort was very nice, food decent, plenty of toilets to avoid overcrowding, and good entertainment selection.

Cons: old screens and entertainment system leg room to small

Pros: Employees were very friendly
Cons: The seats were very small

Pros: Flying with KLM is a pleasure

Pros: Time and Good clean place.. in This case airpöane..
Cons: It was not entreteiment st all

Pros: Seats were comfortable and there was enough room for hand baggage. I slept during the flight so do not have opinion on entertainment.
Cons: Not able to charge my digital devices. When serving beverages and food, the same flight attendant missed me a few times. That was annoying but other attendants were very nice.

Cons: Food had only vegetarian choices. No charging place and ambiance was noisy

Pros: Food and staff behaviour
Cons: Entertainment

Cons: The cabin crew was racist. She told me to move back from an empty seat just because she wanted one of the guys ( from her country ) to set on it! Very rude and racist.

Pros: Premium economy service was good.
Cons: Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. This particular Boeing aircraft is pretty poorly designed. Especially the bulkhead in premium economy.

Pros: Booked extra room seat which gave me good room for seating

Pros: The staff are the best European crews I have encountered. Naturally friendly, professional and fit looking. Nothing is too much trouble

Cons: Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight.

Pros: Helpful and smiling cabin crew.

Cons: Dutch sub titels would be nice.

Pros: Flight was delayed for three hours and was a very stressful flight
Cons: Flight was not on time and got to destination very very late pier management of aircrafts

Pros: Cabin crew very pleasant
Cons: Lost our bags, little sympathy from staff

Pros: Easy boarding, plenty of room

Pros: I was pleasantly surprised they had a snack service on such a short flight. The flight attendants were very friendly
Cons: Amsterdam customs is the most disorganized I have ever seen. With the number of tourists entering the country you would think they would have done something about it. There were only 2 customs agents!! One for all passports and 1 for all passports. We were in the customs hall longer than we were in flight!

Pros: It was so easy to board and I had no inconvenience. It took 4 minutes from when I said goodbye to my family till when I was at the front of the gate.
Cons: Nothing! It was all great!

Pros: Easy airport business

Pros: The crew were really helpful since I am a short person in putting my luggage away in the overhead compartment and attentive to everyone's needs. I am a fussy eater and don't really like airplane food but the food was actually really nice. We was given plenty of snacks and drinks in between meals as well. There was plenty of programmes to choose from to keep me entertained.
Cons: The seats in economy were a little too small for a 12 hour flight

Pros: Wonderful

Pros: If you would like to learn more you can call me 628.600.8825 Very dissapointed

Pros: Newer plane. Dimming windows, upgraded bathroom. Flight crew very pleasant.
Cons: Boarding wasn't announced. Limited in flight movie selection. Food was average. Same dessert for both meals served.

Pros: Excellent crew made this flight very enjoyable. A lot of information during the flight about the route, arrival times and clear explanation of the departure delay. Very friendly and attentive.
Cons: Only 1 drinks round on a 3h flight.

Pros: Row of seats to myself. Free coffee.
Cons: Coffee refill.

Pros: Boarding was easy and efficient. Flight was short but the flight attendants were quick with the drink service
Cons: We were a few mins delayed after we had already boarded

Cons: Everything was excellent

Pros: Really liked how much roomier the seats were to the previous flight with TAP (which had no entertainment system on a 7 hour flight).
Cons: Super critical, the plugs are really difficult to use.

Cons: I was

Cons: Thankfully flight was a bit late since many from the previous flight needed to connect to this flight.

Pros: Everyone I interacted with from SAS was very nice and very polite. Smooth, short flight. Bags came down pretty quickly. The coffee on the plane was better than in my hotel in Edinborough!
Cons: I didn't realize that even though I am an international traveler, I had to pay for baggage for this short flight. And since I didn't realize it, I didn't purchase it online, which doubled the price at the airport :-( also, and this is not the fault of the airline, the security line is ridiculously slow because at least 50% of the passengers get shunted to a single line because the screener saw something odd.

Pros: Seats are pretty comfortably and spacious for economy class (I’m small though, so take that with a grain of salt). The lunch was pretty solid, would have preferred a hot breakfast. The vegetarian breakfast was grilled veggies with fruit and yogurt on the side, kind of a mish-mash of things.
Cons: - Would have liked a better breakfast - More entertainment with subtitles (esp foreign films) - More entertainment selection

Pros: Nice interior and good IFE on long haul.
Cons: I did not like the flight from Malaga to Stockholm due to not having IFE or WiFi on a 4+ hour flight. Absolutely unacceptable in today’s travel market.

Pros: The food
Cons: Counter selling me an upgrade that was more expensive than I prefer. I.e., buyers remorse

Cons: This has nothing directly with SAS, but since I experienced it during my flight there, they are responsible of it. I was waiting for the flight at the OSLO airport waiting for the flight to LONDON. I had ample time to work on my computer. In the big room by the gate there was only one spot where I found three electrical sockets hanging from a pillar or post. To my dismay none worked. My plug would fall off from each. To document, I took the pictures of the useless sockets... I complained to the lady at the boarding desk (she left before the SAS staff moved in), she did not even care... This experience frustrated me and turned an otherwise pleasant trip into a bitter one. Please install some working sockets in your waiting room! Flight SK 809 Confirmation: LN9M6O Departure: Oslo & other airports (OSL) Arrival: Heathrow (LHR) Time: Sat Dec 2 2017 3:05 pm CET - Sat Dec 2 2017 4:25 pm GMT Peace, Edip Yuksel +1 520 481 1919

Pros: On time, clean aircraft not too full!
Cons: Boarding was a little rough as the announcements in groups to board was not clear and lots of people got in line that should not have. - causing delays and frustrations. Handled poorly by gate team

Cons: Not enough characters to express my disappointment.

Pros: Great crew, on schedule.
Cons: SAS is packing in 200 passengers in their Airbus 321, so no space and seat comfort like 0. Also make sure you have paid for bags, Kayak will sell you tickets that don't include double check your reservation. If you are stuck with a ticket that doesn't include bags, call SAS an add bags $35 per bag. Do this at least 24 hours before departure.SAS is the only one that can add the bags, kayak is unable to add bags after purchase.

Pros: Scandinavian hospitality showed through all the way. Kind, sharp, attractive staff, prompt service.
Cons: Space is always going to be something I don't like. Meanwhile most of the plane in 1st class sits wide open. Expand business class.

Cons: Delay, no place to sit and wait

Cons: I took this flight to have a short layer over, only 40 minutes. This was a connecting flight departed from Newark and was a connecting flight for many people coming from Thailand. I almost missed this flight due to highly backed up passport control. If SAS was running so many international flights, they should have shifted the layer over, since many people were taking connecting flights for Oslo to Manchester. No food, there should have at least been a snack or at a minimum offered water.

Pros: This was a direct Copenhagen to Boston flight run by SAS for Privatair. It was a small aircraft with only 70 total seats. That being said, the seats were comfortable, the service was wonderful, and the flight was smooth.
Cons: Inflight entertainment consisted of an iPad with very limited options. Only one non-alcoholic drink included with dinner, and purchase price of wine was the highest I have ever seen on a flight.

Pros: Relatively new aircraft. Estonian pilots.
Cons: Flight was late 90 min for technical reasons. Crew kept assuming everybody speaks Danish.

Pros: check in person helped get me a window seat with a view
Cons: No food for those in back seats. Checked bag weight too tight given the flight was to and from a cold place requiring more clothes.

Pros: Went to help desk in Stockholm on arrival to change seats. Earlier flight with better seats at no additional charge was offered and taken. Easy boarding and nice short hop to Oslo.

Cons: I order through Kayak, which took me to priceline...Got my ticket and thought everything was fine...Until I got to the airport, apparently I got a SAS lite ticket and they charged me to check 3 bags 210 Euros...Unreal. I think its pricelines fault because they did not even offer bagage as an option...

Cons: Flight delayed too long, 2 hours. No snacks, only drinks.

Pros: Awesome seat with great leg room for a tall person. The whole flight went quickly and enjoyed the crew and flight

Cons: Booked SAS Go level which included 1 piece of luggage each. At check-in, we were told that is not the case despite SAS' own website saying that it is. I was charged another $320 and I am disgusted with their business practices which revolve around, deceit, lies andl I would even say fraud! There were many others complaining about the SAS Go luggage issue and then having to pay again. I could have gone with Ryan Air for a fraction of the cost.

Pros: Movies were good.
Cons: The quality was not worth the price. I could've taken another airline for cheaper and got better service

Cons: We paid $90 per checked bag. When we purchased our tickets we were never given an option to purchase luggage ahead of time, we were under the impression that luggage was included.

Cons: Not water for children.

Pros: Food, crew, entertainment
Cons: We departed almost 3 hours late. No explanation given over speaker. No compensation, no apologies.

Pros: Friendly crew. First meal was good.
Cons: Small movie selection. Second meal/snack not great. Older plane (still had ashtrays in arm rests).

Cons: I have already answered this question. Enough.

Cons: We missed the connection and they rescheduled us on another connecting flight with further delays. This airline doesn't seem to care about their customers.

Cons: Food

Pros: Crew taking care of us was excellent.
Cons: Food terrible. Our seats in Plus were in bad condition, they move us that also were in bad condition, hey you are paying Plus to have good seats!

Pros: crew was really nice and efficient
Cons: no complimentary beverages

Pros: The flight from Newark to Stockholm was late, so I was late for the flight to Vilnius,had to recheck-in and wait for 6 hours.

Pros: The standout moment for me was how the crew treated my son who realized, as the door was closing, that he had forgotten his bag with all his schoolbooks. They were very kind and responsive and helped him find the bag with no fuss and without making him feel bad.

Pros: The food was not too bad and the menu options were alright. I love using the complimentary ear buds.
Cons: Could use some improvements on comfort and efficiency

Pros: Smooth Flight and on time with a bit of Aurora (night flight to Tromso)
Cons: Voucher does not show details of check-in baggage limitations (limited to 20 KG.) and has to use Oslo airport self check-in which is quite confusing for inter-continental traveller..

Pros: Flights ran on time.
Cons: Suitcase arrived badly damaged. Crew was rude and inattentive. It was hard to get water during the flight.

Cons: Flight was 4 hours delayed, we could not leave the airplane every passanger just could have one water during the waiting time When finally arrived in Copenhagen i missed my last connections for the night and the airline wasnt helpful at all!

Pros: Clean and good food.
Cons: It was a fine flight. Nothing to worry about. I liked it.

Pros: Everything was great! At check-in I upgraded to SAS plus. Will choose that again.comfortable, crew was so nice and friendly. Food was amazing. Made my 10 hour flight great. .

Pros: great plane and food and crew
Cons: cant pre book luggage way too expensive for bags

Pros: Clean Cabin/Food selection/
Cons: it all started at Boarding..... long lines with no access for premium passengers to board. get to Aircraft and no greeting......Late /Delayed Departure which caused a HELL of a Trip including missed connections in IAD and Sleeping in the Airport till that next day! my 16 hour trip back home turned into 37 Hours.........Cabin Crew not so friendly and in a rush! I was surprised, normally they are always pleasant and smiling.

Pros: Nothing honestly
Cons: My luggage was lost and SAS staff was the least helpful I've experienced from any airline. In fact, each employee was so uninterested in helping me that I went in a circle of speaking with 3 different representatives before being helped.

Pros: Amazing service.

Pros: Wide seats with excellent leg room in exit row- a bottle of water waiting at or seats-- we love the two seat configuration --attendants ready to serve any need with a smile.
Cons: Bought our tickets from Kayak and as a result had a very difficult time upgrading seats.

Cons: We bought tickets on priceline, Zurich to Oslo, paid $150 more for the shorter flight (by 1 1/2 hours), didn't realise the cost did not include luggage ($140 for 2 bags!), boarded late, only served water, coffee and tea, all other beverages were for a fee, landed late, bags were delayed by 30 minutes and soaked with water from the rain, some clothes inside were wet, overall poor experience, airline needs to polish their services and stop the 'nickel and dime" approach.

Pros: The crew were lovely, yet efficient.
Cons: The seat pad in World Traveler Plus is very thin, making it uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, let alone 10+ hours. Dinner was good but breakfast was sub par.

Pros: Crew members were very friendly and checked our bags for free.
Cons: Boarding and disembarking by row segments causes more delays and doesn’t do much to avoid contact with other people.

Pros: Crew were good early on but didn’t check later on
Cons: It was ridiculously hot and the crew didn’t offer water after initial drinks run and we were seriously dehydrated. The flight was delayed and although the first half an hour we had excellent service there was no follow up service and the temperature in the plane was really very uncomfortable

Pros: It is very disappointing that the I have been charged for my luggage. I have been allowed one peace suitcase from London to Stockholm. I was allowed from London but on return British Airways check in staff charge me unlawfully.

Cons: More legroom.

Pros: Everything about flight
Cons: Ticket price will be better if you make it little bit cheapper

Pros: The sit

Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: Swat comfort. Boarding. Crew warmth (at least pretend you don’t hate your job).

Pros: Comfortable seats, good staff.

Pros: Comfortable sits

Cons: We cancelled this trip months ago, and I didn't book it through Kayak. I don't understand why I've been getting these communications!

Pros: Timing was excellent

Pros: We were able to pre-board with our toddler.
Cons: The heat was on for the entire flight, it was miserable. The worst flight I’ve ever taken.

Pros: Great consideration from cabin crew.

Pros: Very professional, respectful and efficient people. I am impressed by their kindness, always smiling while talking to the passengers.

Cons: I am a student and my first time to aberdeen. Lost my bagage .. in otherwords did not receive it!!

Pros: Quickness of flight.
Cons: Came round collecting cups etc within minutes of being served. No sky shop. And I was sitting in 3rd row (by choice) but didn't know I would have a curtain inches from my face for most of the journey.

Pros: Boarding was fast! Typical short flight.
Cons: Not even a glass of tap water was offered complimentary.

Pros: Couldn’t check my bag through to another BA flight

Pros: Leg room was decent enough.
Cons: I’m stuck on a plane for hours. Don’t abuse this by trying to charge me for food and drinks. Especially when I can’t bring my own drinks unless bought at extortionate airport prices.

Pros: Flight canceled because crew had to much work time after loading and leaving the terminal. Then they lost our luggage going to Rome

Cons: Plane was cold and dirty.

Cons: Screens were difficult to maneuver. In some instances wouldn't open.

Pros: Absolutely nothing - and this was Club Europe
Cons: Punctuality (lack of). Comfort (lack of). Seat pitch. Food. Cabin crew service. State of aircraft. Price (premium for a budget service).

Cons: In flight entertainment system was never turned on and had to pay for any food or drinks, even water.

Cons: Received a text telling me the flight was cancelled. Had no

Pros: Shorter flight--OK

Pros: The flight from SFO to London was excelent. Espessialy crew members who Were very caring and helpfull and really nice. The food was very good, as well as entertainment choices. The flight from London to Madrid was ok. The flight was delayed but the captain kept us updated. We were comfortable waiting on the plane. The were no food (only for purchase) nor entertaiment on board, not actually needed since its a short flight. The crew presense was almost non-existent. They were staying or sitting there but, for example, didnt try to help family with crying little son. Im sure that crew ladies from sfo/madrid flight would do. Overall very pleasant experience.

Pros: Did not even fly
Cons: Our flight was cancelled due to weather. This happens. But it was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I spoke with four people at British Airways and five people at the booking agent. Nobody wwpuld verify anything. British Air even said at one point “you are not a customer because you booked through an agent”. That gentleman would not even transfer me to a supervisor for help. He told me “they didn’t exist”. I will never attempt to fly them again.

Pros: comfort is really good the seats are big
Cons: nothing

Pros: The on board service was good
Cons: The check in service wasn't gd; staff not very helpful

Cons: I paid for TWO EXTRA suitcases for my flight. I carefully packed and weighted them in advance. The "lady" on the counter made me remove one jacket and one pair of boots from each suitcase because it was GRAMS over the limit. Grams those that my hand scale did not accuse at all. The following customer right after me had KILOS OVER the limit (almost SEVEN) and were not flying business or first class, regular economic class just like me. And they did not had to remove a thing from their extra heavy suitcases. What is the company criteria? Anyway, I bought me another return flight on OTHER airline and simply lost my return flight on BA. I am never flying this horrible company again.

Pros: On time and easy.
Cons: BA have stopped giving free snacks and drinks which was always refreshing and different to other airlines! It set them apart but it's just back to another airline now!

Pros: Plane sort of on time outward. Early coming home.
Cons: We arrived at the new Terminal 5 purpose built for British Airways only a short time ago. We therefore expect to walk to plane from terminal via air bridge like most other modern international airports to get to the plane. BUT NO. We are crammed onto a bus standing up and bussed all around the airport for 15 minutes being thrown about like you are in some third world airports. The aircraft being parked on the wrong side of the airport on return journey I presume the baggage was quite late to baggage hall. I will avoid BA if possible in future as this is not the first time I have had long bus rides between plane and terminal at Terminal 5

Pros: I liked that I got home safe
Cons: I didn't like the 2 hour delay to my schedule. Zero complimentary drinks or snacks to say sorry. Bumpy ride for two and half hours. Stuck on the tarmac at Gatwick for 40 minutes.

Pros: Able to get a flight next day. However, I paid to reserve seats, and did not get offered a reimbursement!
Cons: No food or snacks offered.

Pros: Quick trip
Cons: No movies

Pros: Polite and friendly crew, comfortable seat and plane.

Pros: The plane was new and everything was up to par.
Cons: There wasn't anything I didn't like other than flying in coach!

Pros: The seats were smaller than other Business Class and rather inconvenient. No place for the water bottle, foot rest not easily configured, etc.
Cons: See above

Pros: The crew was very efficient
Cons: The was really bad.

Pros: There wasn't any food or entertainment offered since it was a short flight. Drinks were available for a fee.
Cons: I think you should be offered water without a fee on all flights that last over two hours like this one.

Cons: Horrible service I had to have my flights changed completely twice.

Pros: Comfortable seats and good service
Cons: No USB port

Pros: The food was good, but BA charged for even a soda.
Cons: Paying for even a basic beverage. Really?

Pros: Amazing crew

Cons: Special meal ordered was not available

Pros: I was travelling alone with a baby and a toddler and found most of the staff very helpful - stowing my bags, helping to carry my buggy, helping with seat belts etc.
Cons: A member of staff at the gate referred to my 2 year old daughter as "a difficult child" to another member of staff because she didn't like having her photo taken. I felt it was very rude and unfair, particularly as I had to lift her to an awkward height (whilst also holding a baby) as the camera was in a fixed position. It was clear the staff member didn't have children herself!

Pros: On time, friendly crew and decent food. Price also good
Cons: 20 year old plane with tiny entertainment screens. Old and uncomfortable seats, especially for a long flight. Can't believe we were at a remote parking position inbound and outbound at LHR...

Pros: seating was comfortable with plenty of leg room boarding was quick
Cons: got questioned about my FF status when it is in my profile host crew ignored my request for more ice in the scotch on rocks for a $200 flight chips peanuts for 2.5 hours is not acceptable host crew attitude is we are going to do our absolute basic head rest was lose and thus useless

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