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Nothing really. Everything went as expected.

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Nothing really. Everything went as expected.

Flight was on time, premium economy seats were comfortable. Food however has lesser portions and the number of times they serve meals. Overall, the trip experience was excellent. Would definitely use them again on my next trip.

One flight attendant was crazy uptight about masks. Really an unpleasant experience.

Late departure Broken toilet

The flight probably was alright, it's just that was unable to cancel /change my plans on the app, nothing easy about it. 1st time app user- negative experience

Pros: "On time!"
Pros: "The concourse, gate and plane cleanliness was great! It should have always been this way. Not being packed like sardines was even better."
Cons: "Atlanta concourse wasn't nearly as clean as MSP or Richmond."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "We had a 2.5 hour delay because there was someone missing in the crew. It sounded like it hadn’t been properly planned for the flight so it was frustrating. However, once that person showed up, everything was great and the crew was very sweet"
Pros: "The staff was exceptional with the distance to loading the plane and with serving us food. It was flawless."
Pros: "Crew was professional and understanding/empathetic given the circumstances. We were delayed 4 hrs."
Cons: "While the weather delay was out of everyone’s control and it was obvious the pilot was doing everything he could to get the pale airborne... i feel their could have been better communication from the ground as to our take off time. They kept changing our time and thus we were trapped on the tarmac for 4 hrs. Had we known, some of us could have gotten off the plane and rerouted so as not to miss our connecting flight. We and others were stuck in Atlanta, had t okay for a hotel....and missed a day of vacation....☹️"
Pros: "It was one of the best international flights I've been on. Overall a very pleasant flight."
Cons: "Food quality is always an issue on flights."
Cons: "I’m a pretty big guy so this won’t apply for many other people . But the seats didn’t have much space . It was a very uncomfortable experience. I have taken many other flights and this one was one of the worst."
Pros: "Fast boarding, quick flight, friendly attendants."
Pros: "The plane was nice, entertainment options were great, pilot was super kind."
Cons: "Great flight!"
Cons: "Freezing flight! So cold. From Atlanta to Pensacola in June, one should not freeze."
Cons: "Check in was terrible- long wait just for drop off of already checked in bags"
Pros: "The free upgrade"
Pros: "I loved Craig on our flight he made it a hilarious and fun experience! And he needs a raise!"
Cons: "The seat was a bit uncomfortable, and boarding was slow. To be expected I assume for anything not first class."
Pros: "The crew was excellent"
Cons: "We had mechanical problems and had to come back to Atlanta, get off our plane and get on another one"
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Boarding, flight, deboarding were all fine. Service was fine."
Cons: "The flight numbers that Kayak provides ate not unusable and do not match any flights with the airline. Terribly inconvenient. A call to WestJest referred me to contact Delta. The Delta rep was able to help me. The airlines provided good service. But I probably will avoid booking with Kayak again."
Cons: "Late boarding and take off with no explanation."
Pros: "I arrived safely."
Cons: "Space on board was horrible. Diffenately not enough room and I'm an average guys."
Pros: "The flight was great & so was the cruise. Unfortunately my luggage is back in Atlanta & I’m in Ft Laurderdale heading on a cruise tomorrow without my belongings"
Cons: "Not even given a toothbrush or tee shirt to sleep in."
Pros: "The fact I arrived safely"
Cons: "Delayed 40 min then boarded the plane without pilots. Waited another 30 mins for pilots and by the time they got there and settled weather delayed. Sat on plane for another 30 mins then were finally let off the plane. Quiet announcements for reboard most passengers late. Then waited in line for take off for another 25 min. Whole thing was poorly executed. Would expect better from a large airline"
Pros: "I got home"
Cons: "Seats were tiny as hell"
Pros: "Large jet, attentive crew, on time."
Pros: "Attendants very friendly and helpful. Greeted everyone with a smile and a pleasant voice. One woman was having a very hard time. She evidently was afraid to fly and wanted to get off the plane. The attendants were very kind to her, spent time with her and informed the pilot. The pilot made several comments using her name making sure she knew every time we were about to run into some turbulence. I thought that was very kind."
Cons: "Sometimes very hard to hear the instructions and the pilot when they are speaking. Snacks are very small quantity and often stale"
Pros: "Everything was so very nice. The seats were fantastic in First Class. So comfortable. The service & food were delightful. The only negative was the screaming infant. This is my second trip on Delta in First Class in the past three months. Both times the trip was ruined by crying babies. ☹️"
Cons: "The crying infant."
Pros: "And arrived early, too.☺"
Cons: "One thing I didn't like is that this flight had three different numbers,. Aeromexico, Delta, and KLM. AND we didn't know which counter to go to to get our tickets ( it turned out Delta). There was not a single number to call to ask questions it get turned out that JustFly was the contact, but we purchased through Kayak."
Pros: "N A"
Cons: "I did not receive acknowledgment that I had cancelled the flight... and I still received 'updates' to give uncertainty to the status."
Pros: "Wouldn't know wasn't able to make it to the flight"
Cons: "The fact that for the second time in 2 months Delta issues kept me from making my flight"
Pros: "On time, quick flight, nice people."
Cons: "It was freezing cold."
Pros: "Clean and good size sears"
Cons: "Slow boarding, crew tires and it showed, pretzels no nuts,"
Pros: "There is nothing I like the most. Everything was downside from the day one immediately the purchase of the tickets."
Cons: "With the purchase of tickets there was no meal selection option available. Had to ask at the reporting time and then seat was messed up. 3 seats were three different row while I had two minor sons. Spoke to the travel agents ( and requested meal was not properly recorded. I requested, two kids meal and a Hindu meal, when meal came it was told I had Muslim meal. How on earth did it make any sense, I am not even muslim? I did not even mention about muslim. Those dumbass at do not have any level of professionalism. I tried to contact china southern airlines, they are always busy, after several attempts, finally somebody on the phone talking chinese shitty accents that only understood a few english. Chinese passenger crowded and with the shitty attitudes. One of the old guy drop the heavy coffee cup on my son's head and hurt real bad when he pulled his bag immediately after the land when he is not supposed to. I have a return ticket to deal with again with pain in a few days. then I will never fly with this shitty airlines. At Gongzhau, kids are hungry in transit, tried to buy food, told they only take Yuan. there was no ATM in transit. had to exchange Yuan and thats the only option there if you want to buy something. Airport wi-fi sucks, no connectivity even after logging into the shitty local advertisers websites. Finally, crew were to manage some kind of food, but did not like it at all. shitty shitty. do no fly this airlines of chinese route at all."
Pros: "Efficient boarding process and friendly crew. Timely arrival is the good enough for these regional flights. Comfort+ seats are good."
Pros: "Everyone was very efficient and friendly."
Cons: "The microphone needs to be louder. It was very hard to hear."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth and fast. The crew was helpful with a wheelchair passenger, and get everybody else on board soon after. We depart the gate a couple of minutes early, and arrived almost half an hour early."
Cons: "The first class seat were not much more spacious than the comfort+ ones. Choice of snacks were limited as it was a short regional flight. No overhead or seat back entertainment, but you can stream from the media server through in flight wifi."
Pros: "The new Delta planes have great leg room for tall people even in coach."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "Plane was diverted back to Toronto from LaGuardia airport as we were told due to "weather", landed late at night and were told that due to not being able to control weather WestJet could not assist with accommodations, leaving everyone stranded and scrambling to find a room in alreday booked up hotels. When speaking on phone with agent, I was told it wasn't due to weather but incident at LaGuardia where plane went off runway. I paid $130.00 for 5 hours in a hotel, due to pilot error, not weather. La Guardia opened it's other runway immediately after and other airports in NewYork were running fine. Completely unacceptable and extremely bad customer service as CSR simply told us "sorry we can't help". Will never book with West Jet again."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Old aircraft"
Pros: "loved the cookies!"
Cons: "Wish there were more legroom on those little planes."
Pros: "The crew was quite pleasant."
Cons: "The boarding process is very confusing. There are so many different boarding priorities and programs, it is difficult to know where you are in the boarding process. Even if you have a ticket labeled as Group 1, you may still be one of the last boarded because of all the different programs that have priority over you. Would be better to limit the advance boarding to people who need extra help and a single program. This leads to the question, why are there so many different programs? Wouldn't it be easier to have a single loyalty program? If you don't qualify for advance boarding because you did not purchase a first class seat, or you haven't reached the advance boarding requirements, you don't qualify. Let's start thinking about the customer again, and less on the profit margin. How would one of your executives feel if they had a boarding Group 2 and 85% of the plane was already boarded by the time your group was called, thereby limiting the space for your correct size carry-on? One more thing that would be beneficial, enforce the size limit for carry-on luggage. I have been to airports that limit the size with a box on the x-ray machine so you can not even get an oversized piece of luggage through security. Just one idea for the industry."
Pros: "on time departure"
Cons: "airplane needed to be vacuumed"
Pros: "Very friendly and curtious crew made the flight very pleasant"
Pros: "They switched me to better seats"
Cons: "They lost my duffle bag, and when they found it, my bag was in a whole different state, and once I finally received my duffle bag my items were wet and damaged."

The flight out of Richmond was so delayed there was no layover in Dallas. However we arrived at one end of Terminal C and had to nearly run to the other end to board the flight to Austin, minutes before Final boarding. Other than that the experience was pleasant.

I have not met a person yet who has been able to figure out the American Airlines app for entertainment.

The flight was exceptional. I have NEVER enjoyed a flight as much as that one. Happy Holidays to the flight crew of Flight 4763 from RIC to LGA on December 23, 2021. 🙏🏾

As ALWAYS, the seating is cramped. Due. To the fact, that it was a short flight, it was tolerable.

Pros: "The crew seemed to make the best of their situation"
Cons: "The airplane was old and very cramped. Needs to be replaced with a more appropriate plane."
Pros: "Flight was so smooth"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time with a very pleasant crew."
Cons: "never made it to this flight."
Pros: "The one gentleman who came to the RESCUE at the ticket counter was AWESOME!!! AMAZING customer service, friendly, and helpful - I had someone else but it was a pleasure watching him take care of others! (He was wearing a tobagan and ear muffs making him look like he had Mickey Ears on!)"
Cons: "Only 3 people handling check in - ALL of the self service machines needed a restock on bag tags so we were all in line for tags and the one attendant at the Bag Drop kept telling us all she couldn’t print tags. WORST experience at RIC in years!"
Pros: "Comfy seat, nice crew"
Cons: "Hour delay before departure; 30 minute delay after landing before we reached gate; 15 minute delay to get carry on bags!"
Pros: "The crew was exceptional. The seats are very uncomfortable. It feels like you are being packed in a sardine can."
Cons: "The airlines need to take into consideration, the Price that passengers pay for an airline ticket, only to be restricted in those uncomfortable positions on the average of 2 to 3 hours."
Cons: "Certain crew members could've been a bit more approachable and friendly."
Pros: "great stewardess"
Cons: "extremely cramped old plane with no wifi. Really folks?"
Pros: "On time flight, efficient, friendly crew. Clean plane."
Cons: "I was told that 30 minutes is plenty of time to make a connection at DCA. However in order to make a connection there you need to take a bus across the tarmac. The bus sat on the tarmac loading up with way too many people for 10+ min… Almost missed our connection"
Pros: "There was a hood vibe from crew. I believe the good nature of the crew had a positive effect on me and follow travelers. A pleasant experience."
Cons: "I can't think of anything that would have improved the experience."
Pros: "as expected"
Pros: "Food was not too bad and I liked that they had snacks/ beverages out near the bathroom area for people to eat/ drink in the middle of the flight."
Cons: "Wish bathroom had been cleaned more frequently. Ran out of toilet paper a few times and floor was wet. My seat was broken so I could not recline back for 17 hours and since the flight was fully booked I was unable to move seats. It made the already long flight even more uncomfortable"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "The boarding process was quick, seats were comfy, staff was very nice."
Pros: "Stewards were good."
Cons: "Mechanical problems and incompetent repair people who forgot to fill out paperwork delayed our flight by 3 hours. Because of this I almost missed my RESCHEDULED next flight and my bag was gate checked to baggage claim."
Pros: "Flight attendant gave me a free beer!"
Cons: "They left our laggage out in the rain at some point of our trip and the contents of our suitcases were soaked. Ruined a dress my wife had planned to wear to a wedding because the red suitcase bled through to the dress. Underwater, etc was soaked. The extent of it we didn't realize until unpacking the suitcases later. Totally disgusted they could have left our suitcase in the rain uncovered (or perhaps dropped them in a puddle)."
Pros: "Good legroom on economy"
Pros: "Flight loaded on time left on time and arrived on time. Crew were all very nice."
Cons: "Flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight."
Pros: "On time and no hassles."
Cons: "Uncomfortable old dirty aircraft."
Pros: "NOTHING AA IS THE WORST. This is my 2ND AA experience within a 5 month time period and the first experience i tried brushing under the mat as it was bad however this one TAKES THE CAKE"
Cons: "The airport staff after TSA are RUDE! I was suppose to leave from one destination to another, last night. AA rebooked me without my consent and assumed i would be ok taking a later flight 24hrs later. After hassle, i thought i received a perfect flight which would get me to my destination A WEDDING at that in time. However, i have been rebooked over 5x in under 24hrs and still at the airport from 9hrs later! They do not compensate you and do not even extend the offer!"
Pros: "The 737 was excellent. Boeing still makes the best aircraft."
Cons: "Being rescheduled from an 0830 departure to a 0530 departure, which meant I had to get up at 0300 to get to RIC by 0400 for TSA and check-in. As originally planned I would have arisen at 0500, still early, but not nearly 0300. The equipment had no individual entertainment screens. So we were stuck with whatever was on the common screen...which was bad."
Cons: "Plane was delayed all day and when we finally boarded we were told it was due to an engine problem!! Not good!!"
Cons: "When will the airlines stop cramming so many people in planes with seats that are too cramped. Especially when you are on a regional flight, with a seat crammed in a corner that does not recline."
Pros: "I was last getting on the plane and I didn’t want to check my carry-on and the flight attendant found a spot for me! Nice, quiet flight."
Cons: "The drink cart skipped me! I was definitely awake too. When I got his attention I finally got my drink but I didn’t get a napkin or pretzels offered either. WiFi was iffy and never loaded for me."
Pros: "On time departure & arrival; helpful staff at check in & at the gate; plane was comfortable."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Delayed over two hrs due to mech. Known long befire scheduled departure according to pilot. Did not know why alt plane was not provided sooner! Not best airline as claimed!"
Pros: "Nothing. I will never fly American again."
Cons: "Both flights delayed. Over six hours late."
Cons: "Had to wait for pilot coming from Mexico flight for 20 mins after everyone boarded"
Pros: "The pilot was great about keeping us up to date on the possible route change and exactly how long we would be sitting on the runway, new arrival time, etc."
Cons: "We sat on the runway for 35 minutes with no offer of a beverage (though there was going to be beverage service). Then just before take off as the flight attendants were snacking in the back, we asked about a possible drink and they said the flight was going to be too turbulent to serve anything."
Pros: "Very friendly staff, clean airplane, great flight! Our original flight was delayed, but we still made it right on time for our connecting flight! I didn't realize when I was booking the flights that American lets you bring a carryon no charge, but United does not. You have to be a "Special" customer with them in order to be allowed a carryon, so we ended up paying an additional $50!!!"
Cons: "I was a little unhappy we were delayed, I had a meeting in Charlotte planned, but these things happen."
Pros: "I liked how quick the flight was to New York"
Cons: "Once boarding the plane and searching for my seat number , all of the cabin went pitch black . The lights went out for not more than a few moments. When the lights came back it was problematic and dim then fully lit to flickering off and on. Whenever it "seems" to have any electrical or mechanical failure. It's natural as a passenger my first thought is it's a Bad omen . I had genuinely lost some faith in the plane ."
Pros: "Crew, clean"
Cons: "Flight delayed as we were pushing back from the gate."
Cons: "Did not get to finish the movie I was watching on my first flight and movies were not offered on this flight."
Cons: "So delayed that I was going to miss connection to talked my way onto a direct into New York"
Pros: "Security checkpoint was very quick, being a Sunday morning, and we departed on time. Everything was very normal."
Pros: "Quick flight."
Cons: "Crew was rude and illogical."
Pros: "Wasn't over booked"
Cons: "No entertainment no offer to up grade"
Cons: "When I noticed on the itinerary that the layover only gave me 35 minutes I knew it would be a problem. I missed my flight and never got to Pensacola . AA staff were not very Empathetic. It seems to happen often. I'm in a hotel and praying that my flight leaves today."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything, will never fly American Airlines again"
Pros: "The crew was courteous, friendly, and efficient"
Cons: "The flight was overbooked by ten, leaving the possibility of my reservation not being honored and missing the flight."
Pros: "Only one word can be used to describe my experiences with American Airlines: seamless. From beginning to end, my trip with American Airlines was a relaxing experience."
Pros: "Everyone I interacted with was wonderful including the personnel at the terminal."

Fly United

The flight attendant, Angel lives up to her name- what an angel! I love her! She was so helpful and attentive and patient. My daughter spilled some juice on her shorts and not only did Angel help me clean up my daughter, she did not hesitate to pick up my daughter’s dirty shorts and neatly packaged it away for me! She went above and beyond her future to provide THE BEST customer service and flight I’ve had in over 20+ years of flying. Thank you, Angel, please continue to excel at exceptional customer service professional!

Cons: "Not much leg room (and I’m only 5’8’’)."
Cons: "Passenger behind us allowed 2 children to misbehave for the entire flight. Parent rammed our seats many times. Upon leaving they physically assaulted my daughter."
Cons: "Could have slept in for another couple of hours!!:"
Pros: "Fast boarding and helpful crew."
Cons: "Food was cold and soggy."
Cons: "The seats are getting smaller and the leg space is nonexistent."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Hard seats"
Pros: "Crew flight attendant was nice the whole trip. Other places they aren't always so warm or nice when you leave. Flight was pretty."
Cons: "Nobody was checking tickets for checked bags we deboarded."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "No wifi, didn’t give proper customs papers to passengers."
Pros: "You did everything possible to delay my connection so I would make my flight. I was so worried I made a wrong turn and missed it anyway."
Cons: "Sitting on the tarmac waiting for a gate and missing my connection. Sitting for 10 mins on Midland tarmac to burn off gas. What? I get it but, what?"
Cons: "Since the flight was an international connection I had to retrieve my luggage and then drop it for the next flight. United Airlines did not build in enough time between the flights for the time it took their baggage handlers to send up our luggage. They need a much better system with the baggage delivery. I had to run to make my flight because their baggage handlers took so much time."
Cons: "delayed in piecemeal by 6 hrs before move to another gate. than mechanical delay and then cancelled. Arrived at hotel after midnight without food or drink. Substitute flight was next day noon - original offer was for late afternoon flight! That flight had poor service. Attendant dawdled so there were no drinks served."
Pros: "Crews were attentive"
Cons: "Movie selections"
Pros: "No complaints about wait times, punctuality or the crew."
Cons: "TV and headphone jack both defective. Paid for First Class and expected better. Since this was also not a flight with entertainment availability on personal devices I’m glad I had my kindle on board for the 3 1/2 hour flight."
Pros: "Good progress info in-flight from cockpit"
Cons: "TSA lines at SFO Terminal 3 are a zoo, precheck included. United gates had no facilities available to plug in a charger. C'mon folks, it's 2017, one wall outlet with two kids sprawled on the carpet next to it isn't enough. The 'grab a snack' box had one crumpled cellophane package of peanut butter crackers. Yum."
Pros: "The staff was excellent. United has improved their customer service."
Cons: "I just felt that even though it was a short flight, they could’ve offered water. However I do understand it was a short flight"
Pros: "Quiet"
Cons: "No tv"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "My flight from Las Vegas to San Fran was scheduled for 0756. Everyone boarded the aircraft the we were pushed on to the tarmac and sat for 1 hr. Normally this wouldn't be a huge issue, but I had a connecting international flight which I missed boarding for. Consequently, I had to spend the night in San Fran which was not compensated by the airline, and I was forced to miss a business rendezvous I had arranged."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Same orice as the old economy tickets, but less benefits. - No carry on - No online check in - total confusion at check in counters because of the additional rush of people trying to check in - unhelpful united staff"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Time"
Pros: "Easy to board an deplane, as the plane is about the size of my bath tub."
Cons: "Can't believe United is still flying these propeller soda cans in 2017. This plane was absolutely disgusting...smelled like urine throughout, was dirty and grimy, had worn out seats. Basically like borrowing your college roommates 20 year old Buick that he got for free from his grandma. Customer service from the flight attendant was on par with the plane quality. Was snapping at customers and annoyed that everyone didn't understand how he wanted to balance the load in the plane with moving people's seats around. I get why that is super important, but that doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it to *customers* who haven't experienced the pleasure of flying in a pinewood derby car in the sky before."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "No internet service. And you have to pay for all extra emenities."
Cons: "Seats are crammed up against each other and little leg room plus I am short!"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and no one got beat up."
Cons: "In-app entertainment is better than nothing. But free wifi would have been great. And the seats are horrible and hurt my neck and back."
Pros: "kept us advised on why we were delayed. somethings are out of your control abbr I understand that"
Cons: "one of the crew members was not so friendly."
Cons: "Very crowded as usual but ok"
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "No entertainment on such a long fight. Food for purchase not included, then the for purchase the system was down. My bags did not arrive , and then i had to wait 3 days in milan eith no luggage at all."
Pros: "Short direct flight"
Pros: "Very windy during flight, kudos to pilot and crew"
Pros: "Crew were nice and flight was on time."
Cons: "I didn't know i needed an app before i will be able to enjoy entertainment on board, so i had to pay for internet to be able to download the app to be able to watch movie. PA system wasn't gud."
Pros: "Good flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "O'Hare airport. Bad signage to economy parking."
Pros: "Everyone from checking in to TSA to the flight attendants were just awesome! I will always fly United!"
Cons: "I've flown with southwest and delta before"
Cons: "While happy to have pilots concerned about my safety, it was frustrating to suffer thru 2 different mechanical delays. The first one was a missing rivet - which turned out to be so bad they had to put Us in a different plane. Then, that plane developed some mechanical/software issues as we were taxing. My 3-hour flight turned into a +5.5 HR endeavor. When you are on 2 broken planes in a row with the same airline you start to to wonder about how well they are maintaining their equipment. I feel like I deserve more than a "sorry" for the use of my extra time, but no credit or flight certificate was forthcoming."
Pros: "Didn't have food"
Pros: "Comfortable and enjoyable flight, efficient crew without delays."
Cons: "Poor food - even going for the safe pasta option. Very disappointing & not enjoyable."
Pros: "Short flight, really appreciated the cups of water that were offered."
Pros: "Very decent legroom onboard....flawless connections....pleasurable. Flight crew were responsive, friendly, and professional."
Pros: "Same as Co's to Houston"
Pros: "Literally the only saving grace was an employee named David R at the Chicago desk on the morning of July 22. He helped my friend and I, calmed us down, and dos his job quickly and competently. He made me feel like a human instead of an insignificant part of the herd of cattle. Thank God for that man."
Cons: "I do not have time to fill out this box. I could write about everything shitty that happened, but then I would die typing on my phone instead of doing something amazing like bungee jumping or outrunning a grizzly bear."
Pros: "Boarding was on time and flight departed in time"
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable, no snack variety, no entertainment"
Pros: "Absolutely no leg room poor much less than major airlines"
Pros: "Left on time,luggage not missed and good landing"
Pros: "United made arrangements for me because of the flight delays"
Cons: "The first flight was delayed 4 hours so United got me a taxi to Dulles to catch my next flight. It worked but then that flight was delayed one hour."
Pros: "The flight was mercifully short and on time. I was very glad to get off."
Cons: "Weird boarding procedures at Houston where you have to wait in a giant holding pen and not allowed to go to your gate until it is almost ready for boarding. Rude United personnel to tell you about how that works. Flight was in a small regional jet where the overhead bins were tiny. Multiple screaming children In the row in front of me. Seats seemed small (though perhaps they are just the normal United small)."
Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "Pretty much everything else."

Everything could have been better nothing was great. My biggest issue is that there were multiple charges throughout the process that are traditionally free. I ended up sending more than I would have with a better airline.

Great services

It was a very nice and pleasant plane ride and the flight crew was very good and helpful.

Flight was quick and on time.

I did not like anything. It was cramped loud, and the fact that we had to sit on the tarmac for an hourd half and then the airline lost our luggage made for a bad start to my busniess trip . Needless to say, I will never be flying frontier again .

Pros: "The price, and the on-time departure and early arrival."
Cons: "boarding could have been better as we were in zone 1 and we seem to be ignored for quite some time before getting on the plane"
Cons: "Getting off the plane my stroller wasn’t there. Then I was directed to 3 different places before I could find it near the baggage area. The reason I had the stroller... to help me Navigate an airport with little children. Totally defeated the purpose. Never again frontier. You all suck"
Cons: "2 hour delay because pilot missed connecting flight...also Stewart literally bumped me 6 times going back and forth without apologizing out trying to stop hitting me. Took a lot for me not to say anything as I know this is tight corridors, but I was unable to sleep on my flight due to the Stewart"
Pros: "My flight on the 30th was fine. I was NOT on a second flight from Denver to Pensacola. My 360.00 round trip flight to and from Denver has taught me what I should have known. Fly Southwest or another first class airline."
Cons: "I’ve been asked to evaluate two flights from Denver to Pensacola. If I’m charged for 2 flights, I’ll take legal action."
Pros: "Everything was great, most importantly unbeatable price"
Cons: "Keep it this way and dont hike the prices like spirit airlines"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, the plane looked to be newer nice and clean amd flight waa on time"
Cons: "The one "personal" bag policy is insane! I was caught off guard and had to pay for a small carry $50 @ the counter before boarding. If I were aware I could've paid in advance for a lower price and brought a large suit case. Thank God it was a short, 2 hour, flighr because it was not a comfortable seating, it was VERY crammed! AND snack and/or drinks during flight are not complimentary. It was really hard to understanding the crew member giving the emergency instructions over the PA, had a very strong accent."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed, unexplained turbulence, one work toilet, strange staff..."
Pros: "Clean plane, great customer service."
Cons: "You have to pay for a reclining seat, only the first theee rows have them. You have to pay for even soda drinks. Ok for shorter commutes, but a 4+ hour flight is miserable."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable and lap trays were small; all beverages cost money to purchase"
Pros: "The crew tried to make the delays suck less."
Cons: "Delays. Delays. Delays. And no communication with passengers. Flight boards were incorrect and the only information I could get was from the desk."
Pros: "My seat mates and non-stop flight. Pilot's professionalism"
Cons: "Pressure to pay for personal luggage Flight crew drama"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Everything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong- except for no crash, and I am thankful for that."
Pros: "The whole plane was sick of how uncomfortable the seats where they did not lay back they where hard the tables could not even hold r drinks I will never fly again after my return trip him and I’ll make sure no one else uses them this was the most uncomfortable flight I’ve ever had and my longest flight 5 hours the whole plane was not happy then they want to charge a arm in leg for every single thing this is sad"
Pros: "Larger seats, friendly flight attendants, casual atmosphere, less chaos than larger airlines. Will recommend and will definitely fly Frontier again."
Cons: "Delayed on landing for 25 mins"
Pros: "The landing was good. The flight attendants were nice."
Cons: "The pilot made 3 elderly people wait outside in the cold for 20 minutes so he could make a point to the grounds crew, because the plane shifted. The elderly people were in wheelchairs and we're loaded last on the plane. The flight was overbooked, and it looked like they wanted one of the elderly people to stay back and take another flight. The flight was 40 minutes late because of the pilots ego it seemed. I understand protocol, but if he could step off the plane, so could the other people. It was a mess for no real reason!!! In my opinion!!!"
Pros: "Flight was only 2 hours."
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable. Tray table can barely fit 1 water bottle. The have taken the standard tray table and made it into something that is basically worthless. Forget trying to use a laptop or even a tablet to work. They charge for everything and now ask you to tip your flight attendant for handing you a water that costs $3.00. Will avoid Frontier at all costs in the future. Seats are thin, hard and so close together. No room between seats. Seats do not recline unless you are in emergency exit room. If you want to select your seat during check-in, they charge you extra. Even for a seat in the last row on the plane was an extra $5 just to select it. Seats closer to the front were an extra $25, but these are not better seats or offer more room, just the ability to get off the plane faster after landing. Carry on baggage cost extra and checked bags are $40. After paying for baggage, seats, a water on a round trip, the low cost turned out to be more expensive than another carrier with seats that are more comfortable and gave you more room between seats, entertainment and a free soft drink or water."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I didn't like that the rep at the counter desk told me there was room on a flight, but wouldn't allow us to broad the plane."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed by 35min and no reason was given. Bags were took 35min to arrive at baggage claim."
Pros: "I got where I was going without dying. That's the only positive thing about my Frontier experience."
Cons: "What do you call flight attendants who won't look at you or acknowledge you? Is it fair to call them rude if you had no interaction with them at all in your 3.5 hour flight? Since they wouldn't look at me, there was no option to even buy overpriced food or drink from them. The guy sitting next to me had to yell to get their attention. The lady was so annoyed that he asked for water. I've never seen "service" like this in my life. Terrible service. Have to pay for carry-ons but they don't tell you that during booking. Seats don't recline. Flight attendants were frumpy and dirty looking. No entertainment options (I don't know why they ask us to rate it.) No food or drink without screaming and paying an arm and a leg. Speaking of arms and legs, there is nowhere to put yours. My knees were in the seat in front of me. The guy I was sitting next to was bigger than me but not fat at all. He was leaned against the wall and still spilling into my seat. His shoulder was against mine, his arm was on mine, and his legs were too wide to fit in front of his seat so he took up at least a quarter of my leg room. The lady on the other side had an infant in her lap and did the same, except she was hanging out into the aisle. I'm 5'8" and weigh 135 pounds. When I was boarding the plane I was one of the last people on. Coming down the aisle, I hit EVERYONE who washould unlucky enough to have an aisle seat. There was absolutely no room to walk. The miniscule tray tables won't stay up. They didn't just fall down on take off or landing. The one on the back of my seat fell down approximately every 2 minutes. The flight attendant literally yelled at the person behind me because she "wouldn't put her tray table up" for landing even though the problem was mechanical not an unwillingness to follow the rules. I've never seen anything like this. I will never fly this airline again."
Pros: "I've come to not expect much from Frontier. The boarding process for this flight was a little confused (cleaning crew was still on board when they started loading), but the overall flight was fine. I paid extra for an exit row seat, so my comfort level was decent. I didn't buy food and entertainment is nonexistent, so no comments to offer there. Honestly, it's about as good as it gets from this airline. Oh yeah, the crew was very pleasant."
Cons: "Delayed 2 plus hours Upon arrival into sfo over 1 hour and 30 mins to get bags"
Cons: "First of all the fact that you pay for carry ons is ridiculous. I paid $75 for one checked back and one carry on ( a normal amount of luggage) and then had to wait for over an hour for my checked bag to be delivered to baggage claim. There is no complimentary drinks on the flights and the seats don't recline. You think you are initially saving money because flights tend to be cheaper but by the time you pay for all the extra fees like buying a seat and luggage fees, it ends up being just as expensive as any other flight with worse service. Not worth it."
Cons: "Same as above!"
Pros: "price was excellent"
Cons: "seats very uncomfortable charges for everything-checked bags/carry on bags/seat assignments/beverages/snacks"
Pros: "nice Crew"
Cons: "No announcement of flight delay, just sent to another gate. 50 min delay Need to pay to secure a seat Not even a snack is included"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "crew was not very engaged. Cramped, bumpy 3 hr ride...couldn't wait for it to end."
Pros: "You fuckers make me pay for a carry on and then expect real feedback for free? Ha"
Pros: "The flight was a short 52 minutes, seats were extremely small. Left on time and landed early. Use them again."
Cons: "I didn't like having to pay for carry-on bags, which was more than a checked bag, having no wifi and having to pay for drinks & snacks. The tickets were cheap but should cover the cost of wifi."
Pros: "Smooth fast ride"
Cons: "Baggage claim took too long I missed my bus and had to wait an hour for the next bus"
Cons: "Customer service, all of the hidden fees, being delayed 2 hours and the crew joking it happens a lot. Changing gate unannounced several times. Being harrassed about changing seats several times. It's not our fault you (family of 5) decided to make seating arrangements last minute!"
Pros: "Cheap flight"
Cons: "Nicole and dime for everything on this airline. Probably why there were so many empty seats"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "I've tried the new frontier 3 times in the last year, bad experience every time, Delays, SERIOUS delays, rude untrained help, super unprofessional all the way around. I have never taken the time to give an airline a bad review, but if I can save another person the hassle and inconvenience we experienced it is worth it."
Cons: "First they delayed the flight for X then they downgraded the airplane so that it would be a full flight then they overbooked the flight"
Pros: "Waited to take off for over an hour. Not fun."
Pros: "There wasn't anything worth mentioning for this flight. It was terrible."
Cons: "It is not uncommon for a flight to be delayed, however, when most flights are delayed for over two hours most airlines try to make their customers more comfortable. I didn't have any feeling that the crew or the company cared that we were being held up for over two hours. This was the worst flight I have ever been on and am extremely disappointed with Frontier Airlines."
Pros: "Flight duration was shorter than predicted"
Cons: "Seats don't recline They charge for all beverages, even coffee and tea! Nothing is gratis, even the small snacks were for sale The plane was freezing, I was shivering the entire flight."
Cons: "Email notification of a 3 hour flight delay 2 hours before flight but I was already on my way to the airport. Then the flight gets cancelled but no email notification was sent and the screen wasn't updated at the gate (the whole time I was there). If I hadn't come back to the gate during the long delay and asked a fellow passenger why they were in line, I wouldn't have known it was cancelled for a long time. The employees at the gate were helpful in refunding our tickets, etc. but overall, not happy with my experience with Frontier Airlines."
Pros: "The staff was amazingly helpful, empathetic, and kind. I genuinely enjoyed the experience because the gate attendants, crew, and pilot were fantastic."
Cons: "I did not like that I did not read the fine print and ended up having to pay at the gate for a carry on. I'd never flown Frontier before . . . but I'll know for next time: one personal item only. :)"
Cons: "No mobile boarding pass. Online check in asks you to pay $ to book a seat, not clear that it is optional. Airline charged to bring a carry-on bag, and after paying the ridiculous fee, the attendant at the front counter was aggressively telling my my weekender bag would be too big and I needed to pay to check it. Crew did not do trash pickup at the end of flight because it was "too bumpy" (it wasn't). Arm rests are tiny - don't fit an adult arm Tray tables are tiny"
Pros: "slightly less expensive than normal airlines, but not more that $30 less. I arrived at my destination in one piece."
Cons: "By the time I had paid for the flight and baggage, I almost had paid for the American Airlines flight that was also available. The flight was delayed for multiple hours due to mechanical issues. I think it was the worst landing I've ever experienced. For the inconvenience of our long delay, Frontier gave us vouchers, but there is a long list of restrictions: must be used within 90 days, cannot be used to pay for the entire fare, etc. I find the voucher to be an insult."
Pros: "Cheap Fare"
Cons: "Delay"
Cons: "Flight late"
Pros: "Nothing!!"
Cons: "Horrible seats- Too many fees, no service, not even a cup of coffee. Never never again."
Pros: "Great Crew! This guy was a stand up comedian and hilarious! Kept us totally entertained!"
Cons: "All the additional costs for baggage. Yikes! A cheap flight can become very expensive."

Had the best in-flight crew! Much better experience than our outbound JetBlue flight.

The crew was amazing!

No notification of a delayed flight!!

Pros: "None"
Cons: "Every thing"
Pros: "nothing..."
Cons: "everything... I will never travel on spirit again if I can help it."
Cons: "Not one single thing."
Cons: "The delays, the flight as a whole, and the airline NOT losing my bags!"
Pros: "We were early until we got to the destination, and then sat on the runway for over 30 minutes (contrary to reported landing time) without pulling up to a gate. As passengers we were given very little information which is frustrating when the flight is so late."
Cons: "Spirit could have made a better effort to plan their gates better so planes don’t sit on the tarmac, and they could do a better job of giving passengers information."
Pros: "The boarding"
Cons: "I realize it’s an economy airlines, but to have to pay to get water seems a little extreme."
Pros: "Simple plane"
Cons: "Could have been on time. Missed connection. Spirit blamed weather and rebooked me next day 24 hours later. No meals or hotel took 3 hours to learn that I was on my own. Don't use Spirit not worth it."
Pros: "Yes was really nice"
Pros: "Nice crew. On time departure."
Cons: "Seats a little more comfortable."
Pros: "Price was good. No frills as no tv or food...not even peanuts. Plane left and landed on time. Free personal bag size was good."
Cons: "All was as I expected so no complaints."
Pros: "Customer service was good and no delays"
Cons: "Nothing that I can’t think of."
Pros: "Clean new plane"
Cons: "Not much legroom."
Pros: "Flight crew was great"
Pros: "The price initially was a good price for direct flight."
Cons: "I think the charge for carry on is rediculous, customer service was not impressive as well as friendliness."
Pros: "New plane nice crew"
Cons: "Small tray tables"
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Other passengers were rude, plane was dirty, no entertainment, no food"
Pros: "Flight was great"
Cons: "People at check in in Ft Lauderdale were rude"
Pros: "Loved the large seat up front well worth the money to upgrade. Crew was very nice and pleasant."
Cons: "Nothing I didn't like."
Pros: "Boarding went smoothly. Flights departed on time. Flight crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Arrival: Both flights arrived on time, BUT the plane remained on the runway for extended periods to await a gate. I know delays happen, but to wait on two out of two fights isn't a good average... Seats: I'm very small, and was very glad in these seats. I found the seats quite uncomfortable because they don't recline at all! Food/Beverage: Nothing is provided - not even water. Baggage Check: When making reservations, $30/bag to check didn't seem too bad. However, when pre-registering my luggage, in order to receive the $30/bag rate, I would have needed to spend $50 additional for a membership. I don't fly enough to make that worthwhile."
Pros: "Flight was fine."
Cons: "Almost missed flight because mobile boarding pass was broken and spirit doesn't allow you to print online after you've committed to mobile. On top of that BWI has no kiosks so I had to wait for people checking bags. Plane was held for connecting passengers, but my connecting flight was not, so their inconsistent holding of flights went against me twice."
Pros: "nothing, if the air line is cheap don't means attitude"
Cons: "Staff don't know how to talk to someone very expensive price for bags always canceling flight time....."
Pros: "The operations was efficient, the crew dealt well with the passengers who fell ill."
Cons: "No frills is all very well, but on a 6 hour flight not having a reclining seat is a big negative."
Cons: "Be cause of the problems they were having with canceling flights I booked another flight on united. Because my flight wasn't until 5:30 i did not want to get to the airport and fine they cancelled my flight. I will never book with them again. Going all I heard was all the problems travelers had with them."
Pros: "Delay and cancellation of my flights was not fun for me"
Cons: "Delay of flight due to missing crew and cancellations"
Pros: "Flight attendants were helpful."
Cons: "Terribly small seat. Random seat unless you pay. Must pay in advance for bags or ridiculously expensive at airport. It's a trap for those unfamiliar. You pay to print boarding pass. Never again for me."
Pros: "2nd row good leg room flight delayed then caught back up. No free bev"
Cons: "That Spirit charges extra for every possible aspect they can; seating, carry-on, etc. Additionally the flight home was delayed by an hour, but there were no forms of updating the passengers about an ETA."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "I thought I was getting a good deal, but then any bag you take with you, carry on or not, costs $45. EACH WAY! So what we thought were $93 tickets were really $173 if we brought a carry on. Who doesn't bring at least a carry on. Oh, and by the way, if you don't understand that carryon costs extra, they extort you in form of a $100 fee per bag at the gate. They know they have you because you're about to board the plane, so why not extort money out of you. Then the seats don't recline, and thank God they don't because your knees are smashed into the seat in front you. I'm 6'3", which is a little tall, but i totally don't fit in these seats. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. Then there is the endless nickel and dime'ing for everything: do you want a credit card, do you want to choose your seats? Oh that'd be $5 extra. Do you want to board first for $10, etc. etc. On the plus side, the flight attendants were at least funny and tried to make people laugh."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled for no reason and check in was next to impossible. It was crowded in the waiting area and the people working the counter were less than accommodating when we tried to get a refund."
Cons: "The website to pre-check bags and pick seats were deceitful. 1st they tell you one price online for a checked bag, then when you get there oh no bag is too heavy, we are not like other airlines that give you up to 50 pounds, so you have to pay an extra $30 ....after I paid online for a checked bag for $42-ONE WAY. So a whopping $72 later for a ONE WAY ride...costs more than my actual plane ticket! Then I asked if I would've left the desk and went on my phone and ordered a heavier bag price would it have been cheaper? oh yes it would have....seriously? and You didn't tell me that why? oh yeah cuz you are shady. 2 out of 5 stars for Spirit! the plane staff were very nice, but the flight wouldn't even give you a glass of water-nope had to pay for a full bottle-$3. I thought I was getting a deal and ended up paying what I would have if I went directily on their website to get full price for a plane that gave you free drinks and snacks and free checked bag. Frontier was soooooo much better!!"
Pros: "Great schedule, boarding was a breeze and landing ahead of schedule on the second leg! what a double bonus!! Excellent value for a last minute cheap flight and getting there for your connection."
Cons: "again, seats did not recline and being over 6 ft tall, it made it uncomfortable to snooze... If possible get an exit aisle if you are tall, this leg was tight to say the least, but for everything else, okay choice."
Pros: "Good price, arrival on time. It is a nice flight if it is a short time on the air. No food, no fancy seats but the price for a little over 2 hours flight was ok."
Cons: "The take off was late, but the arrival was almost on time."
Cons: "i arrived airport 50 mins early and still missed the fight. Cant check in with machine,and spirit agent takes 20 mins to check in. And the security gate istooks forever,they dont even open the empty prority lane for tons waiting there. No jump even i explain i am runing late. poor attitute!"
Pros: "Terrific personalities. Funny, engaging and entertaining. The crew was quick-witted, affable and made the trip memorable. More people like this are needed on more airlines. Let your people be their OWN PERSON while representing YOU! Great choices, SPIRIT!"
Cons: "Nothing. My name is Danny Gil and you may use it if you want..."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All in, costed the same as delta or AA"
Cons: "I was charged $220 for baggage that would have been free on any other airline. I will never use Spirit again."
Pros: "Everything was great except for comfortableness of the seats."
Cons: "The seats"
Pros: "Friendly and fun crew. Ease in booking and boarding. Comfortable seats."
Pros: "Very pleasant scottish senior crew member, excellent announcements"
Cons: "Spirit's last flight is usually late, this time almost an hour. Get's old arriving after midnight. Come to think of it, many of their recent flights have been late leaving. Is there a more detestable website? They use my coloured ink wastefully to print their rotten boarding passes too!"
Pros: "This time we left on time and arrived early."
Cons: "The seats are just ok. No blankets or little pillows, so bring your own."
Pros: "Flight crew was perfect!!!"
Cons: "Better seats"
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Don't use fly southwest"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flight was changed twice Instead of the direct flight to Atlanta (which I paid for), I was routed to Detroit. The Detroit to ATL flight was canceled, and Spirit was not helpful at all, getting me to Atlanta. I had to beg borrow and plead in order to get home. When it was all said and done, I got onto a flight with a different airline.....Delta. if I can help it, I will never fly Spirit Again"
Pros: "The better seat they upgraded me to after traumatizing me and making me suffer through their baggage extortion."
Cons: "None of their kiosks worked so I had to stand in line for almost an hour just to get my boarding pass. This almost made me miss my flight & they were telling me their horrible and expensive process for resolving that because when I called them from a very long security line, they told me the flight was on time & the doors had already been closed. Fortunately, not only were they wrong, I didn't listen to them & kept going to the gate where I then had to wait 20 minutes for boarding to begin. Then they charged me $55 for my carry on bag which you either didn't disclose or hid in the small print somewhere. Not an exciting first experience with you or them. Misleading all the way around, no motivation to fly with Spirit again or use Kayak again. Deeply disappointing."
Pros: "Once I got on the plane, it was tolerable."
Cons: "I didn't know about their hefty baggage fees. The fees made this low budget ticket more expensive than my usual airline. The ticket desk crew in Baltimore was hostile and indifferent. Interestingly enough, the attendant did not and was not asking for id for checking in baggage. I got my boarding pass at the kiosk but all she did was ask my name when taking my bag. My return experience was better. I will really have to think twice about using this airline again."
Pros: "the crew was positive and professional. I appreciated their work. the seats are quite comfortable. I like the strong adjustable head flaps."
Cons: "do not charge people to drink water on an airplane. that is sick and twisted. the advertisements in-plane are depressing to the point of being harmful to passengers mental health. it reminds me of MySpace in its final days. ugliness for profit. it's also hurtful to charge for the carry on bag. it feels like you are exploiting poor people and preying on them when they're most vulnerable."
Pros: "Great information from kayak keep it up ! Easy to use like the planner and how all my trips are kept in kayak great job !! Love using kayak"

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