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American Airlines
Overall score based on 44,894 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Crew was efficient and pleasant making for a good experience."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Other than at meals, No crew around to distribute water on a 9-10 hour flight. Crew not very nice when we were asking for water. Completely dehydrated on arrival. Ground crew very charming."

Pros: "Crew was amazing. Seats were comfo"

Pros: "We landed safely; Beautiful infotainment screen that did NOT work"
Cons: "Extreme delays; Beautiful infotainment screen that did NOT work; Sitting on the runway/tarmac for hours"

Cons: "Flights had to be changed due to a delay on first flight that would make it impossible to take the connecting flight. My route and airlines were completely changed, which caused a big delay in original arrival time. In addition to that, my luggage did not make it and I'm still waiting to find out where my suitcases are. Very disappointed."

Pros: "On time and the staff was great"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "I had to put my carry on item 10 seats behind my seat location. That delayed my leaving of the plane to my next flight."

Cons: "Not enough time in London to change planes. We missed the flight"

Pros: "Crew made a special effort to find me a nondairy meal (which I had neglected to request)."
Cons: "Web page dysfunction meant we couldn't sign up for wifi. The page asked me to set security questions but the pulldown for the questions had no options to select from. I tried on multiple devices/browsers."

Pros: "The one flight attendant that realized how shitty of a situation they placed me in."
Cons: "American Airlines made me take all clothes out of carry-on, took my brand new AWAY bags, and made me stuff my clothes and other belongings into 5 plastic bags. All because they said my bag was illegal to fly on plane (whether it was checked in or not). Turns out they didn’t have to do that. What a crock."

Pros: "seats comfy, seemed like a newer plane, crew was lovely."
Cons: "usual complaints about domestic flights - not having free headphones and not having free snacks."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Middle seat"

Cons: "Luggage allowance policy was not clear, so that they can try to charge passengers extra fee. Airline blames on one another when it comes to connecting flight if we purchased a one stop flight"

Pros: "Cabin crew attentive. Comfortable seat. Only 2/3 full. Easy boarding and embarking. Overall, value for cost."
Cons: "Food. No individual entertainment unit."

Pros: "I would like if for my return from Paris to Chicago, Chicago Seattle I would be greeted by the personal and offered to flight first class without extra charge to compensate for the bad experience on my way going in. Thank you"
Cons: "I was told I would be able to choose the seats only 24 hours before the flight by going online. I tried to choose the seats online but could not have access to the site. I then called the number provided to ask for more help, and was told that I could then only choose the seats at the check in time. I was at the airport 2 hours before the flight schedule to book my seat and was told them that I could only choose the seats at the gate. Once I got at the gate I asked the person to please give me a seat at the aisle for medical reasons but after waiting until the boarding process had started I was giving a middle seat. Not only I was treated as a stand by passenger that had not purchased the tickets I was put nt on group 8 and at the moment of boarding the gate personal aggressively grabbed my carry-on bag because they insisted there was no more spaces in the compartment above heads. Once I got inside of airplane I saw many empty compartments available for carry-on luggage. I wish I had not purchased my ticket with Iberia Airlines operated by American Airlines. It was not a good, pleasant experience and do not recommend. I wil certainly avoid in the future and not travel this way another time. Thanks"

Cons: "No food or entertainment offered at all - for a 5-1/2 hour flight. Seats uncomfortable. I don't like how it feels like you're nickle and diming us - charging for every little thing, including what seat you sit in."

Pros: "This airlines sucksI didn't really like much of anything about the entire trip"
Cons: "I didn't really like much of anything about the entire trip. Mainly, there was absolutely no entertainment except some overhead movie that no one wanted to watch. The plane was old and comfortable."

Pros: "loved having a movie to pass the time. Super friendly attendants."

Pros: "Was able to change my seat"
Cons: "The tone of the flight attendant (male) who can through the cabin to check things before landing. He was brash and abrasive. Yes, safety first, but overall not a good look for someone in a customer service industry. you can accomplish the same goal with different delivery"

Cons: "I paid for a non-stop from Seattle to Philadelphia. they cancelled it and only had options that dragged out the trip, caused an extra day of lost work. There was no attempt or offer to ameliorate the inconvenience, or refund the cost -- even an upgrade would have been appreciated. just here's what we have, take it or leave it. I am through with American"

Cons: "No screens, no wifi"

Pros: "Really? I just gave 1 star. Your feedback form should be smart enough to realize that."
Cons: "It's not finnair. It's American Airlines. The sears were so cramped that I have a horrible backache. Stop calling it finnair. Several airlines booked tickets on this flight. There's nothing good to say."

Pros: "Flight was ok, staff was professional and friendly. A good cleaning would be great. I'm average height and light build for a woman but I find the seats really are snugger than ever."
Cons: "AA didn't notify me of their change to my itinerary so I missed my flight, they cancelled my return flight from Europe, and only offered to refund my ticket when I spoke to a supervisor. I drove 5.5 hours to another city to catch a flight to Europe, believing my return ticket was valid as AA first told me, only later to learn they cancelled it. Thanks to AA, I currently I have no return ticket. Others on this flight and on my later Iberia flight were cursing AA loudly so I don't think my issue is an anomaly, but is more likely AA's new standard of conduct."

Cons: "Self check-in staff at Seattle was not that helpful."

Pros: "Very efficient boarding, comfortable coach seats, good crew"
Cons: "No food! except pretzels and sandwiches for purchase. I didn't purchase a sandwich but the two guys next to me did and were both vocal about their disappointment with what they received for $9. And they were strangers who didn't talk to each other the rest of the time, so I think they meant it. Also, entertainment: they had a movie on the pop-down screens, and 4 free movies to stream to your device using onboard wifi, as well as 2 tv shows. So maybe I'm being harsh. But it was a transcontinental flight and they didn't have headrest screens loaded with movies. Is this only for international flights? The movies were bad, or at least not appealing to me ('Keanu' and 'Zoolander 2'). It was possible to pay for additional movies, but who wants to do that? It was sort of the EasyJet model, where you get good basic service but pay for everything additional that one gets for free on Delta. Maybe that was reflected in the price I paid for the ticket, but I was expecting that AA would be in the same league as United and Delta. One nice perk: free wifi for T-Mobile customers, including me."

Pros: "It was very inexpensive and on time. And it was much more comfortable than those budget airlines like Spirit, Frontier, etc."
Cons: "The snack choice was unappealing."

Pros: "On time. No issues. The last two times I have flown Delta I've had issues. Smooth sailing"

Pros: "arrived alive"
Cons: "If you're remotely claustrophobic this is not the flight or aircraft you want to be in. When the flight was booked and paid for I was under the impression that I would have a seat on the plane. As it turned out in order to board the plane I had to pay extra to secure a seat. If this is not a "bait and switch" operation I don't know what would qualify."

Pros: "On time. Friendly crew. Good price."

Pros: "AA has been good to me--- Gold card a big help."
Cons: "The LAX concourse could at least 2 more coffee shops in addition to Starbucks.The wait was 40 minutes at Starbucks to get a cup of coffee!!! Get on the ball LAX!! We need our caffine in the morning."

Pros: "They switched my flight promptly when I missed my connection."
Cons: "I missed my connection for no apparent reasons. When asked for compensation they said there was nothing they could do and cited reasons Regarding the boarding and deboarding of a special needs passenger."

Pros: "The flight crew was helpful"
Cons: "I got stuck in Dallas overnight with no place to stay and no compensation"

Cons: "My flight was delayed 2+ hours which made me miss my connecting flight & not make it to my destination until the next day ."

Pros: "Not happy ."
Cons: "No good communication in why flight was cancelled or delayed . I personally had family traveling far to pick me up at the airport and it was very inconvenient on all my flights with American Airlines."

Pros: "Everything about the flight seemed fast. From the boarding process to the landing process. It was a very fast flight. Much faster than Southwest Airlines."
Cons: "It was a 6 am flight and the crew looked like it was a 6 am flight. No smiles. No energy. They looked like they didn't like their job. Maybe they needed coffee."

Pros: "The flight crew were really good and efficient. The plane was a new 737 and was beautiful and clean when we boarded."
Cons: "The boarding was rough. Very slow. Too many folks with carry ons. Pressure from the gate crew was put on those last in line to hurry to make gate departure time although it was fthe folks on the plane with carry ons that were keeping us from boarding. I paid the money to check a bag but folks with over sized carry on got their bags checked for free at the plane entrancewhen they ran out of room in the cabin. They ran out of room before more than half the plane was boarded."

Pros: "Flight was on time. Bags didn't get lost. Pilot and crew seemed nice."
Cons: "Smallest middle seat I've ever sat in. Wifi was $40. Baggage Fees were pricey. No free snacks. No free entertainment options."

Pros: "I know AA and Alask are same company but I bought Alaska ariline ticket and everything I need to deal with is AA. It's too confusing."
Cons: "Too confused!"

Cons: "Fat constantly moving man next to me"

Pros: "free entertainment"

Pros: "Help that I received from check in through security to the gate was awesome. The person who checked me in offered me a wheelchair as it was a pretty long distance to the gate. I don't think that I would have made it all the way without her for thought and help! Same goes after the flight when we landed in Philadelphia. From the plane to gather my luggage and then to the place where my ride could pick me up. Awesome service. The stewards were also very helpful to keep me supplied with ice for my dogs. They get very stressed and tend to overheat. Thanks to a couple of the staff, especially, my dogs stayed very comfortable as well. Other then the fact that they got too warm a couple of times. Will definitely keep American in mind for another flight."
Cons: "I have not got a background in flying. I read the literature in the seat in front of me but I would like to have known sooner that I could turn a knob to help get cool air on my dogs. They were getting very warm and I spent a great deal of time fanning them when I could have just let the air do it's job."

Cons: "No information and made us wait about 3 hours past departure time to tell us the flight was delayed until the next day, but did not even know at what time or why!!! It really messed up it vacation since we were going to Florida for only 3 days!"

Cons: "They boarded group 1 all at once. I was group 2. They boarded all of us all at once. It was a cluster!. I haven't flew in 6 years. But when I did they boarded by so many rows. Not all at once . Boarding was horrible. It was like a cattle drive."

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Just wish the boarding was better"

Pros: "The price was right! Connection in Chicago was a little tight but overall a good flight."

Pros: "relatively quiet for a redeye, seats were made out of a decent leather like material, TVs in the back of each seat along with charging inputs"
Cons: "AA version of the 737 is very cramped, small seats with little room and very upright, barely recline if at all. Also, unlike other airlines they installed metal boxes underneath the seats for the life vests which take up a third of your leg room. Overhead air barely blows and the overall temp was a little too warm for comfort even while just wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Lights were bright for first half of the trip until they finished drink service even though flight started at midnight."

Pros: "There isn't much to like about a red eye flight. It got us home. We selected it based on price and schedule."
Cons: "Crew made one pass thru cabin with a mini bag of pretzels and one pass thru with beverage. Never saw them again but perhaps that is the norm for AA. No so with other carriers we have flown red eyes on. Always tough getting a good connection when flying west to east"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "5 gate changes and 1 hour 20 minute delay!"

Cons: "Worst flight experience ever."

Pros: "Atleast 2/3 movies free"
Cons: "That you have to pay for entertainment"

Pros: "How they gave me exit row seats and flifht crew was good"
Cons: "Your check in ticket counter workers in SEA airport.. there was a married couple who was very rude and because i could not get a "prepaid card" but had 25 for my bag the man said "well i guess you are not going" excuse me?! I paid over 200 for my ticket!! Luckily there was a nice polynesian young man who stepped in and helped right away. That couple made my experience HORRIBLE! I do want something done about that! I almost missed a very important event and they looked to be arguing with each other! They need to keep their personal stuff at home! I was so mad.however, the flight crew was awesome!"

Cons: "Delayed because of no crew members"

Pros: "Access to in flight entertainment."
Cons: "Air vent pressure was lacking Cramped quarters but it is expected in economy."

Pros: "Delays 2 hours"
Cons: "Refund"

Pros: "Good flight and good crew."

Pros: "Everything went by smoothly, no problems"

Pros: "My other passengers in First Class. Your crew was also very kind and well mannered."
Cons: "I spent over 150 for an upgrade for a red eye for a flight I already spent over 500. Your crew lacked attention in service and one specific crew member (male) woke me up twice due to the loudness of his voice. Disappointed in the quality for the amount spent."

Pros: "The staff was pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The flight was late but that was at no fault to the airline."

Pros: "The seat itself was comfortable but the leg room for my taller companion was a bit tight."
Cons: "It was a 5 hour flight and on the outgoing flight not even a snack was offered. On the return flight a very small bag of spicy pretzel bits was offered. When I went to get on the return flight I had a small sling purse, a small yarn bag (both hung on the same arm) and a bag of food for the lunch they wouldn't serve me. I was told I couldn't get on the flight with 3 bags, even though all 3 would fit under the seat. The free entertainment contained a grey box over part of the image reminding I could pay for more. Was only given a tiny glass of soda, I remember when they would give a can. I will consider another airline in the future."

Pros: "The captain kept us informed, the flight attendants were simply amazing, going above and beyond to ensure the best flight possible."
Cons: "The plane was delayed twice. The crew members at the terminal did nothing to explain why. I do know that in their world things like this happen, but in the customer's world, things like this can really mess up someone's day, so simple periodic updates as well as one genuine apology for the inconvenience would have made things a whole lot better."

Pros: "The flight crew was great on both of my flights!!"
Cons: "I could not get the entertainment to work on either flight :-("

Pros: "Easy flight"

Pros: "The slim seats are nice, but lack the wired head rests!"
Cons: "The overhead lights were SO bright that they were nearly blinding. Also, I was sitting behind the wing so it was so loud! Guess there's not much to be done about that on a small plane."

Cons: "Late, deplane, staff was unhelpful"

Pros: "Quick boarding"

Pros: "I am 5 foot 6 and my knees hit the seats in front of me. Seat did not recline. Sucked."

Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "The crew was very accommodating."
Cons: "I was seated in the economy section. It was quite uncomfortable for a four hour flight. I'm 5'9" and didn't have enough space to stretch in the 737. I felt bad for the middle seat section because there was no room at all. I had an aisle seat and still didn't have enough room the stretch. There was no food or snacks served but the crew did offer free drinks: oj, tea, water, or soda. if you can upgrade to economy plus it's definitely worth it. Spend the money for it. You will have more leg room for sure."

Cons: "One of two people bumped. I missed a ceremony with my father at the Naval Base due to the delay. We are both military and have had limited time together over the last two years. The $200 voucher does not cover the missed time I had planned with my family."

Cons: "It was cancelled morons."

Pros: "The flight at 7:10 am was delayed due to computer troubles. I had to be re routed because I was going to miss my connection flight in San Fran. I was able to be added to a Delta Flight direct to Philly at 11:45 am."

Cons: "Boarding was a nightmare. Minimal customer service."

Pros: "Sleep"
Cons: "Rude lady serving and no tv options"

Pros: "Beverage service"
Cons: "The seats were so narrow and uncomfortable that it was impossible to enjoy the flight"

Pros: "Efficiency"
Cons: "Turbulence!"

Pros: "Being appeased lead to over a two hour delay. That lead to me miss my connecting flight & missing work later on that day."

Pros: "The flight attendant didn't address that someone else was in my seat when I got on the plane. I specifically picked two seats next to each other because the person I was traveling with has anxiety while flying. If other passengers hadn't willingly changed their seats then we wouldn't have sat together. I told the flight attendant and she dismissed me entirely. Also they packed is all in even though the exit row seats were completely filled. I think they should've just allowed some to have those seats for the comfort of the rest of us"

Cons: "It was very cramped. The chair barely reclined and it was very tight."

Cons: "There was so little space between our seat and the one in front of us that my boyfriend and I got no sleep on the red-eye flight. And I'm quite small!"

Cons: "Delayed, Late in landing, bad seats"

Cons: "The flight was overbooked. The attendants kept trying to offer gift vouchers."

Pros: "I got to my place of destination in one piece."
Cons: "The customer service lady a check-in was very rude and had a bad attitude. She made me put my bag into the box thingy to see if it would fit on the plane. It was the exact same bag and type of plane being used but she made me put the bag in and out of this box and rearrange items only to have the bag taken from me at the gate. All bags of ALL passengers were taken at the gate. This unnecessary attitude of hers, making me lift and rearrange this bag in and out of the box to see if it fit caused strain on my muscles and lower pelvic region as I am 7 months pregnant! I was literally limping through the halls to get to/thru security and to my gate. Not to mention the frustration caused!!! The lady flight attendant on the plane was not able to help me setup my wifi and just shrugged her shoulders at me when I couldn't figure it out and pretty much said "oh well, guess you can't download it""

Pros: "The flight attendants were above and beyond. Both of them were very friendly and engaging. If all employees were on the same level as these two flight attendants everybody would enjoy their flying experience better. They are the type of employees that bring customers back."

Pros: "Check in was great. Crew was outstanding."
Cons: "Can't really complain about this flight. Was all around pretty good."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I have handicape son and they didnt give seat together."

Pros: "I like the fact that they were on time for once."
Cons: "The entertainment sucked"

Cons: "Two flights both of which had long delays that were not weather or passenger related. Plane had sardine can seating."

Pros: "The crew was great and friendly."
Cons: "Not a lot of leg room and the guy next to me infiltrated mine as well."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "That my flight was at 5:15am so I got there around 3am and no ONE WAS THERE TO HELP !! It took forever !!"

Pros: "The crew"

Pros: "Everything this was one of the worse companies that I have ever delt with. Both in and out of travel. Customer service was completely rude and inconsiderate and the "supervisor" that hung up on out phone calls 3 times was completely disrespectful with our issue. I will never be traveling with this company again."
Cons: "Everything this was one of the worse companies that I have ever delt with. Both in and out of travel. Customer service was completely rude and inconsiderate and the "supervisor" that hung up on out phone calls 3 times was completely disrespectful with our issue. I will never be traveling with this company again."

Pros: "Cheap and non stop, free chargers"
Cons: "Allowed people to put personal items and carry ons in overhead bins which forced some to check bags. Internet option is useless without Hulu, Netflix support."

Pros: "I arrived safely."
Cons: "It took forever to board, was completely booked. No snacks, no entertainment, jampacked plane with no leg room. The wi-fi was not working."

Pros: "I liked that it was a plane that flew me to my destination."
Cons: "The seating was tighter than I could handle. I'm a 6'1 175 lb male and I felt like my knees were going to pop out the other end of the seat. Like sure you try and maximize profits with a ton of rows, but you're going to lose customers like me do to the lack of space."

Cons: "I actually threw up on the plane is was so bad."

Pros: "When it was over."
Cons: "Everything."

Pros: "staff"
Cons: "ran out of room for carry-on too fast - full by 2nd main group boarding"

Pros: "Staff very patient."
Cons: "Computer issue with three recounting of passengers. Missed connecting flight."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Washington to Laredo

Airlines flying from Washington to Laredo have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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