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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 29854 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Entertainment on flight.
Cons: The boarding crew was not helpful and rude. Traveling is stressful enough, not having a boarding crew be able to answer simple questions made the rest of the experience bad

Read more about Delta

Pros: Entertainment on flight.
Cons: The boarding crew was not helpful and rude. Traveling is stressful enough, not having a boarding crew be able to answer simple questions made the rest of the experience bad

Cons: Great trip!

Cons: This was a great short flight.

Pros: Wouldn’t know about the crew. Short flight and didn’t see them enough to comment
Cons: Crew

Pros: Seat was average

Cons: It was at a good pace

Cons: Great flight

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: No leg room for 6’6” person.

Pros: The crew was amazing and seats were comfortable
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Not a lot
Cons: Customer service

Pros: The entire flight was excellent, on time, great friendly crew, edible food, movies and options were great, perfect in every way. It was a little chaotic at flight loading on extra security, but I assume it could have something to do with it being on 9/11 and it was ultimately bound for NYC.
Cons: I honestly cannot think of anything.

Pros: Good service great aircraft
Cons: Takes along time to get off airplane with everyone getting their bags from the overhead bins

Cons: Check your planes thoroughly before placing passengers on it. The pressurized cabin almost killed us!!

Cons: Just a bunch of weather delays because of the bad storms. I did not like the selection of movies and tv shows on the delta flight. So I just listened to podcast in my phone. But other than that everything was great.

Cons: Missed flight due to unnecessary delays

Cons: Everything was great

Pros: Flight cancelled
Cons: Flight not cancelled

Pros: Crew, as always, excellent. The people of delta are what keep you coming back.
Cons: Flight was delayed (for no reason) for more than two hours, with no speak whatsoever about it

Pros: In flight service was fast and well organized. The dinner was very good. Flight was turbulent free and no isues.
Cons: The plane was at the gate but it took over an hour for international inspection and a long time for the plane to be cleaned.

Pros: The flight was delayed several times due to bad weather in Tampa. The gate agent was good at explaining the problem and said it was the FAA that had put a ground stop in place. It was nice to be informed about what was going on.
Cons: The cabin was very noisy -- don't know if the AC fans were cranked up or what, but the constant roar made it difficult to converse with the crew about snack and drink choices.

Cons: Terrible

Pros: Coming from Europe Alitalia and Delta did an EXCELLENT job at assisting the passengers get rid of their luggage just as soon as we were done going through customs... I don't usually fly on this route, but I thought it was perfect. Transfer between Delta terminal was a breeze too...
Cons: I usually don't fly from JFK. The food court was expensive (18 dollars base price from a burger seems a high even for an airport. I don't fly from NY normally - so maybe I need to tune my expectation for the locale, and it may have NOTHING to do with the airline company.

Pros: Good airframe.
Cons: 3+ hours delayed; didn't arrive until 3AM.

Pros: Crew was nice and the boarding process was smooth, wwe did depart late, but we arrived in plenty of time to make my connection.
Cons: Leave on time

Pros: It was ok
Cons: They lost my suitcase. Now I have to wait a day or two and they won’t sent it to me.

Pros: Free drinks and snacks - great entertainment system (please read this Frontier)!
Cons: Boarding process was agonizingly slow and ineffective

Pros: No issues

Pros: On time
Cons: Small aircraft

Pros: On time

Cons: In flight entertainment and crew friendliness

Pros: Nice plane staff
Cons: Very hot airport. Having to load plane outside (hotter on tarmac). Then Delta being 3.50 hours late. Sitting in a hot airport for 6 hours. Not my idea of fun

Pros: On time boarding, quick, friendly staff, extremely helpful
Cons: Gate should be bigger to seat all passengers patiently waiting. Was a mess of people sitting all over the floor

Pros: Friendly and courteous crew, great food, comfortable seating, quick luggage retrieval. Wow!
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Waited for me
Cons: Damaged my suitcase upon arrival

Pros: I dont like that you change my flight and I have to wait 8 hours at the airport to flight to Mexico City

Cons: The flight was cancelled. Kayak should know that. I got about 15 message s from you about a flight that was cancelled 24 hrs ago. That is not helpful.

Cons: Z

Cons: That's the flight is clean

Pros: Non
Cons: My return portion of my flight was canceled and had to purchase a new ticket. I would like a full refund of my expenses.

Cons: Nothing

Pros: Amazing experience thank you Delta

Pros: The crew was nice and pleasant. They didn’t fuss over ym carry on being too big. They were very accommodating. Boarding was very quick again

Cons: Time to bring in dual class flights!

Cons: Flight was delayed nearly 2 hours without any compensation to the passengers. I frequently fly jet blue and whenever they are that delayed not weather related the staff frequently gives the passengers a complimentary cocktail. Also your boarding process makes little sepnse to me why board from the front of the plane more sensible to board back to front

Pros: Crew was very friendly and gave great service.
Cons: Legroom was poor, Im 6' tall and my knees were rubbing the seat in front. Flight was full so no alternate.

Pros: Layout of aircraft
Cons: Couldn't find USB port.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I'm a frequent flier and was treated poorly, seated in the last seat and last row despite paying more than $1,000 on ticket. Awful.

Cons: The flight was delayed an hour and a half.

Pros: The airline crew seems to be getting better, although I can't say that they are super helpful
Cons: The seats, just water offered, the bathroom, no Wifi, extremely crowded and small plane. Seriously, I don't understand what is all the money payed used for since I just heard that the crew members might be actually underpaid

Pros: First flight
Cons: Too packed

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Could not checking or do anything from the app unlike others

Cons: They could start by not allowing a non-compliant passenger ON THE PLANE. When he was already not compliant in the damn terminal. (Dude didn’t wanna wear a mask) forced the captain to circle back and screw our timing for our connecting flight. You might say, how can we blame AA, well, because they chose to allow him to become a problem and then exasperated it by allowing him in the damn door of the plane. Now we got stuck in Charlotte for the night. Nothing like being late for your Grandma’s funeral. Pathetic AA! PATHETIC!

Cons: The boarding process was horrible. The agents we not organized.

Cons: Entertainment didn't work neither did the flight attendants. They sat in the back and quite literally did nothing, no juice and water. Worst service ever. I'll fly Delta from now on. American what happened to you?

Pros: There was a hood vibe from crew. I believe the good nature of the crew had a positive effect on me and follow travelers. A pleasant experience.
Cons: I can't think of anything that would have improved the experience.

Cons: If flight wasn't delayed

Pros: Made it to my destination
Cons: 2-hour delay in the plan after departure from the gate for maintenance. The seats are so small that my knees hit the seat in front of me the entire flight.

Pros: I liked the big 787 plane and the in flight entertainment with individual TVs!
Cons: Not a huge fan of the captive audience announcements for the credit card and the meal pre-orders

Cons: The place to rest the head. Would be great if it had that part that you can bend to hold your head.

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: Delayed rerouted delayed again horrible airline this is why I stopped flying American

Pros: Wi-Fi and USB ports worked great. Seat was comfortable after 11 upgrade. On time
Cons: Having to pay extra for a exit row seat

Pros: Because the flight wasn't full we passengers in the main cabin had the chance to spread out a bit more, which was great on such a long flight. Also the flight attendant let me have my scotch for free! Hooray!
Cons: Without power at each seat it's difficult to take advantage of the otherwise free entertainment that is only accessible through the app or on a laptop. There was a DC power outlet at my seat (not all of the seats in the main cabin even have that) but guess what--it required a cigarette-lighter-style adapter to plug in. I certainly don't travel around with one of those! And most of the other seats in the main cabin had no access to power at all. My battery wouldn't possibly last through a 7-hour-plus flight without supplementary power. Oh well, fortunately there are still books and magazines. Just like old times. Be more like United or any other international airline, American!

Cons: How is it possible, in this day and age, that American flies a 9.5 hour flight with no individual seat screens, just the 1980's style middle-of the-aisle screen with 2 x TERRIBLE movies?? I know, there are much worse things in life, but an Airline that claims to be SOOO big and great, this is a total disgrace, seriously. And try to explain that to my kids-ages 9 and 10-who had NEVER flown a plane without individual screens (and my son has been already to 20 countries....yes, we fly.) Did I mention that the food is the worse in the industry in this airline? Give me now a reason to keep flying American, please....

Cons: They have very long and annoying credit card announcements

Cons: No screens in seats or outlets for phones. Old planes. Never again.

Pros: Flight was okay
Cons: That I ended up having to deal with AA for everything

Cons: Waited an extra 30 minutes for luggage to be loaded. Every American ( British airways partner) flight we took was delayed.

Cons: First flight delayed 45 min, then cancelled. 2nd flight 3 hrs later.

Pros: Flight attendants were great. Special note for Payton very attentive to my needs. Great personality. I will fly AA if all attendants are half as good and responsive as she was. She definitely deserves a raise.

Pros: The stewards were very positive in how they served
Cons: We had multiple delays. I really did wonder about the ability of the pilate for takeoff because the engine "turned off" before we took off. The headphone connection was broken on the plane so I had to constantly try to move my headphone plug in around to make sure the sound was at least coming through one ear.

Pros: Fast and much more efficient than the previous leg of our trip

Pros: My flight was fine - I paid for a Premium Seat, which also allowed me a premium boarding position, which I highly recommend for anyone flying. The seat was comfortable, the staff was very friendly and I really liked the in-flight entertainment.
Cons: At the DFW security post for my gate, there was NO TSA-pre. That service stops at 7pm. I would think at a major airport like DFW where American Airlines has a hub, they would make sure to staff that longer. Just getting to keep my shoes on, while having to drag all my electronics and liquids out, take my coat and belt off, etc. is not acceptable. AA should put the pressure on DFW to treat their customers better!

Pros: Moved seats together, great plane and serviceN
Cons: Delay getting landing slot

Pros: Flight crew and cabin staff were good.
Cons: The fact that I couldn't get 2 seats together until the final boarding is unsatisfactory.

Pros: I flew economy. We left the gate on time, the seat was comfortable, entertainment was varied, flight attendants that I came in contact with were professional and pleasant, food was hot and very good, pilots got me where I wanted to go, and that little container of ice cream - oh I love it! The plane was not completely full, which made the seating more comfortable than it would have been if the plane was full.
Cons: I was ushered into what became a very slow line to board. The employee at the end of my line had to deal with a few problems so I ended up boarding close to the end, behind those with higher group boarding numbers than I. Having a single line up to the two boarding employees, would avoid that, albeit make a longer line to begin with.

Pros: The service and the food
Cons: Seats are on top of each other, very close space, too many people in that flight or should I say, too many seats for that short of space

Cons: 1hr delay

Pros: Half the crew was decent making up for the other half. The Asian and Hispanic woman did a great job.
Cons: No ability to do online checkin both websites were not working. Keep the kiosks but have those helpers be able to jump behind counter to help with checkin.

Cons: Old plan with old seats and no individual screens. Very disappointing for a major airline! I wish I know it before buying my ticket.

Pros: I was really impressed by the dinner and breakfast choices. I liked that the plane had several bathrooms, and great-looking staff. It’s sad to fly somewhere and see staff not care about their appearance. They were also very attentive and personable.
Cons: I’m a tall person so sitting through a 9-hour flight was hard for me. I tried to go to sleep but leg room was an issue. I sat in the middle row in the back center section of the plane.

Pros: Other members of the crew were very helpful.
Cons: I sat in an aisle seat and one of the crew, old man with a lot of facial hair, must of hit my arm going and coming 15-20 times during the flight. Not one apology. NOT One!!!

Pros: Easy and safe flight to destination. Not meant to be a 5 star hotel.

Pros: Flight boarded on time and landed 30 minutes early. Best part is the gate was open in Chicago so we truly arrived early. Flight crew was great too. Very helpful and courteous.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Flight was on time.
Cons: De-boarding was slow

Cons: Pressure seemed off, made the flight very painful in my sinuses

Cons: Flight landed a little before 4 am. Was supposed to land around 11 pm.

Cons: Food not so great

Pros: again, nice and easy and well done.

Pros: The estimated time for both my flight was over an hr, but we arrived in on my first flight at 45mins and my second flight 30mins.
Cons: N/a

Cons: The plane had mechanical problems and was rescheduled to a different flight

Pros: Flight was oversold so they upgraded us to first class at no charge

Pros: On time. Quick boarding.

Pros: We had a good flight home everything was good going was a terrible flight a lot of turbulence and attendance weren't very friendly

Cons: Flight attendant rude. No smile, only saw them once

Pros: Nothing
Cons: No yves on the plane like delta. Flight delayed 5hrs

Cons: Your plane needs outlets to charge electronics. Unless your gonna show movies on your flights, ppl need a way to entertain themselves for the flight. If they burn through all their battery power, it's an inconvenience to try to charge it in the airport when they land. All of the outlet Chargers in Chicago, Seattle and Philly were broke as well. The U tied wing was amazing. Your prices are great but to keep ppl from rather paying more just for one or two more luxuries, try fixing this.

Cons: The seats are TOO DAMN SMALL!!!!

Pros: Everything was nice and comfy
Cons: Nothing everything is perfect

Pros: We chose the seats with 6 inches more legroom - well worth it! We slept comfortably on the flight.
Cons: It's always difficult getting comfortable with a stranger ext to you, but overall it was a nice quick flight.

Pros: Entertainment
Cons: Delays I missed work Delayed three hours

Cons: Wifi and entertainment was on the fritz throughout the entire flight and, about half way through, just conked out completely.

Cons: flight booking was changed from non-stop to connecting!

Cons: Media entertainment selection

Cons: Food could have been provided

Pros: Customer service was good, I also liked the text updates.
Cons: I really dislike that the make you check your carry on now. Most airlines let you take your carry on so I’m used to that. It also originally said $25 but at the check in it was $30. Plus I prefer not to check in my bag because it is faster, but since I did I had to stay at the airport an extra hour.

Cons: Way too small a plane for the flight length.

Pros: Customer service was super
Cons: Nothing. Everything was great

Pros: Staff was friendly and helpful.

Pros: Excellent service ample legroom

Pros: Seats were comfortable, we were in first class. United provided a good selection of recent movies.
Cons: United stewardesses have little to no interest in their duties. Questions were clearly an annoyance to them. The leg of flight from Denver to Des Moines was very uncomfortable, seats much to tigh, no leg room. Gate staff in Denver were exceptional. United needs to revisit their time for loading. We preloaded, I had a broken leg, I was traveling with a special needs woman. We just reached our seats when other passengers were prodding us to sit so they could board no time to settle. Not impressed

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Lufthansa canceled the flights and blamed united airlines. The united airlines would not help and finally ended up having to stay in Frankfurt and now have to leave for Lisbon tomorrow and then onwards.

Pros: I did not like it at all!!!!

Pros: Had xtra legroom and Wi-Fi
Cons: I paid the xtra $99 for the economy plus but my headphone jack didn’t work so I couldn’t watch a movie and my tray table was broken so I had to hold my drink and fumble with my food. The flight attendant tried to fix it but couldn’t. Made my 6 hour flight feel like 12 hours.

Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: Had to pay for wifi. Seems weird to advertise it and it's not included

Cons: Are the seats getting smaller??? And no leg room.


Pros: Notices of changes before anyone else got them like gate changes.
Cons: Running through Ohare to catch my connection

Pros: Boarding went quickly.
Cons: Landing early, then sitting on the plane for an hour and a half, which made me miss my connection for the second time in my last two united flights. Being given no assistance in how you rectify my situation and having to figure it out myself, then boarding the next flight late. Recieving no compensation for the inconveniences United caused me on both of the last two flights I've taken with them.

Pros: Not a long wait the boarding was fast and easy.
Cons: Plane could have been cleaner. The tray you pull out to sit your drink on was dirty

Cons: United has further shrunk the seat width. This flight used the new 777 v4 arrangement. Will not be flying united long haul again anytime soon. Also this was an 8 hour flight. All food was for purchase.

Pros: Gate agent
Cons: Flight was delayed 4 hours. Missed my connector.

Cons: Missed the lufthanza flight by 5 minutes. United should have coordinated to have Lufthansa wait for 6+ passengers making the same connection or should have had an airport cart expedite us across terminals and gates to make the flight.

Cons: Flight was 3 1/2 hours delayed. Missed my original connection. Missed the second connection because (as the attendants told us) they were unable to get ANY flight information to inform the passengers of where their connecting flight was. They were also pretty snotty and acted like it was our fault that we might miss a flight. I'm now sitting in Houston for the final flight of the day.

Pros: Safe and sound! Good crew too. Both plusses

Pros: Good
Cons: Good

Pros: I learned to stop flying Air Canada or United affiliated partners
Cons: Just about everything else

Pros: Flights were on time. Staff friendly and helpful. Cabin was clean

Pros: Everything about the flight was great. Both going and return were so on time, it was amazing. On the way home the in flight entertainment was out for the duration of the flight and nobody in the crew really took the time to address it - thought that was a little odd. Thanks again!

Pros: Everything was good.

Pros: The cheap price.
Cons: This is a cheap airline. Everything from the food to the gross seats are to be expected.

Pros: This flight was On Time..

Pros: Boarding easy. I like the lines they formed for boarding zones
Cons: Delay for 2 hours

Pros: Texted notifications of the many delays and changed gates until it finally left
Cons: Flight was delayed due to mechanical issues AND a delayed crew

Pros: Land crew quickly attended to my need since I missed my connecting flt due to departure and US Customs delays.
Cons: You will have to walk briskly from one end of LAX to the other end to be able to catch the connecting flt. Delay caused by air traffic in Beijing made me miss my connecting flight from LAX to SAN. Next available flt would be 7hrs wait so I just took off and had someone to pick me up from LAX.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I don't think it's fair that you don't any money back of you cancel your plane ticket. It shouldn't matter what type of ticket it was. You should at least be allowed a voucher for the amount of the ticket at a later date. Even if it's a percentage off, you should be allowed something. How is it that you can buy a car worth thousands, and be allowed to return it under the Lemon Law. When a company called can make billions of dollars doing this, it's just taking advantage of the little people.

Pros: Flight to Newark was fine. 2 of the 4 crew members seemed rather impatient with both passengers and other crew members. Deep sighs and rolling of eyes..
Cons: I felt the two grouchy crew members were quite impatient w passengers. Snapped at and eyes rolled when I had to get to seat and cart was coming. Line of people behind me so she had no choice but to back up.

Pros: I liked that the flight attendants were very attentive and quick to bring around refreshments. The flight may have been late to depart, but the travel time was very short. Overall a quality experience
Cons: I didn't like how much turbulence there was landing in San Francisco, which I understand is out of everyones control. What is in the control of the crew, however, is arriving on time. The crew showed up late and we departed late which was less than desirable.

Pros: Able to pick seat
Cons: A little tight

Pros: Leg room in economy plus. We were upgraded because of a seat assignment issue.
Cons: No entertainment what-so-ever! And the wifi didn't work. Extremely warn/hot in the cabin from takeoff to landing and the blower didn't work.

Cons: It was so late it left me in the lurch and ruined my week

Pros: Left on time and arrived early


Pros: Comfortable and enjoyable flight, efficient crew without delays.
Cons: Poor food - even going for the safe pasta option. Very disappointing & not enjoyable.

Cons: Booked a seat and paid for it then got moved without any notice.

Pros: .
Cons: .

Cons: Worst landing ever .

Cons: The seats were very uncomfortable plus there was no inflight entertainment the app to watch movies on was slow and it wasn't until I was onboard that I even realized I would need it. Overall not a pleasant experience.

Pros: Crew was great and quiet flight
Cons: No wifi or video system on plane

Cons: Flight was delayed signficantly, multiple times. Minimal information from staff, fortunately Kayak kept me updated.

Pros: Boarding was fast and efficient. Crew was polite and professional (although they weren't able to help me with my seating issue).
Cons: I had to sit near a severely overweight person. The arm rest in between couldn't even be put down and I had less than half the seat for myself. It doesn't make sense that I shouldn't be able to sit on a seat that I paid for. The staff should have been more understanding of the situation. Also, the headphone jack was a little broken so in order to watch any movies I had to hold it in the entire time - not that it mattered that much since I had no choice but to walk the aisles for most of the flight.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Wisconsin to Lansing

Airlines flying from Wisconsin to Lansing have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Wisconsin to Lansing

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Wisconsin to Lansing

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Wisconsin to Lansing

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Wisconsin to Lansing

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Wisconsin to Lansing

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