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Oct 19 — Oct 261
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Tue 10/19
Tue 10/26

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  • Delta, WestJet and Virgin Atlantic have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Wisconsin to Michigan. Confirm policies on booking site.

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Pros: The crew was amazing. One of the flight attendants Keddie deserves praise for bringing me snacks even after the main serving was over when I was sleeping.
Cons: Boarding at JAC was done by walking to plane. Signage for the correct plane was absent, and some passengers were erroneously trying to board the wrong aircraft.

Pros: I was moved up to comfort instead of main cabin.
Cons: The wifi didn’t seem to be working on the flight even tho it said it was equipped.

Pros: Arriving 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Delta makes more an effort to provide spacing between passengers and provides sanitizer wipes both on boarding and with the snack pack.

Pros: Easy boarding and very nice crew
Cons: Food

Cons: Nothing that I can think of at the moment

Pros: The space between passengers.
Cons: Nothing it was perfect.

Pros: The movie options
Cons: Compensation for having waited an hour and a half extra.

Cons: WiFi

Pros: Quick, on time flight. That’s always good!
Cons: Lead attendant spoke so fast that he was hard to understand.

Pros: No delays. Easy boarding.

Pros: The crew
Cons: One free beer

Pros: United Airlines culturally has a very big issue. The crews are not friendly and the seating is awful.

Pros: Crew was nice and funny
Cons: The free messaging WiFi didn’t work for me

Pros: Crew was great seats comfortable but quite near back my connecting flight I had to get my seat when I got to the airport I was second from the back but close to washrooms
Cons: There was no entertainment on second flight but I didn’t use it anyway On second flight washroom was not very good my scarfe dropped on the floor and was wet and yuckie

Pros: Fly attendants were very professional
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Boarding was easy.
Cons: I am 6' 1" tall and weigh 220, so not out of the ordinary and I felt like I was stuffed into a sardine can.

Pros: Delta is my favorite airline. Smaller planes with two seats two a row.
Cons: I was told to check my luggage even though there was still overhead bin space.

Cons: Compostable

Cons: The flight was very hot. Passengers near me were sweating and we Hall had thick layers on because it was cold out. I understand trying to make it warm it there’s no need to turn up the heat that high.

Pros: .

Pros: Flew us safely home.
Cons: We waiting on the runway for over a long period.

Cons: On my trip from Atlanta to Mexico City it was overbooked, they booked me on a different plane, which was 2 hrs delayed...which caused me to missed the flight from Mexico City to leon.

Cons: 2 1.5 hour delays for things that Delta messed up

Pros: Comfortable seats

Cons: Service, puntuality, the flight was delay, no word of apology for been late

Cons: Seemed like most everyone is now on Group 1, so boarding was very chaotic and slow.

Pros: Friendly attitudes

Cons: The flight was cancelled. Kayak should know that. I got about 15 message s from you about a flight that was cancelled 24 hrs ago. That is not helpful.

Pros: Easy boarding, helpful crew, on time, informative pilot
Cons: Fewer and fewer choices for beverage and snack

Pros: The crew tried their best. The seats were average. The food ok.
Cons: The entertainment is non-existent. Wifi wasn't even enabled. Four to five hours without ANY entertainment is totally unacceptable especially with teens and kids!!

Pros: The crew was very accommodating and the newer plane was very very nice!
Cons: no complaints

Pros: In flight movies
Cons: The flight was 3 hours late taking off which made us miss our connection to chicago so we are stuck in Atlanta tonight with unplanned expenses we were not planning on!

Pros: Nice smooth flight

Pros: Very friendly crew
Cons: Seatbelts very short given ample seat size

Pros: No complaints. A puddle-hopper to a yes.

Pros: Liked choice of Biscuit, almonds or pretzel
Cons: I used mobile checking and did not get seat assignment till Boarding started

Pros: Larger seats
Cons: The seats are too small.

Pros: The airlines: KLM and Delta were great.
Cons: The lines at TSA! Alng with hundreds of other people, we missed our connecting flight. I was ashamed to see such an awful mess in the US. It was like entering a third world country run by incompetents.

Pros: Everything was pretty good like usual, except when we landed we sat on the runway for 45 minutes waiting for a gate as ours was occupied by a plane that was having mechanical issues. Not great.

Cons: We sat near the back of the plane and it was terribly noisy. You couldn barely converse with your seat partner or the flight attendant. These seats should be discounted.

Cons: Jet airways sucks

Pros: Great service and gate facilities were the best anywhere

Pros: Crew was fantastic! Everything was satifactory and as expected.
Cons: Flight was delayed from leaving the gate due to a fuel manifest needing to be signed. My baggage was really mauled ( by TSA or by Delta baggage handlers, I don't know). One zipper on a compartment was totally torn off. Another zipper was missing its pull and was difficult to open.

Pros: I'm an American ex-pat who travels to and from between the US and Australia. I do whatever I can to fly on Australian rather than American airlines, as they are always much better in every regard. But in this case it wasn't feasible, and I found myself on a Delta flight. I'd say the overall experience was somewhere between okay-good. Nothing major to complain about, but nothing to rave about either. The entertainment options were decent. I appreciated the variety of newly released movies. However, I would have liked a greater selection of TV shows, and the availability of more episodes. I also appreciated the availability of internet access, but I don't understand why it has to be quite *so* pricey. Surely they could make a bit more on greater volume if they dropped the price a bit. I didn't purchase access, but I would have if it were 40-50% cheaper. The comfort of the plane seemed the same as any of the alternatives. Boarding and deplaning were as they should be.
Cons: The service from the crew though was simply ok. They were just friendly enough not to be rude, but no more than that. Virgin Australia and Qantas consistently have much happier crews, who make you feel like a dignified guest, even in economy. The food was average at best, and they served two meals where the Australian airlines would serve three on the same flight. They also offered less in the way of snacks and drink refills. It seemed like they were cutting corners here, which I don't appreciate on a 15 hour flight. Also, they said they "proudly serve Starbucks coffee". After drinking it, I don't think they should be proud of that! Again, overall it was a decent experience. Nothing flashy, but nothing too bad either. If the costs are comparable for your flight, you should certainly choose one of the Australian carriers. You'll get better service from the crew and better food. The one caveat, however, is that Delta has WiFi, whereas at the date of writing this, the Australian carriers do not. While access is exorbitant, if you really need to get some work done on the plane, you might choose Delta for this reason alone.

Pros: Very friendly and efficient. Food was hot and red wine excellent.

Pros: That a delta plane actually had seat back video screens- First delta flight ever that I've been on that did. But every ones screen froze up just over an hour into the flight.
Cons: Even though the Atlanta to Toronto arrived 'early' I had barely 20 minutes to get to the other plane- I would not have made it with out the amazing staff of weather and the Toronto airport. I use a wheelchair and even zipping through as fast as I could I was 15 minutes late arriving at the gate. I booked this flight thinking I had at least and hour and a bit between flights. Thankfully others on my flight were also late so the Ottawa bound plane did not leave on time

Pros: Comfort with entertainment.
Cons: No food options at all.

Pros: Exit sear so plenty of room
Cons: Changed gates without notification

Cons: The small plane. It was cold the whole flight. The flight attendant woke me up right before landing just to make sure I had my seatbelt on. Why was that necessary? I'm not a child. Just because I was covered in my blanket he assumed I was using that to cover up that I took my seatbelt off. He also told me to put my purse on the floor which was odd to me because when I was on the flight Saturday Oct 10 from MSP to LSE the flight attendant never said anything.

Cons: Everything

Cons: Seats are thick but zero lumbar. Back too short at shoulders and I'm only 5'8"

Cons: Some of the Crew members were not covering their nose with their face masks

Cons: Flight was delayed over 3 hours because they had No crew to operate the flight! Such poor customer service on Americans part as well. No answers and rude agents when you tried to ask any questions

Pros: The speed at which everything was handled.
Cons: It was great

Pros: The crew was great, the pilot was talented and the on boarding process was quick and smooth.

Cons: The cabin was hot for the whole flight

Pros: Yes.
Cons: I tried to mark all EXCELLENT, but I couldn't get the circle to color in the circle excellent.

Pros: Flight was smooth...take off to landing

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Maybe had a flight crew on time and a plane that wasn’t 30 years old

Cons: Flight delayed 24 hrs

Pros: The fight was awesome from takeoff to landing. This has been one of the first flights that my ears did not pop and hurt in years!!! We took off about 10 minutes late waiting on a crew member but made the time up in the air. Great flight!!

Pros: After the initial delay, the female desk agent got us on another connecting flight without a problem. Second flights attendant was also great.
Cons: They boarded the plane, only to tell us they had to de-ice, which is understandable. However, after waiting 20 min for the de-icing that never came, they made us get back off the plane because of mechanical issues. The captain/pilot was rude to the woman working the desk over the radio, to the point where she had to leave the desk and go speak to him in person (she knew we could hear everything.) That conversation is also how the whole line of people was informed that then knew about this mechanical issue since the night before, and chose not to fix it before boarding all of us. After getting to Philadelphia later than expected, we were forced to pay for hotel food that was horrible and overpriced. Only to then have our plane be delayed AGAIN because of mechanical issues, again the pilot not giving much information to the attendant she was faced by a room of 40 angry people and had no answers. The departure time slowly crawled out longer, and the only reason I knew was because of having the American app. Information/communication on all ends was poor. I usually fly Allegiant, which is notoriously “cheap,” and I’ve never had an experience like this. Happy my boyfriend has flown with American before and knew to give us an extra day so we didn’t miss the wedding we paid $800 in airline tickets to attend. Just disappointed.

Pros: Flights were always on time . Most staff members were friendly. Seats are comfortable. I looove that they allow you a purse and a true carry on .
Cons: Movie selection on long flights not impressive .

Pros: Not a thing
Cons: I wish these airlines would remember that people on the place are PEOPLE. After multiple delays, including one where we sat on a hot plane for over an hour, they did very little to make us comfortable. There's a reason why AA sits right next to United in terms of poor customer experiences

Pros: the gate attendant was very nice as my husband was stuck in security line (I have Pre check) He barely made it, but the guy never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed. He was kind, calm and reassuring.
Cons: Our flight attendant seemed to have a chip on her shoulder from the moment we stepped on the flight. I had a broken foot and it was difficult for me to fit my boot and personal item under the seat. Rather than assisting me, she barked commands and quickly walked away as I attempted to address the situation. - poor attitude - failed to ask if I wanted a biscuit but simply slapped one down on my tray table (I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE) - American really needs to catch up with the other airlines and offer a GF option to those of us who have immune disorders. - no WiFi

Pros: The crew was friendly
Cons: The staff wouldn't except my registration for my support animal!!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Nothing bad on this particular flight but im traumatized from my auckland to sydney flight

Pros: The complementary beverage was a welcomed surprise!

Pros: The crew was lovely. Really nice, and did a wonderful job with the cart service.
Cons: We ended up being deleyed about 30 minutes, in damp weather. It's not like it was snowing. Not sure why it took so long. B/c of baggage charges now everyone brings a carry on. This seems to slow the process of boarding as know passengers are asked multiple times to check baggage (for free, which is the one nice thing) before boarding b/c the overheads will be too full. Group 6 which I was in seemed like it was just the rest of the plane. Super busy, took me forever to get to my seat all the way in the back. Why don't airlines reverse board? People sitting in the back should board first. I feel like this would save so much time.

Pros: Nothing to like. If I could give them 0 stars I would
Cons: Tight connection from our previous flight yet the counter folks were rude and rushed us. My daughter is obviously 7 months pregnant. Because our connecting flight left milwaukee over an hour late, we had no time to even grab a sandwich, no problem we will buy food on the plane. Wrong! The food is was gone so quickly that by the time they got to us, they were out of everything. Oh did I mention we also had 3 children ages 2, 7, and 9. Oh yes and the entertainment? Small screens mounted on the ceiling of the plane. How about updating your equipment?? Plane was old. No USB to charge your phone and stream from their App. Terrible. We own a 2nd home in Maui and travel there twice per year. Looking at other options.

Pros: We received an upgrade for our seats, during the flight the staff were very attentive to us. The flight was quiet and calm.

Pros: Great staff
Cons: Old plane, interior plastic yellowing, engine noise in rear.

Pros: Snow ruined flight. Crew was great.
Cons: No entertainment with this flight. Cookies good.

Cons: I really did not like that I was unaware why I could not check in on my phone and then I get to the airport and the Alaska desk is closed. My phone just says the plane is sky west, me and the other workers at the airport had no idea what this meant. Very frustrating experience trying to check in, finally walker talkie a guy that new it was American. Frustrating I thought I would miss my flight, why not clearly state it's not an Alaska flight.

Cons: A few issues: 1) I was not given seat tgth with my 9 year old and was not helped in finding seats together 2) they lost my bag after I took it through customs and I'm still (a week already) waiting for it.

Pros: Entertainment system was great.
Cons: Seats too small. I mean waaaay too small.

Cons: The big delay (almost 4 hours) makes me loose my trip to Canada on the same day.

Cons: Rude staff, they changed our flight 2 times and did not offer a drink or food

Cons: Will never fly American again

Pros: The AA app for entertainment works well, friendly crew.
Cons: The flight was delayed 90+ minutes, yet they didn't tell anyone until 90 minutes prior to departure. They knew of system delays and should have updated many hours before the flight but they didn't and had us all there very early waiting around doing nothing.

Pros: Snacks and Beverage
Cons: Delays

Pros: Always on time and always comfortable.

Pros: Nice new seats
Cons: Crew came by once with drinks, never came back through with food/snacks. Never came through with water, as they usually do later in this flight. They spent most of the time chatting in the galley.

Pros: Movies and on time departure and arrival
Cons: Crazy uncontrolled child in row across from us.

Pros: The crew was very apologetic
Cons: The fact that we were an hour and 45 minutes late leaving. I know they say weather was the cause and not their control, but every time...yes, every time I fly American there's a delay. Every time I've flown United I arrive early.

Cons: Old plane, no entertainment

Pros: Easy direct flight from Detroit to Miami. The flight was on time, and we had no problems. The cost of the flight was approximately $180 round trip, which I thought was a good value.
Cons: Checking a single bag costs $25 each way, which is irritating when they beg to check all the carry-ons at the gate.

Pros: Good crew.
Cons: The plane was delayed for two hours!

Pros: It was very smooth once we were able to take off!
Cons: We were delayed in the plane almost an hour with no cool air. They had technical problems.

Pros: Clean environment of the terminals and the speed of the shuttle.
Cons: no comment.

Cons: The lady at baggage check-in was rude and persistent on not letting me board due to a slight fold in my passport. Other coworkers did not agree, and allowed me to proceed. She also spent 20 minutes in back searching for information while I waited and the line filled up. My luggage was also lost (the last to handle the luggage was this lady) and I needed to retrieve it 3 hours after my flight arrived.

Cons: Delayed three separate times, American Airlines employees were rude when asked why the flight kept getting delayed. Arrived 3 hours later than expected.

Cons: Flight from Ny to Detroit was delayed for 2 hrs. Coming back was worse after multiple delays, they cancelled the flight. they put me on a flight for next day with 2 connections which will reach ny almost 20 hrs later, no aplogises, no hotel room. After more calls put me in another United flight later that night which also finally got cancelled. I had to book a new flight with delta and paid $460 on the spot for that. Still awaiting my refund from American for the return leg which was cancelled and left a lady traveling alone stranded at Detroit airport in the night. Apology or compensation -- forget it, you will never get that! Only now if they can refund my cancelled flight...

Pros: The plane actually left without a cancellation
Cons: Every flight on this trip was delayed

Pros: Staff was friendly
Cons: The seats were sooooooooo small and it felt like it was a really old plane, it shook a lot.

Pros: I really loved the process of boarding the flight. The flight attendants were very nice to all of the passengers including myself. The flight was really smooth where we left the airport on time and got to our destination early. The complimentary snacks were great as well.

Pros: Finally getting to my final destination and out of DFW.
Cons: The flight was originally scheduled to take off at 8:20 pm, but due to several delays did not end up getting off the ground until after 11 pm. After being in the air for about 45 minutes we were informed that there were issues with the engine and that we would be turning around and heading back to Dallas. By this point it was after midnight, and although I was appreciative that safely is a priority, there was no communication as to what the next steps were. After landing we were finally told that we would have to deplane, and after we sat around the gate for awhile we were informed that the flight would be delayed until 5 am. Being 12:50 am at this point a hotel would have been nice, but we were informed that AA was "out of hotels" but that if we wanted we could have a $12 food voucher to use at the one restaurant that was open several terminals over. The AA employee assisting in handing out the food vouchers seemed extremely unapologetic about the situation which didn't help with the frustration everyone was feeling. I will not be booking with AA again, and will be passing along my negative experience to family and friends. It is worth spending the extra money on a ticket for an airline that is more reliable with better customer service.

Pros: The crew was wonderful. Our flight was delayed 3 hours and they did their best to keep all the passengers comfortable and happy.
Cons: There was no food or entertainment to rate

Pros: We arrived safely
Cons: Delay disorganized staff that was not friendly or helpful lost luggage

Pros: The flight qmwent without issue once we took iff
Cons: There was maintenance needed on the plane before we could take off and that delayed us further from take off.

Cons: Flight could’ve been on time.

Pros: Crew professional. Flight on time and clean
Cons: Seating room was horrible. My knees hit the seat on front of me, fortunately the gentleman sitting there did not try to recline. Seat very narrow As well as isle. Controls for monitor in seat back on arm rest and I kept activating it accidentally while trying to nap which was annoying. I’m 6’1” and 190 pounds so am not what I’d consider oversized but I’ve not been this uncomfortable on a flight in many years. Will make a note to avoid this line and plane in the future

Cons: Not delay the flight causing me to not have enough time to connect In Frankfurt.

Pros: Just outstanding handling of any upcoming issue, comforting travelers, helping lost moms not knowing what to do with their unbehaving sceaming kids. Helping rude business travelers to get more alcohol without charging them, and many challenges along that line, just handled amazingly!
Cons: just the food items available, would be so nice to have a few more options for purchase!

Pros: Our flight attendant was the best!
Cons: The weather.

Pros: The pilot tried to make up lost time in the air.
Cons: Due to regulations, our crew had to delay our flight 39 min. This was done the night before. There was no way we were going to make our connecting flight, but no one from United seemed to care. The crew from milwaukee to Houston was rude and unhelpful.

Pros: On time. Comfortable and smooth flight

Cons: Delays due to to weather is not a new thing to worry, but flight delay should be informed early to the passengers so that I should have planned the arrival to the airport accordingly, but I was told just before the gate prior to boarding time and the delay was around 3 hrs.

Pros: The United staff and flight were great, no complaints. We arrived a few minutes too late for my partner to check in with his luggage so they even arranged it so that he would be able to still catch the flight but the luggage would be sent on the following flight. Definitely saved us from the stress of having to be split up and worried on when there would be room for him to catch an alternate flight.
Cons: My complaints are with Newark airport (EWR). The AirTran took over 10-15min to arrive and when it finally did we had to get off and wait for another one which didn’t have space for everyone so a group of us had to wait even longer for the next one to arrive. A guy said he missed his flight last time that happened. They had more trains going to the parking lot for customers leaving the airport than they did for people catching their flights! Then there was only one security check in line, even for expedited check in. Despite allocating extra time for our overall commute, we still made it right on time for boarding so make sure to give yourself PLENTY of time when dealing with EWR.

Pros: The crew was very good.
Cons: We had a two hour weather delay and 4 gate changes. Had to unnecessarily walk from one gate to the next. Every time we got a. Texted updated we had a new gate number. Frustrating. Then the plane arrived from LaGuardia but there were no flight attendants so we had another 15 minute delay and nowhere to sit. Not happy

Pros: Departed / arrived on time, clean, good snack options.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The fact my luggage didn’t arrive with me in Detroit and that we were 30 min late and couldn’t get off the plane because of lighting like come on!!

Pros: Nothing really everyhing was mediocre.
Cons: Delayed baggage, smelly flight, food

Pros: Not much, the plane and crew were fine. The RJ's are getting old and dirty though.
Cons: Delayed, delayed, delayed. The crew is less than sympathetic. No way would I fly United if it wasn't a non-stop flight.

Cons: Late

Pros: On time. Announcer at gate could have been a little clearer.
Cons: No complaints.

Pros: It was a pleasant flight - nothing too exciting. The staff was lovely.

Pros: Quick boarding m
Cons: 1.5 hour delay

Pros: Everyone was so very helpful.

Pros: The planes appeared to be newer.
Cons: We had very little leg room and my husband had a sore back after the flights.

Cons: Bumpy plane

Pros: Service and comfortable seat
Cons: 100 dollar baggage fee

Pros: Good

Pros: I got a window seat
Cons: Chair didnt recline

Cons: It was cancelled no email no text no call thanks

Pros: Efficient and on time

Cons: I was delayed for 6 hrs

Pros: Very friendly and kept us up to date with the issues we had with off-loading about ever 15 minutes.
Cons: It took 50 minutes after we landed to park and get off the plane.

Pros: Although it was s bit bumpy bcs of the weather, we had the wind with us and we arrived about 30 minutes early.

Pros: The staff was efficient, funny, friendly and honest. Smooth landing and good service. Thank you!

Cons: Less than friendly staff at the desk. The gate was changed on us and again no United app updates or texts until much later.

Pros: Smooth ride, professional and friendly crew
Cons: Wish the cup "holders" in the tray were deeper

Pros: The flight attendants were very responsive
Cons: The food was very disappointing. Dry fried chicken with rice.

Cons: My seat didn't recline, no free movies/TV.

Cons: Plane 2.5 hours late

Pros: I have absolutely nothing to say good about this airport
Cons: We were canceled (our flight in Newark) were herded around like cattle and then left to fend for ourselves .. With no apologies .. We got jumbled around to three different flights until we found one that would fit they try to get us on one flight and boarded in like 45 minutes and there was no way were going to make it manageable us around again , it was awful..

Pros: Quick and efficient
Cons: Very small and hard to sleep if you are a tall human. Ended up with neck ache

Pros: Getting home finally
Cons: Miscommunication with customer service regarding stand by flights, representatives were extremely rude, spent 7 hrs at airport during departure and 7 at airport during arrival, constant gate changes and that's just to say the least

Cons: Nothing was fine

Cons: Emergency landing with no power in flightn

Pros: The crew on United was very helpful on my July 2 flight
Cons: You sold me a ticket on Lufthansa. When I got to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris I waited 45 minutes in line to check in with Lufthansa. When I got to the counter they said they had no record of my reservation. When I showed them the Lufthansa reservation they told me it actually was for a United flight, even though it clearly said Lufthansa . I had to wait another 45 minutes in the United line to retrieve my boarding pass, then about another hour to go through passport control and security. I barely made my flight. I will never make a reservation through Kayak again. I am deleting your app.

Pros: This plane was pretty small (70 people) and not full, so boarding was fast. The crew was good, friendly and helpful. The pretzel snack things were good and unexpected for such a short flight.
Cons: The plane was very loud and it was impossible to hear the crew and my partner. There was no entertainment which was fine because I brought my own.

Pros: For all everything was OK

Pros: Very smooth and speedy flight, arrived early!

Cons: The flight was late/ delayed over 6 hours. The crew was rude and very unprofessional. This was the worst experience i have ever had flying. I can honestly say I will Never fly United airlines again. I understand that flights get delayed, but when every worker at the flight check in desk, and flight attendants are rude and have a smug attitude as if they don't care then at that point i walk away from ever doing business with you again.

Pros: The timing of the flight for Tuesday night was right I don't have that much delays !!!

Cons: The flight was delayed 2 hours without any real explanation of why. They ended up moving us to a new gate at the last minute.

Pros: Quick
Cons: Flight attendant was over worked. Flight was delayed. Small carry-on compartments

Pros: Only an hour flight
Cons: Same as earlier flight but didn't try wifi.

Pros: There was nothing redeeming about my flight. We were delayed 2 hours leaving … and I am currently sitting on the runway after we landed because the gate we were supposed to be at was occupied by another plane. This has been almost the worst flying experience of my life. Don’t worry the worst experience was by Frontier as well. Terrible!!!
Cons: Everything could be better. No food. No drinks. Pay for water? Can’t be on time. It’s not worth the price. I might as well just fly first class on a REAL airline. Either figure out how to get in the game or get out! Terrible

Cons: Bag check slow

Cons: The flight was fully booked during Covid. I just flew the other weekend with another airline and felt safe. I can not believe how gross and I safe I felt on this flight. I will never fly Frontier again.

Cons: Due to COVID 19 and government travel advisories resulting from this world pandemic my trip needed to be cancelled. After numerous requests Frontier held firm on not refunding me my money.

Pros: Boarding was efficient and staff was great.
Cons: Our trip was delayed 3 hours but Frontier gave us a voucher to say they were sorry for the inconvenience. But overall the flight was good and the crew were very professional and friendly.

Cons: Flight was delayed. Showed up to destination airport and now gate was assigned so we sat in runway for over 30 min

Pros: Very good crew, seats adequate!

Cons: Ground staff not able to help with cancellations- no notification about the delay - please provide better training

Pros: Good efficiency once on
Cons: Delayed over 3 hours

Pros: Boarding was on time and very smooth. We departed and arrived right on time as well!
Cons: The seats were somewhat cramped and a bit uncomfortable.

Pros: Crew was friendly and helpful.
Cons: Seats were hard, there were no entertainment options, and there were no complimentary refreshments.

Cons: Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages

Cons: Plane had 3 mechanical issues. Had to go back to gate after taxiing to runway. 2.5 hours on plane before we finally took off.

Pros: Fast and efficient travel!!
Cons: Couldn't sleep lol

Pros: Easy check in
Cons: Hard to find my gate

Pros: Boarding went very quick.

Pros: Cost of the flight
Cons: Not clear explained or told at all about purchasing a seat. Still cheap, but would be nice to have all details clear and out in the open.

Pros: Flight attendants provided exceptional service - Sharon in particular was fantastic and went above and beyond.
Cons: This was my second flight in a row with Frontier that has been delayed. The first time caused me to almost miss an important appointment I had.

Cons: Mechanical issues before flight delayed flight. Also don't tell me that there are mechanical issues right before takeoff, it freaked me out.

Pros: Seats were more comfortable.

Pros: Affordable fare, reasonable luggage fee.
Cons: No food or in-flight entertainment on this no frills airline. Seats were adequate, but not especially comfortable.

Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: No snacks

Pros: It was my baby's first flight on a plane. I liked that the space was more than adequate and comfortable to sit and move around considering how excellent the ticket prices were. The flight attendents were very attentive and kept enquiring how we were doing with baby. Will definately be flying Frontier again.Thank you Frontier Family. Sincerely. Happy Baby, Mommy and Daddy.

Cons: It’s keep delay us 3 times . At first our flight supposed to be 8:50 delayed until 10:47 , and delay 11:10 and go back to 10;15 we had to drive from all the way from flattvile make it there at 10 . The airplane left early right at 10 . We have to reschedule can’t leave until Thursday. I miss my work and I have my kids with me . We have to drive back to flattvile doe another one hour and half. That’s horrible

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Terrible experience. No leg room. Sneaky fees. And they canceled our return tickets without telling us which cost us an additional $13000. They weren't even sorry.

Pros: flight crew was nice
Cons: Arrived 40 minutes after scheduled arrival and never posted a delay greater than 16 minutes. Plane arrived and boarded almost an hour behind schedule with little communication. Carry on bags are now $38? Are you kidding me?

Cons: too costly for baggage fees, seat assignment, and beverage

Pros: They finally got us safely to our destination. I don't care that they charge for carry-ons, food, and drink, and the seats are terrible. All things to be expected from an economy airline.
Cons: Originally scheduled at 3:20 PM. Delayed from other airport for about an hour. Plane arrives. Issue with radar nav. Delayed until 5:15 PM. Then 5:51 PM. Finally get a new plane. Cleaned, gassed, boarded - yay. On the runway, issue with air pressurization. Head back to gate. De-planed. Waiting....waiting....waiting.... Finally fixed, boarded at 9:10 PM. Arrive at destination 2.5 hours later and 6 hours late. THEN they had to go to Denver. Those poor souls...' NEVER AGAIN, FRONTIER. NEVER. AGAIN.

Pros: Initial flight charge good.
Cons: Baggage charge. Too much advertising during flight. Plane was filthy.

Pros: Was charged for a carry on bag in Madison for a bag that fit into the box marked "personal item size", showed the counter person that charged me that it easily fit, she then told me " a credit would be placed back on to my credit card", this has yet to appear. My next move is to go back to the counter at the airport here in madison and inquire into this matter.
Cons: See above

Cons: No free soft drinks. Took too long to claim baggage

Pros: The flight was short and the adjacent passengers were polite and friendly
Cons: The $115 charge for my bag because it was 8lbs overwieght and the check-in personnel were very unhelpful and demanding, on the phone the frontier representative was also unhelpful, just out to rip-off customers as much as they can.

Pros: Friendly crew members
Cons: Carry on bag fee too high. Not much leg room. Plane was dirty.

Pros: Staff was great
Cons: Seats are very hard and the fact that you have to pay for a simple glass of water

Pros: I really liked the crew. They kept us entertained and the pilot was very comical.
Cons: The seats were a little uncomfortable

Pros: The crew was friendly, that was the only positive thing. Had to wait on the plane for 45 minutes before deboarding. My luggage was specified "oversized" and set aside without my knowledge. The seats were horribly uncomfortable and would not recline. Baggage fees are ridiculous. I'm avoiding Frontier at all costs in the future.

Cons: 2 hour delay

Pros: Arrived early but then had to sit on tamark to wait for open gate. When able to check in at terminal desk, was able to go through TS-Pre check when I got my ticket.
Cons: Seats too close together. Crew didn't come through cabin very often to check on passengers or pick up trash. Don't like use card for few dollars of drinks or food. Terminal desk wasn't open when I went to check in 2 hours early. Had difficult time with kiosk. Paying $40 each for carry on both ways and more for a window seat. Flight was delayed from Denver to Madison.

Pros: I liked the process of my ticket, at first. The flight attendants were kind.
Cons: I didn't like that theyou had not been serviced by provisioning before we departed from Denver. There was plenty of time to service the aircraft and to not provision it is beyond me. The prices for food and beverage were high and to add tax on after the fact is a joke. To pay for your seat AFTER you had purchased your ticket was another surprise. Im honestly surprised I was not charged to use the restroom.

Cons: It took me an hour to check in and check my bag in Denver. Crew in Denver was not friendly, helpful or quick. Will never fly Frontier again

Pros: I got where I needed to be safely.
Cons: Extra charges for baggage; late; cramped.

Pros: Friendly flight staff.
Cons: When we got to Denver, our gate wasn't ready and we had to sit on the plane for an HOUR AND A HALF before we were able to exit the aircraft. Here's the thing - don't train the staff to keep saying 'just a couple more minutes.' Don't placate, just be real. Prepare us for the wait.

Pros: Orderly, polite and well done.
Cons: I'd sure like a free small snack.

Pros: Everything up to the landing was fine. The pilot and crew were very transparent.
Cons: We landed on time but had to wait on the tarmac for almost an hour for a crew to be available to park our plane even though we had a gate. It is unfortunate that Frontier cannot staff appropriately to manage incoming flights.

Cons: FLIGHT TO MADISON DELAYED CAUSING ME NOT TO MAKE MY FLIGHT CONNECTION IN DENVER. No accommodations were made therefore I had a 9 hour lay over.

Cons: Hidden fees edit everything-difficult for work justification. Poor option for business travel where expenses need to be tracked & justified.

Pros: We waited 45 minutes to unload. When a child is sing ok ng at the top of her lungs for half an hour would it not be appropriate to ask her t o be quiet. It was an even I n b flight. I understand that babies will cry and some people talk loud but it is rude to sing loud we hen it is a late flight. You cannot count on parents to have common sense.
Cons: They did ask that you wait for the people that needed to make connections to go girst.

Pros: Except the animals. I still like the animals. Honestly, the only reason I ever fly frontier now is when it happens to be the cheapest. I do like direct flights, but I don't mind two hops if I can actually sleep on the plane because the seats are comfier on other airlines.
Cons: Seats don't recline at all (they used to!), and they are much harder than they were before. Which makes it more difficult to sleep on the plane. When we landed, we were about to be ahead of schedule, but either due to some disorganization on the part of your staff, or due to not having enough Frontier gates in DEN, we had to wait at least 30 minutes to actually get off the plane, which made us very late to what was already going to be a long, late drive. You just made it worse and made us more tired. Also, not a huge deal, but what happened to the inflight entertainment? It seems like when you changed out the seats, the entertainment went away too.

Pros: Not much.
Cons: The seats were small & of cheap quality. Leg room was poor. Everything had an extra price.

Pros: On time!!
Cons: Charged to choose a seat at airport

Cons: There were unforeseen events that delayed our travel times and the pilot needed to abort our landing, the crew handled it professionally and the actual landing was really good it was the other unforeseen things that were a little nerve racking

Pros: Left early and was a fairly smooth ride. We also met the pilot at the end of trip. He was very nice.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew were funny and awesome to be around, just poor seats, the leg room was actually pretty great in row 14.
Cons: The seats were unbearable. To hard and no recline even an inch also was not stocked with doggie bags. Just needs some padding and an inch of recline.

Pros: The crew was amazing.
Cons: Nothing that I can add at this time. It was just great!

Pros: Crew was great!!

Cons: Well, they broke my luggage when I check in ,everything when wrong since then, talked to 3 agents nobody could help

Cons: The plane was full. I was told the middle seats would be empty due to covid but that was not true.

Cons: Provide some snacks drinks at least

Pros: Yes
Cons: Overall great experience. Thank you.

Pros: The seats are certainly not comfortable.
Cons: Spirit could have tried to do something to mitigate what seemed to have been an "objective weather" delay.

Pros: The price
Cons: Everything but the price

Pros: Cheap overall price, no frill airline
Cons: Crew seems jaded, no food or drinks at all, seats are very uncomfortable, very little area at kiosk when you check in.

Cons: I understand that delays are part and parcel of the flying industry, but, who would update passengers? Had I not checked the flight status on google I would have never known. When we purchase tickets we do submit an email id, don't we? Then why is it so difficult to just send updates to that email. It was not until I subscribed to Spirit Airlines flight updates that I was issued updates that were late and outdated. For example: I got an email at 10:50PM that the flight take off was at 11:11PM instead of 11:56PM. I know it is imperative that passengers reach the airport atleast 2 hours before take off. But who would imagine/expect Spirit not to accommodate help when the TSA check to their terminal is closed.

Pros: Here's the thing... With Spirit you know what you're getting. It has the least leg-room of any airline in North America and virtually no services. If you're bringing a bag of any kind you may be better off traveling with a competing airline. There won't be complimentary snacks or beverages and there won't be in flight entertainment. Make sure you bring your own, and be sure you know how long you can be comfortable on a flight that feels more like a long distance bus than an airline. That said, if you can get away with what you can carry in a small backpack and you aren't bothered by the possibility of cancellations or delays then nothing beats the price of a Spirit flight. The flight attendants and other staff are consistently friendly and helpful, and improvements have been made in their on-time record. Spirit is low cost, low frills. You get what you pay for, and if all you're paying for is transportation this is a good option.

Pros: Good for the price of the round-trip ticket.
Cons: The cost of the carry-on is more then the check-in for baggage. The Ticket Service Agent at Myrtle Beach Airport - John Griffith was very rude and had an attitude. We didn't know we were standing in the wrong line, he didn't want to accept our baggage. Was going to take the 2 others who had came after us, but the lady had said to take us first. Then he told me not to give him an attitude. When he gave us a really dirty look about it. He acted like he didn't want to be there and we were bothering him, he was very irritated. I have never in my years of flying, had anyone every do that to me. I give his service a "F", he failed to meet all of his requirements: professionalism, respect, misreprensenting Myrtle Beach, Spirit Airlines and his duties of his job. He needs to be retrained or find another job!!

Pros: The crew was very pleasant!
Cons: Initially the price was much lower than other airlines but you end up having to pay extra to reserve your seats (i was traveling with a group so we wanted to make sure that we sat together) plus you have to pay to check a bag (40 lbs or less) OR to carry on. By the time we paid all the fees we realized that we could have gone with a better airline because the price ended up being about the same when it was all said and done. On top of all that, there are no complimentary snacks or beverages (not even water) so bring snacks before boarding the plane. With all that said, the flight crew was awesome and really nice/helpful.

Cons: I had my flight from Detroit to Houston scheduled for Sunday around 7 am arriving to Houston at 9 am. They sent me a message on Saturday at 9 pm stating that my itinerary had change and now I was going to leave from Detroit at 3 pm arriving to Minneapolis at 5 PM and needed to wait in Minneapolis 5 hours to leave to Houston around 10 PM and arriving almost at 1 am on Monday! Total waste of time. Also on the way back I had a carry on bag that supposedly was too big and I needed to pay 57 USD extra. They advertise it as a low fare airline but then with all the added charges they have it is almost as if you were flying with a better quality airline

Pros: The crew was professional and positive.
Cons: The pilot was helpful in communicating most of the issues but didn't follow up with explanations for all of the issues. I did hear him provide further info in the terminal. That info would have been better if it was heard by all of the passengers. The issues were out of Spirit Air's control. The gate/desk staff could have avoided many problems if they gave an announcement. Instead they had to repeat the same message to most of the passengers trying to find out next steps or a resolution. The line would have been cut by 90%. My biggest issue was all of the extra costs that weren't communicated by Kayak. After incurring multiple extra costs I am NOW aware of the rules.

Pros: Enough storage space on board for the carry on bin.
Cons: Unfortunately, Spirit Airlines has demonstrated a very high level of unprofessionalism delaying its passengers, not only for this flight but for the past few months, which seems from the news, and it has become a trend in their behavior. I am a graduate from Eastern Michigan University College of Aviation, and I am ashamed to say how some companies have become a disgrace because of the conduct that they are setting in the industry by portraying this behavior. Very poor. Nothing is more valuable than time that gets wasted without reasonable cause. I remember a great quote once when I worked in the auto industry that says " It is easy to loose a customer, but its ten times harder if not impossible to win that customer back."

Pros: Landing safely.
Cons: I booked a flight for Friday night red-eye just for it to be delayed by 2 hours & eventually canceled. Due to this cancellation I missed my brothers graduation ceremony that was scheduled for the next day. When I first called they told me the next available flight was in three days. I spoke to someone else who then told me 24 hours was the earliest flight. I took that with no type of credit offered for my major inconvenience. The re-scheduled flight was also delayed by 2.5 hours the following day. Needless to say, I will NEVER be flying spirit again.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything that Spirit has done has been mediocre. I bought a ticket for my employee to fly to New Orleans and he showed up at the kiosk 40 minutes before the flight and was not able to get on so I had to pay $15 to reschedule for today and he showed up at the same time and still they said that their computers were down and they couldn't check anybody in and there's multiple people angry that they're boarding passes want working and so now we have to figure out how he can get to New Orleans and actually make it there. It'll be three days of not being able to get there because of spirits unethical and subpar customer service. I will never choose to fly Spirit again after this

Cons: I had to pay more to check my luggage than I did for my ticket. I've never been in a flight where I had to pay for my Cary on. $59...not even like a standard $25 for 1 check luggage. The. I had to pay another $59 for my checked luggage. Also standard weight is 50 lbs. my suitcase was 54. I could've move things around however spirits weight was 40 lbs. so I got to pay $55 for over weight. I am so distraught because I was excited to check out Spirit but knowing what is standard for other airlines at no point did I receive any information on any of these charges previous. I also had to weight in line for 40 mins. Have never been to a gate that stopped accepting luggage 45 mins. Prior. And I would've checked 45 mins. Prior had they only had 2 people checking in and on em dealing with a patron for 15 mins. Before finally get another person to start checking people in. The flight was so cold that my face was freezing and I think I'll stop there. My disappointment is at an all time low. Only bonus was being switch to a new flight that left 30 minutes later. Also your app doesn't work properly. When it asks me to pick how I rate... there are no words that show up when the pop up with five choices pops up.

Pros: That the flight was over and I was done flying with spirit.
Cons: Literally everything is extra on a spirit flight. I have just started flying more recently and this is the first time I think I have taken a spirit flight because I would have remembered to avoid this company because of their service. If you wanted to bring a carry on bag that is bigger than a small back pack, you pay for it. Some water on your flight, pay for it. Leg room and comfort of the seats, horrible. Any in flight entertainment, no. Any USB charging, no. I would not choose spirit again if I have the chance. And there were plenty of delays with both my flight to and from my destination. I don't know if spirit has any control over that, but it makes for a horrible flying experience. My 1 hour 10 min flight turned in to 3 and a half hours thanks to waiting in the airport, on the terminal, and circling in the sky.

Pros: The only thing I liked was getting off that plane.
Cons: Flight was delayed for THREE hours. They sat me in the very back row by the wall, where there's no window. I was literally sitting in the corner. The flight attendant was a funny gay guy who spent more time flirting with a passenger on the plane than anything else. He made it apparent he didn't wanna be bothered by anyone else. The flight was extremely turbulent the entire way. Which made it hard to even nap after boarding 3 hours late. I couldn't look out a window...I couldn't nap...I couldn't read because of the turbulence...literally the only thing I could do was stare at the seat in front of me for 2+ hours. They didn't even offer complimentary snacks or beverages, we had to pay to eat or drink. SHITTY AND UNCOMFORTABLE! But at least nobody dragged me off the plane, so that's a plus.

Pros: The staff was very polite knowledgeable and always smiled and some joked with made the flight a pleasure.
Cons: I didn't know that the bag check was 40 pounds most are 50. I booked though a 2nd party and was not informed about having to pick a seat and the you had to pay for a carry on. They do not tell you about this be for you check out and also if you booking for 2 you may not be together on the flight unless you. pay before hand and then pick your seat. Also when looking for a phone umber on the web site and you hit contact us it sends you to the help and doesn't not show a phone number to talk to a person. The flight was good. I don't think that you should have to pay extra to make sure you are next to your family when traveling

Pros: I booked this flight late but paid through the nose. A long lay over When i asked where the sound tunnel was at the Detroit airport, Spirit employees said I couldn't go there WRONG! I went and it was fine. This is one airline you do not want to book last minute because they charge you top dollar and then it's a middle row seat, ($20 to chhose your own seat) NOTHING is complimentary, snacks, drinks or even water. Employees ill informed and not helpful but they smile right at you while their saying it.
Cons: Everything

Cons: I traveled with my daughter her husband and my grandson. We loaded a recently purchased holdup stroller at the entry door with a cup holder and when we got it in Detroit (which was better than their arrival in Tampa as the stroller did NOT arrive until later that night as it was lost somehow) it was missing. My daughter went to the lost luggage service counter and asked if they could find it, and was told that WE should have known to remove it and if they wanted to purchase it and send the receipt they would reimburse. No one informed us of removing it at the door, we were told to board and leave it. Replacing only the cupholder will be extremely difficult. So this made me very disappointed as a customer.

Pros: absolutely nothing
Cons: Spirit is the worst airline in the world. I've never been so dissatisfied with service - except for the last time I flew spirit. The flight was delayed from 10:20 to 11:45. I had checked in the previous day - and printed by boarding pass - so I arrived at the ticketing counter at 10:20 - seeing as how the flight was delayed till 11:45. They refused to take my bag, which I had paid for - and refused to refund me for the USD 45 I paid for checked baggage. The woman at ticketing was stone faced and so cold. She was downright awful to the other woman ahead of me in line. I had my daughter come back and pick up my bag so that I could board the flight - as the ticketing agent said that I could board, just not my bag. The flight didn't end up taking off until 12:15 PM. It was a nightmare. It's ridiculous that the seats don't recline. I suppose you get what you pay for... but the level that Spirit takes it to is just insulting. I told my daughter I will never fly again if I have to fly Spirit.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: We checked in at the kiosk and then got in the baggage drop line and it was an hour long. Fortunately we were two hours ahead of schedule so we made our flight no problem. The poor couple in front of us missed their flight and was told that it was their fault by the front desk. The front desk person said that they had called for their flight and they should've responded. I can tell you that no one ever mentioned any flight. It wasn't like the line was to check in, it was only to drop the bags and it took forever. Very poor service and I feel so sorry for the people that we're headed to Texas and Missed their 7 o'clock flight. I find it also misadvertisement that we paid $49 for the flight one way and then had to pay $55 for the carry-on. Really the flight was for $104. Next time I will check for all and any options instead of Spirit and be willing to pay more money To go with another airline.

Pros: Since minute one my husband and I felt the Racism. He aproched to the bording counter little after Carla (Afro-American lady) announced the cost of extra bags per customer. Just to confirm we understand clearly. Long story short, we paid $65.00 for an extra tiny hand bag, wait for our zone got called, watching people waliking into the bording check counter with more than one personal bag and HER sawing it and NOT saying absolutely NOTHING about it and letting them walked in without any inconvenience. Noticing that, our zone got called, walked into the line, my husband mentioned her about what he saw on others, SHE did NOTHING else beside ignored him.

Cons: After years of hearing negative things about Spirit, I never could relate because my experiences had always been great. However, this last experience was the worst. I was on a 7 day cruise through Carnival that got delayed an entire day with docking to return home, due to heavy fog, and Spirit was not understanding nor did they accommodate me, and made me purchase a one-way flight back home after I had already purchased a round trip flight. The one-way flight was more than my round trip. This was a huge inconvenience. Other airlines honored the boats delay and let their customers fly back home with no extra charge.

Pros: Flight on time.
Cons: Flight attendant was so mean. I did not get a chance to ask who she is or her name was at that time . I was traveling with my family including my mother who is almost 80 years old and was seated farther away from me. I stood up to check on her as she was having shortness of breath when we boarded. I stood up 15 minutes after we took off although the seat belt sign was on to check on my mother, I knew I need to stay at my seat but I have to check on my mother. flight attendant was at the aisle getting food orders and was very rude told me to go back to my seat. It could have been better if she asked what's going on and why I need to stand . That's not my expectation of a flight attendant as she should be there to assist and provide support if needed. But she was very rude and directed me back to my seat without asking the reason of my action/ behavior but instead very rudely telling me to go back to my chair. She could have asked me if I need help. I believed she is also the flight attendant who was using the overhead mic to give instructions to the passengers. She is not fit to where she is at. I believed that there still a lot of people that were very disappointed at her . I hope nobody dies in the plane where she is at as her act of negligence,rudeness , discourteous is not acceptable.

Pros: Made it home in one piece
Cons: Only one suitcase, otherwise had to pay $52 for anything extra. Some passengers had more than one case/bag without charge. The staff acted like they did not enjoy their professions. Charging for snacks seemed outrageous & asinine. The flight was very rough and at some points very frightening. Dropped down more than once with my stomach having a pit. The passengers clapped their hands when we landed as if it wasn't safe. Not happy, extremely disappointed. The fight to Florida from Detroit was awesome & pleasantly surprised. I probably wouldn't recommend Spirit to friends or family.

Cons: The first time I flew on Sprit I had a bad experience but I thought it was a one time thing so I gave them another chance. Even with the charges for EVERYTHING! WATER, SODA, CARRY ON... but my experiences this trip were even WORSE! My connecting flight to Vegas (through Minneapolis) was delayed 2 hours then another hour once we boarded. They offered us free WATER. My trip back to Atlanta (through Detroit) was delayed at least 3 hours (still sitting at the airport). They do not update you in the terminal. They do not offer any apologies, comps, or alternatives even though the website says you can choose another flight if your travel plans cannot be changed. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PAY EXTRA MONEY TO FLY ON A REAL AIRLINE!!!

Cons: Due to Fox car rental triple charging my VISA I was instructed to speak to a manager when I returned my rental car. Knowing this would take more time, I arrived 30 minutes earlier to discuss the matter. It wasn't an easy fix. As a result, I arrived at McCarren Airport to check my bag at 10:55 p.m. for an 11:30 p.m. flight. I was told I was to late and would have to take the next flight to Detroit, which wasn't until 8:15 a.m. I pleaded and offered to take my luggage to the plane and carry it to the baggage workers, but it was to no avail. I was booked for the 8:15 a.m. flight to Detroit. I was very disappointed to be informed that it would cost me $99.00 to make the change.

Pros: Nothing. There was nothing good about this. The people at the desk did the best they could, but they work for a terrible company.
Cons: It's bad enough that they canceled the flight (which ultimately went on to LV and then OAK) without any warning minutes before we were about to board. But then they refused to let us go on the first leg of the flight (to Detroit) by having already removed our bags from the plane without asking. Then, to top it all off, their next available flight was 2 days later! I'm out the money for cab fare, hotels, and the money I missed from having to take a day off of work to book a flight with another airline (United, you saved me, and also didn't charge money for a glass of water!). If Spirit wants to reimburse me for all that, it would definitely change my opinion of them, but I'm not holding my breath.

Cons: I did a check in to my luggage it was just one an hour before boarding and i paid 50$ for my bag and they lost it and when i went to thier representative she told me she cant find and when i asked her when will they get back to me she was like as soon as they find it without any specification about the time or any thing and she gave me a permission for a voucher with 25$ to use it in my next trip with them!! Again!!! Really !! If i will travel with again!!! It is a horrible airline i will never travel with them again ever.

Cons: I gave Spirit a second chance after a bad first experience last year. I shouldn't have. I was charged $200 to change my flight after realizing that I booked the wrong day and was trying to get home to Kansas City for a funeral the next day. I received zero assistance. I had no choice since it was a death in the family, but I wish I would have had a different option and not flown Spirit. The flight itself was awful too - smelled bad and there was a fly flying around the entire time. Just bad.

Pros: Not a single aspect of the experience.
Cons: We arrived 2 hours ahead of departure for a domestic flight. They made us wait in an insane line out the door to check a bag. After 90 minutes in this line we began to plead with the staff telling them we were going to miss our flight. They literally could not have cared less. As we presumed, we missed our flight, along with at least 30 other people. They just didn't care. No effort was made to even pretend like they wanted to get us on our plane. It's not like we arrived late. I am just astounded at this experience. I bet 100+ families missed their flights this morning because Spirit lacked enough staff to adequately process their bag drop... and they simply didn't care. What a joke.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight from Detroit to Philadelphia was cancelled the morning of the trip. Wait time to talk to a Kayak rep was 1 hr 20 min, then the Kayak rep that tried to help us was informed by Spirit that we had to talk with them directly. Then the wait time for Spirit rep was over an hour and their website function was down. When we finally reached the Spirit rep they informed us that they would not help us reschedule another flight to get to our destination, and our choices were to get a refund or fly out with them 2 days later. Neither of these choices were an option for us, so we had to purchase last minute tickets on our own for an outrageous price with another airline. Spirit said the hurricane/weather was the reason they cancelled the flight, but the weather was fine on our route and no other airline had trouble getting from Detroit to Philly. I have NEVER experienced an airline being completely unwilling to work with me during scheduling problems. This situation cost us a ton of money, and worse we missed a very important event. We were extremely disappointed to say the least and will most likely not consider flying with Spirit again.

Pros: The Pilot got us home safe and sound and quick..That was important
Cons: Now for the my feed back, Spirit airlines yes offers the best rate on some of your flights because both of your inbound and outbound flights were FULL so I would say 60% of your customers were happy, but not to offer your passengers a cup of water is crazy. You make lite of some of the things you do because of your low cost. but its about customer service. Seats don't recline? Why so that you can get more passengers on a plane, no entertainment, and half of a tray table. It sounds like its all about the money on your end of the business not about the customers.. Really its ridicules the cost for EVERYTHING! boarding pass, cut in line, seats that don't recline, oh and carry on bags.. I just think as a BIG CORPORATION you could do better for your customers. So hopefully you will take some of these things into consideration. I think about how your passengers feel. Top it all off had to wait exactly ONE HOUR TO RETRIEVE YOUR BAGS...

Cons: The $30 up charge and no cash policy was obnoxious and exceptionally inconvenient. It cost me $47 to check 1 bag. I had to put money on a pay card. The pay card itself cost $5 which caused me to have to out $60 on the card to cover the cost of 1 bag. On top of that, the machine took my money only to tell me that it was out of cards. It turned into a bit of a wild goose chase. The people at the spirit counter took care of it but ended up giving me a blank card after it was all said and done and lost out of my $8 in change.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight cancelled an hour and a half before departure. Lying crew members said it was weather related to avoid having to place travellers on other carriers. Nasty, no help, said they could get us to our destination 2 days later. We rented a car a drove 12 hours instead, arriving home at 3:30am. My sons friend, who was flying with us to attend camp for 4 days, is now not here. They ruined the experience for both of them. Agent said there was a full ground stoppage at LaGuardia. Bulls--t. The Delta flight scheduled for the exact same time on the exact same route, took off and landed no problem. NEVER fly Spirit!!!

Pros: It was a short flight that got me to my destination.
Cons: Outrageous fees for stupid things ($55 for a carry-on bag, really??) In the end, I don't believe I saved any money taking this supposedly budget airline, and it was a far worse experience than if I had just taken United. The website didn't work when I tried to check in, and the people at the check-in counter were rude and unhelpful. The boarding crew didn't bother to make any announcements when our flight was a half hour late. It took well over an hour for us to get our bags once we landed, and Spirit's baggage customer service people yelled at us for asking about the status of our bags. They say you get what you pay for, but I ended up paying a lot and getting nothing for it. Won't be taking Spirit again.

Pros: The staff for the most part was friendly.
Cons: I am so upset by my trip with Spirit. This was my first time flying with them and I will NEVER do it again. I rather drive my 12 hour trip. They hit me with a $52 fee at check in to take a carry-on and the first lady I spoke with said it was my fault for not booking with them and checking their policies and that's what I get for booking with a 3rd party. Also, she told me that most people don't fly with carry-on's just a bookbag or purse - which looking around was obviously not true. The whole line of people was outraged at this new policy. Since I only had cash on me for my trip I had to pay and extra $5 to get it onto a visa gift card because they don't take cash. On the plane they argued with the woman behind me that they couldn't even give her water without charging her like $4. Nothing is free. Nothing is comfortable. No entertainment - not even radio to plug your headphones into. They told me if I booked my carry-on online it would only be $25 instead of $57. So I tried to do so about 5 times while on my trip and it kept saying they would send me a confirmation to set up my account. Which never came. I followed all instructions and I tried different emails to make sure that wasn't the problem. I ended up leaving my carry-on with my parents and shoving everything I could into a large purse. in the end flying with Spirit was MORE EXPENSIVE than the other airlines I looked into. I wish I could go back and not learn that painful lesson. Thank you Kayak for the ease of booking my flight.

Pros: There was a Hispanic gentlemen who told jokes over the intercom and was very nice to passengers
Cons: In general, the flight crew seemed jittery, restless, chattery. They seemed unaware that it was an early morning flight, and passengers might be trying to sleep. The lights were turned on halfway through the flight, which seemed inappropriate for those who wanted a quiet morning to sleep. I was in the last seat in the back, and the flight crew would keep shifting around their own luggage in a disruptive way, chatting at a higher volume than appropriate for sleeping passengers. And collecting trash every five minutes seems a bit much. Overall, the experience was the worst flight experience I ever had.

Pros: Really??? I guess I liked the fact that we arrived safely but that is it.
Cons: EVERYTHING!! This airline has done everything wrong in an attempt to cut costs. The flights were very cramped. The seats were extremely uncomfortable. There were flight attendants but really no reason as there were no services they provided. There were extra hidden fees for everything from selecting your seat to printing your boarding pass (apparently this costs the airline $10 per boarding pass). The flights didn't arrive on time, we were waiting nearly an hour for our checked baggage which we were coerced into purchasing due to the limited size available for carryon (i.e.a small purse or brief case). I will NEVER spend another dime with this company and highly suggest you consider all other options before selecting this airline.

Pros: I like getting out of the airport and vowing to never fly Spirit again.
Cons: Spirit's computer system had an "error" which marked me as a security risk. I had to go through intensive security screening TWICE. I was given a hand written ticket that was not honored at the gate stating their computer error has blocked me from flying. With this status I was unable to take my flight or rebook one. Luckily I got a full refund. Definately not worth the hassle and airport drama I will NEVER fly this airline again. I feel sorry for their employees who have to deal with such a shitty system.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Wisconsin to Michigan

Airlines flying from Wisconsin to Michigan have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Wisconsin to Michigan

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Wisconsin to Michigan

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Wisconsin to Michigan

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Wisconsin to Michigan

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Wisconsin to Michigan

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