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Air Canada
Overall score based on 24,782 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "courteous staff"
Cons: "no food, even for purchase, was offered no snack for 3 hour + flight"

Cons: "Food could be improved!"

Pros: "Boarding was smooth"
Cons: "More entertainment choices"

Cons: "Boarding at LAX was a bit difficult as sound system in that area of the terminal was muddy."

Pros: "Captain kept us in a loop. Great crew."
Cons: "Boarding was a mess. I really wish A/C would implement some sensible system. Had to delay departure to unload someone's bag. We made up the time only to loop around LHR for 25min."

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Steward. & meals"

Pros: "On-line check-in was available."
Cons: "It was very confusing as to where to get bag tags after encountering issue with printing from the machines. No reps were kind enough to spend 3 mins to look at my situation/case and provide immediate guidance. As a result, I missed my flight and needed to pay extra to get on one."

Pros: "Flight actually left Orlando early once all passengers were on board"

Pros: "Compared to the flight going the other way, this one was much more comfortable. I didn't have someone's seat back in my face the whole time, and was able to enjoy games on my own device. I like that both USB and normal power options were available, so I was able to play games and charge my phone so I could use it after landing. The food was passable as well, which was surprising."
Cons: "It's unavoidable when flying between multi-lingual locations, but having movies and stuff pause three times for each announcement gets annoying. The rolls served with the meals were very dry. These are small nits, and the flight was generally enjoyable."

Cons: "Spend 45 minutes on chek in. Only tree people was working for whole airport. 5 min before I finely get to deck, they close check in and charge me extra 100$ for the next flight. I think it's a company politic to close check in 1 HOUR before flight, to get extra money. My first and last experience with Canada Air."

Cons: "The television screen with on-board entertainment options didn't work properly, so I was unable to watch movies/television or play games. This was disappointing as it was a fairly long flight."

Pros: "No built in entertainment systems. YES PLEASE. Built entertainment systems take up room, sometimes have screens that can't be turned off, and some generate a lot of heat. So glad they were removed. The built in streaming service is a much better solution. Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Just stop serving "food." Just stop. Rice, bread and brownies is really not gonna work. Just stop. Admit that any protein or fat is out of budget. Eat before your flight. Seats are not the most comfortable."

Cons: "Everything was great"

Pros: "It was OK but it had to be better than the flight to Canada which was delayed 24 hours (just for bad measure). It's a cheap flight and AC warn that the "in seat" screen is no longer provided so criticism on this basis is a bit silly. I noted that the free iPads in Premium Economy provided more films but they were so dated!!! Food in PE was much better as was the general service. It cost quite a bit in the "Auction" but it was worth it I think."
Cons: "This relates to the outward trip when we only found out at the check-in that the plane was postponed to the following day. OK, we were put up in a hotel for the night but 24 hours there was not the best day of my life. I wasn't too impressed with the hotel."

Cons: "Chaotic boarding. Little leg room"

Pros: "It was amazing and super easy. I cant wait to go back."
Cons: "I wish they had a meal and free checked luggage. Not the worst, but not the best part"

Pros: "The counter assistant was very, very nice."
Cons: "It is good that the flight was very short. The seats were crammed together and the plane was very small. I felt like I was in a sardine can."

Pros: "I've always had adequate flights with AC. No one goes over and beyond, but everything is as you would expect. A smooth flight."

Pros: "Friendly staff"

Pros: "They afford a civil and enhanced trip on an Express flight. Something AA and other airlines consistently fail to do."

Cons: "No wifi"

Cons: "We were in Toronto for an entire week without our bag and Air Canada showed no concern at all for our well being. I travelled with my one year old son, I needed supplies for him and Air Canada gave me dead end numbers to call, websites that didn't work and even hung up on us when we were trying to find out about our bags. They treated us terribly. I will never fly them again."

Pros: "Staff communicated delays well, and they were polite once we got going. In flight entertainment offered was good, but heard some passengers having trouble with their screens not working."
Cons: "Delays, delays, delays. Theme of my vacation. When we arrived in Dallas we had no idea what baggage claim we were supposed to be at. There was no announcement, flight information displays didn't say anything."

Pros: "On board entertainment available and more room. Not a full plane"

Pros: "Last row seats recline. Plenty of entertainment options. A long flight with one large meal, frequent drink options and snacks. Turbulence that the crew handled well, especially the landing."
Cons: "Seats on planes are just too small. Control panel to each screen is on the arm rest which kept getting hit accidentally. Poor choice of placement. Plenty of food but not all that tasty."

Pros: "The flight attendants were vey kind, and the landing was very smooth. It was an excellent flight."

Pros: "The crew was nice, accommodate well. Sit lean back okay, good convenience of charging mobile device. Food was okay. Entertainment good choices."
Cons: "Where do I start? Baggage check in is horrible and long. Wait in line for 1 hr with all counter open. Process just too long and too slow. Unclear of instruction for paying extra baggage. Security at gate taking too long to get through. Seat is too small, a larger person took almost 1/3 of my seat for the duration of flight and he wasn't that big. No noise control in aircraft, couldn't sleep at all (9hrs flight), kids and adult taking, playing like there home. The cabin smell very very unpleasant, due to body odor of passengers. Only 4 restroom for whole economy class, but 6 restrooms for 40 passengers of business class Due to the region of the air liner at, majority of passengers were rude, obnoxious, loud, and really really smell."

Pros: "Great free movie selection to watch on the flight!"
Cons: "The crew and gate check-in assistance is mediocre. Their attitude is one of indifference. This group is probably just a little better Spirit Airlines, which I consider the worst airline I have ever flown on. Also, I had to pay exorbitant flight change fees. These flight changes should be free. If I have the option, I will not use Air Canada in the future."

Pros: "Not really stands out as a positive."
Cons: "Overall came across as not up to the standards of other carriers."

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for a long time, after so many frequent changes. The airline did not even give an excuse or explanation for the changes and the delay."

Pros: "Aircraft had TV screens for each passengers offering a variety of free entertainment for all passengers. (Nice)."
Cons: "i am a 6'4* person and flying on any "express" aircraft is a mild form of torture. I know this is not exclusive to Air Canada but come on North America...lets get that leg room increased. ; )"

Pros: "Crew was very nice and efficient in serving and helping you. The entertainment was nice, you could watch a movie or different TV shows if you wanted."
Cons: "The drink was a little small and they don't leave the can with you anymore, only the plastic cup drink is served in."

Cons: "The flight was 2hr late to take off- due to?? there were no free snacks. many connecting flights were missed and luggage took an hour to receive."

Pros: "The gate agent was in a really good mood, and I made her laugh, so she bumped me into business class. The flight crew was awesome."
Cons: "Old, sad, smelly, loud, poor upholstery, seat structure so old and so stressed the guy in front of me was almost in my lap."

Cons: "Canada Airlines lost my luggage and I still don't have it."

Pros: "The helpdesk was helpful when I got a hold of someone. The compensation was decent."
Cons: "I bought my round trip ticket from DC to Paris via Toronto since March 2016. But the flight back from Toronto to DC was overbooked and I got bumped off the flight. The agents were severely understaffed and had no information about the situation. Also, when I finally got the flight back to DC, my luggage was lost."

Cons: "Great"

Pros: "On such a small plane I am just glad I land in one piece and that we do not hit turbulence. The Windsor airport is very pleasant to deal with as an alternative to leaving from Detroit Metro. I will choose to do this when flights are available."

Pros: "The movie selection and the food was great! The crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "The lack of space in the cabin was very uncomfortable."

Pros: "They were on time and the flight crew was very nice."
Cons: "The seats and the plane was just too small for such a long flight."

Pros: "Entertainment, and a comfortable flight."
Cons: "Announcements were not loud and clear when boarding. No complamentary food or snack was offered."

Pros: "Never thought Canada air is so bad in international air services. Would never use Canada Air for my international travel in the future."
Cons: "no entertainment in flight during almost 3-4 hours of flying time."

Cons: "Mine and my wife's legs did not fit. The seats were spaced much closer together than is standard, and this made the flight unbearable. I stood in the isle for most of the flight. To make things worse on this 5 hour flight, there was no video available to distract me."

Pros: "Pros: The onboard crew was nice. The entertainment was good (nice selection of television and movies) There is an entertainment touch screen for each individual."
Cons: "Cons: They moved the gate THREE times! We had to walk all over the airport because they were so unorganized. The seats were VERY uncomfortable. It was difficult to sit for even a few hours. There are no snacks unless you pay. The entertainment touch screen is of poor quality."

Cons: "Confusion at every airline because air canaduh forgot to release funds to other lines."

Pros: "Crew was respectable and the food was good."
Cons: "The policy of having to check-in in order to have a seat is ridiculous and borderline racketeering. If one pays for a flight, they should get the ticket they paid for. It should not be based on whether they check-in because Air Canada wants to make more money on selling their seat because they didn't check-in. This is unacceptable. Since it's a company policy, my wife and I would enforce our own policy in response: we will choose not to fly Air Canada again."

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. Flight was delayed."

Cons: "Lost my luggage no food only 1 juice' lost my luggage Robbed me (tsa toronto) of some gifts they thought dangerous"

Cons: "Delayed, emergency landing, 3 hrs late arrival"

Cons: "热情服务"

Cons: "The food is not Good"

Pros: "Crew was great and was happy to get gluten free food i could eat"
Cons: "Not lose my bags :("

Pros: "Beautiful new plane, professional crew, totally decent food."
Cons: "Economy for 13 hours is always a bit rough, but no more so on Air China than any other airline. And the price was so much lower."

Pros: "The fare was good."
Cons: "More modern equipment. Tv screens. Movies. In flight magazines in English."

Pros: "Crew member was very friendly and smiled all the time. My kids were hungry and they offered two sets of meals for both of them."
Cons: "Entertainment/movie was nil. No personal entertainment screen."

Pros: "Seat was super comfortable and crew is great"

Pros: "The kind crew"
Cons: "Same meal three times in a row. The flight had to return three hours into the flight. I would like a refund"

Cons: "package service"

Cons: "They should notify the customers that if Transit time is more than 24 hrs, they can't check in to the next leg flight, therefore they have to take their luggage"

Cons: "Depart on time, missed my connecting flight"

Pros: "Amazing crew, very polite and helpful Excellent take off and landed super smooth - koodoos to the cockpit team The seats on the aircraft from Beijing to Vancouver was much more comfortable that the aircraft before ( Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh ) but I think that it’s because it is a newer aircraft"
Cons: "The food quality was very poor and portion too small. This could utilize some improvements"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Very angry at being left off previous flight. No help from Air China. No one around to assist transferring travelers. Does not appear that the carrier bearing the name of China cares about customer service."

Pros: "Good service with good cooperation."

Cons: "The food is not so tasty."

Pros: "Flights ran on time. Fares were very low."
Cons: "Service was minimal. No way to get help at the gate. Minimal service on board. Beverage service twice on a 13 hour flight. No snacks. Terrible food. Limited choices on entertainment system."

Cons: "It turns out that we had to ask for a seat that is near a baby bassinet beforehand. Like it’s not obvious from the tickets that we’ve purchased that we are boarding with a baby. The truth is that Air Asia prefers to sell those seats instead of making sure that you would be comfortable with a baby boarding."

Pros: "The plane was comfortable and the crew nice. Good food included. Even had a Western option, but I opted in for the Chinese one."
Cons: "There wasn't much of entertainment, but the flight was short enough."

Pros: "Courteous service, clean cabin, reasonable price for business class ticket compared to any other airline."

Pros: "On time low budget very good for The price"

Pros: "The flight attendants where excellent."
Cons: "n/a"

Cons: "Worst experience ever. Costumer service is horribld. Flight continously delayed with 10 minute notifications. Never recommend this flight"

Pros: "The service is overall good"
Cons: "The booking with Air China and flying with United is confusing."

Pros: "Average"
Cons: "Flight Crew member was very rude and un professional When we ask for his name he refuses so we can mankecformal complain And we ask other members for his name they said its in chineese and difficult for us to understand"

Cons: "Flight arrived on time...they wouldn’t let me on the plane...said the other plane already took off and I had to stay overnight in china...friend/famliy waiting at airpor"

Cons: "It smelled like people were or had recently been smoking inside of the aircraft, the seat’s padding had been crushed into nothing and the food was gristly chicken with some sort of gravey."

Pros: "The food was good for airplane food."
Cons: "It makes no sense to not allow the use of any electronics during take off and landing. My E reader doesn't even use a cell signal, but I couldn't have it out. Also, not allowing cell phones at ANY time during the flight, even in airplane mode, is ridiculous because tablets, which can have cell signals, are allowed. Air China is just frustrating."

Pros: "The blankets they give you are quite soft and the food isn’t too bad."
Cons: "Another flight we’ve had with air China that ran late (3 of 4 flights we had on our trip, all air China, were late). The cabin temperature is a bit warmer than most airlines."

Pros: "Comfort of the plane"

Pros: "Crew was great, aircraft was comfortable."
Cons: "Each flight was late to take off. Food wasn't good and entertainment could have been better."

Pros: "safe flight, nice attendants"
Cons: "would like more room and better movies and better food for such a long flight"

Pros: "Everything was mediocre, at best. I've had flights with Cathay and Asiana, and the flight was much more comfortable there."
Cons: "I think the plane arrived on time. However, we were allowed to disembark from the plane at the BOARDING TIME of our connecting flight! We ended up missing our connecting flight since the TSA had a long line, and even with the security letting us pass through, we did not make it to our gate. A group of people from the same flight with me had to wait 9 hours for the next flight to Los Angeles from Beijing. The WiFi at the airport was horrible. Can't even load simple Facebook messenger. We could not update our loved ones waiting for us at LAX."

Cons: "Food was bland. Very limited flight entertainment selection. Flight attendants are extremely rude."

Pros: "Trip was comfortable. ticket pricing was excellent."
Cons: "Air china is thinking about Asian people only, but not just for Asian, what's about others? Nothing for me, I was so hungry for all trip because I didn't like that food that gave to me, and no choice. That's shame.. air china should have to announce that only Asian can travel with them so we can understand better.."

Cons: "FA should speak English better"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours without any notification on signage in the airport. When there is a delay, posting an estimated time of departure is a basic courtesy. Because they did not do this, and multiple flights were delayed for the same gate, the gate was extremely crowded. When an earlier delayed flight was boarding, there was no announcement and no indication on the signs! As a result, some people were uninformed of their flight departure! There was also a tremendous amount of jostling and pushing to allow people to board. This is clearly a problem for the ground crew and airport to make more efficient and flyer-friendly."

Pros: "the airfare itself is cheaper compared to other airline"
Cons: "the flightwas delayed for hours"

Cons: "After boarding, passengers sitting on the plane for ~2 hours before the plane starts to depart"

Pros: "My husband and I used Air China for the first time for our honeymoon to Asia. My biggest complaint is that many of the passengers on these flights cough and sneeze without covering their mouths. Speaking with a few natives from China, I learned that this was common in their culture. Please, PLEASE wear a mask if you decide to fly Air China. I got a throat infection and 103 degree fever from our flight to China. My husband got a sinus infection on the flight back. I personally will not take the risk again. The quality of the seats, service and entertainment are all mediocre at best. I'm use to seats a little bigger for international flights. The food also was very basic Asian dishes (rice or noodles and a protein in sauce). The service was just ok."

Cons: "Couldn't touch your phone."

Pros: "The crew were really nice and pleasant Leg space was a better than Mumbai to Beijing"
Cons: "The Air -china crew English need to be improved The non-veg food was a little mediocre"

Pros: "Most of crew members are very nice and kind."
Cons: "The entertainment system didn't work"

Pros: "enjoy movies"
Cons: "after a long flight overnight,breakfast and lunch are combined as brunch at 1:30pm melbourne time - but chicken rice /pork rice definitely are not so exciting !"

Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "My seat 46D was broke and it took several conversations with crew members during 6 hours before they finally moved me to an other seat."

Pros: "Great price but crowded seating, no air flow, bad food, couldn't use the games on my phone, and the touch screen entertainment was a 50/50 chance of not working. The stewardesses were nice but spoke almost no English so helping us to find our connecting flight was impossible."
Cons: "Crowded seating, no air flow, bad food, couldn't use the games on my phone, and the touch screen entertainment was a 50/50 chance of not working. Stewardesses spoke almost no English so helping us to find our connecting flight was impossible."

Pros: "For economy class it was very good."
Cons: "It was economy class and the seat was uncomfortable."

Cons: "Ok"

Pros: "At least they told us before I left for the airport"
Cons: "Had to take the train."

Pros: "Flight attendant wanted me to help her put my luggage in overhead bin when I asked her to help me. I was sick so that is why I asked her to help me to begin with. Otherwise, service was good."
Cons: "No wifi. This is 2016. It took forever to get my luggage at baggage claim. My luggage had been mistakenly marked, transfer."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Wuhan to Dallas/Fort Worth

Airlines flying from Wuhan to Dallas/Fort Worth have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Wuhan to Dallas/Fort Worth

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Wuhan to Dallas/Fort Worth

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Wuhan to Dallas/Fort Worth

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Wuhan to Dallas/Fort Worth

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