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Sherman Oaks car rentals

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Sherman Oaks, CA
May 26 — Jun 2
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Sherman Oaks, CA
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Search hundreds of rental car sites at once for car rental deals in Sherman Oaks

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6.2 Good (120 reviews)
2 locations in Sherman Oaks
Locations in Sherman Oaks
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10.0 ExcellentApr 15 2022
The process was efficient — and that Hertz location is a well-oiled machine. Rich was super friendly and efficient and helpful, and mad the rental process so smooth. Thank you, Rich!
4.0 OkayNov 13 2021
First two cars they tried to give me were very dirty on the inside.
2.0 MediocreOct 20 2021
I couldn’t get a car even though I prepaid. They said they don’t have a car due to shortness of cars. The second day still they didn’t have a car. Terrible experience. I will never rent from them again
1.9 HorribleAug 8 2021
I made a reservation for 4 days here using kayak (late pick and late drop off). I later found out the trip would be delayed for a day and contacted the Hertz location about possibly picking up the van in the morning rather than the day before, but I also wanted to confirm if I can get a lower price for it. The man on the phone confirmed I would be able to pick up the van in the morning and have a lower rate (and to call the office the day before in order to confirm a better time). I asked him to please have this changed for me and If he can have the reservation set to 11 am (as discussed over the phone). Keep in mind I made this reservation change 2 weeks before the day of the trip. Fast forward to the day before and I tried calling in the afternoon about my reservation. No luck, no one was picking up the phone. I tried call throughout the day hoping to reach someone and kept getting the machine. By the time 6pm came, I was sent straight to voice mail (place closed). I made a total of 45 calls and was not called back. I checked the reservation online and found the reservation set to 5pm (not 11am) at the same rate (not lower as promised). This was no good because I needed to leave before noon in order to make my trip. The day of the trip I tried calling almost all morning and was still not able to get a hold of anyone. I was calling from 8am to 11am with no luck. At this point, I canceld my reservation and made a last minute pickup at enterprise. I was fine with picking up the van the day I was originally booked, but why promise to change the reservation in the morning while insisting the price will also be lowered and not following through. I do not recommend this location and will stick with another provider if possible.
4.0 OkayApr 2 2021
My personal car got hit infront of my house as I slept. Went to my neighborhood Hertz after getting a deal on Kayak. Lastminute, they had just one car, a Toyota Camry. The car was very low to the ground. As I drove away, I heard a continual scrapping noise. Called back to the Hertz, telling them about the safety issue of the car, and wanted to exchange, but no Hertz location within a 20 mile radius of my home had a car to exchange. Drove to work and back once, but nothing more. Day 2 nothing available after calling 3 times, day 3 nothing available. Did not drive the car. Day 4, upon the advice of another Hertz location agent, told to call Hertz Roadside assistance. Maybe they could help me. Took most of the day to sit thru the automated system, and leave a message for a return call (thank goodness I wasn’t in a dangerous emergency) and finally got a call back several hours later. Roadside agent on phone was extremely helpful and understanding. She got a time for the rental car to be towed to LAX airport 30 miles away AND a Lyft driver to take me to LAX to exchange the car. Wow! AAA tow truck driver was supposed to arrive in just 45 minutes, but finally arrived almost 5 hours later at 9:20 pm !!! When the Camry got lifted up by the tow truck, you could see what I would call a “spoiler” on the bottom of the car, protecting the engine, dragging fully on the ground, barely holding on. I was right for not driving the car for several days, and the car should never of been rented to me. What a day, what an experience, I was done for the night! The given Lyft code said it was good till 6 pm the next day sp I went to bed. Next morning, I wake up, and the Lyft code I was given was suddenly expired and no longer on my phone... SO, I had to start the process ALL OVER AGAIN and call roadside assistance, suffer thru the extensive automated system that doesn’t understand the simple words NO and YES, wait to leave a message, wait a long time to recieve a callback. Wait wait wait, keeping my local Hertz office informed but they could never ever help me. Finally got a callback, roadside agent got me a Lyft, arriving in 3 minutes, got down to LAX, nice agent there, THEN the computers went down in the office. Ug. More waiting. Agent had me go out to the lot and select the car I wanted, and 98% of the cars were the same awful Toyota Camry’s. Chose a Chevy Cruze withlow bucket seats that felt like I was in high school. Driveable, but not ideal. When my insurance company finally kicked into action, got my personal far into a body shop, the mechanic hooked me up with an adult car at another rental car company nearby, for almost $30/day cheaper.The hospitality of the staff was great, but getting to the point of recieving hospitality was an AWFUL experience. The automated system at Hertz is near the worst. Like internet provider bad... the people are nice, even at the agency’s that I didn’t rent from. When I dropped off the Chevy Cruze, they were gonna charge me “added fee’s” for numerous reasons, but I wasn’t having it. Such a bad experience. So they dropped the fee’s. They could’ve done even better. I should of paid half for only getting half use with a deeadful experience.
2.0 MediocreMar 2 2021
They had no car for me for days. It was terrible. Absolutely terrible. I never will rent from Hertz again.
2.0 MediocreSep 24 2020
Car was not available. Hertz sent me to another location that was also out of cars. Employee told me hertz is bankrupt and usually doesn’t have enough cars for customers. Guaranteed rental means nothing. It is terrible not having a reserved rental car. Never again hertz. Not worth the risk. Even the employees hate hertz
5.2 OkaySep 22 2020
The price .Very disorganized. Did not get what I rented. Payment process was sloppy . The whole management of the location was subpar.
2.0 MediocreSep 11 2020
Absolutely nothing!The car I reserved was not available. I took an Uber to the location only to find out that the car wasn’t available. I needed a minivan for a camping trip - the only cars they had were sedans. Empty-handed, I had no choice but to take an Uber back home.
2.0 MediocreOct 18 2018
Your prepaid option is worst not goodI search the rental car at LAX airport, search results came cheap , I booked with comments that kayak has agreement with Hertz rental car. I paid on line with prepayment. When appear at LAX Hertz it appears that your prepaid option was 40 miles away from the Airport. I ended paying $140 more apart from what I prepaid $240 . So not a good experience, I will advise never opt for Prepaid option , you loose flexibility with no option and end up paying more. Prepaid option has the penalty associated, for sake of $20 customers end up paying moreNot a good search place
From $74/dayRated #2
7.7 Good (20 reviews)
3 locations in Sherman Oaks
Locations in Sherman Oaks
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Recent reviews
4.4 OkayApr 17 2020
The pickup location I was issued was a branch that had been closed down. No-one contacted to update me with the new pickup location. I found out when I arrived at the closed branch and saw the posted sign. They did not want to refund my additional Uber ride to the new location
6.0 GoodOct 26 2019
The car was clean on the inside and they made sure my phone was connected via Bluetooth before I left. Drop off was easy.They rented the car I reserved to someone else. They only had larger cars, small SUV, available. I needed the gas mileage for an 800 mile trip to help take car of my dad after a week in the hospital and 3 surgeries. I had even called the facility directly to make sure I could get on the road asap. Very frustrating. Why make a reservation?! As I dropped off the vehicle, someone else was being told they only had small SUV's left, do they even have smaller cars?
4.8 OkayMay 5 2019
The staff was friendly.They charge you for a full day although they close at 12 on Saturday and they're closed on Sundays. Also, they gave me a car that was filthy on the inside.
9.6 ExcellentOct 24 2018
I feel like I was mislead on the insurance optionCar was fine; service at branch was fair.I feel like I was mislead on the insurance option- Allianze is a terrible insurance company vs. Enterprise Insurance. I would no longer recommend Kayak.
2.0 MediocreFeb 21 2017
Kayak offered me an insurance on website which WasRenting agency and car was ok. Kayak just made me buying an insurance that was worth nothing. I had to do another one at the agency. Just waist my money for nothingSee remark above
9.2 ExcellentFeb 21 2017
reliable and consistantWe are treated with courtesy and respect and all needs were met. They made every effort to match up the right car with us and are receptive to suggestions of how to do better. There was a courtesy car to drive us home and that man was excellent .They were short handed on the weekend (Sat.) and the line was ten deep inside and outside early morning for pickup. I also didn't like that the man handing over the keys outside pushed us for insurance purchase when I hadn't done it on my online reservation.
10.0 ExcellentDec 1 2016
Customer service reps in Van Nuys, CA were excellentNothing
8.0 ExcellentOct 27 2016
Always use themCourteous, clean, and willing to help. I always use Enterprise, I even bought my car from them. Best deal ever!This particular location closed at 6pm and it didn't work for me. No matter, I got it the next morning and it was fine.
8.0 ExcellentOct 4 2016
Good, fast, efficientThey gave us the cheapest car, like we wanted, and it was still good enough for our road trip.They gave us only one key
8.8 ExcellentJul 6 2016
There were very helpful, friendly, and with a very positive attitude. I would definitely rent again at that location.
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From $50/dayRated #3
7.4 Good (9 reviews)
1 location in Sherman Oaks
Locations in Sherman Oaks
  • 6.8
  • 7.5
  • 7.1
  • 7.7
  • 7.7
Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentMar 23 2022
Car was VERY twitchy on the road. Even the most minor bumps caused the vehicle to veer and skip dangerously. This would appear to be symptomatic of cheap tires or bad suspension.
8.0 ExcellentMar 14 2021
They need to check car better they said car was full of gas was on empty
9.2 ExcellentAug 26 2020
Yes staff was friendlyThe car being clean from the inside especially with the virus going on
4.4 OkayJul 31 2019
Ñot muchRespect
6.8 GoodSep 24 2018
UncleanIt was reasonably priced and the car was fine for driving around“It’s a bit dusty but it’s clean on the inside” and I took his word and he went away and I got in the car and the cup holder was stickeyband had a plastic bag stuck to it. The previous renter left a metal water bottle that rolled around till I found it. The. Adler was not clean. Sigh. Not great, folks.
6.8 GoodNov 2 2015
Secret mileage chargesThe car was clean and in good condition.
Rated #4
6.5 Good (28 reviews)
2 locations in Sherman Oaks
Locations in Sherman Oaks
  • 7.4
  • 7.2
  • 6.1
  • 5.5
  • 6.3
Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreApr 14 2022
The attendant checking in was not pleasant and lackluster. The car smelled like the previous user was a smoker. There was a considerable amount of “charges” deemed as “tax” when I dropped off my vehicle. $46 was charged and the attendant could not tell me the reason behind the charge other than it was a tax. Also, they charged me for gas when I had filled the tank before I dropped the car off. If I had not asked for a receipt- this price gauge would have remained in my bill. I will not do business with Avis/Budget again and will be reporting to the BBB. I was shocked that in these difficult times this rental car company is price gauging people with no reason. Don’t do business with this company. They obviously don’t care about the customer.
10.0 ExcellentMar 1 2022
Great range on the vehicle. All the way to Vegas and almost a quarter tank left in the Nissan Sentra!
5.9 OkayAug 2 2021
The guy at the desk was all by himself. No help in the lot. Windshield was very dirty on the inside. Took 30 minutes to get the car. Returning the car went much smoother.
6.4 GoodSep 4 2019
The car was great - clean, ran well. Pickup went smoothly, etc.I called customer service on my way to return to set up a ride home and was treated to the absolute WORST customer service team in my life,in any business. "Tony",as he insisted on being called (as he refused to give his full name or number) has "I'm telling you like it is" as his mantra. Horrible.
2.0 MediocreAug 7 2019
NothingThey did not have the car I reserved and would not help me in any way. They gave me no notification so I walked all the way there. They wouldn’t bring a car from another location. And they wouldn’t even give me a ride home. Will never rent from them again!
7.6 GoodMay 28 2019
Unfriendly staffStaff
9.6 ExcellentFeb 23 2019
Very clean car.Nothing. Very good overall.
2.0 MediocreDec 4 2018
I will never use Hotwire again to make a reservation of any kind, and I will tell everyone I know to do the same.
6.8 GoodJul 18 2018
No available carsspeed at counterdidn't have any cars available at the requested location or anywhere in a 20 mile radius. also didn't honor price on the online reservation.
5.2 OkayJul 29 2017
Great vehicle for LA traffic!The Toyota CorollaSomething screwed up on my online order and Avis wouldn't honor my original contract. I had clicked on LAX pickup with drop-off at Ontario International. I even called up and told Alex in Studio City that I had wanted an LAX pickup. He said that it would be fine. The Avis at LAX would not honor my contract and charged us $120 more. I was very dissatisfied and will hesitate to rent from Avis again.
699 Rent-A-Car
1 location in Sherman Oaks
699 Rent-A-Car
Locations in Sherman Oaks
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1 location in Sherman Oaks
Locations in Sherman Oaks
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