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JetBlueOverall score based on 19439 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Generous portion of free snacks. Coffee, while not great, was good."
Cons: "The entertainment display in my seat did not work."
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Pros: "Generous portion of free snacks. Coffee, while not great, was good."
Cons: "The entertainment display in my seat did not work."
Pros: "Yes the crew was great."
Cons: "It was a short 2.5 hr flight. Jet blue provided packaged snacks and a soft drink at no additional charge. Other airlines charge for everything. A carry on and a handbag were also allowed which others don't. The seats are leather and have more room. Seems Jet Blue is the last one of those traditional airlines giving more for your money. Thank you Jet Blue ! I am sold."
Pros: "Snacks and new interior on A320"
Cons: "Almost 4 hour delay and no Wi-Fi. When I complained to JetBlue I received a pathetic $15 credit."
Cons: "It was cold in the flight and Tvs didn’t work due to satellite coverage"
Pros: "Crew was nice, and pilot was helpful and got us there early."
Cons: "My screen for movies didn’t work, and the level of comfort was... almost none. I would’ve upgraded to more room, but for $55? When I’m already checking a bag for $30? On top of flight price? Too high, expected JetBlue to not jam pack all the seats like the exit aisle.... for long flights, not again."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. It was the pilot’s last flight before retirement, so it was fun celebrating with him and the crew. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "No space for cabin baggage"
Pros: "The crew was ok."
Cons: "We wait too much, at least someone should have told the reasons for the waiting."
Cons: "Absolutely perfect from departure to arrival. Our first time flying jet blue and it was incredible"
Pros: "Flight was on time, extra room seats were very comfortable."
Cons: "Leaving on time. We got in at 4 AM."
Pros: "Seats are comfortable"
Cons: "Provide entertainment on board. Offer a healthy snack selection."
Pros: "Crew handled a health situation very well. Never lost their composure."
Cons: "Not having our luggage lost"
Pros: "Seat was excellent. I slept 90% of the flight. Being able to bring a personal item on the plane made my day much easier."
Cons: "Flight options could have been better. I had to fly at 6:30 to get the best price that I could afford."
Pros: "The crew was helpful"
Cons: "Communication about the delay Snacks has no variety. All too salty."
Pros: "The gay guys on the crew were very funny and entertaining."
Pros: "Unlimited snacks, comfortable roomy seats, refreshing looking cabin, family boarding"
Cons: "On time flight"
Pros: "I liked when I got endless emails of flight delayed."
Cons: "Delayed too many times."
Pros: "I was expecting cattle class legroom because of the price of the ticket. What a pleasant surprise to have room to stretch my legs."
Cons: "I really can't think of anything unpleasant about the flight."
Cons: "Flight attendant had an attitude"
Pros: "Boarding was great and on-time. Flight took a bit longer due to the weather."
Cons: "Couldn't understand any of the in-flight announcements. My in-flight entertainment didn't work right."
Cons: "Bulkhead was very cramped"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, snacks, good price, nice & helpful were all the flight attendants and persons at the counter. Flight was 20 min late arriving at Denver, but our pilot got us to Boston on time-much appreciated. Free WiFi was great.seats and the next plane (my plane)o not"
Cons: "Could have taken an earlier flight from Boston to DCA, but there was $75 change fee even though the plane had lots of seats. But I do not hold this against JetBlue."
Pros: "The flight took off on time and maybe even early and was early arriving even though it had to divert a little to avoid the hurricane. Everything seemed to run more efficiently because more extraordinary measures were being taken to keep flights running and on time. I was impressed."
Pros: "Extra room seat was great. Crew was nice. Boarding was easy. Lots of leg room. Appreciate mask and overnight kit for sure."
Cons: "Flight was very cold."
Cons: "I forgot my earbuds and there were no complimentary headsets available"
Pros: "Night masked"
Cons: "Flight attendant was rude as hell , she looked like she didn’t know what she was doing"
Pros: "the flight was 3 hours late, but I appreciate the $75 credit you offered!"
Cons: "my screen wasn't working, but the flight attendant moved me to a new seat when I asked"
Pros: "I like the timeliness, courtesy and customer service"
Pros: "Friendly quirky service characteristic of JetBlue when it was smaller and very competitive."
Cons: "JetBlue is no longer competing on price. It had been a while I flew with them because of that."
Pros: "I helped a girl who missed her flight and the attendant was very helpful."
Cons: "Cost of checking in a bag. The first 50 lbs. at $25.00 is fine but if you are 1 lb, over 50 lbs. having to pay $100.00 is to much, maybe $50.00 for 51 lbs. to 70lbs. and so on."
Pros: "The crew, pilot was professional with a great sense of humor. The attendants were pleasant and awesome"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "So much delays. 3 hour delay should entitle us with satisfactional offers."
Cons: "I was exhausted due to 3 hour delay."
Cons: "None of the TVs worked on the flight. The boarding crew in the terminal was rude and very short with everyone. i had to go up multiple times to ask about my seating assignment and was ignored and then waved away multiple times. And then as boarding began I was given a seat saying they "thought i was on standby" but i never was. i was given a seat in the last row with two other people who had infants on their laps so it was a very tight fit."
Pros: "Roomy"
Cons: "I wasn’t able select more channels to view and not able to see the live map to track the trip. I think it wasn’t working my."
Pros: "Everything else was good."
Cons: "We were 5 hrs late arriving"
Cons: "Airlines lost my baggage took 3 days to finally receive all of my luggage"
Cons: "Los televisores de nuestra fila no funcionaban y al llegar el vuelo tuvimos que esperar 40 minutos para poder salir del avión."
Pros: "On the overnight we got eye masks and ear plugs and pleasant lighting. It was very nice. Every one of the staff members were nice and accommodating."
Pros: "Nothing.... we had to book another airline to get us home as We were bumped from our flight a few weeks before we traveled."
Cons: "The airline canceled our flight and rebooked us for a late afternoon flight the next day. We had to book a return flight with another airline because there were no hotel vacancies in San Juan, due to the recent hurricane..... Didn’t even get a refund, just a credit with the airline, which they put a time limit on - one year from the original date."
Cons: "Still no cookies"
Pros: "Tv and internet."
Cons: "Older plane, skinny seats even with the increased leg room."
Pros: "The flight was on time, the flight attendants were professional and efficient, the seats were comfortable"
Pros: "Always a fan of JetBlue - boarding process, flight crew, snacks, wifi, TVs. Great experience."
Cons: "Delayed for an hour."
Cons: "Our tvs were broken"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Cancelled for rain??? No offer of compensation any kind, not even taxi to a hotel. Nothing and had to wait 24 hours to try to get home again."
Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived early to destination."
Cons: "Air conditioner was leaking ice and water the entire flight."
Cons: "8 hr delay, and getting to destination at 3:00 AM. Should have cancelled flight & provided overnight accommodations."
Cons: "Seats were a little dirty especially for the COVID-19 going around."
Pros: "Boarding process need to be improved. Seat assignment is horrible"
Pros: "Crew was very pleasant. Boarding and deplaning was smooth and easy!"
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "Comfortable seats, nice staff, clean facilities"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nice helpful crew, plane was clean, arrived ahead of schedule"
Cons: "Nothing much"
Pros: "Availability of WiFi, a charging port and media options puts Delta a step (or two) ahead of their competitors. The professionalism of the crew, as well as the complimentary food/beverage options are also excellent."
Cons: "Not the airlines fault, but my 6’4” frame doesn’t fit very well in a middle main cabin seat."
Pros: "Horrible delay with unruly customers on the plane. But the flight attendants did great handling them"
Pros: "We arrived eventually."
Cons: "Flight delayed three hours. Payed extra for an earlier flight. Very disappointing."
Cons: "Delayed 4 hours"
Pros: "Flight left on time and landed on time"
Pros: "Boarding and crew were professional and courteous."
Cons: "Media interface system and Gogo inflight app are not synced and I could not listen to the movie I was watching. No subtitles offered for in flight movies. Someone farted before we deplaned and it was quite unpleasant. Also I wish the automatic seat assignments took my height into account."
Pros: "Seat was great, complimentary snacks and alcoholic beverage"
Cons: "It could have left on time or they could have told us they weren’t leaving and let us get some sleep."
Cons: "Choice of healthier snack"
Cons: "Have rhe right to carry at least one luggage per person at no cost. Besides carry on and personal item. Tickets prices and luggage costs are extremely expensive."
Pros: "Good airframe."
Cons: "3+ hours delayed; didn't arrive until 3AM."
Cons: "Seats are so small. Flight was delayed."
Cons: "The seats were in bad condition, I was surprised as Delta usually has well cared for interior and exterior airplanes."
Pros: "The flight attendants were all helpful and pleasant. The seats were comfortable. We were provided with plenty of liquids."
Cons: "The landing was pretty tough and we took off almost a half hour late."
Pros: "Food and entertainment was good"
Cons: "The bathroom I used was disgusting."
Pros: "Confort"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Smooth. Fast boarding"
Pros: "Everyone is working the gate and on the plane were amazing!"
Cons: "Both Virgin plans needed a deep cleaning."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "In SLC they boarded by row numbers and not zones. Weird..."
Cons: "Engine problems-2 hour delay"
Pros: "This was my cousins first time flying and the Flight Attendants made her feel very welcomed. They all were very personable."
Cons: "No Gluten free option"
Pros: "Every thing good"
Pros: "Great people and crew early arrival nice passengers"
Cons: "Poor Delta DEN counter agent experience. Name on ticket didnt match Delta profile name nor TSA [rofile name. Delta counter agent would do nothing, except blame TSA. Would not check ticket name vs profile name. Happened two consecutive flights. Flight tomorrow morning has no TSA Pre clearance on boarding pass. This will be three consecutive flights. Also seated me next to a person who needed 2 seats to himself. Please never seat me next to a passenger who cannot fit in their own seat. I am switching to SWA."
Pros: "The in flight movie and fast boarding"
Cons: "Couldn't get a receipt for baggage fee"
Pros: "On two of the legs of the trip they notice I was a tall person with long legs and upgraded me to seats with more leg room!! I didn't even ask. Thank you."
Cons: "On the way back there were open seats with extra leg room and I asked the gate attendant if it was possible to switch my seat to one with more room and they said they only could if I paid extra."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "The Entertainment sucked. Again I was sitting in comfort class which in theory should buy you more comfort and better entertainment. There was a ton of movies from the 90s and the same movie selection from about 6 months ago when I traveled with them. Also, what is going on, with having to use your own cell phone to watch movies on the plane? Whatever happened to the screens in the backseat of the front seat? I ended up with neck pain from trying to watch a movie on my phone. Delta has become very cheap. It is going into some serious decline."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Let me just say that I’m a loyal Delta costumer until now. The flight attendants (the two women) were an absolute nightmare. They were so rude and condescending. I was carrying with me my service dog and a bag containing an expensive medication (it couldn’t go on the top bin). Despite being in the comfort class and having the seat next to me empty, we were tight for space. The flight attendants were unreasonable and forced me to put my medication on the top bin despite the fact I had told them it was extremely delicate, that it that to go upright, and that I needed to keep it with me. They did not listen and pressured me into giving them the medication. The medication could have easily gotten broken. Thankfully it didn’t but this is no way to treat a human being."
Pros: "Entertainment system is awesome and similar to what I usually see only on international flights."
Cons: "Staff not attentive to customer needs. I asked for a blanket and the stewardess never came back to me."
Pros: "Crew was the best!"
Cons: "I really dislike the snack boxes. Snacks need to be more like a small sandwich or grapes, cheese and nuts. Not all that packaged stuff."
Pros: "Great crew"
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Not supplying headphones Crew not to helpful, one unpolite Refreshments ridiculous"
Cons: "I fly Delta quite often, and am usually pleased with their service, but the morning of June 23 was terrible. I got to the airport in Denver at 5:30 am for a 7:30 am flight to Atlanta, and the line to check a bag was about 40 people long. I waited 55minutes to check my bag, as they kept moving the ski priority people, and people in danger of missing their flight, to the head of the line. There were obviously not enough Delta workers on staff to process all the flights at that time."
Pros: "The moviea"
Cons: "The time of night"
Pros: "For the first time in a ling time I felt if I dropped something I didn't have to kiss it goodbye. My knees and back didn't hurt by the end of the fight. I know longer felt like a sardines in a tin."
Pros: "Short comfortable flight.. good entertainment to choose from."
Cons: "Everything was good with this flight.."
Pros: "I fly Delta Airlines 2x a year and if I had to go on this flight experience alone I would never fly with them again. This particular flight attendant. Brunette who wore all red~ like she had a personal conflict with us from the moment we walked on the plane. We were sitting in the back and could hear the things that she was saying about my grandson and myself. She was rude, snotty, had a sassy mouth. I was COMPLETELY APPALLED as to the way we were treated by her. It was a long flight to have someone you felt was bullying you the whole flight to the moment we were exiting the plane. Karma will come back to her one day..."
Cons: "I fly Delta Airlines 2x a year and if I had to go on this flight experience alone I would never fly with them again. This particular flight attendant. Brunette who wore all red~ like she had a personal conflict with us from the moment we walked on the plane. We were sitting in the back and could hear the things that she was saying about my grandson and myself. She was rude, snotty, had a sassy mouth. I was COMPLETELY APPALLED as to the way we were treated by her. It was a long flight to have someone you felt was bullying you the whole flight to the moment we were exiting the plane. Karma will come back to her one day..."
Pros: "The flight attendants were so nice and accomadating. Even came by to refill our waters! I've never been on a flight with such friendly flight attendants!"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Confusing and chaotic boarding procedure"
Cons: "Seats too close - I'm not that tall and my knees were jammed against the seat in front of me."
Pros: "Plane was clean and staff were friendly"
Cons: "The snack options were quite average"
Pros: "The plane was super comfortable"
Cons: "The crew of boarding was very rude"
Pros: "I did not take the flight, I stopped in Miami instead."
Cons: "Don’t know because I did not take this flight."
Pros: "Confortable seats"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Courteous crew"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Good value"
Cons: "Snack selection"
Pros: "The seating and leg room was comfortable."
Cons: "Since my ticket was "basic" I was put in the last boarding group and given a middle seat; my mother was also in a middle seat. Once boarded I noticed everyone around me was separated from their families--to the point where a baby was transferred 3 times over my head between the parents!"
Pros: "Crew was very nice."
Cons: "More room in seat"
Pros: "Arrived 5 minutes early which was great on a very late night."
Cons: "Landing was rough."
Pros: "Crew was great!"
Pros: "Thankfully they gave out ear buds on the plane"
Cons: "The flight was over booked, at the point of boarding there was no room left on the flight for any carry on’s so they wanted everyone to check bags one particular lady at the gate snatched my husbands boarding pass out of his had and threw it back at him so it landed on the floor. She came back with a checked bag ticket, this bag could have fit under the seat. We would have preferred not to check the bag because it had everything in it we needed access to like medication, ear buds, book, tablet, it also contained my Jewlery and various other things. The lady was extremely rude when I told her I prefer not to check the bag, she said we could take everything out of the bag we needed but that would have been 70 % of what was in the bag, where was I supposed to put all this stuff? My small purse was already full. my husband was upset at her treatment and said something to her and she told us we where welcome to book another flight. I paid a hell of a lot of money on this flight alone plus upgraded our seats with extra legroom. Once on the plane the seating was so crammed, uncomfortable and no legroom. My seat reclined but my husbands did not. I will never fly American Airlines again."
Pros: "Smooth ride and early arrival"
Cons: "Beat up baggage"
Pros: "Everything was great on the flight"
Pros: "The staff was welcoming and it felt good!"
Pros: "Nothing exceptional"
Pros: "taking off and landing"
Cons: "having to fill this out"
Cons: "Boarding was poorly set up."
Cons: "We arrived in Amsterdam at 9am, after traveling two hours to get there. We found out right away that there was a delay and chances of missing the connecting flight from Philadelphia to Orlando were great. We requested a different booking to insure travel to Orlando, which was denied. So the connecting flight was missed and after hours arrived in Orlando at midnight. Missed my ride and all car rentals were booked. All this caused a lot of anxiety and unnecessary stress. Very disappointing. And to add to it, the flight itself was horrible and there was no entertainment available for the entire flight."
Pros: "Nice airline very accommodating. Loved first class"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sitting next to a bunch of crying babies"
Cons: "Rude attendant"
Pros: "Got us there"
Cons: "Cramped seating"
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Being delayed"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Crew let people move to main cabin extra without paying like I did"
Pros: "Aircraft was cool"
Cons: "Small children"
Cons: "The flight was delayed more times than I can count, we got a different reason each time. Weather I can understand, but telling us we are waiting on a specific crew to arrive and then announcing that crew is not for our flight was just terrible communication. No one seemed apologetic. The only thing they did was bring a snack cart over for us, and that got raided by children so many people didn't get anything. We had arranged transport from Orlando to Tampa for that evening, and our rides had to cancel because instead of 7pm we were now arriving at 130am. Your airline's mistakes put everyone at an inconvenience and we weren't offered assistance to fix it. My husband went to ask for help in arranging new transport home, but he couldn't even get to the front of the line. The customer service was terrible. We really enjoyed our first leg of the flight home with American Airlines, but after the second leg and all of the problems we had... we will not fly with American Airlines in the future."
Pros: "Everyone was pleasant & professional"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "It was on time boarding and landing"
Pros: "Comfort. We had a bulk head seat. Newer plane"
Cons: "No food offered . Not even for purchase."
Pros: "They were accommodating to my boot on my foot in the boarding process."
Cons: "Comfort and room in the seats. The temperature was very hot as well."
Cons: "It was a full flight, anyone in loading zones 7-9 were required to check their carry-on luggage. We were in loading zone 6, so not required and preferred not to due to our full day of air travel that would continue into a 3 hour car trip. My husband reached the gate, his ticket scanned, and let onto the plane. I walk up next, my ticket is scanned and then the personnel at the gate said in what I can only describe as the most disrespectful, inconsiderate, ill-tempered tone that he would need take my bag. He grabbed it out of my possession, shoved it into the luggage sizing rack and even though it did fit inside the lines, he said it was "too close" and would need to be checked. Not wanting to cause a scene and quite frankly speechless by this man's attitude, I did not object.. It was not until I was seated on the plane that I noticed more than a dozen items of luggage larger than mine and that the vast majority of people that had 3, 4, 5 carry on items when the maximum is 2: one personal item and one carry on luggage item. It was both the lack of respect and the lack of consistency that lead me to have an extremely "poor" boarding experience. Serious retraining needs to be completed and boarding attendants should not be able to harass airline passengers."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "LATAM took our luggage from a flight from a different airline that we used to get from Miami to Orlando. They locked it up and closed before we arrived. My friend was unable to get his medicine, I missed vital time from a work contract, and we had to spend the night at the airport waiting until 1pm today to receive our luggage. This is the worst experience I've had with an airline. No one spoken with on LATAM seemed to care. We were stranded without sleep and got no clear answer from the LATAM hotline. There was no mention of compensation for our troubles. I will not be recommending this airline to other travelers aa this has ruines my work schedule and my friend is unable to get his medicine."
Cons: "Delay otherwise average"
Pros: "Everything went smooth"
Cons: "Delayed flight, attendants were rude and unhelpful."
Pros: "Poor for BIG Airline like that chips chips"
Cons: "NOT GOOD the is 2 MUCH for CHIPS"
Cons: "Same as previous response."
Pros: "Nice pilot, one of the flight attendants were nice. The seats were comfortable."
Cons: "This airline always has delays! There is no in-flight entertainment (music, tv, movies, etc.); thus, the flight was terribly boring! Also, only peanuts and a small cup of soda was offered to us. Other airlines give cookies and biscotti! The seats don't recline and they need more legroom. The majority of the airline crew largely ignored us and showed mediocre customer service."
Pros: "everything went smooth"
Pros: "Everything was on time"
Cons: "The lack of organization at he moment of boarding generates problems with the passengers .. A lady started to get angry when group 3 was boarding and she was group 2. She was waiting were group 3 was in line .. It would be better to have it like united that they have lines for all groups."
Pros: "Crew was very nice ."
Cons: "Had to deboard the plane due to mechanical problems, hour wait, missed the time to pick up rental car, had to find a new rental car upon arrival at the airport at 2am. Plane was freezing and crew had no blankets."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Engaged with customers no matter the seat preference"
Cons: "Boarding system not good !"
Pros: "Affordable first class seat - very unusual for AA"
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "Boarded an hour late"
Pros: "Pretzels"
Cons: "This flight included a lot of delays."
Pros: "The boarding was quick and orderly."
Cons: "Could prove in-flight entertainment options"
Cons: "If you choose basic economy and have only a personal item (packing lite), they will not let you check in online ahead of time."
Cons: "More outlets / usb charge ports"
Pros: "Nice flight"
Cons: "There was no WiFi or TVs"
Cons: "Wouldnt refund my ticket or change my flight when I needed to change it fee for everything"
Pros: "It got me where I needed to go"
Cons: "So crowded, seats uncomfortable, wifi not working completely, screaming children."
Pros: "On time flight"
Pros: "More leg room than the International flight. Reported may luggage missing...the rep. was excellent. Too bad I din`t get her name. According to united I will get my luggage tomorrow before noon on June 2nd 2018"
Cons: "Lost my second luggage wishes I paid $60 for it and no one couldn’t help"
Pros: "Great service! Smooth flight!"
Pros: "Great flight experience thank you United."
Pros: "Having a direct flight across the country was a good thing. That was about the only positive, well that & we did land safely."
Cons: "Ticket agent said I could take my bag on the plane. Gate agent told me my bag not I were going on the plane unless I paid $50 to put the bag below if I wanted to get in the plane. Very matter of fact & rude. I was just about the last person they let board so there really wasn't a chance to discuss with them. No WiFi on a cross country plane, lame. No access to the headrest video screen w/o paying for it, lame. Snotty unconcerned flight attendants as well. Overall one of the worst flights I've had in memory. I would pay more next time to fly another airline."
Pros: "love united"
Cons: "everything else"
Pros: "Quick Hop"
Cons: "Just a quick hop to Denver"
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Sane"
Pros: "On time, flight attendants were friendly"
Pros: "Great price, speedy flight"
Cons: "Don't remember having to be in lines for so long for reserved seats - awful technical delay (1.5 hrs)"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Multiple long delays."
Pros: "I slept through whole way. So it was fabulous. Clean and fast trip."
Cons: "Delays"
Pros: "It is really bad the seat to small for average person not leg room at all it is a flying school bus."
Pros: "Staff members were courteous."
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "Everyone we dealt with was unbelievably kind and helpful. They had a wheelchair at the gate and helped push my disabled brother which was such a help for my elderly parents to make their connections. When I got my parents their tickets I was very apprehensive that it might be difficult making the connections but thanks to United's wonderful service their whole experience was fantastic. In the future I will always try to book United."
Pros: "The crew were very kind and attentive without being overbearing. They were helpful."
Cons: "I did not like how my boarding pass for a ticket I had paid for long in advance had a 'see us' note about my seating. The counter attendent waltzed in after boarding had already started and treated the issue like it was a joke. I ended up seated in between two hot messes of people which made the flight seriously uncomfortable, there were no other options supposedly for me. There weren't even options for me to pay the outrageous pick a seat option when I was doing my preflight check in 24 hours in advance."
Pros: "Loved the movies"
Cons: "The flight was delayed two hours because of the arrival of the plane"
Pros: "The steward was lip scyncing to the safety rules which kept our attention!"
Pros: "Although the flight was cancelled due to the hurricane i got my money back."
Pros: "I liked 2 of the 10 people I asked for help getting my 78 year old mother to our gate and making the flight"
Cons: "I felt it Ridiculous that I had to get checked luggage, go out of secure zone and come back through. There was NO interest in helping us make our connection; had one person actually say, "I am sorry, it is United, they could care less". No one was helpful, no one cared, and the experience was horrible"
Pros: "Very cramped seats."
Cons: "Boarding is disorganized"
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Short lflight"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "Crew was not particularly friendly. One man was brusque when I asked for water to fill my small bottle. Rare since most crew members I've experienced have been very pleasant. Snacks were pretty paltry. Ned to serve some biscotti."
Cons: "I was thoroughly disappointed when I realized that I had to pay to get any type of entertainment on the in-flight screen. That feels like zero effort on the part of the airline to make my flight enjoyable."
Pros: "No complaints"
Cons: "After United made me miss my connecting flight, I got an alternate flight to a different airport, but not apology, no offer to upgrade, nothing. Already frustrated, and with my knees hitting the seat in front of me because the seats are too close together, a flight attendant scolded me when I dared put my leg in the aisle (which I often do on other airlines without incident). Once on the ground, I went straight to United's baggage office to see if my bag had followed me, and encountered two of the rudest people, cutting me off whenever I said anything more than they needed to enter into their computer. If your job is in customer service, be friendly, apologize when things go wrong, understand that your customers are your reason for being in business, and be helpful."
Pros: "Well organized, enjoyable flight"
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "Late departure."
Pros: "Time and confort"
Pros: "After being so delayed, movies were free."
Cons: "We were delayed over 3 hours. I don't think I've ever flown with United and not been delayed. Plus they never offered us food on the flight, only whatever was complimentary. Just not a great experience."
Pros: "Ground and flight crew were all pleasant and professional"
Cons: "This flight is always fully booked - book your seat early if you can."
Pros: "Crew members were very nice despite the delay they were able to bounce back with warm smiles"
Pros: "The flight attendant were super nice. Really nice people"
Cons: "The flight was delayed almost 2 hours. Then the guy on the front desk was really rude .. Maybe because I'm Latino? I mean he was super friendly with a white guy and a African American girl .. But with me .. Rudeness and bad service .. I said "hello , how are you?".. He didn't answer .. I told him when I did my checkin my boarding pass had "See agent" in the seating section .. He just took the ticket and gave me the last sit available on the plain even though I arrived almost 3 hours before the original departing hour .. I don't know .. It might be the only available sit or it was just a racist thing .. Who knows .. Really disappointed with United. I'll go back with Ameican Airlines."
Cons: "Kayak failed to alert me that MCO has an A & B bagge pickup areas and did not indicate which area I would find my luggage."
Cons: "Flight was late Unacceptable"
Pros: "Snacks on board - but not always available. Liked that the flight was direct."
Cons: "Didn't like middle seat, but had no option. Didn't like having to pay for movies so I didn't. Didn't like restrictions on luggage and having to pay to check in a bag. Didn't think the staff were friendly or helpful at all. Wouldn't recommend this airline to my friends because of those reasons. Need more improvements."
Pros: "Entertainment was great. Got a row all to myself."
Cons: "Hard to complain about anything on this flight. Good job United!"
Pros: "The attendant was very courteous and kind. The gate agent was prompt and efficient."
Cons: "Everything went well."
Pros: "Arrived early."
Cons: "Waiting for the Jetway."
Pros: "Crew did a great job."
Cons: "Seats don’t decline at all and are not comfortable at all."
Cons: "At arrivals there was nobody dispatching the luggage, more than an hour to get it"
Cons: "Upon arrival at Orlando , there was no one dispatching luggage to the carrousell. More than 3 flights from Frontier and about 300 passengers waited longer than an hour to retrieve it. Nobody from the airline was present."
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable"
Pros: "The plane was quiet and dark."
Cons: "Crowded, claustrophobic. Seats don’t recline. Not that great of service. They didn’t ask if you wanted anything to drink or eat. Also no tv or charger or WiFi. For an anxious flyer, it couldn’t get much worse."
Cons: "Most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on. Might as well have sat on a piece of concrete. At least it wouldn't be as hot. They also kept us on board when we docked with no explanation."
Pros: "The seats were designed by a sadist"
Cons: "Seats not suitable for anyone other than a hobbit"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "You have to pay $40 per checked bag which no longer makes the flight affordable."
Pros: "cheap price"
Cons: "the seats are very uncomfortable. I was in pain during the entire flight. entertainment not offered, the food is grossly overpriced."
Cons: "Boarding - I watched people get denied seating even though they had already been sold tickets/bags cost $40 to check, carry on was $45 Crew - crew was quite unhelpful and seemed uninterested Comfort - seats were terrible and the tray table was about the size of a small book (quite pathetic) Food - charged $3 for a soda on a 4 hour flight Entertainment - entertainment? There weren't any options for that."
Cons: "I booked this as a direct flight and then a layover was added in Cincinnati....bullshit."
Pros: "Safely reached my destination"
Cons: "Cost of bags, all refreshments, cramped and uncomfortable, delay boarding, delay at the gate, plane ran out of water so we couldn't use the restroom, baggage took an unusually long time to reach baggage claim, overall almost the lowest level of service possible. Not worth the discounted rate, especially after checking two bags each way. Nobody ok either of my flights had anything positive to say. No thanks, Frontier. You were terrible."
Pros: "Flight crew was very pleasant and apologetic."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 45 min due to late arrival of plane and crew swap then was delayed an additional 1.5 hrs while we waited for connecting flights. upon arrival there was no gate available so we sat on the taxiway for more than 30 minutes ...and then the typical 1+ hour wait for Frontier to unload baggage just topped it off perfectly.... and I thought that the ridiculous wait time for baggage was unique to Denver but of course I was wrong. But I also now understand why carry on costs more than shipping bags :-( Oh ! did I forget to mention the plane is a mess? Gum stuck on the edge of the tray on both flights. Yes the edge in full view not hidden where the cleaning crew would have to struggle to find it."
Cons: "Denver did not have TSA Precheck and Orlando took 45 min to send checked luggage to baggage claim."
Pros: "The flight captain was the only friendly crew member we encountered. His positive attitude made just the slightest improvement to the trip."
Cons: "Staff at the gate desk did not communicate delays and gate changes with the passengers. All departments (aircraft mainence, flight crew, baggage crew) were rude and obviously disorganized."
Pros: "Absolutely awful"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I spent over $600.00 on this Frontier flight so I definitely would not call it low fare transportation. Low service, low honesty but definitely not low fare. We sat at the departure gate for two hours waiting to board and then they changed gates which I only found out about because they removed the flight from the departures board and I had to find an agent to tell me. There was no gate change announcement. We boarded, sat in the plane for an hour and 30 minutes then were taken off the plane, taken to another gate and another airplane. 5 hours late arriving in Orlando and waited 45 minutes, (At 4:00am in the morning) for luggage. Dismal company. Back to United."
Pros: "2 hours to get luggage in Denver and a 2-1/2 delay to Orlando"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Couldnt even get to fly, i was in line for 4 hours on the special services line"
Cons: "seat comfort is non existent, no reclining, tray tables are a joke and it feels like riding on a city bus. No food or drink, except water is free. Soda can is $2.99 each."
Pros: "The planes were really nice and new but no frills (no wi-fi, very small tray table, etc.). All flight were on time with no delays. Friendly crew."
Cons: "Checking my bag in Orlando took a full hour then when I got to Denver it took over an hour to get my bag at baggage claim. The bags didn't even start coming out for an hour. After paying $30 each way to check my bag, the experience was a complete cluster and added 2.5 hours to my travel time. Also, not sure this airline is actually cheaper when you add in seat selection (for any seat) and carry-on bag charges so buyers beware."
Pros: "The lady flight attendant that sat near us was the only nice thing about our flight."
Cons: "Everything else."
Pros: "We didn't have long layovers, and stayed at the same gate we came in on from Portland."
Cons: "disruptions while trying to get some sleep. although there was minimal food and drink service, the flight attendants went up and down the aisle a lot, collecting trash."
Cons: "Our boarding gate was changed without notifying us and other passengers.According to the flight schedule screen,the gate was the same as the one printed on our tickets, but was changed without telling anyone.Also had to wait an additional 30 min after we were seated , so luggage could be loaded, probably caused by the gate change."
Pros: "the price"
Cons: "Flight's weren't on time, no food or snacks. Flight's weren't on time, no food or snacks. Had to pay for baggage."
Pros: "Waited to take off for over an hour. Not fun."
Pros: "Very little to have liked about the flight except for the pilots and thier talent for flying planes."
Cons: "The cabin crew wasn't friendly and did not seem happy to be a board. The flight was delayed 2 hours. Planes wasn't comfortable and the overall experience sucked. I will not be flying frontier again."
Pros: "Everything was fantastic you have a chance to continue to be a top of the line company for the price of the ticket and the fact that it was a straight through flight. Everyone was great! I had no problem with needing to purchase food or beverage compared to the price for a ticket! Your team is professional,friendly and care about their customers!"
Cons: "The only thing that keeps you from being the best company I have ever flown with is the seats were not comfortable. It was a struggle to do a three hour flight or more. I heard other people complain only about the comfort of the seats. I hope your new fleet has improved on the comfort of the seats because if this issue is corrected I think you will be the number one airline I have ever flown with. Comfort is ninty percent of the best way to tell customers you care and want their business. Thankyou for an other wise great flight! Fix this issue and you won't take second seat to any other airline! Yes I will recomend exploring new frontiers with you! Thankyou Frontier!"
Pros: "Brand new A-321 (one week old) very smooth flight"
Cons: "The PA system on this one week old plane was way too loud. The long sales pitch for the Frontier credit card with 40,000 bonus miles was so loud that people were putting fingers in their ears. Otherwise excellent flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Small Cheap plastic seats that didn't recline. A miniature tray table that's a joke. A dizzying array of add on costs that made the eventual cost of the flight comparable to other Airlines that provide comfortable and roomier seats. Oh yes, the wait for our luggage was longer than it should've been. In summary, I won't be flying Frontier anytime soon."
Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "Seats don't recline. I booked this flight because it was less expensive, not knowing that Frontier charges extra for bags whether you carry on or check. With the extra baggage charges, which I normally wouldn't have to pay because I travel light, it ended up being a more expensive flight that was much, much less comfortable."
Pros: "Price was good, the staff was very friendly"
Cons: "Everything is extra carry on $35 checked bag $30 in flight soda or water $2 oh and let's not forget the $12 seat charge witch do not recline or even give u a place to put your $2 soda (its about 4" wide) and the seats are hard as a rock and hope you have short legs cuz u will need them"
Pros: "On time departure. Early arrival"
Cons: "Luggage took very long time to appear"
Pros: "Non stop flight and economical"
Cons: "The airline does not offer the possibility to use the TSA pre-check services"
Pros: "The fact they were one of the only airlines that didn't cancel their flights due to the giant snow storm"
Cons: "Plane was filthy"
Pros: "No"
Cons: "Sucks"
Cons: "Didn't tell me I needed to pay for my carry on until I checked in."
Pros: "the flight was on time both ways."
Cons: "excessive bag fees. non reclining chairs. having to pay for soft drinks and snacks. LONG loudspeaker announcement trying to sell us their credit card deal. No TV or media available."
Pros: "Arrived early - fun crew."
Cons: "Seats don't recline - slow de- boarding process."
Pros: "Ordinary flight. However, it had been a while since I've flown frontier and unaware that all they care about making more money and they took out the adjustable seats and TVs. It was a long flight and kids were very squirrely without TV."
Cons: "No TVs no adjustable seats"
Pros: "I was impressed with the patient attitudes of the crew and the quick thinking to find a solution when we were stuck on the ground for two hours during the blizzard because of power outages that made us unable to finish fueling the plane. The quick turnaround of finding another solution to fuel (flying to an operational airport with the fuel we had), and getting the alternate flight plan to Kansas written and approved was very impressive, and saved my trip."
Pros: "Nice staff - clean, new plane. Comfortable seats."
Cons: "The tray tables do not extend far enough from the seat which made it very hard to do computer work. The PA system had a lot of feedback !"
Cons: "Extra fees. $35 here, $40 there...not great"
Pros: "Warm smiles and helpful service"
Cons: "The selection and cist of available food"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Lost luggage"
Cons: "The seats were very tight, not much leg room or side-to-side room. The seats were VERY uncomfortable-just a piece of contoured fiberglass with a thin layer of pleather over the top of it. Seats do not recline so you are stuck in the contour of the aircraft seat design for the duration of the trip, which in our case was 4 hours. They boasted that it was a new aircraft and that they had purchased many more so your chances of being uncomfortable increases greatly. Good luck with that!"
Pros: "Crew was okay ."
Cons: "Seat was not comfortable at all . All the extra charges were ridiculous and some not stated until you check in . They cancelled my return flight and the soonest they would be able to put me on another flight was 2 days later . So i had to book a one way ticket on another airline that cost double what my round trip ticket cost . I would not suggest using frontier if there is even a hint of bad weather as you could be stranded for days ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "it was cancelled."
Pros: "Great crew!"
Cons: "It shouldn't take an hour for the bags to get to baggage claim. Frontier flights that landed after us got their bags first."

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