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Pros: "Newer plane. Friendly crew. Landed safely and on time."

Pros: "Going back home to the US"
Cons: "I had 15 hours layover in Amsterdam so I got me a hour after I got to the hotel I got a notification from Kayak app asking me to go get my bag from Schiphol. My bag was supposed to be directly shipped to PDX. I had to leave my hotel back to the airport and spend 2 hours trying to find it only to be told that it was going to PDX. I lost my $170 hotel room, over $70 for taxis and ended up spending the night on the floor at Schipol. I do not think I'll ever use Kayak again. The travel guarantee is a joke too."

Cons: "Severe delay"

Pros: "Attentive, respectful and nice crew, swift take off and landing and awesome views"
Cons: "Nothing. Everything went well"

Pros: "Easy, fast boarding. We arrived early too."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Entertainment was good and staff was pleasant"
Cons: "Delta assigns seats at boarding, miss when you could pick which seats you sit in. I bought my sisters ticket, hoping we would then be able to sit together but we both ended up in the middle in different rows."

Pros: "I dont like that you change my flight and I have to wait 8 hours at the airport to flight to Mexico City"

Pros: "Eventually made it home. At 1am, when it should have been 1130pm."

Pros: "Nice enough crew"
Cons: "The MD88 is such a crappy plane for anyone that wasn't born a dwarf. I'm tired of filling out these and yet you do nothing about it. It is criminal to cram is in like sardines like this."

Pros: "Flight was on time; captain was clear and funny."


Cons: "Seats a bit cramped"

Pros: "clean. friendly. decent snacks."
Cons: "warm cabin. small seats with no head support. not enough drink cart passes."

Pros: "The comfort and attention on the part of the cabin crew of the flight was quite good."
Cons: "What I did not like was the process to go to the assigned air terminal in El Salvador, the process was slow and we took the flight at the end of the last one. The same was the process from Los Angeles to Seattle that was our scale. Process too long and go back through security, the boarding gate was almost closed. I think that for these cases they should leave more time for the stopovers that come from international flights. For my part I did not choose this option, since I was traveling with a person with mobility problems and separated the group for admission to the process of entering the USA."

Pros: "The plane was really nice, food was good. I had a pleasant time."

Pros: "Great entertainment, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Middle seat with zero chance to switch."

Pros: "Good drinks and movie selection"

Pros: "The space we had, the breakfast provided, the movies/TV shows available, and the staff."
Cons: "I was a concerned when I couldn't select seats during check-in and was informed that our seats would be assigned at the gate. After boarding, it made more sense since it wasn't a full flight; I could understand that was likely done so the plane would be weight-balanced. It just caused me some concern the day before."

Pros: "Timely flights , plenty of good food and disciplined serving Amsterdam: good layover Modern plane Better entertainment system Good flight to travel to India , Mumbai ."
Cons: "Windows weren't clean for stargazing"

Pros: "everything except in flight internet."
Cons: "Gogoinflight hasnt woked as it said it would on any flight on any airline for a year."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact they wasted two days of my trip with my son travelling from the U.S. to China because they didn't know about transit visa regulations. And so far they offered a 75 dollar voucher for participating merchants. Unacceptable"

Pros: "Availability of flight. Quick flight, on time. Signage at PDX is good. Easy to find where you need to be"
Cons: "Layover, confusing mob line at checkin."

Pros: "Efficient boarding and helpful flight attendants"
Cons: "I was sitting in a "Delta Comfort+" seat in an exit row. The extra legroom was nice, but the tray table was so far forward I could hardly reach it, and there was no armrest on the window side. The seat covers appeared to be heavily worn, with tears and padding falling out in some places."

Pros: "There were a lot of free movie options for a 6hour flight. The tv was new and had good definition. The food offered was quite substantial. The staff kept coming around with water and asking if there was anything else we needed. They gave free blankets. The lavatories were a little larger and more well lit than other airlines."
Cons: "The seats did not recline for anyone on the plane."

Pros: "on time"

Pros: "Staff was friendly, and we got there safely"
Cons: "Really wished we had tv's like we had on our flight to SLC. It really helps with those who have anxiety to distract their minds. Wifi is expensive therefore I chose not to use it"

Pros: "I have never had a problem with this airlines. This flight was no exception"
Cons: "More space, but I am in economy and that's just life! I expect my hips to hurt after, again my problem not there's, if I wanted more room I would buy first class but I won't for a short trip."

Pros: "Food was OK, ice cream at mid-flight was my favorite thing. I liked the choice of movies. Drinks are also good but why not include pure cranberry juice? It goes great with vodka."
Cons: "Boarding is ridiculous. Everyone who is not some kind of VIP is asked to line up and is treated like cattle. 5-feet tall woman holds above her head a sign with the zone currently boarding. Nobody can hear or see anything. Why not use the big LCD displays at the gate??? In the plane they had to restart the computer system as some TVs were not working and it took longer than they said. Toilets were kind of stinky and I could smell them from my seat on row 26. Blankets are way too thin for the blasting AC."

Pros: "crew was very respectful and kind"
Cons: "Flight was moved to a different gate, then delayed. We were given the absolute last seat in the plane that could not recline- not the seats I had selected before hand."

Pros: "Attendants were cheerful and extremely courteous."
Cons: "Legroom but that's because we can't afford 1st class. Hahahaha"

Pros: "Airplane was good, boarding was fast."
Cons: "Did not have the fruit and cheese plate."

Pros: "Entertainment is now free."
Cons: "This was the fourth first class leg of our overall trip and the first three flights on Delta were great. The attendants were pleasant and even fun. I have allergies and requested a special meal on all legs. No problem on the first three flights. All attendants approached me to confirm my allergy and the special meal. They were very polite. But on this flight, the attendant didn't speak with me about it at all. She tried to give me the regular meal. When I explained I needed an allergy free meal (mind you this was first class), I was told I could not get it and got no apology or other accommodation. Her attitude was take it or leave it. I found this interesting since on two of the other flights an announcement was made about another passenger with an allergy to peanuts so no one could have them on the flights and the attendants were very concerned."

Cons: "Need more legroom"

Pros: "Loved everything, the meal was good, spacious seats and friendly staff."

Cons: "One of the men working the desk at the gate was rude & condescending to me. The other gate agent who was having us board (he was an ethnic man) was friendly & excellent."

Pros: "Pilot was hot."
Cons: "4 hour maintenance delay. Arrived at 2 am, after boarding a different plane."

Pros: "Ditto from above"
Cons: "Ditto from above"

Pros: "Flight was the best we sat right behind first class so it wasn't a long wait to deplane. In flight entertainment was great to with a wide selection of movies to watch"
Cons: "Nothing was bad about the flight sorry"

Pros: "Great crew and aircraft"

Pros: "Arrived on time"
Cons: "No food. Only snacks and very good snacks"

Pros: "Again, despite poor flight schedule I made it on my connecting flight and it all worked out in the end."
Cons: "Again, Kayak should allow at least 2 hours of transfer time when booking flights through LAX. I had to go from one terminal to another AND go through immigration and security. In order to make sure I had enough time to make the connecting flight, I didn't check in my luggage which lead to me having to minimize liquids and pastes in my luggage (no vanilla extract or tequila). Also while making the transfer I felt rushed and stressed out. I might search for tickets using Kayak but I would not buy tickets directly from Kayak if my route involves a transfer at an airport that I am not familiar with."

Pros: "On time and very smooth boarding"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Good service once I finally got on a plane."
Cons: "The alternative routing after my missed connection was not good and would have resulted in a very long travel day on a comparatively ill-equipped aircraft. So I stayed in Amsterdam on my own dime to take the same direct flight one day later."

Pros: "Good experience given that it was a long flight."
Cons: "How about meal service on the 5hr flight from Atlanta to Portland? The food for purchase options left much to be desired."

Pros: "The boarding agent took the scattered seat assignments of out party of six and got us all co-located - of her own initiative. I really appreciated that."

Pros: "On time, new airplane and good entertainment system"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See abo e"

Pros: "Crew was excellent, caring and personable."
Cons: "My seat's video monitor didn't work properly, despite crews attempts to reset it. Movie or anything was frozen at the advertisement. Worst part of flight was no ones fault--heavy snow conditions caused 1 1/2 hour back-up for de-icing. Only other complaint I also noticed on my last Delta flight--the volume on the captain's announcements needs to be turned up. Hard to hear much of what he said. His explanation of de-icing, and how it might cause an odor or even haziness in the cabin was very helpful so that I didn't worry when the odor happened. I do like Delta very much."

Cons: "Seating is too crowded"

Cons: "Our flight was overbooked and we were moved to a later flight causing a 7 hour layover and arrived at 2am the following morning."

Cons: "We still haven’t left Dayton."

Pros: "Crew was nice and professional."
Cons: "Freezing, one hour wait on the tarmac before takeoff meant one hour delayed arrival. No TVs in seats, no meals on six hour flight."

Cons: "Flight was late"

Cons: "Had terrible seats with no reclines and near the bathroom. They charge extra for better seats, they should offer something in return for below average seats."

Pros: "The pilot was very apologetic about being delayed but we were able to catch the flight because it was delayed for about more than 2 hours."
Cons: "It was cold in the beginning of the flight. We were delayed at the first flight and when we got to the gate there were no one available at the gate to check us in. We had to go to customer service to get on board."

Pros: "Flight crew was pleasant and efficient. Everything was on time."
Cons: "Cramped seats with zero leg room."

Pros: "Got to see The Shape of Water from DFW to PDX in advance of the Oscars! Nice clear image and sound. Thanks American, you've upped your game from a few years back!"

Cons: "My check in bag it’s lost got wrong boarding pass even when I told them I had electronic boarding pass on my phone. Really disappointed with this."

Pros: "Everything, crew, plane was clean, service was better than the previous international flight. Nont"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I liked the way the Pilot (Captain) addressed the passengers before and after the flight."
Cons: "The wait at the customer service counter in the terminal at LAX."

Pros: "All went well"

Pros: "The attention and services"

Pros: "I like how quick and efficient the boarding and check in process was."
Cons: "I just wish that if I paid a little more for seats I should get more comfortable and roomier seats is all. Don’t make the seats sit so upright."

Pros: "Nothing. Had a family emergency"
Cons: "I had a family emergency and had to buy a ticket to Pittsburgh to get home instead of going to Portland."

Cons: "American completely missed the mark. AA did not successfully change our reservation when the initial leg of our trip was delayed by an hour due to a fuel issue, which caused us to miss your connection in Chicago. Since American partners with Alaskan Airlines, American should have changed my reservations with regards to Alaska Airlines, but they failed to do that. I stood at the Alaskan Airlines counter as the plane left the gate with our empty seats because there was not a ticket. American Airlines did not change a reservation successfully and so although we had boarding passes with our names and seats and the flight number, the plane left without us. I was stranded and Seattle airport at midnight with a child and an infant with one diaper and one bottle left and it was a terrible experience with American Airlines. I do not recommend flying American they cannot get it together when problems happen with delays."

Pros: "We really enjoyed our flights with American Airlines. From the counter to the stop on the plane everyone was great to work with and very friendly"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "There was no individual entertainment on board (TV’s, internet, etc)"

Pros: "The agent at the desk helped seat us together after our disastrous 1st flight. Crew was friendly & upbeat, great service."
Cons: "Old plane No entertainment No place to plug in/charge devices."

Pros: "Flight attendants were polite and friendly during beverage and snack service Seats were clean and recently reupholstered"
Cons: "Two people got removed from the flight for seemingly no particular reason prior to departure, and looked quite unhappy although there were no strong words. Very small seat pitch Long delays for maintenance and runway Annoying ads for AA credit card over the intercom prior to landing No USB ports"

Pros: "Comfortable first class seats for a regional airline, although no food or entertainment. Flight attendants were great, very friendly and they checked up on us often. On time departure and early arrival. American Airlines has always been great for me. Will be back"
Cons: "No food in first class, but it was only a 2 hr flight on a regional"

Pros: "Flight was moved from Philadelphia to problem"
Cons: "scanty food from Dallas to Porltand"

Pros: "The boarding was super fast as well as exiting, WOW!"

Pros: "Boarding was very quick, they called the groups quickly with no lag time in between."
Cons: "I think this was the most cramped airplane I have been on. It was so uncomfortable and I would think that they would take this into consideration since it was a red eye flight."

Pros: "I got there safe and there was some entertainment"
Cons: "seats small and not real comfortable."

Pros: "All connections-smooth"

Cons: "Only airline we flew that didn’t have pre boarding for families with small children."

Pros: "We did not take this flight when its schedule was moved back, instead taking one LHR-SEA that would get us home at a reasonable hour."
Cons: "The change by British Air in flight departure/arrival times. The resulting adjustment was costly and we were unable to get "extra" seating on the long leg of the trip by the time we were notified of the changes."

Cons: "There is no legroom in coach. I am six foot seven and my knees cram against the seat in front of me to the point my legs go numb."

Pros: "No individual screens to watch. Get with the times for long flights !"

Cons: "I don't know if I need to contact american airlines directly or what. But this is the 3rd flight that has been delayed with no reason given or for whatever the reason was tonight. Its obsurd. I booked a flight on Alaska Airlines specifically because american airlines had the issue of delays. Then come to find out, the flight WASN'T on Alaska...but its affiliate. It would be really nice to get some answers."

Pros: "We moved due to job change and American would not work with us to Change a reservation."

Pros: "Flight was good."
Cons: "Just getting through immigration in Miami fl."

Cons: "our flight was delayed, and no other options"

Pros: "On schedule and met all my expectations."
Cons: "No complaints."

Cons: "No complaints."

Cons: "Boarding seemed extremely unorganized. Crew skipped group 2 when calling groups to board, resulting in a mad rush."

Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "My luggage was lost!!! People were sympathetic but no apologies or compensation Also, we were forced to pay extra for our seats before we were able to print boarding passes. My husband and I were not able to sit together which was upsetting to me."

Cons: "El vuelo partió casi 1 hora de retraso lo que significó que debí correr para alcanzar mi siguiente vuelo."

Pros: "Nothing unexpected happened"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Narrow seats . No plug in for music or phone .. Bare minimum for same cost as better flight"

Cons: "Booked flights together yet sat apart.. kid kicking back of away just uncomfortable"

Cons: "Terminal at LAX requires a bus."

Pros: "Arrived 25 min EARLY for a change!"

Pros: "The plane was almost empty and so I was able to rest comfortably."

Cons: "Cancelled and put me on a flight over a day later with no hotel voucher"

Cons: "The rental car they have different than show price is diferentente u pay more than kayak ofert to hight price they I was. Not happy you should be check that they said the insurance u offered is not valid in el salvador"

Pros: "Crew was nice including those helping with boarding. Smooth ride."
Cons: "Limited snack options."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Poor service any customer service"

Cons: "Having to pay extra 24 hours in advance for a seat. There were no available "free" seats 24 hours before flight time."

Cons: "The seats are so squashed in in economy it was really hard to get comfortable. The inflight entertaining on the screens was rubbish. The app didn’t work with the movies. Some of he crew were lovely, and some were just ok."

Pros: "Our flight was 20 minutes lite but the flight crew was Great at letting us know what was going on."

Pros: "Nothing"

Pros: "The older planes of United Airlines could use some remodeling. The entertainment system with controls in the middle of the arm rest where the elbow rests is such a bad idea, didn't even bother with this crappy unintuitive system. It was annoying and flashy with bright advertisements or something popping up on a night time flight just sooooooo annoying, turning it off was not intuitive and had to ask the flight attendants how to turn it off during their very busy work of handing out packages with five miniature pretzels and drinks to the passengers, was happy to get a whole cab of juice to myself though."

Cons: "Again, seats are too close front to back."

Pros: "The crew was very nice and polite. Service was prompt and excellent"
Cons: "Excessively long layovers. I came home with 3 broken ribs and had to endure a 11 hour layover in Japan and another 6 hour layover in San Francisco."

Pros: "Comfortable."

Cons: "Upon approach we were suddenly deverted to Seattle. I had a few issues. Number one you could not hear the pilot so that made it worse. The lack of communication was horrible. I have been on flights when there has been clarity given a change in plans but this was bad. We sat at the gate for an hour and a half, again no real communication, the fligh attendant t hope was joking when he said there was a half a bottle left for the whole plane...much later we were served water. Announcements were made but no clarity. We were told to collect baggage at number 2. Get a voucher for a hotel. After deplann9ng about 25 of us stood in line at the customer service desk where there were two staff working slowly. Then after an hour they announced we were in the wrong place, couldn't that have been explained earlier? Once we made our way out of the terminal to the ticket count the line was all the way down the hall. still with little info we waited. We landed at the alternate airport at 945, at 130am I had my vouchers, the food not useful until the following day, the hotels were full, no one picked up the phone for the shuttle bus to the hotels. I finally elected to sleep at the airport on a bench. We had actually all been reassigned a flight on our same plane. So I am not sure why we had to wait in line all that time. Our bags were not removed from the plane an irritated baggage claim attendant told me. It was a mess. The flight the next morning was fine, short, without problems for me. united needs to work on its communications. It would have been helpful to have someone out side running the line giving out info. And at customer service they should have been paying attention to their line. Would have been helpful."

Pros: "Excellent as expected."

Pros: "Crew was great even on overnight flight"

Cons: "Horrible delays and reboarding and then none of the crew tried to make anything better. My flight attendant practically threw one of the cheap bags of snacks at me"

Cons: "The female flight attendant was RUDE!!!! On a flight of over 4 hours they should have a plane with a monitor at each seat. Had to watch movie from my smart phone. :-("

Pros: "Professional staff"
Cons: "Last minute gate change no notification. Plane was filthy even with 25 minute boarding delay, air coming from the supposed fresh air was full of lubricating oil smell. Seat would not recline as a disabled passenger with ruptured discs in my neck and back, this was more than an inconvenience it was very painful. At 6foot 2 inches tall my legs did not fit between the seats, plenty of foot room not enough space between rows. Miserable is an understatement the pain from the flight will certainly be very real for days after. Never United airlines again I will campaign against anyone flying United airlines!!"

Pros: "standard flight"
Cons: "my luggage didn't arrive till over 24 hours later"

Cons: "I cannot boo up to wifi so was unable to enjoy any entertainment."

Pros: "I appreciated full cans of soda."
Cons: "I tried getting on the stand by list on my phone web browser, but found out later that I was not. This process could be made much clearer and easier."

Pros: "The flight attendants were all super kind."
Cons: "My flight was delayed by three hours, but I understand that's not United's flight. Although, the airplane wasn't cleaned sufficiently. The tray next to me had crust on it from a previous was gross."

Pros: "On time and people nice"
Cons: "Everything. Very good"

Pros: "United always is superior to other Airlines once up in the air"
Cons: "We flew standby and United had problems with their first flight to Portand from San Francisco causing an overbooking situation. This the second time this year I have experienced this problem We literally were the last two people on the flight and it was very stressful as were meeting other family members to drive up to Seattle."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Baggage pick up"

Cons: "The refreshments should be better than a tiny packet of pretzels."

Pros: "Flight attendants were great, all smiles and very kind."
Cons: "The United staff at the gate desk were terrible. Very rude, unwilling to take care of customer requests or even try to show any customer service."

Cons: "Fly being delayed for more than 6 hours"

Pros: "Great!"

Cons: "Absence of food on International Flight. Tight seating. Old plane. Lack of free entertainment."

Pros: "We left on time and got in 40 min early, direct flight, crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seats were smaller than usual flights, no window seats left when I checked in, under seat leg area small, the TV was repetitive and no music options, if there were plugins on the flught!, they were hard to find. No free WiFi for T-Mobile in flight texting, standing in line while waiting to board after walking all day...the boarding took ages and people kept cutting (first class, disabled?)'d be nice if the crew acknowledged why people were taken out of order like "okay, first class you're all set!" Or "thank you for your service" so we knew it wasn't 20 people randomly jumping the line."

Cons: "It was delayed by 3 hrs"

Cons: "The flight attendant was rude to me while I was boarding. There was room for my carry on in the overhead compartment but she told me I had to keep my bag under the seat in front of me. There was also an extremely overweight person next to me, I couldn't lean back.I had to ride the entire flight on the edge of the seat stooped over. They should have made the large man buy 2 seats."

Pros: "Boarding, economy plus"

Pros: "The crew on this flight was maybe the best crew I've ever had in a flight. Extremely friendly and personable."
Cons: "Wifi and entertainment was not available I this flight"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything costs money on top of the tickets I purchased. To compete with other airlines they are going to have to start including food, baggage, and entertainment for free especially on international flights."

Pros: "Lmnot full flight"

Cons: "It was an enjoyable trip, no complaints whatsoever."

Cons: "Why does it take 45 minutes to board a plane? Way too long."

Pros: "3 seats shared by 2 psgngrs. Clear window."
Cons: "Couldn't give me a 1st class upgrade for NO reason??? I said "Please""

Pros: "Comfortable"

Pros: "As a pilot i don't care about the food, never eat it. I care about safe aviating and that we had all the way down to minimums into New Orleans."
Cons: "Don't much like being treated like cattle, but compared to flying my own aircraft this is practically free and totally safe."

Pros: "I upgraded to first class, which made the flight much more comfortable. The crew were helpful and friendly."
Cons: "I avoid flying whenever possible, as it is generally not a pleasant experience. Boarding was a mess."

Pros: "vinyl not cloth seats"
Cons: "The "free" movie service offered did not work on the flight to or from our destination. The seats on United seem smaller than other airlines."

Pros: "See above"

Pros: "Once we finally got a flight, because this one was delayed too, it was nice. The crew were friendly and helpful and made sure I was comfortable. Boarding went quickly and I was happy to get moving."
Cons: "This flight was also delayed one hour."

Pros: "Thank you for using Boeing aircraft! Akong with being an American made aircraft,even the small 737 is so much larger and comfortable than the any Airbus, sure makes your flight more comfortable and user friendly with the necessary leg room and overhead luggage compartment. My girlfriend and I just took a flight to Hawaii using American Airlines, and we were disappointed to get an Airbus every leg of the trip. I am 6'4" and those Airbuses have no comfort side to side or front to back, and I always have to see my chiropractor afterwards. You can't even get small carryons into their tiny overhead luggage compartments. I have flown United Airlines before and remembered that most of your aircraft were Boeing, so I chose this trip with you. Very comfortable flight and I look forward to my return trip. I will continue to Fky United Airlines from now on. And thank you for the new safety instructions video. It catches your eye and keeps you paying attention, and has humor too. Thanks again everyone at United"

Pros: "Horrible Delay and inaccurate time updates.. they postponed for 4 hours while giving hope every half an hour"

Pros: "Loved the baggage options with carry on baggage. So convenient."
Cons: "The seating was tight in economy. Hard to stretch."

Cons: "This was the only flight on United this week that wasn't over-booked. Still, seats were small and uncomfortable."

Pros: "The seats in this old Boeing 737 are a lot better than the torture devices in the new airbus airplanes. The fact that the plane was not full meant there was enough room that the experience in coach was not literally painful as it had been on the Airbus leg into Denver from DFW."
Cons: "No food."

Pros: "Thanks for the upgrade"
Cons: "Thanks for the upgrade"

Pros: "Room"
Cons: "Not comfy"

Pros: "Staff was friendly, boarding was smooth."
Cons: "Price"

Cons: "Flight was delayed over 2 hrs making us get into Portland after 2am. Very inconvenient to us traveling with a 1 year old and a big hassle to the people picking us up. Should have gotten another plane instead of making us wait on the delayed plane."

Cons: "Flight was rescheduled twice! And when I called to see if it was going to get canceled they said that it might still take off at the original time, even though I got 2 emails saying it was rescheduled. This made it really frustrating because we would not make it on time if it took off at the originally scheduled time! We rushed over to the airport just to be told it was taking off late again! So we waited at the airport for 2 more hours!"

Pros: "It took me from point A to point B."
Cons: "Baggage fees are ridiculous. Never again with Spirit."

Cons: "We were stuck for over 30 minutes at landing gate."

Pros: "The Flight attendants and the pilots were great,"
Cons: "The flight was aver an hour delayed. With all the mess from the original flight to Chicago, I will never fly Spirit again."

Cons: "I understand that spirit is a cheap airlines particularly serving those without luggage; however, when having luggage I spent $200 for a flight to pdx to lax - not a good deal. $200 for that flight should come with some kind of incredible perks which is not the case with spirit where you don't even get proper flight updates on the screen or tray tables. Also, it is clear that your airlines prey on those who follow directions as I saw handfuls of people walking through the gate with their luggage and not being charged, my boyfriend/travel companion for example paid nothing for his luggage, disregarded all memos via loud speaker and walked on with his unpaid for luggage. The experience with spirit was undesirable in every way and I will never chose this airline over another (luggage in hard or not) after the poor experience and being completely ripped off. I plan to share this message with social media and yelp sites as well."

Cons: "I didn't have a flight on spirit, they rebooked us on Delta."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled"

Pros: "Seats had enough room"
Cons: "No pretzels"

Pros: "We thought we were getting tickets at a reasonable price."
Cons: "The price would have been reasonable if we didn't have to pay extra for EVERYTHING."

Pros: "I loved that the flight was cheap. I only brought a backpack so I didn't have to pay any extra fees. I didn't care about the food packages so once again I didn't pay any extra. The flight attendants were awesome! I did the online boarding and it was really easy to navigate"
Cons: "The seats were small, but the flight wasn't long so it wasn't bad. If you have to buy a bag make sure you do it before you get to the terminal. It's the cheapest to do online and then the price just continues to raise as you become closer to actually boarding the plane."

Cons: "Arrived for a conference and did not get my checked baggage back. My flight arrived Tuesday night in Portland. I was already tired because we had a layover in Vegas from O'Hare. After waiting for my highly anticipated bag this tired Spirit employee came up to my and told me that it was probably lost and made me fill out a sheet without explaining it. I finally gave in so I could leave while signing over to the devil. The employee told me to call at 5am because they would know where my bag was, but no one answered. I then called later in the afternoon to get employees who had no idea. I had not much choices for clothing so I had to borrow and buy some new things because it was already a couple days in. I finally got an answered call the morning of Thursday that they found my bag and they'd ship it out to me. Got a call at 3 am Friday morning and finally stumbled out into the darkness while a flash light was blinding my face to FINALLY get my bag back. NO one ever called me to tell me about my bag. HORRIBLE SERVICE. DO NOT FLY. PLEASE."

Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hrs"

Pros: "Crew did their job."
Cons: "Spirit airlines is terrible. Makes you pay for everything. Boarding was confusing. Seats were the most uncomfortable I've ever sat in."

Pros: "I hate Spirit. I really do."
Cons: "I get that this is a low cost carrier. But their business isn't really being low cost-it's tricking you into paying more for stupid little things. Like, I didn't pay to check bags when I first checked in, and then tried to later (online, 20 minutes after check in) and it cost $10 more per bag. Then, when we got to the airport, we were told we had to have our boarding passes printed out before we got to the ticket agent or they would charge $10 per effing boarding pass. Seriously. No option for mobile boarding pass, of course. After you pay for bags (you pay to CARRY ON a bag) & getting an assigned seat, this is not a budget alternative. It just sucks."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Plane was malfunctioning and we had to wait on a congested plane with no updates. The anxiety pushed me into throwing up consistently for the whole over two hour flight. As we took off the plane was making a terrible noise that nobody has ever heard on a plane before. No explanation on any of it. The pilots also flew slightly erratically when making our climb..... The worst flight ever. We will never fly on your airline again. The flight attendant did give an apology at the end of the fight but it was not nearly enough."

Pros: "Courtesy was exellent"
Cons: "Website"

Pros: "Everything was fine"

Pros: "No crew members are constantly going up and down the isles selling or passing out food."
Cons: "The trays in front are laughable and no reclining button."

Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "rude service - both inflight and ground Was told flight was an hour late, I was fine with that, but asked if the airplane was enroute. I was lied to and told it was, flight ended up being 3 hours late. I live 2 hours from the airport, had to spend extra $200 for a hotel because my bags were lost. Portland airport is only open for about 2 hours a day I paid extra to check in 2 bags ($90 each way) only to have them put in the airport lock up because I didn't claim them right away. I was the last person off the plane and need to use the bathroom. The ground crew apparently didn't want to wait a few extra minutes and locked my bags in the lock up. I had to wait until 5pm the FOLLOWING day to claim them and got nothing but attitude from the agent. Don't be fooled, this is not a discount airline, ends up costing SO MUCH more in time and hassle. Just fly Southwest."

Pros: "Flight unvenetful"
Cons: "Spirit website is absolutely horrible. Gate staff was horrible - very grumpy While a new plane, the seat had no padding. I won't choose Spirit anytime soon, even if Spirit's connections are more desirable."

Pros: "The plane was too cold"

Pros: "it was crowded but not full. Three adults with bags under the seats in one row is too cramped for a long flight - or even just over an hour if you have long legs and aren't petite. One guy moved to an open seat after about an hour and everything was tons better!!"

Pros: "I cannot think of a single positive thing to say about my experience."
Cons: "Our return flight was cancelled after being delayed twice. In the end, we sat in the airport for 7 hours. Spirit did not offer any compensation or apologies. We spent the next hour trying to find our checked bags, which did not appear on the baggage carousel where we were told they would be. It turns out they were dumped by the unmarked, unattended Spirit baggage office. To make matters worse, CES (massive international trade show) had just started in Las Vegas which means all the rooms went up 2-3x the normal price. Our new return flight was also delayed by 2 hours the next day. More sitting in an airport. Then we get on the plane and we're told the one of the bathroom doesn't work. They say they're not going to delay the flight to fix them. Just kidding, we sat on the plane for an hour as maintenance crews played with the bathrooms for over an hour. Not to mention the plastic buckets they call seats are incredibly cramped and uncomfortable."

Pros: "My own downloaded movie that I watched on my phone. Also needed/enjoyed the 2 bottles of wine that I purchased."
Cons: "Tight seat and screaming child right behind me, even after paying extra for the seat. Ugh!"

Pros: "The lady that did my check in was very nice and welcoming"
Cons: "While I was standing at the line waiting to give my suitcase, another attend was available but she was besy talking to her friend the second attended, so when I stand there for a few min and no body was there , I approach to the attendant that spoke to her friend and she gave my that attitude and send me back to the line . So eventually the lady that was besy got me and took care of me , but was rude !!"

Cons: "See above."

Pros: "Free hotel and food. They also provided for a taxi to and from the hotel."
Cons: "They sent the plane 30 minutes prior to when I, and 36 others arrived on another delayed flight."

Cons: "Cancelled it with no explanation Lengthy phone call"

Pros: "Not much to like about their service. Not worth the ticket price, there are all these hidden fees. No customer support. Flight insurance offered is missleading. Awful horrible bad pewtrid service."
Cons: "I purchased the flight insurance just in case plans neede to change, and they did. I flew my first leg with a different airlines; I needed to get to my destination sooner than I had origionally booked. Spirit makes it difficult to speak with anyone so I could not communicate my change. My return flight home was canceled even though I had paid for it. They would not help me return home at all. Spirt is awful. Their travel insurance is missleading. Spirit is the absolute worst as far as customer service. I cannot say enough bad about their service. Don't bother calling any phone numbers given, you'll be on hold hell for ever, with no pathway leading to speak to an actual human. RIP OFF."

Cons: "The lights were on the entire night flight, and got brighter when advertisements were being made."

Cons: "They wanted to charge me for a bag I'd already brought on previous flight with their airline. Again, it was a last minute booking, which was unquestionably cheap, so I can't complain too much."

Pros: "Crew was polite and rapidly boarded."
Cons: "Our plane was late to arrive, then had computer issues. We were delayed about 2.5 hours to our arrival."

Cons: "My first flight was delayed so much that, even though the second flight was also delayed, Spirit Airlines did not allow me to make the connection. Compensation was a hotel room until 12pm (even though the make-up flight is scheduled for almost eight hours later, at 7:55pm), taxis to and from the airport, and three $7 vouchers. Who can get a decent meal in a tourist destination for $7??? Will avoid this airline at all costs in the future."

Pros: "My re-booked flight was on Alaska Airlines and was much more comfortable than the Spirit flight would have been."
Cons: "I had to stay overnight when I could have made my original connection but wasn't permitted to board."

Cons: "The flight was delayed 2.5 hours. This crew was frienldier than our earlier flight though."

Cons: "There were several open seats and no one was allowed to go in the exit row. Not safe. Also boarding people were rude. I won't be flying spirit again."

Cons: "I was pretty turned off by spirit asking me 4 times for money to make their production more green, when they don't have mobile boarding. It seems blatantly scammy since they charge $10 to print the pass for you. I'd like to know the percentage of people who fly to a destination and have reasonable access to a printer so they can print their return flight home. I'm never flying spirit again."

Cons: "Spirit airlines scammed me and was a terrible value. I bought an inexpensive ticket ($70) without realizing that I would pay more than the flight for my bag and carry on ($85). The flight was delayed over 2 hours due to maintenance, so I missed the greyhound bus I needed to catch, and the people at customer service offered no reimbursement. They charged for everything (even water!) on the plane and I was only able to get water for medical reasons (once I told them I had a headache). The staff was rude and unapologetic. I usually fly southwest, and will do so in the future, because it is a much better value, considering they don't charge for bags and are usually inexpensive."

Pros: "It was very easy from start to finish!"

Pros: "quick flight once in the air"
Cons: "Incoming flight was late, seats are to close, would not take for a flight over two hours. Did I say the seats are too close."

Pros: "It was cheap but they make you pay in other ways."
Cons: "They make you pay $50 for your luggage and then they charged me another $25 for being 10 Lbs over weight. Everybody was complaining - no drinks served - they wanted to charge me for a glass of water - they wanted to charge me $9 for a seat reservation - the seats were all jammed together - the flight crew were fine but the ground crew looked at me like I had just "broken wind" when I complained about their over charging and the like - the whole thing was an ordeal and I felt like I had been scammed... big time."

Pros: "Staff was good and professional. Flight was timely and check in was smooth."
Cons: "I didn't know that no bags are included in the fare, checked or carry on. I had to contact spirit seperate from kayak and pay an additional $140 for 2 bags and $20 to sit next to my wife. This additional charge made my flight more expensive than the airlines I usually use. I also had to decline pages of extras from spirit"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst customer service ever. Waste of money and time"

Cons: "Had to pay for s carryon it should tell you that won'the fly with them again"

Cons: "They leave out the carry on bag fee and mention nothing about it during checkout. $50+ per carry on bag for each flight. They have no free water or snacks midflight. Snacks I understand, but no water?? Really?"

Pros: "Spirit Airplanes -THE BEST!!!!!"

Pros: "I liked that one of the workers helped me find my way back when I got lost."
Cons: "My flight was delayed 4 times which meant I got in to Portland at 4am. I was lucky that the car rental place was still open. I also had an early interview, so getting their at 4 am didn't allow for much preparation time for me."

Cons: "Crazy unclear fees. Horrible."

Cons: "5 hour delay, terrible communication, poor customer service"

Pros: "The employees were very nice but put into a bad position by their management"
Cons: "When a flight is booked, pilots should be scheduled. I understand that things happen but communication is key. Telling people that the plane is here and we should be boarding soon is a big mistake when you do not have pilots ready and available. Stop over promising and under delivering."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from El Salvador to Portland

Airlines flying from El Salvador to Portland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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