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Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 31366 reviews
Airline reviews

The Turkey wrap was not that good. I sure like the Turkey Sandwich better.

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The Turkey wrap was not that good. I sure like the Turkey Sandwich better.

Cons: "My bag was lost, but I think that was more of an American Airlines issue than a Alaska one."
Pros: "The crew was professional in every way,"
Cons: "There were a couple of individuals with oversized carry-ons that held up boarding as they tried repeatedly to get the carry-ons into the overhead bins. Utilizing a carry-on sizing tool in the gate area would have identified these two oversized carry-ons PRIOR to boarding and could have kept everyone safer. Instead, passengers behind the offenders were waiting while the bags were opened, items removed, and another attempt made at stuffing them into the overhead bins, all while passengers already seated were subjected to even more compromised social distancing in enclosed spaces."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "IT was ok, for a 45 flight"
Cons: "The crew was so rude!!!!!!"
Pros: "Delayed almost 3 hours."
Cons: "Little delay is ok but not 3 hours."
Pros: "Good crew on this leg. While not always the case, they left the lights off for the entire flight and only had them dimly on when doing their final checks. It was also nice that everybody was handed water bottles that wanted one."
Cons: "Alaska Airlines doesn't have seatback screens and only limited beverage selections on these shuttle flights."
Pros: "Polite crew :)"
Cons: "Pretzels!!! Seriously, the Biscof cookies are not as good. Of course, I like salty :)"
Cons: "Better snacks premium members"
Pros: "It was on time, arrival and departure. Boarding procedure smooth"
Cons: "Flight attendant Lisa was always rude, there’s no entertainment and the sits are very uncomfortable"
Cons: "Please let us know to login to Alaska WiFi at the GATE please.. please.. because once inside cabin it’s too late to get set up for onboard entertainment."
Pros: "Toni was amazing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 8 hours"
Pros: "Friendly staff. Snack service."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Crew was kind, friendly and funny. Gogo inflight entertainment was great, and made the trip go by faster."
Pros: "Crew was very nice"
Cons: "The seats are so uncomfortable"
Cons: "Less turbulence"
Cons: "I was in the middle seat between two heavy ladies . I had no room to move. They lost my sis in laws luggage"
Cons: "It is a late night/early morning 5 1/2 hour flight. Seats are not as comfortable as some airlines I have flown on such as Delta and Canada Air. No coffee offered early morning before landing which would have been nice"
Pros: "Simple and easy"
Pros: "Good leg room Good coffee"
Cons: "No iPad to rent or on seat tv screen"
Pros: "Flight had a mechanical issue. They kept us informed, provided vouchers for food, and a discount on a future flight. We also were offered a free drink once the flight finally did take off. Crew was terrific."
Cons: "It was a 5 hour delay, however, we deplaned after about 50 minutes."
Pros: "Friendly, helpful people. Very quick, smooth flight. Loved flying over the snow covered mountains."
Pros: "I didnt die."
Cons: "That they fed me cookies all day. Better tasting water. Variety of free snacks."
Cons: "Comfort? You have to pay for leg room. Otherwise your knees are in the back of the seat in front of you. Food? What food? They offered trail mix. You have to buy the cheese platter. After buying the leg room upgrade. forget it. Entertainment? What entertainment? You have to buy the entertainment player. Seriously? After Alaska Airlines nickel and dimes the customer to death?"
Pros: "It was great we had a nice Tailwind that got us in 50 min early . Space in seating was more than adequit."
Cons: "Their wasn't anything I disliked."
Pros: "Didn't utilize food or entertainment"
Pros: "Staff was awesome"
Pros: "Had no food or entertainment"
Pros: "Overall a great experience"
Pros: "Excellent Crew - I flew standby, so have great gate agents and flight attendants makes all the difference when you’re hoping for a seat. In flight they are professional and personable and keep you up to date on what you need to know! Plus, I’m always happy when my flights have USB ports so I’m fully charged when I deplane."
Cons: "I always want more leg room or a little more room under the seat in front of me. But I didn’t upgrade for a roomier seat and there was more than enough overhead space, so truly can’t complain about it!"
Pros: "The employees on the plane as well as those in the terminal were very friendly and acted like they liked their jobs! No surprise financial add ins!"
Pros: "my flight was from fairbanks to seattle and then to orlando. i was very comfortable and the attendants were caring when someone felt ill. not a medical emergency just a woman who felt odd."
Cons: "the on board thing to do with the tablet didnt work. when we landed in seattle i asked the customer service booth for help and they ould not offer any suggestions except to rent thier equipment"
Pros: "Everything was awesone...the airline crew were helpful and approachable."
Cons: "There was nothing that I didn't like."
Pros: "gate agents and crew nice. leg room good"
Pros: "Alaska Airlines is top notch on my pole! Always been Awesome and I have flown with them for the last 20 years!"
Pros: "Everything was great. Was on schedule, not a full fligh, no crying babies, and arrived early."
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "Na"
Pros: "In my flight form ANC to FAI the check in was seemless. I was given a bag for my car seat. I was able to check my pack n play no issues. Checking my bag"
Cons: "My flight back my cab driver was late. I got there at 530 first of all the baggage drop lady was rude and looked me up and down before choosing to talk to me. I was told they didn't have bags for my car seat and that I missed my flight. By the time I scheudled a new flight and made it through security to wait for my 9 am instead of 6 am flight the flight I was suppsosed to be on was boarding. Also when I checked my bags after being told I had to call the 1800# instead of use the customer service desk I was told that I had to pay for my pack n play. When it was not charged on the way up."
Pros: "On time and can check in at least two bags each passenger !"
Pros: "All around high quality airline, very professional and friendly flight attendants"
Cons: "They need a better selection of snacks, and seats with built in monitors to watch tv instead of the hand held tablets available for rent. The tablets can also sit on the tray but it's not comfortable on my neck."
Pros: "the seats were much more comfortable and the fans worked. I had a way better flight."
Pros: "After a long delay the captain did his best to get us to Anchorage as quickly as possible. That was appreciated."
Cons: "We were delayed 2 hours due to the fact that the scheduled captain could not fly anymore due to hours. We had to wait to get another pilot. This caused some problems for some who had schedules to meet, and rides to be notified. The airline needs to see this possibility sooner so long waits are avoided as much as possible. The 737 was not as comfortable as the regional jet on our first leg of this trip."
Pros: "The service was great, everyone was very friendly!"
Cons: "The change from virgin airlines to Alaska was a bit confusing. I was told conflicting things and was not told that I would have to pic up my checked bag to re-check it. There needs to be more clear instructions on what someone needs to do if they are flying with both airlines."
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice and efficient. The seats were comfortable, but my wive got squeezed by a large person next to her. I rated the food as 3 * because the snacks they give out are cookies (which I am sure most people appreciate) but I am only eating healthy things. Some salty nuts would have worked for us. Drink wise there were multiple sugar free options, which I appreciate,. I had a Seltzer and orange tea."
Cons: "Nothing to complain about. I rated the food as 3 * because the snacks they give out are cookies (which I am sure most people appreciate) but I am only eating healthy things. Some salty nuts would have worked for us. Drink wise there were multiple sugar free options, which I appreciate,. I had a Seltzer and orange tea."
Cons: "delays resulted in being on the plane four hours. Food consisted of cookies. Seated in back of plane where three flight attendants were chatting at the top of their lungs for the *entire* GODDAM flight. oh, it was a 10 pm - 12:10 AM flight. How considerate."
Pros: "The beer."
Cons: "No blankets."
Pros: "I appreciated the checking in process with Akemi. She made it seamless! Thank you!"
Pros: "• Quick to board plane and take off • Flight arrived sooner than expected • built in plugs so you can charge your computer or phone."
Cons: "They have a 20 minute policy for baggage claim. At the 19 minute mark they sent up about 20 bags and stoped. It took them another 30 minutes to start sending more bags. One of the airline attendants spelt a fruit package on the floor in front of me. The juice from the package got all over my bag below the seat in front of me, getting important military paperwork damaged and she didn't even apologize."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and then postponed to 3 hours later but at least they reaccommodated the passengers as good as they could."
Cons: "Flight schedule is what I did not like. It would have been good if there was a straight flight from Alaska (Anchorage, Fairbanks) to LA and LA to Alaska (Anchorage, Fairbanks)"

Very easy and smooth.

Best airline

You guys suck, get better seats

I tried to change the food preference on the web site but it didn't save it, getting through to them on the phone is impossible these days so I wasn't able to save the food preferences.


Entertainment was very plentiful, staff were courteous. Seating was HORRIBLE. That is the most cramped I’ve ever been on any flight …Jet Blue and Spirit included. Very uncomfortable for a six hour trip.

Cons: "Not making me sit on tarmac pretending you already don’t know the flight is canceled. Enough of the dog and pony shows."
Pros: "Organized boarding"
Cons: "Headrest lcd didnt worked for entertainment Couldnt stretch my legs cause they told me to put the back pack on the floor instead of overhead compartment"
Cons: "Leave a seat empty in the middle could be good for social distancing"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Everything was fine"
Pros: "Flight left on time."
Cons: "No charging points at seat and armrest headphone jacks did not work."
Pros: "SEAT ok"
Pros: "M"
Cons: "Seat pitch was too tight, especially when the person in front of me pushed their seat back."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Having to check my carryon even though I was in the 12th row. I saw some passengers putting two items in the overhead, which makes it unfair to others."
Cons: "After take off I could no longer hear anything through the headphone jacks. Staff was VERY rude & unpleasant the whole trip. Feed half of my family, and left the other half of us to sit there until there was only one choice left, Then completely forgot to serve me anything."
Cons: "Seat was uncomfortable, no entertainment, barely a snack. Sadness."
Pros: "The movie and TV selection was excellent"
Cons: "Interrupting my movie several times. Stop that. I understand when it’s a seat belt message, or landing. Don’t make me listen to the pilot drone on about the weather. It’s 2018. I can check that on my own"
Cons: "The plane was a little too hot."
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "WiFi not working"
Pros: "Nice flight"
Cons: "Flight cancelled. Airline screwed me ovet"
Pros: "Relatively comfortable!"
Cons: "It was late."
Pros: "Everything worked the way it was supposed to. Bag transfer through customs and transfer to domestic was easy."
Cons: "Snacks and food in general on US operated airlines is generally sad. American Airlines should learn from Qantas about food quality and service."
Pros: "In seat entertainment"
Cons: "Not enough food options for purchase."
Pros: "We landed 8 minutes early although we left 20 min late"
Cons: "No food, no entertainment on a small plane"
Pros: "It’s the industry practice that the service level for 6 hours long flight is by the ‘domestic’ but it’s shaemful. No food or video screen !!!"
Pros: "The amount of legroom is insane. Super comfortable flight, very nice staff."
Pros: "On time flights, friendly crew"
Cons: "Flight connections time was not enough for mam with infant.we missed the flight should better set up that kind of big airport"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Older plane"
Pros: "NOT much!"
Cons: "My window seat was right against the right engine. I could feel the vibrations and noise. It seemed like an old plane. I was definitely miserable on this flight. Very!"
Cons: "Poor entertainment, wifi option. Overhead lighting was on entire flight. AA flight attendants were over it. A bad experience"
Pros: "The crew was awesome. We were early arriving. More leg room this flight and I loved the in-flight entertainment games. Also charged area was good for phones. Didn't like having to pay for Wi-Fi onboard."
Cons: "The crew was awesome. We were early arriving. More leg room this flight and I loved the in-flight entertainment games. Also charged area was good for phones. Didn't like having to pay for Wi-Fi onboard."
Pros: "Plenty of room in first class. Flight crew was efgicient"
Cons: "Flight was not catered, therefore we ended up with only a small cup of water. It wasn't worth the upgrade to first class. Also, the upgrade indicated our luggage would be a priority at baggage claim. We had connection to make for an international flight, but here I sight at baggage claim 1...waiting and waiting."
Cons: "We didn't fly Finnair. All of my emails said Finnair and then when arrived at the Finnair counter they didn't have my family registered. After some panicking, we were told to try American Airlines. That is who we flew with, not Finnair"
Pros: "I likes that I was able to pick my seat for the same price."
Pros: "The British Airways flight to Europe had on-demand movies, with a screen on the back of the seat in front of you. The American Airlines return flight only had a cabin screen, where everyone watched the same movie. I will say, however, that the two movies I watched were excellent, so the outcome was fine (but given the option, I'd take the BA option of on-demand viewing!)."
Cons: "The seats on the AA weren't quite as comfortable as the BA flight (seats sat pretty straight upright, and not too plush... but all in all, not terribly uncomfortable)."
Pros: "The crew was very helpful at each stop even though they weren't responsible for the disasters."
Cons: "Initially we thought we were flying with British Airways. We then had to do some digging to realize it was all out of American Airlines. Then we couldn't get proper boarding passes and luggage tags until one of the crew members spent a significant amount of time untangling each leg of our trip so they were in the proper order. We got delayed by 4 hours in Chicago and missed our connection in Manchester. We had another 5 hour wait there. By the time we got to Dublin, our bags didn't also arrive. After almost 24 hours of travel, we arrived but without all of our stuff."
Pros: "Crew was good."
Cons: "The television was in the aisle and couldn't be properly seen. Also there was no outlet charger. During boarding, even thou they called by group number, the crew allowed a queue in the front, making it confusing who was in line and who wasn't. Better wait till the end to board that get in that mess"
Pros: "The crew was one of the best flight crews I have ever met! We had many of the same attendants on the flight back to MIA, as well. Give them raises!"
Pros: "Amazingly, the flight wasn't full and the stewardess let my wife, 2 month old son and me have the last row."
Cons: "Entertainment on AA is sub-par"
Pros: "All flights were on time. American Airlines personal is extremely friendly"
Pros: "I prefer this size plane to the other alternatives."
Cons: "No snacks were offered at all."
Pros: "Same as above "loved everything" excellent flight!!!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "American Airlines seemed to be out of sorts on both days of the trip. My connecting flight seat was not assigned until I got to my connecting airport. On the way back, we sat in the plane for over half an hour with no explanation. We then had to de-plane due to engine issues. The attendants at the counter were not that efficient with rescheduling itineraries, as they were often taking breaks, engaging in chit-chat with other workers, and answering personal phone calls during the process. On the connecting flight back, the ground crew "was not ready" for the plane and advised us to "hang out". This made for very little time in finding my connecting flight home (especially because the assigned gate was not even listed in the airport terminal). Not overly dramatic. Just a lot of small things that culminated in a very frustrating travel day. I will likely be avoiding American Airlines in the future."
Pros: "Timeliness"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to pay $50 to check bags when if I had been able to to Ak Air check in they would have been free"
Pros: "We chose the seats with 6 inches more legroom - well worth it! We slept comfortably on the flight."
Cons: "It's always difficult getting comfortable with a stranger ext to you, but overall it was a nice quick flight."
Cons: "1 1/2 hour delay waiting for another plane was ridiculous."
Cons: "Food choices are pretzels or crackers."

Flight was delayed 6 hours. I had to buy a ticket from another airline thanks to you. I will never use Spirit again.

Pros: "The experience was horrible. There was nothing happening to like."
Cons: "The staff should not lie to the passengers. Passengers should be removed from the plane if the delay is going to be over 30 minutes that way they can take care of their personal needs and stretch. Water and a snack should be offered if the delay is over 30 minutes. Telling passengers you do not give anything for free and then refusing them water after turning off the air conditioner is really bad. Also, when reloading the same protocal of calling for children, disabled, and zones should be followed. I had to tell the manager to do this. He just told the whole crowd to line up which created a hostile mess."
Pros: "Crew, snack options, and pilots are amazing."
Cons: "T-Bone Porterhouse steaks as snack options... on board chef"
Pros: "The crew nice The seat are bad, especially for the back"
Cons: "A better seat, it doesn't matter where you seat it should be better for any client. Make us feel that you don't appreciated your customer."
Cons: "The crew was not so nice"
Pros: "Nothing Spirit was late on every flight, I requested disabled seating as I am a combat vet and non disabled people were placed in bulkhead?"
Cons: "Don’t fly with Spirit Airlines on your vacation they will ruin it"
Cons: "Seating a little clostifobic..mainly no room for feet if bag max size under seat in front of you."
Pros: "I have flown with Spirit before and overall was as expected."
Cons: "We got a fabulous deal and I realize Spirit offers less amenities to keep prices down but I think water should be complimentary."
Cons: "I didn’t like that I had to pay to check my luggage and to also choose a seat. I think it’s absurd that you have to pay for an isle seat or window seat. What is the purpose of the ticket i purchased, only to board the plane ??. I’m surprise you do not charge your passengers to use the bathroom, since everything else we are charged for."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Forget the fact that Spirit offers low cost flights and hides the fact that selecting a seat and traveling with a bag will increase that cost to a higher price than what you’d pay on a normal airline. Set aside the fact that you will be crammed into a cushion-less metal seat that neither reclines nor has a working tray table (it is a shelf that cannot hold a drink.) What’s driven me most to review this airline is the sense of unease and sheer fear we felt being told that we’d be taking off once the crew could determine if the right engine would work. After a bumpy, white-knuckler on our way down to FLL, my son and I walked off our return flight, unwilling to spend another few hours wondering if we’d make it to our destination."
Pros: "Flight from MSP to PHX was delayed an hour, which messed up our transportation down there. Minimal word was given, at time of boarding they then delayed 30 min, then when that time expired they added another 30. VERY UNORGINIZED, and unprofessional. Terrible service, terrible airline, don't be tricked by 5% cheaper fairs... they suck!"
Cons: "They canceled our flight home from PHX to MSP, they blamed weather in DFW, which is bull, there were many other airlines flying out of DFW that morning. Because they blamed weather, there was no compensation for screwed up schedules. The next available flight was 2.5 DAYS later!! no other options, it was ridiculous... they were no help to get rebooked on another airline, or even driving to another airport... horrible all around. We ended up driving to Mesa Gateway, flying Alegiant Air to Fargo, renting a car, driving 5.5 hours back to MSP to get our car, then 2.5 hours home again. But it's all good, Spirit refunded that leg of our fare... $220... we spent over $750 to get home by 1am, when we should have been there by early afternoon. DONT EVER FLY SPIRIT - THEY'RE THE WORST..."
Pros: "Helpful and nice overall experience."
Pros: "my son was sick and the flight attendants help me all the way very kind and always asking if every thing was alright thanks to the attendants that day."
Cons: "the seat was really uncomfortable"
Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "Seats are awfully unconfortable. I'm tall and these slighly cheaper tickets came at a price - my legs paid for it. Thankfully my trip was only 3 hrs."
Pros: "No food or Entertainment, but it was a way to get from point A to B. It was a fairly priced flight. Not bad."
Cons: "I wish their baggage policy was more clear"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled"
Pros: "Boarding was great! We did not buy food or access entertainment so cannot rate that. Overall, our trip was smooth."
Cons: "It would not hurt to offer a cup of water. I brought a bottle with me. However, for the elderly or small children or those with medical issues, this could be a problem. Also, the plane was very cold even with the vents completely closed. After three hours of a cold draft, I developed a sore throat and I had a jacket and sweater!"
Pros: "I enjoy the low prices, and very friendly crew."
Cons: "I don't like the small tray tables and the seats that do not recline."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "Fares may be cheap, but they gouge you on everything else. A carry on bag $57 is daylight robbery. Also overbooked my friends flight and bumped him so the whole trip was ruined because we didn't have much time. The seats are super uncomfortable as well. I guess you have to pay a lot more for a seat that doesn't send you to the chiropractor. Spirit should be ashamed of it's business model. It should be called set the hook with a low initial price then gouge all you can. I even took money to the bathroom because I thought they would charge. That is next by the way. I would have to say my Spirit experience at least matched my many prior experiences​ with United, which is the worst airline on the planet. Spirit maybe second by a slim margin. I will never fly Spirit again. They stink."
Pros: "The actual flight was good!"
Cons: "I had to pay $50 for my baggage. I did not know it was going to cost this much."
Pros: "1. Short trip 2. Quick and relatively painless"
Cons: "1. Carry-on upcharge 2. Very uncomfortable seats"
Cons: "The time is gold, the lose time for everything"
Pros: "I got upgraded! The best flight ever!"
Cons: "One of the crew who was announcing- most of the worda words were not clear"
Pros: "Staff was very helpful and extremely pleasant"
Cons: "In New York I was told my carry on had to be checked and was obliged to pay for it even thought the same carry on luggage was used from Ft.Laud to New York and fit perfectly in the overhead bin and I was not obliged to check it or pay for it. I did not feel that was right and hope that Spirit will refund this $100. charge."
Pros: "Every ting is good. Perfet."
Pros: "Nothing impressive."
Cons: "No complimentary drinks, snacks, or entertainment. Even on a 4+ hour flight, the most they could offer me was a cup of ice. No water, juice, soda, pretzels, peanuts, etc. If you wanted ANYTHING, you had to pay for it. Also, they charge $55 to bring a carry on and $50 to check bags. On both departure and return, I tried to do self check in at the kiosk, but error messages came up both times (despite accepting and charging my credit card) telling me to wait in line to see a cashier. So trying to take initiative and doing self check in was a waste of time and I still had to wait in line afterwards. Very dissatisfied with my experiences on Spirit Airlines."
Pros: "Had the row to myself on the way to Newark."
Cons: "Flight home cancelled due to "weather conditions" and was only offered a refund for half the original ticket price. Was then able to get a flight home with JetBlue for a similar departure time but had to pay $100 more then the refund amount."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and professional"
Cons: "Hard seats. Long layovers"
Pros: "Nothing. Luckily the flight attendant gave me An extra gin 3 for the price of 2."
Cons: "The flight got canceled 8 hour Layover in Another state no food voucher they told me To sleep on the street or find a seat in the Airport over night to wait for my rescheduled Flight. I paid 730$ for this flight my re book flight Cost 530, they stole 200$ from me. And couldn't offer a $5 food voucher"
Pros: "I like the limited baggage policy because it makes you travel lighter and that is better for the environment."
Cons: "I will never fly with this airline again. I've never heard if airlines flat out canceling flights because of mechanical and crew problems. Usually flights are delayed while these get fixed. But this airline has no margin to work with."
Pros: "This flight was easy and cheap. I went online beforehand and added a back plus printed out my boarding pass - so no extra charges. Simple!"
Pros: "Spirit staff and pilots are focused on giving passengers a friendly,hassel-free trip. And Spirit's luggage and in-flight food service policies were both reasonable with consistent with provding more Go-More-For-The-Dollar!"
Pros: "The seats felt very wide and comfortable. Short flight! Loved it"
Pros: "Price."
Cons: "Need better seats, need wifi and a plug so you can charge your phones or laptop but I guess that won't happen anytime soon you get what you paid for."
Pros: "Flight Attendants were great. The boarding staff was not. Check bag fee. Carry-on bag fee. Drink fee. Snack fee. The seats were uncomfortable and the space between rows is tight. The flight did arrive ahead of schedule."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "If you want to bring a bag of anything, be prepared to pay. Or if you care about where you sit at all."
Cons: "All the fees. I'd rather have the convenience of purchasing a ticket that I didn't have to add everything on to. They aren't cheaper, they just don't charge you up front."
Pros: "It's on time and affordable."
Cons: "Too strict with baggage."
Cons: "The flight leaving Seattle was delayed so long it made me not want to Fly Spirit again"
Pros: "Already running late from laguardiA, which is common. Then we miss our connection, employees from spirit telling us plane has left when we can see it there. Sundelly doors open we get in then entire plane is evacuated with two excuses, one was AC not working then capitan says there is an engine issue. We all get off the plane, then they tell us that the next plane is smaller and we are all selected by sequence numbers. We all felt like the hunger games. My boyfriend and I only got in because we checked in early at laguardiA. Finally when we get into smaller plane, which is first come first serve, no Sits assigned... Flight attend announces that we need to write down our new seats on ticket and get off the plane again because someone complained that plane was too hot. Now everyone is screaming and shouting that temperature is fine, please get us there, but it's all in vane. Off the plane again, I asked spirit attendant if we would get any complimentary food or water after hours in the plane and he pointed to the store. They couldn't even give us water after flying all day. Finally when we get to the last plane, we arrive in San Jose at 6:45 pm, and by the time we get our car there is zero light outside. My boyfriend and I were exhausted, hungry, angry, and lost in the rain forest because the only places serves food until 9pm. Extremely upsetting and disappointing, never again."
Cons: "How can you charge for water? Why don't you tell people the truth instead of playing games. Flight attendants were extremely rude to people next to me and I took it personal. What happen to lovely flight attendants, not ghetto people screaming a people for trying to use the toilet when plane is taxing for an hour"
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable"
Pros: "Spirit offers some very low fares, but there are many costs you need to think about with Spirit that you wouldn't with other airlines. The seats are smaller and closer to together, but generally adequate if you're not too tall."
Cons: "Nothing provided complimentary - including water! If you don't pay attention you could pay a lot for bags! You have to pay for a seat assignment unless you want a random one. I'm not sure I'll go back, but I think all and all it was still the least expensive option. There were/are very few people working at the counter, so unless you're lucky, you might end up waiting for a long time to check in to check your bags. (which is cheaper than carry-on, by the way."
Pros: "I did not like anything"
Cons: "First and last time flying Spirit Airlines. The flight to Los Angeles was awful. They have no affiliation with TSA precheck, so we waited in a huge, slow line for security. The plane was late arriving, and departed close to an hour late. The seats were so cramped - I am only 5'4" and my knees were only a couple of inches from the seat in front of me. I've never been so uncomfortable on a plane in my life. The return trip departure was also delayed. This was different model of plane, and it did provide a bit more leg room - by stripping the seats down to metal and a thin layer of padding. The tray table was about the size of a business-sized envelope. Wouldn't fit a food container, a laptop, or even a tall water bottle. It was completely useless. The discomfort is not worth the cost savings. And then Spirit sent me a "customer satisfaction survey" after each leg of the flight. I tried to open it both times, on an iPad and a laptop, and there was nothing there - no file to be found. So clearly they don't really want any feedback. I will never fly Spirit again."
Cons: "$45 for a carry-on bag?!!! Why?! The airline does nothing but provide a space for my bag. Everything is an extra charge: pick a seat, get a beverage, snack, wifi. Seat was very uncomfortable and flight was delayed several times. Never again."
Cons: "Had a round trip flight, Seattle to LA. Getting there was no problem, but my flight back got cancelled because of a maintenance issue. It was supposed to leave at 6am, which meant boarding at 5:20, which meant arriving at the airport at 4:30, which meant waking up at 3:45am. At 6am they said there would be a delay and the plane would leave at 7. Whatever, no big deal. At 7, they said 8. Frustrating, but fine. At 8, they sent everyone back out of the terminal back to ticketing. The line was so long that they put us outside on the curb. They also gave us a phone number we could use to rebook our flight instead of waiting in line, but I gave up after 45 minutes on hold. I might as well have stayed on hold, since I didn't get to the front of the line for an hour and a half. Apparently, they only fly LA to SEA twice a day, at 6am and 6pm. So they put me up with another airline at no extra charge. That was nice. I was exhausted from waking up so early and from waiting in the airport so long, so I was happy that I'd at least fly with someone who gave me drinks and snacks and a seat that reclines. The worst thing was that line. They need a better method for dealing with stuff like this, because I tried using their "manage my flight" option on the website, and all it told me was my flight was cancelled. And then to try calling them and never be able to speak with a person really sucked."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The seats were cramped the plane had to wait 30 min for because of computer problems 55$ for carry on. Hope this is my last flight on sport air lines"
Cons: "After 2 hour delay, incompetence on the airlines behalf led to a further half hour delay. Spirit allowed multiple people to board the flight when they were supposed to be going to Dallas. At which point, the crew spent thirty minutes identifying these people when personnel at the gate should not have allowed them on at all. I appreciate that weather can delay flights but further delays based on crew incompetence is unacceptable."
Pros: "The agents at the boarding gates were very prompt to give a complete refund, but cannot book another carrier for the same night and only option would be to travel 24 hrs later."
Cons: "Spirit closes the gate 25 mins prior to departure, post wrong time at boarding gates, email confirmation says flight on time, and I have a confirmed seat boarding pass and I cannot board the flight even tough I am at the gate 25 mins prior to actual departure. My previous experience is the flights is 90 mins late from Chicago and wait 30 mins on taxiway at Houston. Lesson learned: Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me. I am a fool to have not learnt the first time, wont ever happen again."
Pros: "The crew were corteous, the flight on time and the leg room was adequate. The price of the ticket is why I selected this flight and why I would go with Spirit airlines/kayak.com again."
Cons: "The width of the seats was too small. There was not enough room for both my shoulders and the stranger's shoulders next to me and so I ended up sitting lopsided the entire flight to accommodate, causing me back pain for the plane ride and my entire weekend getaway."

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