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Airline reviews

Pros: "Definitely pick comfort plus on this flight if you can. You can walk around a lot more on this flight compared to other flights. Food was really good! Recommend the overnight flights...."
Cons: "More leg room would have been nice..."

Pros: "Great crew members. Very friendly and helpful."

Pros: "Just ok"
Cons: "Can't understand why it was delayed"

Pros: "The Crew"
Cons: "No AC..."

Cons: "The flight scheduled was 1 hour 30 minutes late"

Pros: "Crew"

Pros: "Nice smooth flight"

Cons: "Had to pay extra for seat assignment. Very tight seating; almost demands paying extra for "comfort seats." Crew moved my carry-on bag; should have told me or helped me find it when deplaning. No beverage service due to turbulence (understandable -- not their fault). Flight was delayed."

Pros: "Lovely crew. The food was tasty."
Cons: "It would’ve been nice to make up some flight time in the air from the 4 hour delay and multiple gate changes that were all announced too late to delay a trip to the airport :("

Pros: "I was upgraded to Comfort+ and the seat next to me was left vacant. That was a great flight!"

Pros: "Crew was great."
Cons: "When all overhead bins were full, they should have allowed those who didn’t need to check their carry on to board the plane before those who needed to check their carry on. Very unorganized at gate."

Pros: "Seats were narrow and we were shoulder to shoulder. Plane was clean and all was on tkmr"
Cons: "Roomier cabin"

Cons: "Plane was way too hot and stuffy, wasn't until about 20 min into flight before started to cool down."

Pros: "none"
Cons: "ground staff was rude when I asked for clarification because the descripency between app in formation and unclear voice announcements."

Pros: "Overall good experience"
Cons: "Plane 1hr late taking off"

Pros: "Food Getting moved to the exit row for the extra leg room"
Cons: "Didn’t like having to wait so long to book my seat and ended up on the back row the worst seats on the plane"

Pros: "Delta’s notifications are very timely and helpful. They even tell you when your bags are on the plane and at baggage claim."

Pros: "Flight was on time and arrived a little early."
Cons: "I was seated next to a very large man (6’5” he said) and had no room in my seat. Thankfully the seats in front of us were empty and the flight attendant moved him."

Pros: "Excellent flight crew, flight had decent leg room. Loved the inflight entertainment. Clean plane, boarding was easy."

Cons: "Ran out of snacks by the time they got to my row"

Pros: "The Grand junction staff is always great."

Pros: "Boarded quickly and we made up plenty of time when we were only 15 mins late for take off."
Cons: "Baggage broke our baby stroller. Banged up, heavy deep scratches, and won’t lock properly nor will it release the brake phone portly where one wheel won’t unlock without much luck. Waiting to see how they correct this very expensive issue. And the vegan tapas option for food was not good at all. Ended up staying hungry for the duration of the flight. But my wife enjoyed her turkey sandwich."

Pros: "Upgrade to ComfortPlus. Movie."

Pros: "Staff was friendly."
Cons: "Crying child but I understand has nothing to do with the airline."

Cons: "late leaving, arriving and taxing."

Cons: "Everything was great"

Pros: "Speedy boarding and deplaning."
Cons: "The gate agent appeared annoyed when I requested a seat change a couple of hours prior to boarding. She didn’t offer assistance or an explanation. Just looked at me like ‘ in your dreams’. And flight attendants should really practice smiling more. Snacks offered on 5.5 hour flight we’re pretty pathetic."

Cons: "Delta staff is not too friendly"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The customer service and the strict nonsense rules"

Pros: "Great movies...."

Pros: "The flight is short"
Cons: "Delayed from 930pm to 6am. Didn't tell us till almost midnight. Because of scheduling issues not weather or anything. The check in people had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to check in for my 6am rescheduled flight."

Pros: "My flight was great. Boarding was easy and the seats were comfortable."

Pros: "Nice flight and good staff and service"

Pros: "Plenty of meals and friendly service"
Cons: "Crowded seating...."

Cons: "The prices of the available snacks."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable ... enough. Boarding process, once underway allowed me to get overhead bin and stash my other luggage in the seat below me. Flight wasn't overly booked (85-95%) so there appeared to be room for others to stretch out. Now about that crying kid..."
Cons: "Ugh. Weather delays. The flight was scheduled to board about 7P but it arrived late and they had to not only unload the self-loading cargo, but clean up afterwards. Would be nice to get a better estimate as to how long it would take to board so that I could hang out in the lounge. In addition, departure from JFK was delayed as well, either we missed the IFR window or got stuck behind some traffic and I fell asleep on the plane only to wake up what seemed an hour later just getting ready to hit V1. No upgrade."

Pros: "friendly staff check in was fast food was good"
Cons: "as always not enough room in the seats"

Pros: "Great friendly service and easy boarding. Timely!"
Cons: "For the money they charge, a few little perks such as improved snacks wouldn't hurt the bottom line"

Cons: "All was well"

Cons: "Food in first class was subpar!"

Pros: "Decent food . On time arrival !"
Cons: "It was fine"

Cons: "Flight attendant kept giving nasty looks to a little girl that has to keep going to the bathroom. She also served drinks and crossed over my face each time without even saying "Excuse me." She kept bumping me with the drink buggy and didn't say a word."

Pros: "Time was made in the air and we did not miss our connecting flight."
Cons: "The flight was very late."

Cons: "I was starving because of my short connection time and couldn't have lunch - wanted to eat something solid and they just had boxes with fruits and cheese."

Pros: "No compensation"

Pros: "Boarding, food, drinks"
Cons: "Seats (not much reclining, I felt them uncomfortable)"

Pros: "I liked that the security line experiences very mellow, the staff all around was very friendly and nice, the TV's were great and they had free blankets and headsets. It was a very relaxing experience."
Cons: "thought the cabin could have had more heat"

Pros: "Food delicious-especially lasagne."

Pros: "Timely departure."
Cons: "My daughter was traveling alone (as a college freshman) for the second time and her bag was overweight. The counter agent was impatient with her and made her feel embarrassed"


Pros: "Plane was fairly new."
Cons: "Get some of the passengers to behave like intelligent creatures"

Pros: "Alcohol was a decent price"
Cons: "Little more leg room but I understand how budget airlines work"

Cons: "7 hours flight delay"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing. It’s garbage."

Cons: "I was not expecting to la d at the south terminal. I am glad I didn’t have to connect to another flight as it took over 40 mins to get my luggage and take the shuttle to the main terminal. Otherwise the flight was fine"

Cons: "Free food and baggage"

Cons: "The flight came in early which was great, but it Took 2 hours to get our luggage. Apparently there were not enough Frontier personnel."

Cons: "Hassled by RSW counter agent about gate checking a stroller. No soft drinks available. Boarding and deplaning too slow. No leg room"

Pros: "non-stop, pilot made up time of initial delay due to medical, price"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "That they charged me $65 for a carry on bag ..the person told me an amount went to the machine get a card get charged $5 extra for the card go to the counter they tell me a diffrent amount have to get a diffrent card more money..i made a facebook post to never fly with this company ever again"

Pros: "Efficient, cost effective."
Cons: "Chairs don't recline, food for "purchase" only."

Pros: "The people I met"
Cons: "The delays"

Cons: "The flight was delayed three times."

Pros: "Frontier gave me. Voucher for another flight."
Cons: "My flight was delayed 12 hours. They boarded us and then had us deplane because the crew timed out."

Pros: "Kat, on the flight staff was awesome! She had this flight under control and super professional and friendly. Well done Kat, keep it up! I must note that the landing was so super smooth...hats off to the pilots."

Pros: "Frontier makes it easy to travel w infants. They let you board first. With an infant, they allow you to bring a stroller, car seat and breast pump and a diaper bag for the baby in addition to your personal item st no additional cost. I thought it would be impossible to be able to have everything I needed without breaking the bank when traveling across the United States."
Cons: "Plane was dirty. Trash and crumbs everywhere."

Pros: "Everything except the passenger who was drunk"
Cons: "The fact they allow him to answer the plane when he cannot stand on his feet"

Pros: "Crew, customer service was good and professional"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment or wifi access availability. This is a 3 hour flight. It should be something onboard"

Cons: "Seats on frontier are terrible even the more expensive seats are uncomfortable and don't recline. Frontier is great for short distances but not recommended for long flights."

Cons: "Had to wait 45 minutes for the rental car. I paid for it before I left."

Pros: "The crew (specifically the guy) was very nice."
Cons: "We boarded about 30 minutes late. They made no announcement as to why."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Price dings on every little thing. You have to pay for water? Give me a break! Comfort is aweful, boarding was delayed twice"

Pros: "My only good then was that I had wonderful passengers around me that were conversationalists who were entertaining and helpful!!"
Cons: "Can't you learn how to communicate faca to face with people? Let us know personally why we keep getting held up for take off, why we are being left in the dark, andehy you can't schedule more accurately! It doesn't help to fly somewhere if you miss the event you went to attend! Try compensating for our inconveniences for a change!!!!"

Pros: "same as above but longer time on the plane"

Pros: "The crew seem friendly"
Cons: "We were delayed an hour from leaving and the lack of information on why until we were ready to leave."

Pros: "Getting a $25 credit for the flight being delayed"
Cons: "VERY delayed flights. The seats did not recline. WAY overcharged for seat and carry ones. Not even complimentary water (after an almost 4 hr delay). No inflight entertainment."

Pros: "That I got there in one piece"
Cons: "$70 round trip carry on charge! Ridiculous! And the kiosks were all broken at SFO. The check in counter was closed until a certain time. The stewardess accidentally charged the wrong persons snack to the wrong seat & it took her a long time to figure out the I-pad set up. Said she didn't have much training in it herself. Worst airline ever"

Pros: "cheap airfare compare to other major carriers.I'm 5 - 7' so legroom wasn't an issue but the rest of the party i traveled with needed more legroom."
Cons: "i had to pay for juice, i think it's absurd. I paid for my Seat and a checked baggage already which is fair to a point, but still, the apple juice was $2.99 for a tiny can. There were no reading materials except for the safety stuff. Carry on items should be included in the ticket price or at least $10 instead of just as much as the checked baggage. FA lady was abrasive."

Cons: "A short delay when boarding today."

Pros: "The crew polite and accommodating."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no complimentary beverages."

Pros: "Very clean cabin. Helpful airline attendants."
Cons: "Waited 30 mins on the runway at DEN before unloading."

Pros: "Great price. Smooth landing."

Cons: "Is extremely warm on the plane and uncomfortable, the seating on the plane was uncomfortable and extremely close to each other and supply little to no room. The landing was extremely rough and everyone cheered when we landed because they were genuinely scared. We waited 45 minutes for our luggage to finally get on the belt."

Cons: "Had to wait our baggage for over 90 min!"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "The cabin crew were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Fee for carry on bag. Fee to choose seat. Total fees doubled base rate ($200 to $400). Only most expensive seats recline. Did not participate in TSA Pre-check (they started a couple days before my flight but the website was not updated to tell you this nor to let you enter your KTN. If you read the website it would tell you they did not participate. If you call a live person can add your KTN to your reservation."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I had an early morning flight. When I arrived there was no security setup so I had to wait in the ticketing area for 2 hours. Then when I got to the gate I plugged in my phone and fell asleep before I could get an alarm set. They knew I checked in and made it through security and had to see me alone sleeping there and made no attempt to wake me and I woke up to see the plane deprating and the crew gone. When I went to ask the counter what happened they said it was my fault and I should have listened to the announcements. Then tried to charge me $100+ for a next day flight. Terrible, horrible, rotten customer service, I mean who could leave someone stranded unless they were just trying to make more money? Delta would never pull that garbage."

Pros: "Arrived safely."
Cons: "Not on time, for both flights round trip. Fees for everything now even on board. Seats don't lean back."

Pros: "Arriving alive!"
Cons: "Feeling like cattle...unorganized....late flights, rude staff (baggage claim people at SFO were horrible even mocking my choice of baggage). Super cramped, uncomfortable....and having to listen to frontier's infomercial about their credit card for 30 min....there is no way to get up to use bathroom wihout entire row standing in isle with bad!"

Pros: "Delayed 2 plus hours no plane no explanation no offer nothing"
Cons: "Waiting all night"

Pros: "Fast, smooth flight"
Cons: "Very tight seating. Middle seat as a 220 lb man."

Cons: "I had to change my destination no fault of Frontier. My problem is trying to get a refund for extra sitting and baggage I paid for in advance. I don't expect to get a refund on the flight it was cheap enough and this was a return flight. I tried to cancel flight but the hassle wasn't worth it. If I get a refund and can update this I will."

Pros: "the animal pictures on wing and tail"
Cons: "website unclear, necessities,(ie. seat,luggage) charged for AFTER fare paid unclean plane"

Pros: "The passengers."
Cons: "How long it took us to land in Chicago and the fact that we were lied to about the situation. My Brother had landed in Chicago, but the captain was informing us that all were in a hold over O'hare."

Cons: "Just give me a final price with a seat and a carry on!! Rip off!"

Pros: "Cheapest flight we found for a quick long weekend."
Cons: "All the hidden fees! Very uncomfortable chairs!"

Pros: "Perfect time to fly. Very little turbulence. Sunset the whole way. Very nice crew. Newly upgraded seats."
Cons: "Aside from the normal crying baby, and charging for ANY drinks or food (including water) during the flight, Frontier Airlines suck! They charge ridiculous prices for reserving seats, checked luggage, AND carry-ons on each flight! My flight for 2 started out around $200 per person, and I ended up spending close to $950 after picking seats and paying for 2 carry-ons between us. It's WAY too expensive and I don't recommend Frontier Airlines to anyone... ever!"

Pros: "There wasn't any in flight entertainment and I didn't order food, so that's why my rating is neutral. Our flight back was 30 min early, so that was great."

Pros: "kind staff."
Cons: "the seats were absolutely awful."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Grand Junction to Portland

Airlines flying from Grand Junction to Portland have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Grand Junction to Portland

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Grand Junction to Portland

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Grand Junction to Portland

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Grand Junction to Portland

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