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Pros: "I loved being upgraded to first class and the crew was so attentive."
Cons: "Nothing, glad this was a better experience than the trip to Miami."

Pros: "Very pleasant crew. Very helpful And always smiling"

Pros: "I fly a lot, and I am very impressed with the level of consistency that Delta has offered the last couple of months. This flight didn’t disappoint. The crew was particularly friendly"
Cons: "Nothing I can think of-10/10"

Pros: "The Airbus was so futuristic. If you can make it more futuristic, even better."
Cons: "I didn't like that I had to put my bag under when there was plenty of room overhead."

Cons: "Flight was delayed and we missed our connection. Wondering why all the shuttles were parked and unavailable when you knew there were connection s that were tight."

Pros: "Everything and everyone was very nice and helpful My son has a cognitive disability and he flew by his self And they helped him find his seat and treated him with respect."
Cons: "While trying to get a gate pass to pick up our son from the gate Delta service makes it very hard to know where to go and get the pass and then they only had one person working at ticket assist. Totally unacceptable. Many managers walking around but no one actually helping."

Cons: "Nothing. Every thing was great"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charged me $646 for the flight. And we departed 40 min later. I arrived late to my work. They gave me seat in the back of the plane. Horrible"

Pros: "Very comfortable seating!"
Cons: "The landing was a bit rough. Lol"

Pros: "Staff are adept at dealing with these issues but it is a systemic problem."
Cons: "Rather than pay luggage fees, people are bringing on their luggage and the flight ALWAYS runs out of space. Suitcases are being moved around right at people heads and more than once I've been hit and seen other people be hit in the head by a suitcase. Getting luggage in place used to be a simple and minor issue, now it occupies much of the time, energy, and attention of the cabin crew as well as the gate crew. I realize this is making money for Delta but the cost is being paid by people being hit in the head with luggage and the crew's unavailability to deal with other issues."

Pros: "Clean plane, quick turnaround"

Cons: "Food was awful. Didn't get my checked luggage in Manila upon arrival, was traced and left in New York JFK. Don't know who messed up with my luggage if Delta connection or China airlines."

Cons: "A 7+ hour delay!"

Pros: "Not too bad once we got on the plane"
Cons: "They make up this lame excuse about a slight delay on the plane arriving and having no flight attendants to get on the plane on time. This delayed our flight by two hours. They need to staff their flights !"

Pros: "No lines at the baggage drop off. No lines at TSA. Efficient and organized boarding. Seat area was clean. No delay, friendly energetic flight attendants."
Cons: "Lots of turbulence on the last 20 minutes of the flight. Captain had warned us. Nothing they can control though."

Pros: "Seats. Service. Timing"

Cons: "No tv screen"

Pros: "Friendly, efficient"
Cons: "n/a"

Cons: "All went well"

Cons: "By mistake I booked my ticket for the wrong date Called to change it, wait time was over 2hrs went to the delta app and it cost me $200 to do it. Get to airport and ask for an up grade not possible but if I paid $200 when rebooking the flight I could have gotten one. Snacks were horrible and I have a delta card and was charged $29 to get in plus a charge for my extra suitcase. It’s ridiculous given the amount of money I spend on m card on the monthly basis. Very disappointing"

Pros: "short flight not much to say all was smooth crew was efficent"
Cons: "not a delta thing but passengers drag all these pieces of luggage on making boarding longer clogging up aisles ect. gate agents need to be more strict with people past the allowed limit"

Pros: "They gave me extra pretzels and 2 cans of soda"
Cons: "The seats were awful.. Miniscule"

Pros: "Very professional cabin crew"

Pros: "I always love flying on Delta! The service is always excellent. The crew is always nice and attentive!"

Pros: "Thank God I was able to get a refund"

Pros: "I'm very satisfied."
Cons: "No comemt"

Pros: "Finally got upgraded!"
Cons: "delayed"

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Pros: "Delta graciously rebooked us on a different flight."
Cons: "Late delayed notification after we reached airport and kept delaying for several hours"

Pros: "We were traveling with a 4 month old lap infant, and the crew went out of their way to warm bottles and be friendly in general. The plane was clean and comfortable, and on this leg of our trip the entertainment system actually worked!"
Cons: "The only bad things were those that were totally out of Delta's control: weather delays and absolutely nasty and rude TSA agents who seemed to understand neither the concept of their Pre-Check system (no dedicated lines and no priority) nor the fun of traveling with an infant."

Pros: "I am not one who enjoys flying. I don't think there ever will be a time that I enjoy flying. However, the pilot, stewards, and all other workers on delta were very nice."
Cons: "I don't like flying so there really wasn't anything I liked."

Pros: "Exit row seat with no seat in front. Was able to stretch legs."

Pros: "Cabin crew were great. Food selection is good and appreciate the snacks."
Cons: "Wish all seats and electrical outlets. Was forced to check my bag at the gate and DID NOT think it was nessesary. There was plenty of room on the plane. They also didn't allow me to take my medicine out before it was checked. Luckily there were no issues with getting it back."

Pros: "Efficient boarding and unloading. Friendly staff. Good movies/tv shows."
Cons: "There was a storm so we flew in circles for over an hour. I didn't see headphones for the tvs (mine are bluetooth so they didn't work)."

Pros: "Pretty much nothing"
Cons: "Delta. They just hate their passengers"

Cons: "My bag was damaged when I arrived at Orlando."

Cons: "No electronic check-in; No seat assignment; will be avoiding flying Delta"

Cons: "Food and entertainment as always."

Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Always a delay with Delta"

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "I will avoid the airline at all costs"

Cons: "No blanket if you're not 1st class lol. I haven't flew in solo long, idk,i thought they were complimentary lol. & cups of water? What happened to the Shasta's lol."

Pros: "People were nice."
Cons: "I didn't like having my seat assigned at the gate. I booked this flight months ago, but yet somehow I got the very last row of the plan. Which is the noisiest location with the least amount of room. On the flight back they put me in the second to last row, even though there were about 10 seats empty scattered throughout the plan. Made no sense to me."

Pros: "Availability of First Class service was the only saving grace."
Cons: "Delays longer than the scheduled flight time. Entertainment options are limited in the time of such a short flight. Long distance between gates when you have been forced into a hurry by delays."

Pros: "Planes were nice and updated, screens, wi-fi, easy to board, on time! FA were nice and friendly. Delta terminal at Mia was easier to navigate than AA. Liked that they didn't charge for middle seat towards the front. I feel claustrophobic in the back but hate paying extra for seats up front. A long time AA Gold Member, looking forward to more Delta flights."

Cons: "Only food available was pretzels. Not even peanuts or cookies."

Cons: "I booked with Delta who doesnt give you limits of weight for the carryon...why since the flight was operated from Airfrance they gave me limits of weight of 12 kg??? one ticket one law pls again, the hostess in my row was very nice, even the steward who was working with her very's not his job"

Pros: "The hotel I had to stay I. Because of a delayed flight was nice"
Cons: "Delay, delay, delay, delay, no show on the crew so cancelled, delay, delay, delay only to arrive in a different city from my original place of arrival just to go home."

Pros: "Wonderful"

Pros: "That the flight ran on time"
Cons: "Everything is an added charge. No food option. No TVs. No friendliness. We were consistently inconvenienced as the flight attendant was seated next to us and interrupted us consistently with no apologies."

Pros: "Please help me find my bags"
Cons: "The fact they lost my bags"

Cons: "No screens in each seat."

Cons: "Boarding chaos at Miami airport."

Cons: "No entertainment options."

Pros: "Their Miami weather recovery of service during stressful & tragic times."

Pros: "Agents were very helpful"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Excellent staff"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Internet was out. Table was tilted and could not be level for drinks. Out of, or No cover sheet for protection for toiler seat. Result of : Management and Union"

Cons: "No Gogo entertainment"

Pros: "everything on travel is good."

Cons: "Space too tight. Nothing was offered to us, not even a cup of water. Staff not friendly, mean even."

Pros: "On time and no lost bags"
Cons: "Tiny overhead bin"

Pros: "Long wait for take off. Everything else was great."

Pros: "Staff polite and helpful. No complaints/ Slept all the way"

Pros: "Screens on all headrests with free movies is very nice"
Cons: "More delays for our trip"

Pros: "Flights were on time. Airport was clean."

Pros: "Good entertainment option"
Cons: "Very delayed"

Cons: "Delayed for 30 mins due to traffic going in to Boston."

Pros: "Poor for BIG Airline like that chips chips"
Cons: "NOT GOOD the is 2 MUCH for CHIPS"

Cons: "No have owned screen TV"

Cons: "The departure was delayed. And is unbelievable you are charging baggage"

Pros: "Staff was helpful. Trip was on time"
Cons: "I wish the aircraft was able to show movies."

Pros: "Biarding"
Cons: "Gogo inflight entertainment"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Efficiency and price"

Pros: "todo me gusto"

Pros: "It was last minute booking, I was balky for the price and the overall experience was comfortable."
Cons: "They forgot to get my coffee but it's nothing major plus we were about to land in 30 mins or so"

Pros: "Everything was on time"

Pros: "Excelente la atención y los servicios prestados por la tripulación"


Pros: "boarding was in time, and comfort."
Cons: "comfort was very good"

Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Boarding, food"

Cons: "Too cold!!"

Pros: "Perfect"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Food choices are pretzels or crackers."

Cons: "The service was terrible, 4 hour traveling and not food."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "On time."

Cons: "Separated from luggage"

Cons: "Boarded an hour late"

Pros: "Confortable and entairtement"
Cons: "The food"

Cons: "No refreshments"

Cons: "Horrible disorganization at boarding. Board from back to front for goodness sake...its common sense."

Pros: "Everything!"

Pros: "Everything was fine except what I didn't like."
Cons: "Damaged Luggage"

Pros: "Errthing"

Cons: "Gg"


Pros: "Having arrival and departing gates close in proximity were helpful. The color coded terminals was easy to determine where to go."

Cons: "Delays are always bad point"

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Everything was fine"

Pros: "economy plus legroom."
Cons: "actual reclining seats, edible food, broader movie selection and newer films.,"

Cons: "The controls for entertainment are on the arm rest so next passenger always hitting volume and channels"

Pros: "Good job"

Cons: "Flight was good. Since flying is everyday anymore if you want perks you will just have to pay for something more."

Pros: "Got upgraded to first class"
Cons: "The flight out of Miami was delayed 6 times for a total of 4 hrs."

Cons: "Wifi didn’t seem to be working properly. But maybe an issue with my device."

Cons: "Delayeddddd"

Pros: "On-time departure. Grouped boarding"
Cons: "Had to gate check bag, but I’ve flown this flight often enough to know that. Missed beverage service while dozing . Cart was just 2 rows past and never got a chance."

Pros: "all was very good"
Cons: "Nithing"

Cons: "The crew lost my carry on. I later found it on the check bag carousel."

Pros: "Crew on board"
Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "Excellent"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Man in front of me immediately put seat back and kept it that way the whole flight."

Cons: "Was forced to pay for a carry on check in while flight was not full and overhead cabins weren't full"

Cons: "I had ear ache probably caused by the pressure"

Pros: "Why doesn't an airline do the maintenance changing a tire or refuel before passengers board a plane"

Cons: "No wifi... with the amount you pay for the flight, seems insane you have to pay for wifi too"

Pros: "Every thing"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Everyone that works there"
Cons: "No free WiFi"

Pros: "Staff was friendly and accommodating"

Cons: "Delayed several times. Very inconvenient ."

Pros: "The soda"
Cons: "Crazy lady sat next to me complaining about noise"

Pros: "I couldn't finish the movie becayse it kept refreshing."

Pros: "I love everything very good"

Pros: "Biscuits"
Cons: "Ran out of french toast. The other option was gross and i wasnt told what was in it when I asked.....potatoes usually dont include sweet potatoes. And then there were beans and peppers (can't eat those) if im paying for first even if im in row 5 it shouldn't mean I dont get what row 3 has..."

Pros: "The time estimated for arrive"

Pros: "Crew were not very helpful in fact they were actually rude ."

Pros: "Such a long walk in both miami and Newark terminals. Miami I was gate 14 and Newark just to get out. Most are now equipt w those running mats."

Cons: "It was delayed"

Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "10 minutes on the plane after getting to gate"

Pros: "Good flight. Got to Houston early, that is always Good."
Cons: "Not going to pay to watch tv. They could at provide CNN"

Pros: "In efforts to reduce my carbon footprint and reduce my use of plastic bottles and single use plastic cups, I always travel with a refillable stainless steel water bottle. It saddened and frustrated me when during the drink service portion of the flight the flight attendant refused to serve me water in my bottle, which was clean, dry and when uncovered the brim has the same diameter as the plastic cups used on United flights. First the flight attendant just said that she is not allowed to fill my personal bottle but kept offering me several cups of water instead. When I explained that it wasn't because I was really thirsty, it was just that I prefer to not use disposable cups, she proceeded to tell me my bottle was too big to fill anyways and she couldn't give me that much water. I have never had such an averse reaction to trying to be more eco friendly. In fact people are usually thrilled and applaud the Effort. If this is in fact the United policy, I hope united will reconsider it. Every small effort goes towards making a big impact."

Cons: "Wifi not working"

Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Check in was terrible"

Cons: "Time and efficiency"

Pros: "delay after delay, then NO crew to guide us into the terminal?!?! we're getting married tomorrow so this is quite upsetting..."
Cons: "disrespectful of my time"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "It nwas a very good trip excelent Paula Montero"

Pros: "I liked that the crew were very helpful, they assisted me to my seat and showed me where to put my bags, It was my first time flying in such a big plane."
Cons: "I didnt like the lack of leg room, I am a fairly tall person at 6 feet 4 inches tall. I didnt think there would have been a difference between economy and economy plus, but economy has barely any leg room and the seats in front of you still recline their seats while you struggle to get seated comfortable."

Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Very clean and friendly"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "Forced to check carry on when they had plenty of overhead space on board"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Turbulence"

Cons: "Weelchair service is bad"

Pros: "I liked the selection of food and drink items"
Cons: "I had seat 22f I think the next time I fly, since I haven't for awhile I will upgrade to something with more leg room because I am 6' tall and had a large person sitting next to me so I was a little bit cramped for space"

Cons: "Getting home late after an already long travel day."

Pros: "I liked Salt like city, Provi, Sundance, Park city"
Cons: "but the united service is terrible, they cancelled my first flight an nobody offer a solution, i only can get ther because I called to the United call center on time... They move me to Delta, so much better"

Pros: "Customer service was amazing, I really enjoyed my journey traveling with United."

Cons: "No water or drinks were offered. Boarding was a nightmare. Only one of three kiosks worked."

Cons: "Delayed Baggage took 45 min to arrive"

Cons: "Too long trip without free food"

Pros: "Quick boarding. Nice staff. You can pre pay Your luggage and pick a seat for a upgrade through the app. Very affordable."

Cons: "Chairs don't lay down, no outlets or WiFi."

Pros: "Great deal for what you pay"

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "wished I knew about the fees for both checked and carry-on luggage"

Cons: "Staff was incredibly rude and made my sister wash her face before we got on the plane."

Cons: "Bathroom on board filthy. No complementary water or snacks provided."

Pros: "Great"

Pros: "The attendants were all very nice and professional"

Cons: "LGA: was overbooked so we had to circle and then wait hours to leave the traffic around the airport"

Cons: "Captains were late and could not turn on A/C Poor food options"

Pros: "I"

Cons: "Paying $45 each way for a carry on."

Pros: "It was fairly quick"
Cons: "Cant bend back the chairs"

Pros: "Faster"
Cons: "No entertainment for long trip"


Pros: "Faster, good organization"
Cons: "Nothin for entertainment in large trip"

Pros: "I had I pay for my bag at the airport due to me forgetting to online and then was upgraded to the front. Thank you!"
Cons: "Zero"

Pros: "Much better than some of these big name airlines claim to be. Will fly with them again."

Cons: "A snack would've been lovely!"

Pros: "The boarding process"
Cons: "They nickle and dime everything"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "The fact that u charge for seat selection and baggage and carry on and cargo is ridiculous!"

Pros: "Nothing!!"
Cons: "Everything."

Pros: "The passengers."
Cons: "How long it took us to land in Chicago and the fact that we were lied to about the situation. My Brother had landed in Chicago, but the captain was informing us that all were in a hold over O'hare."

Pros: "They ripped me off on the carryon and the staff seemed to have animosity towards me"

Pros: "Everything was excellent"

Pros: "Food"

Pros: "Staff were very friendly"
Cons: "Paying extra for my carrying on bag"

Pros: "Fast"
Cons: "The whole plane smelled like diapers it was nasty"

Pros: "They was fun and they made the people laugh"
Cons: "That nothing was free just a hot water that it suppose to be cold"

Pros: "Ok"

Cons: "I fly quite a bit. Take off was very rough. Also I have TSA Pre check but Frontier doesn't seem to have this so that was inconvenient."

Cons: "Un processional"

Cons: "Having to pay for coffee"

Pros: "Rude and not carring about the customer frist"
Cons: "I could explain but its not going to do anything"

Pros: "Nothing special"
Cons: "They charge additionals for everything and give only water once in the plane. At the end after chargin for every piece of luggage "EVERY" the ticket is more expensive than others carriers."

Pros: "Attendants were very relaxed and friendly...made flying with them enjoyable."

Cons: "Its only airline that i travelled with till now that doesnt offer beverages.......i asked for little hot water for baby bottle even that was given reluctantly.... Pretty disappointing"

Cons: "My flight was delayed by more than 3 hours. The representative at check-in told me that the flight was coming from LaGuardia airport and was delayed due to bad weather (which I can still believe to be true despite any evidence of severe weather when I checked online). No one (from the check-in desk to the boarding gate) had any information about the delay and we were sitting clueless at the gate as the departure time kept changing frequently. No frontier crew was present at the gate to answer our queries or to provide reasonable respite in terms of water or meal vouchers at a very cold airport (heating wasnt working for some reason). This was aggravated by the fact that there are no complimentary drinks/meals on the flight. I would also like to point out a cheap trick that the airline tries to fool passengers with. They try to charge you for your seat when you check-in online. You have to skip seat selection to avail a seat at no extra cost. This on top of carry on baggage fees. It doesnt sound like a budget airline to me. A cheap one, for sure."

Pros: "Good"

Cons: "got delay bad service"

Pros: "There was absolutely nothing I enjoyed."
Cons: "The Pilot was horrible!!! When we were preparing for landing, it felt like a roller coaster ride. The plane made a long drop and had everyone screaming. I'm never stepping to that plane ever again."

Cons: "Frontier does not participate in TSA-Pre. Beware of the hidden charges. It only makes since to fly with Frontier if you do not have any luggage."

Pros: "Philly to Miami was fine."
Cons: "Miami to Philly was a horror show. Late with no email or text. Found out 70 minutes late walking in airport. Eventually left at midnight instead of 940pm. Meanwhile, had to pay $35 each for two carry-ons even though we didn't have to pay from Philly. Despite request, no reasonable explanation was given by the supervisor. (Funny, don't know what they would have done if we hadn't paid pre security as no one seemed to be in charge at gate)."

Pros: "I have read other reviews of a delay.but my experience ... we were ontime. Listen people, it is what it is, what are you expecting for these low fares? so here's what you do, take advantage of the low fare BTW I paid $44 from Miami to Atl One way. Take your backpack and go! it's either Frontier or $100 plus for another airline."
Cons: "There is not much I didn't like, I've traveled enough to know not to expect luxury for certain priced flights."

Pros: "Anything."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Miami to Bismarck

Airlines flying from Miami to Bismarck have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Miami to Bismarck

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Miami to Bismarck

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Miami to Bismarck

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Miami to Bismarck

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