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Wifi didn’t work for me. Would be nice to have screens.

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Wifi didn’t work for me. Would be nice to have screens.

Pros: "On time!"
Cons: "Late taking off. Late arriving. Tiny plane, no entertainment system, took everyone's carryon. Had to wait to get carryon back."
Cons: "Seats could have been more comfortable. No space. Food made me sick."
Cons: "Everything was fine... I should have packed a snack because I’m always hungry! Will travel Delta again!"
Pros: "Flight attendant coughed in my face twice without covering her mouth while I was seated and she was passing out drinks and snacks"
Pros: "Fast boarding, quick flight, friendly attendants."
Pros: "There was plenty of space under the seat in front of me for my personal items."
Cons: "There was an issue with a part on the plane so the flight was delayed so it could get fixed before takeoff. That is not a big deal, I'd rather it be safe than on time. But the way crew and staff handled it was pretty unprofessional. No one seemed to know what was going on or what to do."
Cons: "Best option across the pond, amazing upgrade prices"
Pros: "Inflight entertainment was great. Movies, games, moving map. Best I’ve ever seen in main cabin for free."
Cons: "The seating was too cramped. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Seems tighter both on knees and elbows."
Pros: "The crew was great and also the snacks."
Pros: "Quick Boarding Awesome staff"
Cons: "We were late getting into ATL."
Cons: "Plane too small to have any on board entertainment"
Pros: "Food good"
Cons: "Leg room"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "Plane too cold."
Pros: "Quick boarding, great seats and everything went on schedule."
Pros: "The fact that I was so relaxed."
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "We were deplained twice from two different plains going to LGA. We are now booked on a third plain going to JFK. Hope we can get home. I have a surgical appointment tomorrow."
Cons: "We bought First Class tickets. But we were downgraded How do you think we should feel ? We have been in Charlotte since 9:30 AM It is now 6:45 PM Should we use the train to go home?"
Cons: "Online check in didn’t work. Called Delta 800# and rep said I needed to wait till I got to airport. Airport rep said I needed to use the KLM flight number, not the Delta number.W"
Pros: "Nicest staff"
Cons: "Nothing at all"
Pros: "El cumplimiento de vuelos"
Pros: "The pilot and the stewardess were very polite."
Cons: "Standing on line,it was slow cause only 1 person was help people check in. It would been better if everyone could check in with the kiosk machines. After half an hour than another person came to help. TSA move more fast cause so many people were working."
Pros: "The flight & landing were smooth, and we arrived a few minutes early."
Cons: "The entertainment system & WiFi were out. Wasn’t able to charge my phone either as the outlets weren’t functioning properly."
Pros: "They did take care of the situation in a timely manner and switched my flight were I made it in my time line . Switched to American from Atl. to Houston"
Cons: "Was informed the flight delay due to equipment ,"
Pros: "in Charlotte"
Cons: "delay on flight"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient"
Cons: "Very minimal legroom. Screaming children behind me kicking my seat during flight"
Pros: "Leo was friendly and helpful, a wonderful presence on the flight."
Cons: "Multiple delays in Atlanta"
Pros: "Nothing other than it was over quickly."
Cons: "Seat did not recline at all."
Pros: "Leg room was descent"
Cons: "Excessive delays. Was scheduled to leave CLT at 3:21 PM, then rescheduled to depart at 423; then waited on the tarmac to take off for about 45 mins total; didn't arrive in NYC until around 718 PM; very long day with Delta Airlines."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight was on time and even landed early. Boarding was seamless with bag tag. Seats were comfy. Crew was professional."
Cons: "A drink with no napkins? I know airlines need to cut costs but what if I spilled my drink or want to wipe my hands after eating pretzels Delta? You can still provide napkins."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for boarding, then delayed for take-off, then circled LaGuardia for an hour, diverted to JFK. They indicated weather, but JFK is 9.6 miles away... so weather really??!!"
Pros: "The crew was personable and kept us informed regarding the trip. The Flight Attendant was very attentive and went above duty to ensure our comfort."
Cons: "I didn't t like the overall design of the plane - it was small."
Pros: "Flight attendant was excellent and pilots did a great job with weather"
Cons: "nothing."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Delayed multiple times. I have been traveling 13 hours and am still not in London."
Pros: "Having status. Always on time. They run their schedules like European trains."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Old aircraft"
Pros: "The customer service of the middle aged White frmale FA"
Cons: "The seats were small"
Pros: "The crew was quite pleasant."
Cons: "The boarding process is very confusing. There are so many different boarding priorities and programs, it is difficult to know where you are in the boarding process. Even if you have a ticket labeled as Group 1, you may still be one of the last boarded because of all the different programs that have priority over you. Would be better to limit the advance boarding to people who need extra help and a single program. This leads to the question, why are there so many different programs? Wouldn't it be easier to have a single loyalty program? If you don't qualify for advance boarding because you did not purchase a first class seat, or you haven't reached the advance boarding requirements, you don't qualify. Let's start thinking about the customer again, and less on the profit margin. How would one of your executives feel if they had a boarding Group 2 and 85% of the plane was already boarded by the time your group was called, thereby limiting the space for your correct size carry-on? One more thing that would be beneficial, enforce the size limit for carry-on luggage. I have been to airports that limit the size with a box on the x-ray machine so you can not even get an oversized piece of luggage through security. Just one idea for the industry."
Cons: "lost mom's glasses"
Pros: "The crew & pilot were awesome. At least they provided snacks & water while we waited and kept us informed of delays the whole time."
Cons: "My flight was delayed then cancelled with no option to seek a seat on an alternative airline. I had to fly standby. Fortunately, I was able to get a seat on the 3:30 flight (my original flight was scheduled for 10:45am). When I arrived at my destination I was exhausted from spending all day in the airport!"
Pros: "great boarding crew for an early morning flight."
Pros: "Free upgrade to Economy Plus"
Cons: "The flight was delayed an hour"
Cons: "My mother, Linda Thompson, has a progressive neuromuscular disorder, Dystonia. Along with this condition, stress can bring on non-epileptic seizures. My mother has had to endure one of these seizures due to the stress that this incident had put her through. As my mother's power of attorney, I am helping her vocalize this incident that she has experienced. The image below shows the spot where she was left, in the Atlanta airport, in her wheelchair. Delta airlines says they provide safe, accessible travel to all of their passengers. That includes providing an employee to transport physically disabled persons to and from their flights and to their shuttle. An employee accompanied my mother when she got off of her plane arriving in Atlanta from Charlotte. This employee was obligated to transport her where she needed to go. Due to her first flight being delayed, she missed her connecting flight in Atlanta, and had to stay the night until the connection could be made in the morning. They provided her with a voucher to a local hotel and a shuttle to that hotel. The employee who met her at the gate was obligated to help her get to that shuttle so she could get to her hotel in time. As many of us may know, Atlanta airport is one of the largest. You might need to take a train to get from one area to the next. It would be very difficult for my mother to walk that distance with her cane, and that is why she needed a wheelchair. The inconsiderate, selfish employee of whom needed to transport my mother to her destination was coming to the end of his shift. He attempted to hand my mother off to another employee at the desk while she was getting her voucher. Told her it was the end of his shift and he had to clock out. She told him, "You can't leave her here". Her statement, and the way she stated it, made my mother feel like she was a piece of luggage. She ignored it and let the employee take her on her way. She just wanted him to take her to her shuttle so that she could get to her hotel and rest. That did not happen. He strolled my mother along for a moment until they were out of site. They approached a gate, of which was empty, and he told her to wait here for an agent to come by. He left. She waited...and waited. No one ever came and assisted her. She was left like a piece of luggage in the middle of the Atlanta airport with no one around. My mother was treated like a bag that someone did not want to carry around anymore. This situation and the selfishness of that employee makes me think of who else could have been treated like this, or who else could be treated like this in the future. Help me spread this message so that something can be done about this issue. Delta has already been contacted, they do not care enough to do anything about it. I bet they will if this message gets heard by their potential future passengers."
Pros: "Airport staff was nice.. Boarding was good.. Flight attendants very friendly.. Smooth trip"
Cons: "Plane too small.. Nothing but one beverage given all flight"
Pros: "Staff all was good."
Pros: "All staff were friendly and helpful. Flight was smooth."

Unlike other airlines, did not allow for basic economy flexibility for new COVID spike. Disappointing.

Pros: "The crew was awesome. At one point the attendant said the sky didn’t have its morning coffee (because of turbulence) and it was really cute and really funny and just made me laugh through the stress of turbulence."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Pros: "Very friendly crew."
Pros: "Most of the crew were great. Responded to requests promptly. Wifi and movies I could watch on my phone."
Cons: "Seating was tight and my set back was broken. Individual screens for movies."
Cons: "Try not to loose my luggage next time full of my family’s Christmas gifts. It was a short flight and a giant Leopard print bag. Crew was rude, didn’t wake me to let me sit up. She just shoved my seat forward"
Cons: "Too freakin cold."
Cons: "We are stranded in Miami due to another passengers medical needs. That delay caused us to miss our Connecting flight. We are now unable to get to Belize until Friday and the best they will offer is a coupon for like $30 off a crappy hotel. Next time I’ll lsy more for delta’s far superior service"
Cons: "I sat in a middle seat, sandwiched in between a passenger who had an aisle seat on my left and another passenger who had a window seat on my right. It would have been okay, but both were much larger than me and with the seat already a bit narrow, I felt like a sardine on this flight."
Pros: "The flight actually arrived ahead of schedule!"
Pros: "Yes, very satisfied"
Cons: "Provide more variety of snacks"
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "Flight was on time. They fed us two meals."
Cons: "Seats in coach are incredibly cramped, and blankets are comically small. The food was pretty terrible and the vegetarian option not particularly nutritious."
Pros: "The crew were great and the flight was quick."
Cons: "The blankets are really thin and so we were cold. They do not offer eye masks anymore. So sad"
Pros: "Helpful staff and located us at the front of the plane. Easy checkin and friendly attendants."
Cons: "The in flight sandwich was so so but overall good, Turkey sandwich and pepper mayonnaise, for airline food. They included kettle chips and a brownie which was a nice touch."
Pros: "The movie selection was great!"
Pros: "We were delayed, but still arrived almost on time at our destination"
Cons: "Delay due to weather."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Communication"
Pros: "Direct flight Good crew"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Delayed flight all day long from 11:58 AM till 8:00 PM, where they blamed it on traffic at RDU airport, weather in Chicago, and finally a maintenance delay for from 2:00 PM till 8 PM before they canceled!"
Cons: "The flight was two hours late leaving which caused me to miss my flight to Prague. The notifications about the delay and next steps for rescheduling the second flight were delayed and sent to the wrong email address."
Cons: "The connecting flight from Raleigh to Philly was cancelled so we missed the flight to Manchester. We booked , through Kayak, with British Air and paid extra for premium economy and the actual carrier, American, doesn’t know how to process a refund and no such seats are available on our rebooked flight 24 hours later so it has been frustrating."
Pros: "Crew was extremely helpful on boarding and on flight. Breezed through Passport area. Everyone went our of his/her way to answer our questions and then make suggestions."
Cons: "Delays and more delays"
Pros: "Food was edible, flight left early, arrived early in philadelpia, the customer service helped out it my baggage."
Pros: "Super smooth flight - it’s an average commuter flight - no fancy bells and whistles."
Cons: "The legroom sucked. I’m 6’1”, and my knees were up against the seat in front of me."
Pros: "Not over crowded and friendly crew."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Delayed over two hrs due to mech. Known long befire scheduled departure according to pilot. Did not know why alt plane was not provided sooner! Not best airline as claimed!"
Pros: "But the crew was great!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All of abo e, many delays, no usb plug or refuse to show me, charge for luggage, no headphone."
Pros: "New aircraft with good entertainment system. Did not crash."
Cons: "Very tight seat spacing in pitch and width. Screen did not tilt so even with the very minimal backrest recline viewing was not ideal. This was to "punish" me for not buying the various seating upcharges American tag onto the ticket price. It was a low cost ticket on a very convenient transatlantic flight from RDU, "Easyjet" pricing brings "Easyjet" seating. I have flow a lot, 3MM miles on UA alone, and this reminded me why AA did not get much of my business! I will have to revert to the "Continentalised" UA (another sore point!)."
Cons: "Had to wait for pilot coming from Mexico flight for 20 mins after everyone boarded"
Pros: "- Great entertainment system and choices - Timely departure and arrival"
Cons: "- Marginal seat and leg room comfort for a 5'11'', 180lbs passenger"
Pros: "Short flight times, lovely staff , food and wine ok, not so crowded so more space"
Pros: "Everything was great. Comfortable seats & good service."
Cons: "Unfortunately, the flight was delayed because of a "problem with the plane"- we had to wait at the gate for 2.5hrs for the mechanics to work on it."
Pros: "The flight arrived on time with my luggage, and although I booked through BA, for the first time ever, they managaged to get my special meal request correct."
Cons: "I order a vegetarian meal in the hope I will get something edible. This was the worst airline food I have ever had. The plane was old so the economy class seats were larger than normal. There was, however, no in-seat entertainment. On the upside, I'm glad I didn't fly business class. Compared to the standard set by other airlines, the seats appeared to be from the 80's."
Pros: "Slick boarding"
Cons: "No movies on way out."
Cons: "Boarding started almost an hour late but the status never went to delayed (they just said it was on time but kept pushing the boarding time back). Arrived in CLT with only 20 min before the next flight departure."
Cons: "Flight attendants barely made eye contact and certainly didn't make us feel welcome in business class."
Pros: "The aircraft was not well maintained, middle holds were small and could not accommodate a normal hand bag. A side hold had to be taped to close it."
Pros: "Upon leaving Raleigh, N.C. Our plane was carrying a fallen soldier and a marine who accompanied him . They announced this and gave the other passengers the opportunity to walk to an area to watch the very solemn ceremony. It was all done with respect and handled timely. The flight still left as scheduled and arrived on time. Not that this was the most important part. Even if it had caused me to miss my connecting flight, the ceremony for the fallen hero was more important."
Pros: "Flight left about 30 min late but still landed in philly pretty much only time."
Cons: "I wish there was a way to request to not sit next to someone carrying on a pet."
Cons: "Did not get to finish the movie I was watching on my first flight and movies were not offered on this flight."
Cons: "We could not check in online because we refused to pay for seats that I felt that already purchased or was entitled to one so I bought a ticket. When we got to the airport and checked in they did not put me and my traveling partner together meaning they didn't see them together not to mention. Our flight was delayed and we only have 4 minutes to get from gate a to gate. We got to the gate collected our boarding passes found out we were seated at the very very very back of the plane right next to the restrooms.........NICE"
Cons: "When I booked my flight, I used Kayac like I always have in the past. To begin with, I selected several flights that were listed, only to have it tell me that this flight is no longer offered, which I assume is engineered to get me to select a more expensive flight. Once I finally found a flight that was still available, I selected it and began the process of providing information and selecting seat assignments. On 2 of the 4 legs of the round trip, there were no more seats available except for upgrade seats, which resulted in an extra $100.00+ in charges. Then when I finished the transaction, I noticed an extra $200.00 charge added. End result was that I ended up paying over double what I would normally pay for this same round trip that I have made many many times. I feel, no I know, that some customer relations person will look at this comment and reply with a pre-generated response apologizing and hoping I have a better experience in the future and thank me for using Kayac. Big companies like yours look at one customer as no big deal. I'm a Physician and have the ability to reach out to multitudes. I'm going to make it my mission in life to reach out to as many people as I can through word of mouth, signs in my office, Internet and social media to let them know about the deplorable practices of your company."
Pros: "Wasn't over booked"
Cons: "No entertainment no offer to up grade"
Cons: "When I noticed on the itinerary that the layover only gave me 35 minutes I knew it would be a problem. I missed my flight and never got to Pensacola . AA staff were not very Empathetic. It seems to happen often. I'm in a hotel and praying that my flight leaves today."
Pros: "Gate agent super helpful and nice. Flight attendant gave me two coffees, which was was needed."
Pros: "That we at least made it to Chicago."
Cons: "That the plane coming into Raleigh from Dallas had technical problems so it made us miss our connecting flight in Chicago. I needed to be at work in Des Moines Monday morning at 8 and they bumped us to a flight from Chicago to Des Moines for 12:00 pm Monday afternoon. We had to pay $280 to rent a car and I drove all night and went straight to work without even going home to shower or get ready or anything. My 4 and a half year old son had to endure the whole thing too."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Never offered any of the food they were walking by with. Only 1st class got everything"
Pros: "Service, comfort, timeliness."
Cons: "Food was marginal, especially the chicken in the salad, which was petrified."

The flight attendant, Angel lives up to her name- what an angel! I love her! She was so helpful and attentive and patient. My daughter spilled some juice on her shorts and not only did Angel help me clean up my daughter, she did not hesitate to pick up my daughter’s dirty shorts and neatly packaged it away for me! She went above and beyond her future to provide THE BEST customer service and flight I’ve had in over 20+ years of flying. Thank you, Angel, please continue to excel at exceptional customer service professional!

Pros: "Old plane. Window shade cracked. Seat poorly maintained."
Cons: "Staff could’ve done a better job at asking family with unruly kids to settle down as a courtesy to other passengers."
Pros: "The crew was responsive and very friendly."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Food vegan"
Pros: "I missed the flight because we were delayed out of NC. And I had to get a hotel since there were no more flights that night. I’m still stuck in Denver."
Cons: "Better accommodations by United."
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Hard seats"
Pros: "Lots of entertainment options for kids."
Cons: "Older plane, ageing bathrooms etc. Chairs not too comforatable and legroom limited. Staff ok, not particularly helpful or child-friendly. No headsets for kids. Adult earbuds do not work in little ears!"
Cons: "delayed in piecemeal by 6 hrs before move to another gate. than mechanical delay and then cancelled. Arrived at hotel after midnight without food or drink. Substitute flight was next day noon - original offer was for late afternoon flight! That flight had poor service. Attendant dawdled so there were no drinks served."
Pros: "This flight was a good value."
Cons: "My legs are short and the seat seemed a little higher than other plans. I couldn't rest my feet flat on the floor for 6 1/2 hours. This was very uncomfortable."
Cons: "My connecting flight was delayed by 4 hours due tknsmong in India. I called United ahead of time to tell them I was not able to make my flight and if there was anyway I could get a new ticket. The representative was confident that 40 minutes between my flights at Delhi was enough time to make it despite me reminding her about the time it took to get off the plane, pick up my luggage, get through immigrations and travel to my terminal. She was very wrong. She insisted I call them when I land and that I go to the ticket booth. Little did she know that once I miss my flight my ticket is no longer valid and I was no longer able to enter the airport in India. Once I reached the entrance I was directed to a Untied booth all the way at the end of the terminal and was told to buy a new ticket. There was no United representative at this booth. I waited 3 hours and even called the number posted at the booth. No one picked up and no one came. I had wasted several hours. I ultimately decided to buy a ticket online spending another thousand dollars to get back home when I was told that I would be given a new ticket at the booth by United. But I had to wait another 24 hours outside the airport because I was not allowed in so early prior to my flight. Very unprofessional and unhelpful when I needed it the most."
Cons: "2 Hours late"
Pros: "Nothing unusual"
Cons: "Nothing unusual"
Pros: "Flight was quick once we got on to it."
Cons: "It took a while to get word that the flight was delayed. In the mean time I was running back and forth between the gate that my plane should have been at and the terminal board."
Cons: "I paid 6 dollars to watch TV but the headphones plug in wasn’t working well."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Great crew. Liked pretzels"
Cons: "The departure moved to three different gates. Inconvenient."
Cons: "Seat of 1.5 hours on board the flight, but understand it's beyond the airlines control"
Pros: "Time"
Pros: "That we made it with no major issues."
Cons: "Delays to land, taxi, and no TV, no outlet in the plane. Very old plane."
Cons: "Poor service very disappointed"
Pros: "The in-flight crew were very nice and no one got beat up. our flight was delayed but we got put on a later flight without issue."
Cons: "No entertainment and no free wifi and the seats hurt my beck and back. The girl who checked us in was abrasive to us and everyone in front of us in line, but maybe she wasn't trying to be, that was just her personality. Our flight got delayed which meant we missed out on seeing an old friend I hadn't seen in years, but at least we got there."
Cons: "The employees were verbally rude, borderline abusive. The airline was completely disorganized, changing our gate 3 times. Literally the worst airline experience I have had in years."
Pros: "kept us advised on why we were delayed. somethings are out of your control abbr I understand that"
Cons: "one of the crew members was not so friendly."
Pros: "Flight was only about 25% full so we have lots of room to stretch out. Appreciated the vegetarian option for the meal. It was tasty."
Cons: "the plane was cold early in the morning. I was feeling cold in the plane."
Pros: "Short direct flight"
Pros: "It was simple, straight forward, and easy. Encountered no problems, and the crew was great."
Pros: "Attendant was nice."
Cons: "Unexpected, unannounced delay put us into Chicago 30 minutes late. I was scheduled to have a 45 minute layover, now down to 15. I was given no support getting to my next gate, that plane was not held despite the fact that I ran across the terminal to catch it."
Cons: "I didn't like how the flight attendance wasn't so friendly, I felt as if I was a bother to them."
Cons: "Flight was canceled"
Pros: "My mom is disabled and was flying alone. United was amazing. As soon as I pulled near the curb someone was there with a wheelchair. I parked the car and he waited for me. He already checked her in dropped her bag off and was waiting for me. He said that he was going to take my mom through security and bring her all the way to the gate. I was so relieved because I was not able to travel with her but felt she was in good hands."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Early arrivals"
Cons: "On the express smaller planes you have to gate check your rollarboard suitcase which is fine but if your in first class they dont have a separate tag from economy class so i got my bag last even tho i was in first."
Pros: "I liked the takeoff it was entertaining and fun also I liked the flight crew where every 30 min they would check on us and bring us water and snacks."
Cons: "Flight delay"
Pros: "Easy"
Pros: "The flight was very smooth and on time"
Cons: "Flight was late"
Pros: "The stroopwafels are amazing."
Cons: "Plane 2.5 hours late"
Cons: "The plane got changed so I lost my seat then later that evening (hours before leaving for the airport) my flight got cancelled."
Pros: "Crew member was excellent."
Cons: "As the ground staff had trouble loading the luggage in to the booty...plane was stranded on the runway without AC... caused unnecessary delay. We missed the connection."
Pros: "Nice people working."
Cons: "The weather! And air traffic control!!"
Pros: "Same as Co's to Houston"
Pros: "Peaceful"
Cons: "The crew workers attitude"
Pros: "Here's the situation- There are massive storms across the state, massive delays across the nation, and a tiny airport packed full of people. All the things needed to make a horrible flying day an even worse day for customer service. BUT the flight crew and terminal teams did an amazing job keeping things together and keeping guests happy. They communicated all the information they knew in a timely manner, and made sure to correct any connections that needed to be processed before the plan landed. Also they kept their calm as people flipped out."
Cons: "I didn't lol the size of the white planes airport. That plan could hold about 150 people at best.... There was at least 600"
Pros: "Same as above. Did notice the woman staffing the counter at boarding having extreme patience with people's problems and non problems. She was great and deserves a raise. Denver gate B 85 between 1:00 and 3:00 6/15/16."
Cons: "Charged 50.00 for check bags,when that was included in the online purchase,not happy and probably will not use either again!"
Pros: "Kayak was not aware that my flight was changed to another airline. Great notification!!!!!"
Pros: "Left on time,luggage not missed and good landing"

It was great

I’m sure it’s due to Covid but I feel the staff could have been more friendlier. They seemed very shy but overall they were very pleasant and nice

Extra row seats are comfortable and spacious. Flight was delayed

Cons: "I asked for a bottle of water because i needed to take my meds and I was given the run around and after i payed i Was given the bottle of water followed by we are about to land in half an hour are you sure?? Of course im sure i need to take my meds. I am a veteran and have to take my meds on time."
Pros: "on time, ahead of schedule"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "The price, and the on-time departure and early arrival."
Cons: "boarding could have been better as we were in zone 1 and we seem to be ignored for quite some time before getting on the plane"
Pros: "Easy"
Cons: "Not to pay for drinks"
Cons: "It would have been 100 times better had we been able to chose our own seats instead of suffering through a 5 hr flight next to someone feeling disgusted of your child the entire time. Deplaning the aircraft took way more time than it should. First and last time flying Frontier."
Pros: "Nothing except we landed safely."
Cons: "Taking off was an hour late because the toilets needed emptied and when we landed there was another plane occupying our spot cuz we were late. Worst flight EVER."
Cons: "Hour delay for an hour flight"
Pros: "Crew was not as surly as usual."
Cons: "I guess some padding on the seats is out of the question, so never mind."
Pros: "My flight on the 30th was fine. I was NOT on a second flight from Denver to Pensacola. My 360.00 round trip flight to and from Denver has taught me what I should have known. Fly Southwest or another first class airline."
Cons: "I’ve been asked to evaluate two flights from Denver to Pensacola. If I’m charged for 2 flights, I’ll take legal action."
Pros: "Very good / inexpensive / clean /"
Cons: "Where do I start? The $45 dollar charge for one bag is ridiculous. The charge of $2.99 for a can coke and the seats do not recline at all."
Pros: "New Airplane, Nice Staff, Clean bathroom"
Cons: "Plane was late - this happened on the first leg of my trip too. Hopefully you will work more on that. Will try another time and hope schedule is better. This was my first time using Frontier."
Pros: "Flying"
Cons: "No snacks"
Cons: "While I was on my way to the airport, I received an email (3 hours before the aircraft was scheduled to take off) stating that the flight had been cancelled. I tried talking to a Frontier representative but every time I called their customer service number it was all automated. I was unable to speak with someone regarding the situation. I ended up having to spend $600 to book another flight with American Airlines due to my need to be in El Paso, Texas today. I still have not been able to speak with anyone at this point."
Pros: "Everything was great except the long delays. We were suppose to leave at 206 but the flight kept getting delayed. I understand delays but it would have been nice if someone would have told us why. There was no one at the desk for a long time. But once we were on the plane and in the air everything was great."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "You get *1* carry on. A 2nd carry on or checked bag is **$45.** The most unreasonable and expensive bag price in the industry. Highway robbery. Who the hell flies anywhere with only one checked bag? I mean, seriously. It is an unreasonable expectation to put it mildly. Second of all, *you have to PAY to select a goddamn seat.* What the hell? Who the hell does that? *0* other airlines CHARGE you for the pleasure of picking a seat. That is insane. So, that is $18 at a bare minimum to choose the most inexpensive class of seats on the plane. Third of all, **you have to pay for ALL drinks of any kind.* Free water? Hell no. Free sodas, juice, coffee, tea, etc? Hell no. You have to pay for all of it. So then I was dehydrated the whole flight, which was very unpleasant and put me in an even more foul mood. The way they nickle and dime you on this godforsaken airline is criminal. So, To Review, if I had flown round trip it would cost *at a minimum* $18 + $18 + $45 + $45 ($126 goddamn dollars) in fees that no other airline in the industry charges. That is insane; and that happens to be approximately what I paid for my flight. So for all unreasonable charges I could have had a bonus flight somewhere. I will never, ever fly on this godforsaken airline ever again; and please believe I will tell every single one of my friends and (gigantic) family that not only does this crappy airline get 0 Stars from me, but they should under no circumstances ever fly on this horrible airline ever. Pick literally *any* other airline over this hot nonsense."
Cons: "No power outlets, seats didn't recline and were very hard and close together. Arm rests were hard and hurt my arms. Floor was filthy and so were the bathrooms."
Pros: "The staff seemed quite nice."
Cons: "The seat padding reminded me of what I imagine they would have in the trustee's area at a correctional facility. Also the "tray table" was not really big enough to support an open paperback book and definitely not a magazine."
Pros: "The dirt cheap, I can't believe an airline can operate at this low an airfare and still turn a profit-ticket prices"
Cons: "The hidden checked-baggage fees that were almost half the cost of the actual ticket for one bag. The non reclining seats. The lack of legroom. The feeling of cattle being herded into a slaughterhouse. The lack of friendliness with the RDU and MCO gate/ticket counter agents. The cost of having to pay $12 to ensure I sit beside my 5 year old son on the flight. Besides a free seat belt, having to pay for everything else under the sun. Surprised AC was free. Not even an in-flight magazine or barf bag. Which is exactly what I feel like doing after giving you my money......"
Pros: "All"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "I was pleasantly surprised! The plane was clean, spacious (for a plane) and the crew was amazing!"
Pros: "Timely"
Cons: "Charge for carry on"
Pros: "The process for check in was really faster and customer service great. Employees are very professional and look happy."
Cons: "I need to pay no matter is carry on or sending through the counter. Need to improve the price. The flight price was great but the is added in the baggage not make sense. It's better to avoid surprises during check in. This make Frontier more competitive."
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "I had to find another flight on my own to replace the second leg of my trip from Denver to Salt Lake City. The customer service was ridiculous."
Pros: "This was my first and will be my last time flying with Frontier!!!"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed for 1hr 34 min, then delayed for 50min, then delayed for 6hrs. We were told it was due to mechanical issues. We were given a $10 lunch voucher and a $15 dinner voucher. The attendants were incompetent and none of them seemed to know what was going on. I had dinner reservations that had to be rescheduled and I had to change my rental car reservation due to this huge inconvenience."
Pros: "Boarding was pretty smooth."
Cons: "Kayak should inform buyers that there are extra charges for unexpected things like choosing your seat, carry on bags, checked bags, all food, all drinks (no nuts, pretzels or coffee)"
Cons: "And Frontier only offered a refund or a spot on the next available flight,which was four days later. We had to book a flight the next day, which was five times as expensive as the Frontier flight had been."
Pros: "Newer airplane."
Cons: "I felt anytime an employee spoke to me they were asking me for money. Money for bags, money for seat, money for a soda, etc. Frontier will now be my very last option."
Pros: "Great crew. Very friendly. -- Ontime boarding and good flight. - The flight back left and arrived earlier than scheduled. Exceptional treatment by the crew on the way back. They asked if I minded moving up front to an extended seat to allow to people to sit together. -- I got a more comfortable seat up front and the flight attendant kept thanking me for me flexible. -- Very appreciated to them"
Cons: "More up front knowledge about the true cost of the flight. -- Seat selection and carry on costs let to an an additional $82. -- $6 each way for selecting a preferred seat I can stomach, but not $35 for a carry on. -- Very disappointed in that"
Pros: "The overall flight experience was ok flight was very short and quick attendants were there to assist you if needed."
Cons: "First of all I missed my flight an arrived 40minutes before departure that I understand was my fault but I was charged 100 for a rebuy ticket there was no one there at the desk to assist you I waited 1hr before someone finally showed up to help me buy a new ticket. The airport in Trenton was so small and there is 15 people there and any one of them didn't help. Frontier airlines also charges your check in bag 40$ at the desk if you have more than one carry on say a small purse and a suitcase you will be charged 60$ before boarding unless you consolidate that into one. In my returning flight I was charged again for my check in bag this time 30$ ?????. Don't be fooled by the cheap ticket prices you'll end up paying double that just on the flight alone."
Pros: "I enjoyed my seat assignment. There was room for overhead carry on. Great space under seats. Interior was clean and the seats were comfortable. The flights left on time and arrived early and safely. Pleasant crew."
Cons: "I believed that you could have one carry on and one personal item for free. There was plenty of room for my carry on, so it felt like a trick to be charged. That was unpleasant for me."
Pros: "The cabin was comfortable and the crew did their job efficiently. Nothing stood out to impress me."
Cons: "The after ours was overbooked, so they boarded us andand made us wait until they could find 3 volunteers which took a decent amount of time. We were also not informed of this until we had already been sitting there waiting. After our flight left the gate we then had to sit and wait to take off because we missed out time slot to fly into Philly. It wasn't terrible but could have been handled better. It was very uncomfortable for myself and even more uncomfortable for a friend with osteoporosis and compression fractures in her back."
Cons: "No cushioned seats, seats do not recline"
Pros: "I travel a lot for work and on other airlines almost all of the time. I can't remember any flight I'd been on all summer that was on time departing (20% cancelled altogether, and many more delayed 2-5 hours). It was a very pleasant surprise that this Frontier flight left On Time, and arrived at our destination 15 minutes early! Hooray!"
Cons: "They didn't let me board until last because the computer had an issue with my boarding pass. Also, I wasn't able to check in before I got to the airport - on line - and there was no website option to get me boarding pass on my phone"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "Charges for seats and baggage."
Pros: "I liked the price. The flight to Denver was good. Airplane clean, flight attendants courteous."
Cons: "The way they managed the delay was unprofessional. The ladies announcing the reasons of the delay were a little bit rude. For a 7 hours delay, they should give us at least a complementary meal or something."
Pros: "Arriving safely in Denver."
Cons: "This was a four hour flight preceded by a four hour and ten minute delay. I feel that the crew could have been a bit more accommodating when people had to use the restroom. Although the fasten seatbelt light was on for most of the flight, I feel as though the flight attendants could have escorted individuals safely to the restrooms. Also, the seats do not recline which made it pretty uncomfortable."
Pros: "Fares. Toll free customer service was very helpful in rescheduling my daughter's flight."
Cons: "Wheelchair service at RDU not contracted with Frontier! Rude flight attendant, making inappropriate and sarcastic announcements! Understaffed check in counter = long delay = delayed departure :("
Pros: "Cheap ticket"
Cons: "Paid $130 for a ticket and ended up paying an extra $150 for baggage. Backpack was too big to be considered a Personal Item so $40 for a carry-on. I had tried stuffing into one checked bag so I did not have to pay the extra $40 for a second bag (already paid $35 for the first one). I did not weigh my bag...yeah my fault. Was charged $75 at the counter for overweight fee (61 lbs while 50 lbs is the max). Just be aware of the fees. Also, water is free on flight and everything else is pay."
Pros: "This was my return flight and first time on Frontier, it was an effortless flight coming and going, staff were very nice and I will definitely be a frequent flyer on Frontier Airlines."
Cons: "There was nothing I didn't like the plane was clean and the staff were courteous."
Cons: "This Airline is terrible. The quality of service and actual planes is not worth the "cheap" price. I won't be flying with frontier again"
Pros: "Flight attendant was nice and actual flight was smooth"
Cons: "Lots of attitude from the lady who checked my bags. Extra baggage fees are outrageous and increased from when I took off for vacation and when I was coming back."
Pros: "I'd rate it excellent if the carry on where not charged and the seat had some cushion and more leg room"
Cons: "Flight time Boarding on time and organized Arm rest is small"
Cons: "Thought I was getting an excellent deal ($68 round trip) But There is additional costs for everything, flight, seat, snacks (not even a small bag of peanuts), baggage (even had to pay for my carry on bag). I prefer to know the WHOLE price upfront not be told at every turn I need to pay for something else. After my return trip home this will be my last flight with Frontier Airlines."
Pros: "The crew was EXCELLENT! The flight AWESOME!"
Cons: "Had to pay for carry-on and soda."
Pros: "The crew was super friendly"
Cons: "There was no Social distancing and I was very scared about it"
Pros: "The window seat was comfortable"
Cons: "Faster takeoff"
Pros: "Safe ontime flight at a great price"
Cons: "Seat bottoms are very hard"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew was polite."
Cons: "There was absolutely nothing for free. You had to pay for a glass of water, tea or coffee. There was no complementary WiFi."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight got delayed 2 hours and then they reversed their decision and it got delayed back to 1 hour almost making me miss my flight. Also when we landed in Atlanta, it took another 10-15 minutes for the jet bridge to come to our plane. I hate spirit. Horrible airline."
Pros: "The crew was good, and the big seat super cool I love it"
Cons: "It could have been nice if they offer the passenger in the big seat a drink, like how we pay so much money for that seat"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The customer service, the organization it was awfull."
Pros: "The crew was very helpful and polite"
Cons: "The passengers were loud and rude, kept slamming the tray tables, my 6 year old son and I weren’t even offered a drink of water the seat was uncomfortable, no where to charge phones on the plane. Ridiculous baggage fee charge of $55.00 though it still fit in the over head compartment and there were two people traveling worst experience ever!"
Pros: "Good flying from the pilots."
Pros: "This half of trip the plane was much cleaner."
Cons: "Being traveling for a long time. Business and Vacation truly my most negative Experience travelling a can remember I would not recommend this airline to no one Staff at the counter no professional do not even try to assist the passenger Very nasty and just care for charge monies In the cabin worth they just care make you feel bad I would not recommend any one to travel on this airline."
Pros: "Smooth flight, on time"
Cons: "Really feel sardine canned in my seat"
Pros: "Everything went well. Checking my bag was a breeze. Boarding went smoothly and the crew was great."
Pros: "Mostly to be expected."
Cons: "Delayed flight but no communication of this. Had to check online."
Cons: "Spirit was completely horrible , customer service was completely horrible!"
Cons: "I arrived at the airport in time but at the ticket counter they said I was three minutes late for check in and would not allow me to check in and get on the flight. As a result, I missed my flight home after Thanksgiving and had to miss a day of work and pay for cab and accommodations for the night. I also had to pay $100 for a flight change fee. It felt like there was no interest in customer service. Instead I found "gotchya" policies that seemed designed to generate extra fees. There were other frustrated Spirit customers at the ticket counter as well. I would not recommend Spirit going forward."
Cons: "It would be good to have wifi even if there was a small extra charge, planes are so plain but comfortable"
Pros: "First flight in six years. Had a great time."
Cons: "The seats on the plane could be more comfortable"
Cons: "They were so late on our flight. Wouldn't serve us water or let us get up. Oh and hour lugggage took forever"
Cons: "Seats stationary ...ok for a hour flight but more than tahn is pretty uncomfortable."
Cons: "The overall visit sits arw horrible and the food is expensive"
Pros: "The original costs without all the penny pinching extras"
Cons: "You cancelled my flight. Didn't help me with hotel arrangements are pay for a hotel. I lost a whole day in Montego Bay. That was a $150 per day. I had to go pay for another flight because I didn't trust that you would get me to Montego Bay the next day either. You still have not given me a reimbursement for the Fort Lauderdale to Montego leg"
Pros: "Seats were pretty roomy and comfortable. Airfare was inexpensive."
Pros: "Ticket price"
Cons: "Complicated baggage fee application and baggage fee processing"
Cons: "No coomwnts on the airlines. It could br great if you provide atleast water yo the passengers"
Pros: "At Fort Lauderdale check in and tsa where extremely helpful."
Cons: "My luggage was left in behind and didn't arrive when I did."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "My flight was delayed 5 hours."
Pros: "Nice attention from airline personnel"
Cons: "Checking in at San Juan airport took longer and e-systems didn't work ok"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charge for every single bag except your personal bag. Our third checked bag was $100! We ended up paying three times out tickets in bags."
Cons: "five hours delayed and no alternative provided"
Pros: "Flight cancelled without informing me via email"
Cons: "Wasn't asked if I wanted snacks or a drink. Drove by the first 4 rows without a word."
Cons: "Everythings fine"
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "Baggage fees"
Pros: "I like that there is more leg room than before"
Cons: "That i have to pay for even water. Chairs don't recline, no tv noting"
Cons: "I was charged $55 dollars for my luggage at check in when another passenger was not. The other passenger had a backpack and large duffle bag that my larger than my luggage but because his was "soft" he wasn't charged. I feel that it was outside of your guidelines and not fair and probably took place because the female associate checking him in was being flirtatious. I was excited to train out his airline but was extremely disappointed."
Cons: "Spirit nickels and dimes you, by the time you are finished you are better off paying for a flight with a classier airlines."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Seats have almost no cusion. $55 to use the overhead bin is a ripofff. Most airlines dont charge for things like the overhead bin or a bottle of water (which was 3 dollars). Also on a 5 hour flight charging for water is a blatant scam. The cabin air is arid so there is no escapingng the gouge. I wont be flying spirit again but i also will go out of my way to tell others not to as well. Trash airline."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Cheap has no low boundaries. This flight was beyond cheap in service, attitude, services and seats. I will never fly this airline again even if I were offered free flights for the rest of my life. Horrible and not even worth the cheap price. Never again. Good luck, you'll need it"
Cons: "The customer service agent over the phone had told me "you are allowed one carry one and one checked bag." So I get to the flight desk and turns out I was allowed one checked bag, however I had to pay $52 for it. On top of that our flight was late and the workers at the boarding site was extremely rude. The overall experience was absolutely horrible."
Pros: "it is good if you only need a quick go to flight on first hands notice"
Pros: "Horrible"
Cons: "Horrible switched gates last minute left passengers stranded no help offered told us to buy new flight. We were all sitting at the gate waiting for 2 hours."
Pros: "Friendly hard working cabin crew. Arrived early. Easy boarding and deboarding"
Cons: "Paying extra for my carry on bag"
Pros: "simple quick boarding"
Cons: "delay; $55 charge for CARRY-ON bag"
Pros: "I found that my flight was very economical , on time at a convenient time , & that's all that I am interested in . Thankyou very much."
Cons: "The airline cheats people. Under the excuse that other companies promise to include many things in their fares, Spirit offers low cost tickets. However the final cost of the ticket including luggage check in and food surpass others prices. Spirit should tell the true and not mislead people. At the end turns to be a very bad service. Thanks"
Pros: "Uneventful"
Pros: "Aircraft are brand new and clean."
Cons: "That should say it all, but how "bare" can you go? The aircraft seats do not recline, no "healthy" menu available."
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