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  • There are no direct flights for this route. The shortest travel duration to get to Port Au Prince from Oakland is 11h 29m.

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  • On your way to Port Au Prince, you’ll fly out from Oakland. You’ll be landing at Port Au Prince Mais Gate.

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I didn’t like anything 1. Original flight is as cancelled and I had a hard time getting answered and have the next flight available booked with out paying 2. Flight was delayed almost 30 minutes and we never knew why .. crew didn’t say why plane wasn’t departing ever 3. Plane crew was great airport boarding crew was rude all the time

Cons: "carry on bag size to be more restrictive than other airlines is stupidity. Learn from Southwest and stop scamming people at the gate."
Pros: "Yes crew was amazing. The seating was uncomfortable"
Cons: "I understand that MASKS are required. But making toddlers wear a mask on the phone is just TOO MUCH!! It's hard enough trying to make sure they wear a jacket and keeping their coat on or shoes but making sure their mask is on as well the whole plane ride. How can us parents relax on the plane when we have to keep checking our toddler to make sure he/she mask is still on their face. It's very uncomfortable for them and they are too young to understand why they have to wear them and they are sitting for hours. Spirit should loosen up the mask rule for toddlers. I think if they are under the age of 6 they shouldn't wear a mask. 6 and older they are capable of understanding what's going on and being able to keep their mask on their face but expecting a toddler too (2,3, and 4 year olds). Is not happening. If they are uncomfortable they will take them off and we are supposed to relax on the plane not play mask police and make sure their mask stays on their face the whole flight. They will get annoyed and start having fits because they don't want it on and doesn't understand. COVID"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Communication and not waiting 8 hours for our flight to leave"
Cons: "Wifi"
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Everything but the price"
Pros: "We did not crash"
Cons: "Baggage fees, etc. we were surprised they did not make us buy bathroom tokens."
Pros: "The crew was kind and professional"
Cons: "The in-flight experience, outside of the crew, is terrible. The seats are big enough only for infant children. They do not recline. Nothing is complimentary, including carry-ons, which cost the same as checked bags. Seats are assigned, but somehow checking in I still got slammed with an $18 per seat fee to pick seats for my wife and myself. On a cross-country flight, there was no included food or beverage, the flight attendant went so far as to announce "a cup of water costs money on this flight." Even the gate is bootleg - WTH is "Gate 9A?" I will tell everyone not to fly Spirit Airlines. Whatever the price difference is from Southwest, it is not worth it, and you'll probably end up paying it back anyway."
Cons: "I received notices of delayed departure of two hours but that same notice showed the arrived was delayed by over four hours. I called and talked to an agent and asked how my flight could have all of sudden gotten two hours longer and was told the delayed departure was correct and the arrive time was not. He said it was a mechanical issue and could change so I should still go to the airport an hour before my original departure time, which I did. When I arrived the flight was now delayed by more than four hours and I was told it was due to the crew being timed out so I had to sit there for five hours waiting to leave. I should be compensated for this error but cannot find out how to do that!"
Cons: "You should know that kayak doesn’t tell you that spirit has a carry on bag fee. And that fee changes based on if you booked it online at the airport via a kiosk or by an agent. They also make sure not to tell you that if you get through tsa with your carry on they won’t let you on the plane with it. You ok have to a significantly higher price. Of course it’s all a scheme to screw Yiyi. Then if you happen to have a problem with online checkin (like I did), there is no way to solve it. The airline does not have live representatives on their phone lines!! If you do complain about their issues via the online form (bc again you can’t speak to a rep) it will take them a week to answer and they will tell you that they can’t do anything. Horrible airline - will never fly on it again."
Pros: "Nothing. Although the two individials I did communicate with were respectful and regretful."
Cons: "I never made it to my destination. My original flight was canceled and then my rescheduled flight was canceled. Very disappointing that I never actually got to go to California from Baltimore. I had a very special person to see who is critical condition and I wanted the chance to see her before it was too late. They only offered me a flight credit until I broke down on the phone and told them exactly what their canceled flights had cost me. I just think this airline is unorganized and needs a lot of work if they plan to continue to operate. You can't just continuously cancel flights that were booked well in advance and have no backup plan for those customers."
Pros: "Low cost travel with no frills attached. Friendly crew. On-time boarding, before scheduled time arrival! Had heard a lot of bad things but my experience was not bad at all."
Cons: "Not even basic beverages & snacks provided for 5-6 hour flight."
Cons: "Email spam. Poor customer service. Delays all the time"
Pros: "We were attracted by Spirit's deceptively low pricing for airfare."
Cons: "We, along with several other passengers, found out at the gate that carry-on luggage must be pre-paid or they charge $65 to each passenger to bring it on the plane. My traveling partner and I paid the $130 to bring our bags with us, along with most of the other passengers who were informed. However, I learned on the plane of one unfortunate young man who did not have $65 and they made him leave his carry-on bag; they provided him a paper bag and allowed him to put whatever belongings he could fit into the paper bag. That young man boarded and was asked to give up his seat, so an older lady could sit with her family, and he graciously crowded into the window seat that was initially assigned to the elder passenger. The plane sat on the tarmac without the engine on, with absolutely no air circulating in the cabin, and it was stifling hot, making me feel ill. There was no water available to drink and no running water in the bathroom -- passengers must "wash" their hands with a flimsy inadequate hand wipe."
Pros: "0"
Cons: "1. Baggage charge expensive! over paid extra fee for $65.00 compared to other airlines only for $25.00; was not aware of hidden fees! 2. Fight attendant, (white woman, tall, large woman, dark hair) was very rude to me. While giving flight demonstration she said, "you need to turn that off" (referring to my cell phone). Then she said it the second time, very rudely "TURN IT OFF!!!" This is very unprofessional, this is not acceptable. I had my music off and was listening to her in the first place! Her facial expression and tone of voice was very degrading and racist."
Cons: "Have you been screwed over by Spirit airlines? Have you noted how a carry-on costs over $40? Have you noticed that you can't check in on the internet without signing up for their website and giving them all your personal information? Have they suddenly and at the last hour delayed your flight by 4 hours without letting you know, and then claimed that they emailed you, when they didn't? Have you noticed that they don't allowed comments to be posted to their facebook page (because they'd get nothing but bad comments). On top of that, when I got to the front counter, where I was told that my flight was delayed 3 hrs (thanks for not texting ir emailing me about it), I asked the guy at the counter to check and see if I was still on the flight. He confirmed that I was. But when we started boarding, my ticket no longer worked and he could not find me on the flight list! Wtf??? I almost got left out of th plane because of what???"
Pros: "Absolutely NOTHING"
Cons: "This airline has check in requirements that no other airlines have and did not send any email or notification what so ever letting passengers know. I also was not informed through Kayak of these rules. They would not let me on the flight because I was waiting in line while 3 of the 4 check in attendants were not even helping people in line! I had to pay a $100 fee to change my flight and they didn't have any options for same day. The flight wasn't even boarding yet and there wasn't a line for security and the gate was very close. If they don't let passengers know of their rules when selling through a 3rd party website THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SELL THROUGH 3rd PARTY WEBSITES! Absolutely disgraceful experience."
Pros: "I did not like anything about this experience."
Cons: "2 days ago, I missed my flight due to traffic. The cancellation process was exacerbated by the fact that I was redirected to a call center, to someone who did not understand my situation, instead of a Spirit Airline associate. Spirit has since sent me a $50 voucher to "make up" for the $186 trip fee + $82 for checked bags and a $22 unexplained charge. I have filed a trip cancellation claim with Allianz to get my trip fair back (I thought this was the point of trip protection) and am disputing the other two charges with AMEX, considering I was charged for services I did not use. I will never fly Spirit again. I ended up throwing away money vs. booking with a quality airline."
Pros: "Finally - an airline got it right! My husband and I appreciated that we only paid for what WE wanted to use. We did not have to pay for what the airline thought we might want. They got rid of the horrible airplane food that we always felt obligated to eat because we paid for it. We never used the screens in the seat back because we are readers. Also - when was the last time you heard the captain announce that the flight arrived early!! While the seats are a little tight, we didn't mind it. Will fly them again in the future."
Pros: "Great first-time flight down to LA from Oakland. Great seat/lots of room/nice staff."
Cons: "My trip home was ruined when I had to pay an extra $65 for a super small roll-on bag. I was called out of the on boarding line and not informed as to why. This experience was embarrassing and made me feel awful. I would have not been so upset if I had to pay the same fee on the way down. I actually was able to bring 2 carry-ons out of Oakland without any charge. The LAX SPIRIT team made me consolidate into one bag (which I did earlier) and then charged me an outrageously high fee for a small, 18" roll on that fits under the seat! SPIRIT is inconsistent in their service/policies airport to airport. They have lost me as a customer based on how they nickel and dime their customers with inconsistent policy enforcement of their policies. This industry continues to bulldoze the customer and makes air travel beyond painful."
Cons: "I was on time and it took me a couple of minutes at the kiosk to check in. The online checkin was not working either on spirit airlines.com. I missed The cut off by 2 minutes literally. I told the agent I wasn't aware of their policy that all gates close 45mins prior to boarding. It's not like I had a checked bag in which case I would understand. Letting someone not board a plane 45 mins prior to arriving at the airport is just plain madness. They were so unadjusting and not ready to listen and then wanted me to pay $99 to fly the next day. Their service seriously needs major upgrade. I try not flying spirit because of this reason and now will avoid it at all costs."
Pros: "I was grateful that my return flight came. After telling people I was travelling Spirit, most people told me I should have expected something to go wrong, and shouldn't expect it to stop with one incident."
Cons: "After my flight to LA was cancelled, the people there didn't seem accommodating or empathetic about the situation, dealing with different passengers in different ways -- I didn't get much help at all. The fact that the consolation is a $50 gift card for Spirit is laughable, since that barely covers the CARRY ON baggage fee. The policies are deceiving, the employees are unhelpful (and vocal that they don't care for the way things are run either) and the plane itself, once I was able to finally get on one, was uncomfortable as hell."
Cons: "The airline emailed at 2 am to notify that the 6 am flight was cancelled. The cancellation hotline was not too helpful - they rebooked me on a Delta flight connecting to two more United flights. Delta flight was delayed so I would have missed my 2 connections. Finally rebooked me on another Southwest flight to New Orleans (final destination) that they should have rebooked me on in the first place. Also discovered upon my second rebooking that the initial rebooking agent did not rebook my return flight, so I would not have had a seat had my first rebooking leg not been delayed. Only offered at $50 Spirit voucher for the inconvenience. Definitely never taking Spirit again."
Pros: "Nothing, really."
Cons: "There were too many delays and the airline staff were rude when I had questions about the delays. I received way too many emails from Spirit. I never made it back to LA."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "THE WORST customer service I've ever experienced. I called Spirit's corporate customer service, and they told me to go to the airport where I would be placed on a new airline and be reimbursed for the fare difference. When I first got to the ticket counter, the woman "helping" me would not even look me in the eye as she told me my only options were to wait 24 hours for the next flight, or take an $80 refund. They absolutely refused to do *ANYTHING* else to assist. Not even a hotel reiumbursement or car rental. (Keep in mind they also wanted ME to lose the hotel and car I had already pre-paid for in my destination city.) Long story short - I talked to 6 people over the course of two hours trying to sort out THEIR problem (they never explained *why* the flight was cancelled) and got conflicting information from everyone I spoke to. Nobody ever tried to anything except get me out of there and pay as little as possible. Spirit Air is definitely the worst airline I've ever dealt with, and definitely one of the top 10 worst companies anywhere I've ever dealt with. Never again!"
Pros: "Nothing, there is nothing good about this airline,"
Cons: "On your best day you will pay money for every little thing carry-on, seat assignments even water. But this last experience was the worst, when checking flight status our flight was delayed 45 min, when we arrived at the airport it was only delayed 15 and we were denied entry to the flight BC we were only 40 min early not 45. Even though we were not check bags and are TSA pre check and would have easily made out flight. Money wasted, awful airline, awful aircraft, awful customer service. Book at your own risk."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "spirit attempts to force a customer to register with their site in order to check-in, their ticket rates are a bit lower than the competitor but charge $50 for a normal checked bag, have one kiosk for check-in, very few gates /low priority at airports which causes longer waits for boarding and deboarding. Overall the experience with Spirit has been horrible and expensive. Their business practice includes deceptive pricing, over charging for luggage, and long waits. I will never fly with Spirit again."
Pros: "Nothing. Seriously."
Cons: "The fact you charge 45 dollars for a carry on...when other airlines allow you to have a free carry on. It's already bad enough you cram people on the plane like sardines with your nonsuffocient leg room. Like seriously, thenleg room you allow is great for an average 9 year old but when your 6 foot tall and you spend a 6 hour flight with your knees crammed into the seat in front of you and your seat is broken and won't recline. I remember why I always pay for for airfair to be comfortable and not packed like a sardine"
Cons: "My flight was first delayed, then cancelled just a couple of hours before it was scheduled to depart. Spirit was unable/unwilling to provide me with another flight to my destination on the same day, and as a result I had to book a flight with another airline. Spirit refunded my ticket price, but I had to pay 5 times that much to book a flight with such short notice on another airline, and Spirit refused to do anything else to compensate me for this huge loss of money, due to their cancellation of the flight I had booked. I will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "I upgraded to the big seats in the front, and was glad. If I ever fly Spirit again, I will do that. I can't get comfortable in the other seats because they don't recline."
Cons: "I understand the 5 hour delay may have been to heed the FAA guidelines to provide adequate rest for the crew, but other airlines might scrounge up another plane in that circumstance. The flight attendants rush through their announcements and I could understand 30% of what they said. I guess they really are unimportant. Loading of the airplane is massively inefficient- all airplanes are. If you made everybody line up in the position of their seat assignments, everybody could charge onto the plane at full speed. It is ridiculous to make people at the back of the plane wait for the people at the front of the plane to get their act together."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Every opportunity they can, online, check-in, on the plane itself, they try to extract more money from you."
Pros: "They didn't let me board!!"
Cons: "I arrived at airport 50 mins in advance. Ticket machine didn't work. Waited in long line to see wtf was up. Then they me I'm too late! Still 30 mins before flight board"
Cons: "High and unreasonable fees such as charging to choose where to sit and for carry on bags. Very little space on airline, small tray tables and no backseat pockets for you to store your water or anything like that. Spirit over books flights and scares passengers by causing them to think their purchased flight isn't definite. Bribes people with free round trip flights to fix their mistake but even I wouldn't want their free flights because my experience with them was that horrible I wouldn't want to suffer through another Spirit flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The crew reseated the woman sitting next to me into the exit row, even though the woman came to the gate in a wheelchair, used a cane when getting on the plane (walking right past the crew), and clearly struggled getting on to the plane and then into her original seat, which was not exit row. After she was seated in the exit row aisle seat, the other passenger in the exit row had to climb over her when the passenger needed to go to the lavatory. God forbid anything had happened where we would have had to use the exit row. Imagine people having to climb over her or her having to struggle to get up and get out of the exit row exit, with people trapped behind her. The crew told me and another passenger that they would address this safety violation, but they did not. They also said that a manager would meet us when we got off the plane, but no one did. They clearly did not care about such a serious safety violation."
Pros: "Pilot was very funny and crew was kind"
Cons: "No food or drinks served Seats did not recline and were not comfortable Charge for carry on was absolutely unreasonable Overall, I will never be flying spirit airlines again. I intended to fly on this airlines as it was truly a discount .. I soon realized I had subjected myself to discomfort for no reason when I discovered I would have to spend another $100 just for my carry ons.. At that point, I may as well have just spent a little more money and flown for any other airlines with decent seats and complementary beverages.."
Pros: "NOTHING."
Cons: "I was notified at 9AM that I would miss my connecting flight (flight was at 6PM). I called Spirit to fix this ahead of time, they said I needed to speak to someone at the kiosk. The person at the kiosk said I needed to speak to someone at the gate. The lady at the gate said not to worry, we weren't even getting off of this plane. 10 MINUTES BEFORE BOARDING, I'm told that I'm going to miss my connecting flight and that my options were to either sleep over at Vegas or fly out the next day. I decided to fly out the next day, getting to my destination at noon. Got home, looked up the flight that the man at the kiosk booked me, AND IT WAS GETTING IN AT 11PM THE NEXT NIGHT. I called Spirit, infuriated that the rep literally lied to me, and asked to speak with a manager. I was told that a manager would have to call me back (WHAT?). I have yet to receive a phone call. I will never, EVER, EVER, fly Spirit airlines ever again."
Pros: "That it was only a one hour flight..."
Cons: "that was delayed more than an hour. Lucky for me, I was only going to where I was flying. A number of people who were catching a connecting flight at LAX were going to miss their flight. With this flight being the last flight out of Oakland for the evening (not just of Spirit, but of any airline), those people were really screwed. So even after our flight was delayed, we ended up sitting on the tarmac at our gate for another half an hour after we were boarded and the doors were closed. The plane was full, the air was hot and stanky, and there was no air circulation. Add to that their thin crappy seats that had to be designed by Josef Mengele, and the cabin crew who were more interested in selling us snacks and Spirit Air credit cards than our comfort... Lesson learned. Stay away from Spirit Air. Never again."
Pros: "Literally nothing."
Cons: "The fact that my flight got delayed, then canceled, then uncapable of rescheduling another flight unless I called the airline at Oakland. That call took 40 minutes for me to get an attendant. They try to compensate with a 50$ voucher, but that's literally the cost of adding a carry on... Which I would like to say is the most outrageous of fees. Not only do they not provide proper baggage without fees, they're ability to help customers that have to change all of their plans due to a unplanned cancelation is terrible. I understand things go wrong and you can't predict it, but their website was non accessible, phone service awful, and their compensation was inadequate. Never using this airline again."
Pros: "The flight attendants were great! Immediately saw I had a problem with the passenger next to me who would not leave me alone, and checked in on me throughout the flight. One of the attendants even knelt down next to me discretely to let me know that if he was a problem to not hesitate to grab her and she would take care of it. It was great to know they were looking out for their customers."
Cons: "I arrived to the airport early to check in, and was told that I was too early to check by bag for my flight because they all took lunch soon and no one would be available to watch my bag. It just didn't make sense to me. I had to wait for three hours! Once checked in, we were notified that our flight was delayed, twice, causing what should have been a quick day of travel into a very long and exhausting experience. I know some of these things can't be helped, but with better customer service, it would have at least made the day less miserable. Safe to say I would not fly spirit ever again. It doesn't save you any money, because once you pay for your seat, you bag, and any other additional costs you're spending more money than if you had booked with an established airline."
Cons: "My wallet was stolen in San Francisco so I called to change my flight to a time when a duplicate ID was sent through the mail from my home state's dmv. Instead of transfering the flight i already paid for the customer service representative forced me to purchase a completely new one way ticket back to o hare, in addition to a flight change fee. The representive kept trying to push me off the line when I asked what the new charges were and why no offset any of the costs I had paid for for my intial return including the ticket price, fare difference, baggage purchases, and seat selection was offered. After trying to hang up on me several times she finally agreed to let me switch my flight, for $200 more on top of the ticket i had already bought, bringing my total expenses for my trip home well above $600. Later, through email, I found that she had not in fact switched my flight, but forces me to buy another flight altogether. After this transaction went through she started asking me about my personal information, social security card number, income, my career. When I asked her why She was doing this she said that she was signing me up for a spirit airlines credit card. I was astonished, and before I could even ask why she was doing this without my consent she thanked me for my business and shrewdly hung up the phone."
Cons: "FIrst time on Spirit.... may be my last. While the price was good it wasn't great given the flight times and alternative airport location. And when I got to the airport with a small carry on bag ( only half full at that . ) I was forced to pay $55 to carry it on. My ticket was $98 to start. On the return I was a little wiser and only paid $45 for the carry on bag.... But do the math.... This "cheap flight cost 100% more than I thought it was going to. And at $200 for the round trip, I was just stupid not to fly at my primary airport direct to LAX. Thus I ended up paying more, wasting a lot of extra time, being pissed off and now my return flight is delayed by 2 hours on a 1 hour flight. All in all, this will very likely do more than cause me to look at the fine print...."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 6 hours (for a 1.5 hour flight), for what they said was a bird strike. At check-in I asked if it would for sure be able to go and they assured me it would. A few hours later the flight was canceled. The next flight available was the next day, so we just canceled our whole trip because it messed up the timing so much. We were out two nights of non-refundable accommodation and an Uber to and from the airport, with no compensation other than a refunded ticket and baggage. While in the two hour line for our refund, someone else in line had told us that they were told birds often get in the engines because they park at the end of the tarmac area. If it happens often you'd think they'd do something to help prevent the issue. I'll never use Spirit again (if they're even around much longer), but if anyone decides to use them they should book directly on their website instead of a travel website. While booking on their website, you can add baggage for one price, but after booking the price immediately goes up. The travel booking website I used didn't give the option to add baggage, so ours cost even more than it should have. It's an even more crazy price if you don't pay for baggage until you get to the airport."
Pros: "Nothing about their business practice is acceptable."
Cons: "Upon boarding they don't even serve you a glass of water everything is to be purchased. Also they charge for carry-on bags and if you forget to pre check your carry-on prior to boarding you will need to pay $100 carry on to board your flight. The chairs are so tight Mall that hundred and fifty pound male like myself had no leg room or shoulder room. And a return flight home to Oakland from Vegas was delayed by an hour. Mind you I fly often and I am an American Airlines frequent flyer. My first bag is free and a carry on, no question. They charge for water and soda. So if you're looking for a good deal just because their ticket price might be $50 lower or $20 lower you may and the paying $250 Plus per person on a round trip. Happy and safe travels."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "You nickel and dime for every aspect of the experience, from checking in, selecting seats, carrying on my bag, getting a beverage. Then I get to my seat, which for some reason has a folding trey table within the seat, making the seat smaller than the others. I'm a tall man, this was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever flown on. I was squeezed into a seat that didn't fit. I won't be flying with you again, and will suggest my friends and family not as well. You charged $55 for a carry-on bag? What a con!"
Pros: "Staff at Spirit Airlines at OAK airport were really nice and helpful. Flight was cheap and safely flown - a huge plus for me, but plane not cleaned well and baggage fees were higher than the price of the flight itself so I am very lucky I brought a recognized carry-on bag."
Cons: "For my outgoing flight, my front pocket magazine holder in front was pretty covered in some stain that I couldn't recognize but was sticky to the touch. I knew they hadn't really cleaned the plane. I didn't really open that magazine holder because it was covered by this large stain. My return flight was changed several times due to mechanical issues but I appreciate that Kayak sent updates via email. It was 70% likely not to fly but ended up flying maybe 3 hrs later (good that they made sure to be safe than sorry) but I just couldn't wait to find out overnight that it would be cancelled at the airport, so I had to reschedule my flight for the next day and find housing and transportation again. I overheard other passengers complained out loud even on the initial flight to OAK airport that they would not travel with Spirit again, but I had more issues with my return flight than my outbound flight. All in all, I think you get what you pay for but this was probably not the best experience."
Cons: "I didn't know that I had to pay 45 to check a bag, which doubled the cost of the ticket. (It is also ridiculous that they would charge to print a boarding pass at the airport or to reserve a seat, luckily I avoided both of those things). Additionally their website malfunctioned while I was purchasing the ticket and I had to call customer service, and was on hold for over forty-five minutes (their automated systems is also very unfriendly). The agent kept trying to hang up on me before I was sure the issue was resolved. I am only 5'6'' and my knees were pressed against the seat in front of me. I did not enjoy the frequent verbal or visual ads during the flight. It was the worst airline I have ever taken and I will never again take a trip with them again or recommend them. I feel cheated."
Cons: "I got a middle seat because i wouldnt pay extra to reserve a specific seat and I'm clostrophobic.The flight wasnt full and they had open other seats so thats ridiculous. We werent allowed to move more than 3 rows forward or back into another seat so I was stuck in my middle seat. I'm deffinitely not looking forward to my flight back. I also cant believe I had to pay so much extra money for my luggage. I will deffinitely not fly spirit again. With all of their extra charges and the tiny crammed seats, they are a significantly lower bargain than pretty much any other airline."
Pros: "Cheap flight, just don't bring a carry on.. anything that fits under the seat is not charged. (purse, back pack etc) but if you use the overhead it's 40 dollars or up to 100 dollars if you don't pay in advance. Checked in suitcase booked online was 35 dollars, it must be under 41 pounds. So if you know all these things in advance, it's a GREAT deal! 35 dollars from Oakland to LAX one way. Flight was on time, I brought my own water bottle on board. Great for low fare, short flights. Don't expect anything, folks for a cheap flight. I would sit on the floor for a cheap flight to L.A!! who freaking cares."
Cons: "Very disappointing.. 1. Lot of hidden charges ($45 for carry on luggage per side) 2. Charges to select seats 3. No complimentary drinks. Even water was for $3 4. They do not accept mobile boarding passes. You need to get a print out of your boarding pass. I mean that is amazing. 5. The most disgusting moment was when i came to know that there was a chewing gum on my tshirt when i removed seat belt. I came to know that it was already there on seat belt. Not sure whose fault it is. Cleaning staff or traveler ? Overall very disappointed with spirit airlines... Will never ever use this airlines again."
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Airlines flying from Oakland to Port Au Prince have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Oakland to Port Au Prince

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Oakland to Port Au Prince

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Oakland to Port Au Prince

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Oakland to Port Au Prince

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Oakland to Port Au Prince

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2 stopsSpirit Airlines
33h 43mOAK-PAP
2 stopsSpirit Airlines
49h 04mPAP-OAK

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Oakland - Port Au Prince Flights


Oakland (OAK)United States


Port Au Prince (PAP)Haiti

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