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DeltaOverall score based on 29326 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Boarding from rear to front."
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Cons: "Boarding from rear to front."
Pros: "Good Crew. Landing was very smooth"
Cons: "line to drop bag was so long!! but on the plus side, we were through it in an hour and didn't miss our flight!"
Pros: "Everything was on time and ran smoothly. The seats seem to have more room than most airlines. They were generous with drinks and snacks"
Pros: "Crew attentive and helpful"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "The crew and staff were friendly. The flight was full so they checked our bag at no additional charge."
Cons: "They had no earphones for the flight from Cancun."
Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "Ensure the entertainment is working not able to watch movies on an eight plus hour flight"
Pros: "The free movie/entertainment system"
Cons: "Leg room limited, but seats were ok"
Pros: "Crew was nice, food and entertainment was nice."
Cons: "Seats could’ve been more comfortable."
Cons: "Everything was excellent."
Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "No video screens, the choice of snacks is very weak"
Pros: "Early departure"
Cons: "Absolutely nothing"
Pros: "Flight was on time/ early."
Cons: "Have hot water for coffee and outlets for phones"
Pros: "Insane turbulence with no explanation of cause. Also, the jack for my earphones did not function properly."
Cons: "Insane turbulence with no explanation of cause. Also, the jack for my earphones did not function properly."
Pros: "Boarding, flight, landing"
Cons: "Baggage claim was unmanned Ground transportation was awful Delta & all Harrisburg staff was not responsive, for example w/baggage unmanned a sign said "go to ticket counter" when I got to ticket counter Delta agent didn't notice me in Sky Priority line for 5 minutes because she was texting on her personal cellphone."
Pros: "The crew was wonderful, the flight was on time."
Cons: "But the seats are so tight that we were definitely elbow to elbow and once seated I was unable to access even the purse that was at my feet. There was no entertainment and the tray table was tiny, not even an indentation for a cup!"
Cons: "Food was awful. Didn't get my checked luggage in Manila upon arrival, was traced and left in New York JFK. Don't know who messed up with my luggage if Delta connection or China airlines."
Pros: "The staff"
Cons: "Full flight. We weren’t able to chose our seats and were put in middle seats in different rows."
Pros: "This was a much bigger plane so my comfort lever was better."
Cons: "8 hours waiting in airport for a flight that could have been canceled at 3pm and given us our day back. We are traveling as a couple and one of us has a medical procedure scheduled that can’t be canceled. The lack of preparedness for this weather situation is disheartening."
Pros: "It was great"
Cons: "Aircraft seemed shabby despite refresh of Comfort Plus, food was really mediocre. Steer clear of the Asian Veg option."
Pros: "The staff"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Great in every way"
Pros: "Customer service was great"
Pros: "Non"
Cons: "My return portion of my flight was canceled and had to purchase a new ticket. I would like a full refund of my expenses."
Cons: "They change schedule day before we flight, the change schedule 2 time while were flighting"
Pros: "Could be among the best landings ever. I felt nothing as we touched down in Salt Lake!!!"
Pros: "Entertainment system is awesome and similar to what I usually see only on international flights."
Pros: "Excellent Detroit crew"
Cons: "Basic economy has way too many restrictions"
Pros: "The fact that there were no snakes on this plane :-)"
Cons: "Same issue... there were no snakes on the plane :-/"
Pros: "Crew very cheerful and friendly"
Cons: "Still don’t know why I’m always zone 3. Also, need to stop people in main cabin from putting seats back. Either everyone would need to be like dominoes or basically they are just getting rid of what little space there is."
Pros: "The flight trip coming to an end."
Cons: "Boarding is inefficient. Attendants were friendly but not attentive. The entertainment system was malfunctioning. This was not a pleasant experience."
Pros: "The service on board is always GREAT! in Aeromexico"
Cons: "The flight was canceled and we were put in another flight next night. But the staff in Buenos Aires run the situation chaotically and made mistakes that infuriated many passengers. They need more training to learn how to say "I am sorry" more often and know how to avoid getting into arguments with passengers."
Pros: "It was quick and on time relatively smooth flights with little turbulance."
Cons: "Economy seats are too small you literally can't move your elbow without hitting the person next to you. And there was no point at which we weren't all touching legs."
Pros: "Plane and flight were ok"
Cons: "The restaurant in CHS took 15 minutes to tell me they didn't have what I'd ordered thereby denying me the chance to a real meal all day. I wish they'd put real meals back on the flights"
Cons: "Very dated plane. First class seat was worn, crooked, and uncomfortable. No entertainment offered. Almonds or biscuit cookies were the only food options."
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Same"
Pros: "The flight left on time and landed earlier than anticipated"
Cons: "The seats were narrow and very upright"
Pros: "Flight was very comfortable and had a lot of space to move around"
Cons: "The gentleman indicating on the loud speakers what zones will be loading first was very rude."
Cons: "Took 8 hours to get from Oakland to Los Angeles. Flight delayed then cancelled at Oakland. Driven from there to San Francisco. That flight delayed by 45 minutes. Got on board and then they neede 4 people to get off the plane since it was overweight. That took another hour. Bad day of travel."
Pros: "Plane left 2 hours late."
Pros: "Love Delta...plenty of legroom. Nearly always on time"
Pros: "Gate agent arranged flight via Salt Lake City and also gave me $15 lunch coupon for my troubles. She was awesome!"
Cons: "Dealing with West Jet to refund a mistake on the ticket purchase."
Cons: "Delta allowed us to board knowing of possible weather delays at the destination! Once on board the captain announced that we could not take off due to weather at the destination! Why didn't they let us just sit in the airport until Delta knew one way or another? Been sitting, trapped in the plane, no AC, no announcement from the flight crew. Could be waiting in relative comfort inside the airport!!"
Pros: "Friendly service. On-time."
Cons: "No tv's in airplane."
Pros: "Ability to change planes with a 30 minute layover."
Pros: "Flight was short and the pilot informed us quickly when we were starting to decend."
Cons: "Flight was a little over crowded."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I wish kayak gets back to customers .. very poor customer service .. flight delays .. no proper assistance"
Pros: "Crewwere polite and competent. Seats felt a little cramped."
Pros: "Quick flight. Friendly cabin crew."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Plugs to charge devices"
Pros: "Crew nice and friendly. Handled a drunk passenger very professionally. On time arrival and easy boarding."
Cons: "Seat was very uncomfortable - TV attachment sticking into my leg all night! Food the worst I’ve had on BA, dry and tasteless."
Cons: "Weird boarding process. We all stood in lines uncomfortably for a longish time."
Pros: "The service in the Business Class section on British Airways was phenomenal"
Cons: "Separating me from my party to extort a fee to sit next to each other"
Cons: "I was surprised that BA charges for drinks like water. Flight from London to Warsaw is an international Flight after all. I may understand that food is not served but to pay for water is not a right thing to do. I asked the crew about this and I was told that bc other airlines charge for drinks/ food, BA also ask passengers for money. I have not had to pay for my drink like water on any other flight. I fly with all big airlines like American, Delta, Lufthansa, LOT, etc"
Cons: "Sat near the back. Pre dinner drinks ran out before they got to us. When they came back with more, they skipped us by starting further back. We brought that to their attention and got our drinks, but they never offered drinks again."
Pros: "Service and welcome was great."
Cons: "Entertainment system was old and screen was not working the first 2 hours."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Being delayed for 2.5 hours wasn’t pleasant. Once we finally boarded the crew members did apologise in person to all first class customers. I was sitting with my granddaughter right behind it. We felt like a second category customers.... nothing to add to it it shows it all"
Pros: "The Airbus was a real nice ride, with a great entertainment choices."
Cons: "The only thing was the two hour delay getting out of Heathrow. But that was for safety reasons, a bag had been loaded that shouldn't have been."
Pros: "Very friendly crew members."
Cons: "Have to pay for all meals and beverages."
Pros: "It was a short flight so we only got drinks"
Cons: "Short flight so par for the course"
Pros: "Par from below the flight was great as always"
Cons: "CSD was rude and not nice to his fellow staff member in economy. Small delay but not a common thing"
Pros: "The red eye from Boston was the second night flight in a row. So my seat, on the aisle, near the back, with no seat behind it, was a welcome one. I slept the whole way."
Cons: "Leg room in basic Economy is a bit meager.L"
Cons: "Many cancellations and airline lost my luggage"
Pros: "nice employees"
Cons: "for the second time on this flight, the onboard devise for credit cards would not accept mine. this is the same card i used to book the flight. i complained to british air last time but they obviously haven't fixed the problem. there seems to be a problem using american credit cards these flights. is is a problem because nothing is free. luck;y a flight attendant did feel bad about it and gave me a glass of water"
Pros: "Full flight, but still excellent courteous service from all members of staff."
Pros: "Movie choices"
Cons: "Food was horrible. Potatoe chips were served as the 2nd meal. cushion was hard, leg room was super tight. A painful 7 hours."
Cons: "My suitcase didn't arrive at the airport in Bologna with my flight. I am still waiting for it and inside I have all I need."
Pros: "Service an excellence"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "I did a round trip to Paris. 1st portion on American Airlines. The difference was astounding as to friendliness, service, food, wine and entertainment the Brit Air back to NYC from Paris was 1000 times better than the 1st portion to Paris on American."
Cons: "There was a stop over in London that got a bit confusing at boarding time in Heathrow a flight to another country was being boarded at the same time and the set up in the general terminal make for some confusion as to which line to get into."
Cons: "Boarding process could be improved a little. In general boarding, passengers seated in the back of the plane should board first to avoid clogging in the aisle."
Pros: "The staff was friendly and professional, boarding was orderly which was a welcome relief in this day and age. The only saving grace for this flight was the entire crew."
Cons: "Everything except the crew. The airplane interior was ancient and would be better served with Allegiant aircraft and not something that should be on a so called premium route by a once premium company. I would honestly recommend anyone fly Thomas Cook or TUI or even Norwegian before flying British Airways 777s as they are ancient wrecks with no value proposition. I would recommend going by boat before flying British Airways 772. The only time I would recommend flying any of the 772s from British Airways was if walking was your only other choice and even then a nice pair of trainers would probably be more comfortable."
Pros: "The food and staff were great."
Pros: "The entertainment selections were awesome."
Cons: "The passenger in front of me reclined so far, he was basically on my lap. It made it difficult to see the screen and eat dinner, which was subpar. The person behind me kept poking me in the back. I couldn't figure out how or why. I could've used more arm rest as both people on either side of me took the arm rest. So basically I was surrounded on all sides by inconsiderate people, who were probably as cramped as I was."
Cons: "1 hour delay on return journey on a packed flight, but at least that delay was in the airport and not sitting on a plane"
Pros: "Fold-down head rests"
Cons: "No tuck box"
Pros: "Friendly crew; okay food and nice movies. Security screening went fairly quick. No abnormal long lines."
Pros: "Good seats, good attention to the kids prior boarding."
Cons: "Language with the personnel was a minus. An experienced flight attendant uttered "Jesus F..... Christ" - as a reaction to people getting up before seatbelt signs have been switched off seems fair, the wordage is unacceptable from an airline that ought to be a pillar of decency."
Pros: "The flight was nice and smooth and I felt very safe the whole time. Sitting that close to strangers for 6 hours is simply annoying and uncomfortable. One would not stop talking to me even though I had ear plugs in and my eyes closed(it was an overnight flight), and the other took up a lot of space. I guess that's not the airlines fault but it would be nice if international flights were more spacious without costing a small fortune."
Pros: "Welcoming crew"
Cons: "Too warm, one of the seats did not recline fully, very poor choice of entertainment"
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seats not comfortable"
Pros: "I was upgraded to World Traveler Class. There was a lot more legroom. Also there was great movie select."
Pros: "Great service & crew. Food good for aircraft food"
Cons: "Half hour delay but no big deal actually. Could have done with more leg room, but again flight was e cellent price"
Pros: "Everyone was very friendly and helpful. My only complaint is the turbulence, but there's nothing hat can be done about that."
Cons: "BA insisted on gate checking my carry on. I've never had this problem before. Really annoying especially considering the tight connection and the late take off"
Pros: "The cabin crew were excellent."
Cons: "Almost everything else! The entertainment system had screens that were the size of postage stamps - and bragged that there were 375 selections. Compare with Emirates, a screen 10x the size, much higher quality, and over 3500 selections. The seats had little padding - a mediocre experience from an airline that should be able to do better."
Cons: "1. Allowed us to book connection but time is limited. You need 5 hours layover to get to gates in London, every gates seem to be requiring to ride a bus. 2. We missed our connection and booked us to the next flight, waited 5 hours. 3. We were assigned to row 54, headache the whole trip, almost throw up at the end. 4. my daughter almost didn't eat because apparently only have chicken curry. My daughter is vegetarian."
Cons: "The queuing process was not efficient, the packing of people on a shuttle bus was dangerous with the number of people squashed onto the bus and then we had to wait on the bus for quite a while for the determination to be made that the flight was ready. Once on the flight, the hanging flap that separates the first class from economy, was loosely hanging and rattled fiercely and on lift-off swung back toward our faces. We had to pay 4 pounds for a coke and weird coffee. Then we had to circle London while we waited to land because of the IT mess in London."
Pros: "crew attention and politeness"
Cons: "the food variety"
Pros: "Up and down in all the right places and we were on time."
Cons: "Food was unimpressive to say the least. And the entertainment system was awful, the movie would frequently stop and was pixilated. Weird for a new 777."
Pros: "Their approach, politeness and service"
Cons: "Cannot think of anything"
Pros: "It went by quickly"
Pros: "Courtesy"
Cons: "Maintenance of toilets"
Pros: "The crew were quite friendly and very helpful"
Cons: "Flight was late leaving and check-in could have been more organized"
Cons: "Seat comfort"
Cons: "Beverages fir 1st class"
Pros: "Lisa I. was one of the best flight attendants I have ever observed. She enjoys being on the airplane with people who need help, comfort, to complain about anything. She was all over the airplane and refused a tip when I tried to insist she accept it. She said, “I have been doing this for a long time, I am tipped by seeing passengers having a pleasant flight.” I had goosebumps and the two women to my left and right were also impressed by her professionalism. I pray that Lisa is working on my flight home!"
Cons: "Absolutely nothing, even with 30 to 45 MPH winds, the plane was gentle. The passenger next to me was scared. Lisa said to let her know if she needed anything, the woman was fine the whole flight. Lisa came by with extra snacks and she smiled and said she was doing well!"
Pros: "The plane felt new!"
Cons: "The carry-on space underneath the seat was limited by the entertainment system box"
Pros: "The pilot, crew, etc. was all good. Boarding was great, as was deplaning. There was a lot of communication."
Cons: "I'm a tall woman and I was never more cramped. I think in a long flight such as this 2.5+ hours, they should not be using American Eagle jets. They are so tiny and my neighbor and I were practically on each other's laps."
Cons: "Crew was unfriendly and uncaring. Seats were uncomfortable. Liquor cost money. Very surprising for an international flight."
Cons: "I got assigned seats but when we got our boarding passes we were seated several rows apart, not in the seats I got when tickets were purchased months earlier. So we got reassigned to near back of plane, not at window seats, near several families with small loud children!! Not pleasant!"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Be on time"
Pros: "The crew seemed nice, they allowed me to board early."
Cons: "There was no entertainment because the system was not working in our area."
Pros: "Direct flight from Sioux Falls to Dallas"
Cons: "We turned around due to equipment issues and had to spend the night. While American picked up the tab, instead of staying at one of the hotels on-site, we were shipped via bus to a low-rate hotel roughly 45 minutes away. Did not feel safe that night!!"
Pros: "Seating was comfy with techy was to entertain yourself."
Cons: "Boarding was delayed due to the plane not being ready. Baggage handling absolutely destroyed my wife’s new luggage. Her suitcase came with a cover to help keep it clean. The cover was ripped in several locations and the whole side of her suitcase was blown out. We will have to purchase new luggage."
Cons: "Multiple delays with no updates."
Cons: "My entertainment screen was not operating. Could not recline my seat."
Pros: "Great crew and seat"
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and accomodating."
Cons: "Requested special meal online. When meal time came they said they never got the request. Wasnt able to eat. They should keep special meals on the plan in case this happens s"
Pros: "This was a nighmare!"
Cons: "My flight Paris/London/Manchester?Chicago was the mos impleasant experience I ever had. On July the flight was schedule for then delayed for two hours because of a fire, other passengers said, in London. At around 11pm, we were asked to line up for boarding. We stayed on line for an hour and fnally to be told the flight was cancelled. We were treated less than animals by British Airway. No ACCOMODATION!!!!!!!! No ACCOMODATION!!!!!!! We slept on benches at the airport. To be fair to you, I will not recommend British Airway to anyone."
Pros: "Great seats in first class"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "The crew was nice. Boarding was efficient. Flight smooth and on time."
Cons: "You now have to pay for what once was standard accommodations. Pay extra to check a bag. Pay extra for asile or window seats. Two hour flight so all we got was a quick refreshment, two chocolate cookies and a bag of pretzels."
Pros: "The staff was impressive with how friendly and welcoming they were! Everything went smoothly and I am a happy passenger!"
Pros: "Good entertainment selection"
Cons: "Most was as expected."
Pros: "Food was okay."
Cons: "No advance check in left me waiting in line at my connection in order to get a center seat in the middle of a group. There’s no excuse for manual check in in this day and age."
Pros: "Same as above. Very pleased"
Pros: "Helpful crew - courteous in their attitude towards customers and helped tight connections get out of quickly from the rear of the plane. Smile was on for each interaction."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 50+ mins. The exit row announcement was made twice asking customers to acknowledge verbally which was probably a communication faux pas."
Pros: "The Flight Crew were very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Business class, Boeing 767-300 The seating configuration was 1/2/1 I would give these seats on a scale from 1 to 10 a 5, this was a very basic B/C seat, without a TV screen integrated to the seat in front of you, instead the flight crew hand out individual passenger entertainment systems, that are a pain to deal with and get in the way of everything your trying to do (ie eat, work, sleep.) I’m only 5’9 and I found when the seat was in the bed mode, the seat slopped down very slightly, and your feet would end up underneath the side table to the row of seats in front of you. As i wear a size 13 shoe, i found that space to be rather cramped especially for my feet."
Cons: "Late departure. Sat on tarmac for 20 minutes"
Cons: "The flight was five hours late leaving Phoenix due to not having a crew"
Pros: "I have to use crutches to walk and before bording one of the attendants noticed me and changed me to priority bording and seatimg on the plain, she then came and helped me making sure I was the first person to board the plain."
Cons: "I've never been help so much by a flight staff they were fantastic. The food was topical airplain food but the entertainment was pretty good and the over all experience was really nice."
Pros: "The crew in the plane was so happy and funny ! Nice group ! The food was fine, always can be better that’s the true hahahah"
Cons: "I don’t have nothing bag to say about. Was a very new plane so everything was fine."
Cons: "The seat I had reserved was given away even though I paid extra for it back in February. American Airlines rep said it was because when i book through a 3rd party like Kayak, they can't guarantee my seat assignment."
Cons: "No entertainment options"
Cons: "The crew wasn't very friendly - which is something I have noticed between AA and United. United seems to be much more friendly and welcoming."
Pros: "Flight was on time and prompt."
Cons: "Stayed on the run way for a bit"
Pros: "Everyone was pleasant & professional"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Staff was fantastic. I was travelling with my 83 yr old mother and the counter staff couldn't have been more helpful. Very compassionate which was much appreciated. Really made a tough job much easier. I wish I had thought to get all their names. They made the trip...though others throughout the trip were just fantastic--including especially the wheelchair attendants."
Pros: "The crew was pleasant and I was able to sleep."
Cons: "I didn't like having retro entertainment with no options."
Cons: "It was not explained to us why my wife was pulled out of the line for questioning. They did not introduce themselves or anything."
Pros: "Baggage drop agent in Oakland excellent Great A319 w power outlets Thanks"
Pros: "Nothing, worse customer service also"
Cons: "Everything, we lost our connections, they didn't help us out with our next flight"
Pros: "Flight staff was friendly."
Cons: "Flight got delayed. I was a little worried I wouldn't make it to the connecting flight."
Pros: "Boarded quickly. Seats were comfortable. Friendly flight attendants. It was a quick flight, no entertainment used. Only had a cookie and water for food. Don't know about the other things."
Pros: "Great service. With FOOD!!! Real Food! The entertainment system was great ( I played most of the flight) On time!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed arriving, connecting flight was in a completely different terminal = they didn't wait for us and auto booked us on a flight out the next morning. We requested our bags and drove home instead. Horrible."
Cons: "Our flight from Washington DC to Lima had a connection flight in Colombia. Since the flight from DC was delayed for more than an hour we ended up missing our connection flight from Colombia to Lima, Peru. And from there everything went downhill. In Colombia they crew didn't know what was going to happen to us. After waiting over 3 hours they finally told us the found an early morning flight for us and that they were going to accommodate us in an hotel in Colombia for to spend the night. we waited until midnight for the transportation to the hotel and there were another 100 persons waiting to get transportation to the hotel as well and to check inn in the hotel. disaster."
Pros: "I did not like anything about the flight to be honest. Oh wait you did have cool club lights that were blue that tried to distract me from the fact that I had to take an American airlines flight."
Cons: "Holy moly. You know if you stopped charging extra money for checked baggage you wouldn't have a ridiculously annoying amount of customers with too many bags for overhead storage. Then you wouldn't have to threaten your customers to store their small bags under the seat. Then I would have room for my feet under the seat. When I would have been comfortable. I also wouldn't have to annoy my neighbor with trying to move and get comfortable. But instead the exact opposite happened and I'm offended you guys have America anywhere near your name."
Pros: "The crew was nice as well as the food,"
Cons: "The plane looked old and dirty. It was a nine hours flight and no entertainment at all. One small TV screen every ten rows can't entertain no-one t"
Pros: "The flights left on time and arrived early. It reminded me of the old days when everything ran like clock-work."
Cons: "The leg room was barely enough for me and I'm 5'4". I can't imagine people much larger than me being comfortable at all. Also, the chair made my back hurt, so I did a lot of sitting up straight as opposed to being "in the chair". I noticed that you had snacks for purchase on the flight, but the free snacks were cookies and pretzels. It would be nice to offer a trail mix or dried fruit. Pretzels are good for people who might be a little sick at their stomach, but better snacks are a nice option. I ordered coffee and it was perfect. Overall, the flight was a good flight, just a little tweaking and it would be great. Thanks for asking."
Cons: "It was freezing."
Pros: "It was fine"
Cons: "The people were rude, the food was mediocre."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "No WiFi, no food."
Pros: "Amazing it took an international pandemic to finally convince airlines to board from the back front."
Pros: "Flight was significantly delayed. The 3 people I was traveling with received $75 vouchers for the huge inconvenience, but I never got that email."
Cons: "Flight was significantly delayed. The 3 people I was traveling with received $75 vouchers for the huge inconvenience, but I never got that email."
Pros: "It went very smooth. I will definitely fly with Frontier again in the near future."
Cons: "The seats don't recline, the tray table barely hold an ipad, and the only food available is beef jerky and chips. Additionally, it was delayed 5 hours."
Pros: "Awesome pilot and timely, polite service."
Cons: "Paying for baggage"
Pros: "The crew kept a very positive attitude. I only caught one members name, Maddison, and she and everyone else were very professional"
Cons: "I understand the need for the emergency landing, and an happy that passenger is still alive. But the almost / hours we spent sitting on the runway in Little Rock for the limited amount of medical supplies, that could of been replenished in Dallas was a waste of every passenger on that flights time"
Pros: "This plane was very nice - clean and comfy"
Cons: "At some point my stroller was lost and never recovered - it's a $300 stroller and they are offering $75. Hopefully I can find a one-year old receipt somewhere and get a little more reimbursement :("
Pros: "Cheap fare, clean plane. Check-in agent was extremely nice and worked to fix our precheck issues."
Cons: "Rude crew from gate to landing. Also saw the gate agent try to get $100 cash from young female for oversized carry-on which was clearly within proper size. Brought young female to tears. Pilot was notified and stopped discussion."
Pros: "Staff at ticket counter was very helpful and nice"
Cons: "When I booked my flight I was not aware that I had to pay for add ins, picking a seat, a carry-on etc. Self service kiosk didn't work, only one person working ticket counter and departure gate which delayed our take off."
Pros: "I got to phoenix safe."
Cons: "The lady next to me. She was snoring."
Cons: "Leg room No refreshment Expensive charge for carry on hand luggage"
Cons: "Lost luggage after i was force to pay and check"
Pros: "I liked the low price compared to the other options when booking the flight."
Cons: "I didn't like EVEYRTHING ELSE about flying Frontier. Luckily the day before my trip I checked out the checked bag fees in case I had to check my carry-on, where I discoverd that a checked bag somehow costs LESS than a carry on. Highly annoyed, I further learned that the minimum cost to choose a seat (any seat, not necessarily a good one) was $12. Huh. So already the 'low price' for which I chose this crappy red eye flight was wiped out. I bought the checked bag in advance (to avoid paying DOUBLE within 24 hours of the flight), and skipped the seat choice. I downloaded the Frontier app to my phone, which for some reason didnt alert me to the 40 minute delay. Even after refreshing the app several times and up until the (delayed) boarding time, still no alert or information on the app about updated flight/arrival time. Luckily I overheard other passengers talking about it. When finally on the plane (placed in the middle seat because I wouldn't pay $12) I discovered the less than comfortable chairs that don't recline, and tray table that was barely large enough to hold an iPad mini. So using a laptop to make the 5 hour flight more productive was out. Couldn't even watch the backup movie I planned for comfortably. Maybe it's worth the low price for a short flight, but 5 hours with no tray table or reclining seat is ridiculous. Luckily I flew a different airline for my return flight."
Pros: "Do not use frontier. There was a snow storm 4 days ago and frontier us still delaying every flight. All other airlines on time. Flight in was delayed3.5 hrs and return was delayed 3hrs. Again it has been sunshine and nice the last 3 days but frontier insits the issues are not there fault but weather related. Pay the extra money and fly anyone else."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "found out the flight was canceled when showing up to the airport. Found myself in Raleigh in the evening with no place to stay and no backup flight available."
Cons: "My flight was delayed 3 times. And no explanation was given or some kind of voucher or anything."
Cons: "No Wifi"
Pros: "Nice plane roomy seats."
Cons: "Had to pay for carry on. No food on plane."
Pros: "The most uncomfortable seats in history, they are hard as a rock with no padding and no movement and after they charge you $30 to check a bag not the worst but charging $40 for a carry-on is ridiculous and then when you go to pay you get $30 in charges on top of that so $70 becomes $100 but on my way home it was $25 to check my bag with no fee( how does that work). The thing that really gets you is they then charge you stadium prices for food and drinks, so your cheap ticket becomes the same price as an airline that gives you padded seats free carry-on bags and aren't charging $2.50 a can of soda. If you want to get somewhere without a bad back pain and cash left in your pocket use another airline!!!"
Cons: "The seating, the baggage charges, the outrageous prices of food and the fact that it's like sitting on steal."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Frontier did offer meal vouchers. They also were very apologetic and even gave $100 vouchers."
Cons: "The delay was horrendous. We were getting updated faster online than by staff. The seats were so uncomfortable. It felt like I was sitting on a hard concrete floor. After this experience, I'm not sure I would ever fly Frontier again."
Pros: "Was the cheapest flights I could find"
Cons: "Unfriendly staff, flights were delayed for no apparent reason and they charge you for carry on some. Charged me $9 to pick a regular seat. Fly Frontier if you must."
Cons: "flights were more than 2 hours delayed without any explanation."
Cons: "Late"
Cons: "The flight had a 7 hour delay before it was officially cancelled. Throughout the entire ordeal no one from the Frontier staff could give us a straight answer on when and if we would be taking off. Most horrible service and flying experience EVER!"
Cons: "Our flight was 3 hours late. This would have been okay, if we had been able to find any information regarding our flight from Frontier. Everyone was just waiting around the terminal, and had no idea our flight was delayed. Pretty frustrating."
Pros: "Funny steward.....short flight"
Cons: "Long check in lines........delay one hour"
Cons: "First of I got double charged for my bags second flight delayed for no reason n seats are extremely uncomfortable we arrived n we stuck in the airport for 30 mins no reason bags took an entire hr so I just left my bag"
Cons: "Flight price may have been lower, but EVERYthIng else on Frontier was cheap. There's a difference. Bathrooms were filthy, seats are very uncomfortable,. When the service cart came around, the gentleman sitting next to me asked the attendants if they charged for water! I'm only 5'2" and it was crowded. But the crowning insult was being charged $60 for each piece of carry on luggage. Neither Kayak or Frontier say upfront or easily identifible, that if you show up with a suitcase you pay for it. We were quite surprised and disappointed. Will never fly such a cheap airline again. To Frontier: really? Really? Include costs in your fares."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seating"
Pros: "flight delayed twice. annoying."
Cons: "I was disappointed that you charged for pop."
Pros: "Cheap price"
Cons: "Rude flight attendant. No food or drink. Not even free peanuts or soda beverage."
Cons: "Flight was delayed hours once we were on the plane because the pilot was late."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "They nickle and dime you for everything. Additional cost to book seats, check bags, water, recline seat. Yes a charge to stretch your legs. They even charge you to carry on a bag! Seats are hard plastic and don't recline."
Cons: "I think it is ridiculous that you are charged $30 for a carry on. I am 6'1" and was cramped for leg space."
Pros: "One of the best landings I have ever experienced"
Cons: "Seating is very uncomfortable and it is ridiculous to have to pay for simple beverages on a flight of this length and cost! Hostesses were extremely rude!"
Pros: "I loved the flight attendants. They were very warm and kind. They made what turned out to be a very bumpy ride more comfortable for the passengers because they were more expressive about the turbulence than the pilots."
Cons: "The take off was a ride before we even got off the ground. I don't know if it was due to wind or what. The plane was swaying from side to side before the wheels were up...and there was no explanation from the pilots. What I would like to express the most about this particular flight was that I felt the pilots were not very conciencious about expressing concern for how the passengers were doing during what was a pretty bumpy ride from start to finish."
Cons: "$2.00 for soda!! Turn on all the lights and hear the never ending credit card deal!?!"
Cons: "Charged 60$ for seating my wife and I together in the last row with seats that don't recline right next to the restroom!!! Kudos frontier we are never flying you again"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Literally nothing. There was nothing about it that I liked. There were things that I didn't really mind, like the uncomfortable seats and no food or drink service in flight. I mean, that's not something I liked, but that's not how I choose what airline to fly with."
Cons: "I had a flight from Seattle to Miami with a layover in Denver. There was a staffing issue which caused the flight to be delayed 2 hours, causing me to miss my connection. Crystal, the customer service manager, explained that the customer service agent in Seattle was instructed to put most of us on different flights so we could get to our destination faster and she’s not sure why that didn’t happen, she then explained that I had two options: 1. Get on the next flight to Miami, departing the following night at 11:55pm, or 2. they refund the cost of my ticket ($234). That doesn’t sound too bad! I pulled out my laptop, found a flight for $219 with United that departed the next morning, showed Crystal, and said I’d just take the refund. Crystal then informed me that they can’t issue refunds at the airport and that I had to call some number to get my refund… during regular business hours. The following morning I called the number and spoke with a supervisor named Arnie. Arnie explained that she can only process refunds that are submitted by a customer service agent at the airport and wasn’t able/willing to help me. So I go back to the airport and talk to Scott, the manager at the ticket counter. Scott explained that Frontier messed something up with the staffing which caused the delay, Scott actually said the words “the delay was totally preventable.” He then explained that he did have the ability to give me a full refund, but that he wasn’t going to because while I paid for service from Seattle to Miami, and Frontier only provided service from Seattle to Denver, that because some service was provided, even though it wasn’t what I paid for or what I wanted, that the transaction was perfectly fair. I had to burn another vacation day for work, sit in the Denver airport for 24 more hours, and according to Scott, Frontier should have prevented this, and still, Scott assured me that this was perfectly fair. I then spoke with Martin, a condescending manager at the customer service center, who eventually told me that he authorized the full refund! However, he refused to put it in writing “company policy to never put anything in writing”, but said I could call the refunds dept to verify. So I did. I talked with Jen, a supervisor in Frontier’s refund dept who informed me that Martin does not have the authority to give me a full refund and it’s not in the system. Jen asked me to hand my phone to Martin to talk to him, but Martin refused to talk to her and eventually told me that Jen was right and the best they could do was request a refund and I’d be notified in 10 business days as to how much they decided was fair, Jen estimated that would be $35 - $80 of the $234 ticket… so I guess Martin was just lying to me to not have to deal with me. At the end of the day, if there is anything I am sure of, it’s that if something does go wrong, you can be absolutely sure Frontier will do absolutely nothing to try to help you- even if it was 100% their fault."
Pros: "The flight was on time and everything went smoothly from the loading to departing to cruising to landing and exiting."
Cons: "The flight attendants in the front of the plane were unprofessional and seemed annoyed by having to do their jobs. One kept dancing and snickering behind the panel. The seat at the window in the 4th row was probably the least comfortable seat I've ever sat in."
Cons: "We had a 530 AM departure from MSP, we arrived 44 minutes prior to the counter for check-in, this was 1 minute past their 45 minute policy and they would not print our passes, they then offered another flight 4 days later! MSP departures arrival at 445 am, I had time to get an omelette and a double latte, not to mention walk through the many security checkpoints on the way to the gate. I will never fly Frontier again, they run a circus of an operation with no regard for their clients."
Pros: "Finally landing and getting off the plane"
Cons: "I paid for my bag, my carry on bag, my water, my coffee, and on top of it, the flight attendants on both planes there and back were incredibly rude to everyone. In addition, frontier has designed the worst tray table I have ever seen that can't even hold a drink, and is sharp enough to actually hurt someone should there ever be turbulence. The new seats don't go back. In short, this was the worst airline I've ever flown, and I'm not a high maintenance person."
Pros: "The crew was good"
Cons: "I had to pay baggage fees each way which is ridiculous. I would rather fly Southwest and pay a little more for the ticket than have to pay seperate baggage fees as well as even pay for a bottle of watter. coming back from Las Vegas our plane landed early and it took about 45 minutes to find a gate that we could unload."
Pros: "I traveled from PHL to MBJ for $200 right in the middle of Christmas. Other airlines were charging $400 to $900 for a ticket. I didn't have that much money to waste so I was happy to see Frontier. I've never heard about Frontier but I said what the hell we're going to die one day anyway. On departure day everything went smoothly. I paid $160 for several bags. I didn't mind because I am used to travelling US Airways and American so bags weren't free with them either and Frontier's prices are a bit less for the first 2 checked bags. I was surprised about the carry on bag charge but everything still worked out to being less than what other airlines were charging. My flight left on time, arrived early and everything was good. I'm in Jamaica!"
Cons: "I don't see the need to charge to choose a seat but if that's how you keep your prices low I don't mind being assigned a seat. When your budget is low you have to compromise."
Pros: "It's hard to rate a flight when the weather is as horrible as is was Monday. We were just glad to get out of Chicago the crew was friendly the flight was a little rough but that is to be expected in that kind of wind overall everything was good."
Cons: "There is fees for baggage to take on the plane? Wth? It's such a pathetic flight that they charge you for water also? Seriously this is not some third world country where they do that. Small planes, seats don't recline."
Pros: "Yes an amazing crew, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Boarding experience is inconsistent board zone 1, 2 and then, all aboard. Out of 4 zones no method to the madness."
Pros: "the flight was good very fast"
Cons: "the flight was good, but the space inside the plane is very small, they charge you to breathe, water, luggage. even the wallet is charged as a personal item, to travel with a baby Spirit is NOT an option. The uncomfortable seats in that must improve a lot. Cheap tickets but you pay for everything."
Cons: "Get drinking water, spacing, comfort of seats"
Pros: "The crew announcer is funny."
Cons: "Sitting is tight."
Cons: "FLight was delayed multiple times without any alerts"
Cons: "Sits are too tight"
Cons: "The seats are not very comfortable"
Pros: "On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Nothing really."
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable"
Pros: "First flight in six years. Had a great time."
Cons: "The short tray tables didn't allow me to put my laptop on them."
Pros: "Not really nada!!"
Cons: "Like I say change me two times !! $74.00 and $94.72"
Pros: "The spirit employee offered me a seat in the exit aisle. My long legs much appreciated it!"
Cons: "Flimsy, non reclining seat with zero legroom. Also I was charged $57 for a carry on bag and told I should book that online next time to save money. I was given no indication when I booked that there was such a charge. Spirit might work for broke, skinny midgets with no luggage, but for normal travelers it's just as expensive and much crappier."
Pros: "For a quick flight from OAK to LAX, it was perfect. Staff was friendly and helpful when needed."
Cons: "Would not suggest using this airline if you plan on checking bags or bringing a carry on. Costs are more expensive than most airlines."
Pros: "Easy booking and website"
Cons: "A lot of people were out of seats during plane travel to stand around and chat which made it uncomfortable having people hover over me when I was trying to sleep"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "With Spirit airlines, I paid $57 for a carry on bag... They even charged for water... $18 to pick your seat or let them randomly pick your seat. Theres was I see now why the ticket, was cheap, because you pay for EVERYTHING else... And I do mean EVERYTHING! I normally fly with United, but I found this cheap ticket and got baited in. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Ill pay the extra money for comfort on a 5 hr flight. NEVER AGAIN SPIRIT!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Rude"
Pros: "Not your average flight crew - personality plus!"
Cons: "Spirit seating - most uncomfortable in the industry"
Cons: "I was bounced from the out-going flight and the return flight was delayed twice...once a scheduled one hour delay, then that one was 45 minutes late."
Pros: "Checking service"
Pros: "It was clean and process was efficient. I did not get food but got a red wine and it was tasty."
Cons: "Way too tight - not enough space in seat, and I am small. And no wi-fi offered but it is a common offering these days that many people depend on. Service in the plane was fine, but not beyond that."
Cons: "They were several hours late which they blamed on construction at LAX"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Crew was very rude to one of the passengers seated behind me."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. They are unreliable, and a total scam. Read their consumer reports reviews if you want more proof. I ended up paying more then double for my flights in the end of all the trouble they put me through. Cancelling my flights for no reason and charging me to rebook on THE SAME FLIGHT I WAS SCHEDULED TO BE ON. They also charged me twice and refused a refund, even if it's a mistake and their fault, they only do "credit" not refunds. They STOLE from me and then said too bad."
Pros: "Convenient n cheap"
Cons: "No free drink or water"
Pros: "Crew was great. Flight was on time."
Cons: "Boarding was funny because 90% of the flight was group 4 (it seemed) so boarding 1-3 beforehand was kinda unnecessary considering no one was even in that group. I packed light (thankfully) but the thought of paying for carry on is laughable if anyone actually paid. I'd rather just check my bag if I have to pay to carry it on anyway. A little ridiculous to charge for carry on, just make people check their bag if there isn't enough space in flights."
Pros: "Nice seats"
Cons: "The wait"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "I tried to check in online but it was a convoluted and confusing process, especially on my phone which is all I had access to. I didn't think it would be a problem though, I would just check in upon arrival. I woke up at 5:00 AM, left the house at 5:30 and got to the airport, attempting to check in at 6:18 am for a 7:00 am flight. I was told by an extremely rude agent, that the cut off was at 6:15 am. I was floored. My plane wasn't even boarding yet and there was barely a security line at that point in the morning. Also, I was only three minuntes after the cutoff. She looked at the clock and told me, well not it's already 6:22 and we cut off the check ins on time. You can take the next available flight. At 7:00 PM, for an additional $99. It was Monday morning and I ended up missing half the day of work and spending an additional $230 to fly Southwest out of Burbank. I didn't even get a refund or credit for my flight. I've never been treated so rudely (I spared the details) and I've flown many times back and forth between LA and the Bay and never missed a flight for any reason. I will never fly spirit airlines again and I've told all my friends and family (and ineveitabke my coworkers as well given the circumstances) and many of them are also not going to be flying inn spirit any longer. The airline is not even a discount compared to southwest flights and its way less convenient, on top of the terrible service and credit card pitch once you're onboard. Tasteless, cutthroat, and intentionally confusing and punitive with charges. You might think you are getting a bargain with Spirit, when actually you are getting way more BS than you bargained for."
Cons: "flight was canceled when we were already on the way to airport"
Cons: "I paid $57 for my carry-on bag. Their extra fees are a complete disgrace."
Cons: "The most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in my entire life I guess you get what you pay for."
Cons: "The unexpected charge for carry-on luggage after having already booked my flight. This was my first and last flight with Spirit."
Pros: "It was the only flight without stop. That is the only thing I like."
Cons: "The price, seat, services in all aspect."
Pros: "Nothing didn't experience the flight"
Cons: "Missed the flight, arrived before departure but already closed the door"
Cons: "We thought we found a great price for a quit trip to visit our new niece. We were totally wrong. Spirit charged us more than then the industry norm for a checked bag. I had tried to check it in early online but their mobile functionality doesn't handle payments. So that was $50. When we arrived they were highly disorganized and it wasn't clear what line to get into. Let's just assume that's just part of an airport experience. We get to the gate, and see that the flight has been delayed an hour. We decide to hang out there and learn over the intercom that the flight was delayed 2 more hours. Did they update the screen? Nope. Less than 20 minutes later they were boarding. It gets better though! After partly boarding the flight, they made everyone get out. We were grounded for a long time before and after landing without adequate information from the pilot on why or for how long. Finally when it got to the point I was going to pass out they wouldn't give me water because "I had the entire flight to make a purchase." Never again!! Never!!!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "I could not check in using my phone. Had to log onto a computer to sign in online. Was not given my flight info, had to call for it because the online log in said "no itineraries found" when I did have a flight so I had to call and be on hold for 20 minutes before someone would email me my itinerary. Seats do not go back. Flight pricing, I felt tricked and like I was scammed. Nothing is included. Everything is so expensive."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charge you for absolutely everything. They make the tickets cheap and then don't tell you that everything has a fee. The fees are more than the tickets. Never flying with them ever again. My flight was also delayed."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "One hou in line to check in. They charge for water.. enough said."
Pros: "Nice crew, clean cabin"
Cons: "That the plane was an hour late. In the summer?"
Pros: "Not worth my time"
Cons: "Not worth my time"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Baggage was more than the price of the flight. Twice the ch as rge of other airlines & charged for carry on as well. Snacks & beverage were additional charges, even coffee & water. Kept delaying boarding time. Will never use Spirit again."
Cons: "I will never fly this airline again."
Cons: "learning upon arriving at the airport that I had to pay $55 each way for a checked bag. Would prefer that Kayak warn buyers that they are likely to pay over $100 for a single bag other than a purse."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I took Spirit airlines years ago in an emergency. It was a terrible experience then. Mostly due to comfort and the condition of the airplane. It felt like we were sitting in a bare plastic container. The fare for this last trip appealed to me until I went to check in and was charged an extraordinary amount for checking a bag and for bringing a carry on on the plane. And then the charge to pick a seat? Please... the fare for this flight ended up being more than my return flight on a more premium airline where I would have gotten to select my seat and fly more comfortably. Worst policies ever. I will never be flying spirit again. That being said, I arrived to my destination safely."
Pros: "Short trip"
Cons: "Damaged luggage, horrible customer service"
Cons: "Arrived at 11 am to check in, went through security gate. We went Through terminal, I was traveling with a group that met up and we had 3 small children 1 yr old, 2yr old and 5 yr old. We stopped at 12pm at the food court and bought to go foods. Arrived at the gate at 12:16pm which was suggested. Lady at the counter at gate showed no interest in getting us in our flight. She said we were supposed to be there at least by 12: 20 , when she turned around and looked at the time she realized it was only 12:17 pm and then changed her story and said we had to be there at least by 12:10p. We explained the website said also 12:16pm. She said there's nothing she could do and argued with my sister about how it was us not being "responsible". There was a flight attendant next to her while all this was happening, (We were turned away by the lady with boarding passes for next day. SHE DID NOT ATTEMPT AT ALL TO GET US BOARDED SHE KEPT TURNING US AWAY). THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT, came running towards us at the food court where he happened to find us and told us to hurry that he was able to communicate with the pilot and he gave the ok to board. We threw our freshly purchased food in the trash and ran with out kids in our hands to the gate. As we got back to the gate area the lady called him and said no that it was too late. The flight attendant was upset and hinted to us that the lady was just being difficult. We missed the wedding we were attending and we threw away food we had just purchased. The FLIGHT DEPARTED AFTER 12:30 AND SINCE 12:16 BESIDES THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT, NO ONE TRIED NOT EVEN ONCE TO GET US BOARDED. needless to say the kids car seats were in the plane along with the checked in luggage and the car locked in a security garage til monday. We were stuck and strabded and spent an additional 85$ just to stay in a hotel near the airport. We woke up this morning in our same clothes and are here in the airport today hoping for better customer service. The most HORRIBLE SERVICE EVER."
Cons: "They switched gates 3 times in Oakland. In Los Angeles, we waited on the Tarmac for 30 minutes."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "CARRY-ONS cost money. They cost more money if you don't buy them ahead of time. It costs extra to CHECK IN WITH AN AGENT. The airline is not upfront about any of this. These charges supposedly keep the cost of the ticket low: You only pay for exactly what you want (ie: if you don't have carry-ons, you can get away with paying less.). This is bullshit. They charge for WATER— tap water— on the plane. It is purely a money making scheme. They don't have repeat customers because they are awful. Oh and the seats are tinier than any flight I've ever been on. Truly the worst flying experience of my life."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "That they charge you for EVERYTHING!!! No leg room & I am short. They were late, late, late"

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