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Find cheap flights from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale

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July Best time to beat the crowds with an average 2% drop in price.

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$211 or less

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 45,045 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Attitude of flight attendant"

Pros: "super uncortable. everytime AA is shrinking their seats. wifi wasnt working and u have to pay"

Pros: "The crew was very attentive"
Cons: "If the didn’t lose one of my bags on the transfer"

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Blankets"

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The pilots did a great job through turbulent air"
Cons: "I wish the seat reclined further back"

Cons: "The experience was excellent."

Pros: "Amazing"
Cons: "More room I pay for main cabin It feels it was just the regular"

Cons: "The flight attendants were very polite. Both of us are blind, and they told us the information we needed – how far away is the nearest exit row. Otherwise they treated us like everyone else!"

Pros: "Easy in easy out"
Cons: "Lack of entertainment"

Pros: "The gate agent did a great job loading the flight, loaded each group smoothly. Got crackers on this flight."

Pros: "Crew was professional."
Cons: "AA is rated next to last in being on time. It shows. Seats were uncomfortable. At least the interactive screen in the seat back worked well, and was informative."

Pros: "Great crew, comfortable chair. Entertainment was great."
Cons: "Everything was great."

Cons: "A 41 min flight took 4 hrs..AGAIN. LAST THREE TRIPS AVERAGED 5 HRS LATE"

Pros: "I was able to finish a movie I started on a different flight and found an additional enjoyable movie to watch."
Cons: "The airplane was uncomfortably hot. The flight attendant apologized and said it would cool off at cruising altitude. It never cooled off. The flight was full and very crowded. I was in the last boarding group even though my seat was in row 17. They required me to check my carryon due to space."

Pros: "The crew was great! The ride was smooth and the plane looked brand new!"

Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "No tvs that was a major let down as i was traveling with 2 kids i was really not happy about that my 6 year old just wantex to watch something and kept asking every 2 minutes if we were there yet... so please some tvs on those plains would greatly appreciated."

Cons: "Person in front reclined the entire flight. I was squeezed in a a small box. Seats should not recline that much"

Pros: "Courteous, friendly staff"

Pros: "I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to text via free WiFi in the sky. Oddly, this same service is unable to be acquired, once you’re in the United States. Leave it to Mexico, a beautiful country that’s struggling with so much poverty, to offer up free internet service instead of some silly $20 per flight deal which occurs once you cross into (at least on the surface) the wealthy, not so poverty stricken, USA! AMERICA! America, the same America that the side of the plane you’re flying in, is so proudly representing. Rich, powerful, fair America needs the extra $20!"
Cons: "I loved all of it. I have nothing to complain about. Thanks for a great experience!! Except, if there’s any way that I can extend a complaint about the Cozumel airport... I was SO disappointed that they no longer carry those delicious Doritos, that can only be found in Mexico. Their stores stopped carrying them and I nearly died of sadness! Just kidding guys. I had a great experience and I love Cozumel airport. It’s one of my favorites, honestly."

Pros: "No issues at all"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Pros: "One of the only flights that got out during a blizzard. Very professional, de-icing went smoothly, pilot was smooth and flight was smooth."
Cons: "All good"

Pros: "The crew was excellent. Stewardess was cheerful and helpful. The flight while full was not crowded."
Cons: "Plane was late. Mechanical issue at the gate after boarding. Seating room pretty tight. Three gate chanes at O'Hare."

Pros: "My throat was sore and stewardess was able to give me water while I attempted to take cold flu pills"

Pros: "The planes were on time. On our way down to Cozumel. The pilot let me 4-year-old son see the cockpit. Which was AWESOME, they were great As well as the flight crew on the way down. The trip down was terrific, If AA had this level of service all the time I would fly with them all the time."
Cons: "The trip home was more of what i expected from AA. The check-in process was slow and i was overcharged for my bike, On the way down it was $25 the same price as previous AA flights, On other airlines, it also just counts as a piece of luggage. On the way home i was charged $150 oversized luggage, yet it was <50 lbs and within the size limits. The flight crew was not overall friendly. Very business like and not warm at all. If they were a restaurant i would not be returning. The locks on my bike case were both broken off. the case was not locked. Nor was this done by TSA as they would have left a note as they have previously done."

Pros: "Getting home safely"
Cons: "Finding damage to my luggage"

Cons: "Attendant at the gate forced me to leave my troley hand bag to be checked with the excuse the fly was full and there was not sapce for people on groups 7 and 8 ( seats rear in te plane). I explained her I had personal documents and stuff inside my trolley but she told me I had to take another fly if I refused to checked. Our surprise was that the space above our seats ( row 30) was available and left empty the while fly! It was not fear and discriminated!"

Pros: "Great entertainment options, crew was great. Overall great flight."
Cons: "Boarding could have been faster."

Pros: "I like that American offers free movies thru their app but there was a glitch and I couldn't get it to work!"
Cons: "Couldn't get the entertainment app to work"

Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "The flight was delayed due to weather, but nothing can change that. We still landed on time. Many other passengers were complaining."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sat on plane for over 3 hours waiting to take off. They didn't offer any drinks or snacks at all while we waited. They said if we get off we may not be able to get back on. Barely made any announcements Once we did take off all they gave us was a packet of so called pretzels that were stale and gross!!"

Cons: "The flight was delayed 3 hours waiting for a flight attendant"

Cons: "one of the worst trip ever. although there were many turbulances, the captain did not appear to be proficient along the way. The landing was horrible as well."

Pros: "It was my first time I was a little scared but not anymore it was a smooth ride. Don't change nothing keep up the good work. Thanks for letting me explore"

Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "3 hour delay"

Cons: "A guy passed out prior to boarding, then they put him on the flight. We push back from the gate and start the engines and the guy passes out again. Now we are delayed 35 minutes. Why did they put someone one the flight that was clearly sick before he ever boarded then you make everyone miss their connection in Dallas. We got to the gate for our connecting flight 9 minutes before the pushed back from the ramp and they would not let us on??? WTF poor customer service!! Fly southwest from now on!"

Pros: "American got it right this time. Departing on time with a crew that seemed well qualified."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No yves on the plane like delta. Flight delayed 5hrs"

Pros: "See above"

Pros: "The third set of pilot tried their best to get us a spot to fly out due to bad weather we took off after almost 3 hours"
Cons: "The airline should have at least coordinated their crew arrangement before passenger boarding time, and have to change crew members three times after passengers boarded."

Pros: "Same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"

Pros: "At 6' 2" I was surprised that, with the seat in front of me not reclined (and fortunately no one ever did), my knees actually had a bit of room and were not pressed into the seat back in front of me. That and the flight schedule went smoothly - everything was on time."
Cons: "Maybe a couple of other sandwich options might have gotten me to pay for one."

Cons: "No food"

Cons: "overcharges"

Pros: "The plain went to the runway then stated that needed more gas due to weather so we returned to the gate, three hours later we finally departed. In two flights in three days I was delayed 9 hours"
Cons: "The 9 hours delay and zero compensation"

Cons: "We waited on the plane for two hours before taking off with no explanation and no food or drink. Crew said they didn't know when we'd take off"

Pros: "Good crew good flight everything was grwat"
Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Nothing at all."
Cons: "Sat for 45 minutes on the runway in 100- degree heat. Death."

Cons: "I am enrolled in MileagePlus United Card member which has one check in bag free for the first time. Still I was charged me $50 extra for my check in bag. They should have told me prior at the time of check in but they stopped me at the gate. I am not at all happy with what has happened."

Cons: "Disorganised with aggressive & disgruntal staff"

Pros: "What has happened to the carry on bag rule at United? Spirit bag rules at United prices. Not right. I will fly someone else."

Pros: "Enjoyed the friendliness of the pilots. As they made my sons day when he was able to go into cockpit and see them. We arrived earlier which helps."
Cons: "Very tight and narrow rows. One of the smallest (jumbo) planes I've been on. Tons of turbulence as well."

Pros: "The flight crew and the cabin crew were professional and efficient and friendly. The ginger ale kept me from getting nauseous during the turbulent approach."
Cons: "I realize that the airline doesn't have much control over screaming babies, but the reality is, my flight experience was significantly worse because of one, a couple rows back, who kept screaming at the top of their voice for most of the flight. While everyone was seating themselves, my fellow rowmates asked me to exchange my window seat for an aisle seat, so that grandmother, mother, and daughter could sit together. That put me two rows closer to that screaming baby. I came prepared to watch a movie with my phone and new noise canceling headphones, and then discovered the United Wi-Fi didn't offer movies on that flight, the same aircraft type and route as when I was able to watch a movie that way, earlier this year. I didn't find a way to connect my Bluetooth headphones to the plane's entertainment system, and I'm also disappointed in myself, to have to say, it took me far too long, to figure out that I needed to interact with the screen in front of me, through the control pad under my elbow on the armrest. By that time, there wasn't enough time left in the flight, to start a movie. So, I just played music stored on my phone, which helped mask the baby screams."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact that as a 6ft person at 180lbs could barely fit in the seat is unacceptable.. I rather fly spirit for that"

Cons: "No communication when extreme turbulence was happening. I thought i was dying, i cried as well as the person in my section. The lady behind me appeared to be praying."

Cons: "Mechanical delay of scheduled flight Had to walk through two terminals in Houston Not a big dela, so I rated it okay overall"

Pros: "On time and early arrival."

Cons: "The flight was delayed. A three hour flight felt like five. WiFi not working"

Pros: "The service was good along with everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Service"

Cons: "I booked 2 seats in order to sit next my wife. And the seats were not together. I didn't realized till after booking"

Pros: "Streamlined experience and on time. My choice of seat as well at the terminal desk."
Cons: "Pay for wifi and tv. Jet blue gives it to you for free."

Pros: "It was a pretty standard flight. Nothing stands out."
Cons: "We were delayed due to mechanical issues, had to wait for a new plane...took a long time - 90+ minutes. However, they kept us in the loop and we knew exactly what to expect. Handled as well as can be expected."

Pros: "On time departure and arrival"
Cons: "That you charge to watch the entertainment."

Pros: "The flight was smooth. The crew was great."
Cons: "The snack."

Pros: "The leg space"
Cons: "The crew was wildly rude. Like u can tell it was an overnight flight by their attitudes."

Cons: "Paying for entertainment, it was free from SFO to EWR."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I missed my connecting flight from Newark to Ft. Lauderdale due to a 30 minute weather delay, and then an hour long delay imposed by Newark Airport due to air traffic volume. I had to sleep (barely due to all of the nighttime maintenance going on) on the damn floor by my standby gate because I couldn't afford a hotel and United refused to pay for one."

Pros: "Great staff, gave me utensils so I could eat a yogurt I had brought. Very friendly"
Cons: "No free WiFi as advertised. No tv. Not very comfortable seats"

Pros: "The airplane was quite new. Great comfort in premium economy. Nice range of movies to watch. Food is not the best. A small pág of mix peanuts."
Cons: "No dislikes"

Pros: "Everything was good"
Cons: "nothing"

Cons: "Good flight"

Pros: "The blanket was nice. The crew was very friendly."

Cons: "Missed connecting flight due to previous flight delay. Customer service was not very helpful with accommodations."

Pros: "Random seating was okay & the newer planes are nice."
Cons: "The representative at the gates were very unfriendly and rude to passengers. They did not create a welcoming environment. There need to be more outlets in the waiting area and the outlets that are there should work."

Pros: "Crew was good at keeping USB up to date on turbulence and when they would be around to help."
Cons: "The landing. It was rough and abrupt."

Pros: "Tv"
Cons: "Every thing else. Over booked flight. Rude agent at check in worst snacks. Charge for TV. Way to cramped in On and on"

Pros: "We were delayed after late boarding because of tornedoes and bad weather, sat for 45minutes on the tarmac, however the entire time after going back to the gate to reset the timer the captain or 1st officer kept the guests advised as to our order in the takeoff queue. Came on many time to report and was very apologetic which I believe kept everyone informed and thus not so anxious. Much appreciated! Even opened up direct tv for all"
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Very professional employee! Well thought safety equipments"

Pros: "The customer service was friendly in Miami, not so friendly in NJ. the seats were comfortable flight was smooth"
Cons: "THE DELAYS. Both going and returning flights were delayed. I was given attitude by what seemed to be the manager when asked about the bag check in time at the Neward airport."

Pros: "Boarding was easy and there was plenty of overhead space for my carry on luggage"
Cons: "Coach cabin was not spacious at all. Very little leg room and the aisles seemed very cramped. Also, the seats weren't particularly comfortable."

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Cons: "Seats are way too close...."

Cons: "That I was charged for the flight again or they wouldn't let me on the plane"

Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hoursvwirh no explaination. Checked in early and was given a boarding pass with the wrong name on a flight to the wrong city. Hate agent in KW said she would call us up to rebook us on 1:06 flight and never did. Most passengers could not understand the flight attendants announcements. Very poor experience. Better from FLL to KW."

Pros: "Everything went well; great service on both flights"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "The service, no stress, fast and easy process. .."
Cons: "Nothing at all,everything went well. .thanks"

Pros: "Everything was good"

Pros: "The free inflight entertainment was very good."
Cons: "I was very upset that the gate agent stated that the overhead bins were full and that I would need to check my carry on bag, which i did. However upon boarding the plane, there were multiple overhead bins that were actually empty. I do not appreciate being lied to by the gate agent and being forced to check my bag when there was plenty of overhead bin space available. Moreover, I waited for nearly 30 minutes for my then checked bag to come through the baggage carousel after deplaning. This is far too long to have to wait for a bag after a 5.5 hour flight, especially when it was a carry on bag I was forced to check despite there being ample room in the overhead bins. Very disappointing and unnecessary aggrevation. Additionally, there was some slight turbulence during the flight for which the captain turned on the seat belt sign and everyone was requested to return to their seats. A few minutes later there were still some people standing in the aisles waiting to use the restroom, at which point a female flight attendant came on the intercom and stated, "I will try to make this as simple as possible for you to understand..." She then carried on explaining in a very rude and sarcastic tone the safety reasoning behind asking the standing passengers to return to their seats. While her frustration with people not returning to their seats was understandable, her tone of voice and sarcastic demeanor was not professional, and quite unappreciated. My overall experience with United could have been much more pleasant but for these instances. I feel these couple of bad experiences could have been easily prevented which would have led to a much more enjoyable experience with United. Unfortunately, because of these things, I will think twice about flying with United in the future."

Pros: "Great service and flight."
Cons: "Had to pay extra for TV."

Pros: "United the worst.never again"

Cons: "pay for TV shows."

Cons: "Delayed departure"

Pros: "On time arrival and landed early. Wi fi and 110v available on plane. Complimentary beverage"
Cons: "Very bumpy ride but the crew took it all in stride couldn't sleep"

Pros: "Not the fault of the crew They were transparent"
Cons: "Taxied then returned for mechanical issue Had to deplane and wait 3 hrs Text that gate changed Text that gate didn't change 2 hrs into 3 hr flight told that we had been re routed for a 4 hr flight due to weather 1 hr later told we have to land somewhere else to refuel Landed to refuel then told we have to wait to take off because the airport lost power in most terminals due to previous storm"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst customer service I've ever experienced with an airline. United should be ashamed. Flight canceled based on pilot being late from hotel, then late flight inbound, then weather. Next available flight wasn't for 48 hours later. No accommodations, compensation, or bags. Never fly United or in or out of Newark Liberty International."

Pros: "My airport and flight experience from Newark on Christmas Eve was excellent , no delays plenty to keep you entertained while you wait for flight , great stores and eateries . Would definitely choose the airline and airport again ."

Cons: "Next time I Would like To pick up my Seat, as soon as I buy the flight ticket."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale

Airlines flying from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Riviera Maya to Fort Lauderdale

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