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SAN — Colombia
Sep 3 — Sep 101
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Sat 9/3
Sat 9/10

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Flight from San Diego to Cartagena Rafael Nunez
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  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Colombia is February.
  • Morning departure is around 20% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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Copa AirlinesOverall score based on 13061 reviews
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lost luggage permanently

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lost luggage permanently

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Not"
Pros: "Crew was amazing, seats were really comfortable and the food was hot, delicious and filling"
Pros: "The crew was great and the flight was good n"
Cons: "Nothing everything was great"
Cons: "The crew nerds ti ve More people person, their Attitude toward the Passangers was rude in More than one time"
Pros: "The crew was friendly, the seat was comfortable."
Pros: "The seats isn’t comfortable."
Cons: "Sent e mail or text all people that flight ✈️ will be later and order all people to be seat outside waiting for enter at flight ✈️."
Pros: "I sat in row five so I had lots of like space, which is good since I’m 6‘6“ tall"
Cons: "Food was terrible Flight departure time in the middle of the night is terrible, and the 1-hour delay made it much worse. Seats are uncomfortable."
Cons: "The food was not so good but everything else was remarkable well done"
Cons: "Breakfast the toast bread is bad"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "1st flight was delayed so I missed my connection. 2nd flight was delayed due to mechanical issues so I missed my second connection. I traveled for over 24hours and now that it’s 3 days later , my checked luggage has still not arrived or been found."
Cons: "Canceled flight CM 788 Octubre 12 2018"
Pros: "Outstanding service, good timing, and courteous flight attendants."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Flight was on time and everything was smooth"
Cons: "Plane was a bit too small coming from tampa to panama"
Cons: "I was not able to board my connecting flight from Panama City Panama to Cali Colombia and was told there were no more available flights until the next day. I was very dissatisfied and upset and cant believe they can just bump someone out of a plane that has already paid for the flight. This is the worst experience I have had with an airline in my almost 40 years! I would like to see how we can get a credit or refund for flight!"
Pros: "The crew was nice and attentive."
Cons: "The plane seemed old and dingy. The food was not good at all."
Pros: "Free headphones and movies in flight was nice. Crew was great getting everybody on board quickly."
Cons: "My girlfriend and mom got sick eating after eating some of the in flight food."
Pros: "Courteous staff, on time departure and arrival, good meals"
Cons: "There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like"
Pros: "Plenty of seating in waiting area. Good seat good flight"
Cons: "Food could be better."
Pros: "Food was particularly good in business class."
Cons: "Very minor point on not having an entertainment system, but the flight was short at just over 1hr. It was hard to understand some announcements over the speakers because of the sound system plus the fast talking with heavy accents"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable and plenty of space. Also served food. Everything was in time or early."
Pros: "But... when I purchased a tkt online. For some reason the name on last ticket I purchased was on the next COPA ticket. A 300.00 purchase. Because COPA does not change ticket holders names it was a total loss. I bought the ticket for a student in Cali to come and meet me in Panama City I couldn't afford to buy a second ticket so Victor stayed home. Every other Airline charges a minimal fee to make changes on a ticket so now there is a credit at Copa Airlines for a person that will never ever use it.... such a waste of time and money. Barb Langman from Lafleche Saskatchewan Canada"
Pros: "Staff was very polite and courteous. Plane was comfortable."
Pros: "Good service, friendly staff. They gave us a voucher for $10 for food because the plane was late."
Cons: "The plane was two and a half hours late but we did not find out until 1 hour before takeoff."
Pros: "Reminded me of what a pleasure flying was 15 + years ago. Copa had a great inflight movie (personal preference) included with the cost of the flight. Dinner was okay, but they served wine with it which made it better, also included with price of the flight. They did offer headphones for those that wanted/needed then for the inflight movie, once again included with the price of the flight."
Cons: "The flight attendants were not overly nice. Typical flight to Orlando with A LOT of young children, but the one constantly kicking the back of my seat was one of the worst experiences of my flight history (not the airlines fault)."
Pros: "They eventually gave me the seat I had long before paid for."
Cons: "They told me at check in that I was "STAND BY" even though I had purchased my seat 4 months prior."
Cons: "Our flight was cancelled minutes within booking but still charged to our credit card for 10 days, meaning we never actually made it to rio and lost our deposit on our hostel."
Cons: "The food was not good and cold. there weren’t options on entertainment"
Cons: "The pilot did a very odd and scary turn to the plane. He then raised the plane so rapidly that nobody knew what was going on. Not a word from the pilot or the crew of what had happened!!!! Extremely dissapointed!!!!"
Pros: "This announcement by the pilot at the beginning of the flight turned out to be incorrect. Despite the fact that I did online check-in at least 23 hours in advance, I was seated way at the rear of the jet. As a single woman who looks unusual because half of my hair is shorter due to recent surgery; I sincerely hope I was not seated at the back due to my appearance. The other passenger seated with me was a very kind developmentally disabled young man. The placement in row 33 +/- only emphasized the many instances of turbulence on the flight to Chicago."
Cons: "The many occasions of turbulence on this flight."
Pros: "flight punctuality, food."
Cons: "No movies"
Cons: "Very limited Business Class menu. No entertainment system."
Cons: "persons from Copa at boarding time, lost....!"
Pros: "Good service and food"
Cons: "The first crew was a little bit rough with customers. The service was good but it will be better if they were a little more friendly."
Cons: "Do to Irma in Florida I had to evacuate 2 days before my flight. I call to re schedule my flight from Tampa and they were not flexible at all charging me an ridiculous fee!!!!"
Pros: "The seat was comfortable"
Cons: "Broke my wheel off my check luggage, food wasnt good. Staff are somewhat curt & could be more friendly/accomodating."
Cons: "Departure delay not usual in COPA."
Cons: "El aeropuerto de Panamá e el peor que he visitado en mi vida"
Cons: "Then they took my husbands passport and went through all of his belongings which took another 15 minutes. We had just been screened in Bogota."
Pros: "Great! Comfortable! Screens! Easy check-in! On-time! All good things."
Pros: "Got upgraded to first class"
Cons: "Started bad with copa giving it to Avianca, and their flight dis not go out, deleyes etc."
Pros: "Food, crew."
Cons: "The plane went to land in Barranquilla but came to land too quickly and once he touched down he had to accelerate and take off again. Very uncomfortable 20 minutes circling without an announcement."
Pros: "Excelente communication from the front cabin to passengers"
Cons: "Clean restroom"
Pros: "Excellent service"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing everything was good"
Pros: "The plane was very comfortable and the crew was fantastic"
Cons: "The boarding was a nightmare no gate printed on boarding pass and a gate attendant told us the wrong gate and we almost missed our flight"
Pros: "Nice, on time and excellent service onboard"
Cons: "Nothing to mention"
Pros: "Extra seating, leg room"
Cons: "We've had better crew consideration with other airlines"
Pros: "The crew did great"
Cons: "During covid-19 they are not even attempting at providing a modicum of social distancing. Every seat in both of my flights was completely filled, meaning that we were squished up next to everyone despite any efforts to stay 6ft away from each other in the airports. Many passengers were wearing their masks incorrectly (not covering their nose, TAKING OFF THE MASK TO SNEEZE) and were not being asked to wear their mask properly by staff. I felt completely unsafe and won't be flying American again until there is a vaccine for covid."
Cons: "Don’t get the egg salad breakfast sandwich. It’s got more turkey and cheese than egg salad."
Pros: "plane was very nice and roomy, crew were friendly and good service"
Pros: "By luck, I had a seat between myself and the other person in my row. It would have been tight, otherwise. Crew was friendly and polite."
Cons: "The seats on the flight were placed very close together - felt very constricting. Takeoff and landing were a bit rough."
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "Free BBQ DINNER"
Cons: "Just about everything"
Pros: "The crew was courteous and helpful. The cabin was clean and seat was comfortable."
Cons: "Aircraft interior was a bit dated. Entertainment was via handheld device either your own or one provided by the airline."
Pros: "the flight departure on time"
Cons: "the service in the plane is poor"
Pros: "Really disappointed as my bags was not check thru.It was rechecked at London and British airway charged me for my baggage. I want to make sure that my way back to Oslo London London San Diego has no charge . It is an international flight and I am allowed 23kg one checked bag ."
Pros: "Flying out around bad weather; lucky we got out in time. Pilot did a reasonable job keeping passengers up to speed on what was happening. Flight attendants were friendly and respectful. CRJ-900 leather seats are more comfortable than your average economy seat."
Cons: "In flight wifi didn't work the whole trip. Plane was a sauna getting in and on the ramp, air conditioning wasn't working on the ground. Boarding took FOREVER with some less than competent wheelchair agents (I think)."
Cons: "Flight was canceled"
Pros: "The crew were lovely and the entertainment was wonderful."
Cons: "Small space once passenger in front of you lowers their seat back. Difficult to get in and out of my seat like that"
Cons: "3 of the crew Members were extremely rude... snarky remarks when asking very simple questions... We are supposed to have a good experience as a costumer. Not my fault the crew might be tired or having a bad day."
Pros: "The flight crew was okay. The middle seat was tight for a cross country trip"
Cons: "More room"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Before the flight boarded the crew had to be paved. They were busy chatting at a different gate while the whole flight had to wait for them. No sense of urgency. Very unprofessional. We had the front seat in first class. All night long the crew were talking loudly- difficult to sleep. They should be conscious of the passengers"
Cons: "Boarding crew did not realize I had priority boarding and split me up from my wife. Not a big deal, just annoying."
Cons: "3 boarding doors less than 50 feet apart with departures leaving within 15 min of each other created a difficult to penetrate gaggle."
Pros: "Comfortable chairs"
Cons: "Pilot's skill level and ability - lots of maneuvering and a very poor landing"
Pros: "Courteous staff! Very accommodating."
Cons: "The company did great, no complaints."
Pros: "The flight was great--good food, good service, good entertainment, on time."
Cons: "They lost our luggage. Four people traveling together arrived in Phnom Penh, but our luggage didn't. It took almost 2 days to be reunited with our luggage."
Pros: "Was supposed to leave at 8:00 am. Waited for 4 hours, got my flight rebooked after having to search for an AA representative. I had to get my luggage due to the change of airlines, after waiting for an hour at the luggage reclaim center i was told that my bag had already shipped by itself with other flight"
Cons: "Everything. Poor service. 5 hours of waiting. Disaster"
Pros: "Friendly flight attendants and nice to kids"
Cons: "Being held inside the plane for a total of 5:30 hours before taking off. Even if there were several concurring factors, it it necessary to find a better procedure in order to avoid keeping passangers inside a plane with the prospect of taking off in the next half hour repeated every half hour! For the ones of us traveling with children it is even worse, and becomes a real nightmare."
Pros: "Smooth flight- communication from the pilot, free beverage, movies, what more could a person ask for"
Cons: "No leg room."
Cons: "Staff was rude and accoutable for delayed flight and lightning striking plane while we were in the air"
Pros: "Quick little trip from San Diego to Phoenix. Crew made the extra effort to keep the plane cool despite the 120 degree temps in Phoenix."
Pros: "We were delayed because of weather yet the crew kept us aware of what was going on and still got us there on time. Great crew. Very polite and professional."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "I initially booked my flight via Kayak for a cheap no hassle price"
Cons: "My initial booking was with Iberia Airlines and a few days prior to my Flight was switched over to American Airlines. Had i known I would be flying with AA, I would have opted for a more expensive option as I've a great disdain for AA. My flight from JFK was not the model aircraft I was promised and thus did not have ac chargers or Wifi in the plane. In my opinion, I was bait and switched via Kayak"
Pros: "Exceptional customer service"
Cons: "No food no entertainment so that's the only reason I gave 1 star to those"
Pros: "I likes that I was able to pick my seat for the same price."
Cons: "No volé en LATAM si no en AA y en esta compañía al principio no sabían sobre mi reserva y cuando si, no pude hacer el checking online, sino solo en el aeropuerto , en ambos vuelos"
Pros: "Very timely. Boarding, take off, landing - all on time"
Cons: "Their restrictions for carry on size... had to check my small suitcase because it was over their size limit. I was able to carry it on on my trip going (fits perfectly in the overhead bin) but on the way back it was too big.."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Rude flight attendants, filthy plane"
Cons: "No choice in food. Flt attended said he would try to find a sandwich or snack left over from coach but he never offered anything."
Cons: "Walking through TSA in San Diego there is an agent picking people out and telling them there bag is too big to be carried on ( the same carry on bag I've used for years ) and making people go pay to check them. However some people are being allowed to check their bag at the gate for free. No one at the airport working for them had any good customer service skills. Wont fly with them again"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Flight was late eariving at gate in Dallas and missed connection to Nashville. However, was put on a flight that left just 2 hours later"
Pros: "Good."
Pros: "The flight from San Diego to Chicago went well. We left on time and arrived a little earlier than expected. I was worried about the weather delaying our flight once we go to Chicago but we encounter different problems. as I will explain next."
Cons: "American dropped the ball when my 77 year old Mother was not met with a wheelchair. This is inexcusable! She was in tears and no one seemed to care! They were nice enough to let her change from a window to an aisle."
Pros: "First class was Super. Good food and nice service."
Cons: "No screens on a new plane"
Pros: "I liked the crew they were really helpful"
Cons: "The plane was to old I guess and it was a bit uncomfortable there was not enough space between passengers"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Hour late crew rude"
Pros: "Polite, friendly helpful staff. Plane left on time."
Cons: "There were no window or aisle seats available for free, so I had to pay for the extra cost seats."
Pros: "At 6' 2" I was surprised that, with the seat in front of me not reclined (and fortunately no one ever did), my knees actually had a bit of room and were not pressed into the seat back in front of me. That and the flight schedule went smoothly - everything was on time."
Cons: "Maybe a couple of other sandwich options might have gotten me to pay for one."
Pros: "The staff was friendly and helpful"
Cons: "There was a ton of turbulence"
Pros: "The flight was great. There was free in seat entertainment with tons of movies! The flight attendant gave me free fruit & cheese plate to go with my wine. Great service, easy fast boarding & the flight was early!"
Cons: "You need to add a not applicable choice to your list. I did not eat the snacks offered on the flight nor was there any entertainment that I could find."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Food. Cold breakfast sandwich. Really? Cold bacon and egg."
Cons: "This flight was good, but when I fly in July I pay extra for protection and extra for better seat. Flight was canceled and they put me on different plane, which make my day in San Diego very difficult, because I miss my meeting, I didn't get better seat ither,instead I got seat in front of toilet and for 3 hours have to listen door bunging and terrible smell. I never been compensate for canceling flight or extra seat price.Nobody care even apologize. I hope that was just unforchened incident and I still like your company and still flying with AA, but I was really disappointed. Sincerely Vera Vasiley."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Uncomfortable. No entertainment."
Pros: "Nice crew."
Cons: "We didn't take off on time so I was in anxiety about catching my next flight out of ORD."
Pros: "It was on time. Crew was great."
Cons: "Seats are not the comfiest."
Cons: "I took three flights from San Diego to San Francisco, San Francisco to Chicago, Chicago to Montreal. San Diego departure was almost an hour late. The Chicago departure was half an hour late because the pilot wasn’t checked in yet. It is very frustrating when I run through Chicago airport from B to E"
Pros: "Lot of leg room!"
Cons: "WiFi for Entertainment system was spotty, freezing very often. Unfortunately this issue has become more common in United flights lately."
Pros: "Fast and easy"
Cons: "Entertainment and bigger seating"
Pros: "Flight was on time and crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seat was quite uncomfortable and I would love more soda choices."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth and took an average amount of time. We arrived exactly on time. Staff were all friendly and helpful. Plane was clean.. overall very pleasant !"
Pros: "Check-in process was smooth"
Pros: "The flight was very good and no problems were encountered."
Cons: "Nothing to complain about."
Pros: "On time, flight attends are superb"
Cons: "Cramped seats due to greedy corporation trying to appease the share holders"
Pros: "Rapid boarding and comfortable seat. The flight attendant was great!"
Cons: "Snack selection wasn't impressive, as was the onboard entertainment unit - small screen and no flight info/map. Also no lounge access in San Diego since our ticket was through Air Canada."
Cons: "the person helping me couldn't understand her and she was aggressive and charged me too much and wouldn't make adjustments about it."
Pros: "Preassigned seating . . . that's about it."
Cons: "Well, we were greeted at the gate by an attendant who told us we'd probably miss our connecting flight and that we could go home and try again tomorrow or chance it. Then he charged $200 for my board bag (talking a surfboard to Costa Rica) and finally we arrived with 4 others just as our flight was scheduled to pull off and they couldn't be bothered to hold the plane for us as we sprinted across the airport."
Pros: "But the amenities were terrible. I couldn’t figure out how to operate the in-seat video feature plus there was no food. Leg room was too cramped also."
Cons: "See above. Amenities were terrible as was leg and seat room."
Pros: "Flight was on time, clean, comfy."
Cons: "Media wasn't working on the seat screens."
Cons: "Not only was boarding delayed almost 2 hours. Once we were on the plane, we sat on the tarmac for over an hour. We landed in SFO at 12:45 and missed my connector to Bend. United was not willing to do anything for me for the inconvenience (except hand out blankets) I slept in the airport until the next available flight at 8 a.m. the next more...I hope."
Pros: "Fast and effective. On time and crew was nice and helpful."
Cons: "They passed out drinks late !! Too close to landing time ."
Cons: "My flight was canceled because of the hurricane in Houston which was completely understandable. Trying to rebook a flight was one of the worst experiences I've had on the phone. Over 2 hours on hold only for United to tell me to call back inside 24 hours of my requested departure (which was about 12 hours outside of the time I called). Bad customer service all around, both Kayak and United."
Pros: "Easy on ! Organized"
Cons: "Crew was rude and seemed to be in a constant rush big lack of customer service"
Pros: "The staff were very freindly"
Cons: "They had a setup if you wanted to watch a movie you had to log onto your computer or other device, but you had to down load the United airlines app, but my IPad would not connect to download."
Cons: "Made me take off sweater out of my bag cause my bag was 0.5 lbs over weight."
Pros: "San Diego airport had a curfew of 11:30. The flight was delayed 30 minutes and the crew did a great job of boarding with a purpose to expedite the process and have us ready to take off by curfew."
Cons: "The flight was 30 minutes late in a city with a curfew so we ran the chance of not being able to take off that night."
Cons: "United and SAS are really separate and hard to manage reservation. Seats changed from what I purchased and it was uncomfortable. I don't think I will do a mixed airline flight again even though they quote them as a Star Aliance. Also, flying through Chicago ORD is not great. The international terminal is completely separate so you have to take a train, pour out water, enter security (and they don't have a TSA Pre). All around uggh."
Cons: "Flight delayed and missed connection"
Pros: "they gave me a row with all three seats open so I could sleep on the way home on a red eye. Absolutely excellent crew."
Cons: "On my flight back during taking off, I was throwing a trash away into a little bag that is also designed for vomiting. When I pushed a trash into the bag, I felt that it was already wet. Somebody vomited into it at the previous flight and placed it back to the seat's packet. I am not telling that it was the cleaning crew's mistake because it looked like unused until I pushed my hand into it, but it was still a very unpleasant experience and could be also a health hazard."
Pros: "Missed connection in SF to Medford due to other planes at our gate not allowing us to de-board on time to make my connection to Medford ...!!"
Pros: "The United Club Lounge is the best."
Pros: "Bad day, splurged after other flt cancelled and separated from family, attentive staff, nice ride"
Cons: "Clunky electronic access"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They did not let my daughter board to safely get home to my mother because she was to tall for a two year old and even after they were provided a birth certificate they still gave her seat up and wouldn't put her on a plane home until I bought another ticket. I am military I only flew with united because we have a contract with them"
Pros: "I lost my wallet on the plane to San dieago. A very nice honest family turned it over to the crew. The baggage claim customer service agent ran back to the plane to retrieve it for me. It had everything I needed, my ID cash for my trip. I'm thankful for the honest people still in this world! Many thanks to the family and crew and uninteds customer service!!! A+++++"
Pros: "We were making an emergency trip to S.F. and everything thing was on time."
Cons: "Though we travel on United and have a United card the price of getting a last minute flight on a plane that was almost half empty was absurd. We will rent a car to return home."
Pros: "The pilot continued to interrupt our flight home. Watching movies, 4-5 hours his overrides of loud, loud announcement were useless. Trying to take a nap, dark, early evening. We at 29,000 feet, we're ahead of schedule, we are going to arrive 30 minutes early. Then we arrive early sit on the tarmac, because guess what was at our gate; ANOTHER AIRPLANE! All his rushing and interruption were a waste. The ground team had him wait 200 feet away from the gate for another period of time. We arrived three to five minutes early, at 7:30 PM. Very unpleasant flight."
Pros: "Flight was good , security and boarding was very unorganized , although I don't blame the airlines I think it more the San Diego Airport, I live there and often drive to John Wayne just to avoid the San Diego Airport Security inside and out is always disaster ."
Cons: "When I booked the flight, we chose seats but when we checked in they said we had never chosen seats and split up myself and my husband. To watch anything it was $7.99."
Pros: "the crew , the services ."
Cons: "They don't respect their seats . And they let seat a strong smoker on my side and his seat was begin me . 3 costumers don't seat on their own seat all mix it aaaggghhhh"
Pros: "Crew were nice and flight was on time."
Cons: "I didn't know i needed an app before i will be able to enjoy entertainment on board, so i had to pay for internet to be able to download the app to be able to watch movie. PA system wasn't gud."
Cons: "No space, outdated non-working air, extremely hot and stuffy, VERY dry air, no screens"
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Plane was really noisy and made a weird noise during takeoff and landing. Sad thing was I had to board the saw plane from San Francisco to St. Louis as well!"
Cons: "Flight was changed on me last minute so I had to call United and see if I could negotiate a better flight time. Layover in LA went 3-4 hours longer than expected so I ended up getting in a lot later than expected, meaning I had less time to spend with my wife. I missed my flight on my way back - I think when everyone was boarding, I somehow misinterpreted the digital sign that said "Ontario" to mean that they were boarding for Ontario. I had to sleep in the airport that night because I missed the flight - most uncomfortable experience ever! I paid for United's lounge but they weren't open 24/7. Then they almost didn't let me in the next morning to the lounge because technically it was only for that 1 night, even though I had been at the airport all the same. Lesson learned - maybe I should just drive to SD rather than fly."
Pros: "Nice and easy"
Cons: "N a"
Pros: "The crew was very attentive and the pilot kept us informed at all times. For example, we got to Dayton early and we sat on the Tarmac for about five minutes as there was another plane there. That was no problem. But, after plane left we sat there until it was time for us to arrive before ground crew came out. Then, we waited 20 minutes for our baggage. That was not your fault. That was the fault of the airport as it has happened to me before. The pilot was very apologetic and kept us informed. I appreciated that very much."
Cons: "I was so excited because there were TV's on each seat, but I could not use because the place where I had to plug in for sound was broken. That was a disappointment."
Pros: "Shortened flight was unexpected & appreciated. Not sure if I lost some weight or united finally lengthened safety belts but I didn't need extension this trip."
Cons: "Feel like I got conned & ripped off over set upgrade at the checkin kyiosk. Offered an economy upgrade for $79 which actually was $94. I selected seat by window that had no other passengers listed in the seating aisle but somehow in the short period of time I upgrade & walked to gate a middle eastern family with 4 kids, none over 4yrs of age happen to book the seats in my aisle. It was not comfortable & definitely not an upgrade worthy of the xtra $ having kids kicking my chair, yelling, & crying majority of the trip. Had an extreme migraine when finally landed in Houston."
Pros: "Once in the air the flight was great."
Cons: "1/2 hr before boarding should have occurred we were notified of a delay- 1/2 hr. I knew I was going to miss my connection and asked, and told if I did they would put me on the next one out an hr later, but could not nor would not address it until necessary. When we arrived, they informed me of the gate to go to... which we ran to... and when we got to there were told the plane left 15 minutes ago."
Pros: "I had a window seat, which was fine."
Cons: "I checked in for both my flights before departing on my red eye. When I landed in Newark I found out I had been bumped from my connection to Portland because United had oversold my flight. The next confirmed flight they could put me on to Portland was the next morning, 24 hours later! I ended up flying to Boston and taking a bus up to Portland, arriving seven hours after I was supposed to, exhausted. United customer service was indifferent and unhelpful. I will never fly United again, no matter the cost difference."
Cons: "The video and sound on the planes needs some updating or some technical work."
Cons: "Waited too long to land"
Pros: "The smooth landing & the kind flight attendants."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled"
Pros: "The plane was very comfortable and the pilot kept us well informed on our flight."
Cons: "I didn't like how the tv screens flashed from one screen to another throughout the whole flight. I would have just liked them off. The other thing was one of the stewardesses walked up and down the isle like a bull in a china shop. She hit my shoulder at least 4 times as she walked by and never slowed down."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. The entire airline needs to be shut down at this point."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Absolute confusion as flights were delayed. Gate agent threatened do call the cops on me after I pressed him, firmly but politely, on why I was given different information by three different agents"
Pros: "On time, easy boarding, smooth flight"
Cons: "Baggage check agent spent 30 minutes explaining why car seats can’t be checked to family in front of me, while he had a line of about 10 people behind me. Added unnecessary, frustrating feelings to an already stressful experience traveling. Very poor situational awareness and no sense of urgency."
Cons: "Spirit seats are cramped. Ok"
Pros: "Nothing, at first how cheap it was, but one quickly realizes you get what they paid for."
Cons: "The fact that they blamed the weather for their in ability to land, but the reality is that the airline is so cheap they don't carry enough fuel to be able to give it another go at landing in Las Vegas. We were literally only about 15 20 feet from landing at our destination when the pilot decided to speed up and give it another go. But then they gave us some b.s. about how their gate was taken and they had no other available gates, but then they blamed the weather. Wish they could get their story straight. Anyway, the airline just stranded us in Los Angeles, which is even weirder since we took off from San Diego..."
Pros: "On time. Friendly staff."
Pros: "Couldn’t enjoy the flight"
Cons: "I wish I could have enjoyed my flight with my family. Leaving for a wake, and now I’m stuck behind . Attempted to fix or get another flight , and customer service through spirit air and kayak was poor."
Pros: "I had a small bag with me & they charged $57 just to Carry it with me on the plane ,i was very surprised .each way"
Pros: "Airbus 320 is decent size plane for short trip, i like the comfortable sleek chairs"
Cons: "No entertainment or wifi available. No drinks served. Late (20 mins?) to board plane due to plane's late arrival to gate of previous flight."
Cons: "They advertise a cheap fare but charge you for everything! If you don't do it only they charge you more. The seats on the plane are uncomfortBle and do not recline! After it was all said and done this flight wasn't cheaper than anyone else. I will not fly Spirit again."
Cons: "For such an expensive ticket, the dissapointment of the flight getting cancelled is real.."
Pros: "Flight crew was good, smooth plan ride."
Cons: "Flight was delayed six hours after we were already on the plane about to take off they turned back around to go back to the gate and made us get off and wait. Glad to be safe but shouldn't those things be checked before we get on the plane."
Pros: "When we went to the ticket counter to drop off our check bag, we learned there was a mistake with our tickets and we had only paid for the check bag on one leg of the round trip flight. Jack saved the day and got us fixed up without charging any penalty fees."
Pros: "The original flight cost was comparatively inexpensive, but when considering what I got and didn't get for the price, not really."
Cons: "I was charged $57 for a CARRY ON! Whaaat?! That's ridiculous. Most airlines don't charge you that for a CHECKED bag. And the worst part was, when I asked why my daughter didn't have to pay for her carry-on (a backpack), she told me that it was because it was a backpack, and that if I'd have had a duffle bag or some other type of tote, I would not have been charged. REALLY?! How does that make sense? I shoudl have asked her for one of those plastic bags and put my stuff in there! Good fodder for a comic, to be sure. And I will be sure to spread the word about this to all I know. Spirit SUCKS."
Cons: "It's advertised as "cheap" but by the time you pay for the seat, luggage, etc., you end up paying more than other airlines."
Pros: "I liked the price :)"
Cons: "Everything is ok, at just over 100 USD I'll fly strapped to the wing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "I liked absolutely nothing about this airline to the point where I didn't even fly with them the day of my flight"
Cons: "They were not willing to work with me to change my flight date do to a family emergency and couldn't give me credit towards further flights, goes to show how broke this airline is if they really need the money and couldn't refund me like other past and BETTER airlines have done in the past, I will NEVER fly this airline ever again and have told many people to do the same, this was my first and last experience. As a side note I had to DRIVE MYSELF TO LAS VEGAS FROM SAN DIEGO because they were not willing to work with me but I still made it to and from my destination"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The pilots did not show up. Spirit sucks"
Pros: "TSA did not accept Spirit's boarding pass on the smart phone. I had to go back to a ticketing terminal to print a boarding pass, get back in the long line, and clear security."
Cons: "Support electronic boarding pass like all other airlines."
Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seats are made for midgets - baggage handling could have only been worst if they lost the bag. Would not take bag in San Diego until two hours before flight and it took 45 minutes to receive bag in Vegas"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight kept getting delayed, then after 8 hours they cancelled the flight. Stood in line for 2 hours with terrible and slow service just to find out the next flight out was in 13 hours. They didn't give out any hotel vouchers only a few meal vouchers. So I spent a total of 20 hours sitting on uncomfortable airport seats and no sleep waiting for the flight. I had lost a day that I could have been working. All service was poor and the company is cheap on everything. They're so cheap that they can't even serve complimentary soda and water like a normal airline. This is supposed to be a economical flight but really with all of the fees tacked on its about the same as costlier airlines if not more."
Cons: "Delay"
Cons: "I must pay for my baggage. It's crazy couse I paid 100$ for my ticket and 50 more. Food???? What are you asking about?! There aren't free water! It was bad expirience. To go back I rent a car Mustang 5.0 it was more better, exiting!"
Pros: "Gets you from point A to point B at a reasonable price!"
Cons: "It was ridiculous how I had to pay 55.00 for my carry on to my destination and BACK. Did NOT expect that. So 110.00 total. Felt like I had to buy my carry one it's own personal ticket to fly with me as if it was another person that u had to put in a little storage over my head."
Cons: "Was not aware that my carry-on would cost $45, about the same as the air ticket. Absolutely ridiculous. If Kayak wants to keep customer you should not be selling products from these people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Canceled flight"
Pros: "Cheap ticket. It's a sham"
Cons: "The fact that in order to take a bag with me it cost 55 bucks! For one carry on! To carry on my bag to and from my destination cost more than he price of my plane ticket itself! Trying to fly on a budget... Spirit is NOT the way to go and I will never be such a fool again. I did not have this money to spend whatsoever. At the check in while paying this ridiculous $55 one way for my clothes... Suddenly my card is declined. I ask the woman who is "helping" me to swipe it again because it should not be declining... She refuses and I have to take $60 over to a little machine and purchase a master card that's owned by the airline for ANOTHER $5 dollar fee! Want to fly spirit? Don't bother. $88 for a round trip from Las Vegas to San Diego. Altogether $115 just to fly my 1 carry on. Was not planning on spending over $200 for this trip and anyone who is on a budget can appreciate the difference every dollar makes. BRING ONE BAG FOR UNDER YOUR SEAT AND NOTHING ELSE!"
Pros: "Rude check in helpers and charge me 50 dollars for my carry on bag, almost full flight ticket price."
Cons: "Rude check in helpers and charge me 50 dollars for my carry on bag, almost full flight ticket price."
Pros: "The cheapness of the tickets was very cheap"
Cons: "Not über comfortable, but worth the price!"
Cons: "First of all, the prices you charge to check bags is extortion! The plane was rickety and was making noises I'd never heard a plane make before. I'm pretty sure you call yourself SPIRIT airlines because I almost became one! In addition, a few of the crew looked disheveled and as if they'd had a hard night. I also found it the height of tackiness to pimp a credit card during a plane trip where you even have to pay for a drink that is complimentary on every other flight I've ever been on. It was a low quality experience from end-to-end. I know you call yourself the ultra low priced option, but your prices weren't any lower than any other airline. I WILL NOT be flying Spirit Airlines in the future."
Pros: "Spirit sucks big time"
Cons: "Bad bad bad"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Long check-in lines"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed so many times for hours. We weren't even guaranteed that we could fly out that night. After being charged so many times for everything that most airlines include, we ended up driving. They also charge $25 to talk to an actual person. So many hidden fees! Will never attempt to use spirit airlines again."
Pros: "I didn't like anything, seats don't recline, not even the exit row I paid extra for. The flight was cheap until you end up adding checked bags, extra leg room, etc..."
Cons: "didn't like anything, seats don't recline, not even the exit row I paid extra for. The flight was cheap until you end up adding checked bags, extra leg room, etc..."
Pros: "the initial price for the flight"
Cons: "paying for seats,,the outrageous price for luggage,,waiting 40 minutes before they turned the seat belt sign off only to have it turned back on within 5 minutes. Even though the attendants were up and serving drinks in the aisle, they were turning people back to their seat that wanted to use the bathroom, while other passengers were allowed to get up and go to the bathroom. There was no turbulence and we had reached our cruising altitude. When the seat belt sign was turned off, we were warned that it would only be off for minutes because it was going to be turned back on for the descent. Will never fly Spirit again, lesson learned."
Cons: "The crew members were rude and I felt inconvenienced by any request (only made one--for a beverage). I witnessed extreme rudeness of the crew members to other customers as well. The seats don't recline and are quite thin and hard. Without doubt, this was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on (as was the other flight on this trip on a spirit plane). I will not be flying spirit ever again. I paid for my checked bag 24 hrs in advance and still paid $42 dollars. I luckily had a printer where I was staying and could print my boarding pass to avoid being charged for that. All that being said, even with my planning and following "spirit 101" guidelines on their website, I ended up paying the same I would have had I flown another (more comfortable, less inconvenient) airline with better customer service."
Pros: "The price was great. I pack light and take advantage of the "bare fare" offered. Flight was uneventful which is how it should be."
Cons: "I would like to see a more streamlined process for checking the baggage rather than waiting in line. My wife checked a bag so we had to wait in line right as we arrived. Was hoping this "hands-off" approach would streamline the waits in line."
Pros: "We had to pay an additional $150 for carry on luggage. (I was never told this when I bought the tickets) No snacks or drinks were given on a trip literally across the United States. Terrible service and super cramped seating. Never flying spirit air again. Ever."
Pros: "Overall good & easy experience. Bought last minute ticket ( the day before my flight) at a very decent price, 80 dolls"
Pros: "That I safely landed."
Cons: "The chairs. At least they should be able to lean back so I can nap. My neck was destroyed after the flight."
Cons: "Only offered a "voucher" for a future flight when they cancelled my original flight. They offered a later flight, but I would've missed the event I was trying to make so I had to take a flight from another airline."
Cons: "We got to the airport and was unable to check in because the desk attendant said the flight was boarding, but the departure screen did not say boarding until 15 mins after she said that. I am very upset that we missed our flight and that she provided the wrong information and was not helpful at all."
Cons: "this might have been my mistake I did not arrive 45 minutes prior to departure I was 6 minutes past the 45-minute line and they would not let me board the plane..I asked 4 times to talk to a manager all I kept hearing where she was at lunch and she would be down in a bit I waited for almost 30 minutes before I decided just go catch another plane on Southwest to Vegas kayak might want to inform all of their customers dealing with spirit Airlines that the 45-minute cutoff point is of the problems is and I received a email from you the day before that it was moved to a different terminal so at the San Diego Airport even the people that work there didn't know where the Spirit Airlines was and there was 5 people behind me who had the same issue and this Airline will not work with us then they tell me it's too late the plan is already full...I did fly back from Vegas on spirit but what I thought was kind of bizarre with people still boarding the plane five minutes prior to time I go to Vegas I might just pay the extra money and Fly Southwest ...and besides that that plane coming back from Vegas did not sell mechanically strong it made all kinds of noises when we landed and everybody was even looking around like something was going to fall off the plane when we landed in San Diego"
Pros: "when we landed safely"
Cons: "Shysters of the not-so-friendly skies! As a loyal #AlaskaAirlines customer, I hesitated before buying tickets on Spirit from San Diego to Vegas. After finding an online "deal" for Spirit, maybe $100 less expensive and a convenient flight time, I bought them. Spirit should be heavily fined, if not shut down, for their dishonesty. Upon check in, there was a surprise $55 fee per checked bag and $100 FEE PER CARRY ON bigger than a purse EACH WAY. No cash was accepted at the check in, gate or in-flight. This was not a problem for us, but felt bad for any person who forgot theirs. Once on the plane, Spirit charges $3 per water, soda or juice (inc $3 per refill). Cheap snacks started at $3 per small courtesy size though $7 per "luxury item" of cup-o-soup noodles. Icing on the cake of poop experience was our airline server. Shocked in to tears of laughter, the woman with the beverages walked up and barked "what do you want?!" To our row. I asked to buy the Moscow mule. She said, "where is your card? If it is not out of your wallet now I am going walking away. Other people want drinks and I don't have time for you to get out your wallet!" LOL!! I gave it to her, then she barked a similar rant at the nice people sitting next to me. NEVER, EVER will I fly Spirit again. The charges alone are so dishonest but the service is awful too."
Cons: "Really late departure without knowing why. We were left unsure if the flight would take off and given the option for a refund or get on the next flight the next day"
Cons: "Hidden and unexpected fees"
Cons: "Spirit Airlines was no help and didn't offer any alternatives for us at all."
Cons: "When I checked my bag, the baggage representative assured me that even though I checked my baggage late, she assured me that my baggage would get to Oakland that day. Then on the flight, a flight attendant told me my suitcase might not make it to Oakland unless I got off the plane and got onto a flight that arrived in Oakland at 11. I had an interview in Ukiah the next morning at 9:00, so I explained to the flight attendants and baggage representatives that I would be screwed if my luggage did not arrive in Oakland. My bag did make it but it was a constant struggle to get honest information, let alone any information out of Spirit staff, who gave me a heart attack for no reason."
Cons: "They told the lady with the service animal that she had to force her dog onto her lap. When she asked for bulkhead seating, they said it was already filled and paid for, and that she should have paid ahead of time. She pulled out a full printout of the rights and space required for service animals. They showed it to the captain, returned, and told her the law didn't matter, this was their policy. On Spirit Airlines, people with service animals are required to pay more than other customers, and are generally disrespected and mistreated."

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