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Santa Ana (SNA)
Sat 11/28
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May Best time to beat the crowds with an average 38% drop in price.

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January Most popular time to fly with an average 42% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$451 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$453 or less

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$369 or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $369 or less one-way and $453 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be December, January and February. The cheapest month to fly is May.
  • Morning departure is around 4% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

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Top 3 airlines serving Santa Ana J. Wayne/Orange Cnty to Bismarck

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 44,893 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Attentive crew very appreciated!"

Cons: "More legroom"

Pros: "Seat very spacious, was given a extra legroom sit"
Cons: "My screen was not working properly. I didn’t ask for help as I had work to do so I didn’t need it."

Cons: "I was in the aisle seat and kept getting bumped into by the crew as they walked by. I leaned toward the middle seat but still got hit with the cart, people’s bums, their hips, etc. The flight landed at 4am, so I was tired and really wanted to sleep but couldn’t. Also, the AC was not working during the flight. We were all melting until we started descending. Then, while waiting to get off the plane, they turned off the AC completely. Bad move."

Pros: "Room in the seat was humane. Respectable leg room and not squished with fellow travelers. Boarding process orderly."
Cons: "Crew late to second leg of trip. Visibly tired from a long day."

Cons: "The crew was outstanding and the aircraft was new and comfy"

Cons: "Xx"

Cons: "Taxi time to gate was almost half hour."

Pros: "Crew was good for the situation."
Cons: "Made me check a bag saying the overhead bins were full. When we got on the plane there was a huge amount of bin space. Wasted 45 minutes of my time waiting for a bag. Made us sit on the plane for two hours before takeoff even though they knew we were delayed upon boarding."

Cons: "Rude staff, not willing to help"

Cons: "The flight arrived early but sat on the runway for almost a half hour before we were able to exit the plane, causing quite a number of passengers, myself included to miss connecting flights! Not okay."

Pros: "Left on time. TSA boarding pass."
Cons: "1. Seats uncomfortable- too close together. Causing the person in the middle to lean on me. 2. The seat in front of me reclined into my space leaving me no room to extract my food tray and to cramped to work on my computer. 3. When buying a ticket no assigned seat. Paid 100.00 extra to select my seat and it didn’t allow me to choose anyway. When I went to select my return seat I had two choices- a middle seat or pay an additional 35.00 for a premium seat. 4. Had to pay 140.00 for luggage with no carry on (70.00 each way) 5. Not going to fly American anymore."

Pros: "crew"
Cons: "Entertainment system broken. No heart Healthy food"

Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Having to check my carryon even though I was in the 12th row. I saw some passengers putting two items in the overhead, which makes it unfair to others."

Cons: "I waited over 45 minutes for luggage to even begin to unload. Absolutely ridiculous"

Pros: "Great no complaints"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Packed"

Cons: "The plane was too warm before take off."

Pros: "The flight entertainment is really nice."
Cons: "Boarding seemed very chaotic as staff tried to get people to check bags at the last minute. My chair would not decline properly."

Pros: "From the time we got to the counter to boarding and then the flight, we were treated extremely well and with care. We were brought to the front of the line for preboarding. Everyone used our name and smiled as they provided service."
Cons: "The TSA agent was cold and it took a supervisor to ensure our needs were met."

Cons: "Unable to access the internet. It was American flight, not Alaska flight"

Cons: "Did not offer enough WATER."

Cons: "We were unfortunately stuck on the tarmac for 45 minutes. I ran to my connecting gate but they had already closed it. There wasn’t a service rep at the gate. I walked to another gate and there was a very helpful rep who rebooked me to a nearby city. It overall was disappointing and caused me to get home about 3 1/2 hours later."

Pros: "Pleasantly surprised by AA. I would definitely fly AA again"

Pros: "All AA employees I interacted with were professional & very helpful to me & my family. Thank you"
Cons: "NA"

Pros: "Crew was pleasant on Christmas Day. Landing was smooth!"
Cons: "I booked in August to get the flight and seats I'd prefer. I paid extra to NOT get center aisle center seats, but that is exactly where they put us!! I should get a refund on that extra money I paid for those seats that we did not get. Also, I booked British Air and was put on American Airlines. I sure hope the seats home are what we chose and paid extra for. So disappointed. Feels a bit like fraud to pay extra for something and not receive it."

Pros: "Food voucher, small consolation for a missed dinner with family!"
Cons: "Delayed due to tire issue, deboarded and were told another plane would be there in 45 minutes, took 3 hours!!"

Pros: "In flight entertainment is good."
Cons: "Leg room is getting less and less. I’m 5’10” and couldn’t move my legs."

Pros: "Almost all parts were more than satisfactory as expected"
Cons: "Didn't enjoy nor appreciate the nearly 9 hour delay due to plane maintenance issues."

Cons: "very nice seats."

Pros: "Nice new Aircraft. Good service. Reasonable food."
Cons: "Seats have little leg room. Like most....thry pack them in!"

Pros: "We pleaded with attendant to let us take our carry on. We were first to board and all others on the flight were volunteer bag check only. It is Very difficult for me to walk. We packed in small carry on just so we could avoid the baggage carasol. She could have Easily granted our wish and treated is in volunteer manner like everyone else. But no way."
Cons: "Everything else was fine."

Pros: "It got us there on time"
Cons: "No inflight entertainment on the longer flight. Uhgggg."

Pros: "I booked a codeshare ticket through Alaska Airlines reward program. I was worried I'd be shafted when it came to seats. Not so. I had the row to myself on both flights and just 2 rows shy of first class! Very impressed."

Pros: "I was treated in a professional fashion"
Cons: "I don't think it is right for the airlines to have any passenger seating in such a tight space."

Pros: "I loved getting up close and personal with others."
Cons: "I didn't like being stuck in a window seat next to two oversized passengers. The person in the isle announced to the middle seat that " I'm giving you notice that I need all of my seat". So the middle seat took up part of my seat, and I feel cheated, because I couldn't use all that I paid for."

Pros: "The flight crew was exceptionally kind"
Cons: "I rarely check bags but this was the second time in the last few months that I have and they were both terrible experiences. Last time, on my return flight home from Phoenix, I was forced to pay $250 for my long sports bag, even though the tag to get there was still on it and my receipt showed that it was the standard fare and was bluntly told the other attendant 'didn't do their job.' This time, after my travel mate already checked in and payed for two bags, when we brought the bags to the counter to drop off, we asked for future reference what the procedure was for AAdvantage card holders to get their first bag checked free. Her response was that she couldn't refund our money. I told her I wasn't asking for a refund and repeated my question - how to do it in the future, to which she responded that we should have come straight to the counter without checking in but all accounts are different and she had no idea what his was. To her credit, she did warm up after that, perhaps she heard how abrupt and unhelpful she was being but it was unfortunate to start yet another airport experience with coldness at American Airlines"

Pros: "Have a great trip without any problems."

Pros: "Entertainment had many options with a few good and recent movies."
Cons: "I purchased Alaskan tickets, hoping for their legroom, baggage guarantees and excellent beer. Instead I got an American Air flight – one of their trusted partners. None of their deals carries over to AA. I guess I will pay closer attention next time."

Pros: "Fast boarding and left gate on time on a holiday"
Cons: "Felt cramped in like cattle"

Pros: "I got home eventually"
Cons: "Wifi way too expensive compared to other airlines"

Pros: "The only thing to like was arriving on time."
Cons: "Paid extra for priority boarding, that was a mistake. We got boarding group one but by the time all the families with kids, first class, and frequent flyers went ahead of us they called all remaining groups together. Forget about overhead space left over, we had to gate check carry on. Seats were very uncomfortable, no room under the seat because of a big metal box for power outlets. No leg room, sat shoulders and thighs touching with neighbors. No meal service, just drinks and pretzels, luckily we ate before departure. Never again!"

Pros: "Got pretty much what I expected from economy."
Cons: "Lack of planning for carry on bags."

Pros: "How dark the flight was to sleep"
Cons: "Delayed flight"

Pros: "Went out of the way to help me make the flight. .....were both nice and helpful !!!"

Pros: "The pilot and the crew were very apologetic and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable & relaxed."
Cons: "We were delayed due to weather."

Cons: "seats were very uncomfortable"

Cons: "It was terrible. A missing flight attendant caused an extra delay in departure. Missed connecting flight. American Airlines was not prepared to assist all the stranded travelers. Had to spend night in the airport until I could get on a flight the next day. This was not what I paid for."

Pros: "Being Priority customer big plus in international travel"
Cons: "Nothing very eady flight"

Cons: "Delay killed my travel plans and resulted in a nine hour layover in Munich Germany!"

Pros: "I liked the United entertainment movies option. Full can of soda for free."
Cons: "Only pretzels. Would prefer additional options - on other flights they offer peanuts or cookie. When you have to use your own device to watch the entertainment, you use battery. If battery dies before movie ends, too bad. In today’s cell phone world it would be nice to at least have USB charging available- cheaper than inflight screens!"

Pros: "The boarding was quick, the flight was uneventful"
Cons: "The flight attendants could be friendlier and smile more"

Pros: "Free snacks"
Cons: "Not a lot of foot room"

Cons: "Flight delayed three hours because of malfunctioning fuel valve . United needs to figure out how do identify the problem I had of time to allow more time to fix"

Pros: "Service was friendly. Food ok. Entertainment acceptable for long flight."
Cons: "There is More Variety of entertainment on Delta and American Airlines but otherwise comparable."

Pros: "My flight was delayed where I would have missed my connection, customer service rebooked on another flight which got me to my final destination early. The upgrades and consistent service is handled very well."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Seats were comfortable and service was good, which is rare in United!"
Cons: "The dinner was paasable but the breakfast was horrible. Stale croissant. No butter."

Pros: "Nice Airplane and good experience on United Domestic flights. International is another story! It seems many of the senior flight attendants think the passengers are there to serve them vs. the reverse."
Cons: "No complaints about domestic flights. United gets good marks here."

Cons: "Both flights were delayed, and was charged a $200 oversized baggage fee for a bag that actually isn't oversized according to the measurements on the United website"

Cons: "Comfort , service,..terrible!"

Pros: "Economy Plus works well"
Cons: "United new seats are uncomfortable"

Cons: "I don't have a tablet to watch movies on. The entertainment didn't accommodateven me."

Cons: "Seats are too small no leg room"

Pros: "After all these years, still love United!"
Cons: "Loved everything!"

Pros: "LOVE the plane! CLEAN!! New and BEAUTIFUL!!!!"
Cons: "Sat and listened the WHOLE trip except when drinks were being served to the private lives of the flight attendants. The didn't pick up trash so everyone had to place their ice and semi full drinks in the nets when it got bumpy for the landing. I watched the flight attendants the whole time- they got paid to converse about everything- here is proof- one flight attendant was complaining that she only had 4 days of vacation and that she never gets called to work- I think I can guess why- and that she has talked to Kaitlyn- I think that was her bosses name?? But she wasn't given more hours. I wish I had ear plugs. The African American lady was so unkind and uncaring. She scollded another African American lady for coming to the back to throw away her trash. She hurt the lady's feelings and made her mad too. The folks on the plane seemed to be too much of a deflection to their personal conversations, but they were successful at ignoring everyone. We had to be careful to not spill liquid on our carry on etc and not hit the cups and such with our knees on the way out. I usually fly Southwest and want to write a letter telling them how great their service is! I apologized to the cleaning crew as the flight attendants told us to not worry about our drinks"the cleaning crew" will get it. How unprofessional to treat others that way. Stop talking! You can get A WHOLE lot done when you aren't sharing your personal life and opinions with each other!"

Cons: "Gate was changed.. Delayed one hour"

Pros: "It didn't crash"
Cons: "two hours late without any reason given, and forced to check my bag on the prior flight to the final destination meaning I can't get it at gate side. Numerous flights to Cedar Rapids through United have been canceled or delayed without any explanation - I don't have faith in United anymore and will not book with them again."

Pros: "The snack boxes are very good. The on flight crew were excellent. The gate crew - not so much."
Cons: "Row 32- seats don't recline. I requested to be sat with my children at booking - we were in different rows 3 of the 4 legs. My TV wouldn't accept cc payment."

Cons: "Having to board and put away carry on thinking the flight will depart soon and then finding out within 15 mins when everyone have boarded and settle that the maintenance delay requires that everyone must evacuate the plane with their carry on luggages. We waited at the gate for nearly 2 hours because the flight clerk told us not to roam far due to continuous updates... It started out as a 30 min delay and ended as a 2 hour delay with gate and plane changes. Had we known it was a 2 hr delay we would have been able to go use the restroom and go eat in between without worrying that the flight will depart."

Pros: "The seats were large and comfortable"
Cons: "I had to ask to get a drink, and was never offered food. Granted it was a red eye, but I was never even offered a cookie. I expected more after paying for first class. Plus, since it was an older plane, it didn't have the power ports they advertise. The guy sitting next to me didn't want to watch tv, but it didnt work and the screen wouldn't go off. They didn't offer him anything as a apology."

Pros: "They still offer drinks. It was a short flight, so all the bad things didn't have to be endured for as long."
Cons: "Every time I fly United, I realize they shrank the seat size, again. Oh, and the flight attendant spilled my drink on me. Only said, "sorry, buddy" and then got me a couple of napkins... Was friendly other than that, though. O.o"

Pros: "Great flight attendants on flight itself."
Cons: "Ridiculous price of flight from OC to SFO, the $200 cancellation fee when cancellation was medically related & notification was over 24hrs. 45minute flight delay."

Pros: "Flight crew was great. Easy, quick boarding."
Cons: "$25 for the first checked bag is a ripoff."

Pros: "Both flights arrived early."

Cons: "Wifi on the first flight was great, unable to view any entertainment on the connecting flight"

Pros: "The price...for once, a weekend to SF was reasonable!"

Pros: "No problems."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "On time comfortable seat."
Cons: "Everything was fine"

Pros: "no delays. quick flight & boarding"

Cons: "We had to land in San Antonio due to bad weather (understandable), but the customer service was appalling. They kept passengers on the plane for 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is prohibited by federa law. They failed to provide additional snacks when the passengers were on the plane for over 7.5 hours, and made it seem like it was such a nuisance when we asked for water. They were able to pass out one cookie by hour 6 but the flight attendant made it VERY clear that they had to do "so much paperwork" to get it approved. The flight attendants were rude, inconsiderate, and when asked what the game plan was after our 4 hour delay, their response was, ""not sure, not my department." If they didn't have answers, that's fine, but the manner and careless tone in which they replied was inconsiderate and insincere. When we finally landed at our half way destination in Houston, the flight attendant made a comment about how she can't get home due to all of the delays without considering that half of the passengers had the same dilemma and paid hundreds of dollars for their flights! The flight attendant had no empathy or respect and I would NEVER take this airline again. We spent the night at the airport and are still trying to find a flight to our destinatiom in New York :("

Pros: "The plane was not full for most of the trip=more room. Flight was shirted than expected"
Cons: "Staff seemed stressed. It was hot! The temperature was lowered after many voiced discomfort. Entertainment very limited considering the length of the flight."

Pros: "Take off and landing was 15 mins ahead of schedule."
Cons: "Legroom on the plane was cramped."

Cons: "Gate crew had no interest in helping with layovers affected by flight delay."

Cons: "The snacks where gross."

Cons: "Waiting in S.F. for flight to board. Crew announces flight will be 1 hour and ten minutes late. A few minutes later, announces the pilot is on his way and may be a half an hour late. The gate number was not announced until about a half an hour before boarding. We finally boarded and was told that co-pilot was not at airport. It was a terrible experience with United."

Pros: "There was not enough room for my legs."

Pros: "Service was good"
Cons: "What happened to the 1960s concept of stewerdess?"

Pros: "The flight crew was nice"
Cons: "The flights landing was a fast decent"

Pros: "She saw me boarding with two small kids and came right up with snacks and juice! Much appreciated. Also I really like that you do pre-boarding again for families with young ones. Thank you."
Cons: "Food. You said you have wifi but I was never able to connect. Don't understand."

Pros: "II like the speed of the overall flight. The group was boarded promptly and we leave right one time. Everything was efficient and done in a quick and timely manner."
Cons: "There's no entertainment in the plane whatsoever, but it's understandle. Flights for United are generally cheaper than most so I don't expect anything fancy or entertaining."

Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived early. Not just this time but also the last four times I took this flight. That's what it's all about."

Pros: "informative and accurate why we could not take off on time"

Pros: "Early arrival is always good. The crew was pleasant and professional."
Cons: "The seats are too crowded and the $95 charge for an upgraded seat is too high."

Pros: "I want to thank United for taking excellent care with my mobility issues (broken ankle). From changing the seats to provide wheelchairs, made things much easier."
Cons: "I put food poor as there was no N/A...we did not get anything for the redeye flight."

Pros: "I appreciated the updates and prompt boarding with my flight. It was organized."
Cons: "The crew was very unprofessional. I was NOT offered any drinks and they raised their voices at me to straighten my chair. I guess they assumed I didn't speak or understand English. Don't expect much from them. I'm just glad I got from a to b."

Pros: "Never ever again. Delay after delay, maintenance issues and when you get to your destination, your bag for which you had to pay $25 looks like someone played soccer with."
Cons: "With all the fees I payed, my flight was very expensive. Don't fall for kayak or other sites deals. It's not a deal at all. If you live in Chicago area, fly southwest out of Midway. They'll get you to almost all destinations in US... always on time and no bag fees... plus you'll get a snack"

Pros: "Thank you."

Pros: "The staff were extremely nice"

Cons: "Delays on the Tarmac at both arrival and take off. I would have missed my connecting flight if it hadn't been cancelled anyway."

Cons: "Cost too much for carry-on. Seats don't recline."

Pros: "The crew was friendly."
Cons: "No in flight snacks, entertainment, and seats were not very comfortable."

Cons: "It never got off the ground! Frontier didn't try to reach out about the cancellation before hand. TERRIBLE customer service! So disappointed!!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed on the way there and delayed on the way home. Hen we sat on the runway for another 45 minutes waiting for a gate to open. Never again will I travel with Frontier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pros: "The crew was pleasant."
Cons: "Everything is am upcharge! Food, bags, seats... they even charge for all beverages and ask for a tip on top of it. The seats don't recline and tgere is no entertainment. I will not fly Frontier Airlines ever again. What a disappointment."

Pros: "The crew was very accommodating and pleasant."
Cons: "If I had known that Frontier charges for carry on baggage, I would have chosen another flight. I usually fly United or Air France and I shall do the same from now on. There was 0 leg room and the "tray" is only a few inches deep, which hardly fits a laptop. I was surprised they didn't charge for the use of the bathroom. I am sure that is next. I have to say the majority of people around me were expressing the same sentiments. I was also assigned the middle seat in the very last aisle. A flight attendant moved me to a better seat as soon as he could. I was very happy it was only a 2 hour flight."

Cons: "Nickel and diming: extra $$ for a deat, extra $$ to bring a carryon aboard, $ for even a soda! Why not just charge a little more in the first place?"

Cons: "I didn't enjoy how the ticket is cheap online but they get you in the end by charge for your seat and luggage ( even carry-on)."

Pros: "Nothing..."
Cons: "I will never book Frontier again. Uncomfortable small seats and im small! No entertainment and half a rude, sleepy crew. luggags charge to carry is higher than checking. American airlines from now on."

Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable."

Pros: "I like a free water or a small snack"
Cons: "I like to have a Free water and 1 little snack"

Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "You had to pay for carrying baggage on the plane"

Pros: "Some things were standard and up to expectations."
Cons: "The airline pumps flavored air into the cabin. They nickel and dime you. The seats don't recline unless you upgrade. They charge for carry on baggage. They charge for water and snacks."

Cons: "Had to pay $40-45 per piece for checking carry-on luggage, charges for anything to eat or drink, charges to pick a seat that wasn't in the middle. Will not fly Frontier again."

Pros: "Flight was on time. Fairly smooth ride"
Cons: "Pay extra for seats and a snack should be included in price"

Pros: "The price of the flight was good, and the people were nice. But all luggage, drinks and snacks cost additional money in flight."
Cons: "That my one parcel of luggage (carry on) cost me $40 onto of my flight cost to bring it. You should get at least one piece of luggage free. After all, most other airlines do it that way....and you need to expect that people art flying without any luggage at all."

Cons: "The fact I had to pay for my check luggage - $30 going and $40 coming home. It is the only direct flight from SNA to DEN."

Pros: "Price point, comfortable seat."
Cons: "No entertainment options"

Cons: "The crew spent their time trying to sell the credit card instead of offering a drink of water. I fly for work and vacations, and will try to avoid Frontier if at all possible. Very sad to see the old Frontier go away and the new Frontier lose their customer focus."

Pros: "Zip"
Cons: "Everything about it. They couldn't care less about you."

Cons: "Nickel and dime you at every opportunity."

Pros: "The flight was punctual."
Cons: "I'm claustrophobic and was stuck in an aisle seat. My air vent wasn't working and I tapped the flight attendant, a woman in her late 50's to mid 60's, asking her to help me with it. She said she was about to give the presentation on safety procedures and that it was "more important than air right now." This happened pre-takeoff. I was upset about it and she never did help me with the air vent. Then, they do the service where they charge for everything and no one can get up to go to the restroom until they pass through, and they take a long time to do it. I was very unhappy, but kept to myself."

Cons: "No entertainment on a 6hr flight, basic beverages; water/ coffee/tea you are charged $1.99 per item for on a 6hr flight, the seats are too close together, the crew is rude, way too many delays! This was the worst experience I have ever had traveling. And I travel for a living. At no time during booking was I told there would be an additional $40 for a carry-on - Who does that in this day and age with NOTHING to compensate for the long flight and the check-in girl at the counter said "oh, well you're charged for the bag because you're putting your bag inside the plane, like on top"- My brain cells died!"

Pros: "Evertytging ran very smoothly. Got loaded early and got to Denver early which is always nice when traveling with a 3 year old."
Cons: "Turbulence coming into Denver was a bit bumpy. Made my niece nervous but I understand is common in denver."

Pros: "clean, OK leg room, nobody reclining in my lap. Seats can not recline but are comfortable as they are. On time, cheap & good service or what was there of it (not much)."
Cons: "Even during check in process any choice of seat will cost you extra. Even basic drink will cost you extra. So check the fees before you decide the ticket is cheap and add to the cost all that you might need, seat included unless you want the middle one in back next to toilets. Seat selection in my case added 10% to the cost of ticket. Brought my own food and glad of it since the cheapest thing was $2 drink and $3 bag of chips."

Pros: "Best price around. Very punctual - even left early."
Cons: "Careful about checking in on-line; don't get sucked in to extra fees for seats, carry-ons, etc. Also, there is nothing free on board - not even coffe or water."

Pros: "Everything with the flight went pretty smoothly, no better or worse than I'd expect from any airline."
Cons: "Charges for everything. Even selecting a seat -- ANY seat -- cost additional money. Those charges were different coming and going. I couldn't plan for cost until after buying the tickets. The policies were not terribly clear when specifying what kind of carry-on bags would incur charges. So, rather than risk paying even more at the gate if my small bag constituted a carry-on, I just paid the extra money for a carry-on. As my father and his childhood friends used to say in their neighborhood games with special rules: Learn as you lose."

Pros: "Boarding was great."
Cons: "one of the lead flight crew members was extremely rude to my brother. He asked a simple question regarding if the overhead compartment was free and she responded very rudely. I didn't appreciate that. Perhaps she may have been having a bad day but being unnecessarily rude isn't a good quality."

Pros: "Was on time both ways."
Cons: "Seats were random, I didn't get to sit where I wanted. Loud plane ride on way home, loud humming noise that was out of the ordinary. No food served and no entertainment, but I knew that buying this ticket."

Pros: "The plane was clean and on time"
Cons: "This was without a doubt the most uncomfortable plane anyone in our family has ever been on. Not to mention that the size of the trays was completely useless, in addition to chair is not reclining at all. And no legroom whatsoever. We felt nickeled and dime did every turn paying the highest fees for baggage of any airline we've ever traveled, on top of only being able to bring one carry-on, and having to pay for any kind of beverage or snack on the plane. The staff was neither friendly or rude, I would say ambivalent. I don't normally leave negative reviews – but I will avoid frontier in the future. ( I apologize for the typos – I have dictated this on my phone, and the system is not allowing me to correct them. )"

Pros: "Made it to my destination alive!"
Cons: "Extra cost after ticket purchase for seats both ways. Extra cost for any bags including carry-on. Extra cost for any food or drink item during flight-don't even get a cheap bag of peanuts for free!"

Pros: "Charge for food, overhead, and seat reservationa?!?!?!?! May as well be the same price as the rest and get the options! The planes were old and dirty as well! Had the crew walking the plane to offer the Frontier line of credit? WHAT POOR TASTE!!!!!Te policy for what is considered a carry-on bag is even MORE rediculous!"

Cons: "The staff who checked us in was rude. I asked to talk to supervisor about a concern and she totally ignored me. The frontier flights are so aweful, this is the last time our family will travel with them. Does frontier really believe that the customer doesn't have a choice? They treat customers so poorly that I can't wait for them to go out of business and let other airlines come on board"

Pros: "The take off and landing were smooth."
Cons: "Charged for everything under the sun, how disgusting. Decided to save money by checking bag, huge mistake. Touched down 30 min early, however, baggage was delayed 2 hrs."

Pros: "Didn't die."
Cons: "Frontier now makes you pay for any bag you carry on or check on, meaning you need to add at least $70 to your round trip price. Then, keep I'm mind that you don't get to select a seat unless you pay another $20. When you finally do get on the plane after an hour delay and get your seat, you'll experience the most uncomfortable flight of your life in what can only be described as the equivalent of a folding plastic chair with fake leather glued to it. It doesn't recline, it has practically no padding, it has no head or neck support, the armrest is about 6" long and 1" wide to share with the overweight woman next to you, and the tray table is the size of an iPad mini. Whatever, brush it off and try to relax when they come by with your drink and pretzels, right? Wrong. Because the new Frontier Airlines has decided that they waste too much money on a cup of soda that must cost them a whopping 5 cents at the bulk rate they buy it in. You want that can of soda? $2 it is then. Bag of pretzels? $4 because f**k you, where the f**k else are you going to buy a snack at 34,000 feet in the air. To be perfectly fair, we arrived safe and sound, albeit late, and the people were friendly. That said, the measures Frontier has taken to inconvenience the customer just to make their ticket slightly cheaper is not worth it. I will not be returning. It's worth paying whatever the next best airline charges to avoid Frontier."

Cons: "Our flight was delayed a hour originally, then once to the hour, delayed aborted 3 hours and so on until it was eventual delayed 7 hours. When a southwest flight going to the airport as us schedule for a original take off about 10 mins apart left four hours before our flight.. Does not make since to me. I was unpleased with one of the flight attendants and her slight bit of attitude it seemed.. There was a open row and my friend and I traveling together just asked to sit there together since no one was in the isle at all.. After sitting in a small airport waiting for a flight for 7 hours I would have expected more welcoming service.. I will most likely not chose to fly with your company again..thank you Ashley Hietbrink"

Pros: "The attendants handled the weather delay well, with patience, understanding and helpfulness."
Cons: "Weather delay for 7 hours. Had to pay $13 for my coach seat and $40 for my carry-on. Had to pay for all snacks except water. Very, very poor rating on all of the above. Frontier will now become my last choice."

Pros: "The quick boarding process."
Cons: "I always flew Frontier. It was my top airline. I loved it because of the TVs, the spacious seats, the service, everything. Now, I pay for every single thing. Frontier is the only airline where I have to pay for a soda, I find that ridiculous. We pay a lot to fly, and we can't get a free soda? I couldn't fit my iPad on the tray table because it's so small now. I miss having the TVs, and was not aware they didn't have them anymore so I was incredibly bored on my flight. I wish Frontier had the old planes and at least offered something complimentary. Never again. Sorry Frontier!"

Cons: "the tray is too small and there is not enough room to bend over and put your head down on the tray!"

Pros: "There was a male flight attendant. Very helpful and polite."
Cons: "Lady attendant had attitude over loud speaker regarding assigned seating. Passengers shouldn't have to be subject to someone's bad day."

Pros: "Fl"
Cons: "Services from attendant"

Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "Put you in a seat that does not recline while 4 seats in the exit aisle go empty, even the window seat that opens the door. When asked to move stated, " you have to pay extra for those seats". Good old Frontier."

Pros: "The wait in Denver was too long but I expected it to be except every time I fly with Frontier, it seems like the gate keeps on changing in Denver which can be annoying!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "It was horrible. Seats were uncomfortable. The plane was old."

Cons: "On a redeye where seats did not recline at ALL. No check on how we were doing or offer of water...just a constant reminder that all beverages & snacks were for purchase. REDICULOUS that you are charged for carry on bags. Most likely won't fly with them again."

Pros: "Crew was pleasant"
Cons: "Seats were so hard and uncomfortable"

Pros: "Cheap airfare"
Cons: "Charged for everything including snacks and carry on baggage. Also seats don't recline"

Pros: "On time. Friendly crew."
Cons: "Paying for bags and seat assignments. No IFE or wi-fi"

Cons: "Having to pay for carrying. Defeats the lower pricing on flights."

Pros: "Fast boarding. Nice crew. No food or entertainment."
Cons: "Pay for everything! ugh."

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