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DeltaOverall score based on 30279 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Felt safe withe the cleanest of the plane"
Cons: "Price"
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Pros: "Felt safe withe the cleanest of the plane"
Cons: "Price"
Pros: "Very punctual! We arrived on the exactly time as estimated."
Cons: "Very poor snack options"
Pros: "Most humorous crew I have had in a long time. Had regular beverage service, coffee service and a water service!"
Cons: "I can’t think of a thing."
Cons: "Bigger plane."
Pros: "Reliable Airline - on time - kept up to date on flight timing - Great crews. Good stuff."
Cons: "Good stuff."
Pros: "comfort plus really makes a difference"
Cons: "include at least 1 checked back with comfort plus or some kind of discount."
Pros: "Amazing crew"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Delays"
Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "No video screens, the choice of snacks is very weak"
Pros: "Good movies; nice crew"
Cons: "Unacceptable delays"
Cons: "Perfect"
Pros: "Flight was smooth and fast."
Cons: "Run from gate G to gate C was very tight especially since the first flight was late."
Cons: "Originally, they were putting me on a flight connecting through Atlanta. However, I was traveling with my brother and there was only one seat on it. After looking again, we were put on a much better route through Detroit. I did not have a seat on the second leg and was stressed that I could get bumped. I made the flight but was given a middle seat. Since I have clostrophobia I began to panic. My brother sacrificed his exit row seat for me. He had booked through Delta. I wondered if he got better treatment because of that"
Pros: "Boarding was easy, plane clean, snacks good."
Cons: "Small plane but that’s not really fixable"
Pros: "Arrived ahead of time"
Pros: "Early warning about little overhead compartment baggage space. Short flight made shorter in air."
Cons: "No enough carry on baggage space"
Pros: "Not much, hardly anything"
Cons: "The service in First Class, absolutely terrible"
Pros: "The time and the cabin crew were helpful"
Cons: "There was nothing to not like"
Cons: "Waited in the runway and then taxied forever"
Pros: "Very short flight. Not much to say"
Cons: "Not much to say"
Pros: "Late, crowded, bumpy"
Pros: "Service was good. Was upgraded for more space."
Cons: "Intertainment unit was not working correctly. Locked up after movie was over. No offers of any sort from crew about issue."
Cons: "."
Pros: "Original flight delayed by more than 2 hours. Rescheduled and got to Bos with a layover"
Cons: "Delta rescheduled me automatically and I woudl not have found out if I did not call their re-booking center."
Pros: "Clean plane with nice navigable entertainment."
Cons: "Crew was chatty with each other & joking with one another but almost rude about serving us. Ran out of sandwiches for purchase at lunch flight & simply threw snacks at us. Made “ exhausted” comment about getting a lime wedge for a margarita & then went to rear of plane to chat with other flight attendents. Worse, we booked with kayak, but actually the delta/ Aeromexico flight was booked with vayama. When one flight changed departure time, we no longer had our great pre-selected seats & couldn’t check in online. We had to work it out with delta & then aero Mexico t. After 30 min on the phone we got the last 3 bavk row seats near the toilets & cackling, aging flight attendants. No reclining or real food made for a lousy 3 1/2 hr lunch flight. No apologies, smiles of sympathy. Just snacks tossed our way"
Cons: "delays after delays"
Cons: "No offers of sandwiches on a 4 hour flight. Smooth flight - very good crew."
Pros: "Pilots and crew did an amazing job during unstable air coming into Pittsburgh. Great job."
Cons: "App did not work for entertainment."
Pros: "Our original flight was delayed and Marika, at the Delta gate of another flight to the same city, was able to get us on the flight that was going to our city. We were so grateful to get home before the winter storm! We appreciate your staff and the help their quick, efficient manner to get us on a new flight!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I never got to Cabo. It took 2 hours for Delta to de-ice the plane in Milwaukee. Because of the long delay we missed the flight to Cabo. We asked Delta to book us on another flight to get us to Cabo today, Delta reps said nothing was available. Delta gave us a discounted coupon for a hotel in Atlanta and rebooked us on a flight to Cabo tomorrow."
Pros: "The snack was nice."
Pros: "Having just exited the AeroMexico flight that came across as unprofessional, it was refreshing to get on a Delta flight. It was not really exceptional, but it met my expectations. The Delta agent on the telephone on the day before our flight WAS exceptional, as she tried valiantly to get us checked in to a flight that had been changed (by Aeromexico) several times. Delta was also exceptional in helping us retrieve our luggage after AeroMexico lost it."
Cons: "The noise by the engines in the back section on the Delta flight was rather unbelievable. As a physician, I think it was likely physically damaging to our hearing. If this interior aircraft noise can’t be avoided, I think earplugs should be offered to passengers in those seats."
Pros: "Everyone did try to be helpful but it seems that no one at Delta really knew anything that was going on today"
Cons: "The fact that I missed yet another connection because of a Delta issue. The difference is that this time there was not another connection for me to go to and I was told I would be provided a hotel in Atlanta which was not the case. I had to transfer to a flight 2 hrs away from my home only to still be on the floor of Atl airport because they are unable to appropriately de-ice planes."
Pros: "Online app to watch movies made the trip fly by. Pun intended"
Pros: "Courteous staff, boarding process was okay once it got started."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hours. Very turbulent flight. Tight seats."
Pros: "Boarding was good, crew was friendly and we were on time."
Pros: "The baby"
Pros: "I LOVED the 2 seater plane, so comfortable traveling with a companion and not having the third person."
Cons: "Boarding. It seems that it would be smarter to board from the back forward. I didn't have any food so I rated that wrong. Maybe add an N/A to the survey."
Pros: "Great help from gate agent when a delay in connecting flight would have missed the last flight. Agent put a great new agent it together better than the original."
Cons: "Delta is the best"
Pros: "Flight was on time, flight crew was kind and helpful, pilot was smooth and kept us informed of the flight status."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Pros: "Crew was very professional and friendly."
Cons: "Seats too close together."
Pros: "On Time"
Pros: "Good do to Delta Staff"
Cons: "Late taking off"
Cons: "Board the back of the plane first"
Pros: "Delta always seems to have the most legroom between the seats - Even more than our transatlantic flight! The crew is always friendly and helpful, and nearly all our flights on Delta were on time or early."
Pros: "The crew, as always, were fantastic."
Cons: "Being delayed for hours because of bad weather 5 days ago is unfathomable. Delta needs to fix the IT scheduling issues causing the frequent delays."
Pros: "Crew was very nice"
Cons: "The flight was delayed leaving and arriving, but that's the nature of the beast"

Late coming, late going, no explanation. Very typical of the poor service I've come to expect of American Airlines and sadly, they do not care. Back to Southwest!

Pros: "I had a great seat"
Cons: "Food. No food at all on board per the flight attendees"
Pros: "Pilot was Awesome"
Cons: "The crew was eh not very friendly"
Cons: "How about departing on time! Almost 3 hours after our advertised departure time is ridiculous!"
Cons: "Flight delayed twice and then had to wait on runway for take off"
Pros: "Nothing special."
Cons: "You cannot recline the seats."
Pros: "Boarding was fairly quick and on time. Transfer in Phoenix was no problem. Luggage arrived OK."
Cons: "Seating is too small and too close to next rows. Unhappy with having to pay for seat assignments and checked bag while watching gate agents refuse to enforce overhead bag size limits."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight was canceled. Ruined my plans and reason for flying."
Pros: "Crew was very nice. Seats were more comfortable than other airline seats."
Cons: "American changed our seats to back of plane. No explanation."
Pros: "Comfortable flight. 2"
Cons: "Small plane, forced to valet checkin carry on luggage, no drinks or snacks :/"
Pros: "After the initial delay, the female desk agent got us on another connecting flight without a problem. Second flights attendant was also great."
Cons: "They boarded the plane, only to tell us they had to de-ice, which is understandable. However, after waiting 20 min for the de-icing that never came, they made us get back off the plane because of mechanical issues. The captain/pilot was rude to the woman working the desk over the radio, to the point where she had to leave the desk and go speak to him in person (she knew we could hear everything.) That conversation is also how the whole line of people was informed that then knew about this mechanical issue since the night before, and chose not to fix it before boarding all of us. After getting to Philadelphia later than expected, we were forced to pay for hotel food that was horrible and overpriced. Only to then have our plane be delayed AGAIN because of mechanical issues, again the pilot not giving much information to the attendant she was faced by a room of 40 angry people and had no answers. The departure time slowly crawled out longer, and the only reason I knew was because of having the American app. Information/communication on all ends was poor. I usually fly Allegiant, which is notoriously “cheap,” and I’ve never had an experience like this. Happy my boyfriend has flown with American before and knew to give us an extra day so we didn’t miss the wedding we paid $800 in airline tickets to attend. Just disappointed."
Pros: "Sat in exit and it"
Pros: "Routine flight. No problems noted."
Cons: "No major complaints."
Cons: "On my first flight from SLC to ORD I asked 3 different American Airlines employees if I needed to pay for my carryon before I got on the plane. They all said no. I got on the plane, put my carryon under the seat in front of me and everything was great. I landed in Chicago, got to my gate, went to board and this very rude employee stopped me after I scanned my ticket and told me I couldn’t board with my bag. The EXACT bag I had boarded with in SLC. After harshly grabbing my bag and putting it in the carryon basket to check for size, she wouldn’t let me pass by her into the boarding bridge and told me I was going to have to pay. I tried explaining that I had asked I’m SLC if I needed to check it and they had all said no and that it fit under my seat. She said, “I don’t care what they said in SL, this is what I’m saying here.” And directed me to the front desk where I had to pay $50!! $50 for a carryon backpack that fit under my seat comfortably 20 minutes before!! Without saying a word (cause I didn’t want to yell at the poor girl behind the desk) I paid the $50 and proceeded to enter the bridge but before I passed through, the rude woman said, “have a nice flight ma’am” and scoffed!! An audible scoff. So I’m short, I hate American Airlines and I will do my BEST to not have to fly with them in the future."
Pros: "Good flight overall"
Pros: "the gate attendant was very nice as my husband was stuck in security line (I have Pre check) He barely made it, but the guy never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed. He was kind, calm and reassuring."
Cons: "Our flight attendant seemed to have a chip on her shoulder from the moment we stepped on the flight. I had a broken foot and it was difficult for me to fit my boot and personal item under the seat. Rather than assisting me, she barked commands and quickly walked away as I attempted to address the situation. - poor attitude - failed to ask if I wanted a biscuit but simply slapped one down on my tray table (I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE) - American really needs to catch up with the other airlines and offer a GF option to those of us who have immune disorders. - no WiFi"
Pros: "They kept on schedule. We"
Cons: "I was not notified of flight changes and until I called the Airline my husband and I were intended to sit far apart. I booked this trip back in Jan. and we were supposed to be across the aisle from each other. We ended up in the last row of seats of both flights. We never knew of the changes until we tried to get boarding passes."
Cons: "I understand it happens,but after a long day of traveling it is very frustrating when the late night flight is delayed and you then have to sit in the plane on the ground for an extended period. Otherwise it was fine"
Cons: "I am not tall but there was no leg room. My knees were in the back of seat. And when passenger in front reclined???? Arggh"
Pros: "The complementary beverage was a welcomed surprise!"
Pros: "Flight was safe and uneventful"
Cons: "Limited space and I had a better seat Just beverage service - not even crackers offered No entertainment options Seat recline mechanism was faulty"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I am very frustrated that a single part could not be located in the early afternoon to allow the plane to fly. I will be late again for work and it seems to be American Airlines and not Delta that has all the delays or is late."
Cons: "Flight was a half hour late leaving O'Hare."
Cons: "Missed because of first delay"
Pros: "Nothing to like. If I could give them 0 stars I would"
Cons: "Tight connection from our previous flight yet the counter folks were rude and rushed us. My daughter is obviously 7 months pregnant. Because our connecting flight left milwaukee over an hour late, we had no time to even grab a sandwich, no problem we will buy food on the plane. Wrong! The food is was gone so quickly that by the time they got to us, they were out of everything. Oh did I mention we also had 3 children ages 2, 7, and 9. Oh yes and the entertainment? Small screens mounted on the ceiling of the plane. How about updating your equipment?? Plane was old. No USB to charge your phone and stream from their App. Terrible. We own a 2nd home in Maui and travel there twice per year. Looking at other options."
Pros: "On time departure & arrival."
Cons: "My checked bag, which l paid $25.00 for, didn’t make it on the flight to Pittsburgh. It got there on another flight at 7:30 pm Monday night but no one from American Airlines did anything about trying to get it to me until 11:30 pm. As a result, while l stayed at a hotel only 30 miles from the airport, my bag wasn’t delivered until 2:00 am on Tues, more than 8 hours after l got there. And their website for supposedly checking on lost luggage, aa.com/bag status, is next to useless. It gives no useful information. Use the 800 # but state you want to talk with a human when answering the questions in their phone tree. I’ve had other experiences on AA over the last few years that lead me to question their commitment to customer service. I’ll be avoiding American Airlines as a travel option where other alternatives are available."
Pros: "Seats are terrible. My back hurts after the journey. Leg room is bad too."
Cons: "The changing of terminals in Philadelphia but was not the airlines fault."
Cons: "I really did not like that I was unaware why I could not check in on my phone and then I get to the airport and the Alaska desk is closed. My phone just says the plane is sky west, me and the other workers at the airport had no idea what this meant. Very frustrating experience trying to check in, finally walker talkie a guy that new it was American. Frustrating I thought I would miss my flight, why not clearly state it's not an Alaska flight."
Pros: "Wheelchair was ready in La Guardia airport, but transfer from gate C to gate B had impossible stairs or shuttle outside. This option required another security check which was terrible. TSA personnel was rude and incompetent. In the end there was no need for such scrutiny and we were released, but the emotional impact lasted for hours."
Cons: "The tsa in chicago was very unorganized. The tsa workers were extremely rude."
Cons: "delay, then no sandwiches available for purchase onboard during a 3-hr evening flight"
Cons: "Easy direct flight. No issues."
Cons: "Rude staff, they changed our flight 2 times and did not offer a drink or food"
Pros: "I like that on American you still get a complimentary cup of coffee, a bag of pretzels, and a normal sized seat. I'm OK paying for that after trying some of the budget airlines!"
Cons: "Wish they had a gluten free snack, still that's really not a big deal at all!"
Pros: "Liked the little compartment above the tray for electronic devices and the outlet below helped keep my grandsons tablet charged for the flight! Liked the headrest - had flaps that folded out for support if you needed a nap."
Cons: "Will never fly American again"
Pros: "good timing"
Cons: "snacks and beverages..."
Pros: "Movies and on time departure and arrival"
Cons: "Crazy uncontrolled child in row across from us."
Pros: "Snacks and drinks included. Was able to get my bag checked for free and pay a decent price for a last minute emergency flight. Crew was great and helpful"
Cons: "The price was more than I wanted to pay but it was not unreasonable."
Pros: "Arrived early"
Cons: "No gate available upon early arrival. Paying extra for aisle seats is ridiculous."
Cons: "Delays and no communication on transfer options"
Pros: "Boarding was easy and i had a great seat."
Cons: "It wasnt a long flight so there was no entertainment and minimal food."
Pros: "Limited overhead bag storage. Gates changed to more crowded area. Felt like we were being herded onto the plane. Hurry up, etc. clear the aisles that sort of thing."
Pros: "short flight so I would not expect any particular issues."
Pros: "Taking off and landing."
Cons: "Boarding was slow. Seating was cramped."
Cons: "Turbulence was horrible That there is no internet"
Cons: "We barely made our flight. Upon boarding (first class) I was searching for a place to Stowe my bag and offered no assistance. Prior to the doors shutting, a flight attendant boarded our plane to catch a ride to Pittsburgh and the attendant for our flight immediately greeted them, rearranged an overhead compartment for them and stowed their bag. This while I was struggling still to cram mine under a seat"
Pros: "Crew professional. Flight on time and clean"
Cons: "Seating room was horrible. My knees hit the seat on front of me, fortunately the gentleman sitting there did not try to recline. Seat very narrow As well as isle. Controls for monitor in seat back on arm rest and I kept activating it accidentally while trying to nap which was annoying. I’m 6’1” and 190 pounds so am not what I’d consider oversized but I’ve not been this uncomfortable on a flight in many years. Will make a note to avoid this line and plane in the future"
Pros: "Our flight attendant was the best!"
Cons: "The weather."
Pros: "Finally getting home safe and sound."
Cons: "It was close to an 8 hour layover for a 35 minutue flight. We almost made an earlier flight that supposedly had room for our luggage but not us. So when we finally got to Pittsburgh our luggage was just sitting at the terminal unattended. Hundreds of people were delayed or had cancelled flights and it wasn't due to weather or related conditions. It was lack of planes and what appeared to be double-booked flights."
Pros: "The crew was very nice. They were friendly and accommodating. Snacks were good and boarding was fast."
Cons: "We sat in Economy Plus. They said about how much more room we would have and there was more leg room. However you are still basically sitting on the person beside you. The seats are very tight and never very comfortable. It was easy for us to board but we sat at the gate a while and were a little late getting to our destination."
Pros: "There was nothing I liked about this flight."
Cons: "No verbal announcements during boarding meant this flight had a very chaotic beginning. I cannot believe how tight the seats are on United's planes, and I am not a terribly large person. Airlines that still charge passengers for in-flight entertainment deserve a special sort of hatred that they receive, and United is the worst for this. Charging for wifi and movies is straight out of the year 2000, and that's squarely where United is. If JetBlue can offer free wifi, complementary movies and TV, snacks that are not stale, and an extra inch of legroom so can United. I hate this airline."
Cons: "I'm carrying my luggages from terminal 5 to terminal 2 , I'm about to passed the screening to board to United airlines but the employee at the front stop me because I have 2 luggages and it may not be allowed, she told me to ask an employee about it and one employee told me to go to terminal 1 to drop off my lugggaes. So I went there and told one of the employee of United airlines that I just need to drop off my lugggaes and she saw the stickers on my bags and told to used the kiosk and print again a new tags because the one attached was already old, but the stickers attached printed pittsburgh, while I'm trying to print another one, a nice employee from ANA saw me and asked me if I need help, she told me I don't need to print another one , I just need to drop off the bags. She's so nice and helpful to assist me .No one told me about this in Manila so I don't need to experience the inconvenience in the first place."
Pros: "Everything was fantastic except I was a little squished; but I suppose that is to be expected on the economy flight. We did land later than expected but it ended up being just fine and I was able to connect to my next flight."
Cons: "THe layover was only 1 hour and it was impossible to go through customs, get my luggage and re-check it and get to my next flight. I was at the gate 5 minutes before the plane took off and they didn’t let me on. I was devastated that I missed it and had to wait for the next flight."
Pros: "the crew was great."
Cons: "quick flight. comfortable seats. lots of leg room"
Pros: "Flight landed on time and landed over 20 minutes early!! Great job! Love the direct flight from Denver to Pittsburgh!"
Cons: "The flight was 40 minutes late getting to our gate despite arriving at Denver airport ahead of schedule"
Pros: "No delay, friendly crew"
Cons: "Advertised great price that did not include luggage and changes were not permitted. Cancellation within 24 hours."
Cons: "Bottom seat cushion was caved in and if the for legs we flew on this trip, definitely the most uncomfortable. Dissapoined that to track your progress on the screen you had to pay for service. Really!! That's pretty darn nickel and diming the customer to death."
Cons: "Couldn't get direct tv yo work"
Pros: "Nothing stood out."
Cons: "having to wait for the flight crew"
Pros: "No delays, everything went smooth"
Pros: "I really liked the price for the exact time I wanted to travel!"
Cons: "A bit cramped."
Cons: "Wifi barely worked even after i paid"
Pros: "The seats were extra comfy & roomy."
Cons: "I was connected to the free inflight wifi but couldn't get any movies to actually load."
Pros: "No entertainment unless you pay, but you can't turn the tv off, so it's playing bright ads in your face all night. Awesome."
Cons: "If you want to feel like you're riding the most cramped Greyhound bus, definitely ride with united."
Cons: "Flight cancelled"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight from mke to Chicago was delayed so long I missed my connecting flight to charlotte. U had to spend the night in ohare airport. Very unhappy with United airlines."
Pros: "I got a fair price ticket and plane wasn't dirty ."
Pros: "Although it was s bit bumpy bcs of the weather, we had the wind with us and we arrived about 30 minutes early."
Pros: "Little to add."
Cons: "The plane was delayed incoming. Then boarding was interminably long because of overbooking and no overhead room for luggage. It took precious time to load passengers 1 group at a time while bags were checked. Once airborne I saw I only had 10 minutes or less to make my connection in Newark, which I inevitably missed. Poorly scheduled. Many passengers missed connections. It would have been much quicker and easier to advise passengers to check bags at the gate BEFORE the plane arrived knowing it was overbooked. I'm very disappointed in how the entire boarding was handled given the time constraints."
Pros: "Everything was fine"
Pros: "crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seats barely recline. No leg room"
Pros: "Crew was friendly, even if they were dealing with travelers who were cranky about it being so late."
Cons: "Twelve hours before the flight and they already knew that the flight would be delayed due to the inbound plane being later. One flight earlier in the day caused a delay for the rest of the day. So, our flight was three hours late in boarding, putting us into the final destination at 2:15 AM. Not cool, especially when travelling with children."
Pros: "Fast boarding. Flights were on time."
Cons: "Very cramped seating in the back of the plane."
Pros: "The pilot was great. The smoothest take off and landing on the San Fran to Pittsburgh flight"
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "I shouldn't have had to pay to check a carry-on because the first flight was delayed."
Cons: "Less than friendly staff at the desk. The gate was changed on us and again no United app updates or texts until much later."
Cons: "Will absolutely pay extra to never fly United ever again"
Pros: "Smooth ride, professional and friendly crew"
Cons: "Wish the cup "holders" in the tray were deeper"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "United would not put my bags on despite being at the counter 40 minutes before the flight. Then they put me on stand by for 6 hours during which time they lost my bags and ultimately not having a seat for me."
Pros: "Quick-ish boarding"
Cons: "No food. No entertainment. No power. Garbage, lowest rung "bus in the sky" service"
Cons: "Need water offered free"
Pros: "Short flight so no need for food or entertainment, but the roomy seats were amazing after a long day of flying"
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Good -- but my flight from Pittsburgh to STL was not so good. My flight was delayed HOURS. I was supposed to get to my destination by 10pm. I did not get there until 1am. I was so so tired and cold sitting in the airport. I felt like we would never leave. That was definitely a disappointment."
Pros: "Flight itself was fine"
Cons: "3 hour delay taking off"
Cons: "There were no ticketing agents at the gate adding an hour to the flight."
Cons: "Flight got cancelled after being delayed for over 2 hours for mechanical issues. Gate agent was not overwhelmingly helpful or understanding to people's frustrations during the delay and didn't go out of her way to try to help. Customer Service was helpful and able to rebook and provide overnight hotel accommodations, but it was a very slow process that clearly frustrated some customers even more. Clearly not anyone's fault, but still frustrating and not a great flying experience."
Pros: "Quick and efficient"
Cons: "Very small and hard to sleep if you are a tall human. Ended up with neck ache"
Cons: "We were diverted from Pittsburgh because of fog. Other flights landed shortly thereafter from other airlines which was frustrating, but a short delay did not ruin the day. We landed instead at Dulles. After sitting and waiting for hours we were finally all put back on the plane. Then we taxied out before the pilot told us they were over their hours or something along those lines and couldn't submit the paperwork necessary to take off. We went back to the gate and were told to wait some more in case there were more pilots. No more pilots came. No more flights were available. Instead we all hovered either around the gate desk or the customer service desk where we were told we couldn't be helped. We were instead forced to pile onto buses nearly 5 hours after we had landed at the wrong airport. We then spent another 6 hours on the road driving to Pittsburgh on a bus that was crowded and hot because the air conditioning kept failing. Because of some fog and a lot of incompetence, I arrived in Pittsburgh over 12 hours after I was supposed to. My trip in total lasted 20 hours from my flight in Seattle taking off. I missed an important event for the wedding that weekend, which was upsetting given the distance I had to travel and the amount of extra time I had scheduled in for myself, but the way we were treated was worse. There was no positive communication. Nobody knew anything. We were clearly an inconvenience that nobody knew what to do with so they just kept trying to push us off to the next person. It was infuriating and unacceptable I will never fly United again if I can possibly help it."
Pros: "We didn't have those annoying corrals of groups and we were called by our groups so it made the boarding VERY easy and civilized."
Cons: "I suggest on these surveys to have a Non-applicable section for food/entertainment as many of the flights don't offer these."
Pros: "On time. Early."
Cons: "Flight was delayed three hours due to mechanical problems, sat on aircraft to long before decision was made to change aircraft,multiple changes in gate which lead to long walks across airport. Should get some sort of refund for a lot of frustration and waiting"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "crew was rude, boarding and waiting were horrible"
Pros: "The flight was relaxing and easy"
Cons: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Flight was delayed. Showed up to destination airport and now gate was assigned so we sat in runway for over 30 min"
Cons: "Mechanical issues before flight delayed flight. Also don't tell me that there are mechanical issues right before takeoff, it freaked me out."
Pros: "Was charged for a carry on bag in Madison for a bag that fit into the box marked "personal item size", showed the counter person that charged me that it easily fit, she then told me " a credit would be placed back on to my credit card", this has yet to appear. My next move is to go back to the counter at the airport here in madison and inquire into this matter."
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "The flight was short and the adjacent passengers were polite and friendly"
Cons: "The $115 charge for my bag because it was 8lbs overwieght and the check-in personnel were very unhelpful and demanding, on the phone the frontier representative was also unhelpful, just out to rip-off customers as much as they can."
Cons: "No beverage service, uncomfortable seats, little legroom for average fit couple and difficult to be comfortable."
Pros: "great flight crew the crew on the flight out to Denver was funny and kept even the safety instructions entertaining"
Cons: "no complaints"
Pros: "Cheap fare, clean plane. Check-in agent was extremely nice and worked to fix our precheck issues."
Cons: "Rude crew from gate to landing. Also saw the gate agent try to get $100 cash from young female for oversized carry-on which was clearly within proper size. Brought young female to tears. Pilot was notified and stopped discussion."
Cons: "Not even a soda included on the price and seats that do NOT lean back. I had a hard time paying for my carry on bad online."
Cons: "Missed my flight after trying to check-in online multiple times. I was then told by an attendant with a half hour remaining before my flight that the computers were shut down and unable to check-in? The flight barely started boarding before then and your policy states that shouldn't happen until 10-15 minutes before takeoff?!?!?!?! I will be calling to notify you of my experience and try to figure out how to offset the nearly $500 I lost in buying another last minute ticket."
Pros: "Efficient, expedient in terms of checking in and boarding"
Cons: "Although I knew about the charges for carry-on luggage. I was surprised that some people were able to bring oversized bags unto the overhead bins. Those bags should have been checked. And some people had more than one on board bag. They had backpacks, handbags and plastic bags. customer service of crew was inconsistent. Some crew were professional other crew were hurrying, and stressed, others acted silly and tried to clown around. This is not a big deal just an observation. The seats should recline"
Pros: "The crew was fine. The plane was clean."
Cons: "When I booked the flight I was not given a chance to choose my seats and was charged $16 a seat when I checked in. It took 45 minutes to get my luggage after my flight! Didn't appreciate them trying to get me to sign up for credit card on the flight!"
Pros: "Staff was great"
Cons: "Seats are very hard and the fact that you have to pay for a simple glass of water"
Pros: "Plane four hours late no pilot, would I do it again, probably not."
Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Seats don't recline, and the tray tables are a little bigger then the boarding pass. Fine for a short flight but not a cross country one."
Pros: "I made to my destination alive."
Cons: "First the hidden fees for checking and carrying bags on is ridiculous. Secondly, our flight was delayed to Denver and back so we spent an extra 6 hours just waiting in airports over the holidays. The seats are cramped and uncomfortable and the tray tables are way too small. $2.99 for a snack or drink?!? You are crazy!! Can't understand the captain's announcements. Never told which baggage claim our bags would come out of (didn't come up on the board and nobody working at the airport knew). This was the worst airline experience I have ever had and I will never fly frontier again."
Pros: "The staff was funny and created a light-hearted and relaxed atmosphere. The flight overall was comfortable and the plane was nice."
Cons: "Paid for the flight initially. Thought it was a great rate. As it came closer to my trip all these hidden fees such as paying for the seats, paying for carryons began to appear, which was very inconvenient and unusual for a flight."
Pros: "Going PIT to DEN took over 3 AND 1/2 HOURS longer than scheduled. Two hour delay initially for which we were not notified by phone, text, or e-mail. Then delay leaving ground and about 30 minutes on ground awaiting a free gate. Whew, we were off plane and it took over one hour for baggage to get to baggage claim. Flight DEN returning to PIT timely."
Cons: "Three days and no flight home. Was cancelled everyday. Ended Up flying with a different company so that I could get home."
Cons: "2 hour delay"
Pros: "One attendant was not cold!"
Cons: "Bag charges are excessive. The cost is higher than every major domestic companies. They don't except cash. Unwilling make a deal. It is by the book or you lose your principal investment, no humanity in the company. Three hours late to leave because the company could not find an air crew for the flight. How can you sell tickets and not deliver timely what was purchased. This was not due to weather. The seats on the plain are too narrow and seems to be made of plastic and little leg room, plus the seats don't recline. Soft drinks cost money and a lot for a can of Coca Cola. Most of the flight attendants where cold. If you go threw a third party such as kayak, know the bag fees.40 to check and 45 to carry on a bag' way tooooo much! And isn't the prices backwards."
Pros: "We landed!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed, didnt give the passengers fast enough information, flight crew was later then that."
Pros: "They were blaming the weather for massive flight cancellations meanwhile the news is reporting a massive walkout from their pilots and other flight staff. Thy were reluctant to give me a refund after telling me that the next available flight wasn't until Friday. After hastening with customer service for over an hour I was able to get a refund and book another flight through Kayak on a different airline. It was an expense I wasn't really excited about but I am finally home. Never flying Frontier again."
Cons: "Being nickeled and dimed for everything, particularly being pressured to sign up for one of their credit cards. I would have to think twice before booking frontier again at any price."
Pros: "I will never fly on Frontier again. The lower cost ticketss are just a way to lure people in. They over charge for baggage. The worst part are the chairs on the flight. They don't recline and you are packed to the max. Beyond uncomfortable. Yes, you can buy a seat that reclines, but it'll cost you $45 additional bucks. Never again."
Cons: "Price. Flight was delayed due to crew. Seats are beyond uncomfortable."
Cons: "After purchasing my tickets, I got hit with an additional $138 charge for fees and a carry-on bag. Very disappointed"
Pros: "Flight left on time"
Cons: "Paying an extra $80 round trip for luggage - came out to be more expensive than other airlines. Paying for water on the plane is a joke, that used to be free and hydration is important."
Cons: "I was unable to use one of my flights due to work, so I was forced to have to purchase a new flight instead of move my already bought flight 2 days.. very very annoyed. I payed 150 to have an empty seat on the plane. Thanks.."
Pros: "Got us from A to B. No perks."
Cons: "The seats were not comfortable"
Pros: "That our crew took time for a medical case and distraught family to board. It was more your ground people who got this family and the injured member on board and situated."
Cons: "Paying 3.99 for a twenty five cent can of pop retail. There is no reason to gouge customers like this. Your in flight pricing is absurd, shame on you for literally robbing paying customers."
Pros: "Liked the price of the tickets, but boarding the plane was so stuffy it activated my breathing issues and I coughed from it for the entire flight. The flight to Las Vegas was fairly well. The return not so well."
Cons: "seriously the airlines charge for what is normally complimentary beverages, carry on luggage and take advantage of first time elderly flying. oh and our flight I had this man behind me kicked my seat the entire flight, I would finally get almost asleep and the moron struck again. And I am the bad person. I believe the pilots may want to spend a little more time learning to descend more slowly to provide comfort to passengers if that is a concern. Descending quickly hurts customers with sensitive ear canals."
Pros: "The ticket price and boarding process for very good. Departure and arrival time where a specified and the flight went off with no hitch."
Cons: "The cost of checked baggage seems a bit much though I know this is now the industry Norm. I cannot comment on food or entertainment as the flight was too short to offer either."
Pros: "Arrived early but then had to sit on tamark to wait for open gate. When able to check in at terminal desk, was able to go through TS-Pre check when I got my ticket."
Cons: "Seats too close together. Crew didn't come through cabin very often to check on passengers or pick up trash. Don't like use card for few dollars of drinks or food. Terminal desk wasn't open when I went to check in 2 hours early. Had difficult time with kiosk. Paying $40 each for carry on both ways and more for a window seat. Flight was delayed from Denver to Madison."
Pros: "The crew was great. Checking in our bags was quick. Boarding the plane was also quick."
Cons: "The plane was new and clean, but the seats were not very comfortable. Also there were no options for in-flight entertainment."
Cons: "It took me an hour to check in and check my bag in Denver. Crew in Denver was not friendly, helpful or quick. Will never fly Frontier again"
Pros: "Everyone was nice and polite from Frontier."
Cons: "A lot of turbulence on both flights when landing. Small plane problems?"
Cons: "Large line at bag check. Only two employees working. One was moving people along quickly and efficiently. With about 6 parties in front of us, her and the other individual's shift ended and no relief came out. We all stood around for about 10 minutes, not having a clue if anyone else was coming out to get the line moving again. Finally the next shift did come out, but we ended up at our gate with only 5 minutes to spare. It made for a stressful experience."
Pros: "I got where I needed to be safely."
Cons: "Extra charges for baggage; late; cramped."
Pros: "Inexpensive baseline ticket pricing"
Cons: "Unclear carry on vs personal item, exorbitant carry on fee, seats highly uncomfortable"
Pros: "The price of the tickets. The crew on the flight was very nice."
Cons: "Cost of food. Seats had room but you might as well sat on a board. The cheap seats were offset by having to pay for a carry on and pay for food."
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "Hidden costs"
Pros: "Cheap flight"
Cons: "Hard seats, didn't tell you in advance would not get food unless purchased on the plane."
Cons: "Low fare but absolutely everything else cost money, seat, bags, sodas. Total price was not competitive and I felt cheated. Next tume I will do my homework and fly on a different airline."
Pros: "I upgraded my seat to have extra leg room which was nice and the flight was near empty from what I could see in my area. The staff was fun and professional when a guest got mad he couldn't just move to the extra empty seat with more leg room because he hadn't paid the price for it."
Cons: "I thought that everything on this flight was great."
Pros: "Orderly, polite and well done."
Cons: "I'd sure like a free small snack."
Pros: "Everything up to the landing was fine. The pilot and crew were very transparent."
Cons: "We landed on time but had to wait on the tarmac for almost an hour for a crew to be available to park our plane even though we had a gate. It is unfortunate that Frontier cannot staff appropriately to manage incoming flights."
Pros: "Easy to get on and off plane since fewer people brought carry-on luggage. The staff was also extremely friendly. The plan was clean and comfortable."
Cons: "No complaints."
Cons: "FLIGHT TO MADISON DELAYED CAUSING ME NOT TO MAKE MY FLIGHT CONNECTION IN DENVER. No accommodations were made therefore I had a 9 hour lay over."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They left some poor lady at her gate for over 40 minutes. They are more concerned about charging fees to passengers. This employee of frontier went down a list of fees to clear me. I felt like this is the worst airline I have ever been on. I told them I would never fly their airline again and they did not care. I would love to see how long they last."
Pros: "The price was excellent particularly for someone like me who travels to and from FL without baggage frequently. This was my first Frontier flight from Orlando to Pittsburgh but won't be my last."
Cons: "Seats were not very comfortable for a relatively new airplane."

Took 1 hour to get our luggage checked and no other airline had a line for that. Not enough workers and they seemed stressed. It all worked out because our flight was delayed but absolutely no way anyone would have been on time without it.

Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "There was over a 3 hour delay"
Pros: "nothing especially."
Cons: "seats could’ve been bigger and with more space."
Pros: "The crew was awesome!!! Ashley and crew were wonderful"
Cons: "Not much."
Pros: "Fast early boarding, fast early arrival at destination, whole row to myself ment I actually got to sleep!"
Cons: "That I had to check in at the air port and have a paper ticket instead of having online access and a pass on my phone."
Pros: "Fast checkin, friendly staff, easy boarding, smooth flight."
Pros: "good seat location."
Cons: "late."
Cons: "The sit"
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "As usual the arrival gate was not available upon our arrival."
Cons: "Too cold"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "Discovered their guidelines for the size of a personal item only work if you are in the center seat. There is no way you can get an 18" bag under an aisle seat. Made for an inconvenience when I couldn't access my water or iPad during the flight as they were in the overhead bin."
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Reasonably priced"
Pros: "price, crew"
Cons: "Seat needs better padding"
Pros: "Exceptional service from flight crew. Flight was smooth and quick. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience"
Cons: "You have to pay for beer!"
Pros: "Fast check in, friendly staff, on time flights"
Pros: "Likes: 1. The flight was on-time. 2. Although the flight was very long, bag check lines and boarding lines were negligible. 3. Friendly, intelligent and flexible staff make a difference. 4. After requesting it, I was refunded the excess baggage fees that I could have avoided had they been posted before I had to check-in. I was told that this was a one-time refund, because from now on, I should know better."
Cons: "Dislikes: 1. I could not complete a Spirit Frequent Flier profile on-line, either via Web or via App. 2. Because I could not create a Spirit FF account, I could not get credit for the miles purchased. 3. I could not find the specification of baggage dimensions, costs (online vs in person), and that the fees are higher if the same person checks multiple bags as a convenience rather than gives each bag to a person of their traveling party, until *after* I had to check-in and purchase the bags. Only then was I presented with a schedule of prices. 4. The dimensions and costs of bags are inconsistent with other no-frills airlines. I traveled with a split ticket, so my departing airline was different than my returning airline. It is stressful and challenging trying to get the carry-on and checked baggage dimensions and weights within limits of both airlines, particularly when Spirit did not post their requirements and fees until *after* I checked-in. 5. The seats are hard plastic, do not recline, and have a cushion that is so firm that I become uncomfortable for long flights. I was not uncomfortable this flight because it was short, but had the flight been longer, I would have been uncomfortable."
Pros: "Very uncomfortable seats. It was a very bumpy ride"
Cons: "No beverages not even water unless you buy it"
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "The seats are very uncomfortable."
Pros: "I liked that they were efficient and we left on time"
Cons: "I don’t like how they don’t even offer you 1 beverage! And that they charge you for a carry-on"
Cons: "Greatly delayed no frills really means no frills"
Cons: "The staff was rude and the seats were uncomfortable."
Pros: "All the flight attendants had wonderful attitudes and were extremely customer focused. Two attendants specifically had excellent chemistry and banter between each other that made for some humorous exchanges and fun times."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Being in severe pain when I arrived at my destination."
Pros: "It was an awful experience. From my plane “leaving” a half an hour before it was suppose to leave supposedly to my bag being over weight because I combined two bags because you charge for carry on. I threw away 3 pairs of jeans and my blow dryer. The lady that told me I missed my flight told me she could book me a new one (for another $99) on Friday. This was Wednesday. I was flying into a major airport. Spirit is a rip off and I will not be flying with them ever again nor will I ever suggest any of my friends to do so either!"
Pros: "Good timely boarding. Comfortable seats .... first row"
Cons: "Being in the first row. Three male crew members talked and laughed loudly the entire flight. Woke my wife and myself three different times. One totaled his car and another made 20.00 an hour. The other was discussing a woman. I’ve flow over 300 flights never experienced anything like that. Totally unprofessional."
Pros: "I liked the state of the aircraft, it was clean and somewhat modern. It was more than adequate for the job. The staff were friendly and professional. It is certainly more than what you expect to get for your money."
Cons: "I wish the one carry-on piece of luggage did not cost as much as it does. I had somewhat of a discount as I am enrolled in the nine dollar fare club. However, $25 for one carry-on luggage still too much."
Pros: "Our flight attendant was like a stand-up comedienne. She got all the important messages across while adding levity and jokes. She was great (Detroit based)"
Cons: "That the seats don’t recline and you can’t change from a carry-on to a checked bag"
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Ford is not free"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Showed up, got charged for checked bags (extra $30 if you are over 40 lbs). Was charged for a non personal carry on bag. Legroom was non-existent (worst of any other airline I've flown), and had both my knees hanging out in the aisle and taking over the next seat over. Also wanted to charge $3 for water. Was informed there was no other drinking water available. Overall experience was poor and will not be returning. Do yourself a favor and buy a more expensive ticket; by the time we were said and done, we paid $125 for bags so a decent airline with service would have ended up more cost effective anyways."
Pros: "Friendly and helpfull staff! Definitely worth it when your just trying from point A to B."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "I like that Spirit gave me a total refund without too much grief..."
Cons: "as I said in rating my trip to Orlando from Pittsburgh, I never took this flight from Orlando to Pittsburgh as Spirit unilaterally changed the return flight from 4 in the afternoon on Monday to 8 in the morning."
Pros: "Everything was uneventful...perfect"
Pros: "Getting on the plane was quick and we took off on time. The plane was clean and the seats were as comfortable as i guess airplane seats can be."
Cons: "I didn’t like the fact that they made me check my bags and then there was so much space on the plane where i could have placed my very small duffle. It was totally a waist of $50 and the attitude i received from the flight attendant wasn’t appreciated."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "The comfort level was awful....I fly all the time and this was the worst seats ever....the same on the way to Vegas....not enough leg room and the seats were so hard.....I understand these are “deal” flights however we were nickel and dimed for being able to sit next to each other, for having a carry on bag, for the weight limit only being 40lbs when other airlines are all 5”lbs We will not be flying spirit ever again as the cost on a better airline would be the same cost...."
Cons: "Sears don’t recline. $10 to check in online. Paying $45 to carry a bag on. one person was spilling into my seat and the other was typing her blog for the entire trip so her elbow was hitting my body for 4 hours unless I scrunched into a little ball to avoid her shaking me."
Pros: "The ticket agent, gate agent, cabin crew and flight crew were all poliote and professional."
Cons: "The website makes checking in painful like a root canal, taking you here, there, and everywhere and always LOADING SOMETHING AWESOME, when all you want to do is check in and get the boarding pass you already paid for. I finally gave up without success and ended up going to the ticket counter to check in and ended up paying numerous extra fees totaling approx. $69 more than if I could have checked in online. This is my one and only experience with Spirit, I'm done and not doing it again. Too bad, nice people, but I'm not putting up with that ridiculous website again."
Cons: "Lost our bag and delayed two and a half hours"
Pros: "That it wasn’t late"
Cons: "I have no complaints"
Pros: "The Crew did its best to make up for it."
Cons: "It was a 6 hour delay. They tried to make it up by getting a 50 dollar voucher which I was content with. But upon reading the description I come to find out that it expires in November which is it already almost October...."
Pros: "The plane wasn't full"
Cons: "If the plane has been full it would t have been comfortable whatsoever . Seats were thin and narrow. I could t even hold my 3 month old with out her hanging in the aisle and I was bumping shoulders with the passengers next to me. Felt like a kids school bus."
Cons: "The front cabin crew, (one male. one female) were much more interested in themselves than the passengers. They spent virtually all of the ~4.5 hour flight talking to each other and ignoring the passengers. Their talking to each other was loud enough to be heard three rows into the passenger seating even though they were at the galley or flight attendants seating. They also, especially the woman, enjoyed several coffees or tea while asking the passengers if they wished to purchase anything only once almost immediately after the aircraft reached cruising altitude. One quick "trash trip" down the aisle and back to their conversation with each other."
Cons: "4+ hour flight without any entertainment is brutal. At least have some magazines to hand out."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours because of of the crew members did not arrive."
Pros: "First time in my life that I've had a full flight, without a second turbulence. The flight was even thirty minutes faster than initially predicted. Overall, fantastic flight!"
Cons: "Passengers were the issue, not flight, or crew"
Pros: "New comfortable seats, Great Crew"
Pros: "People very nice lighthearted and very funny"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled. Re route changed it from a one way direct flight to a 15 hour extravaganza."
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