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Hardeeville, SC
Dec 7 — Dec 14
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Hardeeville, SC
Tue 12/7
Tue 12/14

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Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleOct 12 2021
Our flight was delayed and by the time we got to rental car counter, nobody was there to help us. We were stranded. Had to take over a $100 Uber ride to our Airbnb. Very unprofessional. Last person working should have checked reservations and waited for those who were coming in on that late flight...I have never had this happen before.....
1.9 HorribleJul 26 2021
They gave away our car and didn’t have another one waiting. We ended up cancelling our reservation and went booth to booth to find another rental. Terrible customer service in Savannah.
6.0 GoodJun 30 2021
Quick experience at the rental desk.No help in solving a claim.
10.0 ExcellentJun 30 2021
Cheaper fee or no fee to drop off in next state
8.0 ExcellentJun 26 2021
2.0 MediocreJun 9 2021
arrived at the airport to find that there were no cars!actually had a vehicle available as promised --- also the insurance was charged and not reversed
2.0 MediocreJun 5 2021
When arriving, was told the manager special was for a 2 door truck. However, after signing the paperwork and paying more for a 4 door vehicle, learned they had no 2 door trucks on the property.
2.0 MediocreApr 26 2021
Nothing. They had no cars.I landed at 11pm to walk up to the counter for them to tell me all the cars were over booked. Will probably book through the car site next time.
10.0 ExcellentApr 5 2021
We arrived very late and the employee was fast and friendly and gave us a great car for the week.Really one of the best car rental experiences we've ever had. It was slightly confusing upon returning the car as there was not the typical employee out in the lot to check the car back in so we just went in and dropped off the keys at the counter.
5.6 OkayOct 8 2020
The chance of dropping the car off in Miami rather than at the same office as the pick up. An explanation about the difference in between the pre paid fuel tank option and the self filling. I shouldn’t paid for the pre paid as I wouldn’t do that amount of miles in just two days.
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8.2 Excellent (47 reviews)
4 locations in Hardeeville
Locations in Hardeeville
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Recent reviews
6.0 GoodNov 7 2021
The staff was awesome. The interior of the van was dirty with trash, sticky spots, smears on windows, etc.
10.0 ExcellentOct 5 2021
The Enterprise staff was friendly and very helpful. I had asked for an economy car and Kayak gave me a luxury car. When we arrived in Savanah the Enterprise rep asked me if the assigned car was okay and I requested a smaller one. The rep put us in an economy car (my initial request) and saved us $200. Maybe I should have rented directly through Enterprise.
3.9 MediocreSep 26 2021
Car was very expensive...smelled like a barn, seats were very stained...and it was high mileage.... only redeeming factor was that I was able to rent a car even tho car availability was limited....and I booked it 3 months in advance..very disappointing
1.9 HorribleJul 26 2021
We reserved a convertible (mustang or similar). They didn’t have one for us so we asked for a downgrade and got a Focus. They still billed us for the convertible rate even though they said there would be a savings.
10.0 ExcellentJul 23 2021
Car smelled like marijuana
8.0 ExcellentJul 5 2021
Great vehicle.The young lady did not give me a receipt when i returned the car. 36 hours later i still have not received one.
6.0 GoodApr 16 2021
Staff was nice, but stressed. Printer was broken, computers not working, not enough inventory. 45 minute wait for a car.Get more staff. Fix the printer. Get more inventory.
6.4 GoodNov 13 2020
Worker was friendly, car was clean, love that it didn't have a full tank so no pressure to return it full which is always a pain on the way to the airport.Didn't have the car I reserved or pretty much anything other than a tiny kia.
8.8 ExcellentOct 25 2020
Drop off was quick and easy! Pick up was a little confusing.The line at the airport to pick up the car was pretty long and then we wound up havi.ng to walk a quarter mile with our luggage
3.6 MediocreOct 19 2020
After hours drop off was simpleI could have had a rental vehicle that didn't reek of marijuana. I waited in line for 50 minutes to get the vehicle in Savannah. Poor customer service at the pickup in Savannah.
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6.6 Good (54 reviews)
1 location in Hardeeville
Locations in Hardeeville
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Recent reviews
10.0 ExcellentJul 25 2021
When returning the assistant was so kind and efficient. She took the miles down on her phone for me and let us get to our gate timely.
1.9 HorribleJul 12 2021
We waited 4.5 hours in the rental car line. Staff very rude. Awful experience.
10.0 ExcellentMar 15 2021
I was originally given a pick up truck. I knew it was a busy weekend and they were likely sold out of cars. I explained I would be shuttling my mom around and it would be difficult for her to get in the truck. They took the time to clean a returned car. It was so appreciated! Thanks
6.0 GoodFeb 17 2021
The carBut they over charged me
5.6 OkayNov 9 2020
Car wasn’t available until the day after the date of the reservation
3.6 MediocreOct 20 2019
no, long lines and slow -poerhaps it was customer problems but the staff seemed to need help.They had to change my car me because they didn't have the car I ordered - they offered me a truck but they have problems with getting in and out, so the only thing they had has a small car, which I accepted, but they didn't offer me a change in rate. Said they had to get supervisors approval who wasn't there.
8.0 ExcellentApr 28 2019
Helpful staff. Easy return. Thank goodness the navigation system worked as we used it to get to our destinations.The line to pick up rental was long; waited 1/2 hr-45 min as there weren't enough cars ready for the customers ahead of me to pick up. Staff also mentioned that they were short staffed that day.
4.4 OkayApr 25 2019
DID NOT LIKE At pick up there were only two ladies working. One was a manager of some sort. They were bickering back and forth because they had 12 people in line and no cars to give.Offer the people who had a reservation something because of Thrifty's poor planning. It literally took 20 minutes per person to rent a car. The long haired brunette asked if I wanted a midsize car and I said "no", I rented an intermediate. My rental was WAAAY over what I was supposed to pay.
2.0 MediocreApr 21 2019
Nothing. They ran out of cars. People were waiting 2+ hours and no one knew if additional cars would be delivered. Terrible customer service.Nothing. They ran out of cars. People were waiting 2+ hours and no one knew if additional cars would be delivered. Terrible customer service.
4.8 OkayApr 15 2019
staff - ONE PERSON! - WAS CONSTANTLY ON THE PHONE.....very disappointed !
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6.4 Good (36 reviews)
1 location in Hardeeville
Locations in Hardeeville
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Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleJul 25 2021
Never got to the counter. In line 2 hours. We had small children. Had to make alternate plans.
7.9 GoodJul 19 2021
The car was very expensive. Another family member that booked the same time I did had a much nicer vehicle and paid one third what I was charged.
2.0 MediocreJun 27 2021
Nothing, There were 35 plus people deep waiting and then an hour and a half wait to get the car from detail shop. cost a $100 uber fair from savannah to hilton head after having the car reserved for several weeks in advance. poorest customer service and indifference i have ever experienced.Everything could have been better. Indifference and nothing to accommodate those that had reservations. pitiful business model. i will go out of my way to not use avis again if possible.
8.0 ExcellentMay 25 2021
More inventory
2.0 MediocreApr 25 2021
I arrived and you did. It have the car I reserved..... Almist ruined our vacation. On top of that you charged me a no show fee which I had to call to get reversed. I will never rent from Avis again
8.0 ExcellentOct 26 2019
Convenient pickup and drop-off
7.2 GoodJul 27 2019
Pickup was a long wait Drop off was easy The car was very basic equipped for priceFaster pickup Better selection of mini van
2.0 MediocreNov 24 2018
Was unable to rent the car I reserved. Woman working at the counter was extremely rude and incompetent. She told me that I would have to wait 2 hours even though I already had a reservation. She refused to do her job and had zero customer service skills. I will never rent from Avis in the future.
4.4 OkayOct 23 2018
Wrong vehicleRented an SUV. None available. Wouldn’t give us the pickup that was there. Ended up with a van.
10.0 ExcellentMay 4 2018
Avis all the way!All staff is awesome, they talk and treat you like family! picking up and returning the car was fast.
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6.1 Good (86 reviews)
1 location in Hardeeville
Locations in Hardeeville
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Recent reviews
4.0 OkayMar 19 2021
The Payless counter in Savannah is closed. A sign directed me to the Budget Rental Car counter which had a long line and only 2 agents. There were people standing around for hours waiting for a car to become available. We got lucky and didn't have to wait once we finally checked in, but the car we got was not cleaned. At that point, we had been in line for an hour, so we went ahead and took the dirty car. It smelled like sour milk, but at least it was the size we reserved and otherwise was issue-free.More rental cars are definitely needed in Savannah!!
7.6 GoodJul 14 2020
Payless does not have any employees working at the Savannah airport location. You have to go to Budget/Avis. Then they walk you all the way back to the Payless counter where they have to manually fill out paperwork because computers do not come up properly and the printer is broken. The employee that helped me was fantastic. Had she not been this extra time spent and nonsense would have been a terrible experience. There is no one to check cars back in for Avis/Budget or Payless. For Avis and Budget you can fill out mileage and put it in the box but for Payless you have to go back to Avis and budget wait in line and give them the key and paperwork. They should just add a Payless box. Had that line been longer I could have easily waited 20-30 min just to hand that to someone. The process is not well thought out.
2.0 MediocreJun 29 2020
They did not have one single car available but still booked my $450 reservation turning me away from the rental counter after three tries. No upgrades, just said they had no cars and there weren’t going to be any no matter how long I waited.
6.4 GoodAug 19 2019
They allowed me to reserve a size car they didn’t have and had to be forced to upgrade because I needed the car urgently
2.0 MediocreJan 7 2019
They claimed to not have my reservationI still got a carI arrived at the counter during my reservation time and was told I didn't have a reservation. The attendant told me this was because I had used a third party vendor instead of the corporate website. The staff than told me it would be more than double the cost of my reservation for the same and rental length. I left the counter and called the number from my reservation. Provided my name and confirmation number. Everything was according to my reservation. The attendant assured me there was nothing to be done. I paid the day of price and am waiting for a response from Payless corporate.
10.0 ExcellentNov 15 2018
Made it easy and convenient
4.0 OkayAug 14 2018
the man who checked me inHe was polite, efficient and kind.Car seats were stained and the car smelled. I bought Febreze to try to help it but it was ingrained.
2.0 MediocreAug 14 2018
Nobody’s homeOur flight was delayed. When we arrived at the airport we went straight to car rental at Payless. Not a soul was around. They closed at 11pm and we arrived at 11:04 to their desk. All other car rentals were open but had no cars available. They very easily could have seen we were delayed but arriving in minutes and waited for a customer. Lesson learned that Payless isn’t about customer service.
2.0 MediocreJun 28 2018
Terrible Customer ServiceNothingCustomer Service offered no assistance in getting a rental car when my flight was delayed.
2.0 MediocreMar 1 2018
Maintenance issuesStaff was friendlyThe car had some issues. Alignment was off causing the car to sway left. The tire pressure light Turned on while driving, I check the air pressure in all four tires they were fine. Thetevwas something seriously wrong with the vehicle. I return the car I did not want another one or do business with them and they still charge me for the car
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Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreOct 4 2017
Do not book with hertzNothing at allThey lied about the cars , they left us stranded after a week of booking the car
9.2 ExcellentSep 1 2016
Right at Airport. Very convenient
6.0 GoodJul 18 2016
GPS is way to expensive. Can't select features online, price doubled at rental station.
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